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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Recap

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Good morning! I have that hungover feeling I sometimes get after a double eviction. Did everything happen to create the most drama? No.  Would it have been more exciting if Brett had saved JC with a veto or Tyler had been forced to choose between KC and Angela with a veto? Yes. However, the world hasn’t ended and the game is still fun. I like drama and excitement too but we’re simply past that stage in the game. This season has given us plenty of funny characters, bad game play and everything else. We aren’t going to get it all the way to the end. I’ve been entertained watching Foutte stumble around in the dark but we get to a point when the bad players are weeded out and we’re left with the good ones. (If we’re lucky because we’ve had some bad players in the F3 in the past) It isn’t all that exciting but that’s how it goes with most games.  The best players win, right? 


If you’re a diehard Rockstar or Foutte fan, then ya, your season’s pretty much over. If all your hopes and dreams were centered around Brett winning, yours are too. Go ahead and find a hobby until the fall line up of shows start. Who else is tired of people clogging up our social media pages to announce to us that they hate the season and “they’re done?” Fine, it’s your choice but I don’t need it announced to me every day. Go do whatever it is you want to do and let the rest of us enjoy BB in peace.

I understand when someone who only liked Foutte or Brett isn’t having a good time.  The people I’m surprised by are the ones who think Tyler, KC and Angela are playing the best games and who don’t want Sam or JC to win but are pissed because this is the final 5. You can’t have it both ways. If you want one of these better players to win, they have to stay in the house for it to happen. Sorry, that’s how it works. There’s also a trade-off to the fun we’ve had this summer. We’ve seen one of the best alliances in many years!  They gave us blindsides and shocked faces all the way back to when most years, they’re “voting with the house.” We had one of the worst but most entertaining alliances of all time too. Here’s the tradeoff: An alliance that good is going to wipe out the other side, so near the end, we see a steam roll. We have to give something to get something people! (It always shows when I’ve been annoyed by Twitter idiots, sorry) Ok, enough of that, let’s go over Thursday.


There wasn’t much happening on Thursday before the live show but I’ll go over what little we saw, the double and the late night feeds at the bottom. (In case you just want to scroll down to see what happened later in the night)

Daytime feeds:  The hg’s watched the videos and studied for the comp. I noticed JC took a nap and Sam cleaned the house after they saw them. Angela and KC studied in the hoh room. Brett came up to help and gave them wrong info on purpose. They knew it was wrong and didn’t correct him. Later, Tyler came up and told them Brett had done it on purpose. Brett did his real studying in the storage room. The hg’s went over the order the comps were played which didn’t help them at all during the hoh comp.  Tyler had to go upstairs to study because Sam kept trying to talk to him. She was going over crucial game related things like a list of the ways Fessy annoyed her. She also had a detailed chat about why she chooses to sit under the stairs. Here’s a pic if you need a Sam fix because I’ll talk about her as little as possible in the rest of the recap:

Double Eviction:

