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Big Brother 21 – Season Recap part 3

September 25, 2019 | 94 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJunkies! The finale is here! It’s been a long summer this time around but I’ve had fun. All of you made even the bad weeks a good time. We cheer together, complain together and sometimes disagree but it’s always a good time. Along with sharing BB21, I feel like we’ve shared peoples vacations, weather scares, births of children & grandchildren and some health issues as well.  We really are a large, dysfunctional family that gets bigger each year.

I appreciate the time you’ve spent getting your updates at ‘Steve’s Place’ and trusting us to give you accurate information. Steve said he was proud of the site he’s built and he should be. Thanks to his hard work, I don’t have to run off friends in my other life by wanting to talk about Big Brother, so thank you Steve for everything you do to keep this place up and running.

I’ve enjoyed Mike’s take on the game this season and I have withdrawals from NK’s commentary every season when it ends. She’s a jewel who shines a lot brighter that the shade of those blue boxes. I know it’s been said but I’ll say it once more. Thank you to everyone who donated this year. It’s more appreciated than you know. Regardless of donations, I appreciate anyone who gives up some of their time to read what we write and share their thoughts.

Before I finish up with the season recap, I’ll fill you in on the house activity but like I mentioned yesterday, you can get more details in the comments section from last nights thread.

Final Recap for the live feeds:

The F3 had one last Taco Tuesday and Nicole pitched to Jackson and Beth separately after dinner. She tried to make a case as to why each of them should take her to the F2. Jackson is terrified Beth is going to win the last hoh and send him packing. She isn’t but it certainly isn’t because of common sense. Jackson knows she should take Nicole and that’s why he’s  paranoid. He’s done everything except wave a red flag in her face.

He’s gone over his speech with her, after telling her not to steal it. He told her he’d take it personally if she doesn’t take him and continues to act like he’s already won the money. (She told him she’d be bitter too) The 2 of them have counted votes together and he told her he was terrified she might beat him. This is not the season where people say ‘I want it but I’ll be happy for you if you win.’ He expects that attitude from her but he isn’t willing to give it back.

Unless something changes, Beths speech is going to be about how she’s an underdog, a petite girl from the back woods of Wyoming and how she’s beat the odds. Jackson’s speech covers his comp wins and how much of the game he wasn’t available to be evicted because of his game play. They’re both trying to convince Nicole they’re considering taking her but they arn’t. Jackson went as far as telling Nicole, he’ll make the decision in the moment. I can’t imagine why they think it’s a good idea to lie to her the day before the finale. Nicole made a few good arguments but it wasn’t strong or creative enough to make it happen. I think we’ll have to settle for knowing she made Jackson have a very long night with worry.

Nicole packed her bags and quietly cried to her family. She said she hoped she hadn’t disappointed them. She’s still concerned about getting to the airport and is more paranoid now than before, because she has more luggage than she thinks she can handle. Jackson told her to stop worrying and if he needed to, he’d take her to the airport, carry her bags and make sure she got on her plane. She’s cracked me up this season and she talks as if CBS is going to sit her out on the side of the road after the finale.

Dr. Will is going to be doing the jury discussion in spite of rumors saying he wasn’t:

Season Recap part 3:

I stopped yesterday when Sis was evicted on Jacksons hoh because Jackson and Beth had made a deal with Christie. I’ll pick up from there:

Week 9:

Beth planned to throw this hoh comp because Tommy convinced her she and Jackson were safe but the comp was rolling a ball and she accidentally won it. Julie told the hgs the hoh would be messed with to some degree. Beth approached Christie to tell her she’d have to go up as a pawn (because of the deal they’d made)  and she wanted Nick out. Christie started backtracking from their deal immediately and wasn’t happy about it. More from the week:

