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Big Brother 21 – Season Recap part 2

September 24, 2019 | 73 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning, If you want feed info from last night, you can check the previous thread. NK covered it all in the comments. Surely you arn’t new here with only 2 days left but if you are, her comments will be highlighted in blue boxes. (Personally, I plan to go back and get her reaction to Beth saying she had the West Nile virus. As soon as I heard it said, I thought of NK)

It’s the last days so the house is dead. Jackson pouts every time Beth and Nicole talk alone and he’s becoming more paranoid over what the viewers and his parents will think of him. He also doesn’t like any conversation about anyone but him possibly winning the money.

Season Recap:

To pick up where I left off yesterday, Nick was hoh, Cliff was on the block, Kat removed Jess with the veto, Nicole was put up in her place. The 6 shooters decided to go against Nick and Bella and save Nicole. Cliff was evicted but it was time for the campers to compete to get back into the game. The comp included David, Ovi, Kemi and Cliff. Cliff won the comp and it wasn’t even close. Cliff was only evicted for about 15 minutes but he WAS evicted. I was surprised no one ever said “he’s already been evicted so he shouldn’t win.” They talked about it as an accomplishment this season when it’s usually seen as something they can use as a reason not to give someone the win.

Week 4:

Jackson tried to do damage control with Cliff and make it sound as if it was a plan for Cliff to be evicted just so he could win his way back. Cliff wasn’t buying it and he won the next hoh. He wasted no time deciding he wanted to make a big move. By this time, Jack had a power and so did Christie. The 6 shooters got together to figure out a plan. Meanwhile:

  • Gr8ful began arguing immediately after Nicole wasn’t evicted and Nick and Bella were blindsighted. Tommy got to work on Nick to get him back on his side and it actually worked.
  • Christie and Tommy told Nicole they kept her because they knew she was telling the truth even tho they didn’t tell her first.
  • Nick and Bella discovered Nicole had been right all along and sort of apologized to Nicole. Privately, Bella still felt justified because she said Nicole faked having  anxiety to bond with Nick. (Not true) Nick still couldn’t fully accept the cool kids didn’t want him in their group but it didn’t matter for the moment because Cliff was the hoh.
  • Cliff and Nicole recognized they needed Nick and Bella for numbers in the short term and agreed, along with Jess and Kat to work with them.
  • Jackson went to Cliff and offered to be a pawn, hoping to get Nick otb with him.  Jackson worked the southerners alliance angle and said he still wanted to work together. Jack and Jackson were put on the block.
  • Christie told her alliance as long as one of them won the veto, she’d use her power and they could get rid of Bella or Nick by making the replacement nom themselves. Jackson told her he’d win it and she wouldn’t have to take any blame.
  • Privately, Christie was ready to let Jackson go home and didn’t want to waste her power on him.
  • Kat told Cliff she didn’t want to vote out Jack but agreed to work with him to help keep the split going between Christie and Jackson.
  • Beth told Kat she wondered if they should go ahead and get rid of Jackson if they had the chance and if he was bad for her game. Kat told her it was too soon and they still needed him a little longer.
  • Jackson won the veto, wanted the power and Christie began saying she needed to think it over. She told other people she felt bullied and pressured by both Jack’s to give up her power.
  • Christie went to Cliff to feel him out and see what she could work out. Cliff made a deal for her to keep her power and put Bella otb after Jackson came down. She agreed her side would keep Cliff safe for 2 weeks. He felt the alliance was on the verge of splitting, rolled the dice and stuck to the deal. (This move was already debated plenty) Cliff also used the time to work on Christie and build some trust. He told her about the southerners alliance and she was more upset with Jackson than before. She told Cliff that Jackson was the rogue vote and tried to blame it on Nicole. They agreed to keep each other in the loop and work together.
  • Nicole, thinking they had the votes to get rid of Jack, told Christie she appreciated them saving her but didn’t know if she should vote out Bella. Christie told her group and they stopped trusting Nicole AGAIN.
  • Around this time, Cliff, Nicole and Kat were all led to believe they were the 7th in the 6 person group.
  • Cliffs Angel’s were formed but Kat continued to be a mole for the other side.

