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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Night Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Before I begin my post tonight, I want to say BOOOOO to CBS for not showing granny tonight. I’ve been counting down the days until I can see granny give Brett a bath and it’s been stripped away from me for at least 24 hours. My night is ruined. My week is ruined. My year is ruined!

I kid, sort of. I am disappointed, but they’ll have time to fill tomorrow

Alright, let’s talk about the hacker and the house meeting. Holy. Shit. Around 12:20 pm, Haleigh told RS that she was the hacker and mentioned how she wanted. This gave RS an injection of something because she became super hyper and helped egg Haleigh on to do it.  During the meeting, Haleigh decided to mention the incorrect story how Tyler wanted Bayleigh to backdoor Angela which caused Tyler to laugh then deny it. Bayleigh heard him deny it and absolutely lost it on him. She started screaming at him louder than I’ve heard anyone scream in that house and really in general in a long, long time. She freaked out so much that she literally bit her tongue or her lip which caused her mouth to begin bleeding mid-scream (see image above).


For those wondering, here is how the real story went. Tyler went up to the HoH room after he won veto to get a feeling of what Bayleigh would do if he used it. He didn’t get the chance because she immediately told him that she didn’t want him using it so he had to switch it up to plan b. Tyler mentioned the powers and asked what Bayleigh would do if someone actually had a power to pull someone down, who would she put up. And after saying that, Tyler asked ‘Angela?’ as a way to dig for info and not a suggestion. Bayleigh nodded and said yes because in her mind she thought Tyler was actually suggesting she do that and she didn’t want to.  Tyler didn’t clear that up today because he’s still working on another part of that strategy which is to pretend to be best friends with Scottie.

There you have it. Today’s bite your lip argument was a result of miscommunication and a touch of Haleigh’s secret that made Tyler think Bayleigh betrayed him. Awesome, right?


  • 7:00 pm – The feeds are currently down for the half-way party
  • 8:00 pm – Feeds back. Nothing going on. Bayleigh just talking to Scottie in the HN room
    • Bayleigh is acting like her side has treated Scottie so much better than the other side. hah
    • Scottie is re-telling the veto conversation with Tyler how he was denying a rule. Poor Scottie doesn’t know that Tyler knows the rules, he’s just not that into you
  • 8:20 pm – Conversation breaks up
    • Bayleigh goes into the bedroom and tells RS she is probably staying tomorrow (she = RS)
    • Bayleigh tells RS that she’s not a threat so they’re going to keep her, but not in an insulting way. LOL
  • 8:30 pm – Fessy is talking to Haleigh who is in the shower
    • Fessy says if there aren’t 4 votes tomorrow, JC is to blame.
    • Meanwhile, the HoH crew is still speculating that Haleigh was put up to admitting to be the hacker
    • Brett is downstairs giving Haleigh a half-massage (it’s now 10 minutes after shower)

Pretty slow night in the house so I’m going to wrap it up early and go to bed. Update in the morning!


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  1. Jay H

    Thanks for such a great site and to all the wonderful commentary. It’s a lot of fun. So many entertaining opinions.

  2. hogwild

    Doesn’t look like I have missed much since the last time I posted here one side of the house is still playing the game great and the other side is playing so bad it’s painful to watch.

    • HappyHippo

      But oh so entertaining! Enjoying a blind side every week… they’ve done well in recovering from last years complete shit season.

      • hogwild

        It wasnt going to take much to top last season it’s still pretty boring though when one side of the house couldn’t figure out the right way to go on a one way street. Lets just evict all of the so called hive tomorrow so level six or whatever number they are using now can end all this we are BFF garbage and start riping each other apart.

      • Sassy

        I think they are all competitors and any of them could win HOH, Sam proved that already. It’s not over for them yet. I suspect they will win at least 1 more HOH before they are taken out.

      • ElaineB

        I agree hog that there is a bit too much sugary sweetness in a lot of their interactions. Between Sam telling each of them that they are ‘special’ and ‘beautiful’ every ten minutes, and all the fake “I love you” by so many of them, it is putting me in the pre-diabetic range. Just do the deeds necessary to keep the game moving, save your ‘love pats’ for a select 1-2, and “rip each other apart” (courtesy of hog).

