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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Recap

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Good morning! Feeds finally came back last night and things went mostly as expected. The people still in the house have more maturity than most of the ones who’ve left so there wasn’t any drama. I can’t say the same about some of the fans so I’m glad the feeds are back, it’s less free time for people to argue over AFP, who’s boring and everything else. BB fans are a unique group of people and I’ve always said that complaining is part of the experience. This is us:

  • Fans- The feeds suck, it’s not worth watching, nothing’s happening.”
  • Also Fans- “The feeds have been down for 24 hrs, when will they ever be back on? Hurry up BB!”

Sams eviction last night went pretty well considering all the alternatives. I noticed Julie Chen Moonves went in for the hug first which is unlike her. Maybe she’s a Sam fan (we know she loves Haleigh and can’t stand Angela) or maybe she just wanted to set a nice, friendly tone and then get it over with asap.


I have to mention JC’s speech because it was fantastic! Sure, we can’t understand every word but it doesn’t even matter.  The same speech without the accent wouldn’t have the same effect anyway. I also like when a hg can tell a production secret and get away with it. (I laughed when he told the viewers he wasn’t allowed to touch Tyler anymore) Here’s Tyler during the speech: (He cracked up too so this image doesn’t really capture his response)

The hg’s usually give stupid answers when they’re put on the spot on live tv so when he said he wanted protein bars and champagne in his hoh basket, I laughed at that too.  Julie was funny when she told JC “easy now, you only won one competition.” (She failed AGAIN by asking Sam specifically about Tyler betraying her. Why not ask about KC too? She did the same with Brett so she may as well say “it’s Tyler’s game to lose.”) I know, I know, it’s Sam and it probably went over her head but that isn’t the point. If the hg’s don’t know Tyler is the center of the game, Julie shouldn’t be pointing it out. She looked great though, always like her in hot pink:


We already knew JC had won the hoh but it was so much better seeing it happen. I like L6 but their disappointment was fantastic to watch! They stood around the yard completely stunned. If they hadn’t talked about how many comps they’ve won ALL week, maybe it wouldn’t have been as great. They did…so it was!

Once the feeds were back on, we found out KC won the veto. (She’s tied for the most veto wins in one season with Janelle, Dani, James and Paul) KC may have laid low and turned it up at the end but so what? Isn’t that what we’re always saying players should do? We’re not even sure that’s what happened because she wasn’t picked to play in comps the first half of the game. I think she could easily hold the new record if she’d been chosen. I don’t know why she gets so much criticism for being “boring.” Ok, she doesn’t say “Yas'” every 5 minutes like Rockstar, bleed from the mouth when she’s pissed like Bayleigh or talk about herself in the 3rd person like Swaggy. Who cares? She’s played the damn game and last time I checked, that’s what she’s there for.  Her critics can just take a seat, shove one of Sam’s hairy biscuits in their mouths and watch while the grown-ups take it from here. Let’s Go! (Yeah, I’m tired of hearing it too but friendship got old  if I remember correctly, it happens, nothing’s as bad as Scottie calling people Daddy) KC’s played an amazing game so far and if people want to criticize her, wait until tonight because she’s going to make a move worthy of criticism when she keeps Tyler.

KC, Angela and Tyler agreed whatever happened, happened and they would be friends for life. They know it’s a game and one of them is losing tonight. (We may see some DR tears but they haven’t gone to bed, pouting and balling like some of the others) I heard them talk about crying and hugging right after the comp so I’m sure we’ll see that part tonight. They decided not to tell JC about L6 since it will only make JC fight harder in the last hoh. (Tyler had to be relieved about that, now he won’t be killed until the after party, instead of inside the BB house)


Tyler and Angela said they weren’t campaigning (Tyler doesn’t need to) and both said they’d already won because they have each other. Angela has recently realized she doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning and she encouraged Tyler to be the one who stayed. She said the jury would be bitter like children. They counted votes and went through the motions of saying the other would probably win. (Angela is sincere, Tyler isn’t) Tyler told her he was an alternate on OTT and is a superfan. She said he was a good liar and asked if there was anything else he’s not telling her. (This is exactly why I’d never date a player I met on BB, unless they were a really bad player. If it was a good one, I’d see their ability to lie that well as a red flag. I remember watching Dan on his first season and his wife wasn’t his wife yet, only his GF. I thought “run!” They seem very happy so obviously, I was over thinking it) Tyler said he had one more secret she’ll find out on Thursday. (the power app?) I think he’s making way too big a deal over the app because he didn’t even use it. Angela said she’d work for him in jury and she’d take all the blame. She said she’d say that she got him to go along with things. Tyler said she shouldn’t do that. (example of how Angela doesn’t understand the game that well) They talked about how they’d done all the work and the jury loved JC & KC. (I disagree, KC may not have used any veto’s before but it sure helped them when she won. I know the hoh puts them otb but the veto winner can save people and when they choose not to, it can be just as bad)