Beth became uncomfortable having sex where there was a chance the feeds might catch it so Jackson solved the problem by dumping her. This turned into a big ordeal but they eventually made up. While they were arguing, Beth went off to Kat about Jackson. Kat told Beth, Jackson would be leaving soon and he was her target. Shortly after Beth and Jackson made up, he was ready to start trusting Kat again and told Beth they could work with her. This is the week Beth chose her side and the direction of her game. She told Jackson, Kat was targeting him and he couldn’t trust her. Jackson and Kat fought again because he found out she’d told Christie he’s disrespectful to women from Nick. Nick was trying to get Jackson and Beth to keep Bella but she was evicted.

Beth: She lost all focus on the game this week and chose Jackson over Kat. She’d hoped she could get Nick otb over Bella but put in almost no effort.

Nicole: She screwed up by telling Christie too soon she didn’t want to vote to keep Jack. It was an unnecessary conversation once she realized they didn’t have the votes anyway since Kat wouldn’t cooperate.

Jackson: He won the veto and the week worked out for him but it wasn’t a smart move to volunteer to be a pawn. Some of his secrets were revealed and it wasn’t a great week for any of the F3.  We also saw more of the ruthless side of Jackson that had nothing to do with his game.

Week 5:

The week began with Tommy, Christie and Sis ready to take a shot at Jackson but he didn’t fully know it yet  They knew Beth and Jackson had considered flipping 2 votes already. Beth won the hoh when it came down to Beth and Sis. Jackson urged her to fight for it and not drop during the comp. (This was after Jackson fought to win and peed on himself during the comp) Sis was angry because she wanted the win and knew Beth was willing to give it to her but Jackson got involved. Beth wanted to put up Nick and Sam up in order to get Nick out. Jackson told her is was a bold move. He said he’d make that move but maybe she shouldn’t. He suggested she put up Nicole. Here’s more from the week:

  • Beth told everyone it wasn’t a co-hoh and Jackson wasn’t staying upstairs with her. She had a girls sleepover the first night and Jackson made them breakfast in bed the next morning. (We heard about it all summer!) Jackson spent the rest of the week in the hoh room with her so their planned separation didn’t last.
  • Kat pushed for Nicole to go up and said Beth shouldn’t trust her. (She was still mad Nicole included her with the bottom feeders)
  • It started to come out Jackson and Beth considered keeping Bella the week before and they tried to blame it on Nicole. Tommy and Christie didn’t believe them.
  • Once Christie realized Beth considered putting Nicole up, she began trusting Nicole again, at least a little. Christie’s fear was Nicole was close to Beth and Jackson before this.
  • Kat told Beth about Cliffs Angels.
  • Nick won the veto and Kat pushed for Nicole to go up again. Christie shut the plan down because Kat had also suggested she go up as a pawn. (She said she’d get a lot of tv time if she were otb) Kat said if she went otb it would hide that Kat and Beth were close except…she said this in a room full of people.
  • Kat went up as a pawn so once again, Christie was running the show.
  • Jackson talked to Jack about his concerns with Christie. He said they may have to cut her loose and Jack was listening. Jack went to Tommy with the concerns and Tommy said people must be lying to Jackson.
  • Sam told Jackson all the dirt on Christie and said she really was after Jackson. Jackson decided he wanted to keep Sam to help go after her but Beth said they couldn’t now that Kat was otb. They went back and forth but Beth said they HAD to keep Kat.
  • Jack went back to Jackson and said the things he was hearing weren’t true. Jackson said he knew Kat wasn’t lying and explained why Kat could be trusted. He said Beth and Kat know each other. Jack sat quietly taking it all in. Jack went to Tommy to fill him in on everything and Tommy put a stop to it. He said Kat had to go if 3 people in the house are connected. They quickly got Christie involved.

The day 44 blow up happened. The 6 shooters had a melt down for the entire house to hear. Beth was confronted over knowing Kat and she denied it. Beth discovered the vote was flipping and she and Kat both went to work. Sam was evicted.

Beth: This was both her best and worst week. She made the stupid move of putting her friend otb and was outed as having an outside friendship with them by her boyfriend. However, she lied brilliantly when confronted by Tommy about knowing Kat. She also overheard Christie and Sis talking about flipping the vote and went into the room and got the ball rolling to stop it. Kat worked to get them to keep her too but Beth was the star of saving Kat on day 44. She’d also won an endurance hoh during a week she had to win, even if she didn’t know it.

Nicole: She wasn’t very involved for someone close to being targeted. She did put in good work to get Christie and Tommy to go to bat for her and keep her off the block. Kat turned on Nicole but helped her by volunteering to be a pawn.