    • ElaineB

      Don’t give too much credit to L6 yet. This week, they only have Tyler to win HOH, unless Brett and Kaycee step up to the plate. I give them credit for rallying votes, but they have to also control noms, (especially when the power apps/hacker crap is over). Tyler is a good competitor, but geeez, give the man a break.

    • Sassy

      The Hive May be not be the brightest bunch and struggling but at least they are all playing! Sam is the only one in the house not strategizing. Unless Hay, Fuzzy, or RHS win HOH, some combination of them will be OTB next week.

  3. HappyHippo

    “Holy. Shit.” Sums it up Steve!

  4. Jay H

    Now get out Bay, RS, Fezzy and the den mother(Sam) and we have a bunch of gamers in there. I don’t love Haleigh, but I think she’s at least trying to play the game. Her move was stupid, but at least bold.

  5. Avatar

    Everyone in this season is playing the game and I love it!!! Yes some of them suck but they are trying to make moves and figure out how to come out on top. I’m still pulling for my beaten down hive members but the more screen time level 4 gets I am warming up to them. Excluding Angela lol still hope she is next weeks evictee.

  6. Helen

    I hope they (production) told the houseguests why they were not getting alcohol tonight….

  7. Jannie

    Does Scottie know that Bay gave Angela an idea up in the HOH room to pull RS off and put Scottie up as a replacement nom? I think she said ” Get rid of a strong player either way. ” (Ty or Scottie).

  8. Sassy

    They should have postponed this party til next week. Of ALL days, today I would like to watch the feeds…

    • Helen

      I agree…to withhold things from other housepet because one person can’t control their explosive temper is bs….get her out of there before she hurts someone for real….

      • Jenny

        someone please tell me what’s happening!!!

      • Sassy

        Jenny – they had their mid season party tonight. It doesn’t sound like anyone had a good time…

      • Ann

        That whacked out Bitch threw a big ass temper tantrum just like a 3yr old just because she couldn’t get her way. Ty should’ve told her to go take cry-baby ass to timeout until she can play nice. I’m so glad he didn’t apologize to her. I didn’t think I could hate her any more than I already did but this fool just took me to a whole new level of hating her ass.
        Swaggy had better be thinking about what he’s getting himself mixed up with.
        What a wonderful role model…..NOT

        #STFU Honey BayBitch

      • kneeless

        There’s our Ann! Been waiting for you to comment!

      • Ann

        Kneeless, I’ve been here reading but those idiot people especially Bay have got mynerves on end so I hhadn’t been commenting much. I just couldn’t hold it together when I saw that fool screaming at Ty & bleeding from her mouth. WTF…

      • Tinkerbell

        Wish that bit*ch a*s would have bitten her evil tongue in half.

      • Jay H

        I, literally:), signed up on this board a couple years ago because Ann’s comments made me laugh. She calls it like it is. I love everybody’s comments here, but Tink, you’re becoming a close second with the few posts I see.

  9. Painter1

    Hope Tyler can sleep behind a locked door somewhere lol

    • Helen

      Seriously..when I hear someone that has a temper like that say they don’t remember doing something because they “blacked out” …that’s some scary shit…

      • Jenny

        Gonna guess we’re talking about Bay? I NEED DETAILS, PLEASE!!!

      • Helen

        Halfway party tonight..alcohol was pulled because of Bayleighs outburst at house meeting…during it she bit her tongue and her mouth was bleeding. She said afterwards she didn’t even remember it because she “blacked out”.

      • goldie

        I’ve heard that before==in an abusive relationship.

      • Ann

        Jenny, Hay called a house meeting & told everyone she was the Hacker. She told everyone that a lot of people owed Bay an apology for how they treated her because they thought she (Bay) was the Hacker. Hay said Ty wanted Angela backdoored when Bay was HOH & he denied it. Bay said he did want her to put Angela up & they were arguing & of course Bay blew up screaming & was hysterical & telling Ty she wanted him to apologize to her & he said he wasn’t. She acted so stupid screaming that she was bleeding from her mouth. She’s now saying she blacked out. Ty didn’t apologize & so shouldn’t have.

        Anyway, the bitch is Nuts.

