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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Night Feeds

Well then, how about that show? Another week, another fantastic live eviction episode. Brett gave yet another amazing speech, another person was blindsided, and Angela has officially released the claws. During my quarterly report, I called her a sleeper pick who could win the season and we saw tonight why that is. Absolutely brutal goodbye message to Rachel even if she had some facts wrong (Rachel didn’t lie, but she played a terrible game of telephone)


The HoH competition came down to Rockstar and Angela and a tiebreaker at that. I’m not sure what RS was thinking with her math, but Angela was obviously much closer and won. I personally would have just put 3,600 because I knew it was at least an hour but Rockstar with her 1,000ish time?

I have a feeling this won’t be Bay’s week as now that Angela has exposed her side, she has to get out a strong player who was once keeping her safe. Plus, Bayleigh has the power and everyone now knows it, so I expect her to use it and nominate Brett and Tyler or something along those lines. This means the PoV should be very important because Bayleigh can’t control the re-nom should level 6 win and save one of the two players.  My guess is Bay will be the BD plan after she flushes out her power, but we’ll see how things go.


Time to check the feeds:

  • 7:05 pm – Feeds are still down for some reason
  • 7:15 pm – Feeds back
    • Tyler is talking to Bay in the bedroom briefly before leaving
    • Haleigh and RS come in. Bayleigh is saying that she doesn’t care at this point
    • Bayleigh leaves and RS is alone in the bedroom looking shook
  • 7:25 pm – RS has moved to the pantry to cry
    • Meanwhile, JC is in the bathroom talking to Fessy and tossing out the idea that RS could be the flip vote and she’s crying as an act. Damn
  • 8:00 pm – RS is saying how she has a math disability
  • 8:14 pm – JC is denying his Rachel vote to everyone. I’ve never seen a cast as confused about the votes as much as this house
    • JC is in the HN room pretending he may be a target from Angela lol
  • 8:20 pm – Feeds cut for some reason
  • 8:50 pm – Feeds are back, they told the house about the hacker thing
    • Sounds like the winner of the hacker comp has the ability to nominate someone
    • Meanwhile, RS still bitching about Brett
    • Scottie rats on RS and tells Haleigh that she (RS) immediately pinned the vote on Haleigh
    • JC brings up his theory that RS and Brett are allied
  • 9:00 pm – Angela begins her one on ones but she first celebrated with Tyler
    • Angela wants to nominate RS and Fessy and bd Scottie or Bay
  • 9:20 pm – Brett is talking to Angela
    • Brett tells her how Bayleigh confessed that only Rachel and Fessy knew.  A few minutes later, Fessy apparently walked in and randomly denied how he knew so Brett knows he’s a liar
    • Angela and Brett are doing some Rachel bashing. Brett says he’s glad she won’t be in jury because she’d spend the time just singing and annoying people
    • Rachel apparently said when she wins HoH, she wanted to be carried upstairs
  • 9:50 pm – I’m off to bed while Angela does her one on ones.

Check back for updates


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  1. HappyHippo

    It’s late on the east coast so I look forward to catching up on the overnight stuff tomorrow! This should be interesting!

  2. strwar1

    Lol YE$!!! The Queen has lost all of her strength and RS? Ohhh Brett must love the! Hey Bayleigh? Time To Get Dethroned!

  3. kneeless

    Bay, Bay,, Bay not too long ago you were the best HOH (in her mind) but now, it’s “just a game.” The mighty has taken a huge fall! JC is a pretty good actor.

  4. kneeless

    RS is losing it in the storage room

  5. LO1004

    That episode though. Pure gold (minus the Swaggy stuff. Can he be gone already!!). I wonder if Bay will actually use her power now that Brett blew it up. She’s gotta know she’ll be BD’d? Yes? No?

  6. kneeless

    Bay’s side of the house needs to learn how to strategize better. They can’t seem to get past talking about who they are putting up. If they want to contend they need to think about more than who’s going up.

