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Big Brother 20 – What To Expect Tonight

Happy Thursday, everyone!


It’s eviction/Battle Back day in the Big Brother house which means the HoH competition is not going to be completed during the live episode tonight (which, btw, may be screwy due to NFl. Check your local programming).

Us bloggers have been notified that the HoH competition will happen after the show, but it will air on the live feeds. My guess is the Battle Back will take part independently of the HoH competition and the returning houseguest will play in the normal HoH comp. This is based on the image that has leaked of the comp which has 4 ramps and 4 colors on the wheel thing. I say this because some years they just have an endurance challenge where the last evicted houseguest standing gets to return to the house.

Now, the part I am unsure of is how production will screw this up.  They promised us an endurance comp that took around 15 minutes a few weeks back. The next week they failed to show the HoH comp on the feeds. Needless to say, my hopes aren’t too high this will be smooth. However, they are giving you a free month if you sign up for the live feeds through this link! (use the promo code bingenow if that doesn’t work).


I doubt anything will happen this afternoon on the feeds, but I will update this thread if anything breaks. Until then, see you in a few hours!


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    • AIO_7

      Thanks for the link. If I were in that house I wouldn’t fall asleep any where near that miniature perv..


      • ShoeLover

        I have that uncomfortable feeling as well, AIO 7. I do see the odd innocence but still, Tyler is asleep and unaware of what happened. Plus, if he is aware of some touching it’s enough for him to mention it is becoming problematic when trying to sleep

      • FW aka CY

        Bring in that scaggy feral cat someone was promoting in an earlier thread and let him cuddle, hump and fart on that.

      • danmtruth

        once more JC pushing the limits TY does not want to make waves As crazy as it sounds he does not want this to effect the game They have gone thru this before with JC and unwanted touching

      • Jenny

        good point, Dan… Tyler is smart enough to act like it doesn’t bother him.

      • Wizard

        Ty should not have to act like it doesn’t bother him. What JC did was completely unacceptable and over the line; it’s also CRIMINAL! If JC had done that to a woman, he would already be arrested, and rightfully so! CBS needs to remove him from the show, and Ty has every right to charge him with sexual harassment.

  1. AIO_7

    **** “Until then, see you in a few hours!”

    Four and a half hours and counting.

  2. HappyHippo

    As kc would say “let’s go!”

  3. delabear

    For those who are having problems changing your profile pic, here is my post from the previous thread:
    I was having the same problem with avatar change. There are 2 different profiles – one for Word Press general, and the other for this site. Here is the link that was provided that worked for me. Follow these instructions and you should be able to change your profile pic.


  4. Helen

    Well…Angela made it back to bed in the pink bedroom….didn’t take her long…

  5. Mel

    Hay ate grapes but I think it was an accident. Unless I change my mind, this may be the last time I mention breaking have not rules. If I’m feeling bitchy or it’s a hg that annoys me, I probably will but not in recaps.

    It’s taken me way too many seasons to get it thru my head that if it’s not an important infraction for production, why is it important to me? We entered a new era of BB a long time ago but I was too stubborn to accept it. I’ll still mention how I miss the old BB but not to complain about the new one. I’m moving on and I already feel less irritated.

  6. Mel

    Since I’m on my new path of becoming less annoyed with BB rules, punishments and how they handle bad behavior by hg’s, I’ll share a JC and Haleigh update.

    Haleigh started her day by jumping on top of JC and Brett while they were in bed. JC had to tell her she was hurting his balls so she moved to get between them . Another example of ‘If they don’t care, why should I?’

  7. FW aka CY

    AIO_7 August 30, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    F-weed: I believe that happens automatically when people post multiple links into one comment box. It’s protection against flooding.
    Thanks for the tip, AIO_7. I hope that’s what it is. I’ll try to curb my link-posting profligacy and see if that’s respuesta a la pregunta?

    Speaking of preguntas, will the stringency of this comp tell us if they think Bay tiene un bollo en el horno? *L*

  8. Helen

    L6/5/4 may be less inclined to throw HOH comp with a battle back participant playing!!!!!!

    • Colby

      Let’s hope so. They need to win it and put up Haho and the returning player.

      • Helen

        I don’t think Tyler wants to win it,but he may be motivated to with one of the jury playing…
        KayCee wants it…so does Brett,I think.
        JC don’t want HOH….I don’t think Sam does either…
        So it will basically be Haleigh and jury member against Tyler KayCee and Brett…

  9. g8trgirl

    Well Steve, you talked me into it. After watching 18 seasons on the sidelines, I broke down and got the feeds. Will I sleep tonight remains to be seen. Lol

  10. danmtruth

    Lets see how the jury house reunions go First Bay and RS than Scottie all with Hay and Fessel playing roles in there eviction The bad but funny goodbye messages will play a part in the bitterness How bitter will Bay be How much furrr surres can we take from RS

  11. Mel

    I may need some kind of help signal to use on here when I’m getting itchy and low on will power. I’ve spent the past 10 minutes going off about Perez Hilton to Perez Hilton on Twitter. That’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back and I know better than to bite! Hello, my name’s Melissa and I need to stay off Twitter.

    • FW aka CY

      Cuddle with JC until something more horrible comes along to distract you.

    • stillstanding

      there are plenty of homophobic people around but i haven’t seen anything tyler has said or done on bb that would make me think he was. just becuz he doesn’t want jc kiss him while he is sleeping is not a reason to call somebody out. jc seems like he has no boundaries. perez hilton does a disservice to people who really have been exposed to homophobic people. that said, i hope jc goes out soon, becuz
      he’s an ass.

  12. danmtruth

    Just trying to latch on to something to make his opinion seem important He is just a media leach with nothing to offer

  13. Kitties Titties

    Minature Perv is the best name I have ever heard for JC! Hehehehe!Half-Pint Perv!
    Did anyone else notice KC’s comment on what Faysal said about her Veto win?
    I am a Full Size Perv…. ; )

  14. caRyn

    For some reason I think Rockstar will make it back in the BB house. It doesn’t matter to me which evictee comes back.

  15. caRyn

    Does anyone know Evel Dick’s favorite hg(s) this season?

  16. GL

    I sure hope production don’t screw up the live feeds tonight

  17. Mr. Beardo

    This one goes out to the possible demise of Fessleigh


  18. Kitties Titties

    Production: Don’t fuck tonight up!
    NFL …. STFU

  19. HappyHippo

    Slowest evening to date! Come on 9pm

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