      • mm22

        I don’t have feeds did the ty/bay fight just
        happen today? Did Bayleigh ‘s head
        turn completely around before or after
        she bite her lip. It was her lip right?
        cause she never bites her tongue

  10. Avatar

    4 votes needed
    Scottie-I am 75% sure he will vote Bay
    Sam-85% sure she will vote Bay

  11. Sassy

    Bay is telling Scottie, people are showing their true colors and she believes this is how people really act outside the house. Hmmm. I hope she does not act like this out of the house.

    She is telling him how the Hive has been so good to him and the other side hasn’t. He says he’s felt left out. No one really talks game with him. I’m not sure where Scottie’s vote lies. She’s campaigning hard to him but some of it is condescending. She just can’t help it!

  12. GL

    Had to really enjoy the TV show tonight and the looks on all the hive faces. I have really enjoyed the actual play this year and the good blindsides that have happened

  13. hogwild

    With the crazy of Kaitlyn’and Bayleigh this season kind of makes me wonder if BB needs to check these people out a little closer before putting them in the house.

  14. Sassy

    Bay is still playing the victim. She is whining to RHS that people are going to vote her out just because they can. Yep! That’s why everyone gets voted out. She’s reasoning to RHS that they are going to keep RHS because she’s not a threat and she doesn’t mean that negatively (yeah right!). RHS said she won’t campaign against her and Bay said it’s to late they are already against me for no reason.

  15. Sassy

    Fuzzy is watching Hay shower. She must not mind because she’s not telling him to back up and she knows he can see ALL of her.

  16. Sassy

    Fuzzy and Hay strategizing. He tells her to blame everything she’s heard on Kaitlyn (not a good strategy). He retells his convo with Brett, where Brett asked him if he knew About Bay power and he said no, laughs because Brett believes him…

  17. Sassy

    Hay is trying to work Brett for info but she’s giving up more info then he is… She tells him Angela and Ty are her targets next week, she’ll put one on the block and backdoor other if necessary. KC comes in, game talk stops.

  18. LO1004

    I think it’s safe to say BB more than redeemed themselves for the atrocity that was BB19.

  19. Avatar

    I am relative newbie although I’ve reading/lurking this site for years. I have the live feeds, I’ve never tried the ‘flashback” option on CBS All Access. I’m dying to see the house meeting and Bay lose her sh*t but can’t figure out at what time to look for it. Is there anyone out there who can help this old, computer illiterate person out? Many thanks!! (PS Love reading all your comments and MEL & Steve – you guys are the BEST!) Thanks again!!

  20. Avatar

    Thank you sassy! I will try that!

  21. Seattle Kari

    My favorite quote from Bay in tonight’s episode? “I’m going to be the queen I am and hold my head up high.”

    Yeah, okay then…

  22. Sassy

    Ty, KC,JC and Angela in HOH. Ty says he’ll ask Hay to cancel Angela’s vote and JC said she needs to cancel RHS vote before she votes herself out. They laugh about why she would be campaigning to keep Bay. JC says she’s going on the block every week and she’s going to learn to like it.

  23. Tinkerbell

    My vote is in, Brett for the win. This guy has been working the house on the enemy side for days. Brilliant! Now he has Haleigh drooling all over his face as he lays in her lap. This is making my day. He’s a charmer. She’s spilling her guts to him. What a crack up!! I cannot stop laughing. Walk on in now Fess, the water is fine. Hahahahaha. Man, Bayleigh gets dumb and dumber by the day. Lol


  24. Ann

    Prettyyman Fessy is not going to take it too kindly if he walks in & sees HayHo playing with Brett’s hair with his head all laid up on her legs & they’re whispering all close together.

  25. Sassy

    Fuzzy and RHS look like they are in mourning. They are silently embracing each other on the bathroom couch. Sam breaks up the awkward event by telling them they can sleep with her in her sugar shack.

  26. kneeless

    RS & Fes cuddled up together in the bathroom had me lmao! They looked like someone had died.

  27. Sassy

    Sam and Fuzzy in the bathroom talking. She asks what they would do if she went to DR and volunteered to take someone’s place. Fuzzy is explaining to her this is just a game and people need to stop taking it personal (wonder who he is talking about). Sam wants to go to jury and wait for everyone to get there, she doesn’t want to see everyone tear each other apart.