  7. Apopkedave

    Man am I glad RS didn’t win…

  8. ElaineB

    Brett might not be a comp beast, but he is a ‘speech beast’. Wow! He took a big risk, but it paid off.

  9. Avatar

    God I wish rockstar would have won. Now if Bayleigh doesn’t use her app to put up Tyler and Brett I’ll be so upset with her haha. Either way whoever gets evicted will get a chance to come back in the battle back. I think the hacker twist will reset the week. Maybe not this week but soon. They have to make it to 99 days some how. I’m still rooting for the under dogs and I still think Angela is a bitch so go ahead and dislike this comment you comment section trolls lol

    • danmtruth

      stephonf I agree that the hack might be a rest As for battle back it will have to wait till they have a few more people Like when there are 4 people in jury and 5 still in the game is my thinking
      As for RS getting to see the pic of her kids and the letter I’m just not to sure how much I would enjoy that Not a fan of team Bay or Rockstar sorry All I hear from that side is snarky comments about who ever is not in the room Angela only turned on Rachel after she listen to Bay and beloved her over TY and her team Than she started to spin out That is when Angela turned on Rachel

      • Avatar

        I get that you turn on your friends eventually in the game but you do it with a weighty conscious. Kacey did. Angela dragged Rachel because Angela is an asshole. The Hive definitely has to get their strategy game together and hope they sit in the final two with their alliance because the way the jury is looking none of them will win against anyone else. I am rooting for kacey and Sam to get there also.

    • Jannie

      I’ll give you a thumbs up.
      I usually root for the underdogs/nerds, too. I like RS and Scottie.
      But then again, I don’t get BBAD or the feeds.
      Thumbs down are pretty harmless around here, don’t sweat it.

    • HappyHippo

      I think 54 thumbs down might be a record! Lol

  10. Jannie

    I always thought that Bayleigh’s pregnancy talk was for attention, but maybe THAT’S why they sent Swaggy to her parent’s house. If not, that was a stupid segment.
    I could see her Mama calling CBS and demanding a test. Has Bay said anything about her cycle lately?
    Trying to get caught up(just got back from vacay)…who will Driftwood put otb?
    Any chance it could be Sam, Bayleigh or Fessy? I wouldn’t cry if any one of them got the boot.
    Looking forward to your commentary tonight, NK. 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hey my little Jannie! I haven’t been able to stay awake for the entire show this season. I don’t know if it’s a combination of medications, age, ADD, laziness or what…lol. I’m going to try my best to keep up tonight though. I’m thinking the house should be jumping after tonight’s elimination. I just type crazy, random stuff at night, Mel pulls everything together cohesively in the morning. I have to read her Blog to find out everything I missed…lol.

      Hope you had a good vacation. Glad to have you back 🙂

      • Jannie

        Thanks. I’m thinking it’s age with me…
        How was I so enthralled the season of the “Austwits”, and here we have an exciting season with real competitors and I can’t keep up…
        I need to get BBAD back.
        Potball, anyone?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I hope you can get BBAD back. So far, most of the nights it’s been kind of dull, but sometimes they have their moments. I’m hoping tonight is one of them 😉

      • Ann

        WTF is Sam talking about???

    • caRyn

      I don’t think she will put Sam OTB because she knows Sam is voting with her side.

  11. Avatar

    I just read on Swaggy’s Twitter he is still at Bayleigh’s house and has been there for 7 days. Weird

  12. Helen

    Sometimes I just gotta love the things Sam says…I am lmao cause this has already started…
    Sam: Haleigh is getting on my last nerve. She’s going to crawl up your ass so deep you’ll be able to taste what she ate. I want to smack that girl in the head. I can’t be around all the ass kissing this week. Angela: It’ll be a vacation week for you

    • NKogNeeTow

      HAHAHA. I think that was Driftwood throwing shade because of the way Sam was tasting what Bayleigh ate last week. With Sam fixing her breakfast in bed and waiting on her hand and foot and praising her every 5 minutes, did she think that no one noticed? Come on Sam. You may not be that big, but you’re also not invisible.

