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Big Brother 21 – Twas The Night Before The Finale

Good evening, everyone!


This will probably be my last post until tomorrow night’s live finale episode because there is nothing to talk about in the house. This may be a long one because I’m going to ramble on whatever comes to my mind (scary thought), so, buckle in bitches!

I need to begin this post by thanking our new contributor Mike for his insights this season, of course NK for her brilliant late-night contributions to the comment section, and last but certainly not least, my partner in crime running this blog, Mel! She had a crazy summer including selling her house without even realizing it was being sold yet still managed to keep up with the show and pump out those morning recaps for us. I cannot thank her enough for what she does here and thank my lucky stars every summer she sticks around.

Of course, I also need to thank the readers and contributors in the comment section. I have had a few sites that have had a community to them and every single one ends up with massive amount of drama and bullshit. This site, despite having an amazing amount of visitors, really doesn’t have the drama that you’d expect from a site this large. That is due to the community you all have built and maintain. NK also does an amazing job moderating things when they do flare up, so thank you again. This site is my pride and joy and I have built quite a few friends from it over the years. I especially appreciate the offers I receive to crash on couches should I ever decide to take a long road trip around the country lol.


And I can’t forget every single person who has donated this summer. In years past, it put your emails in the ‘reply’ section so I could reply with a nice thank you letter, but for some reason PayPal decided to hijack that and prevented me from doing that. So, because I can’t thank you all individually, I am doing it here. It didn’t matter the size of the donation as I received one that was 50 cents this year and it made me smile simply because someone took time out of their day to send that in. Stuff like that is what makes me happy doing this.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram here or send me fun snaps at stevebsfan!

This season was one of the weirdest seasons that I have blogged so far and I have been doing this show since season 13. Let’s recap some of the highlights…

  • Nick – The guy who I really didn’t expect to have a showmance this season ends up hooking up with Bella while flirting with Analyse any chance he got and now has hooked up with Kat in the jury house.
  • Jackson – Speaking of getting around, before the feeds even went live, this dude hooked up with Kat and then ended up in a showmance with buzzard (kidding, Holly) all while kind of having this weird flirt thing with Nicole (not that Nicole was ever interested. I think Jackson did have a brief crush on her)
  • Cliff – The old guy who could. Old guys are usually in rough shape in a house full of 20somethings and he came really close to being another victim of that when he was one of 4 cast out the first week yet survived that competition. He was then evicted but won his competition to come back in and ended up making it all the way to 4th place. Yes, he fucked his chances of making the final 2 when Jackson misted him in a way that would make Dan proud, but it happens. People need to understand that at the time Cliff fucked his game, he’d been away from his family and his life uprooted for 3 months which – as a fellow old dude – is not something easy to deal with. I get pissy when I am away from my comfortable surroundings for more than a few days. Yes, it’s a mistake that may have cost him half a million, but the fact that he even had the chance to make that mistake is impressive in itself.

  • Ovi and David – These two get their own category because they both got a raw deal and never really had a chance to show anything about themselves good or bad. I do wish Ovi or Jessica were evicted over David because that guy had some serious awareness going on and quite possibly could have made a difference in the early part of the season. Ovi defending Nicole was one of the nicest things I’ve seen on this show in a long time, though.
  • Kemi – This will probably trigger some people who are obsessed with her, but she never made an impact. She was obviously screwed over by getting evicted early and likely could have contributed so much more, but it is what it is. She did piss off Jack which was always a plus.
  • Sam – What a roller coaster ride with this guy. Easily the most annoying DR sessions of the season by FAR and tried really really hard to fit in with the douchebag 8 early on but lucked out by never really being accepted by them. Because he never fit in, he became a fan favorite when he dropped the grenade on the 8 on his way out the door. Sam is the sole person responsible for the ‘six-shooters’ not cruising to the end with ease and filling out those final 6 seats. So for that, we thank you. And we hope you get your pool fixed.