  28. Avatar

    Even after watching the whole fight/argument go down, here my thoughts(from the peanut gallery lol). Tyler was very composed through that whole yelling hissy fit, if I was screamed at like that, I would have gone off right back, especially when she was in the wrong. Bayliegh went off and she went way overboard with it over a game. Like the hacker stuff she knew that she wasn’t and they just had technical speculation, until hay said something(of course they don’t believe), but bay has a power anyways, and of course when that is brought up she screams more. Like it’s no sercret that you do because you told Rachel aka half the house and the rest was spread at the last eviction. I don’t understand people on twitter going off on people about bayliegh snapping, like I feel bad that she was bleeding from biting something apparently, and that she is struggling in the game, but she has dealt with nothing compared to last season or season 15. She still has her alliance and people in her corner talking to her, ready to fall on a sword for her(RS which is just plain stupid), but Tyler wearing sunglasses and saying good morning even if he’s gonna vote you out is over the line? Like ok bay, I’d also vote her out in spite of her taking everyone’s booze away for the party. Lmao, thanks for coming to my ted talk

    • Sassy

      I’ve always liked Ty, but now I respect him for how composed he was while still holding his ground.

    • kneeless

      Tyler handled the situation better than most. I think Bay really hurt Ty.

      • mm22

        I don’t know who all was there but would have been funny
        if they all walked out one at a time n left screaming
        Mimi in the room alone

    • Jay H

      He really did do a great job keeping his composure. No matter what you say or how you say it, someone that explosive will refuse to hear what you say. It’s almost as if their ears don’t work. They have their mind made up and only want to “discuss” what they want to say. They say foolish things like “if you would have just apologized, this wouldn’t have blown up”. Bullshit. They project their behaviors on others. I’ve know people like this. You can’t win. It’s narcissistic/gas lighting type of behavior.
      She sealed her fate yesterday. Nobody wants to live in a situation where there is a possibility where that type of rage could be pointed in their direction for doing the smallest perceived wrong thing. That’s probably part of the reason why Angela said she wasn’t talking to her privately.
      Hopefully Bay can watch this season and see some of her behaviors are in need of some adjustment.

      • Ann

        You’re right Jay, Ty did stay calm & composed while the witch spewed her poison. I’m just not like that myself because the Bitch had me pissed all the way off from the time she opened her mouth & said “shut up”. I would have laughed in her face & talked much shit to her. I may not have yelled as loud but I would’ve went round after round with her ass. I surely would’ve said something about her lying so much she was bleeding & foaming at the mouth.
        She’s lying, she knew she bit her tongue, she may not have known she was bleeding but she knew when she bit down in that tongue, thats why she got up & walked away. I’ll bet that hurt like hell.

      • Jay H

        Ann, she wouldn’t have spoken to you like that. You, obviously, speak your mind and call it like it is. People who act like that don’t confront people they know who will fight back. She knew Tyler wouldn’t fly off the handle, which is probably why she reacted the way she did. Same with RS, Hay, Fez, and Brett. She has analyzed that they are not comfortable with an argument with her.
        She won’t talk that way to Angela. Angela presents herself as a strong, intelligent woman who stands her ground. Bullies don’t like people who stand up to them.
        For the sake of entertainment, I sure as hell would have loved to have seen you in there with her though, but production probably would have yanked you out of the game a long time ago;)

      • Ann

        RS looks really uncomfortable around BayBitch & it’s obvious she’s scared of her. I don’t like that. RS needs to grow a pair & get up off of that privileged rich people bull-shit. If she wants it so bad then she needs to get up off of that feeling sorry for herself crap, be herself & go after it instead of talking about leaving so Bay can stay. Does she think Bay is going to be her friend after the game is over? Bay wouldn’t give her the time of day because she thinks RS is beneath her. That’s the type of hateful, mean,, evil, black hearted person she is. She acted like a rabid dog when she had here tantrum. Remember when she was bullying RS after Rachel was evicted & she said something about how she was going to go off? Obviously she throws tantrums all the time when things don’t go her way.

        Angela has moved waaaay up on my like list, she’s really proving to be a player.

