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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Recap

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Good morning! I saw that Steve attempted to stay up and give you results for part 1 of the hoh comp last night. (results below this if you don’t want to know) I have to give him credit for trying because I didn’t even make the attempt and I knew we’d get the feeds back too late for me to find out. Many of you already know this but there are some night owls in the comment section of BBJ. You can usually get up to the minute info about everything. NK also gives a rundown of the nightly conversations whenever anything is going on. As a bonus, she adds a lot of humor to it. I usually do an overall look at the day when I recap but individual conversations are often more detailed when NK is doing them as they happen. If you haven’t scrolled down far enough, you may not know they’re there.


I so appreciate the people who’ve said they read the morning recaps I write and all your sweet words make it easier to get up and do it on those really tired mornings. Every morning, after I have the recap taken care of, I go back and read Steve’s thread from the evening before. (I’m usually in bed before it’s finished) I also read the comments because they’re hilarious and I often find things I overlooked. I just wanted to mention it in case anyone is missing out.

The winner of part 1 of the HOH comp was Tyler. I’ll start at the beginning of the day and work my way to the end, which was Tyler winning last night.


Nothing very eventful happened Thursday afternoon before the feeds went down. Angela and Tyler spent their last day together in the BB house but I still don’t know if he told her things that could help in jury besides being a superfan. She wasn’t told she was being evicted and I think she was a little surprised, but not shocked. Angela actually won’t be going to the jury house. She’ll meet up with the jury when they have the group discussion at a different location. Someone posted this pic of the set being put together for the jury discussion. It’s on the CBS lot somewhere and after they film it, they jurors are separated and sequestered in a hotel alone. They remain there for a few days until they are taken to the studio for the finale. (The jury house is in a different location so the section of a house you see in the image is part of something else and isn’t the jury house)

If Angela shows up to the discussion saying Tyler is amazing and worse, spills they’re a couple, she could cost him the game without realizing it. Tyler is enough of a fan to know (if he wasn’t so distracted) that he’d be better off with Angela saying Tyler played her. The jury would love it but I don’t know if he has had his head in the game enough to prep her to help him in that way.

Here are the few things that were discussed yesterday before the live show:

  • Tyler, Angela and Kaycee spent time together talking about how much they care about each other. It was a lot more sincere than these conversations usually are and I think these three truly will stay friends. Angela will be surprised with the coast to coast alliance and Kaycee may be surprised just how far along Tyler and Angela have become as a couple. After they take that in, I think they’ll have no problems with anything to do with the game when the show ends. (It was actually a little emotional to watch.  I’m usually the one laughing…even when it isn’t appropriate so I don’t go all mushy very often…but I did. This tell me I may cry when JC is evicted or…I could laugh hysterically if he pouts and pitches a fit, so nevermind, it’s still a toss up)
  • Angela told Kaycee to do what she needed to do and they didn’t have to have a conversation about it. She said there was nothing that could happen that would change their friendship. She said Tyler wasn’t planning on having the conversation either. (Ummm, about that…ok, they may have a couple of more things to discuss before the 3 of them are all back to being best buds)
  • Kaycee and Tyler discussed if they should tell Angela ahead of time. (Well, yeah! L6 really may need some kind of blindside intervention after next week. They’re nuts and don’t know when to stop!)
  • JC suggested they flush Sam’s spider down the toilet. (Lol)
  • There was an audio leak so we heard Julie doing a little rehearsing for some of her lines.
  • These were the pics of friends JC got for his hoh so he wasn’t exaggerating about the lack of family support:

Thoughts on the Thursday live show:

  • Julie looked lovely…from the waist up. You know I love the high pony but I wasn’t feeling her dress hemline at all.
  • I thought the show was off to a good start when the BB announcer said “Sam was curb stomped straight to the jury house.”
  • Finally seeing JC’s nomination speech was funny. “You’ve just been a bitch to me” was so JC. Leave it to him to give that kind of speech on the one week when the noms don’t even matter. He’s waited all summer to have his moment and he wasn’t going to let a little thing like irrelevance stand in his way. (Nobody puts Baby in the corner!)
  • Finally getting a jury house segment was sort of informative. I wasn’t surprised to see Foutte/Hive still arguing and over who is the bigger idiot. We learned that Bayleigh still isn’t very nice, even in a relaxed environment. I got excited for a moment listening to Haleigh and started to think maybe some of the jury wouldn’t be bitter after all. The feeling didn’t last long because I was overlooking the fact that the jury segment is edited just like the DR’s. (The fool me once, shame on me…came to mind and I won’t be fooled again) Don’t get me wrong, they may not be bitter but I’m not going to base my opinion on something Haleigh says in an edited segment. Production did a good job of making it look like Haleigh knew what was going on all season and she didn’t. This clip could easily be production wanting it to look like the votes are still up in the air. They always do it that way.
  • If Tyler goes to the end with Kaycee, he’ll need Haleigh’s vote. If he wins the last hoh, he could easily lose JC’s and he may have already lost Sam’s from what I heard last night. I thought it was interesting to hear Brett tell the jury that going after Angela was Tyler’s idea. We know it wasn’t and I’m not understanding the purpose of lying at this point.
  • I thought it was ridiculous hearing Sam say she wish she’d “continued to fight.” When did she start?
  • I liked the veto comp but I like the ones where you can tell who’s ahead at this critical stage of the game better.
  • The DR’s were interesting and confusing. KC sounded more like the cutthroat player (even if she did make the wrong decision) and Tyler sounded more like someone who couldn’t make the hard call. (I guess we’ll never know if he would’ve taken KC or Angela) Maybe it was the editing but it was as if they’d reversed roles. JC’s sounded like he still didn’t understand how the final veto worked. He was planning and plotting like he had options for a replacement nom.
  • The speeches from all 3 were very nice I suppose but it was way too much and KC’s was way too long. (We can assume KC is someone who peels a bandaid off slowly as opposed to giving it a quick pull. I’m more of an exhale and rip it off fast kind of person myself)
  • If JC didn’t have tunnel vision, he could’ve easily picked up from KC’s speech that the 3 had been together all along from some of the things she said. “my two best friends” and “between the 3 of us, we won 19 comps…”
  • Angela got a brief hug from Julie but did you notice how Julie tried to put her hand out for the shake first? It was only noticeable because Julie went straight for the hug with Sam. She likes who she likes and she definitely didn’t like Angela.
  • Angela took the F2 news well and Tyler still thinks the power app that no one cares about is a big deal. He did tell America he loves her so if she had any paranoia she was getting played, she can rest easy.
  • I was glad to hear Julie say they were taking applications for next summer. It’s a start but I’ll feel better when there’s an official show renewal announcement. Jeff will be on the Sunday episode and I’m really hoping it’s a coincidence. I think Jeff is great but I DON’T want him hosting BB. He’s too fluff just like Ross would be. Hopefully, we’ll keep Julie and it won’t matter.