  • Jackson and Holly – What a weird season for both of these people. Jackson went from hated to almost liked during the six-shooter blowup to absolutely hated again despite nothing really changing on his part. He was pretty douchy early on and remained that way all season long. The only difference is that he became the enemy of the fans enemy (Christie) so he gained favor. He also treated Holly like shit through the better part of the season, but she also returned the favor to him. She overreacted to a bunch of things he said (like going on The Challenge) while he berated her in such a massively condescending way over and over. When Holly realized her popularity may not be what she expected, she flipped on an act which only changed her from boring to cringeworthy.
  • Jack and Sis – There really isn’t much to say about these two without being extremely mean, so I’m just going to pass. We thought Sis may become tolerable once Jack left but she did stupid shit like beg the cameras over and over for twists in her favor. Delusional.
  • Christie and Tommy – These two had a massive advantage heading into the season. Tommy had amazing social skills while Christie was extremely cunning and smart all year long. For some reason, Christie’s biggest flaw was her determination to overplay the game and she ended up dragging Tommy down with her. With this bunch of really bad players, this season was theirs to lose, and lose they did.
  • Nicole – I saved the best for last here. There isn’t much bad that you can ever say about Nicole other than she made a huge mistake by listening to Cliff over her gut. That’s all. From everything we’ve watched all summer, she came across as one of the nicest and most genuine people this house has seen in a long long time. She never did some ridiculous act to try and be liked by the fans and despite struggling without a real alliance, she was actually the swing vote in probably half the votes (or more). While she wasn’t in there actively scheming and planning, every week she was in a situation where it was her decision on who should go home and she clearly made the right choices as it put her in the final 3.

I know I didn’t speak much of Jess, Kat, or Bella, but they were never really interesting enough to get their own little section. Sorry.

I’m going to wrap up my ramblings now. Thank you for another great season and I will see you tomorrow night for the finale!


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  1. Avatar

    Just the other day I said that it would have been a completely different season if David hasn’t been kicked out first. I hope he gets to play another CBS game, he’s a real BB fan too, so maybe get another wack at it.

  2. Avatar

    Thank you very much for all the work you put in this season, Steve!

    Nkog, Mel and YOU made a really horrible season into something more entertaining for the rest of us. I’m looking forward to next year, and hopefully CBS learns from this one.

    Either way, this site is a must read for me on a daily basis

    • NKogNeeTow

      Looking forward to seeing you next year too Brs. And you are more than welcome but don’t sell yourself short. A great amount of the success of this site also has a lot to do with the great members who keep the comments coming and keep the threads going.

  3. SoftKitty

    This season was saved only because of this awesome forum. Thank you Steve for providing us with a safe haven to share our thoughts and views. Thank you Mel for your entertaining recaps (Morning cawfee with Mel is my favorite time of day!) And last but certainly not least, thank you NK for your fabulous BBAD nightly recaps. Your moderation of this site is the big reason why we can allow our snarky flag fly without the fear of being attacked! I heart you all and will see you next summer!

  4. Ann

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Beardo.

  5. hogwild

    Good take on all the players this season Nicole for AFP got to remember to give her the last ten votes in the morning.

  6. Kari

    For the first time ever I’m not upset about the season-ending. I feel sad for Nicole and that’s about it, and maybe a couple of the earlier players that didn’t get a chance.

    Just like everyone else the same Big Brother junkies was the saving grace.Steve, Mel, NK and other contributors for keeping us posted. I always have such fun here and I’ve gotten to know so many people. Thank you so much everyone for being here and for being who you are… Yeah even Thumby, we love you in your own special way LOL..

    **This comment has been edited. Please remember that although a lot of members are interested in other games, this IS a dedicated BB site. Please refrain from soliciting other sites, causes, etc. on this site.This isn’t the place to advertise them.**

    NK, Moderator 🙂

    • hogwild

      In other threads people have talked about CBS having blockhead and Holly on AR I think it would funny as hell if instead they ask Nicole and Cliff don’t think either would do it as both are ready to see their famlies and Cliff couldn’t handle the pace but it would still crack me up if CBS had wanted them over blockhead and his shower toy.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    “buckle in bitches!”…lol…Love it!

    I’d also like to thank you too Steve. I’m glad this site is your pride and joy. You’ve done an incredible job of building a place for us BBJunkies. I’d also like to thank you with trusting me through all my shenanigans and non-sense. This has been my summer “home” for many years and I always look forward to coming back (even though I lose a ton of sleep and sometimes forget what the sun feels like from sleeping on and off during the day). It is always a true pleasure.

