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Big Brother 21 – Season Finale Live Updates

Good evening, everyone!


We’ve made it. Day 99. And now it’s time for the night everyone has come to expect – the night of disappointment as a winner is chosen and fans get pissed. Tyler fans got pissed last year, Paul fans the year before. Paul fans again the year before that. Nobody really cared when Steve won 17, so I guess 16 was the last time someone won who fans were generally pleased with the result (Derrick). I know Cody had plenty of fans who were upset he lost, but it’s not like he lost due to a bitter jury or some ridiculous reason. Derrick played a great game and I’m sure even many Cody fans could see that. It’s not like Josh or Nicole doing nothing all summer then getting handed half a million because their opponent sucked at jury management.

And for the record, Kaycee played a really good game but Tyler was just more of a fan favorite and played harder for longer. Kaycee was AWOL the first half of the season and then won a bunch of veto competitions and did nothing with them. Seriously, she won 5 out of 6 veto competitions and never once used it. Of course that’s because she didn’t have to but she typically didn’t have to because of the game Tyler played to set up their alliance to make up 4 of the final 6 (with JC and Sam as Tyler’s side alliances rounding out the other 2).

I wasted two paragraphs talking about old seasons, but that’s probably because I don’t really expect to write much about the episode tonight. It’ll be highlights of the boring house then some jury discussion then the winner. I’m sure the jury stuff will be interesting, but the rest – meh. Before the show begins, I should make my prediction…


(predicted votes for winner)

Juror Predicted Actual
Jack Jackson Jackson
Kat Holly Holly
Analyse Jackson Jackson
Nick Jackson Jackson
Jessica Holly Holly
Christie Holly Jackson
Tommy Holly Jackson
Cliff Jackson Jackson
Nicole Jackson Holly


Here is my reasoning for this:

Jack and Jackson are close. Analyse was pretty pissed at Holly plus she’ll probably just vote with Jack. I think Nick respects Jackson’s game and competition wins. The big surprise of this will be Cliff and Nicole voting for Jackson. I believe Cliff will be flipped by Dr Will in the roundtable because he’s a Big Brother fan and knows how hard Jackson played. He’ll no longer be bitter and I doubt he’ll want to hand Holly the money. Nicole I believe similar reasons, but she’s smart enough to already know this without being swayed by Dr Will.


For Holly, she’ll have Kat for sure. Jessica will probably vote based on gender. Christie and Tommy are probably going to be annoyed at Jackson for going too far with his lie. I mean a game move is one thing but Tommy was practically in tears and had his game stripped over a complete fabrication.

Holly could win if Cliff or Nicole flip but once again like most of the season, Nicole should be the deciding vote and I believe she’s going to vote for gameplay rather than spite.

Ok, time to publish and watch about 45 minutes of crap before they finally get to the good stuff…

Wow they jump right in with the round table. I guess there weren’t many highlights to show…

  • Nick is about comp wins
  • Kat says they’re not, same with Jessica
  • Cliff wants Jackson to just admit he played dirty
  • The jury is pretty well in favor of Nicole. Too bad she won’t make f2
  • Sis is really anti-Holly

Time to watch Nicole lose part 2

I can’t believe she lost this comp. It was built for her.

Ok, time for the final competition

  • Question 1 – Tied 1-1
  • Question 2 – Tied 2-2
  • Question 3 – Tied 3-3
  • Question 4 – Tied 4-4
  • Question 5 – Jackson leads 5-4
  • Question 6 – Jackson leads 6-5
  • Question 7 – Jackson leads 7-6
  • Question 8 – Jackson wins 8-7

Nicole evicted


Cliff asks how important jury management is since he left a lot of bad goodbye messages

Tommy asks about Jackson being degrading and he just denies it

Analyse asks about Holly’s game and Holly once again says they played different games

Final arguments…

Jackson’s done everything and won every comp and he’s amazing and carried Holly (paraphrased)


Holly was underestimated. She claims she was in mensa? She says ‘do you want the frontline soldier or the sniper’

Votes are done, now we get to see the pre-jury

I want to see what Bella has to say about Nick

Kemi asks Jack, Jackson, Christie, and Nick what their obsession with her was.


Jack apologizes while Jackson and Christie deny.

Julie calls Jackson out about picking David, Kemi, and Jessica for camp were because of minorities.  She’s been waiting all season for that. Jackson denies it entirely and says it was strictly game.

Julie asks Nick about Bella/Kat and he says he takes responsibility for it all and he likes Kat. Bella says she was hurt for being made to look stupid.

Summary – Jack owned up for his comments. Nick owned up for being a douchebag to Bella. Everyone else denied being assholes.


Votes now!  Look up

Jackson wins. He did NOT look happy. Wow. All he wanted was the confetti but is now known as a racist. This is like a ‘be careful what you wish for’ fable.

America’s Favorite – NICOLE!


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  1. AIO_7

    I’m here for the finale show, I guess. Feeling kind of LOWDOWN about the end of BB, and especially how BB is ending.


  2. Nikki

    Praying for a miracle for Nicole!

    Julie looks fantastic!

  3. g8trgirl

    Julie looks good except for the pony tail. Could have done a little better on the hair.

  4. g8trgirl

    Too much lipstick on Dr. Will.

  5. danmtruth

    This is one of the most depressing final Oh well What is worse no matter how much we camplain production feels that the showmance thing works

  6. AIO_7

    Sis is actually smarter than Kat.

  7. Nikki

    Should there be a vote about who is the bigger idiot??? Kat or Sis?

  8. Nikki

    Do we know what happened to the like button?

  9. Jenny

    Jessica’s scream as she fell. Jackson with “where’s Mama when i need her?” – lolz aplenty!

  10. AIO_7

    I’ll say it again; since it’s pretty sure neither takes Nicole to F2, my best case scenario is Holly wins F2, takes Jackson, jackson wins, and Holly wonders for the rest of her life if she pissed away $450,000.

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    I’m sitting here getting madder at the moment with Cliff. He just had the nerve to tell the roundtable that JJ had convinced him and Nicole in reference to Tommy. What a crock of sh*t! JJ didn’t convince Nicole, Cliff’s dumb ass did. Call it like it is, we all saw it!

  13. danmtruth

    Cliff is doing his best to undercut Michie What he said about owning that he played people is correct Just stop the i played with honesty and integrity
    Knowning this first part and all this Dr Will jurry diliberation is staged to make drama

  14. NKogNeeTow

    Nicole’s family is there…YEA! And one of her sisters looks exactly like her.

  15. hogwild

    It would appear Cliff, Sis, Tommy and Christie are not that impressed with Jackson.

  16. Amber

    Just called salty Sis a bottom feeder to her face. I’m entertained already!

  17. Nikki

    I wonder what they put in the Kool-Aid that they gave those people at the roundtable to drink… I cannot believe that anybody has anything positive or impressive to say about Holly. It is truly shocking to me.

  18. mustangsally

    IDK Sis seems awfully confused.

  19. Jenny

    Anybody else missing the up/down thumbies? My page says has this instead:
    WordPress Like Button [?]
    if I click on [?]I get
    [Maximum pageviews for FREE account reached – 1M. Please upgrade at least to PLUS]


  20. Mel

    So far, I’m feeling good about my useless predictions. Lol

  21. KelBel

    Boycotting the show – sorta… I’m watching The Challenge and DVRing BB…but here with you all to hear what’s going on!
    As many have already said, thank you Steve, Mel, NK, and Mike for all your hard work, your humor, and insight during the season!