Jackson: He was the most social of the F3 up to this point in the game but everything fell apart. He lost his alliance and made Beth scramble to cover her friendship with Kat. He lost Jack and became the #1 target for most of the house.

Week 6:

Jess won the hoh and it was a girl party plus Cliff for a week. Beth joined in with the hoh crew of Jess, Kat and Nicole and gave it her best effort to become a Cliffs Angel. Jess talked to everyone but didn’t try to gain any new information. Even when people started to explain things that happened in the game, she’d just say it was none of her business. Her one job, as she saw it, was to explain to everyone there had been a 9, an 8 and a 6 and she hadn’t been included in any of them. For a week that sent the biggest target home, it was pretty straightforward.

  • Tommy tried to convince Kat he wasn’t trying to get her out the prior week but she wasn’t buying it and she didn’t trust him again.  Christie is the one who put the stop to the vote flip so she still trusted Christie a tiny bit.
  • Kat started putting people like Tommy on the spot and asking who the real #7 was and said she knew three people had been told the same thing.
  • Christie worked on Jess but she couldn’t keep her from targeting Jack and this was the first week Christie and Tommy weren’t running the house in some way.
  • Beth told Kat she liked these people (Jess, Cliff and Nicole) more than who they’d been working with. Beth began reinventing herself and said she wasn’t a cool kid. She said she’d been picked on and bullied and thought she fit it better with this group. (It didn’t hurt they were running the house and her alliance had just turned on her) She was jealous because Kat, for the first time, was in a better position than she was in the game.
  • Kat buddied up to Nicole in spite of just trying to get her otb.
  • Jackson didn’t do much except be depressed over Jack betraying him. He made apologies to Beth and Kat for almost blowing up their games and kept working on Cliff. He mostly laid down and checked out for a week.
  • Beth and Kat trash talked Sis because Beth was still mad from the week before. Not only had Sis pushed hard to keep Sam, Beth said she flirted with Jackson. Sis was mad at Kat for flirting with Jack and told Beth, Kat didn’t get girl code. This pissed off Beth because she felt like Sis didn’t either. (Sis flirted a little with Jackson but not nearly as much as Jackson said she did. He just liked making Beth jealous)
  • Jack and Jackson went otb and Jess won the veto.
  • Nick was trying to play the middle and this irritated Kat and Jess. To pay him back, they wouldn’t give him any indication of how they wanted the vote to go. All it accomplished was push Nick further towards the Tommy and Christie side.
  • Jess considered using the veto on Jackson just so she could put Nick otb. Nicole talked her out of it and warned Nick he was spending too much time with the other side. She told him Jess and Kat didn’t trust him. He thought he could fix it by announcing to Kat he’d like to spend more time with her instead of just naturally doing it. (idiot)
  • Jack offered Cliff a 3 week deal to keep him safe. Nicole laughed and asked if Jack was God. Jack tried to charm Nicole but didn’t offer her anything. Cliff drug his feet giving Jack an answer.
  • Nicole was upset and cried because she heard Sis and Christie making fun of Cliff trying to run during a comp.
  • Jack and Jackson didn’t speak most of the week after the blow up but they made up before Jack left the house.
  • Christie, Tommy and Sis almost had a funeral when Jack was evicted and Sis switched her target from Nicole to Cliff.

Beth: She tried to integrate herself with Jess and Nicole. She put in some good work with Tommy and tried to stay friendly with Christie and Sis, even though Jackson was avoiding them. There was still obvious tension.

Nicole: Ths was an easy week for her and about the only one she’d had up to this point in the game. Even Cliffs hoh, anyone could’ve gone up if Christie had used her power. She got closer to Kat but Kat continued to be a mole for Beth and Jackson. Her biggest role was trying to get Kat and Jess to trust Nick more because they needed him as a number. She did manage to keep Nick off the block.

Jackson: He did almost nothing socially or game related during Jess’ hoh week. He maintained a friendly relationship with Jess and faked being ok with going otb. He never felt like he was the target this week and he’d put in enough work with people to be somewhat certain that was true.

Week 7:

Tommy won the hoh and he kept Nick close to him while continuing to try and seperate himself from Christie. He told Jackson he was safe and wanted them to protect each other. He spent more time with Sis after Jack left and he quickly became her #1 person. He said he wanted an easy week and wasn’t going to be forming any alliances or making any deals.