        #STFU BayBitch…….

      • caRyn

        Jay H, I don’t think it has anything to do with if the hg are comfortable with Bayleugh wanting to argue. I just do not think they will argue in the BB house with all of the cameras. Outside of the house I think they would argue back. It is the same with people at work. They bite their tongue and don’t say anything for fear of losing their job but outside of work they are totally different people.

  29. kneeless

    There have been very few sesons that I have cheered for the side in power. But this yr I am all about L6/5/4. They have been playing a smart game without being too cocky or overly mean.

  30. ElaineB

    Hay is on her date with Scottie. Lol.

  31. Helen

    If Hai Ho can sway anyone it will be Scottie…he’s smitten with her….
    Scottie and Sam….very questionable for tomorrow vote…

  32. Helen

    Bayleigh working Sam now…..

  33. Sassy

    Bay talking to KC, she’s still waiting for an apology. She proved them all wrong, yet they still hate her and are treating her differently.

  34. Sassy

    Bay and Angela – Bay was upset because she’s been great to Angela and has never said anything bad about her (other than calling her a whore and trashy to name a few things) and doesn’t understand why Angela didn’t trust her to have a conversation before putting her up. Angela told her she doesn’t know if she believes Hay was the hacker. Bay started to raise her voice to show her disbelief and Angela remained calmed. Bay mentions several times that she’s still waiting for an apology from Angela. Angela explained how she his is a game and bay said Angela made it personal and their friendship is over forever. Blah blah blah.

  35. Tinkerbell

    After weeks in the house, I officially like Angela. Please don’t judge me. Haha. My justification is because she is the only person to not back down from that toxic bitch, Bay Boo Boo. I seriously think she might be the most entitled, spoiled, obnoxious, blockhead on BB, for me. This pic was a few minutes ago in the kitchen. Angela did not back down.


    • Sassy

      Angela was not buying her BS, nor was she going to allow her to blame her for everything.

    • Sassy

      I think Angela has moved up to my #2.

    • Jay H

      That has to be somewhat blamed on editing/production. The shows and even live feeds only focus on where the drama is. You can’t tell me she wasn’t strategizing earlier, but it was more important to show Caitlyn’s medium skills, or the bromance. I don’t even remember seeing her do a talking head until a month into the show.
      I know there’s a lot of people and only 3 hours a week to make an entertaining tv show, but I wish they tried to divvy up the airtime just a pinch more fairly in the beginning of the game to get a better idea of where everyone is, otherwise you just think they’re useless or floaters.

  36. Sassy

    Having the free feeds this week is ruining my life!! This is SOOO addictive, I need a B.B. anonymous group ASAP!

  37. Helen

    I think Hai Ho has drawn Scottie back in…….

  38. Sassy

    Brett is still on in for Level 6/5/4. He really misses them, but he’s enjoying being a part of the Hive conversation.

  39. Sassy

    Hay is realizing she made a mistake. She tells Scottie they are 100% coming after her. Scottie said if she would have told him, he would have told her it was a bad idea. She is trying to convince Scottie that keeping Bay is like having a shield. She also still thinks Brett is a free agent and they can pull him in (not a chance, he thinks they are idiots). He is drooling over her. He tells her about a conversation he had with Angela where she said, Hay told her she was going to be legendary with her noms and a Hay says she would never say anything Angela did was legendary!

    • Sassy

      Scottie is building mistrust between Haho and Fuzzy. He told her about a final 3 Fuzzy has that didn’t include Haho. I couldn’t hear with who. Hay says that’s a big problem, but she promises not to tell Fuzzy. She accuses Scottie of playing her because he thinks she’s playing him… convo gets confusing. Maybe because it’s almost 2am and I’m STILL watching feeds.

      • Helen

        Scotty is spilling everything to her. What an idiot….

      • Sassy

        They will know it’s him if there are 3 votes to evict RHS.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Scottie just got caught on the fly strip and doesn’t even know it. All that he is spilling to her has been pre-planned. Not by him but by L6/5/4. I think it was in the wee hours of the morning the other day, Angela, KC and Tyler were in the HOH speculating about Scottie. They weren’t sure they could trust him and decided to put him to the test. They decided to play the game of telephone with him. They decided that whenever he’s around, to talk game but leave out certain parts of the plan or change certain parts. They were only going to make him privy to certain information. This was to see what he carried back to the other side. If the info got back to them, they would know it was him because of the content. He has no idea he’s being tested. He thinks he’s stringing both the Hive and L6/5/4 along. They say if the info comes back then he has to go.