  22. Mel

    Part 2, not shocked since Beth has rock climbed and she has almost a foot on nicole

  23. danmtruth

    So hard to watch that memory comp

  24. LynnD

    Starting the episode now. I LOVE having a dvr and fast forwarding commercials. (Got caught up in the final episode of Suits. Good thing that is also on my dvr)

  25. LynnD

    Damn! They all look tan.

  26. Annabelle

    Nicole woulda won this part 3 easy damn production

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  28. Nikki

    Jacks hair looks so greasy.

  29. Avatar

    Well Kat got to talk about Brett for one last timethis season

  30. hogwild

    Here is my prediction baring a major shock of Nicole making F2 not expecting that an asshole will win the half million and a real sweetheart will winAFP.

  31. AIO_7

    This is so anti-climatic.

  32. LynnD

    Was that just Tom Greene I saw in the audience? If so how is it he can sit and chill in the audience and they don’t let family members be in the audience? That is complete BS.

  33. Nikki

    Did anybody catch what Jackson just answered yes to?

    (Also, Nicole said she got them all right!)

  34. g8trgirl

    I wonder if Brett’s there. If he is, I he’s undercover so Kat doesn’t jump him.

  35. Vikki T

    I love that they put Sis back in the chicken costume.

  36. AIO_7

    “Ride or die” alright.

  37. danmtruth

    Miss the thumbs
    Michie is going to have a hard time with the questions

  38. AIO_7

    Thanks, Cliff.

  39. Amber

    Come get the love Nicole!!!

  40. AIO_7

    Those two phonies don’t love Nicole.

  41. Nikki

    Am I the only asshole crying for Nicole? Lol

  42. Annabelle

    Nicole looks amazing.

  43. KelBel

    Oh Nicole….what a sweet, wonderful young woman. She is a true role model for life!!!

  44. Avatar

    I love you Nicole!

  45. g8trgirl

    I finally figured out who Holly looks like tonight…Morticia from the Adaams Family.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    I am NOT a crier. But when Nicole looked out and saw her family…

  47. Mel

    Omg ,
    Nicole said “I dont get butt hurt” on national television.

  48. Annabelle

    Jackson NEVER was demeaning or degrading to anyone…..wow

  49. danmtruth

    BS on michie do you know everything you said and did was recorded
    Are we not going to see the other HG talk to the jury

  50. Nikki

    The jury ladies were never told, if you are in a dress, you cross your legs or ankles. SHEESH!

  51. Avatar

    You can tell the BS in Jack**s and Hollybeth’s answers to the Jury

  52. Amber

    Holly just made Jackson mad. Now he won’t even take her on a trip… she better hope this works lol

  53. mustangsally

    They sounds like a politician, never a straight answer.

  54. AIO_7

    I think CBS knows they screwed the pooch with this showmance making it to F2. So boring. It’s like who cares.

  55. g8trgirl

    Cliff is going to need higher boots to wade through all the bullshit that’s going to come crashing out that door.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    I HATE THESE TWO SOOOOOOO MUCH! I did like it when she just referred to him as a tool though…lol

  57. Mel

    Michie pissed at Beth. Lol

    I still think he’s winning

  58. Annabelle

    Please CBS split screen on Nicole and Beth if you let nicole have afp pleeaasse

  59. Charlotte

    At this very moment I don’t necessarily want Holly to win, but I want her to take it from Jackson! That turd is mad because her answers weren’t terrible and she actually has a shot at this! When they broke for commercial she reached for his hand and he didn’t budge. All around ass is what he is.

    • AIO_7

      Both of them are asses.

    • g8trgirl

      He’s going to be so shocked to find that a lot of America does NOT love or even like him.

    • Tomi Myers

      I agree Charlotte, I was fixated on Snackson’s body language toward FAH during the whole of the show. He was very dismissive toward her, ignoring her and looked like he was trying his hardest to distance himself physically & emotionally from her. Try as she may to take his hand, he completely ignored her, as if she wasn’t there. Her reaction was also quite readable, confused, upset and embarressed. His not “celebrating with a smile, excitement and glee” of having learned he won enough votes to take the $500K was as fake as he is. What was he thinking, trying to convey to the public, his family, the audience, both in attendance and on TV? Who knows, but like most of the season, I wasn’t buying what he was trying to sell. I believe Holly could have won the final HOH had she not been so hung up in her mind about her image, she KNEW the answer, yet choked. She didn’t pay complete attention to the question and answers, thus she lost by one point. I’m willing to bet, Snackson was given the answers to those questions. Personally I would have loved Nicole win her place into F2 over Holly, but she got the best of herself, she got into her own head, and that cost her the win. Holly’s speech, although awful and full of Sh*T, she did say one thing correct, using Snackson as a TOOL. I’m happy that got into his craw. I have never liked people like him.

  60. Kari

    *Hoping for a must improved in 2020*

    Until next time BBJ’rs, take care and can be blessed!!

  61. Alda

    Jackson sounds like a robot politician.

  62. Nikki

    Have not!!!
    He may have had the title, but NEVER faced the have not life!

  63. Avatar

    Please shut up Jackson you cheated when you were a have not

  64. danmtruth

    Um um um sit down Holly
    Who gets the stool

  65. AIO_7


  66. Amber

    I’m from the middle of nowhere so I must be dumb? I’m petite so I must be weak? Umm

  67. NKogNeeTow

    I love Julie’s impatience tonight. I know how she feels. They both talk to damn much.

  68. Nikki

    NK – finally – in less than 30 minutes, you won’t have to wish for Jolly to STFU!

  69. Avatar

    Jackson looks upset with Holly’s comments.

  70. Annabelle

    His cheeks and eyes give him away. Nicole’s statement was curious makes me think she learned something was not as she thought Cant wait for her vote

  71. Nikki

    And I do believe they just voted to give Jackson 500K.
    Jackson votes:

    Holly votes:

  72. NKogNeeTow

    Damn these commercials. I just want to get this over with so we can get to AFP.

  73. Mel

    Can we just do AFP already?

  74. NKogNeeTow

    I forgot to ask, Mel did you get the link or site for the after-show interviews?

  75. Amber

    This part is amazing! Feel sorry for anyone who left early. Christi just blamed hormones.

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  77. KelBel

    Watching Ovi and Kemi getting to have their say has been worth the past few weeks of crap.

    …..and CC just blamed hormones again. Cue Hog’s cow chewing.

  78. Vikki T

    JJs cheeks are redder than a fire truck.

  79. Annabelle

    Omg I bet holly is starting to have a heart attack realizing how bad they look

  80. danmtruth

    Intresting that they are doing this line of questioning how they are going after the jury members
    Christie useing the hormones Michie is acting shocked and does nit know Kimie good answer about them not knowing what they are apologizing for

  81. AIO_7

    That wasn’t you “mind”, Nick.

  82. hogwild

    I’m going to give Jack some credit here in response to the stuff with Kemi and the others he was the only one who really seemed sorry and sincere in his response.

  83. AIO_7

    IMHO … Just on looks alone, Bella was the best looking woman in the house this year.

  84. CentersJ

    Sorry CBS, too late. Sad seeing them trying to save face at the END of the season. CBS should have dealt with all these perceived biases up front!! Kick them out!!! There should have been no tollerence!

    • Mello_One

      Centers…TRUE! I haven’t seen BB yet, because I’m on the West Coast….But CBS/Big Brother has to be held accountable for some of what occurred this season also, for the racism, & bullying. When CBS Cast these contestants they should inform them that Racist, & Bullying Behavior will not be tolerated at all?!

