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Big Brother 21 – Double Eviction Update Thread!

Good evening, everyone!


First, I want to say that I hope all our friends and family in the path of Dorian are safe and sound this evening. It’s the storm that just won’t go away and we’re expecting some remnants of it up in New England over the weekend.

Alright, you may have noticed that posts have slowed a bit the last week. That is a combination of it being incredibly slow in the house and me starting my semester. The blame definitely falls more on the slowness than school because the beginning of the semester is always easy. What isn’t easy is trying to find stuff to write about when the house sits around and plays backgammon all day. Live blogging Big Brother is easy, live blogging backgammon tournaments isn’t.

There was a little campaigning this week but it’s pretty much a sure thing that Jessica is leaving tonight. The big question will be who will follow her in the double. There is a very good chance that it will be Jackson or Christie depending on which side wins HoH, but this is BB21 so that means Holly could end up walking because that’s just how this season has gone.


Seeing as this is one of the last big traffic nights with plenty of eyes on the blog, I want to give everyone a huge thank you to those who have donated this season. I also want to thank you on behalf of Mel and NK who have also received donations! Here is the link to donation information

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Here we go!  First some brief highlights before first eviction


Jackson really thinks that Christie/Tommy are going to battle Cliff/Nicole in the final 6. Alright bro. Keep thinking you’re safe

Oh, random news – Big Brother 22 is a go! Yay!

Julie tells the house there is no battle back this year, then tells them it’s a DE night and (shocker) Tommy is overdramatic

Boring eviction speeches


(if it’s a house vote I’m going to puke)


  • Christie – Jessica
  • Tommy – Jessica
  • Holly – Jessica
  • Nicole – Jessica


At least make Jackson break the tie you wimps. Jesus.


Ok, HoH time…

They have to build a puzzle hockey rink then when it’s built, shoot the puck in the net. I play hockey and love puzzles. I’d never go home if I lost this comp

Nicole wins HoH!

Typical BB21 move. The nicest person in the house wins HoH the one time when she doesn’t get to enjoy it the entire week.

From Cliff’s brief conversation with Nicole, Tommy and Christie are going up


Tommy and Christie are on the block

Veto is coming up next

(I saw the question in comments and it’s a good one. Yes, Nicole will receive a basket and letters from home. She just doesn’t get the room)

It’s ‘what the bleep’ competition. This is actually one of my favorites. I love how they do this.

  • Round 1 – Everyone tied
  • Round 2 – Everyone tied
  • Round 3 – Everyone tied
  • Round 4 – Nicole, Cliff, Chris, Holly tied lead
  • Round 5 – Cliff, Christie, Nicole tied lead
  • Round 6 – Cliff, Christie tied lead
  • Round 7 – Cliff wins PoV! 

Cliff is going to keep noms the same he told Tommy

Second eviction next:

Jackson taking a sip of his drink during Christie’s crying speech = gold lol


  • Cliff – Christie
  • Jackson – Christie
  • Holly – Christie

Christie has been eviction in yet another unanimous vote

The next HoH competition will be later on tonight. It likely won’t be aired live on the feeds but I will create a new post when the results are in



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  1. BBBonbon62

    Happy DE night!!! Hoping for some excitement and that our girl Nicole is still in the house at the end of the hour.

  2. Nancy

    In the words of Kaycee..LETS GO!!

  3. Alda

    Ten minutes till DE .Yahoo!!!

  4. AIO_7

    …”but this is BB21 so that means Holly could end up walking”….

    If not Chrustie or Tommy Two Step, then that would suit me just fine.

    • Avatar

      Good lord. I’m not a hater. But im darn close to it with Jackson. Im sorry , I’m sorry, I just CAN NOT STOMACHE THAT MARSHMELLOW HEAD. HAHAHA… HE’S calm cool and collective now he’s in the house with ALL WEAK OPPONENTS other than holly but ya know.
      Cliff is a bit of a show boat too talking to himself for the cameras.
      Can’t wait till this is over … hopefully next year is a better pic of players this YEAR honestly SUCKED and I was more angry with BB than I enjoyed.

  5. ElaineB

    Thx Steve! The pic at the top is my favorite of Jess, and still gives me the giggles.

  6. Avatar

    Sam on RHAP last night and explained why production ended the have nots early this year. Apparently Christie, Jackson, Kat, and Tommy was cooking the slop in weird ways that made the slop inedible and ate it anyway and it gave them terrible digestive issues.