    We all love it here and whether we always agree or not, it does feel like an extended family. And Mike, welcome to the staff as the new writer. Looking forward to “seeing” more of you next year. And to my Mel, what can I say? Even though I don’t always comment on your threads, I look forward to them every day when I sign on. You and Steve make a dynamic duo and have always been heroes in my eyes.

    To the members who have joined and commented (old and new) and to those who never signed up but still come here every day to read everything BB, you are greatly appreciated! Without you, there would be no reason for us to be here. To Thumby & Co., keep trying…lol. To the Trolls who occasionally sign up just to cause mayhem, you may shake us but you’ll never break us. WE ARE BBJ STRONG!.

    To all that have donated to this site, Steve, Mel and myself, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has to be one of the greatest groups on the internet. 🙂

  8. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for 3 mice…


    The final Taco Tuesdays is taking place. They each say what they are grateful for. I missed most of it, as I was writing my previous comment. I’m still missing most of it because the system is delaying the words I am typing. They talk briefly how they would like to stay in touch. FAB says she likes to text. JJ says he doesn’t text that much but he likes to Facetime and Snapchat. Nicole says she does too. FAB tries to change it and says she doesn’t really text that much. *Insert eye roll.*

    They start to talk about what HG they are looking forward to seeing tomorrow night. They are looking forward to seeing Sam the most. They talk about a few of the other HG. JJ tries to remember the name of something but can’t. Nicole tells him they can look it up tomorrow. She asks them if they realize that tomorrow night this time, they will have their phones. JJ tells her then she can look up herself and see how popular she is. She says she doesn’t want to know.


  9. HappyHippo

    Well put Steve! Completely agree!!
    See you next season for hopefully a completely new production/casting team!!!

  10. NKogNeeTow



    FAB tells them she is so proud of the 3 of them. Nicole says she can’t wait to see her parents. She almost cries but tells herself not to lose it. She says she knows she’s been kind of annoying. She talks about her sisters. JJ says he wants to give his mom a hug. Nicole says she’s not expecting anything bad but now is starting to freak out and her parents say, “What’s up? What happened?”

    JJ starts to shuffle the card then bang them on the table in a tune. They decide to play a game of Bullshit. JJ and Nicole start to sing the BB theme song. They get no warning. *Production is probably asleep.* They go into the bathroom and start to play cards on the stool. *Basically a repeat of last night.* FAB says it’s fun when you bang on the table and make people think that you’re winning. JJ lost this round is looking for the 10. Nicole says she “dis-carded” it. JJ doesn’t get it at first so she repeats it.

    JJ tells them they all will be up at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow and none of them are sleeping past 10. Nicole repeats the “ass-crack of dawn” then laughs. Nicole wins this round. Nicole and FAB start dancing with their spoons while JJ bangs out a tune on the stool. *Humm, looks like he’s finally found something else to bang on the stool.* Nicole says something and JJ asks her where her accent goes. He says that some of the things she says, she loses it.

    JJ asks if any of them gets to talk to Julie. Nicole says 3rd place does because they go out first then join the other jurors.


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  12. NKogNeeTow



    The game continues and Nicole and JJ are talking in valley girl accents. *I don’t usually like fake accents but these 2 crack me up with this one. Especially JJ, he does it a little too well…lol.* Nicole and FAB start beating out a tune on the stool with the spoons. JJ switches the that horrible Austrialian accent then FAB tries. Big fail on both parts. Nicole says her British accent isn’t very good. She says something in a British accent and JJ tells her it still comes out sounds LA. JJ starts to sing something and gets a warning to stop.

    FAB and Nicole continue in their fake accents. FAB’s sounds more like someone on acid. Nicole’s sounds like she can’t make up her mind between proper English and Cockney. JJ and FAB continue in their accents. Nicole loses this round and says that they made her say Bullshit. *Sounds like a line that JJ and FAB would use.*


  13. Avatar

    Imagine the final 3 was other showmance (Jack/Sis) and Jessica? Would be so much worse.