  85. Mel

    Damn, they went somber on this finale. Good for production.

  86. g8trgirl

    Was it fair for Julie to blindside JJ about his possible racism? He didn’t know specifics, because it wasn’t that he just voted those people out but also some of the comments that he made that got people angry.

  87. amareels

    Love the ending shot to commercial, Jackson and Holly maybe getting a hint of what they are going to be facing when they walk out into the real world.

  88. danmtruth

    Michie is mad YOU KNOW he is still asking Holly what just happened

  89. Avatar

    I really want to hear what Jackson and Hollybeth were saying just before the break because you know they have to be worrying about how the world sees them now

  90. Alda

    Jackson is so confused .he never did anything wrong.At least Jack apologized.

  91. Nikki

    Holly still can’t shit up!

  92. Avatar

    Ugh!!!! BARF!!!!! I hate these 2people with a burning passion!!!!

  93. KelBel

    Way to look excited about your win, Jackass!

    Now lets see Nicole get her crown!!!

  94. Amber

    Never seen a winner look so happy….or not

  95. mustangsally

    JJ not looking too happy after winning, he knows.

  96. BBGurl

    Just had to open a magnum of champagne to celebrate Nicole’s eviction. Not sure which makes me happier. The delicious bubbly or seeing her get the boot. I think all the idiots crying and whining over on Twitter makes me the happiest. Now as long as that “useless as tits on a bull” Kemi doesn’t win AFP, it’s going to be a great night. Sure do hope ya’ll are having as much fun as I am. lol

    • gigi

      Nicole: America’s Favorite! Rock On!

    • danmtruth

      Congrats on Michie winning and nicole landslide AFP win Be happy for both

    • g8trgirl

      (Sorry NK)

      **This comment has been removed for an attack on a fellow board member.**

      Sorry G8s, you know I love you liked cooked food, which is also why you know why I can’t let your comment stay. I’ve addressed it further down. 🙂

      NK, Moderator

      • KelBel

        Of all the posts I want to thumb up, you nailed that one, g8trgirl!!! <3 I'd create 80 fake profiles to give you 80 thumbs up but, well, I'm content with having a life lol

      • Annabelle

        Thank you g8tor! Maybe she will take her many profiles and stay gone. If not oh well I love my positive bbjunkie buddies and will look forward to next year with a better group of houseguests

      • g8trgirl

        I’m sorry I put you in that position, NK. She just ticked me off one too many times lately. Out of respect to you, I hadn’t posted anything in her earlier posts, but today she just got under my skin.
        I’ll behave.

      • mm22

        I missed the comment! Uugh

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sherri, your entire last comment has been removed and you know the reason why. On another thread, you claimed to be a professional, yet you continue to troll this site like a 14-year-old boy. If you are the adult you claim you are, THEN ACT LIKE IT. If not, then this isn’t the site for you and please move on. If you continue to act this way then all future comments will be removed. This isn’t debatable nor up for discussion.

    • NKogNeeTow

      It’s not your choice of favorite HG. It’s not even the gloating. I have no problem with either of those things. What I do have a problem with is the baiting. And before you deny it, you know what you’re doing, I know what you’re doing, anyone who can read knows what you’re doing. I’ve asked you nicely in the past to please stop. It’s the end of the season and I’m asking you for the last time. I’ve always said that everyone is welcome here, even if they’re opinions don’t mesh with that of the majority. I’m trying really hard not to go back on that. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed your time here. I also hope that you come back with a better attitude, or not. 🙂

  97. hogwild

    Kind of interesting Jack staryed off to the side and didn’t want to be near his bromance buddy.

  98. Mel

    I’ve never seen such an unhappy winner. Lol

  99. Nikki

    Jackson is really upset about being seen as racist.

    I do hope he learns a great deal about perception from this!

  100. Tracy

    Awww….boo hoo hoo…did me self centered finally realized what a douche and a dick america knows he is!! Boo hoo hoo

  101. Tracy

    Awww….boo hoo hoo…did mr self centered finally realize what a douche and a dick america knows he is!! Boo hoo hoo

  102. danmtruth

    Seeing michie so upset makes it worth it

  103. Avatar

    This PC BS needs to stop…..these are real people living in the real world. All people dont think the same….This show was ridiculous….

  104. Charlotte

    So very happy to see Nicole win AFP! Glad this is finally over. Thank you for a great summer once again! To my BBJ family…….”I love you all so much”!! Ha ha! But really, I like you all a whole lot!

  105. AIO_7

    Anyone else crashing?

  106. Avatar

    Not a huge Michie fan but calling him a racist over the banishment picks was BS. Also if your going to call people out have a little content like they did when they called out Jax. All in all a terrible ending to a terrible season

  107. hogwild

    For Nicole the AFP winner and in my opinion the real winner this season.

  108. Annabelle

    I dont know what his mama was saying but the only word I heard was internet. Rewound twice. I think Jack may have learned something and boy Beth will next days. Jax couldn’t get away from the question of a continued relationship quick enough huh

    • KelBel

      Yeah, Jackass didn’t seem to be relishing in his win that he did for his parents (gag, whatever)…they seemed to be hashing out how he has been seen on tv… too little too late!

    • Tam

      He was really concerned about it. Something tells me that he is worried about this because it may have an impact on any perceptions that are being perceived by the status of his charges. If he is on any probationary issues he may be concerned that this would affect him. Thinking that him getting out of TN maybe for him to grow and mature and put some distance away from the circumstances. But could be totally wrong, but something tells me that all his worrying in the house had to do with his troubles back home and was worried that Momma wasn’t going to approve or put up with his bs and put them back in a non favorable light………Time will tell…….
      Watermelons stat!!!! Momma get me out this place and coddle me some more….

  109. hogwild

    I thought it was funny when Nicole voted she said something along the lines of living with the two of you for a week I have seen the real you and am voting acordingly. Tramslation Jackson your full of shit.

  110. Avatar

    Wow CBS, you did the impossible. You made me feel bad for Jackson.

    Why doesn’t someone ask CBS why they only put a couple of minorities in the house? Their answer is a simple one, that production sees them as “tokens”.

    I have 20 seasons of proof of this, why the mother fuck aren’t they called out?

    Horrible cast deserved a horrible ending..and CBS delivered.

    • Mello_One

      brs1 FACTS….And CBS needs to be held accountable for their actions in Casting these people also. After all this is not the First time BB has fielded a house of Bullies, & Racist.

    • AIO_7

      Only bright spot was the last 2 minutes.

    • Colby

      This may not be a popular opinion so I’m kinda glad the thumbs are gone. LOL
      Those that believe ‘they only put a couple of minorities in the house’ obviously are referring to blacks.
      This year there were 6 houseguests that were not white, Kimi, David, Ovi, Jess, Bella, and Sis.
      Everything is not black or white, and racism is not a one way street.
      The one thing I will give production credit for is that I do believe they select the group of houseguests to represent the race ratio within the country. The numbers may be very different after the upcoming census since they only do them every 10 yrs.

      • Avatar

        I actually agree with you Colby. I just had a real issue with CBS trying to take a high road over the picks that Jackson made and automatically calling it racist.

        I do not think for a second that Jack or Jackson were racist at all. I think they were both fucking douche bags, but hell that describes me as well.