  • Nick warned Nicole that Cliff and Kat were probably going otb.
  • Nicole warned Kat and when Kat talked to Tommy, she threw out Nicoles name to Tommy and Christie. This got back to Nick and he told Nicole what Kat had done. Nicole confirmed it with Tommy.
  • Kat and Cliff went up as noms and the hg’s found out about Americas Field Trip. America chose Jackson, Sis and Christie. They competed in the chicken coop and egg challenge for a chance at safety.
  • Jackson won it by shaking his egg before rolling it (never seen anyone think of that before, I was impressed) and Jackson tried to whisper to Sis this tip so Christie would lose.
  • Jackson didn’t know Sis was trying to lose the comp so Christie wouldn’t go otb. Sis was confident she had the votes to stay against anyone and planned to throw it. Christie was terrible so Sis finally had to go ahead and beat her.
  • Jackson won safety, Sis got a chicken suit and Christie went otb.
  • Jackson and Nicole were happy to evict Christie if she’d stayed otb. Beth said she wasn’t sure if they should or not. She’d  been pressuring Jackson to make up with Christie and get the 6 shooters back together. Tommy wanted the same.
  • Jackson figured out they got the field trip because the fans must not like them.  Christie wasn’t completely convinced and Sis was positive he had to be wrong. She said there was no way America didn’t love her.  Christie was eventually convinced America didn’t like her.
  • After Nick had been isolated by Kat and Jess the week before, he was ready to stick with Tommy and Christie. He suggested they form a new 6. He wanted it to be Tommy, Christie, Sis, Cliff, Nicole and himself and wanted to go after Jackson and Beth. Sis was still mad at Cliff for not taking the deal with Jack but said maybe. Christie wanted to do it and wanted to work with Cliff anyway. Tommy was  relunctant because he’d wanted Cliff out for a while and had maintained a good relationship with Jackson and Beth. He’d also said no new alliances for him this week. Nicole didn’t like the plan because she wanted Christie out. She wanted to keep working with Jess and Kat. To convince her, Nick told her Beth almost backdoored her when Beth was hoh. Nicole asked Tommy if it was true and he told her yes. She confided in Kat about it and was upset because she thought she and Beth bonded when Jess was hoh. Kat ran to Beth and told her not to trust Nicole and everything else.
  • Tommy insisted it not be an alliance if they made a new 6 and wanted a deal from Cliff first. Christie and Sis said they both wanted seperate deals from Cliff too which annoyed Tommy. Tommy said they should see how the week played out first before they made a decision.
  • Jackson overheard Sis talking about the new 6 and heard her saying Beth and Jackson were alone and didn’t have anyone. She said they couldn’t win every comp.
  • Tommy won the veto and took Christie off the block and it was back to Cliff vs Kat.
  • Nicole tried to pull Kat away from Beth and Jess away from Christie but when Nicole tried to talk game with Jess, Jess said they could trust Christie. Nicole told her about the new 6 and how she wasn’t a part of it. (This should’ve shown Jess she couldn’t trust Christie) Nicole was called to the DR and while she was gone, Jess went to Sis, Beth and Christie, blowing up everything. Jess told Beth the new 6 were planning to go after Beth and Jackson.
  • Reluctantly, Nicole made the new 6 deal and told Cliff she was voting to keep him. Later, Jess and Kat worked on Nicole and almost got her to keep Kat. Kat was pissed at Nicole and Cliff for betraying her when she found out she was leaving. She outed Cliffs Angel’s and told Nicole her students wouldn’t be proud of her. (I still don’t know what the hell Kat thought Cliff did since he was also otb)

Kat spent all her time with Jackson and Beth while trying to convince Christie, Sis and Tommy that Jackson was her target. (No one believed her because it was stupid) Kats explanation was Jackson and Beth knew it but they were ok with it. Sis spent the week still wanting to go after Cliff because she was angry he didn’t take Jack’s offer and vote to keep him the previous week. On the plus side, this was the week Sis discovered even though the days get shorter, they continue to have 24 hours. Kat was evicted and tried to convince Julie (and us) she was more loyal to Nicole and Jess than she was to Beth and Jackson. (Gurl, please)

Beth: She was concerned Nick and Nicole had stolen her and Jacksons spots with 6 shooters. She remained after Nick and thanks to Kat, she wanted Nicole out too. She had a good relationship with Tommy but had no influence on the week.