  14. NKogNeeTow



    The Bullshit game continues. *Not of each other, but the card game…lol.* This is basically what they did almost the entire BBAD last night so I wouldn’t expect any different tonight. It’s going to be a looong 2 hours and 15 minutes. There really isn’t much for me to write. *Can you believe that even “I” am running out to words?*

    JJ tells Nicole if she would at least the cards build-up, then realizes he just made a mistake with his cards and they all laugh. Nicole says she doesn’t like this game and doesn’t understand why she gets all the cards all the time. *Now would be a good time for POP to give them some kind of surprise.* Nicole loses again and repeats that she hates the game. FAB tells her in baby talk that she’s sorry. Nicole and JJ start to sing the BB theme song again.

    The 3 of them wonder who they are paired within the opening credits. Nicole says she can’t wait to watch if. FAB says she thinks it would be great if she and JJ were paired up but she thinks it may be her and Sam. She says that she thinks they would pair them up by opposites. Nicole wants to guess who she’s paired up with. JJ says it’s their last night in the house. They kind of quiet down a bit but still continue to play.


  15. NKogNeeTow



    JJ says something and gets a warning. He apologizes. They discuss what they can steal and pack…lol. They make fun of Nicole and laugh at all the stuff she’s going to be dragging behind her. There is a particular blanket she wants and says she’s taking it because she’s slept with it the entire time she’s been there. FAB and Nicole talk about the cameras being on them while they were packing. Nicole says there was something she wanted to tell them but can’t because she might get in trouble. She gets a warning.

    Nicole talks about her f*cking up. FAB tells her you never know. Nicole says she knows and she picks on herself a lot.


  16. NKogNeeTow

    Kari, check your messages.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Is this the longest night or what?

  18. NKogNeeTow



    The 3 are just laying around talking about their fake accents. Nicole starts to talk about trying to scare other people. She says she always winds up scaring herself. Nicole finds a small blanket and wonders where it came from. She says it’s 100% wool. JJ asks her if wool is strong. Nicole says yes and tells them a story about a wool sweater her sister had and her dad washed it and it came out the size of a doll sweater. JJ laughs.

    They wonder whether or not they can take Orwell. JJ says he doesn’t think so. They start to talk about the dolls Tommy made. JJ says that Cliff thought they were stupid. FAB uses the toilet while Nicole removes her nail polish. JJ tells her if she wants to campaign, they can find somewhere to talk. Nicole says it will be more of a conversation instead of a campaign. JJ leaves and says she can talk to FAB alone if she wants. FAB comes out of the toilet and Nicole asks her where she wants to talk. FAB asks her if JJ wants to talk to her now or later. Nicole says later.

    Nicole tells her that she doesn’t want to be doing her nails when they talk because it’s rude. She asks FAB if she wants to talk in the RV. FAB says yes and applies lipstick. JJ asks from the kitchen if they are going to hang out in the bathroom. Nicole says no and apologizes. As she and FAB leaves, Nicole tells her she thinks it (campaigning) gets more difficult the fewer they have in the house and the longer they’ve been in the house.


  19. ShoeLover

    As always Steve!! My summers are camped out here and in front of my TV. Big Brother is my guilty pleasure and the BBJ family is freaking awesome.

    Mel, Nk, Mike, You Steve and your beautiful bride, THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

    This Year’s BB was good, strange, frustrating, train wrecky and a lot drama llama all rolled into three months of Crazy!!! I wouldn’t trade it for any other reality/game show. Big Brother reeled me in, hook line and sinker from day 1 of the very first season.

    Thanks BBJ Family, love seeing all yall on the boards every summer and to all the new BBJ family members, nice meeting all yall and hope to see you next summer!!