        It was the hypocrisy of it all that I have an issue with

  111. BBGurl

    Raises my glass and gives you a heart felt toast, while doing my happy dance.
    Cha cha cha weeee!!!! woot woot!! Finally a non bitter jury. Was beginning to think it didn’t exist.

  112. hogwild

    I gave Jjack some credit for his response to Kemi so I wil give some to Holly as well when Julie announced Nicole as AFP winner she seemed truly happy for her.

  113. Vikki T

    I have not been on for the last couple of days due to work and other commitments but wanted to say a huge Thank You to Steve, Mel, NK and all of the posters. We have a great place to discuss, agree, disagree, joke and gripe about our obsession. I love the format and interaction and this is part of what kept me here. Til next time…take care to all, be safe and BE A BUTTERFLY! Love the BBJ Family!!!

  114. Mello_One

    Can someone tell me what this (WordPress Like Button) Is??? And is it going to take the place of the Thumbs Up/Down Button?

    • Vikki T

      The license/subscription must have expired. It happen possibly last year (I think) and there would be a cost to renew and would only need it a couple of days. I don’t blame Steve for not renewing and wasting the money.

    • hogwild

      I think Steve has to reauthorize something to keep the thumbs up and down button I’m pretty sure we had the same thing this time last season. maybe a day later.

    • danmtruth

      Steve disabled it I believe he said it cost extra to have it Please dont quote me on that
      Does anyone know where we can see live interviews of the HG
      I think it was BB17, OR 18 that the live feeds had the backyard interview on live than out at some party outside a bar

  115. hogwild

    Now I have to start planning memes and gifs for next season the work of an off center mind is never done.

  116. hogwild

    Oh anyone else notice now Celebrity Big brother announcement from Julie at the end of the show?

  117. mustangsally

    JJ parents look elderly, considering he is 24. I bet they weren’t too happy having him called by their last name,all season and dragging it through the mud, maki g sex tapes on the internet. I hope his mama kicks his ass.

  118. BBGurl

    yikes! kemi looked like a bad imitation of one of “Ru’ Paul’s Drag Race” transvestites. Maybe she’s looking for a new job.

    • danmtruth

      How disappointing it is for some people not to have the thumbs up or diwn buttons Everyone looked well put together for tonights shiw

    • KelBel

      Interesting…I find that men dressed as women, transvestites if you will, often look more beautiful than many actual women. Kemi is a very attractive woman who looks like a woman.

      I hope that if there are any members on this site who are cross-dressers or transvestites or identify as the opposite sex they were born, that you understand not all of us have such hateful hearts. That is just beyond baiting, BBGurl, that is disgusting.

      • Tam

        KelBel, you are so right about this. It’s a shame, but that’s the world that some live in. I thought Kemi looked beautiful and Bella did as well. I love how she handled the situation and addressed it to America that no one should be treated that way. But she didn’t address her actions about the situation with Nicole. I am sure that she will. Nugget showed class by stating she is a forgiving person and her Momma taught her that. Beautiful……..

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m getting tired of asking people to stop taking the bait. You make it to easy.

      • Jenny

        Kemi is beautiful. And Bella too – I didn’t recognize her at first with the new haircut & color. I think both handled themselves well considering the emotional topics they were dealing with.

    • cass

      I’ve been a constant reader of this page for the past 5 or so seasons & have never felt inclined to make a profile until now, since I can’t thumbs down. A lot of BB pages are full of negativity but this isn’t one. Some comments aren’t necessary, & while other pages may welcome that with open arms, this has never seemed like one of them. I hope next season brings you back with less negativity.

    • Mel

      I thought Kemi looked beautiful

    • Rise2thetop

      It’s a sad day when I see offensive comments on the BBJ site.

      Nk – I don’t view this as taking the bait, I view it as standing up against derogatory comments.

  119. Avatar

    Well it’s been fun everyone I am happy knowing each and every one of you and I will miss y’all

    If any of the Jury ends up doing Reddit AMA’s, NK I will send you the link in a PM, because I know you want juicy jury secrets

  120. Sassy

    Jack May have accepted responsibility but he was given this info weeks ago and allowed time to craft his responses. He knew what she Hong’s she was talking about. CC was shocked to be part of it, she’s going to be even more shocked when she sees she wasn’t liked by America. JJ didn’t think they would come at him like this tonight. I liked that Kemi included the bystanders, although they all had I can’t believe that happened looks.

    All the showmances will be flabbergasted at how much America really knows about them and their doings. Cliffs popularity went down considerably during this show. He came across as a whiny Biotch. Extremely bitter and wanted people to hate JJ for not honoring a handshake. Get over it man! There are a TON of reasons not to like JJ, not honored a handshake isn’t in the top 100!!

    This is the WORST cast ever!! I can’t say I really liked any of them! Sorry folks, not even Nicole. She was given a lot of credit for “influencing” people, but she really didn’t. She may have tried, but failed. She is probably a genuinely nice and sincere human, but that just isn’t enough for the GAME, in my opinion. All these people can go back to the holes they crawled out of for all I care.

  121. danmtruth

    David Kimmie and Ovi came out as well thought out Well spoken and intelligent
    Michie’s parents were trying to tell him not to worry about the internet people

    • Tam

      Dan, yes they did. I was proud of them. But that is just who they are! Regarding JJ’s parents. Yea, ok……. He should worry. I am sure that this is going to follow him for the rest of his young life unless he truly makes some serious changes. He needs to really go back and watch everything, not just the shows, and do some serious, serious reflections. That coddling crap needs to end. He will never change as long as they keep setting him up for the same behaviors and one day it will bite him hard in the ass. He should stop weight lifting and get into counselling fast……..Only saying that because he has no self awareness and he is going to have a rough life when his parents pass and no one is there to pat him on the back, coddle or make everything better for him. Boy is just delusional……..I would feel sorry for him, but he makes it so hard…..He would do very well to take notes on Nugget and her humility and true strength…..IMVHO

    • Colby

      Did you get any kind of answer about there being somewhere to see the backyard interviews?

  122. Tam

    Everyone I have thoroughly enjoyed being with y’all during this season. It’s been a truly welcomed reprieve. Steve, Mel, NK, and Mike thanks for giving us insight, comedy, and a wonderful community or family. I don’t discuss BB with many because they have either passed, are too busy to keep up anymore, or not fans. This is a BBJ family and I am ever so grateful. God bless you all and everyone have a wonderful fall, winter, and spring. Hopefully and Lord willing will be seeing y’all in the fall.
    Laissez les bon temps roulet……….:-)

  123. amareels

    A huge shout out to Steve, Mel, Mike and NK! Thank you for your excellent writing of the daily and nightly happenings in the BB house. I’ll see you all next year!

  124. MeatballSeed

    is there a link to watch the backyard interviews somewhere? or do i need to have purchased the feeds for that?

  125. Avatar

    That was honestly so wrong to do to them right before they announce the winner. The guy couldn’t even be happy for himself to win Big Brother.

    • Tam

      It was well deserved. That’s on him. Production catered to him all season so he got what he wanted and deserved.

      • Avatar

        yes I agree. I can’t understand why Production catered to him but they did and if they wanted to call him out on things so be it.

      • Mello_One

        Tam you take care, until I see you next Summer, and Stay Blessed Young Lady!

      • jimbo

        BS….just because you don’t personally like him that doesn’t mean he should wrongly be branded a racist. Kemi said she was ignoring him, and Jackson said that was the reason he put her up. I cant stand when people wrongly play the racist card.