    I think that Production probably told the HGs that as a cover for the real reason, so that they didn’t have to punish Jackson


    • Mello_One

      I believe you Bennett, because in prior seasons the HG cooked up Slop in all kinds of ways, but the Have Nots continued. I think that they knew Jackson would not follow the rules, & would keep getting penalized for Eating, so they stop the Have Nots. That is really weak tea Big Brother, imvho.

    • Tam

      Agree, Bennett. Never had a problem before until this year…..

    • Avatar

      I found it incredible ,( I may be wrong not positive ) BUT mickie mouse boy. ( MICHIE ) Just decided to not do slop and not where his proper uniform THAT all the guests had to where in the comps. Is a disgrace. He should be penalized in 1 way or another. He’s a mommas boy…lol… I love u momma (wink wink) looking for sympathy. But he just thinks he can do what ever he wants. Actually he does. Why is it allowed????????

      • NKogNeeTow

        All they had to do is take away his watermelons and not give him anymore until he followed the rules. Simple.

      • Tam

        Right NK! He had a look a mad and terror when Nicole said something about smashing them. That boy love his Momma and his watermelons. He even loved someone’s watermelon lip balm.

  7. AIO_7

    Julie looks right nice.

  8. AIO_7

    Still doesn’t make sense to me Jackson not going after Tommy or Chrustie.

    • Tam

      I agree, but maybe he was trying to appease HollyBeth and just play it down the middle. Head scratcher for sure……So much for his high risk analogy…..

    • NKogNeeTow

      He wanted T/C and C/N to go after each other so he and Ma wouldn’t have to do it. Then they would just fight it out with whichever duo was left.

      • Tam

        He got what he wanted again. He needs to untangle for HB’s extensions and realize that they are going to be gunning for him and her now. It’s going to interesting from here. Wished they would show the feeds instead of these precious animals. Almost as painful to watch as Jess and CC. Just want to take them all in knowing that I can’t is the painful part. The animals, not Jess or CC. I would be in jail or committed ……..

  9. Avatar

    I’m pretty sure either Jackson or Tommy will leave tonight depending on who wins HOH tonight. Everyone has been saying how much of a threat Tommy is and and want him out. Christie can’t win anything. Cliff and Nicole going to bottom 3 with christie gives them there best chance of getting to bottom 2 together. I know that cliff and Nicole are thinking taking Jolly to the end is smart but jolly will destroy them in the bottom 4. They need to take a shot at them as soon as possible. I cannot wait for this season to be over already I just want to know who wins.

  10. Annabelle

    Can’t get CBS on for some reason even when trying regular TV. I live in Knoxville tn anyone else with troubles

    • Avatar

      Not missing anything same boring little moves. HGs are all afraid of the big move.
      [ BANISHED FIRST WELL LOL ] he would have made a move or 10.

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  12. AIO_7

    Seems to me if Snaxson and Holly would have gotten rid of Chrustie 3 weeks ago, then they wouldn’t have to be worrying so much about her now. Dumb asses.

    • Mello_One

      Exactly AIO, but we all know that Production had a hand in keeping the Duo of Tommy, & Christie. Tommy has not been on the Block all season long. Here’s hoping for tonight!

    • Avatar

      That has to be the dumbest move in Big Brother history. If they had just taken out Christie then Holly would have taken out Nick they next week and they could have easily use sis as a Pawn going forward. That one move can easily be the downfall of jolly.

  13. Robin

    I love Cliff… such an old timey sweetheart.

  14. AIO_7

    Any one ever notice that Tommy sounds just like Phyllis Diller?

  15. AIO_7

    Thanks, Julie, but I think I’ll skip the after show with Jess.

  16. caRyn

    Holly keeps saying she is not about to lose to Christie. As if Christie is beneath her.

  17. mustangsally

    I don’t like not seeing the good bye massages, why did they change that?

  18. Vikki T

    Not a single like, actually or uhm while talking to Julie.

  19. Tam

    Finally got internet back up. Why do it always seem to crash when they are about to start BB. Called and finally got through. Just went through this a few days ago. Just thankful that it is back up. Julie cut that interview SHORT….See knows that they don’t have enough air time to do a quick interview with Jess.