KC reassured Tyler he was staying but said she was telling JC she was undecided. She asked if Tyler and Angela had “made it official yet” and teased him over it a little. They both agreed Angela would still love them and understand. KC talked more about Derrick and Cody, comparing them to the two of them. She said she was sleeping upstairs with JC so they could be downstairs alone. (Most of the night was spent in the DR anyway)

JC is acting like he doesn’t have a preference over who leaves when he talks to KC. She knows he’s closer to Tyler and he doesn’t have any influence on her decision. He thinks he does so they’re still having the conversations. KC isn’t torn over her decision but she does seem a little stressed over having to do it. That’s understandable, Angela is the only one who actually enjoys stuff like that. (I do like that about Angela)

JC and Tyler talked about the end game and there was some hostility in the air. JC had already vented after Brett left but he couldn’t really say what he wanted because his game was in danger. Now that he’s the hoh, I don’t think he could hold back anymore. I didn’t see this as a power trip or hohitis. This was him having the security to tell Tyler how badly he’d screwed up by keeping Angela before. JC is stressed and he isn’t faking it. He really thinks KC’s decision isn’t made and JC wants to be in the F2 with Tyler. He told Tyler he hoped he was happy now that Angela’s BFF was deciding who left. He said they could’ve been in the F4 with two people who didn’t like each other but Tyler wouldn’t listen. JC said they should’ve kept Sam and Tyler said Sam didn’t play and didn’t deserve F3. JC agreed and said “but still…”  JC told him Angela hadn’t done anything and she was mostly safe because he’d protected her almost as much as he’d protected Tyler. (this isn’t even hohitis, this is masterminditis and he’s had it all season) He was on a roll and told Tyler he and Angela had walked around like royalty and said “look at you guys now, from the top to the bottom.” (this IS hohitis) JC said KC would beat them both in a F2. He claimed no one had done anything for him in the game and said he wasn’t even happy as hoh because Tyler still wasn’t safe. Tyler didn’t like being told he hadn’t done anything for JC and called him out on it. JC also said he should’ve just told Tyler from the start not to try to be the brainer because he wasn’t. Haha (The reason JC is still “I angry” is because he knows getting to the F2 together is harder since Tyler insisted on keeping both KC and Angela longer than they should have. He puts the blame for the situation on Tyler’s stubbornness.  JC is completely right and justified IF Tyler is really trying to get to the end with JC….he isn’t so JC just sounds like a jackass)

JC went to bed and was visibly stressed. He asked Bob to only put one camera on him instead of several. Bob said “No.” JC sarcastically said “thank you” and Bob said “you’re welcome.” He talked to Bob or himself (not sure) and said “I’m stressed, I don’t want Tyler to go.”

All 4 of them are good players but all of them have made mistakes along the way. All 4 of them may make more mistakes. In my opinion, this is what has or will cost each of them the win:

KC- She has one of the biggest decisions of the entire game, choosing who goes to the F3. Sending Angela home may cost her the win. I like that she has confidence in her comp skills but keeping Angela would still be 2 against 1 and Angela is who she should be keeping. Comp skills only gets you to the F2, not the prize. She must have a ton of trust in Tyler because she knows for sure Angela wouldn’t take JC the the end. She may still beat Tyler but evicting Angela will drop her standing where she’ll rank as a player/winner even if she does.

Angela- I’m happy for her that she fell in love and thawed her icy heart but she’s laying down at this point. She’s right that Tyler has a better shot to win over her but why not try? She and Tyler feel they did more than KC so she should be making it clear to JC and KC that the jury hates her, get to the end and give the speech of her life about having to get the blood on her hands, was a bitch but wasnt two faced, etc. There is a scenario where Angela can win this game.

Tyler- He’s safe tonight (unless something drastically changes) but he passed on the chance to prep Sam for the jury. She could’ve assisted him without even knowing it. Tyler told Angela what not to say last night but unless he tells her what to say, he’s missing another chance to plant some jury seeds. His situation was improved by simply not winning this veto. He’s spent the entire game playing the dumb beach guy. That’s fine but he may not be able to change people’s perception of him in a small amount of Q&A time. He needed to send people to jury feeling good about him or prepared to tell them he’s the real mastermind. I haven’t seen any of that.

JC- He already made his biggest mistake which was putting all his faith in Tyler. If KC sees Tyler and herself as Derrick and Cody, then JC sees them as Dan and Memphis. The problem is that JC thinks he’s Dan. If he manages to get to the F2 and it’s doubtful because he’ll have to win the final hoh to get there, he may blow it. Most of the jury feels good about him. Even the ones who don’t, like Bayleigh, may vote for him if he takes down L6. He’d get a lot of credit for it and for winning the last 2 hoh’s. He could blow it if his speech involves how he controlled everyone and everything. He really thinks he did so I don’t know if he has the ability to point out what he did do and leave off the things he didn’t.

I’m excited for tonight. I’m glad JC won the hoh but I do feel like I’m missing out because he has it for such a short period of time. I really wanted a week of him being a tyrant and bossing people around while wearing his hoh robe. Oh well, at least he won and shook things up!

Have a great Thursday!


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