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Big Brother 20-Tuesday Overnight Recap

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Good morning and thanks for the pep talk from last night preparing me for this morning from everyone. I have to bid an out-of-town job today so it may be good for me that the house was slow since I have to get an earlier start at work. I also wanted to say thank you for all the lovely compliments I received yesterday. I spend over half my day driving and don’t always have time to comment but I do see them and it’s greatly appreciated.


Regarding some comments from yesterday:

Lindsey- I don’t know how far into BB3 you are but I agree with you, it’s a fantastic season, one of my favorites. Danielle is my favorite player of all time.  Every year people want to complain and say so and so was robbed but that lady really was ROBBED.  I’ve said before,  when BB changes the rules because of you, you’ve done something monumental, good or bad. For any newbies out there watching BB who may not know, she’s the reason we have a jury in sequester. To throw out a little more useless trivia, Nokomis from BB5 is the reason veto players are drawn with chips. They chose whoever they wanted in 3, 4 and 5. Nokomis used the strategy of preventing the target from playing so in a sense, she invented the back door. I really miss the old food and luxury comps too and anyone who listens to me blabber on and on knows that to be true.

NK- You may have discovered a secret twist. Maybe Painter1 has the BBJ power app and that’s why the name is lit up. Steve, you arn’t getting one past NK so don’t even try!

One more thing about some of the comments- I use the hgs real names or a shortened version of them so people who only read the recap will know who I’m talking but I’m loving the creativity this year from everyone. NK gives them hilarious nicknames every year and so does some of the other BBJ family. Even though I’m not using them, I’m a huge fan of BSC, driftwood and some of the others.  (I’ve seen Kaitlyn referred to as Kracklyn and Cheatlyn on other sites. Those are funny too)

Sometimes the convos I recap are jumbled and missing info. This year may be the worst because of the mics. We can’t hear very well at times but the background noise is loud and clear. If you turn it way up and it goes to fish, you feel like it’s going to blow out your hearing. If you’re watching feeds, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I don’t know if they have new mics that suck or if they have the old ones and it’s time to have them replaced but something is really off this year.

Recap from yesterday, some of this was already mentioned:

  • RS got stuck on the rock wall early  yesterday, she started asking for a ladder, it went to feeds, she eventually got down and I don’t believe the latter was involved. Last night, Brett said whether he went home or not, he was glad he got to stay long enough to see that happen. The Bros dislike RS as much as she dislikes him. We got to see some rare shots of the ceiling while she was stuck on the wall and I always like to see those because we don’t get them very often. (those bright lights are one of the reasons hg’s wear sunglasses inside, they arn’t just trying to look cool, past hgs have talked about it)
  • Kait spent the day continuing to wait for an apology from Brett. As you know, she wants an apology for a fight she started. She’s also pissed because he made fun of her during his veto speech. He said something about getting hits or having a vision. The speeches haven’t been shown on the episodes yet but I’m hoping they are this week.
  • This didn’t happen last night but rather the night before and I missed it so thought I would include it here. Bay jumped out of bed from sleep LATE in the night, apparently was sleepwalking, went to the sliding door trying to get out and kept talking about the red dots. It was discussed during the day so I went back and looked for it. She said she hadn’t sleepwalked in a long time and I wonder if the red dots were the cameras in the house.
  • KC told Tyler that RS has been working on an all-girls Alliance but hadn’t discussed it with Angela or herself. Tyler said he’d heard a little talk about it too. (Just something to look for later)
  • Winston asked for Tyler’s help campaigning and said Tyler had a lot of influence with people. He told Tyler if he stayed, he didn’t want to win hoh, he wanted to fade into background for a while. We already knew Tyler wanted Brett to stay but if he had been undecided, this surely sealed Winston’s fate. Tyler doesn’t need people realizing how much influence he has even if they’re in his group and he sure as hell wants his group to be going for the HOH. Rachel’s been annoyed with her group for a while for throwing hoh.  She doesn’t think it’s fair she’s putting a target on herself by trying so hard to win and it’s true. She’s been coming very close in comps  She questioned Winston last night wanting to know if he’d been throwing them. He wouldn’t give her a straight answer. (I don’t think he’s throwing them but his ego can’t handle that he’s losing so he insinuates he’s throwing them)
  • So far, Tyler doesn’t seem to be trying to sway Kaits vote. It was the opposite because he talked to JC about keeping Brett and Kait apart so they couldn’t make up. He’s over her crap and wants her on the wrong side of the vote or so it would appear.  He’s been telling most people that he’s voting however Kait wants him to but this isn’t enough for her. He said he didn’t care which one stayed (not true) and she told him it would be nice if he said ‘you’re my girl & I have your back. For that, Brett is going.’
  • Using Sam’s app started to come up with Winston and Brett. Tyler said he’d talk to Sam but told them, Kait ran her mouth, Sam is afraid she’ll be targeted if she uses it so it isn’t looking good. Tyler managed to put it all on Kait which was smart.
  • The Foutte people are way more concerned with power apps than anything else and that’s a mistake. They also have everything wrong. Scottie and RS are the ringleaders.  Sam Brett and JC have them. (JC may have said something in his sleep about having one but why don’t these people focus on the fact that HE WAS ASLEEP so maybe it was gibberish?)
  • Bay and Ty started to have a talk, he got called to DR. I was hoping this talk would happen. I’d love to see these two work together.
  • Sam was in a bad mood yesterday. KC said something to Ty about it. He asked her about it later and wanted to make sure she’s ok. They think she’s stressed because everyone knows about her app. (She’s also a have not and the beds are killing her back. Her back was bothering her even before this. She talked about her chiropractor last week and how she’d messed her back up again) My brothers a chiropractor but I don’t use him because he lives too far from me…more useless trivia.
  • While I’m on the topic of Sam, the people who are Have Nots with her are pretty lucky but she’s cooked for everyone before her week as a HN. Aside from funnel cakes and other things I can’t remember, she’s made a lot of creative stuff. Late last night she was making ice cream and caramel from slop.
  • More on Sam- she mentioned how she used to want to have a traveling hair salon called “hair we go.” I don’t know how long she was a hairdresser before she became a welder but she’s certainly refreshing her skills while in the BB house.
  • Brett and Winston both campaigned last night. Winston had a very painful conversation with RS. She wanted to know why he didn’t bother to talk to her the prior week he was otb.  He said he knew he didn’t have her vote against swaggy and she told him that’s not how BB works. She was trying to find out if he was in charge of things on his side and said something funny like ‘are you the wind beneath his wings?’
  • Kaits intuition told her she should talk to Brett. (Brett ignoring her and not giving a shit is what told her imo) She spoke with him and tried to get him to apologize. She asked him to tell her who was telling him that she was campaigning against him. She said if he’d tell her, he’d have his vote and let him know she was the deciding vote. (She isn’t) He didn’t want to throw anyone utb and didn’t, he apologized for hurting her feelings with his veto speech, lied and said it wasn’t directed at her and they kind of made up. (She says shes still voting him out later to foutte people but who knows) During this talk, she started asking him to feel her because she was getting hot and shaking all over. She kept being dramatic and saying she didn’t know what was happening to her. This went on for a while and she ended up saying maybe some ice cream would help. (She really is batshit crazy)
  • Brett and Winston hung out a lot. I think they are relaxed because they both think the other is leaving. Brett said the only reason he was otb was because he’s the man. Winston said he was more of a man because he was otb twice. (They really are  idiots)
  • Bay and JC talked and she asked him what determines if a person is a dwarf or a midget. He told her “midget” was offensive and said it was like calling someone gay a f***** or someone who is black a n*****. The Internet is blowing up again and I see another TMZ story. (She asked a legit question while using incorrect terminology)  He corrected her by using an example. She was bothered by it and told him not to say it again.

I had some funny quotes from people but I’ll have to do it later as I’m out of time this morning.  I want to bring up one thing Sam talked about last night because it relates to something I just mentioned yesterday  She said she was unhappy with her intro package and hoped people wouldn’t view her as a fake person. She said what they had her doing for the pkg isn’t even her job and the “welders” filmed with her were just some of the crew members, not welders.

I have an opinion regarding the Bayleigh/JC convo and it may not be popular. People get very upset every time anyone says anything offensive and I get offended too. However, BB isn’t exactly a documentary or a serious show but we do have some serious moments. During those times, I don’t focus on the bad thing someone said. I focus on the fact that we get to see a person become more educated or enlightened as it’s happening and that’s a rare thing. I’m not talking about the assholes who don’t care but the people who simply didn’t know. JC is bossy and a know it all but English isn’t his first language and sometimes he sounds harsher than he intends imo. In this situation, I think he was truly trying to give an example so she’d know how offensive the word was to people. As usual, it will get blown out of proportion and people will miss the fact that Bayleigh and JC both learned something last night.

Have a great Wednesday!


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