  • Beth planned to put Jess and Christie otb and backdoor Nick. Jackson suggested getting rid of Jess but Beth said it needed to be Nick.
  • Americas Prankster was announced and Beth found out she only had 1 of the noms. She tried to backtrack and tell Christie she’d changed her mind about using her as a pawn. (too late)
  • Cliff and Nicole made a push to go after Tommy but Beth wasn’t interested so they had to let it go.
  • Nick used his power to put Christie otb. He didn’t tell anyone and just assumed he had the votes because Tommy recently told him he’d always choose him over Christie.
  • Cliff, Nicole, Jackson and Beth finalized a 4 person deal and agreed to work together.
  • Nicole campaigned for Nick to stay. She worked on him to get him to see Tommy was the one he needed to throw under the bus. Nick began agreeing with her but not enough to do it.
  • Tommy told Nick his vote was already promised to Christie and he still didn’t try to get Tommy otb.
  • Jackson won the veto and didn’t use it.
  • Beth and Jackson hung out in the hoh room and stopped playing much of a social game. They also argued all week.
  • When they weren’t fighting, they blew smoke up each others butts over how great they were, how the game was going perfect and said no one was coming after them. They both wanted to start throwing comps since they were positioned so well.
  • Once Nick saw he was in trouble, he told Tommy and Jackson he was the prankster. (Too late, should’ve used it as leverage not to go otb in the first place)
  • Nick was angry that Tommy had already promised his vote to Christie. Tommy pumped Nick for info about his campaign so he could help Christie counteract it.
  • Nick used a condom for a prop when he pitched to Jackson and Beth. He said he’d be their protection and they could dispose of him when they were done with him. It was basically the deal they already had from Christie, but without the condom. It didn’t work.
  • This was also the week Beth performed her cringeworthy wrap song, with Nick and Tommy as back up morons.

This was the 2nd hoh Beth wanted to throw but won and both times, she needed to win it. She just didn’t know it at the time. If Nick, Tommy or Christie had won it, there’s a good chance she would’ve gone home since Jackson won the veto.

Beth: She got out Nick but she didn’t even know she was in danger. Her social game, which was already slipping, continued to tank. She devoted all her time to Jackson, the hoh room and her make up.

Nicole: She tried to keep Nick and knew she needed him there. She agreed to work with Jackson and Beth with Cliffs urging but knew Cliff was closer to them than she was. It wasn’t ideal but with Nick leaving, she didn’t have other options.

Jackson: He didn’t have to do much this week and didn’t. He continued working Cliff and Nicole but mostly spent time with Beth. He preferred Jess to leave but Nick going was good too. He continued thinking his spot was great and still hoped to throw comps so Cliff or Nicole could take out Tommy.

Week 10:

Nicole waited all season for the wall comp and this week gave us a couple of moments. The clip of Jess falling will become a classic and Nicole crying after she fell will stay with some of us too. Jackson didn’t want to win this one but once Nicole fell, he said he needed to and he did. Like Beth the week before, he had to win it to be safe, he just didn’t know it. This is the rest of the week:

  • Jackson said he won it for Cliff and Nicole because he knew they were in danger. Nicole cried, Jackson told her not to keep thanking him while saying things to get her to keep thanking him.
  • Jackson wanted Jess out and Beth wanted Christie out.
  •  Beth spent more time with Tommy but mostly continued to worry about her image and being know only for a shomance. She’d done it most of the season but this was the week it went into overdrive.
  • Jackson told Christie after the comp she was going up as a pawn and she was pissed. He put Christie and Jess otb anyway.
  • Jackson and Beth spent the week fighting and ignoring the game going on around them.
  • Cliff and Nicole began talking more with Christie and Tommy and told them Jackson and Beth were trying to play the middle with the 3 duos.
  • Tommy won the veto and took Christie off the block so Cliff went up as a pawn.
  • Christie and Tommy were trying to save Jess while simultaneously trying to make Cliff think they wanted to work with him. This was a mistake because these were direct opposites and they needed to pick a lane.
  • Jess and Christie grew closer and Jess finally had what she wanted. She took Jack out to be Christie’s #1 but Sis and Tommy got in her way.  Jess told her she’d been waiting for her the entire game. (It was a real ‘what took you so long’ moment)
  • Cliff and Nicole tried to decide which pair they should work with once Jess left. They decided on Jackson and Beth if possible, because they knew (so they thought) the comps would become more mental. They felt they would be easier to beat than Christie and Tommy would. (Like Cliffs hoh, this has been debated plenty) The added bonus for them was they wouldn’t have to break their word.
  • Cliff and Nicole got Beth and Jackson to  realize they weren’t playing the middle like they thought and Tommy and Christie were after them.
  • Jackson got Christie to swear again on everything and repeat their deal. Later, he told Beth he just wanted America to hear it so we’d be mad if she went against it. (He obviously doesn’t know us very well)

Jess campaigned to Nicole by telling her she felt like she’d been wronged by Nicole and said she didn’t completely trust her. Still, Nicole didn’t want to vote her out but Cliff came first, so Jess was evicted. Julie announced it would be a double eviction.

