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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Why do these past two weeks feel like we’ve been in a perpetual state of final 4? Fessy is done with this week and we may see a repeat next week unless he or Haleigh win the HoH this Thursday night which at this point I may be rooting for just for #teamfunfeeds.

I really like being right when I make predictions and either of them winning will completely throw off my final 8 order but I’d rather be wrong than have another week of .. this.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not entirely boring. Seeing Tyler get his new hairstyle was fun and there was a little drama with the broken intercom, but the most game talk this week consisted of JC’s increasing paranoia about the future of the house. He told Tyler that Angela probably has to go soon which is a bad idea, but he doesn’t realize how close the two of them actually are. He also feels Brett can’t make the final 4, and to his credit, he’s right. Brett is quite possibly the favorite to beat anyone in the final 2 once Haleigh and Fessy are gone (while Brett has had a better game than either, there is a bitter jury).

Tyler can talk about how he was the mastermind, but the only thing the jury will think of are the broken promises he has made (similar to what Paul went through). Meanwhile, Brett has his incredible eviction night speeches and probably won’t continue to shit on players with his GBMs as they leave the house.

Let’s get to some updates…

  • 12:45 pm – Haleigh is up Brett’s butt (almost literally) working her future in the game
    • I really appreciate that she hasn’t just spent the week in bed with Fessy like he has wanted her to do. Using the Swaggy/Baleigh strategy will result in her ending up in the same place as them (out the door)
  • 3:00 pm – Haleigh is making rounds. Leaving no stone unturned
    • \
  • 3:30 pm – Haleigh still laying there with KC
    • Everyone else in the kitchen eating
  • 4:00 pm – Angela’s turn
    • Angela is upset. I guess the HoH pried her for some info on her childhood (gymnastics). How she didn’t really have a childhood because of it
    • Anglea says “zingbot says I’m cold-hearted, you can wonder why”. She was yelled at for years being told she isn’t good enough
  • 6:30 pm – Angela and Tyler are cuddling in bed. Haleigh and Fessy are in the Jenga room doing nothing
  • 6:45 pm – JC is talking to Fessy/Haleigh
    • He is worried that the jury house is going to start talking shit
  • 7:30 pm – Brett is up in the HoH room talking to Tyler and Angela
    • They are trying to figure out the order. They want to take JC to top 5 so their ideal order is Hal, Sam, then JC (after Fess)
    • Brett says “I don’t know why JC wants to force feed me things” then Angela says JC wants to force feed everyone. Sounds like they’re getting on to his fattening up strat
    • Tyler leaves and Brett gives Angela a massage
  • 9:30 pm – Angela is in bed crying
    • She has been really emotional today and is now sad because JC made a comment about the Brett massage
    • It was more of a JC type of joke but she’s very emotional today so she took it bad
    • Tyler heads upstairs and they snuggle in bed. He’s trying to calm her down a bit
    • She actually tells him the truth about JC which is surprising. I thought she wouldn’t want to share that
  • 10:10 pm – Angela leaves to do her goodbye messages
    • Haleigh is in the room and her and Tyler go over the game and how it’s really been them two against each other and the others have been basically collateral damage (like Fessy)

Site Update – I added messaging back for now. If you receive any spam messages talking about weird stuff, please contact me and I will look into it. I am looking to see if I can set it so only friends can send messages to each other


Check back for updates


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