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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Overnight Recap

Good mornimg everyone! Before I recap, I have to talk about Wednesdays episode. It was terrific! We don’t get many BB firsts but someone preventing themselves from going on the block during the veto ceremony has never happened and I loved it. Sam seemed flustered and annoyed by it so I don’t believe what she told JC afterwards. (She said she was never going to nominate him but was softening the blow for Rockstar which doesn’t make any sense) I think in her unique way of viewing the game, she thought it was almost a reward to go up the week her app will be used. It was like “this shit’s so great, I’m gonna give it to my best friend too.”  I also have to give CBS props because it’s obvious they are invested in Sam (they always have a few picks who get a great edit) but they still gave her a fairly accurate edit. They could have made her look much worse but they at least showed Sam’s other side. Hayleigh got a bad edit and they should’ve shown her putting Fessy in his place when he tried to trade a veto for romance. I was glad the tv only viewers had to listen to Kaitlyns baby voice. (We have to suffer it all day so they should at least get a taste) I wonder what the tv only viewers would think of Sams “proper lady” remarks if they knew she was making weiner wine and saying “I’ll stomp a mud hole in that bitches chest” when talking about Kaitlyn. (Yes, she said that to Tyler yesterday evening) Fessy could have gotten a worse edit too. They made him look like a selfish jerk and liar but he could have been made to look like a stalker if they wanted.


Yesterday was a rollercoaster and not the kind Fessy offered to Kaitlyn in code a couple weeks ago. I did the recap before work thinking it might be a close vote with Kaitlyn staying. I cam home from work to everyone flipping to evict Kaitlyn. By evening, it was going to be close again. I’ll go over some things that happened yesterday and as of now, Kaitlyn should be evicted but we still have today so anything could happen.  I love it, we don’t know who’s being evicted in a week that it doesn’t even matter!

Some feed watchers were trying to give the vote flip credit to a particular person yesterday (usually their fave) but I don’t see it that way. It was a domino effect and many people were involved.  I’m going to recap the way I did the other day, by going through what each player did and their influence on the day. Kaitlyn and Rockstar looked as if they were in a contest to see which one could get evicted faster. They did nothing to help themselves and it was pretty funny.