Double Eviction:

Nicole won the double and put Christie and Tommy on the block. Cliff won the veto, didn’t use it and Christie was evicted. Nicole preferred Tommy leave but she didn’t vote. (I agreed with her)

Beth: She completely lost focus on the game and except for a little work with Tommy, she just worried about her image and problems with Jackson. She also preferred Christie be the target over Jess but with the double, it didn’t matter. Despite what she said to Cliff, Nicole and Jackson, she didn’t believe Tommy was after her, only Christie.

Nicole: Nicole didn’t want to vote out Jess but she had to keep Cliff. It was a good decision since Jess was loyal to Christie and Tommy. She won the hoh during the double and took out the person Jackson couldn’t manage to get out for a month. It wasn’t a complete win because she thought Tommy should go.

Jackson: Jackson got out Jess and although it was a questionable move, she was bad for his game too. He didn’t pay any price for it, if it was a mistake, because Christie left right behind her.

After the double, Nicole apologized to Tommy and told him Christie was too big of a threat and tried to reassure him he wasn’t alone. Tommy did a good job of playing it cool but he wasn’t. Nicole gave him a pep talk and told him to go win the hoh. She tried to imply she wanted to work with Tommy and wasn’t against him.

Week 11: 

Jackson won the next hoh which wasn’t in Nicoles plan because she’d hoped to get him out this week with Tommy’s help. Jackson put Tommy and Cliff otb and was telling both of them he hoped they stayed. Tommy didn’t buy it anymore. Beth told Tommy she was with him and wanted him to win the veto. (She meant this and would’ve been fine if Nicole went home) More from the week:

  • Tommy spent time with both duos trying to wedge himself in somewhere but knew he had to win the veto.
  • With Christie finally out of the house, Beth was ready to unleash. Since Sis and Kat left, she hadn’t been able to go full mean girl in a while. She unloaded to Tommy about Christie and called her evil and a sociopath. Jackson came in and joined the Christie bashing.
  • Tommy couldn’t take it anymore and spilled that he knew Christie. He spun it as a hindrance to his game and as an explanation as to why he couldn’t ditch her, even when he didn’t agree with her. Jackson and Beth felt bad for him and promised not to say anything to Cliff and Nicole.
  • Jackson and Beth hung out in their castle upstairs, ignoring everything going on in the house, for the most part.
  • Nicole spent almost all her time with Tommy this week. Cliff noticed and got a little nervous over it.
  • Nicole won the Veto and didn’t waste time going to work on Tommy.
  • Right after the comp, Jackson figured out Beth could go otb and go home. He told Beth and she said she didn’t think of it either.  She admitted to him that she’d thrown the comp, or at least didn’t try very hard to win. He got mad and asked her if she was crazy. He reminded her they were at F5. She tried to backtrack and act like she didn’t throw it but she’d been hoping all along, Tommy would win it and she could go to the end with Jackson and Tommy.
  • Beth started to panic and Jackson kept rubbing it in. He said the smart move would be for Cliff and Nicole to take her out this week. Beth wondered if they could talk Nicole out of using the veto but Jackson didn’t think they could.
  • Jackson got to work and started hinting to Cliff that he’d be willing to cut Beth at F4. He said he knew who had worked hard to be there and wanted to go to the end with people who deserved it. Cliff believed him.
  • Nicole and Cliff told Jackson and Beth she was taking Cliff off the block but said there wouldn’t be any funny business and they were still working together.
  • Nicole told Tommy she didn’t want him to leave and they talked about working together to take out Jackson.
  • Nicole used the veto and Beth went otb for the first time all summer. She was mad about it too. She complained to Tommy about being otb while he was sitting there thinking he was leaving.
  • Jackson kept working Cliff and Nicole about ditching Beth at the F4 while Beth played with her make up. She didn’t do anything the rest of the week to convince Nicole to keep her.
  • Nicole worked on Cliff and he said he was open to the idea of keeping Tommy. His biggest fear was Tommy teaming up with Jackson if they kept him.
  • Tommy pitched to Cliff and said if they kept him, not only would he help try to take out Jackson, he offered to throw the next hoh to them. Cliff was surprised and Tommy said he knew for Cliff to break a deal, he needed to offer something Beth wouldn’t.
  • Tommy told Cliff and Nicole about knowing Christie.
  • Beth waited until Wednesday evening to pitch to Cliff and Nicole and was pretty annoyed she needed to do it at all since they had a F4. Her pitch was a rambling session about her relationship problems with Jackson, wanting to be a role model to young girls and not wanting to be known for a shomance. She tried to guilt them and we learned, public speaking would NOT be in her future.
  • Nicole and Cliff went back and forth all week and were leaning towards keeping Tommy after Beth’s campaign. They spoke to him about his offer while Jackson was listening in.
  • Jackson created the lie about Tommy wanting to work with him to take out Cliff. Nicole was upset and confused. She wanted everyone to talk together. Jackson convinced her to wait until the next day.
  • Jackson told Beth what he’d heard, what he’d told Nicole and Cliff and how the house meeting would have to go. She didn’t want to do it and didn’t want to hurt Tommy. She told him not to come off as a bully.

