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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


Why do these past two weeks feel like we’ve been in a perpetual state of final 4? Fessy is done with this week and we may see a repeat next week unless he or Haleigh win the HoH this Thursday night which at this point I may be rooting for just for #teamfunfeeds.

I really like being right when I make predictions and either of them winning will completely throw off my final 8 order but I’d rather be wrong than have another week of .. this.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not entirely boring. Seeing Tyler get his new hairstyle was fun and there was a little drama with the broken intercom, but the most game talk this week consisted of JC’s increasing paranoia about the future of the house. He told Tyler that Angela probably has to go soon which is a bad idea, but he doesn’t realize how close the two of them actually are. He also feels Brett can’t make the final 4, and to his credit, he’s right. Brett is quite possibly the favorite to beat anyone in the final 2 once Haleigh and Fessy are gone (while Brett has had a better game than either, there is a bitter jury).


Tyler can talk about how he was the mastermind, but the only thing the jury will think of are the broken promises he has made (similar to what Paul went through). Meanwhile, Brett has his incredible eviction night speeches and probably won’t continue to shit on players with his GBMs as they leave the house.

Let’s get to some updates…

  • 12:45 pm – Haleigh is up Brett’s butt (almost literally) working her future in the game
    • I really appreciate that she hasn’t just spent the week in bed with Fessy like he has wanted her to do. Using the Swaggy/Baleigh strategy will result in her ending up in the same place as them (out the door)
  • 3:00 pm – Haleigh is making rounds. Leaving no stone unturned
    • \
  • 3:30 pm – Haleigh still laying there with KC
    • Everyone else in the kitchen eating
  • 4:00 pm – Angela’s turn
    • Angela is upset. I guess the HoH pried her for some info on her childhood (gymnastics). How she didn’t really have a childhood because of it
    • Anglea says “zingbot says I’m cold-hearted, you can wonder why”. She was yelled at for years being told she isn’t good enough
  • 6:30 pm – Angela and Tyler are cuddling in bed. Haleigh and Fessy are in the Jenga room doing nothing
  • 6:45 pm – JC is talking to Fessy/Haleigh
    • He is worried that the jury house is going to start talking shit
  • 7:30 pm – Brett is up in the HoH room talking to Tyler and Angela
    • They are trying to figure out the order. They want to take JC to top 5 so their ideal order is Hal, Sam, then JC (after Fess)
    • Brett says “I don’t know why JC wants to force feed me things” then Angela says JC wants to force feed everyone. Sounds like they’re getting on to his fattening up strat
    • Tyler leaves and Brett gives Angela a massage
  • 9:30 pm – Angela is in bed crying
    • She has been really emotional today and is now sad because JC made a comment about the Brett massage
    • It was more of a JC type of joke but she’s very emotional today so she took it bad
    • Tyler heads upstairs and they snuggle in bed. He’s trying to calm her down a bit
    • She actually tells him the truth about JC which is surprising. I thought she wouldn’t want to share that
  • 10:10 pm – Angela leaves to do her goodbye messages
    • Haleigh is in the room and her and Tyler go over the game and how it’s really been them two against each other and the others have been basically collateral damage (like Fessy)

Site Update – I added messaging back for now. If you receive any spam messages talking about weird stuff, please contact me and I will look into it. I am looking to see if I can set it so only friends can send messages to each other

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  1. Avatar

    While I’m sure two L4 members will make the final two, I have no idea which two it may be, and who may win. Tyler has been my week 1 favorite, but he is such a huge target right now to be evicted, plus he’s going to be breaking a lot of promises in the next month if he stays in. Angela and KC still have the “furniture” reputation, but that is starting to disappear as they win comps. KC would have the advantage over Angela but not over Tyler in a head to head final 2. Brett would easily be a favorite to win if he would be just as civil in his goodbye messages as he is in the other 167 hours and 59 minutes of the week. Plus, he really is the fourth man in the current L4 alliance.