  20. Mel

    So far: I like Jess (as a player ) even less, Cliff looked nervous like maybe he thought the DE might change the votes. I think Jackson went to the bathroom in his pants again when Julie said it was a double.

    Jackson: Get your damn feet off the coffee table!

    Nancy: Love the van!

  21. AIO_7

    Nicole is doing good!

  22. Tam

    GO NICOLE!!!!!!!

  23. Tam


  24. AIO_7

    Nicole WINS!!!!!

  25. Avatar

    Yes Nicole wins HOH

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  27. BBBonbon62

    I just held my breath for that entire comp. I think I’m going to drop dead.

    • Jenny

      OMG when she missed that first shot I stopped breathing for a second. Then she made the next try and I yelled so loud my cat looked at me funny and the dog ran over to check on me.

      • Tam

        I feel you, Jenny. I screamed out of excitement and jumped. Scared my deaf furbaby because he felt the vibrations and ran to me like what is happening. I am not a sports person, but that was like a Superbowl win for me. I am so happy for her!!!!!!

  28. Vikki T

    I have tears in my eyes cause I am so happy for Nicole.

  29. mustangsally

    Do it Nicole, big move…TT and CC

  30. AIO_7

    Bad thing is Nicole won’t get to enjoy the HoH room.

  31. Mello_One

    Yaaaassss! Nicole, aka Nugget, she Manifested herself, & Won!!!

  32. Tam

    Christie just looked like she was going to faint when Nicole told her that……LOVE ITTTT!!!!!

  33. hogwild

    Finally our little nugget Nicole gets HOH.

    • ShoeLover

      It makes me so happy for her!!!!!

      • Avatar

        I never thought I would say this but Jackson is genuinely growing on me. Other than Nicole herself, I don’t think anybody was more genuinely proud of Nicole then him… That was not fake in anyway. The look of happiness on his face when he gave her a hug is truly sincere to me. Also, I don’t like Cliff. I’m sure that will not be a popular opinion but honestly when he does that ridiculous money rubbing his fingers together when he wins it is really really annoying and I don’t like it. Two thoughts I never thought I would have…

      • AIO_7

        Welcome to the board, Erin.

      • NKogNeeTow

        WELCOME aboard Erin! Better late than never. 🙂

      • LynnD

        OMG Erin, I thought I was the only one annoyed by that stupid thing he does. AHHHHHHH, I love you already!

      • Aggiegal

        Johnny Manziel would do the money motion with his fingers when he made a touchdown for Texas A&M. That’s why Cliff does that when he wins a comp.

    • mm22

      Erin welcome! So funny u mentioned cliff n the money reference-I
      was wondering what the hell he was doing-I also maybe one of the
      few that kinda like jj-I just want his “saddle bag” out so he can play his
      own game

  34. Painter1

    Watching Bears,Packers and saw Nicole WIN!!! CHEERED My brother thought Bears scored lol. ZWTG NICOLE

  35. Jennifer

    Yippee!!!!! Yay Nicole

  36. Amber

    My throat hurts from screaming at the tv. Paid off lol Goodbye Christie or Tommy. Yay Nicole!

  37. Petty Betty

    I think it looked painfully obvious Beth Christie and Tommy were throwing it….

  38. mona77450

    I just hope we don’t see Christie cry!

  39. Holan

    I’m excited it’s nicole, but wanted her to get a letter and pictures!

  40. AIO_7


    Nicole has the guts that Snaxon and Holly don’t.

  41. Mary

    Come on Holly and Jackson lets win that POV.

  42. Annabelle

    Thank you guys I can’t believe I can’t watch this but y’all sure make me feel it. SK happy Nicole will at least get pics and such

  43. Nancy

    You go baby girl…yesss!!!

  44. LynnD

    I was super excited bc I busted my ass to get everything I needed done so I can FINALLY get to watch an eviction (esp DE) live. But do I get to? Oh Hell NO! I have 2 cable boxes down and have been on the phone with xfinity for exactly 1 hr & 12 min so far. My favorite part is when after 56 min the guy switches me over to someone else and I get the pleasure of starting all over. Mind you neither speaks very good english & the 2nd person gets on the phone talking to me in spanish. I had to tell her 2x I do NOT speak spanish. (Picture the cartoon charectar that eats spicy jalepeno peppers and has red smoke coming out of his ears, that is me right now!) Lets just add to it. My phone is at 8% and I have to walk arournd my house. FML! On the up side my daughter has not yet told me she is starving bc I never cooked dinner. This is going to be 1 of those night I have to keep reminding myself……I LOVE MY LIFE, I LOVE MY LIFE, I LOVE MY LIFE.