  • Rockstar: She’s apologized to Brett, campaigned to him and told him she wouldn’t bang pans again. She started making one liner jokes to and about him and it started to irritate Brett.  Some of them were a little funny and if she’d been like this the whole time, she may not even be otb. I know she’s trying to have conversation with him so things can feel normal but it’s simply too late for it. Similar to before, she did too much. Once, she asked Bay if she’d like to hear her latest Brett joke and Bay said “nope, I’m tired of hearing stories about Brett .” (Bay was speaking for all of us) RS had talked with Angela and it was a good talk except RS said she’d target Brett & Tyler. (this was the day before) Angela told the guys and that was one of the first flips to get RS out. Yesterday, RS talked to Kaycee, it was another good talk. Kaycee, Angela and Bay started to think they should Keep RS. They don’t think she’ll win an hoh and if she does, they believe she’s sincere about not putting up the women. Several times RS would have the votes and several times she would accidentally say something and lose them.
  • Kaitlyn: She had the same problem as RS, wouldn’t keep her mouth shut. After Angela told Brett & Tyler what RS said, Kaitlyn was looking good. Kaitlyn decides it’s smart to tell Angela that she knows if noms had stayed the same, Kaitlyn heard they (Angela & Rachel) were going to keep Hayleigh. It was said a little confrontational. This causes the women to rethink things. Tyler tells Kaitlyn that Fessy & Hayleigh won’t keep her and she’s in denial.  She told people how many spirit guides they each had and told Tyler his deceased father comes to her and wants her to stay. (That’s twisted even for BB) There’s a pattern of Tyler telling her something but saying to keep it quiet, Kaitlyn running and telling and people flipping against her.
  • Sam: She’s cranky with almost everyone at this point. I dont know if she realizes she did everything wrong that could be done wrong this week or if it’s because she’s having to makes all her arts & crafts without any power tools. If you didn’t know, she made a wind chime recently. (Like we need more damn background noise while trying to hear on the feeds) She’s spent the entire week making crafts out of everything. (I could really garage sale with this chick and I repurpose tons of stuff but this is ridiculous- You watch, Bob the Builder is going to end up in the final 4) She got worked up talking about Kaitlyn comimg back in the house and told Tyler she’d ‘stomp a mudhole in the bitches chest.’ (Tyler was trying to get Sam to break a tie in Kaitlyns favor) Sam told Kaycee she didn’t like the behavior from Kait and Hay. She thinks Feesy is sweet and naive. When she saw Fessy was ‘ready to explode’ watching Hay talk to Brett in the hammock, she felt bad for Fessy!! Sam said “I dont like it. I’ll choke a bitch out…..snatch her up by her hair of the head and turn her inside out.” She still thinks Scottie may have a crush on her which she says she’ll shut down. (No Bob, he doesn’t) Sam may be in for a wake up call after today. Sam will evict Kaitlyn if it’s a tie.
  • Angela: After Kaitlyn was so confrontational with Angela, she started thinking about what RS said to her the day before and realizes keeping RS is better because she doesn’t trust what Kaitlyn would do. Once Kaycee talked to RS, it started to come together. Rachel and Tyler were Angela’s biggest obstacles throughout the day but she stuck to what she wanted  and played pretty hard yesterday. She and Brett talked about how annoying Rachel is in a group and say she’s different one on one. Angela reminds him Rachel has a crush on him and that’s at least part of why she acts wierd sometimes. When they have a hard time getting Rachel on board with keeping RS, Angela says to let Rachel vote however she wants and they’ll do it anyway. She also thinks it’s smart to give Sam & JC what they want to keep them on their side for now.
  • Bayleigh: She wants to evict Kaitlyn while acting like she doesn’t care. She became annoyed with the flipping after level 6 sent her to confirm with the other side the votes so they could all vote together. Right after doing this, Rachel came to her and said it had flipped again. Bay got pissed and said she was done playing with them and she wasn’t going to be thrown under the bus because they couldn’t make up their mind. Bay and Rachel are in a contest it would seem to see who can be more flirty with KC. She talked about the girls alliance and assures Angela and KC that RS will keep her word. When JC is mentioned, once again, Bay calls him a girl. She keeps doing it and he’s explained to her AT LENGTH before that his is a gay MAN and that doesn’t make him a girl. She also had a talk with Brett about being a “Indian giver” before the feeds switched and she didn’t have a problem with that either. I’m NOT mentioning this because I think a discussion needs to be had over it. I’m only pointing out her double standards because I was recently saying that she whines and tries to play the victim quite often as she did with the Fessy arguement. It’s very obvious she hasn’t forgiven JC even though he thinks they worked it out. Bays done a good job of not being pushy while pushing her way into level 6. I look for Rachel and Bay to have a bit of a power struggle over KC and Angela in the near future.
  • Hayleigh: Hay is really the one who got the flip on Kaitlyn rolling yesterday. She’d already convinced Brett the night before to get rid of her so he didn’t need much convincing to flip back again. She’s also the one who told Kaitlyn that the level 6 girls were going to keep Hay if the Noms stayed the same which caused Kaitlyn to confront Angela about it. Hey told Fessy she didn’t want him to vote Kaitlyn out for her and if he did it, he needed to do it because it was good for his game. We know she’s being careful with her words because she doesn’t want to do anything that makes him feel like she owes him.
  • Kaycee: She worked a lot too. She wants Kaitlyn out but acts like she doesn’t care, similar to Bay. She does pros & cons with the guys and is a big part of the flip. I’m really liking her game. It’s a boring game to watch but she’s playing very smart. Tyler, Bayleigh, Sam and the rest of level 6 is loyal to her.
  • Tyler: I get why it’s better for Tyler to keep Kaitlyn but he pushed too hard even to the point of pushing Sam. Sam shot down every arguement he made, it was funny. He pushed hard enough that once he saw people were probably going to evict Kaitlyn, he went up and apologized to Sam and said he was just frustrated. I think he realized he was doing way too much. He’s still feeding Kaitlyn a line of crap because he knows she’s probably coming back. I think his dilemma is how to participate in a unanimous vote while knowing Kaitlyn expects a vote from him even if she knows she’s going home. I don’t think it’s that difficult because he could just tell his group that the only way to keep controlling her if she comes back is to give her his pity vote.
  • JC: We know he did way too much but it was great to watch. He’ll be happy if Kaitlyn leaves and will continue to think he runs the house which I think is hilarious and another reason I want it to happen. Even though there’s been tension between JC and Kaitlyn because she knows he’s trying to get rid of her, they still hung out while she packed her suitcase. He put on a fashion show while trying on most of her clothing and shoes. She told him not to stretch things out and reminded him that he’d stretched out most of the shoes she brought with her already. I wish I had a picture of it because it was so funny. JC has nice legs by the way, especially in heels.
  • Rachel: She’s tied with Tyler and JC for people who did way too much this week with nothing or very little to gain. She really pushed back with her group last night and was visibly frustrated. She kept saying that she’d shut up about it and do what they wanted. She’d follow this by pleading her case again to keep Kaitlyn. Rachel’s whole thing is wanting Kaitlyn for a shield because she sees herself as a huge target. Yes, she’s done well in comps but I don’t think people see her as a big target yet. They’re going to very quickly if she doesn’t stop going all over the house telling them she’s a big target. She has Brett, Tyler, Angela and KC. How many shields does this woman need? Unrelated: Does anyone know if she actually owns a shirt?
  • Brett, Fessy, Scottie: I’m putting them together because I don’t have much to say. They’re all fine with Kaitlyn leaving and none of them are big factors in the decision tonight.