  20. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is supposed to be campaigning but FAB is doing all of the talking. She tells Nicole that she is her when she was 24. She tells her that 24 was actually one of the hardest years of her life. She tells Nicole that they are literally the same person. Nicole tells her that FAB always gave her credit but she never gave FAB enough credit. FAB goes on about how when she was 24 she was full of self-doubt and hate and she had gone to college at out of state then left and went back to Wyoming and became Miss Wyoming for a year. She says it’s a big thing but she never mentioned it to anybody because it wasn’t relevant to anything. *Still isn’t.*

    FAB tells Nicole that thought it was funny when Christie was saying that she was in a few pageants, she was thinking to herself that she was in a little pageant. She tells Nicole all of the talk shows she went on. She said she got to be a role model and influence a lot of people. Nicole says, “Wow, that’s impressive.” Nicole gets a chance to jump in and says she always thought she was kind of awkward and told herself that she was too hard on herself.

    FAB is having none of it so she jumps back in and snatches back the reigns. She says that’s why she wants to be a role model and force herself out of the box. She keeps telling Nicole that she knows what makes her tick because they are the same and what drives them to greatness. She says it’s a blessing and a curse. She says it’s great to see Nicole grow and this will be her launchpad. Nicole says her whole thing about the experience is the title. She says she thinks she will lose to either of them but just to sit in the chair next to either of them at the end.

    Nicole asks FAB would she take a chance on young 24-year-old Nicole. She says she doesn’t want them to take pity on her because she put herself in the position on where she is. Nicole tells her that she wonders if the jury would pick the one who won more comps or who was nicer and played a better social game (H). FAB is hedging and tells her she really doesn’t know because they both (J/H) have played a similar game. Nicole says that she’s not asking her to tell her now, but when she goes to bed, just to consider it.

    Nicole tells her that they are both (J/H) are very smart and if she thinks she has a better chance of winning with Nicole, then to pick her but if not, she understands. Nicole tells her that the way FAB spoke today, if she speaks like that to the jury, she has a good chance of winning. Nicole says she has no idea what JJ will say when he talks to her. She says that she’s afraid he’s going to start rattling off comp wins and stats. She says she just wants to be considered even if it’s up to the last second.

    FAB tells her another thing she’s taking into consideration is her parents. She says if she’s in the position to choose she wants to make a decision that her parents will respect. Nicole says she (H) can go either way and she gets it. She says FAB has to choose whether to stick with someone she’s been with or does she take someone she can beat (N). Nicole says she really wants her to pick her but she wouldn’t be butt hurt if she didn’t and hopefully they can all move forward. *This is where I get pissed at Nicole. Be definitive girl and stop sounding like it’s okay if you’re not picked. ACT LIKE YOU WANT IT!*

    Nicole says she thought about it when she was packing today, how JJ keeps talking about his family and money. She says she doesn’t talk that much about her situation but she could use the money too.


    • Avatar

      NKOG, maybe you posted this before and I missed it. What are your predictions for tomorrow night?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I gave up when FAB won the last comp. Now I don’t really care who wins, I’m just sorry the money will have to go to either of these neer-do-wells. If I had to pick I guess it would have to be JJ because I hate that other thang so much. And even if he wins, he’ll never be satisfied. There is something about ill-gotten gains and karma that go hand in hand. I’ll predict that he won’t have a dime of it within the next 3 years or less.

      • Avatar

        I agree 10000%

    • ShoeLover

      Nicole, you are supposed to be pushing harder. Use Holly’s own words!!! If Holly wonders what her parents will think is the best decision and she feels her and Nicole are truly the same, then push that. I don’t see it being immoral or selfish choosing yourself in a decision that is remarkably life changing for you and your family. BUT Choosing to take the guy who has stated daily, once he wins $500,000, is what you believe your parents feel this is the moral path you need to take??? Be true to yourself Holly and keep your original word. TO YOURSELF!! why give your winnings to someone else!!???

  21. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling FAB that she has all these things she’d like to do. She says she knows she and JJ are the same age but she’s talking about maturity. FAB tells her she also understands the value of a dollar and she has worked since she was a teenager and bought her first car and paid her way through school. Nicole says she had a scholarship but her sisters didn’t. She says that it bothers her that amount of food they waste in the house and that would never happen at home.

    FAB tells her again that she knows the value of a dollar. Nicole tells her to think about who she’s rather win against or lose against. Nicole says she needs to advocate for herself right now, even though she’s been joking for the last few days. She tells FAB that if she chooses her, she will be honored to sit next to her. She says that if either of them picks her she would be honored and she honors and loves BB so much. She says she doesn’t have a lot of friends but she has always had BB. She says that if she picked her, her parents sitting in the audience would be so proud. She says she knows that’s not game related.