  2. dfdsgs

    Posed this on the last thread but based on your comments Steve it bares repeating.

    Haleigh seems to be getting really close to Brett the last couple days. Is it possible that she could have two shomances in a single season? Also based on her flirt to the end strategy her best case has to be Scottie coming back that way she can continue to try and entice Brett while having him wrapped around her finger. With Fessy in the house she can’t do that since he actually views Brett as a threat over Scottie.

    It will be interesting to see if her Polidicking strategy will continue to work.

    • HappyHippo

      Of course hay Ho can have 2 showmances! Hell she could have 20….can’t turn a ho into a housewife! Lol
      Sorry the feeds are just really really boring lately and I’m tired of hay ho

    • danmtruth

      had to look it up
      The act of a politician sending out naked pictures of themselves and getting caught doing so
      Looks like the senator was polidicking with his secretary again
      Is this what you were going for ?

      • dfdsgs

        I think you are trying to get too specific if you watch The Challenge it is defined as the act of using sex and flirting to get further in the game.

      • danmtruth

        sorry just went with the urban dictionary Guess just not young enough to know No problem just looking for clarification Cant learn if you don’t ask questions Thanks

      • dfdsgs

        Not a problem never really thought it would have an official definition since I would hear it in context of it used on other shows.

    • Sassy

      Nope! He’s talking to Ang and Ty now. Their order of people to go next are Hay, Sam, JC. I feel better now that they are making plans. I always have to wonder when they go so long without talking. Brett and Ty said they have to keep JC to top 5 because they love the lil shit. Angela said she agrees because of all the work he has done for them. I love that they recognize his efforts and want to make sure he’s included and rewarded for it.

  3. Avatar

    The absolute worst thing for the show would be for Fess to win the battle back. He offers the least to the house. Anyone of the other 3 would be coming back to actually try to win the game. I do not want to see another week of Fess and Hay just cuddling and whining to one another.

    Now I do understand, it would be boring as fuck in that house. That’s production’s fault. They need to give contestants 3 hours of collective “me time a day”. Cut all the feeds and just show the fish. Allow them to let off some steam.

    Do away with the absolutely useless “have not” and hold food competitions. Give them a reason to compete every single day. You could also better punish players for singing, etc.

    They would have more energy. We would have better tv.

    • HappyHippo

      They really should be punished especially ones that take it way too far like fessy and jc

    • Colby

      Oh, hell no. Production doesn’t need any more excuses to cut the feeds than they already have.
      They get plenty of footage for the show that they never even use.
      It would be better if they would just enforce the no sleeping rule, or just make a rule of no laying in bed at all during 10 to 10 window (except maybe for the HOH).

      • Avatar

        Are you happy watching them lay about like house cats now? It’s not cutting a feed. From what I am reading, they are going to fish on an hourly basis. Which is better, you knowing a time when it will be fish, or it simply just happening all the time.

      • Jenny

        I’d rather watch videos of house cats. Because cats.

      • Jenny

        OOOH! Now I want BB to bring in shelter cats for them to cuddle and play with. Because people will want to adopt the BB cats!!! And dogs!!! You KNOW any animals featured on BB will be adopted immediately!!!

      • Sassy

        Jenny, I love that idea!! Tuesday could be pet day! Put them in the backyard. It would be a stress relief for the house and I’m sure they would probably get adopted.

      • CY aka FW

        Cats? Seriously? Why not a maggot-riddled Ebola victim corpse they can be forced to wallow with until truly disease-and-parasite infested? That’d be equally spiffy. And probablyless smelly in the long run.

  4. danmtruth

    Jc has been getting away with it ALL season

  5. mm22

    Sad some follow the rules n others break them with no consequences
    surprised the other hg’s don’t get on them-guess it doesn’t bother
    them as much as us !

  6. HappyHippo

    Tyler telling kc right now that Brett is saying Angela and kc are the tightest and have a final 2 together…planting those seeds!!