The house meeting happened, Jackson lied and Tommy cried. After the house meeting, they decided to keep Tommy. An hour before the live show, Beth curled her hair while Jackson tried to save her game. Tommy sat on the couch waiting to be evicted. Eventually, Beth joined Jackson and guilted Nicole and Cliff. She promised to throw the hoh and the veto comp if they kept her. Tommy was evicted.

Beth: Beth was saved but Jackson did it all and she was basically dragged to the F4.

Nicole: She had the right idea but Cliff won the debate between them.  Cliff made sure she was guaranteed a spot in F3 but she would’ve had that anyway if they’d kept Tommy. She spent too much time with Tommy this week and might have had a better chance of changing Cliffs mind if she’d done a better job of convincing him they were only using Tommy. She should’ve got Cliff on board BEFORE she worked on Tommy. Cliff might have felt more secure with it and more included.

Jackson: He pulled off a great last minute move to benefit his game. He had to burn Tommy to make it happen but it was impressive. (Sort of) For the record, Nicole and Cliff didn’t actually believe Jackson and that isn’t the reason they kept Beth.

Week 12:

Nicole won the last regular hoh because Beth kept her word and threw the comp. Beth didn’t want to do it but Jacksons insistence had her dropping quickly. Jackson and Beth felt burned because even though Beth stayed, they’d still almost been betrayed. Cliff gave away his one reason to keep Beth over Tommy, which was a guaranteed spot in the F3. Realizing he’d probably screwed up, he set out to get it another way. The rest of the week:

  •  Cliff made some of the dumbest deals I’ve ever seen in BB.
  •  Jackson and Beth made the deals and didn’t feel guilty about lying to Cliff.
  • Nicole felt guilty after Jackson explained to her that his deal with Cliff was no good and how it was all her fault.
  • She was also angry because Jackson wouldn’t admit the truth and simply say he had to make the deal but had no intention of getting rid of Beth. She applauded him on the move which only irritated him because he wanted her to buy what he was selling. Jackson wanted to turn against them without admitting he was turning against them.
  • Beth continued to be angry over throwing the hoh, was resentful over Nicole having the hoh room and started saying Nicole bullied her into throwing the comp. (No one bullied her and any pressure she felt to do it, came from her boyfriend) She was also pissed she had to go otb at all.
  • Cliff continued to hope Jackson would stick to his word for a F3 of Jackson, Cliff  and Nicole. Sure, it was stupid but under the fog of the BB house, we’ve seen many people believe what they needed to believe because facing the truth is harder.

Cliff was evicted after Jackson made sure America heard about him having no choice, he only did it because Nicole and Cliff betrayed him and how bad he felt about it. He’d obviously forgotten about telling America the week before, he had every intention of going after Cliff when he got the chance. Nicole faced her worst nightmare, which was a F3 with a shomance.

Beth: She made a stupid move too. There wasn’t a reason for her to throw the comp to Nicole because at the F3, it isn’t like Nicole or Cliff could do anything about it. Just like she didn’t know she could go otb at F5, she didn’t know she helped Jackson and hurt herself. She also had nothing to gain by making a F3 with Cliff and Nicole. It was lying for the sake of lying.