    • Colby

      That was all an act for his Mama.
      Otherwise, he doesn’t care. He has a large check coming and his steroids and partying to get back to.

    • Sassy

      I agree that it was wrong. Address it in the moment and move on. Yes, he’s an awful human, but he IS a human. He is going to get more than his just dessert in the real world, CBS didn’t need to pile it on and make it worse. IF they wanted a platform for it, they could do a reunion show to allow them to air their grievances, this was not the time or place for it.

      • Avatar

        Yes exactly. They all are going to hear how awful they are but why do that to them right before the winner? It just was so wrong and ruined winning the show.

  126. danmtruth

    Has anyone heard of a show called Sequester on YouTube and tv oarty app need to check it out some people from BBCan regular fans

  127. Avatar

    I learned 2 things tonight

    1. America got the AFP correct, all 3 of them. Personally, I am a Tommy fan but Nicole rocked that shit. I would like to see them both back with an all star cast.

    2. Mrs. Moonves loves rapists, but not racists. Oh what a difference a consonant makes.

    Good luck to anyone considering trying out for BB22.

    • Sassy

      Cast will become more and more fake. It’s about time to end it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Brs: I’m confused by your rapist and racist remark. Where or when did she say she loved rapist?

      Sassy: Did you mean it’s time to end the fake cast or the show?

      • Avatar

        The moment she started using Chen-Moonves

      • Avatar

        On June 21, 2019, advice columnist E. Jean Carroll wrote in a first-person essay in New York that Moonves sexually assaulted her in an elevator in the mid-1990s after she interviewed him for a story. Moonves denied the allegation

        If people are happy that Jackson said he is not a racist and they say “fuck you, you deserve this”……so does Les. And Julie

      • NKogNeeTow

        Like it or not Chen-Moonves IS her legal name. And just because she chose to stay with him was on her, not us. It’s her marriage and she has to figure out how to deal with it and public opinion. Personally, I could care less about her marriage. All she needs to do for me is host BB. Period.

      • Avatar

        Yep and she is a fake ass rapist supporter, Just calling it out just as she did to Jackson

  128. NKogNeeTow

    Sunny, check your messages.

  129. Mel

    I may have to come back tomorrow. Sounds like there might be drama I want to follow for a few days. Lol

  130. Avatar

    Super bummed about this year’s winner!! Does anyone know where we can watch the backyard finale interviews?

  131. Mello_One

    Some of the House Guest Interviews are appearing on Jokersupdates ~ Discussion

  132. Mello_One

    As yet another season of Big Brother comes to an end….Id like to bid Adieu to the Regulars, aka the OG’s of BBJ who go back years on BBJ, & also the Newbies.

    Steve Beans you always deliver an excellent product, whether Big Brother has a good season, or not. NK you are a ((((Boss)))) Periodt! Mel, Dan, Mike…y’all bring up the rear, but are all awesome, remember that!

    I love my BBJ Fam, & look forward to meeting up in the same place for BB22 with ALL of you.

  133. Mom

    Been a BB fan for years. Like so many other comments, this season was such a disappointment. Feel bad for Michie being branded a racist just because he a jerk. He can’t even enjoy his win! Kimmie should have spoke up when she was in the house and at least tried to play. What a depressing season and ending. It makes me sick…

    • LynnD

      Her name is KEMI and he deserved to be called out for what he is.

      • jennyc

        I also don’t appreciate call out culture. Most lessons in life are hard to learn, and calling people out doesnt give the accused a platform to respond, a place to reflect or room to grow.

    • jennyc

      Mom I agree with you. Disappointing from casting to execution.
      As the winner, JJ will catch more blowback than Jack.
      From his solemnity tonight Id bet hed exchange that 500k for his reputation.

    • Daughter

      Mom, I agree completely. (Yes, mom is really my mom.)Sad for Michie. KEMI needs to take the stick shoved up her you know what (don’t want to offend anyone) and realize she wasn’t a good player. Regardless of race, gender etc. KEMI, David, Jessica and Cliff weren’t stigmatized for their “differences”with the other houseguest.

      Time to put on some big girl panties, (not referring to Jessica for those who dig to find another context of the classic saying) and realize your personal game sucked.

      Horrible season, sucky cast, terrible production. Whose ready for masked singer? Whoo!

  134. Avatar

    Where can you watch all the backyard after finale interviews?

  135. LynnD

    Urgh! I fell asleep. But just got done watching the episode. There is so much I want to say. Maybe tomorrow if there is anyone around to read it lol. However, Im glad my 1,000,000 votes worked out for Nicole she more than deserves it. Also the look on her face when she 1st saw her Family was priceless and made me cry. Im glad that Julie called out some of their actions. I wish they would have showed Ovi’s gf Hannah and lastly jackhole is not only a cheater narcissist self-centered mama’s boy but he’s also a poor winner I cannot find one single redeeming quality about him and I’m sure his parents are just so proud but he is what they raised.

    Good Night

  136. Avatar

    That question about Camp Comeback last night was an absolute hit-job and uncalled for. And outside of this echo-chamber of a site – American very widely agrees. Check any other social media site dedicated to BB and you’ll see. CBS and anyone relishing in his sadness should also be ashamed. I know I’m not a regular contributor here – just started and I won’t be missed – but I’ve learned, now after a few years, that I am not a fit for this “family” as it’s called.
    Thank you all for the good times, but I’m sad to have seen it evolve into such an “us vs. them” mentality like everything else. I come to BB to escape the madness that is much of our world these days. To see that divisiveness in my “outlet” makes it not an “outlet” at all.
    Hopefully next year’s cast is more to your liking and we don’t have to relish in the misery of others next time.

    • Avatar

      Completely agree. I don’t watch the feeds religiously but I never saw any racist behavior from Jackson. He looked completely stunned when Julie asked that question. He also owned up to his game – basically said that he did what he had to do to get the two of them to the finale, including lying when he had to.
      I also call BS on Cliff’s continued going on about the handshake deal. He’s calling Jackson out because he didn’t honor the handshake deal – but Cliff is the one who offered the deal in the first place. Then comes back later and says oh, that was a one-way deal – if I win, I’m taking Nicole but I expect you to take me if you win. Sorry, Cliff, I really liked you and hoped to see you in the F2, but if anybody is buying that BS then somebody is waiting to sell them some ocean front property in Arizona.
      The cast this year left a lot to be desired in the way they behaved, but what season didn’t? I most definitely wouldn’t want to be on this show because being locked in a house where people can tune in and watch you 24×7 and put every word and action under a microscope is going to bring out the worst in people because they’re on edge.
      Funny how everyone wants to act like they wouldn’t but just follow the comments and you can see things go downhill quickly. In my opinion, social media is the worst thing that could happen to society – it has given everyone a platform to spread hate anonymously.
      Anyway, thanks for letting me join the group and see the updates…now the long wait until season 20 begins.

  137. Avatar

    Game Jackson played and won. Terrible jury management but lucky they loved he played comps. Socially sucked. No heart except for self and mama. I think he likes Nicole too because she puts him in his place but with love

    Holly just can’t stand her more. Shut up and sit down

    Nicole. Love love love her. She did blossom. Evil with a smile lol. I think she came into her own and realized she is wonderful!! So happy for her. Just a Real person. Good, bad and ugly like all us.

    I like that folks were called out. Bullying. They showed tommy shouting about Nicole. I am with her whatever I am me and if you don’t like it that’s your opinion but I forgive you for being an ass and mean. I do believe most house guests Were happy For Nicole. She is just endearing. Sadly JJ is young. But he needs to know what he did to hurt ppl and learn from it

    Argh worst season but I found a favorite. Nicole has such a great future. I see her as a motivational speaker to kids and others.