  7. delabear

    I mentioned in an earlier feed that they should use jury as a punishment for those who consistently break the rules they all agreed to follow. If you do not get up when you are supposed to, sleep when you are not supposed to, break copyright laws when singing, etc, you will be eligible for jury when you are evicted – you go home!

  8. Alda

    i don’t know why they feel exempt from following the rules of the house.So disrespectful.

  9. mm22

    Or sit out the next comp

    • Colby

      That might work. After a set amount (10 or something) of violations, and have it be ones they are actually supposed to participate in. For example if they aren’t picked to play veto, it applies to the next one (HOH).

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  11. Avatar

    Or have the entire house be penalized in some way. I bet the rule following HGs would be all over the couple people breaking them. Then keep adding to it. Cant compete, too many violation equals fines, and then if needed it’s an automatic OTB for that HG. Etc.

    • ElaineB

      Have a third ‘punishment’ nom. JC would be a constant block sitter, if that had been the case this season. No matter what the suggestions, Production has to start giving a sh** about it!

  12. Helen

    I can’t stand to watch Hai Ho and Kaycee together anymore….after close to 70 days of Kaycee calling Hai Ho fake it just is making me sick watching Hai Ho lay all over Kaycee….I understand Angela and Kaycee disliking Fessy but strictly game wise Hai Ho is the one that screwed them over..not Fessy…..
    Oh well..guess they have to learn the hard way …although it’s a damn shame ….

  13. Shivani33

    WTH happened during the night? Did JC touch Tyler while Tyler was asleep? Did he really kiss his armpit? Was JC stroking Tyler’s chest, too? There was an uproar about it on social media this a.m., and apparently lots of feedsters are still upset, mad, etc., now. Some are commenting that JC has gone too far, needs to be ejected from the game or at least to be scolded by production and warned again or penalized. Pictures and video snippets of “the incident” have been posted, too. Ugh.

    Though there haven’t been any comments about this here at Junkies, does anyone have any idea what happened? Hopefully it isn’t true, but if it is true, it’s profoundly creepy. (What I have READ about it was lots of disgust and dramatics over at Jokers, but for once I wasn’t watching the houseguests at 3 in the morning when it allegedly occurred.) At any rate, it’s still being discussed 14 hours later.

    • Helen

      @ 5:02 (2) Tyler moves his arm & it looks like JC gives two quick kisses to his armpit. Then rolls over.

      • Shivani33

        Thanks, Helen. To me this sounds both inappropriate and, at the same time, kind of an innocent gesture of affection. But since Tyler wasn’t awake and they’re not lovers, maybe it’d be more respctful to keep away from this sh*t. I’ve read about 2 moments like this, both between 3 and 4am, both while Tyler slept. So the little guy has an obvious crush, or a fixation, on Tyler. And that is nothing new.

      • Jenny

        who wants to kiss someone’s armpit? ew!
        and frankly although it’s weird, not sure if it’s a violation. Touching someone in the “bathing suit” area is absolutely NOT okay without consent. Armpit? That’s just weird. and icky. Either way, wtf, JC? don’t be creepy!

    • LynnD

      Shiv I posted my comment below b4 I saw your comment. I did not hear that. I just now heard Bretts comments which was based about their outfits.

    • Mel

      It’s been blown out of perportion. The only disgusting part was that it was his armpit. It was the way you’d kiss your dog or your grandma would kiss you. It was talked about this morning by JC and with Tyler. None of them thought anything about it. The only reason Tyler has a problem sleeping with JC is he hot natured and wants to sleep close to people. He’s also a bed hog. They were both half asleep and when he was touching his head, he was and tally fixing Tyler’s eye shades. He did rub his arm but the way they all do with each other. It isn’t remotely what people are trying to make it. People are wanting production to step in and they should. They should step in and make the have nots give back the other blankets and comforters they took this week. Half of them were already swiped by have nots long ago. They took most of the rest of them this week. It’s why JC and Brett slept together the other night. Most of the beds have been stripped and the house is very cold most of the time. That’s not why JC kissed Tyler’s armpit tho.