Nicole: She didn’t trust Cliff was safe with his deals but she tried to go along and let herself be convinced but she never really got there. She wasn’t surprised when Jackson told her he wasn’t keeping Cliff. She was mostly mad Jackson was lying about the reason he was doing it.

Jackson: He made a great move by getting Beth to throw the hoh because it increased his chances of getting to the F3. I’m not convinced he knew this before it happened but maybe he did. He made a stupid move by creating fake deals knowing he wouldn’t keep them. Like Beth, he was lying just to be lying. If Cliff and Nicole weren’t gamers, he’d have easily thrown 2 jury votes away. If they vote for him, it will be in spite of his jury management, not because of it.

Final 3: Jackson won part 1, Beth won part 2 and we’ll know the rest of the story later this evening.


My thoughts on the Final 3 and their overall game play: 

Beth-  I picked her as one of my 3 picks to win the game early in the season.  I can’t toot my horn because the reasons I picked her have nothing to do with why she’s there. Her social skills and athletic ability made it seem as if she could go far. She also started the game with a prior relationship to help her. Since Kat was in a shomance, Kat and Jackson could’ve been a shield for Beth. She not only gave that away for more tv time, (that was her initial reason for the shomance) she chose Jackson over Kat too. They were positioned on opposite sides of the house and if they’d both been there to actually play the game, these two could’ve played both sides and gotten very far together. Beth also wouldn’t have to be so concerned for only being know for a shomance. She was able to get in the middle of the big alliance and even though she spoke horribly about people behind their backs, she was good at faking being friendly and people liked her. Her target grew bigger once she was with Jackson but she was still positioned well. About a month into the game, she completely lost focus and everything became about her image and her relationship with Jackson. She won 2 comps during very pivotal moments, which kept her safe. I don’t credit her game play for these wins because she didn’t want to win either time and her read on the game was bad most of the season. Jacksons comp wins kept her safe the other weeks she was in danger and again, wasn’t aware of it. Once Kat left and she stopped getting info on the other side, it became apparent, she wasn’t as good as it initially seemed. The only time she did anything on her own was the week Jess was the hoh but as soon as it was over, she stopped working those friendships. If the jury is bitter, I could see her winning but her game isn’t close to Jacksons. It’s closer to Nicole’s and I’d give Nicole the edge. Nicole was better in strategy and Beth had a better social game.  She made her game about Jackson and after the first couple of weeks, other than him, she only socialized with Sis, Kat and Tommy most of the time. She threw the F4 hoh and didn’t even know going home at the F5 was possible so didn’t try to win the veto. That doesn’t say much for her game. It’s a shame because the potential was there. If she wins, I’d rank her as one of the worst winners based on her game play.

Nicole- She played an average game and made mistakes along the way.  As loved as she is, I don’t see her being remembered as an amazing player even if she’d made it to F2 and won the game. I’d have placed her near the top of the lower 1/3 of winners as far as her game play. She quickly found herself on the losing side of the house and had difficulty fitting in at the beginning. Most weeks, she made the correct game move and didn’t vote emotionally but she did allow her emotions to get in her way. This is why some viewed her as wishy-washy. She had a better read on the house than most of the others, most of the game, although she put too much trust in Jess and Kat. People can debate forever whether she should’ve evicted Beth or Tommy but she couldn’t have evicted Beth without convincing Cliff. I still don’t see that as the main reason she’ll lose this game. She put too much stock in the comps at the end of the season because they’re normally geared towards her skill set. (So did I) Anything could have happened and she could have choked and lost. However, I still see the increased amount of physical comps being the main thing that held her back at the end. If not for that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her losing to Cliff  in the F2 tonight. For someone whose side of the house only had the hoh 3 times all season, (one of them effected by a twist) she did pretty well for herself and played a respectable game.