  13. caRyn

    Brett’s speech includes outting Bayleigh’s power to the entire house with accuracy, he calls out Rachel for giving the info about the power, and that Rachel is the head of the all girls alliance called the Man Eaters.

    • Mr. Beardo

      He dropped some truth bombs fo sho. Was it good for his game? We’ll see. Am I glad he did? A resounding yes. I didn’t think that if he popped off it would ruffle his side too much. But it damn sure shook up the hive..

      • danmtruth

        Strange that Fess is standing by his women Bay and saying he knew nothing of it Bay trying to run the store that Bret was lying Bay is now with Angela and KC preaching the girl power alliance

      • NKogNeeTow

        Good luck with that one. They already know who she is. She showed them with her HOH.

      • HappyHippo

        How do these people act so crazy during their hoh reign and then have to go scrambling the next week?! How many B.B. hgs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?!

  14. Avatar

    Wouldn’t all the girls know Brett is lying because of the Man Eaters comment. To my understanding they never solidified an alliance, and Rachel definitely wasn’t a leader lol

  15. ElaineB

    Am sure the “math disability” will be added to RS’ list of why she deserves to win the money.

  16. kneeless

    Any idea why feeds are down?

  17. Helen

    Why are we stuck with reruns?

  18. caRyn

    Didn’t Brett reach over Faysal to get Haleigh’s attention during the HoH comp? Brett may be trying to stir up some stuff on purpose.

  19. caRyn

    I’m sure Bayleigh’s dad knows what is going on in the BB house. Convenient to say he doesn’t watch the live feeds on the episode tonight.

  20. caRyn

    Rachel’s exit interview with Julie was off the chain. If you can call it an interview since Rachel was speechless. I just kept rewinding it to watch it over and over again. Rachel’s expressions – omgosh, pass the tissue I’m crying.

  21. caRyn

    BB20 Houseguest’s Zodiac Signs/Birthdays:
    Angela Logan Rummans (born March 23, 1992), 26 – Aries
    Angela Brooke “Rockstar” Lantry (born June 22, 1983), 35 – Cancer
    Bayleigh Amethyst Dayton (born May 25, 1993), 25 -Gemini
    Brett William Robinson (born January 15), 25 Capricorn
    Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams (born February 17, 1995), 23 – Aquarius
    Faysal Shawn Shafaat (born October 17, 1991), 26 – Libra
    Haleigh Falyn Broucher (born January 23, 1997), 21 – Aquarius
    JC Mounduix (born Joseph Charles Monduy on February 6, 1990), 28 – Aquarius
    Kaitlyn Sara Herman (born April 24, 1994), 24 – Taurus
    Kaycee Noelle Clark (born December 26, 1987), 30 – Capricorn
    Rachel Elizabeth Swindler (born July 15, 1988), 29 – Cancer
    Samantha Marie Bledsoe (June 7, 1991), 27 – Gemini
    Scottie Salton (born January 10, 1992), 26 – Capricorn
    Stephen Russell Arienta (born May 2, 1978), 40 – Taurus
    Tyler Ross Crispen (born February 18, 1995), 23 – Aquarius
    Winston Howard Hines (born February 13), 28 – Aquarius

  22. SammyD

    I thought Julie Chen was going to reach over and put her hand on Rachels’ mouth when she began her verbal rant on live TV. Nevertheless, it was a priceless moment watching Rachel nearly having a meltdown on live television.

    This new hacking game twist should seem like a production twist. I think it would have been better for BB fans to have some input of twists during the season. This would compliment the BB apps and interactive accesses such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and the CBS app. At least my two cents.

    Should be an exciting week.

  23. Alda

    Sam seems a lot older then 27 to me.