      • HappyHippo

        That sounds about right. Social media blowing stuff way out of proportion. I hadn’t heard anything about it. Not to mention they all rub and pet each other so why is it any different what hay ho is doing than jc.

      • Helen

        Everything seems to always be blown out of proportion on social media…
        What production needs to stop is allowing these people to consistently break rules without any consequences….Fessy eating..taking hot shower when a have not..
        The constant singing …..
        Just my opinion as always. Lol

  14. LynnD

    Brett teasing Ty & JC bc they are wearing similar outfits (Identical colors pink shirts black bottoms) Brett: “Now you gotta dress like your side piece? You spend 1 night together, I watched you guys get up and get deessed together and now you gotta dress alike” LOL

  15. danmtruth

    You would think after Hay watch how they did the same thing to Bay before getting her out Why would she think this new love is any different

    • Colby

      She is probably just hoping it might help. She knows she is alone when MF leaves and that she is probably next.
      They don’t know for sure that there is a battle back.
      They are just humoring her in hopes she won’t target them if she wins HOH and that they can somewhat control her if that does happen.
      Plus, I think they don’t want to mean to her. They are nice to everyone.

  16. ElaineB

    Hay’s in bed stroking Angela’s arm….

  17. ElaineB

    I want both Hay and Fessy to go. I dislike each of them, but for different reasons.

  18. Malia

    Hay: “We are the worst BB players ever” LoL

  19. HappyHippo

    They haven’t showed anybody arriving at the jury house…are they being kept separate before battle back?

  20. Malia

    Tailor made veto for KayCee!

  21. Malia

    Awesome videography!

  22. Helen

    While I understand these housepets are bored ,I don’t understand how they can lie in bed all day long! Angela has been in bed for 2 days,getting up to pee and eat…even when I’m sick I can’t stand lying in bed all day!!

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  24. HappyHippo

    Dang kc won by 1 point!

  25. danmtruth

    Glad I knew the outcome before I saw the comp It was a good edit for Fess Now they are going to show the brooding sad Fess How many times will production pull this old story line out Bret moves in for sloppy seconds

  26. Jay H

    I’m always a litttle surprised when I hear Angela say “me and Tyler” and “fustrating”.

    • Mr. Beardo

      That’s a whole bag of nopes. JC saying “lillerly” drives me bananas. His accent doesn’t bother me I can understand him 99% of the time. Just give me a damn T if you’re going to use that word in every sentence..

      • Jay H

        I hear you, but JC has the excuse of English not being his primary language.

        I work with numerous Latinos and some English words are very hard for them to pronounce. Mainly Y’s and J’s. I love when they talk about the New Jork Jankees, and they always call me Yay.

  27. Avatar

    Mel, have watched show for years, but just recently got CBS app/subscription as I cancelled cable finally. Never watched the feeds b4 or participated in comments and an realizing how much I didn’t know.. Like all the rules; singing, talking about prod., Sleeping, ect as well didn’t know they got paid at all unless won/run up. My email is [email protected]. I know u r busy and SO appreciate what u do, but if u could email me more info on that or direct me to a web page I could get it at I would b grateful

  28. delabear

    It really strikes me how little the vast majority of viewers (who do not follow sites like this online) realize the impact production has on the game. In all honesty, until I started following bb junkies, I never thought about them interacting in the DR, making announcements to enforce rules, etc.
    Another thought is that they need to stop saying “All Access 24/7”, because from what you all day, this is a lie.

  29. danmtruth

    Just the calm before the storm of what will happen after the eviction and battle back People will need to regroup there strategies

  30. Sassy

    I’m annoyed by Ty and Angela! Get the F out of bed and STOP canoodling!!!! It’s not cute anymore!! Just stop already, your killing your games and turning off the fans. I almost hope Angela leaves after the battle back person leaves!!