    • AIO_7

      Dayem, Lynn. I feel for you , babe.

      • LynnD

        It’s ok. My daughter & I did a late night run to the local Mexican restaurant and I got to eat burritos & Mexican street corn while finally watching it. However I do get to spend my Saturday at home waiting on them to show up to fix & or replace the 2 boxes. AND bury the cable lines they never came back to do when they initially installed it over a year ago. I will wait for them floating in my pool!

    • danmtruth

      Sorry for laughing but i feel your pain

      • Tam

        Understand, LynnD. Had my internet go down for a while before the show. OH NO!!!! Called them and get that voice assistant and snap. Finally get told by automation that it will be a three minute wait and press 1 to have them call me back. They never did, called back and went through another song and dance with automation, then talked to a sweet guy that said that there was an outage in the area and they were working on it. It wasn’t his fault, so I couldn’t complain except for the fact that this just happened a few days ago, as well. They want the $ on time, but when you want these issues fixed, it’s a hassle. Have to hum, Jesus Take The Wheel when I am on the phone with them.

      • LynnD

        I feel you Tam 100%

      • LynnD

        It’s ok laugh away. I would have laughed also if it wasn’t happening to me (a bad habit I have LOL)

  45. Painter1

    Tommy OVER ACTING for what role?

  46. Avatar

    I am very happy for Nicole, so congrats for the win, but it’s too little too late. At best, you are playing now for 4th.

  47. Mello_One

    And the cherry on top is that Nugget noms Tommy & Christie…..Yesssss!

  48. Mary

    If replacement is needed hope she puts up Holly, she hasn’t seen the block.

  49. kneeless

    Nancy, do you have enough bubble wrap for tonight?

  50. hogwild

    Nicole does still get the letters from her familty right? That is what she wants so badly the HOH room would just be icing on the cake.

  51. Tam

    Hot Damn!!!! CC and TT are in the hot seats!!!! Her tears mean nothing at this point……Whichever one comes down, up HollyBeth up so she can feel the heat and get her screen time……. Baadddaabuuummmm, I’m lovin it……..

  52. mona77450

    Who should be evicted? I think Tommy because he has a better social game. Unfortunately, Holly has blinders on in regards to what a threat he is.

  53. Robin

    I think this was the best one for Nicole, no chance to 2nd guess herself and feel tortured!

  54. Avatar

    Please let Christie win! I want Tommy gone sooooo bad.

  55. Tam

    Come on Nicole or Cliff….YESSSSSS, CLIFF WON IT. HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!

  56. AIO_7

    Buh, bye, Chrustie.

  57. Avatar

    Go Cliff and Nicole! Look at that you guys can’t win competitions! Who is the most powerful duo in the house now jolly!

  58. AIO_7

    It’s going to be a bummer unless Cliff wins HoH.

  59. Mello_One

    CLIFF Won POV, they got a straight….Now to Evict!

  60. hogwild

    God bless Cliff and that Aggie memory.

  61. Jennifer

    Is Christie finally going to be evicted!!!!!

  62. Nancy


  63. kneeless

    Been waiting for this all season. Bye, Bye Christie.
    Nancy, glad I’m not joining you in the van. Plug your ears & hide the snacks!

  64. mustangsally

    See ya Crusty, say hi to AD and the crew.

  65. Avatar

    Now Tommy needs to win the next HOH, then the game can really begin

  66. Annabelle

    Wow I yelled when I read Cliff won. Now if chompy leaves yee haw

  67. Tam

    Sounds like Chrusty is going. Poor Mel……That van is going to be LOUD AND CHATTY!!!!! If you blow a tire, you can use Chrusty’s air tears to air it back up!!!!!!! Toot toot beep beep…… OUT THE WAY….Special delivery heading to the JH…..

  68. Robin

    This is nice for Nicole to have a resume now.

  69. Holan

    I can’t believe how excited I am to see someone lose.

  70. Mel

    I found myself rooting for Christie in the veto. Tommy needs to go but they’ll evict Christie if she’s otb. Hope it doesn’t bite them in the ass. Tommy staying is better for Jackson and Beth, not Cliff and Nicole imo.