  24. danmtruth

    This is such a good season they don’t need these twist These people are doing a good enough job without production needing to spice things up

    Swaggy & Bay parents was useless

    Bay now all lovey doves with KC after just this morning she was planing on getting her evicted Her hit list was Angela Rachel (thinking she would still be in the game ) and KC she did not care in what order but Hay got her to admit she would like KC to go last Well thats out the window KC just listening and laughing inside

  25. Avatar

    Man I wish folks could pull themselves together, wise up, and play the game.

    Brett has been against the wall twice and made some great moves with his speech. I am finding it hard not to pull for him.

    Fessie, Hay, Bay, RS, and Scottie have a five-person alliance that can never get out a target. They aren’t that smart, despite Bayleigh almost being considered a genius………., and use poor strategies. You know JC is a swing vote so he is an EASY pawn! You put him on the block next to Brett and the big guy is probably talking to Julie. Instead, they put up Rachel and for some unknown reason, Bayleigh told Rachel her power.

    Are Tyler and Sam a final two or is Tyler just using her? He seems pretty loyal to her and talks to her quite a bit.

    Bay has to use the power this week and I expect her to lose in the veto and get back-doored. She is an EASY target this week. She has to use it and the noms have to stay the same. The problem is is that she will most likely be against a motivated Angela and Brett.

    What a great season.

    • Helen

      She doesn’t have to use it this week…it is good till final 8 players in game

    • Avatar

      The way I see the hive alliance is this. They all expected Swaggy to be around and call the shots. They all put they’re trust into him without really forming trusting bonds with each other. then Tyler picked off the weakest link (Kaitlyn) and got her to cut off the head of her own alliance. Forcing the rest to improvise and they are sorta doin good. I hope the hive pulls it off but I really doubt it. Level six is definitely really good at coming together and trusting one another. But they are dwindling.

      • Mello_One

        There are 3 things incidents in the house that messed the Bay Hive up. First, Chris Alliance member flipping to the other side of the house. Second, Kaitlyn back dooring Swaggy. Third, Scottie’s Vote to Evict Swaggy, and its been all down hill from then on.

        After that you have people that are not that familiar with the game in Hive Alliance, only Scottie, & Rockstar are Familar game. Idk how versed Haleigh is with the game.

      • NKogNeeTow

        JC seems to be pretty familiar with the game. He’s talked extensively with Tyler about it a few times and one night he and Swaggy had a long convo about the different seasons and players.

    • Avatar

      Tyler acts so genuine when speaking to people. I wouldn’tbe sure what he was really thinking if it wasnt’t for his DR’s. To me he seems to have the most respect for KC but he is too smart to be sitting next to her at the end. Even if she wins nothing this season a bitter jury could easily pick her to win.

      • Avatar

        Every week I expect Tyler to get caught playing both sides, and every week he comes out smelling like a rose and with blood-free hands. We are only in the middle game, but he’s has played the best so far.

  26. danmtruth

    Bay just rambled every thing to TY just told him all about her power app First said she did not tell anyone else TY ask again then she admitted that Fessy knew haha after Fessy said no he did not know So TY told her Fess was being true to her

    Jc is great as he is talking and listening to Fess I give him credit for keeping a straight face Than he got Fess to believe that it was RS who flip The little guy is good

  27. Avatar

    This is by far the most cutthroat group of rookie players that they have ever had! The only houseguest that hasn’t done anything yet is Kaycee, but suddenly this week they showed several of her diary sessions, so I have to wonder if her claws are coming out soon, too.

  28. danmtruth

    Man that TY is good He got Bay to explain the whole power app including she has it till they are down to 8 people I’M sure she is playing him also seeing the other night she was agreeing to backdoor him Yet she layed out her whole game to him Talk about your loose lips She also admitted she will only use it to protect herself TY ask about Fess but Bay said no just her

    • Mello_One

      What is wrong with the other side of the House? They have no Strategy, they tell the other side of the House Everything, & no Alliance Unity?! I’ve never seen anything like it. Rockstar actually told Angela who she would put OTB, with the plan of back dooring Tyler…Smdh

  29. Avatar

    I didn’t think furniture was allowed to win competitions?