    Love nick being called out but icky Nicky lol

    Bromance may be dead the 2 jacks didn’t really seem to happy to hug.

    Cannot wait to see our little butterfly expand her wings and fly!

    Great recaps insights thoughts. Until next year!

    Love you all!

  138. Joy

    I know there are individuals out there truly disappointed that TOMMY didn’t get AFP. Sad to be you. Happy to be me!! I am so happy for Nicole!!!! 1 million votes and I bet they all came from individuals with only one account. I don’t really care that Jackson won and Holly lost I think deep down they are both miserable human beings and nothing will make them happy. They are “pretend” people and we have seen and even known family and friends like them. I hope they find peace within.

    I hope next year to talk with my BBJ friends and that the negative turds find someplace new next year, but oh well maybe Steve can install and ignore button for uninvited hg’s. Love you guys and be good to yourselves.

  139. Betty Boo

    I feel like bad behavior was rewarded. I do not like it!

    A big thank you to all who make this site possible and to all the BBJ members. You keep it real! And fun! See you all for BB22!

  140. Betty Boo

    PS: I like not having Thumbs Up/Down. Doesn’t give Thumby a platform!

  141. Avatar

    glad to see Jackson Michie won, he clearly deserved it.

    **The second part of this comment has been removed for political reference, which isn’t allowed.**

    NK, Moderator

  142. Houseguest Doug

    Congratulations to Jackson on winning Season 21. Congratulations to Holly finishing 2nd and Nicole for getting America’s Favorite Player.

    CBS certainly knows how to suck all the life and buzz out of a show. The “Racist” question to Jackson took him by genuine shock. You could tell that stung him pretty good. I don’t believe his intentions were racist based on the people he put into Camp comeback.

    Having said that I don’t subscribe to the live feeds and I don’t know what comments he made that were considered racist remarks. Also, as a White male I cannot really comprehend what it feels like to be discriminated against based on the color of my skin or ethic origin.

    The optics do look very bad for the fact you had a Hispanic minority along with her being a full figured woman, a African American Male and African American Female along with a mature male adult in camp comeback.

    But any excitement and or enthusiasm that Jackson had along with the audience watching live and at home was zapped in that moment. To the point Jackson still looked very upset and shaken. The victory almost seemed hollow and anti climatic at that point.

    I think there is a lesson to be learned there for everyone. We need to do a better job of ridding ourselves of racism and gender bias along and anti LGBQTV issues. We have come a long way but still have a long way to go.

    I believe if an issue like this comes up CBS needs to get out in front of it. They control everything you see on TV and the live feeds. They have no problem cutting the live feeds and showing you a fish tank for other things. If this issue comes up they need to deal with it right there and then and have a no tolerance policy. Should be in the contract the contestant signs. CBS needs to shoulder some of this as it is a black eye for the Network.

    They basically told millions of people last night that Jack and Jackson are racist. They can apologize until they’re blue in the face a majority of the people affected are not going to buy it or accept it. It totally killed the whole show in my opinion and made a bad season of BB even worse.

    I don’t buy for one second that Kemi or David accepted the apology. I think they were politically correct on TV but I could see the look on Kemi face that was the face of one pissed off woman. I could tell by her body language she had a lot to say but had to bite her tongue. Inside she is feeling rage by the way she was treated. Not to mention a CBS Production staff told her to act more like the stereotypical African American women tossing around a lot of attitude and Ebonics. Shameful. I hope and trust based on last nights show since they chose to put Jack and Jackson on the hot seat that they fired that Production crew member.

    In any case it would surprise me if Jackson and or Jack file a law suit against CBS for defamation of character. Wherever Jackson goes now people are going to believe he is a racist. They will not be talking about his win it will all be based on what a douche-bag he is again a comment made by a member of the CBS Production staff. Just because ZINGBOT is wearing a Robot costume doesn’t mean he is not part of the CBS Team and publicly calling him a Douche-bag on National TV. Is that not bullying? As a matter of fact the whole Zingbot segment is that not passive aggressive bullying by CBS? How is that OK to embarrass people and attack their character? Could you do that in your work place. How would you feel if your Company hired an ass hole to come in and insult you for the day? You all think it is funny but you don’t see the other side of it and what is really bad is CBS thinks it is harmless. Real feeling get hurt real people get stuck with those tags for life. Not so funny now is it?

    Mel you run this group and you seem to feel there was nothing wrong calling Holly, Beth all season. What happened the rest of the members chimed in and called her Beth as well and spewed hateful comment after hateful comment. I fully agree we should not bring up politics in this room and I am guilty of that for which I did apologize. But stuff spreads like wild fire beyond this group. So now when Holly is out on the street and people start calling her Beth as a way of insulting her is that OK?

    I am not innocent in this I went after Julie’s wardrobe and Christie crying and high waisted pants / shorts. So I am just as guilty of irresponsible comments.

    The bullying issue… this is not the first season this type of crap has gone on in the BB House. Many of you thought the whole Josh thing with the pots and singing the Circus song at Cody and Jessica was funny. I found it annoying and hate to tell you it is very much bullying. Could you do that at your job, school, public or even in your own home? I don’t think you can without getting into a world of trouble.

    The way the Grat8Ful treated Nicole was hard to watch and a clear cut case of bullying. Production sticks their nose into everything else why do they not put a stop to this bull shit. Production should of cut the feeds as this was getting going and dealt harshly with those who were pulling this crap. Come up with some sort of contest that Nicole is rigged to win so she gets some sort of pass to avoid the block and eviction. You’re dealing with young adults that do and say stupid things. CBS needs to bare full responsibility for this type of stuff.

    Especially when it a huge issue and topic in society right now not just in the USA but worldwide. Take action. I saw the look on Nicole’s face when the topic was raised. That was the look of humiliation, degradation, pain, anguish and she was very hurt over it. I wanted to reach through my screen and give her a big hug I felt so bad for her. Bad enough she had to deal with it in the house but to have it brought up again on the live broadcast with her Parents sitting right there. If that was my daughter I would be taking a huge piece out of CBS’s ass I will tell you that. How dare you embarrass my child like that on National TV.

    The Nick and Bella issue was also very uncomfortable. Once again we have a White Male making promises that he couldn’t keep to a Asian Female. So now we have Nick and Bella total embarrassed and humiliated on live TV.
    Not to imagine what Kat was feeling knowing she too had to confront Bella post show. Whole thing was very uncomfortable and awkward for all watching and involved. I could tell Nick wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. He was totally embarrassed. Now to be fair all is fair in love and war and the heart wants what it wants and Nick fully understands what his actions would result in but wow.

    That had to be the worst final show in history. Way way way too much dirty laundry came out and the show was painful to watch.

    Like I mentioned earlier I hope the contestants have some sort of support when the show is over as it is a huge adjustment back to real life now added on all the feelings and emotion that is new stuff to deal with for them based on last nights show.

    Last nights show was a wake up call for us all. I believe CBS is going to get a lot of flack and rightfully so for last nights show. 2nd year in a row they have had a big controversy. Last year it was Julie and her Husbands issues. Now this mess.

    I hope they find away to fix this show for next season.

    • Houseguest Doug

      I forgot to mention Jackson’s big lie about Tommy. I know Jackson felt that was a game move and it was nothing personal.