Nicole: She spent the week trying to bridge the gap between Nick and Jess, (Didn’t work) finding out Beth wanted her out and not being able to get Kat, Nick or Jess to realize the entire house wanted to work with Christie and Tommy and that should be a red flag. She was able to escape blame from the stuff Jess said by insisting Jess say she overheard them talking about the new 6 group. She was the swing vote for Cliff to stay.

Jackson: He felt bad about Kat leaving but preferred to work with Cliff anyway. It also got Beth to stop pushing for the 6 to get back together (a little) since he was done with Christie. Jackson, along with Beth, intentionally tried to stay away from both groups this week. They’d been working with both and didn’t want it exposed. It worked too well because they were left out of a lot of what was happening and it only made them bigger targets.

Week 8:

Jackson won a much needed hoh in his underwear. (Slip n slide) Before the comp, Jackson and Nick agreed not to go after each other and he had the same type of arrangement with Tommy. Tommy urged Christie to make up with Jackson but she stubbornly refused. More from the week:

  • Tommy tried to squirm out of his part in the new 6 deal when he spoke to Jackson and Beth.
  • Cliff admitted the new 6 planned to go after Jackson and Beth. He said it was only for 1 week and it was over so Cliff was a free agent. Cliffs’ honesty made him more trustworthy to Jackson.
  • Beth was getting on board to work with Cliff but she had reservations about Nicole. She still wanted to keep Christie in the house and she felt close to Tommy.
  • Beth worked hard to get Nick otb but Jackson wouldn’t listen. He wanted Christie up and considered using Nicole as a pawn but Cliff was making deals with Jackson and insisted they keep Nicole safe too. Jackson and Beth would’ve preferred to work with Jess and Cliff but Cliff said it had to be Nicole.
  • Jackson put Christie and Sis otb. He’d told Sis he didn’t want her to go and she took it to mean she wouldn’t go up. She was furious but Christie expected it. Tommy got on to her for not being willing to patch things up with Jackson before the comp.
  • Beth made Sis and Christie mad by pretending she didn’t know who Jackson was going to nominate.
  • Christie and Tommy became suspicious of what deal Nick made since he didn’t go up. Nick was snuggling with Sis every chance he got and continued to try and play both sides.
  • Tommy tried to get Cliff, Jess and Nicole otb as a replacement but it didn’t work.
  • Jackson won the veto and left noms the same. Christie was irritated with Nick for playing both sides and saying he was keeping Sis.
  • Christie pitched to Jackson and Beth they should keep her and use her as a pawn. She said Nick was her target moving forward. She swore on everything, including her sister, she’d be loyal and was fine getting 5th place.
  • Tommy thought Christie was leaving so he told Nick he’d always choose Nick over Christie and began working to make Sis his new F2. He warned Sis to stop being so mad at Jackson and said she had to campaign.
  • Sis campaigned by being a complete asshoe to Jackson and wouldn’t promise not to go after him. Beth, still wanting to keep Christie, told Jackson Sis said she wanted to work with her, but not with Jackson.
  • Jess was busy trying to get Sis and Christie to target Nicole. Nicole was still trying to keep Jess safe from Nick.
  • Christie told everyone she planned to blow up Nick’s game at dinner but changed her mind. (She’d basically already done it with one on ones anyway)
  • Cliff made Christie promise not to put up Nicole as a pawn when she went after Nick, in order to get his vote for her to stay. (that was the plan she’d been telling people)
  • Sis and Christie spent the week begging America for a power to save them both.

Taco Tuesday happened and Nick went off on Christie. By the end, everyone felt bad for Nick but believed Christie. Tommy got in trouble with Sis and Christie for playing Baywatch with Beth while they were crying over losing the veto. Jackson and Beth made the deal to keep Christie and Sis was evicted.

Beth: She played a large role in keeping Christie by telling him Sis didn’t want to work with him. She also made him nervous by telling him about an old alliance she’d made with Sis that didn’t include him.  She also worries about Nicole being close to Nick and didn’t really want her in the 4 with Cliff.

Nicole: She got in a bit of a bind by staying loyal to Nick but except for Beth and Jess, she really wasn’t a target and was hesitantly starting to work with Jackson and Beth, against what she really thought was best for her.

Jackson: Sis did plenty to make him want her out but she wasn’t a threat and he screwed up by keeping Christie in the house. Jackson believing Christie was similar to Cliff believing Jackson later in the game.

I’ll wrap it up tomorrow with part 3, which hopefully goes much faster. If it isn’t too long, I’ll give you my worthless jury predictions. Until then, have a great Tuesday. (Tacos sound good)







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