  30. danmtruth

    Sam calls a house meeting to propose that everyone throws the hacker comp to her than she won’t use it The app is veto someones vote She will veto her vote . Nominate someone nShe picks someone to play in the POV She will play in the POV and not compete THIS IS WILLD

  31. Avatar

    Sam has lost her mind.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Bayleigh is grilling Rocky in the pink room and reading her the riot act. She told her she is sick and tired of people lying to her. She’s accusing her of having a deal with Brett. Bayleigh is acting like she’s there to beat a confession out of her. The only thing missing is the overhead swinging single light bulb.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t know why people just don’t get up and walk away from this bitch when she starts with that crap. She just sorta threatened Rocky. She said “Rockstar, you know what I’m about to do right now. And you don’t want that”. Rocky is explaining her ass off. Bayleigh is not buying it.

  34. Ann

    The way Bay is sitting there talking to RS, RS need to tell her to f*ck off & walk away from that bitch. Who in the hell do she think she is? Her HOH is over.

    • Colby

      That is funny Ann. I posted the exact same thing at the same time you did.

      • Ann

        I’m telling you Colby, that Bay pissed me all the way off & there’s no way I would’ve stood for her talking to me like that.

    • Jay H

      It’s tough to argue with someone one point away from being a genius. Also, if you(RS)thinks 30 x 60 is 1200, you may not have the brain power to form an argument.

    • caRyn

      Outside the BB house, Rockstar probably would pop off on Bayleigh. We have seen her get loud with Brett. With Bayleigh having the app and putting a target on herself with her mouth, Rockstar is doing well to hold her tongue and not be a target since Bayleigh is making herself one.

  35. Shivani33

    Angela and Angie RS went over the [email protected] comp and said the the comp winner stays anonymous, replaces one nom and cancels out one eviction vote. Both women said this is too many variables added to the whole game, making it much more complicated. The new comp will be played after noms and before the Veto ceremony.

  36. Avatar

    That was one of the best blindsides in BB history. Tyler is absolutely masterful.

  37. Jannie

    Has Bay forgotten that she is no longer HOH? I really hope they force her to use that app and show her the backdoor. She’s a real piece of work…
    And put Sam (aka Crazy Bug Lady) next to her – she needs her ego checked as well.

  38. kneeless

    I give L6/5/4 props. Even tho’ they’ve lost 2 it is impressive that large of an alliance is staying true to one another. All 4 are playing pretty well.

  39. danmtruth

    Im sure production never thought The Sam thing was going to happen They are getting just what they wanted More confusion and mistrust No one is even THINKING about TY power app Everyone is thinking about Bays app and now the Hacker app

    Now Scottie is spilling every thing he knows to guess who ,,,,,,, TY and TY is blaming everything short of the sinking of the Titanic on Rachel

  40. danmtruth

    This HOH reveal is going to be epic with Bay rolling her eyes Looking at RS Sam mad that people did not go with her on the Hacker app RS thinking of what might have been Jc getting his hands into the basket Pulling everything out

  41. NKogNeeTow

    For once I’m almost feeling sorry for Rocky HorrorShow. I said almost.

    Now Bay is grilling her again and told her to go get Brett. Then changed and said on second thought, she doesn’t want be bothered and they can do whatever they want to do. She said she’s done with them. She says her heart goes out to Rocky but at the end of the day, somebody is lying to her.

    Rocky is about to cry and tells her to make her a promise. That when the show is over, she will watch the show and they can be friends.

    Bay says she just doesn’t understand why people are going around lying. *She forgets she lied to Rachel and a few others* She is livid that everyone is lying to her.

    Hayleigh comes in and joins the convo. Rocky is still explaining herself. *If I were Rocky I’d just say f*ck it and leave these harpies alone*

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Lord please don’t let us have to spend the last 40 minutes watching these pretenders acting happy Drifty is HOH and gets all the goodies instead of them.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Everyone is gone from HOH except Bayleigh. She and Drifty are discussing her power app. She tells Drifty that she can’t change a nom after it’s made. Drifty tells her she’s not going to nominate her.