Part of the reason level 6 keeps flipping is because they want a split vote. This created a situation where an entire house is going around trying to make sure they’re all on the same page with a unanimous vote. At the same time, part of the house is trying to prevent it. Level 6 does work to make sure they have the votes to evict Kaitlyn but then once they get them, they’re tempted to flip it again so they can leave Hay, Scottie and Fessy on the wrong side of the vote. It’s like a kid who always wants the toy another kid is playing with even if they’re already holding one in each hand. This post has gone long (sorry) so I’ll just mention a few random things and wrap it up. I’ll  save the other tidbits for another day.


Fessy announced he’s realized that people watch the feed so they can get clues for what’s going to happen on the episode. (we’ve mentioned he’s pretty, right?)

Fessy had a talk with Hay and Rachel and told them the things Kaitlyn said to him during the first week. We’ve already gone over this stuff about him being her soulmate, having feelings for him and how she wanted to boink him. He said she’s told these things to Tyler too. He still wants to talk to Tyler about it today so we’ll see. This isn’t news but they think it would be a great idea to call her out on it today. (Did they for get she may not be evicted?) Brett has mentioned wanting to call out Hay over her plan to evict Kaitlyn.  I do not understand the motivation for this but I’m here for it if it happens.

Bayleigh asked Brett if he knew any famous people. He said he knew and was friends with a couple NBA players. She shot this down, wasn’t interested and said she wanted to know about actors/actresses. (Look Bay, I like you but stop feed blocking the shit I’d like to know! Not all of us get our news from or care about Entertainment Tonight. Some of us get our news from ESPN and inquiring minds want to know!)

For anyone who cares, Mark and Elena broke up. I’m not one of those people but thought I’d pass it along just the same.

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Avatar

    i want kaitlin to be evicted so she can come back, rockstar cant win a comp to save her life, i want more drama, if kaitlin comes back the house is gonna blow up for sure

  2. Helen

    Pretty sure the puzzle game has something to do with the App Store room…

  3. ElaineB

    Thx Mel for the breakdown by HG. There are 2-3 that I just don’t like and can’t follow them on feeds. At least I am able to keep up with some of their discussions, with your recaps. Will someone tell me where the “Fessy, you are so pretty” came from…I missed it. Thx.

  4. LO1004

    I know a lot of people call Kaycee a piece of furniture but I’m liking her game so far. She’s so far under the radar, she’s in a strong alliance, she’s collecting data from both sides of the house, and she’s a clear competitor. She just doesn’t want to win anything yet. I can’t wait for her to turn it up, which I expect will be around the halfway mark.