  40. Tinkerbell

    Fess and some of his sidekicks on the bad guy side have said this will be the biggest BB season for one crazy reason or another. For me, it’s the season of the most criers, and the ugliest criers. Hahaha


  41. Tinkerbell

    Someone earlier in this thread, or maybe yesterday, mentioned about the hacker comp probably being scripted. I saw that conversation last night between Fess and Hay, on the hammock. Hay wanted to spill the beans to her man of the moment. She was stammering and carefully watching the cameras. In a nutshell, the DR called her in before the hacker comp. They wanted to know her strong suits. She said she types 120 words per minute. Perfect for that comp, as well as probably other things “tailored”for her to succeed. From what I could gather from her whispers and actions, I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t win this week as well. Only my thought.

  42. Sassy

    I’m pretty sure Scottie is back with the Hive…

  43. Tinkerbell

    Ohhhhh, Scottie, stop it! He is so in heat he can’t see beyond his nose. She bamboozles him every flippin’ time.


    • Sassy

      He’s drooling all over himself… it’s cute and sad all at the same time.

      • Helen

        I’m gonna have to cut Scottie from my final 3….

      • Tinkerbell

        It’s very sad to me. He’s never had a girlfriend, never a first kiss. It’s cruel of her to intentionally use and abuse him. He’s innocent, he’s so vulnerable. She’s a black widow spider. I’ve despised her from the beginning of the season.

      • Helen

        Haleigh: Where am I going to sleep? Fcck, I cant sleep with Rockstar. I am voting to evict her tomorrow

        Well Hai Ho. You been sleeping with Bayleigh and Faysal…why is tonight any different? Oh I get it…you want to sleep in Scottie’s bed….

    • NKogNeeTow

      That little vestal virgin is so horny right now, that all she has to do is flash him a boob and he’ll vote out the whole damn house.

  44. kneeless

    Where’s NK tonight?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Being nosey as hell. I signed on here while the broadcast show was on and watched that while watching the feeds on my computer. Once the show went off, I got wrapped up in the feeds and they just went to bed about 10 or 15 minutes ago, and I find myself up all night AGAIN. Another reason why I didn’t want to get the feeds. This is terrible! I was supposed to get up at 8 and get ready for a 10 am doctor’s appointment. It is now 6:41 am and I haven’t been to bed yet! Now I have to get ready for my appointment, come home and get a little work done and try to squeeze in a nap before the show comes on tonight. The way that nut went off yesterday, I wouldn’t miss tonight if you paid me.

      Oh, and I’m as out of the loop as Sam. While the meeting/fight was going down, I called myself trying to broadcast it blow by blow (under Mel’s Wed. Recap). After all that damn typing, I find out there’s a whole new thread that had been up for about an hour and had about 50 comments…lol. Leave it to me to be late for the party.

      Just a little tidbit for you:

      Everyone in The Hive had gone to bed. HaHo got up, grabbed a blanket and a pillow and went into the HN room, crawled up on a bed, covered herself up, covered her head with a pillow and started to cry out loud. Of course Fester can smell her scent no matter where she is and strolls into the room and crawls in bed beside her and starts stroking her hair. Next Honey BayBay comes in and walks over and strokes Hay’s arm. Then Rocky comes in and says since she can’t sleep she’s following the party. Hay cries and laughs on and off. Rocky says that of course they pick the worst damn room in the house to gather in. HBB lays on one of the beds and looks down and says “Damn, I missed a spot when I waxed my legs. I hate that”. *Making it about herself, typical*. Rocky makes a joke about going to fix them all some slop. HBB says “I’d rather eat slop with you guys than steak with the finest”. Now THAT’S the statement that got me. Was that a backhanded compliment or an insult? It tickled me because none of them seems to have caught it.