    • Helen

      Wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see Angela and Hai Ho OTB together…need a sam win for that though

    • Jenny

      I am SO disappointed w/Tyler right now. He was my favorite from the beginning, but he’s just being STUPID over Angela. I’m rooting for Brett now because HE seems smart enough to “keep it in his pants” in order to focus on the game. Brett, then Kaycee…. followed by Tyler, then Angela or JC, then Sam. That’s my current ranking of who I want to see win.

      • Malia

        Are they still just at the cuddling stage or have they started kissing too? Haven’t been on feeds for a couple of days.

    • danmtruth

      Without the yard there is no where to go I know they have spent A LOT of time in the HOH room so has KC Just nothing to do

  31. Jay H

    The good thing about Haleigh staying is we can at least prolong the asskissing to Julie Chen in her exit interview for at least a week.
    Hopefully she’ll go in a DE so her interview gets cut short.

  32. Sassy

    A few comments about the episode:

    MF bullying Haha over picking Sam wasWAY overblown, he just told her to pick Sam. It wasn’t forceful or anything.

    Although MFs edit was accurate, Haha’s was NOT! They try to make her sound like she stands up for herself and holds her ground with him and she doesn’t. She is just as whiny and controlling as he is! They are making plans right now on what their doing after the show and meeting each other’s families, etc… Barf!

    I liked that they showed so much of the Veto comp. I liked the comp, wish they would show it on live feeds, but that’s just because I have no life and would watch the whole 6 hours…

  33. mm22

    Fessy’s comment to KC
    after veto-him saying her win was a long time
    coming was really mean-what a jerk he is!!!

  34. dfdsgs

    If Angela is faking it she is doing a really good job and would truly be what zigbot called her.

  35. mm22

    REALvegas4sure #bb20
    Throw up buckets on standby just in case for tomorrow’s comp! Rotating/spinning while standing on a disc.


  36. mm22

    Don’t think this will be a good comp for Fessy-hahaha

  37. mm22

    I don’t think it’s the battle back comp but the HOH
    right because the spinning discs take awhile to play out?

  38. JD

    JC reminds me of Gollum. He whispers into peoples ears gets them paranoid and start listening and doing things JC wants. All the while JC looks small and harmless and never a target. He’s good at getting loyal people to turn on each other. I can see JC sneaking to the end. Gollum almost got the ring in the end so maybe JC will end up 3rd on the mountain before he perishes in the fire of the jury house. Haha yeah I’ve seen Lord of the Rings a few times. Question who will be Frodo and who will be Samwise F2?

    • Sassy

      He’s only conned the Hive. L6/5/4 knows what he’s doing and discuss it with each other. He may “think” he’s getting to L6/5/4, but he’s not.

      • JD

        You’re right Sassy. Thank you. By the time I finished writing I read that the four are on to him. Day late dollar short hee hee

  39. LynnD

    I was just now able to get back on the feeds Did Ty and Brett compare notes about JC?

  40. Mr. Beardo

    Will we see Scottie put back all the stuff he took if he comes back tomorrow?! That’d be hilarious.

  41. Helen

    Johnny Mac won this to come back from jury in season 17……he didn’t win HOH though Vanessa did..
    It was a short endurance comp cause a lot of players got disqualified for sitting on the disc…they could sit as long as feet were on disc but a lot of them didn’t have their feet on the disc…

  42. Seattle Kari

    watching tonight’s episode I can see why it took so damn long. How absolutely disgusting especially part 3!

  43. LO1004

    Sounds like the battle back will be same rules as BB18 just a different comp. Scottie and Fess are gonna seriously fight this one out. RS will be down in less than 5 min and Bay who knows since there’s serious rumors coming from jury house that she is knocked up.

    • Sassy

      There really are rumors? I haven’t seen that… she may chose/be directed not to compete if she is pregnant.

      They will not only fight to get back in but also to get the HOH… Again I wish it was live on the feeds, but I understand why they don’t. I guess they want to have something new to show us on the episodes.