Feeds after the show:

  • The F3 got some champagne.
  • It didn’t take long for Tyler to start gushing over Angela. He found her shirt in his bag that she’d left for him. JC, the romantic, said she probably thought it was her bag and it was a mistake.
  • KC mentioned the 3 of them (L6, not JC) traveling post-show and said she didn’t think Angela would get in any kind of relationship until they’d done that. (It sounded like they’d made some kind of pact about it) I don’t know if KC was trolling Tyler or if she really doesn’t have a clue but it was awkward.
  • JC announced it was the first time in history 3 gay people made it to the F3. (He’s not giving up. Lol)
  • JC said KC will have votes in jury for getting out Angela. KC pointed out it was his hoh. (The subtle campaigning has started)
  • Tyler said Angela probably thinks he is in love with her after his speech. KC agrees and JC said he almost threw up when he heard his speech.
  • JC began talking about all the moves he’s made and he let Tyler know he saved him by convincing KC to keep him.
  • KC laughed to Tyler about JC trying to take credit for everything and Tyler said he does it a lot. He said it’s why they couldn’t let him get to the F2 because the jury could believe him.
  • They had part 1 and Tyler won. They were very sore afterward and KC had a hard time lifting her arms to do her hair bun.
  • Tyler had talked about him throwing part 1 to KC and because of some confusion, it didn’t happen. (He could just be saying that and never intended to throw it)
  • They drank more champagne and it didn’t help anyone’s game imo. JC bragged more, threw shade at Angela and was very full of himself. Tyler couldn’t hide how much he already missed Angela so I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t come out before Wednesday.
  • JC said he liked Angela but continued to make comments about her. He did say she was just bad for his game but I still think Tyler was annoyed. Tyler put on Angela’s shirt which caused JC to say “seriously?” Tyler offered JC a pillow he said smelled like Angela so he was messing with JC a bit. (Tyler was never giving that pillow up!)
  • They joked some more and JC said at least he didn’t tell some random girl he loved her on tv and look like a fool.
  • JC told Tyler he’d still be happy if he won the game. (He won’t if he isn’t in the F2 and Tyler evicts him)
  • Tyler told JC he did well in the comp and JC said that made him feel better. Tyler asked if they were back together. JC said no.
  • JC said they really were like a family.

For the Sam fans, here’s some things she said in post-eviction interviews:

  • She’s irritated with herself for ignoring her instincts a couple weeks ago over thinking Tyler may not have her back.
  • She blames the change in Tyler on Angela’s abs and both of them having tans. (Lol, I think Angela’s abs may have a little to do with it too so I’m not going to be too hard on Sam for that one)
  • She didn’t believe Tyler had the power app and instead thought it was a trap. (No idea here?)
  • She would’ve taken Kaycee to the F2. (gonna break the pinky swear? If there’s truth in that, it could be the one and only game thing she ever said the I respect)
  • She feels positive about the entire experience.
  • She thinks being a robot made people not trust her and made people think she had secrets. She says she was the only person who was 100% honest.
  • She believed Angela’s reason for putting her otb. (Sam having jury votes over Angela) She was concerned people would think that but she wasn’t sacrificing her morals for the game.
  • She thinks she was voted out because she was no longer necessary as a maid or for her vote.
  • She thinks her best move was giving Bayleigh her vote to stay and the worst was making a F2 with Tyler on day 3.
  • She thinks Angela is playing the worst game.
  • She sees Tyler as a young man with questionable morals who is very good at playing the game.
  • She described being the robot as “a magical experience I cannot put into words. I am eternally grateful for my robotic transformation. I am like a beautiful digitized butterfly.” (She does realize she hung out in a room somewhere and wasn’t actually a robot, right?)

That’s it for yesterday guys but don’t forget, voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest has started. Some fans say player, the show says houseguest but it doesnt matter. You can vote for game reasons, entertainment reasons or because you simply like them. They’re your votes so vote the who and the why however you want. It’s honestly not worth fans arguing over imo.  Have a great Friday!


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