    Another “smoketh up the asseth” conversation. *Don’t you just love those*

    Bay tells her that she is going to do her damndest to win the Hacker thingy and if she does, she will only tell Drifty.

    Drifty tells her she already knows who she’s going to put up. She says they are people who have had her name in their mouth and she doesn’t want to work with them.

    Bay tells her that she has her back and always has. Drifty tells her she wants her to be the first black girl to win BB. *Somebody call the fire department to clear out all this damn smoke*

    • danmtruth

      like Bay saying her game was to not run around talking and telling people stuff It was to get information and keep it to herself and use it when she need to Just like Swaggy said he wanted to come in and lay low for a few weeks Yeh like THAT happened So yes Bay go back and watch this WOW how much BS can this room hold because thees two are getting close to filling the room

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Now Bay and Drifty are trashing Rachel. They say she was a snake in the grass.

    Drifty says now Brett is a huge target in the house.

    Bay says watch Brett because he’s a charmer. She tells her that once he called her honey and she told him to do not honey her.

    Drifty says that Brett will do anything to save himself. She says he says things to make people blow up.

    Bay says that Rocky was crying to her and she told her that she doesn’t care about her crying.

    Drifty says everyone is looking for reasons to be mad at everyone but she’s not mad at anybody. She loves everybody.

    Drifty says they are playing for 1/2 mill and they can’t sit around singing kumbya.

    Now they are trashing Kaitlyn.

    Brett knocks on the door and Bay ask “Who is it?” *I don’t think she realizes that this is no longer her room*

    Sam send Brett up with a tray of utensils up for Drifty. *Let the Sam ass kissing begin*

    Bay tells her to enjoy her room and then proceeds to tell her how to enjoy the room.

    *Lawd have mercy, I can’t see the room because of all that smoke*

  45. danmtruth

    fun to watch two women who know the other one is full of BS and not buying a word the other is saying

  46. danmtruth

    After all that Bay assessing at the door Angela looks up and stick her tongue out Like she is baffling lol

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Now Bay is talking to Brett. She is trashing Rachel. He is telling her that he wasn’t trying to throw her (Bay) under the bus.

    Bay says that now she has to go back and clean up and Hayleigh is mad at her because she told Rachel about the app and not her.

    In the HOH, Drifty is talking to Hayleigh. Drifty is telling her that she’s not putting Brett up.

    Hayleigh is going over who she thinks Bay would put OTB with her power.

    Hayleigh is kissing up now. *Wasn’t she just planning with Bay, to get rid of Drifty next week?*

    Drifty is telling Hay how she and Rachel were close until she found out she made a F2 with KC the same day.

    Hay tells her that Rachel also had a F2 with Swaggy on day 2.

    Seems like Hay has quickly adapted to the NEW queen. She’s talking a mile a minute. *Waiting for her to throw Fessy UTB*

    Hayleigh says Rachel had gotten so annoying. *Rachel wasn’t the only one. I’m jus sayin*

  48. danmtruth

    now on to the Hay smoke screen Hay knows that Angela was talking about RS having Angelas name in her mouth Hay needs to wonder if Angela knows that she was going to put her up Scared little bunny

  49. NKogNeeTow

    I think Drifty, Tyler, JC and KC have the best poker faces in the house.

    Hayleigh is telling Drifty that if she wins the Hacker thingy, she will not change the noms at all. Drifty thanks her, with a poker face.

    They hug and lie…I mean tell each other they love each other. Hay leaves and Drifty goes to the door and ask who’s next. Fessy. *Half the house is sitting outside the HOH room like knaves waiting to see the king*

    Fessy ask who starts talking first. He says he doesn’t know how this works. She tells him to start talking because she’s a little drunk. He immediately starts to plead his case.