    • ElaineB

      I agree. Kaycee is playing and thinking for herself. Not everyone wants to be the center of attention, nor should they. The differences in personalities keeps things balanced. She is a listener, and with some of these HGs, who can’t shut up, that is an invaluable skill. I think she will be loyal to those she trusts and could end up in a solid F2.

    • Avatar

      the problem is that they dont show her on the show, people watching the feeds know that she has a strong alliance and is playing strategically by staying under the radar, while the couch people think shes just floating.

  5. Colby

    Sam considering putting up JC was obviously just insurance that BSC would be voted out. I think it probably would have been Tyler except that she promised she wouldn’t put him up during the HOH comp.
    I think her rhetoric about ‘giving them the chance to come back’ is both to ease her conscience and to try to make the target on her a little smaller.
    I thought Sam saying she would ‘stomp a mudhole in the bitches chest.’ and “I dont like it. I’ll choke a bitch out…..snatch her up by her hair of the head and turn her inside out.” was hilarious.
    That is the way southern / country women are. They will mother you, do anything to help or for anyone, but they also don’t take an ounce of crap off of anyone either.

  6. Colby

    OK. It’s 10:00 there. Time to blast their butts out of bed so we / they can be a little more confused about who they are evicting today. 🙂

  7. HappyHippo

    That’s crazy that Mark and Elena broke up considering they had just gotten a house together. I’m guilty of attempting to keep up with some of the showmances. Of course I didn’t expect them to go together outside of the house to begin with. What a horrible season. I wonder if Jessica or Cody would have done better in a different cast….
    I don’t think Rachel owns a shirt.
    Fessy is still very pretty.
    Bring on an interesting evening, can’t wait to sees who wins hoh.

  8. Alda

    That’s how women roll in Southern New Jersey too.

  9. HappyHippo

    Rachel just told Tyler in the bathroom “ for sure Kaitlyn. For sure. I found out a wealth of information last night. She’s poison. A snake”
    Hmmmmmm do tell!

    • Shivani33

      Rachel got info that Kaitlyn had talked about putting her and Angela on the block. This arose from Kaitlyn’s mouth back when there was the old L6 alliance versus Swaggy. It wasn’t that this info surprised Rachel. It just confirmed Kaitlyn’s inconsistency, insincerity and unreliability. Really it’s a just an excuse to talk about voting out Kaitlyn tonight, now that Rachel has decided to vote that way. (For the moment, anyhow.)

      Plus, Rachel has seen the way that Kaitlyn has tried, especially this week, to seduce and sway people, including Rachel and Angela, with all of her psuedo-psychic bull hockey. No one in the house really sees Kaitlyn as any sort of spiritually advanced guru doll. But poor old Kaitlyn just keeps pushing her “magikal” image at them. She so needs to be seen as being superior and as a “spiritual leader with a direct line to dead people.” Frankly, it is a disgusting way to try to manipulate others.

      Kaitlyn pretends to be a spiritualist guide while really pushing her own agenda for ATTENTION and adoration. Rachel and Angela, etc. see Kaitlyn’s personal dishonesty & dramatics as being a delusional imposition which is damming up the game. No one trusts the anti-Chakra. Rachel is over it for now.

      • Avatar

        Completely agree! K is not a psychic/spiritualist/life coach by any means. She’s a CON artist! LOL! I’m really hoping they vote her out tonight! So over all of her manipulation and narcissism.

      • LO1004

        When she was telling Tyler about his dad coming to her and him wanting her to be there, I wanted to grab her through the tv. That sort of manipulation is crossing the line in a big way.

      • Sassy

        Has Tyler ever said his dad is dead? Swaggy used to swear on his “dead dads grave”. But when BSC asked Ty to do the same last week, he replied he was not swearing on his dads life. Just curious…

      • LO1004

        Hi Sassy. Tyler said his father who raised him had died but he had found out he is not his biological father. He hasn’t spoken about it much, but he said his father who raised him will always be his dad.