  44. danmtruth

    Can Sam pull out another endurance compThere are a lot of things go into it how small the disc is How thick the rope is how fast it spins Lets hope they let the feeds watch

  45. mona77450

    Why has Angela been crying in the HOH bed all evening?

    • Malia

      Not sure. She said something about someone or something getting to her. And she just now said something about not letting KayCee knowing she was upset. Wondering if KC is tue one who upset her? Something about making great TV. They just called her into the diary room but she is not showing many signs of moving. And someone won’t shut their mouths donstairs and stop singing.

      • Helen

        She said earlier that they were bringing up a lot of childhood memories for her in DR…how hard it was for her growing up ….

      • ladycobra

        It was JC she was talking about not KC. JC said something to her and that just added fuel to the fire of the emotion that DR caused wanting her to talk about her childhood.

  46. danmtruth

    “According to the last interview with Grodner, currently all of the jurors are together in the Jury House. Segment will air tomorrow.”
    Just saw this tweet Can anyone confirm this If its true then the Hive members can finally understand what was happening around them But knowing this group they STILL WONT BELIEVE each other and fall back to Scottie flipped the votes

  47. Helen

    Angela is going to have to pry Hayleigh off that HOH bed and out of the room if she ever wants to have a L6/5/4 meeting! Hayleigh isn’t going to budge….

  48. Helen

    I wish they would at least run the possibility of battle back through their minds collectively…Brett,Angela,Tyler and Kaycee….would it change the vote tomorrow? They are usually quite good at running all the “what if’s” and having some sort of plan but they just keep dismissing the possibility and it drives me crazy!!

  49. Seattle Kari

    bbad just started here watching Kaycee and Angela. They both look like they’re in tears emotionally and physically exhausted..

    Did something happen today that I missed, or just general life in the house burnout.

    • mm22

      I read on jokers that Brett was giving Angela a massage in hoh room n JC
      walked in n saw her bra was unsnapped. I guess Angela got upset
      with something JC said

      • mm22

        Kaycee to Angela in HOH says JC is just jealous that Brett was giving Angela a message because JC likes Brett NT – LiZinTeXaS
        Wed 9:05 PM PT Angela is in the HOH bed, under the covers, crying over JC saying “That’s gonna make great TV!” in response to seeing Brett and Angela’s massage session earlier. Kaycee’s rubbing Angela and consoling her. Angela says she’s in a fragile state right now. NT – sockruhtese
        Wed 8:42 PM PT 7:58PM – Brett’s giving Angela a back massage on the HOH bed. Her bra is unsnapped. JC walks in screams “WTF”. Brett jokes “It’s exactly what it looks like!” JC goes back downstairs. – sockruhtese

      • mm22

        Here it is from jokers-maybe part of the reason Angela was upset idk

  50. Jay H

    11:50 PM BBT – Haleigh worries to Faysal that she’ll have to be evicted wearing athletic gear. She plans to apologize to Julie Chen and promise she has better fashion than what she’s wearing at the time.

    What a douche.

  51. delabear

    Finally found my helmet!!

  52. Avatar

    I think JC is just pissing everyone off. He better watch out or his little ass will be out the door next!

  53. Avatar

    I feel bad for Angela. I think there’s a lot going on under the surface that she keeps hidden. She did mention that she keeps walls up and I had no idea she had a hard childhood. Being an athlete at a young age, at any age really, with so much pressure is really hard and it seems like she still has issues from it.

  54. Avatar

    Did I miss something?!?!???

    What does this mean??

    “She actually tells him the truth about JC which is surprising. I thought she wouldn’t want to share that”

  55. danmtruth

    maybe Angela told Fess how JC was using him all this time

    • FW aka CY

      I’ve been speculating for days about how Fessy is going to react once he sees the season on TV and how brutally JC mocks him. Will he laugh it off, or have chunks of midget in his morning stool… I’m not sure.

  56. RAY SAY

    Call it schmoozing, butt-kissing, or campaigning, what Hay is doing might work, she is a smart sly cookie

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