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH! And not a minute to soon. I’m going to race the birds and see if I can get to sleep before they wake up.

    Good night everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • danmtruth

      NK im a glutton for punishment hanging on a bit longer
      Fess talk to Bay a hour ago about what he should say to Angela He was saying that when he talks to Angela that if she wanted to put him on the block he would understand Bay stop him and yelled at him to not make it easy to be put on the block like Rachel Whats the first thing he does when talking to Angela ??? ,,,, Tells her he is a comp beast if she needs someone to win a veto she can put him up WTF!! These people cant help themselves Yes Angela has a great pokerface

  50. Avatar

    I’m I the only person who’s not team Tyler?? Lol. He’s a great player and definitely deserves to win … I just feel like the house doesn’t see it and is handing the game to him… he never had to fight to stay in

    Jc. I had high hope for him at first but he is playing dirty.. he has no Alliance and always votes whatever Tyler says and then stirs the up with the votes and tries to pin it on pple to start drama

    I don’t respect Brett game at all.

    Rachel I felt bad for her. On my way out I would have let everything out About level 6 and that jc and Sam vote with them….

    • HappyHippo

      But that’s the thing ..he does have to fight. Everyday. It may not seem like it cuz he’s not on the block or everybody’s target but that’s the slickness of his game. He’s had to put up with kaitlyns insanity along with many others. He has to remember who he tells what and why. Derrick who won bb16 wasn’t put on the block one single time but worked the whole house flawlessly. I’m pulling for him to win. He’s calm, cool, and collected. Hope he stays that way

      • mm22

        Happy does anyone know about Tyler’s app ?

      • LO1004

        Exactly, and he’s won 3 comps, so he is fighting and playing a great game. Sometimes I’m not really sure what show some people are watching.

      • LO1004

        Great question mm22. Another reason why Tyler is playing an awesome game. Tyler didn’t tell a soul about his power which keeps the target off his back and makes the power even more powerful.

    • HappyHippo

      JC may seem all over the place but so far his hinky votes have caused major paranoia which was his goal….

    • danmtruth

      No thumbs down just that I disagree TY has been working hard to help usher people out the door He is changing his game when he needs to The players this year all at least thinking and trying to run there own game
      Jc is running a close second to TY he has everyone talking to him Its fun to watch these two work together Both knowing they will need to take each other out
      It has been a fun year to watch

  51. Jay H

    I don’t think she’s stupid, but I feel like bs needs called on Bayleigh being “one point away from being a genius”.

    • ElaineB

      Often those with the highest measured intelligence, have the worst common sense and worst social skills.

    • Avatar

      Her family acts like she’s some kind of prodigy or something.. Um, no.

    • Jenny

      Yeah… I went to a school for the gifted, and some of my classmates were actual geniuses. Like crazy smart. I’m not a genius. But I’m pretty sure I’m smarter than Bayleigh. Wondering what that “one point” means. On a score of 1 to 3, where 2 is average intelligence? Yup, she’s one point away from being a genius. Or a slightly smarter than average person.

      • danmtruth

        Did I hear Bay say that she is adopted ? Yes it was a well crafted “visit” All that Swaggy hoped for More camera time
        Bay has been told she is special for a long time This has given her a warped sense of self worth The blow up with RS showed just how self absorbed she is All she was worried about was how she look That she would look foolish It was all about her ego She is smart but no where as smart as she thinks she is

    • Ann

      I think she’s stupid, she’s no where as smart as she thinks she is. (Bay) that is.

  52. ingodog

    I have to hand it to Rachel. that was one Hell of a way to leave. She was totally pissed and she didn’t care who knew. I would probably do the same thing.

  53. Avatar

    I get everyone’s input on Tyler. I guess I never saw it this way. I see him running the house. He’s a great player I just hope it doesn’t catch up to him that he’s playing both sides.

    I really felt bad for Rachel. I dislike angela. I think she has the hots for Brett and maybe felt threatened by Rachel and wanted her out lol

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