  • It began with Haleigh’s eviction which was no surprise, except to Haleigh. (I know some people were mad they didn’t just tell Hay she was leaving. Yes, she said “just tell me” but that doesn’t mean they had to do it. She also said “keep me” and that didn’t happen either. I think they should’ve told her but I don’t think it was cruel and unusual punishment when they didn’t. KC & Ang talked some crap about JC, Sam and Brett so there was an actual game reason to keep her calm and quiet. It wasn’t all to be mean. I am SO glad I don’t have to hear another speech from Hay, they’re terrible! She had a very classy exit tho)
  • Haleigh’s face when she thought Brett was the reason she left during his gbm:
  • I liked Brett’s DR of him saying he’s been nothing but loyal and he wants to stick with L6 but it may be time to make the FIRST move. How is that loyal? Lol (He did need to make the move but as L6 has said themselves, he should’ve asked forgiveness, not permission and never told Tyler.)
  • Tyler won the hoh in the double and that was a tense moment for me. Honestly, I didn’t even know what I wanted to happen. Angela really sucked in that one!
  • Tyler had a brief one on one’s with everyone during the commercial break. I wanted to see JC talking to him but didn’t happen. Sam trying to get Angela otb was cringe worthy. I know she said bad things about Angela but don’t remember exactly what they were. She’s a non-factor for me so I tune her out sometimes. Sam’s attempted 2 actual game convos and they were both trying to get people to put up their shomance. Having to hear “I’m a good person” was as annoying as the damn show cutting in and out. We only get a tiny bit of that footage and they kept cutting away. (Ok, stressful week, and your old boss may be a perv, I get it but give me my damn game talk!)
  • Seeing JC go otb with Sam was priceless. He didn’t know what the hell was going on.
  • It was so bad watching Tyler try to convince Brett to throw the veto. I’m glad he didn’t and he didn’t have to walk out knowing he gave it away. He tried and lost which will be easier for him to accept. I DID NOT like the veto comp. I never like the ones where you can’t tell what’s going on until it ends.
  • Angela won veto, met with Brett and said she’d leave it the same.
  • Angela gave the 1 step ahead speech and took JC off the block.
  • Tyler gave his 2 steps ahead speech and put Brett otb. (I honestly didn’t think this was as bad as many other people did. They didn’t take personal shots at him. They were basically saying, we found out about your plan and got you first. They also left him a nice gbm last night so I don’t get it. They also said this to the guy who accused RS of having a secret deal with him on the live show. He understands using the moment to make good tv. Tyler was letting him know that their F2 was no good by putting him up no matter what he said.)
  • For all the sensitive people out there who think L6 are the devil and Brett and Hay got screwed, here’s a flashback: This is what Dan did to Danielle on the same date (9/13) during season 14. This wasn’t a DE, it was a F4 move but hopefully, you get my point. If you can’t handle being embarrassed and lied to on national tv, BB may not be the show for you. Dan swore he’d keep her shomance (in her mind) but blindsided her instead. He kept his reason about game just as L6 did last night.
  • Brett took a seat otb and was truly surprised. It was nice to see Brett could still give a witty speech about RS on the spot.
  • Brett was evicted and Sam started telling Angela “I’m sorry I ever doubted you.” I don’t know what that was really about and don’t really care.  I liked when Brett heard the 3 to 0 vote and gave JC a bit of a dirty look.
  • Brett had another good exit except I thought he was going to break another door as he went to see Julie.
  • Once again, I felt like Julie injected herself too much in an interview. I thought it was hilarious when she said “you got played son” but asking if he would be bitter right after talking about Tyler’s betrayal felt like overstepping. She doesn’t need to plant seeds for Brett to not be bitter towards Tyler. I didn’t like when she said things that could hurt Tyler and I don’t like it when it goes the other way either. She said “you told Tyler” but she didn’t say “you told JC” when they both knew about it.  Brett obviously didn’t have a clue why he was evicted (which was shocking) but he needs to figure that out, not have it explained by Julie. That one thing told me that Brett hadn’t gotten as good at the game as we’d given him credit for lately. Brett saying “they don’t know tho” when Julie reminded him of the plan to break up L6 surprised me. Even in a stunned moment, it wasn’t that hard to figure out Tyler told Angela and KC since they worked together to put him otb. He at least showed us how to separate game moves from personal ones. He was pissed but said he respected the move. It wasn’t personal in any way. He was going to go after them so how could he be mad they got him first?
  • The show ended by Julie calling Brett “Brent” and signing off as Julie Chen Moonves for the first time ever. I have my own thought on that but I’ll finish the recap first to see if I need to save it for tomorrow. I’ll just say the name she said was showing support of her husband and maybe a small FU to CBS.

Late night feeds:  They had the next hoh comp which Angela won. It was questions, I’d imagine because KC said something about buzzing in quickly to get Sam and JC to buzz in too. She said she was playing defense and doing blocking for Angela.