      Okay, that’s it for the kid. It’s 7 am. I’ll probably be acting like HBB today, from fatigue. The doctor’s receptionist will call my name and I’ll turn around and start screaming at her in a high pitched voice that only dogs can hear and I’ll be spouting blood from the mouth like that little creep from The Exorcist (now isn’t THAT a visual).

      TTYL and have a GREAT day! 🙂

      • WhereisPablo

        “The way that nut went off yesterday, I wouldn’t miss tonight if you paid me.”

        I have no choice. Our cable provider decided to show the Redskins PRESEASON (PRESEASON I say) game and air BB at 3 am. I am beside myself. I’ll have to record and watch tomorrow afternoon. I hate a Redskin.

      • caRyn

        Steak with the finest…I thought she didn’t eat meat.

  45. Seattle Kari

    I am about halfway through Big Brother after Dark here in Seattle and I just wish I could reach through my TV pull Scottie away from her and shake some sense into him. I have a soft spot for a Geeks,( the only man I’ve truly loved was a geek and he passed away suddenly 5 years ago) and I hate him being used. I get this is a game, but using your womanly wiles on someone that is inexperienced is just not cool.

    • Sassy

      I don’t feel bad for Scottie. He’s a fan of the game and he knows sexuality is part (or all) of the strategy for some people. Hay doesn’t have a lot going for her except her looks. I don’t really see her rubbing up on him like she does Brett and Fuzzy, but rather gazing at him and light touches. I don’t like Hay, but I don’t think she’s inappropriate with Scottie and he knows what he’s gotten himself into.

    • Avatar

      I can’t feel sorry for Scottie anymore. It is so black and white how she is using him and he still can’t see it after everything he’s been told. I am over Scottie and Sam feeling sorry for herself.

      • Avatar

        he doesn’t want her going back to bay, that’s what I think, he is pretending, wants them to feel like they have the votes

      • Sassy

        Colby – we will see tonight whether or not she mesmerized him. He was spilling the things Level 6/5/4 told him. He has shown that he is a good actor, so we will see tonight.

      • Avatar

        Colby, I hope you are right. I just feel like she sucked him right back in last night.

  46. Jay H

    Something I really like about this year, specific to BB Junkies, it seems as though everyone is on the same page, for the most part. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and likes and dislikes of certain players, but everyone here seems to be in a pretty good harmony with what we’re seeing.
    I’ve watched this board for years and am not a consistent commentator, but I’ve remembered in years past, it appeared that trolls signed up just to argue or be nasty to other board members they disagreed with. Debate is good, being a bully isn’t.
    This season and BBJ has been excellent this year.

  47. Avatar

    It’s always amazing to me that some of these HG (this & past seasons) don’t realize that when you go postal on everyone, especially while being on the block, you are sealing your fate for eviction! Good job, Bay! Although, in this case she was going out the door anyways.

  48. Avatar

    Now that is a good old fashion “LOS” (Losing Ones Shit)… Finally a little excitement in this house. Nice rant Bay.

    I have to give props to Tyler for his cool calm attitude. He should be an Air Traffic Controller with nerves of steel like that. Most people would scream back and lose their shit as well when being screamed at like that. Not my boy Tyler. Stuck to his guns and and kept his head.

    Sad when people get caught up in their lies and can no longer distinguish the truth from reality. Bay took what Tyler said out of context. He was fact checking and doing some recon for his side of the house. Bay took it as he wanted to put up Angie.

    Bay is mostly upset due her game being blown up. People need to learn to shut the hell up when they get special powers. Something compels them to tell people stuff. Sam almost gave let the cat out of the bag when she had her power, Bay couldn’t wait to flaunt her ID theft power. Tyler is the only one who has kept his mouth shut about his power to the point people have forgotten there was a 3rd power. They are way too focused on Bay’s power. Not sure what is the end game for Hay by telling everyone she is the Hacker? If I am RS I am pissed that she is clearly trying to keep Bay over her.

    If the house was smart and production can keep their meddling hands out of it. (Which they won’t) Bay should be heading out the door this week and they can keep the crying and self pity Queen RS.

    This show would be so much more interesting if Production kept their paws off. But they cannot help themselves but to coach and suggest in an effort to boost ratings.

  49. Avatar

    I can’t wait to see Tyler’s DR about the blow-up.

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