  10. danmtruth

    Also got to love Sam with I told them I would let the dots decide I did not say both dots would be the same color
    These housepets keep forgetting that the evicted person tonight will probably be coming back Thats why I thought its smarter to vote out RHS You can keep BSC a bit calm and help in controlling her latter If she get evicted there will be little chance to control her Plus BSC has a much better chance to win a HOH
    PintrestSam needs to be on the new show Making It with Nick Offerman & Amy Poller
    Bay-Heather was very proud that she was the first black girl that Swaggy dated Also that she has tasted all different ethnicities of men Most importantly that Kaycee has only dated black women so she is her type Get over yourself

    • HappyHippo

      Kaycee has only dated black women? Interesting…I missed those convos

      • Shivani33

        Kaycee at least has had a serious relationship with one “black woman.” So what? Can we ALL just be PEOPLE, for crying out loud? Ffs, we are all genetic adaptations to different, specific natural environments. Who would want only one color of flowers in our Garden?! We are beautiful the way we are.

      • HappyHippo

        It’s not a bad thing. I’ve never caught her talking about anybody she’s dated.

      • danmtruth

        Im not saying its bad or wrong What is important is that people respect and care for each other No sexual orientation has an exclusivity to that it just does not mater As the saying goes the heart wants what it wants
        All I was saying in my clumsy way was Bay feels she has some special say or connect over Kaycee because of that All I know is what Kaycee has shared She moved to Arizona to be with her girlfriend than they broke up The thing about only dating black girls is something Bay keeps pushing
        I like Kaycee and hope the best for her No way is she looking for love in this house

      • HappyHippo

        I got what you were saying. Bay is trying to use herself to get to Kaycee by assuming kaycee would “want” her. Bay has a heck of an ego starting to shine through.

      • Shivani33

        Amen. It’s not a bad thing to get to know, respect and care for one another. My remark wasn’t directed at you, Happy. It is just an additional comment.

        Kaycee mentioned her recent, previous relationship in a cast interview. She moved to another state to be with someone, and it didn’t last. She doesn’t offer much personal info but has shared some of her experiences with other players. I do think that Bayleigh is capitalizing on Kaycee’s romantic preferences. To me, that shows more about Bayleigh than it does about Kaycee.

      • caRyn

        It does show more about Bayleigh’s character. Absolutely.

    • ElaineB

      Sam definitely can ‘McGyver’ any of them out of a sticky house situation for sure.

  11. HappyHippo

    Tyler just told Brett “kaitlyns gotta go. She’s playing the same game with you, me, and Fessy. She’s gotta go”
    I hope your serious Tyler. Time for you to kick some ass

  12. Zach

    The problem with players who sit back and fly under the radar is if they don’t turn it up and make several big moves before final 4ish, they don’t stand a chance to get their peers votes. If we are being honest, the only ones who has won in the last several years without making big moves are the last two seasons. Nicole won, because part of the jury wanted a female winner, no matter what. And last season, Josh won, because Paul’s game caused to many players to feel.. Played(Isn’t that the game?) I guess in this new world we live in I might be wrong, if Kaycee continues to play under the radar and plays nice she might win after all, because this generation doesn’t reward people for accolades, they reward people for falling in line.

  13. danmtruth

    Zach true about Nichole Josh on the other hand listen to well to Paul He did a better job of jury management with his goodbye While Paul kept lying to people Josh Sid what they did to people and why they voted them out He played a smart game in that way

  14. Avatar

    Mel, never apologize about an article being too long. I LOVE your overnight threads, and frankly they could be longer. I am too busy with real life to watch the feeds, and as I don’t like the Jokers site anymore, you and Steve are it for me. Thank you for all you do!!

    This is my favorite season since BB14, and my 2nd favorite since BB10. Loving it! So many playing the game and a nice contrast of personalities. Who is your favorite this season so far?

  15. Seattle Kari

    off subject of the thread that I have a question. I got a question from Big Brother about “Whose side am I on, Brett or Rockstar?”

    They are seriously doing a vote about this? I’m sorry but that’s really stupid in my opinion. Has anyone heard or seen any information as to why they’re doing it? Just for the drama?

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