      However, based on him being called out on being a racist and a “GOOD OLE BOY” for lack of better term watching it again and seeing Tommy was clearly hurt and embarrassed. Made me rethink some things. Tommy is openly gay and now he being bullied by Jackson.

      Now for Jackson it was strictly a game move and I don’t believe for a second he is a homophobe but with all the other crapped heaped on last night the optics are not good for Jackson.

      I am not so sure he and Holly are a lock to be on Amazing Race now nor am I sure he will be invited back as a Celeb former BB contestant to run a comp.

      Lot of damage control to be done by CBS and Jackson.

    • Avatar

      Doug, I have to agree with a lot of what you said. I really do not think Jackson is as bad as people made him out to be. He has a desire to be a better person, and people need to be like Nicole and forgive and help him to learn and grow. Our society is one of reveling in people’s misery and gotcha moments. We need to help people learn and become better and not keep them stuck in their mistakes if they are genuinely trying to do better. We all would want others to give us that grace. Now, Holly, I have a lot of opinions about her that I will not share publicly. She lives in her own made up reality which she learned to do through her pageantry life. These houseguests do not deserve to be bullied online.

      • Houseguest Doug

        Actually you came up with the right word I was searching for. The “GOTCHA” questions that came up when the Pre Jury members came out.

        Lot of uncomfortable subjects but important topics.

        I am willing to give Jackson the benefit of the doubt that he is not Racist but the optics and comments don’t reflect well on him.

        Like everything else it will be a hot button issue for a couple of days and then we all move on and forget about it .

        However, that segment basically sucked all the air in the room out and deflated the whole show. Jackson won but there was no joy.

      • mona77450

        Doug, last night when I was looking for the live backyard interviews on You Tube I came across several Big Brother 21 compilations from the live feeds showing the hateful 8 talking about Kemi and David. I was sick to my stomach. This wasn’t ”game” talk and it wasn’t hormones. It was degrading, obscene, and reflected “mob” mentality by this alliance against houseguests that did nothing more than exist in the same house. At no time did anyone of these alliance members try to intervene and stop these hateful conversations. Let Jackson, Jack and the rest of them sue….CBS and the world have the videos. Maybe this experience will be a wake up call to future houseguests. You are being recorded and what you say will be revealed.

      • AIO_7

        Agree, Mona. I’m not feeling sorry for any of Gr8ful.

  143. Houseguest Doug

    Canadian version of ET interviewing Jackson done be an African Canadian Woman… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwBSSSmeKk4

    David’s perspective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpBu5BwFbtY

    Former Winner Josh on Jackson.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWG7qoD7nrw

  144. Houseguest Doug

    Now if CBS opts to bring back David to let him have a second shot at the show how would that be reprieved?

    Also would the new contestants not want to get him out first because he is a returning player and they know American will be rooting for him.

  145. Sassy

    Here’s my parting thoughts before I sign off for the year. I’ve been around this site for years, it’s part of my summer obsession that I look forward to it all winter. This is the first year I have gone days where I didn’t check into the site daily, or several times a day, but instead needed a timeout. I’ve always tried to be respectful to other and people have always been respectful in return (in the past). I felt we could agree to disagree and it was ok.

    This year, I felt our dysfunctional family was a bit more out of control the usual. If you weren’t with the mob, then you were against it. It was ok for the popular opinion to express their thoughts how they chose, but if you had a differing opinion, it got quite aggressive/mean at times. I noticed several with the opposing view stop commenting or comment less, and I can only assume the backlash was part of the reason. I’m not high fiving the unpopular group either, there were some that took things to far (in my opinion). I switched to the unpopular group somewhere in the middle, mostly because I hated the whole cast.

    Some people used “thumby” as a way to attack users with the unpopular opinion. It was ok for an unpopular opinion to have 30 thumbs down, but heaven forbid a comment about dear sweet Nicole get 2 thumbs down, because that is just absurd! The comments to “thumby” were jabs at other members of the sites, as we are the ones that up and down. It’s ok to not agree and give a thumbs down. I started using the thumbs down this year and IF I come back, I will continue to use it. I have never taken offense to people not agreeing with my comments, I don’t even care if the majority disagree, as long as you aren’t nasty in return. This would be a boring place if everyone agreed with me all the time. I use to use the thumb to Mark the ones I read, now I use it to agree or disagree, I mean, there is a thumbs down for a reason. What other could it be?

    I’m not saying I won’t be back next year, but I’m not saying I will either. I am saying that the moderation needs to be looked at with more of an even level. I was disappointed, not so much about responses to my comments but other people that got uncalled for comments also. I understand it gets heated, but we really should have some level of respect for each other, even those that disagree.

    I love this site, mornings with Mel are my favorites! I love reading Steve’s recaps and NKs overnight threads. I appreciate all that you do to provide this space.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Sassy, you just saved me a lot of time typing, thank you! 100 thumbs up. I have been here for several seasons, even supporting Paul (season 18) and never cared if anyone agreed or not. And I wasn’t “run off” like someone stated about other Paul fans. This season was different. I never posted anything personal but was replied to that one of my opinions was a bunch of crap, or something to that effect, by a moderator. The “mob” that you referenced has made me feel unwelcome as well. It was never like this before. I’m not whining, just explaining why I will not be back. I don’t expect anyone to change but at the same time, didn’t want to delete my account with no explanation.

      • mm22

        I’ve been on the site reading for years but commenting only a couple seasons.
        I don’t want to see any of the regulars leave. I have enjoyed sassy n pablo and I
        want you to stay! What I really hate this season is that someone or ones (?) have
        blanketed profiles with dislikes. If they just hit me I get it but to go after a group
        just mean!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sassy: “I am saying that the moderation needs to be looked at with more of an even level.” I can moderate the comments, but not the thumbs up or down. They are solely at the discretion of those using them. It is your right, just as much as anyone’s to either use them or not.

      Pablo: “I never posted anything personal but was replied to that one of my opinions was a bunch of crap, or something to that effect, by a moderator.” I am the only moderator here and I have NEVER told anyone that their opinions were a bunch of crap. If I missed something, please find it and post it here for everyone to see.

      I sincerely hope that both of you choose to return next year, however, if you decide not to, I wish you that best. 🙂

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Sassy(4375 comments) September 15, 2019 at 8:51 pm
        WordPress Like Button [?]
        Yes, they have had deals for a long time, but Cliff can’t be mad at JJ, he just told him this week that if he got to chose he was taking Nicole to F2 and was hopping JJ would still take him to F2. Even IF JJ intended to keep his deal with Cliff, that should have set off alarm bells for JJ, and made him reconsider. I understand he was always going to take Beth and Cliff was always going to take Nicole, but the going back on deals went both ways for them. Most people seem to only be upset at JJ…

        WhereisPablo(543 comments) September 15, 2019 at 9:27 pm
        WordPress Like Button [?]
        That’s what I was trying to say and you did it so much better Sassy. C/N broke the final 4 deal that JJ/B were planning to honor. The deal was UNTIL final 4 and then every person for themself. C/N were unsure right up until the vote, so what was JJ supposed to do? Wait until Beth was chatting with Julie to do something? TT WAS after Cliff for a long time. JJ embellished A LOT on that, but C/N backed them in a corner by going back on the final 4. After that, I wouldn’t stay true to any deals either. Any of the final 3 “duos” knew, or should have, that at final 4, the duos would stick together.