Jackson- He’s a jerk but I’m only going to address his game. Unlike Beth, he never stopped playing a social game. He worked on relationships with most of the house and did it all season. It took a long time for Jackson to be seen as the jerk we’ve seen by the hg’s and he did make some personal connections. Jess, who is all womens empowerment was even sticking up for him. He’s the main one out of Gr8ful who recognized early, he needed to work with Cliff as a back up plan. During the weeks he fought with Beth and she forgot about the others, he never stopped checking in with people. He’s the sole reason he went into the F4 with his shomance in tact and he got her to throw that comp too. This made her eligible as someone who might be evicted over him if he lost the veto. He won an insane amount of comps and the double eviction is the only week since the midway point of the season he was even eligible to go home. He’s been more strategic than the other two remaining but it hasn’t been without flaws. Several times, he made the right move but for the wrong reasons and it happened to work out. He wanted to throw comps believing he was safe at times when he wasn’t. He also didn’t think to put Cliff and Nicole both otb at the F5 to avoid risking Beth going home. He made dumb deals with Cliff the last week which wasn’t necessary. He burned a lot of people and sometimes unnecessarily. He also outed his girlfriends outside relationship with Kat. His jury management has been atrocious and most of the house finds him childish and condescending now that they know him better. If he wins, he won’t be the worst and he won’t be at the top. For game play only, I’d place him somewhere near the top of the lower half of winners. He’s still the best player this season.

My thoughts on the jury:

This is anyone’s guess to he honest and anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy (Sorry if you’re someone who is sure) but here’s my predictions and the reasons for them. I’m only doing a Jackson vs Beth scenario because I don’t think there’s any point to the others.

Probable votes for Beth-

  • Kat- Unless she’s even more catty than we know, I don’t see any other option.

Probable votes for Jackson-

  • Jack-He felt guilty for not believing Jackson when he left and he’s a guys, guy.  He’ll also respect Jackson taking Cliff out since Jack saw Cliff as a huge threat.
  • Tommy- He respected the move Jackson made and told Kat he was more than a comp winner during the jury clips.  He liked Beth in the house but I don’t think he’ll respect her just sitting there doing nothing while Jackson was lying to keep her.
  • Christie-  I think she has more respect for his game than she does Beth’s. She’s also been accused of playing a dirty game herself and giving the win to another “dirty player” should make her feel better about the kind of game she played
  • Sis- She was mad at both of them when she left but I don’t see her voting separately from Jack or Tommy. She never had an original thought while in the house, why would she start now?

Votes harder to gauge-

  • Jess- I could see her giving it to Jackson because she may be spending more time in the jury house with Christie now that Kat has hooked up with Nick.  She also felt like she had a special relationship with Jackson at one time. I’m unsure because after so much women’s empowerment talk, she may want to vote for a woman.  I’m still leaning Jackson
  • Nick-  Nick respected Jackson and Beths games when he left the house but Jackson’s the most. Two things make me less certain and one is Kat getting in his ear during pillow talk. The other is whether or not he’s still pissed at Christie. I could see him wanting to choose a side opposite of hers. I’m still leaning Jackson.
  • Cliff- Before he lost his mind the last week, I think it was a given he’d vote for Jackson. Depending on how far he takes this handshake bullshit, he may hold it against him. More than that, he had a conversation with Nicole before he left and said he wouldn’t vote for Jackson unless Jackson owned his game. Cliff has probably already realized he got played and has gotten over it.  I’m leaning Jackson as long as Jackson doesn’t say things tonight that insinuate he’d have taken Cliff to the F2 if Cliff hadn’t blown it.  If Jackson owns what he did, I think he gets Cliffs vote.
  • Nicole-  She’s a harder one because everything is so fresh for her. She also said Jackson needed to own his moves in order to have her respect. On top of that, she’s watched him be a complete baby this week. A week ago, I would’ve said she votes Jackson easily but today, I’m not sure. I’m VERY hesitantly going to say Beth but immediately want to take it back and and say Jackson, strictly based on game. That’s how iffy I am over this one.

My random, best guess, based on some jury info and a few other equally random reasons is Jackson wins 8-1 or 7-2. (If they’re all bitter, nevermind) Tonight, we’ll see if it’s chess, not checkers.

I’m sorry this was so long and recapping the season may not have been one of my better ideas. I just didn’t realize it until I was in too far.  Last year, I’d planned for the timing of this post to be my last one but after the way the finale unfolded, I did one more follow up the day after. I may do it again if there’s anything to talk about. If there isn’t and I don’t, it’s been fun even if this doesn’t go down as one of the greatest seasons.  I’ll catch up with some of you when BB Canada starts in March and for everyone else, take care and have a great Finale. (If not great, just try not to cry, that’s my goal)






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