The final 5 having dinner:

  • Tyler got an hoh basket and a letter from a friend.
  • They said they left sad gbm’s for Brett acknowledging they had to get him out because he was going to come for them.
  • Angela will nom Sam & JC and tell them no one can beat them with the jury. Sam is the target.
  • JC was upset as we knew he would be. He tried to tell Tyler he wasn’t saying things to Brett and Tyler told him that Brett told him everything JC said. JC didn’t like the move and said it wasn’t the plan and they had a chance to seperate the girls. Tyler said it wasn’t the right time and said he’d tried to tell JC that but he wouldn’t listen. Tyler said he had to do it that way because of it. JC told him no matter how good Tyler thought he was at the comps, Angela and KC were too and they could beat him. Tyler tried to make it sound like he took Brett out to protect JC. JC told Tyler he would’ve never done that that him and Tyler told him he was sorry.
  • JC’s plan is to get KC out this week so they can at least break them up. (JC has a F2 with Tyler and it would be the correct move if Tyler didn’t have one with everybody)
  • There was a funny moment when Tyler (talking about Brett) said “that’s what happens to side ho’s.” JC asked “is that why you hated him?” Tyler said “nobody replaces me” and JC understood that Tyler got jealous of his relationship with Brett. (This is my favorite shomance this season)
  • L6 spilled some secrets to JC. KC admitted to being the hacker and he was shocked it wasn’t Tyler. (He’d been hurt when he thought Tyler was hiding it from him.) Angela told him her pole vaulting past. (I’m tired of hearing it)  He said “that’s why your feet look like that.” (typical JC) She was bothered by the comment and he told her it just showed all the hard work and she should be proud. It seemed to make her feel better. He realized he was the last to know because Sam made a big deal out of everyone knowing now. JC was also realizing for the first time that Brett talked game with Angela and JC.
  • Sam told Angela that Tyler was too sweet to tell on her but she admitted she called Angela a bitch and told her she was sorry and she felt bad about it. (I guess that’s what she was saying when I was half listening to her during the live show)
  • Tyler began some convos with Angela and KC working the angle that most of what happened was Brett’s fault, not JC’s.  (Before he was saying JC was getting in Bretts head but I think he wants to make sure they don’t a switch targets this week. He wants JC to stay.)
  • JC talked to Tyler and started trying to find a way out of the mess they’re in. (Well, he thinks they’re both in one)  He told Tyler he knew he’d go otb, Tyler had to win veto and use it on JC so they’d both be safe and send KC home. His plan was something close to “I have a plan, keep tour mouth shut and don’t do anything until I tell to to.” Hahahaha!
  • JC said Brett would tell everyone all the things JC’s done against them in jury and they’d hate him now. (Probably) Angela said they’ve got a bitter jury on their hands.
  • They wondered when they’d get the yard back. (Maybe not at all)
  • Sam took even more pillows for her bed and rambled about someone convincing her she’s in love with them. It sounded like she’s in love with someone in production now but who the hell knows?
  • Tyler and Angela were in the hoh room and JC said the royalty couple was upstairs, the LGBT couple was in the blue room and the maid was in the have not room.
  • JC’s really frustrated that he hasn’t won a comp. He’s tried in quite a few of them and came in 2nd lately so it probably is frustrating.

I’m sure I’ve missed some things from the feeds last night but I’ve had several things slow me down and I’m bordering on being late for my work appointments. I’ll end this with 4 opinions that I can talk about in more detail later. The feeds will be down some this week so we’ll need things to talk about anyway.

  • Sam needs to go whether it’s boring or not.
  • JC is in a mess and even if he realizes Tyler’s been playing him, it doesn’t matter because Tyler’s all he has at this point.  He just has to keep moving along, get dragged to the F3 (unless Tyler wants to take Angela now, we don’t know) and hope for an upset at the end.
  • Tyler better start figuring out a way to own his game or people will think Angela ran his game. That didn’t happen but the jury could see it that way.
  • Change that to 3 opinions because I’m really late!

Have a great Friday!


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