        NKogNeeTow(9616 comments) September 15, 2019 at 10:14 pm
        WordPress Like Button [?]
        Pablo, I can go along with just about everything you said until you got to that “C/N backed them in a corner”. That’s a crock of crap. That’s like FAH saying she was bullied into throwing the HOH to Nicole. There is something called “FREE WILL”. We are ALL born with it. You always have a choice. It might not always be a good one, it might not always be the right one, but it is a choice none the less. It didn’t matter how many hand shakes and promises were made, FAH could have won that HOH anytime she wanted to, at least according to her. She could have chosen to stay up there and won that room she bitched about for the last few days, instead of dropping off and making us listen to her inane drivel about it. Not only did SHE make the choice to throw it, it was HER idea. She needs to live it and shut the hell up.

        WhereisPablo(543 comments) September 16, 2019 at 8:21 am
        WordPress Like Button [?]
        Hi NK, by “backed them in a corner”, I was refering to C/N telling JJ that they were voting Beth out. At that point, JJ’s option was either let it happen or do whatever he could to keep her, not wait and see if she went to chat with Julie. I don’t think Beth deserves to be there anymore than anyone else, but am speaking from JJ’s perspective at the time he realized C/N were backing out of the final 4 deal.
        As for throwing the HOH, I agree, Beth should have either not done it since they had broken the final 4 deal, or done it and STFU about it.

      • Avatar

        Mic drop!!

        It does get very cliquish. Hey I still come back, but it’s true. That’s why I just smiled and called you guys clucking hens.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Pablo: “Pablo, I can go along with just about everything you said until you got to that “C/N backed them in a corner”. That’s a crock of crap. That’s like FAH saying she was bullied into throwing the HOH to Nicole. There is something called “FREE WILL”.”

        Glad you found it, sorry you misconstrued it. By the “crock of crap” I was talking about FAB, who was constantly saying that C/N backed them into a corner, bullied them. But you knew that. I still say their claims were/are a crock of crap, however, if you want to turn it around and try to make it personal, you do whatever it takes to make you feel better. 🙂

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        I did not know that which is why I added the answering post at the end. I read it as it was written. I also did not know that Steve, Mike, Mel, etc. were not considered moderators which is why I did not mention a name. I wasn’t calling anybody out specifically, but making an observation in reply to a post from another member. There was nothing personal about it and I’m sorry that you thought it was. You asked me to find the referenced post and to repost it. I did so and didn’t add any comments, so I’m not understanding the snark of your last sentence. In any event, I am sorry if my post was misinterpreted and have always enjoyed your humor, wit and vocabulary choices. 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        No problem Pablo, I’ve always looked forward to seeing that little avatar every year. We can agree to disagree with no harm done. Looking forward to seeing you again next season, no matter which side we may land on. 😉

  146. Avatar

    I think it’s a bunch of BS that Jackson had his win ruined because Julie wanted to falsely call him out on his choices.

  147. ShoeLover

    Well, my summer guilty pleasure has come to an end.

    *big ol heavy sigh

    I don’t really have words about last night’s show, but I wanted to share this little link and hopefully it will show others that even being casual ( racism ) it is still hurtful to whoever and whatever it is being done to. I just hope Jackson gets some sort of counseling, even some behavioral modifications classes could do him good. Situations like this will always be an extremely difficult subject, but we can’t learn or grow from it if we don’t try.

    See yall next Summer!!!!!!!

    Damn I am going to miss all yall!!!

    Let the withdrawals begin!!!!!!


    • danmtruth

      As an old white dude i can understand and unfortunately see myself in there sometimes A black commentator on a sports talm shiw i enjoy Has talk about how awkward it us at times First when someone says he talks so good you cant tell he is black Watching the Ken Burns documentary on ciuntry music How when Charlie Pride first started to get airplay Many of the station manegers and fans did not know he was bkack It was nit untill he started to tour did people realize it This us the confusing thing Most of these people will claim they are not racist Yet just gearing it they liked the song But did not want to see him singing It makes no sences Its like how we oercive things 3 slightly drunk bkack girls dress sexy Are seen as trouble mybe hookers out working 3 white girls just collage girls out having fun These are the suttle things Anything missing was Kimmie must had taken it No one question it Christie complaing about her laundry bag missing The thing is it was production who took it as she was no longer HOH These are the things minorities must face

  148. Kristi

    First, I would like to say thank you to Steve and Mel for all the time and effort you put in. It is much appreciated and I have enjoyed hearing your insights as well as your humor. As bad as this season’s contestants were, I am bummed it is now over. Although seeing Jackson’s face when he won, but at the same time realizing how truly he was seen and disliked by America was priceless. I look forward to next season already.

  149. Houseguest Doug

    “On the eve of the finale, Kahl and other executives declined to comment on what further areas they would be exploring or whether they would reexamine the show’s casting formula or vetting process. They also refused to provide specifics as to whether the show had any minorities on its producing staff, or why the series has never had a cast in which a majority of participants were people of color.

    Instead, CBS and production companies Endemol Shine North America and Fly on the Wall Entertainment released a joint statement…”

  150. AIO_7

    Did CBS (last night) mention anything about a Celebrity BB this year?

  151. LynnD

    I just had to share. Too cute & brought a tear to my eye all over again.


  152. Avatar

    Doug’s long post is very well written. It’s a shame that not too many are going to read it, simply because the season is over.

    I think the show has officially jumped the shark. I do not believe that there is any way to come back from this. They will have another season, but the writing in on the wall. This year, they made the show political.

    They attempted to make BB20 political. Bayleigh said many of the same things, inferring Tyler was racist in the big blow up. Problem was, people liked Tyler and no one took that bait.

    • Houseguest Doug

      I appreciate the comment.

      I know a lot of my posts are long winded and I also know not everyone will agree with the content. I am ok with that.

      There will be a BB22 but CBS has a lot of work to do…

      1. Balanced Cast of Minorities, White, Straight, and members of the LGBQTV.
      2. Revamp the Set.
      3. Make it very clear to the contestants any acts of violence, racism, bullying may lead to being dismissed from the show or met with a punishment like not allowed to compete in HOH and POV that week. Depending on the severity of the infraction. Racism and Bullying should carry the same policy as a violent act towards another contestant.
      4. Update the challenges
      5. Better screening process. Bring on people that are a true representation of their culture and origin. Stop with the stereotypes.
      6. Production learn to control yourself and stay out of the way. Only intervene when necessary. Stop trying to manipulate the game and give unfair advantages to certain contestants. If it is a true social experiment then let them be. They know the rules of conduct and the penalty should you violate one of the rules.

  153. NKogNeeTow

    The board will still be up although it will start to go dormant within the next week. I’d like to thank everyone for hanging in there this year and hope to see you all back for BB22.

    A few shout-out’s t my late night crew, my Dan, Ama, Tam, Ama, Lamby, Colby, Gerardo, Shoes, G8s, AI, Hog, MM, so many to name that as I’m typing I can’t even remember them all. But know that you are all appreciated.

    Lil Nancy, get well soon. Congrats to the baby and grandbaby that were born on our watch (Beardo and Ann), and to all of you, have a safe, warm winter!

    • AIO_7

      Thanks,NiK; I wasn’t too much late night with you this season, but I did read most of your commentary belatedly.

    • Tam

      NK you are definitely appreciated and THANK YOU for letting us be apart of the late night crew. You, honey, definitely made it worth staying up to watch and read. Everyone have a great time during the dormant seasons. Winter is a dream right now. It will be here in Feb and then be gone in a month most of the time. Everyone be blessed, stay safe, and see y’all next time……