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  72. Mary

    Little nugget got out Christie. Well that’s what I think the vote will be.

  73. Ronduh

    I hope cliff wins next hoh!

  74. Tam

    Never underestimate Nugget and Boss Hogg!!!!! I am so proud of them!!!!!!! Nicole just showed she ain’t afraid to swing that bat. Take Notes, JJolly……If Tommy goes, it’s going to be a production, Chrusty is going to have Julie’s nerves frazzled and hopefully she will won’t let Chrusty dominate the interview………

  75. Nancy

    Cry chompy..cry as you wave goodbye

    I’ve yelled so much dog is running window to window..protecting me..thinks someone is outside

  76. mona77450

    I think if Nicole has a 0reference she would want to get rid of Tommy. She sees through his game

  77. Jennifer

    Oh my God Jackson’s face!!!

  78. ingodog

    We (as in my corner of the world) are expected to get some of Dorian on Sunday, with lots of wind and rain. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. Being from a island in the North Atlantic, we are used to it. Nothing to do but wait it out.

  79. Avatar

    Bye Crusty the Cruise Missile

  80. Tiare

    I laughed so hard when Jackson sipped his tea while Christy was crying.

  81. Tam

    Jackson taking that sip during Chrusty doing her Miss America ugly cry speech…..World Peace was the only thing missing…….BYE CHRUSTY…..Varrooom, pedal to the metal….

  82. BBBonbon62

    She did it!! Nugget got rid of the devil.

  83. Gerardo for AFP

    This is the best night of my life. Thank you. Thank you all.


  84. Kari

    O. M. G. I go to the grocery store for maybe half an hour and I come back and all I see is these glorious updates!!!!!!!!!!

    I think this was the perfect HOH for our little peanut to win! I am actually looking forward to watching the episode tonight! It’s been awhile. Now please Cliff do not use the POV and I’m sorry but I want that b**** Christy gone way before Tommy. Tommyis a pain in the ass but I am sick and tired of watching her. They’re all pains in the asses but there’s just something about her that rubs me worse than anybody else. She’s been on the block enough times her ass needs to GO.

    Of course by the time I hits and who knows what’s going to happen. Either way one of them is gone and that’s a good thing unless Cliff decides to use the power of veto which I would hope not??!!

  85. Tam

    AIR TEARS…..I think her nose cries but not her eyes…..

  86. Tam

    OH HELLLL NOOOO, not Swaggy and Bailey……That is a nightmare!!!!!!!

  87. Avatar

    Perfect addition for this season, forcing Swaggy and Baliegh down our throats again. Way to go CBS

    • Tam

      WELLLL, it’s starting to make sense……It’s the season of fame whores……..Holly will be so happy to share her air time, lol…….. Uggghhhhh, If he brings one of those stupid tee shirts I will lose it….. Just can’t with them………

  88. mustangsally

    Ugg, not swaggy & bailey.

  89. ElaineB

    Wow! I am in shock and awe of this DE! Wheeeeeeeee! Now I can sit down and watch this wonderful episode! Chomper Cheeks is finally gone. And thank goodness, she didn’t have a week to motor mouth her BS! Okay, off to watch this greatness!

  90. Sunny

    Noooooo – really we have to deal with Swaggy and Bayleigh again!! Aren’t their 15 minutes up already!! They’re already secretly married but aren’t announcing it. I didn’t hear what they’re doing cuz I tuned out once I saw their names.

    • Jenny

      I was so disgusted to see those idiots are being given more air time. Ugh. I hate to say this (I mean I REALLY hate it) but is it possible CBS is using them because they aren’t white? They’ve brought back other couples… were any of them people of color? (I hate that term too, but there doesn’t seem to be any good way to say it.) Or, maybe people who only saw the CBS show like them?
      Feel free to correct me, and I sure hope I am not offending anybody with this post. I hope I’m wrong about race being any factor in this.

      • Jenny

        dang it, I’m worried my post will make people think I have an issue with those 2 based on their ethnicity. Argh. What I was trying to do was offer a possible explanation as to why CBS would bring back a couple that most of us would prefer to never see again. I didn’t want to see Rachel and Brendan again either, but it seems they do have a lot of fans. So does the non-BBJ crowd love Bay & Swag? Or is CBS pandering?

      • ElaineB

        I am convinced Bayleigh and Chris are a couple, because being BB related, it still gives them reason to exist. Let a few seasons pass, and folks will be going ‘Who?” Thx for the heads up….will miss whatever part of the episode they are on.

      • Tam

        I know I don’t like them for who they are not because of the color of their skin. That is not even an issue for me. I just can’t tolerate them because of so many issues. CBS is reaching on that one, I guess. Just senselessness to bring them back. There are plenty of other annoying people for them to bring back. Honestly, I would love to see Donny come host. I love him because he was just a good down to earth man that was funny and sweet. He may not have been the cream of the crop for CBS, but they seem to pull people that they hope will draw in viewers. I would like Sam from last season to come in. She would be a definite hoot. But she probably has nightmares from being in there. Just mo

      • Mary

        Ask Ann how she likes Bayleigh……………LOL

  91. Helen

    So I guess we will get another week of Jackson and Holly in the HOH….
    At least I can look forward to BB comics….
    Who will go OTB with Tommy? Cliff or Nicole?

    • Tam

      NOOOO, don’t manifest it Helen….Hopefully Cliff wins and put JJ or HollyBeth and Tommy back up. Would JJ use it on himself to save HollyBeth or pull the ripcord and cut her loose finally…. SOrr for all the typos, keys are trying tooo sttick again and screen is flashing.

  92. Tam

    Thank you, so much, STEVE!!!!! Is that why the puppies are still being shown on live feeds? Ready to see more of Nicole……I want to see her get her letter and basket.

  93. mustangsally

    That move by Nicole just might get her AFP, why is she crying?

  94. Mary

    I would like to see Cliff win this upcoming HOH and give the room to Nicole for the week.

  95. Nikki

    Sayonara Crustie! THANK YOU Jesus and Nicole! (Oh an no more annoying Jess either!

    PS – Julie spent a lot more time talking to CC.
    And who would blame her!!

  96. Sunny

    Also – yeaaaaahhhhhhh! Nicole won – so happy for her!

  97. Avatar

    Hell! First time poster here. Been reading this awesome blog for about 8 weeks now and felt the need to post tonight. Does anyone else see the brilliant move that Jackson made tonight? He got Cliff and Nicole to vote out Christie and then with BB Comics coming Cliff will be out. Basically might as well write the check to jackson as he basically won it tonight. How did Cliff not see that Jackson had him reeled in doing the job he couldn’t do three weeks ago? I am not a Jackson fan at all and I know I am in the minority but from day one was a Christie fan. Yes she is/was annoying at times but she played the game socially hard.

  98. Nikki

    Will BB Comics be for HOH or Veto?

  99. Petty Betty

    So I am really glad to see Christie go….but I’m still not convinced it’s what was best for Nicole and Cliff. I just think Jolly is a stronger duo. Plus, they inherit Tommy. Tough choice either way.

  100. Mary

    Laughing Jackson and Tommy packing up Christie’s clothes.

  101. Jenny

    NICOLE and CLIFF are in the FINAL FIVE!!!!!

    And Jackson’s face when he voted out Christie was awesome. And that sip of his drink during her eviction speech made me snort.

    Thank you BB Gods (and BBJ’s) for this moment of total happiness tonight.

  102. Colby

    The best episode of the season and Julie had to go and ruin it at the end by bringing up Swaggy and Bayleigh. Ugh!

  103. Mello_One

    Will the final HOH be played Tonight, or Tomorrow??? I’m kinda thinking they will play the HOH for the week later on tonight.

  104. Mel

    Jackson sipping coffee while Christie was crying was the best….

    Along with-
    Tommy: Cliff, you want to talk?
    Cliff: Tommy: I’m leaving it the same.

  105. Alda

    Jess will be so happy to have her new bff in the jury with her.They can talk and talk and talk all night.

  106. AIO_7

    Cliff thinking that he is in with the IN crowd …


  107. Avatar

    Didn’t see the episode, what was the Swaggy and Bay thing about?

  108. Lather

    Seems I’m better at manifesting than Crustie. Got everything I wanted and a sippy cup shade moment to boot.
    Kudos Nicole & Cliff. Keep it up.

  109. Avatar

    Shaggy and Bayleigh oh,boy just what I want more showmances.

  110. Kel-E

    Christie was crying while talking to Julie and my son was watching with me and said “she doesn’t even have any tears…”

  111. Avatar

    Thank you Jesus. Christie finally gone and I can watch the rest of the season in peace.

    • Avatar

      Mr rockette needs to go next.

      • Mary

        Unfortunately I think Holly will have a say in that, with her pettiness and jealousy , I believe she would vote to keep Tommy over Cliff or Nicole. When they were in the bathroom talking and Jackson was saying how proud he was of Nicole, like a proud dad, Miss Holly got up and walked out. She just can’t stand anyone else getting a compliments from Jackson. She just rubs me the wrong way, how she acts and some of the things she says.

      • Tam

        Mary, I with you on that. Thought I was the only one that caught that. She has worn out any welcome I had for her. She has just become a bebette to me….

  112. Tam

    #STUFHOLLYBETH……Stop that baby talk and telling everyone that you are feeling sick…….Poor Tommy is practically doing lamaze in the boat room…….Dude, you will be ok. He is having separation anxiety…..

  113. Tam

    Mary, here is your song to play for the trip………..
    Ozzy…..Crazy Train

  114. Tam

    WHAT!!!!!!!NO SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT SHE IS ANGELA FROM LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! #STFUHOLLYBETH…..I can’t with her…..She is Dang Sure Not Anywhere Near Angela……In her twisted dreams….. Heaven help me….

    • Mary

      I know, she is not like Angelia far from it. Far, far, from it.

    • Tam

      She just floored me with that comment. Angela had class. This chick is a trip. HB is everything that Angela wasn’t. Everyone called Angela furniture. HB is just a mattress imo. She needs to make a name for herself and keep Angela’s name or persona out of her mouth and stop trying to be someone else. As JJ has told her if you don’t like something about yourself, change it. She hasn’t done that, at all. She has to realize one day that we don’t like her because she is always seeing fame and not trying to be real. That’s on her. I just can’t with her. IMO she is just a bonne a rienne……..a definite couyan at this point…..

  115. Vikki T

    A little music to start the party (hope it works).
    Kool & The Gang…..Celebration

  116. LynnD

    I don’t know what keeps happening. My posts keep disappearing. All I caught real quick that jess went home then I saw Christy was on the Block and for quick second I was able to see that Nicole was HOH. So I just wanted to say a quick congrats to Nicole way to go I’m so happy and proud. Xfinity has totally effed up my whole entire night. And I’m super excited to try and )watch this episode now. I’m closing this out quick before it disappears again this is No Lie the sixth time I am trying to write a post. So way to go Nicole! Nancy finally gassing up that van did not go to waste we got 2 headaches out of the house in one shot and now going to excuse myself and go try to watch this episode and get off this site before my comment disappears again. with how excited as I am I’m pretty sure I will be back and attempt to make comments for bbad tonight

  117. hogwild

    The 1990s version of IT is on again tonight so in honor of that.

  118. Colby

    I wonder if Jess packed the bottle of wine that Christie wouldn’t let her drink on Taco Tuesday. LOL

  119. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    Yeehaw! All prayers answered tonight. This is the first week in a month that football hasn’t preempted eviction night, and with Dorian bearing down, I was worried that the local news would, or the power go out. I got to see the witch get blindsided, Nicole get a win and Jackson recreate the Kermit meme. It was fabulous!

  120. Helen

    Next HOH just started….
    I’m speculating it will be another Jackson HOH….

  121. Avatar

    Christie is evicted and my Packers are about to win the game. This has to be one of the best days of the year

  122. ElaineB

    I am so glad that Christie is gone! I got teary with Nicole’s win. I think back to the 6/8/9 HGs in the HOH, earlier in the season, smack talking Nicole and the Outsiders. Manifest karma, Christie……..cause it is a bitch! Though I would have enjoyed seeing Christie eliminated over Sis, having her evicted on a DE, with no chance to spin/beg, and on Nicole’s HOH…..has been much sweeter! Well done Nicole and Cliff!

  123. Avatar

    Nicole and cliff just handed the final 2 to Miche and Holly. For a smart girl, that was a bone head move. And cliff is smarter than he portrayed by not using the veto and getting a power person out! And I really don’t want douche bag Miche or his follower Holly to win. Dumbest moves of the season tonight!

  124. hogwild

    Should I keep my Pennywise avatar until tomorrow or switch back to my Dallas Stars one tonight?

  125. Avatar

    Let’s say Tommy wins the next HOH. Will he see that he stands a better chance of winning with nicole and cliff vs Jackson and holly? That maybe a backdoor for jackson this week?

    • AIO_7

      Could be, could be.

    • hogwild

      I’m thinking Tommy might very align with Cliff and Nicole he has gotten really tight with Nicole over the past week and he knows Cliff will jump onboard if it keeps him off the block.

      • Colby

        Very possible. He may think he would have a better chance of beating them in the end because JJ and Holly have better resumes.
        But he also has wanted Cliff out for a while.

    • Helen

      Would be dangerous …say Cliff wins HOH. If he puts up Tommy and either Jackson or Holly he risks Jackson or Tommy winning veto and pulling themselves off…then he is stuck putting Nicole OTB…best to just bite the bullet and put up Jackson and Holly…If one of them win veto he has Tommy as a replacement…

  126. hogwild

    I’m going to try and manifest a Cliff HOH win.

    • danmtruth

      Just got to watch the show again quick observation
      Julie gave Jess a hug but not christie
      Loved the JJ sipping coffee to hide his happiness over Christie finally going
      On the puzzle HOH Holly was not trying Christie looked as bad as Kaytlyn must be a some cosmic block that people so in tune with the universe cant do puzzles Tommy was trying
      Second best shot was the look christie gave when nicole said she was going on the block What kind of monster am i that i get such joy out of her pained look yet i will sleep fine
      Next moment of joy Cliff telling Tommy nothing to talk about he is respecting Nicoles picks
      With all that joy comes the disapoining news Swagga and baylie will be hoasting the next HOH We just can’t get a full nicrday in

      • Tam

        It was glorious, Dan, then Julie dropped a bomb on us…..Well, at least, we got to see Nicole win and so did her family. That is a definite win in my book…..

    • Avatar

      Cliff is ok , but he doesn’t have the knuckles ( polite word of choice here ) Seems like nicole knows what has to be done. Cliffy is back peddling trying to fancy around it. Tommie hasn’t really won shit especially when it was needed , ok 2 vetoes. . Hoh. It was non threading time in house. Not a threat. Holly and Jackson, that would be ridiculous to knowingly go into that situation. When there’s no need to.
      We shall see… They would do it , hell Jackson was trying to dump on nicole early on. I see holly obviously polished up momma boy Jackson. A lill

  127. hogwild

    I’m calling it a night hoping to wake up and see cllff is HOH.

  128. Mary

    New thread………….

  129. Avatar

    Thanks Steve. I just wonder why now 4 people are following jacka$$’s orders. I hope someone else will wake the heck up and start playing the game for themselves instead of asking “captain may I ” for permission.

  130. Avatar

    Good lord. I’m not a hater. But im darn close to it with Jackson. Im sorry , I’m sorry, I just CAN NOT STOMACHE THAT MARSHMELLOW HEAD. HAHAHA… HE’S calm cool and collective now he’s in the house with ALL WEAK OPPONENTS other than holly but ya know.
    Cliff is a bit of a show boat too talking to himself for the cameras.
    Can’t wait till this is over … hopefully next year is a better pic of players this YEAR honestly SUCKED and I was more angry with BB than I enjoyed.

  131. Avatar

    Well, aillll be, she used it, wil they do the ultimate. Jackson really seemed to enjoy it. Prob. Doesn’t want to go up against Holly.
    Cliff is the weAsle, nicole could have made the biggest best move of the year. By taking holly out on Thursday. Nice to have Holly sweat for a day. They had no problem using cliff as pawn.
    If they can’t see what’s going down if they don’t vote out holly…cra, cra. Lol
    Nicole could make play of the year and hopefully win. Only if she makes that move

  132. Avatar

    Im really hoping that Cliff goes. He definitely deserves it I think they call it Karma. Lol I would love to see nicole n holly beat out mickie mouse. I would hate to see him Get any place other than 3rd you know that no money place. I will laugh my arse off again if he cries like he did other day. My God that was great.

  133. Avatar

    Im really hoping that Cliff goes. He definitely deserves it. I think they call it Karma. Lol I would love to see nicole n holly beat out mickie mouse. I would hate to see him Get any place other than 3rd you know that no money place. I will laugh my arse off again if he cries like he did other day. My God that was great. Cliffy that weasel .. cliff deserves nothing back stabbing

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