    Nicole says she needs to prepare a speech too, in case she’s sitting on stage with either of them. FAB agrees. *She doesn’t believe it but she agrees.* Nicole tells her to just be aware of who she wants to speak next to. She says she knows FAB is a smart woman. FAB asks Nicole if she has any questions for her. Nicole laughs and says yeah, would you pick me? Nicole asks her if she wants her in jury or JJ. FAB is still hedging. Nicole tells her to just think of her arguments.

    Nicole says she’s biased for herself but she thinks she’s the best choice. She tells

    FAB that she knows that as a duo it’s a little bit more difficult. She says she just wanted to say her piece. JJ comes in and lays across the bed and the talk stops. Nicole tells him he’s laying on her Finale shirt and he moves. He says he hasn’t even started packing yet. Nicole says she wants to walk out fancy because America has never seen her fancy. She talks about her outfit for tomorrow. Nicole asks JJ if he wants to chat. He says yes. FAB leaves.


  22. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is now giving JJ the same pitch as FAB, only in reverse. She says she respects the game and him too much and they fought too hard to be there and if he won and decided to take her she would be so happy but if he didn’t she wouldn’t be butt hurt. She says she just wants to be considered and didn’t want him to think that all the jokes she’s made over the past few days, he doesn’t think she wants to go out third.

    She tells him she just wants a little glimmer of consideration and who would he want to argue against onstage. He tells her that if he’s sitting on stage with either of them he wants her to know he’s never campaigned against either one of them. He says if he wins he won’t make his decision until the last minute. He says that’s what he has been thinking of for the last few days. She tells him to do what’s best for him and not think about deals, trust, and loyalty.

    He says that if FAB wins and takes Nicole, he won’t be mad. *Like hell he won’t.* Nicole says she respects both of them and would just like the consideration and thinking things through tonight and who he could build a better argument against. She says she’s not playing in the 3rd part so it’s not up to her. She says that whatever the decision is, it’s life-changing. He says it’s going to be a long night. She says she leads a small life with just her family, her job, her dog, and BB. She says she can’t even begin to explain how much this means to her.

    She tells him she really, really wants it. She really wants to sit onstage if only for a few minutes. He tells her to give him a hug, then gives him a big hug.


    FAB sitting alone talking to herself. It sounds like she’s going over her speech. JJ and Nicole come in and join her. JJ lays down and puts his head in FAB’s lap. Nicole says she campaigned and now she’s going to campaign to them both. She says that she loves them both. She starts talking about some girl what was on a show who polished her nails all the time.


  23. NKogNeeTow



    FAB is sitting there picking at her hair ends. JJ tells her to stop. Nicole wonders what happens to all the leftover supplies. She wonders if the PA’s take them home, throw them out or save them for next year. She says it would be a shame if they threw out everything and wasted it. Nicole asks if they are sleeping tonight. JJ says yes. Nicole says she wants to get up in the morning, take her shower, do her nails and get dressed. FAB says she hopes they have a lockdown tomorrow so she can wash her hair. Nicole asks them what time do they have to be ready tomorrow, 5?


  24. NKogNeeTow



    FAB wonders if her polish will chip before tomorrow. Nicole says her’s won’t chip before tomorrow unless she picks at them. FAB asks her when they last did them. Nicole tells her 2 days before. FAb says she just can’t remember. Nicole asks if they hear beeping. She says it sounds like a distant truck backing up. *That’s Nancy, she escaped the hospital and came to kidnap The Vultures.* Nicole asks FAB if she thinks she will have time to do her makeup and hair. FAB says she doesn’t know because she might be too nervous. FAB says she should have taught her how to curl her hair.

    Nicole says she’s always been afraid to curl it because she’s afraid she’d burn it off. JJ is just laying there staring off into space. *Hopefully seriously taking into consideration what Nicole said.* Nicole says she thinks she’s going to miss the house. JJ says he won’t. He says maybe in 6 months. Nicole says they will wake up in their own beds and wonder if they dreamed this. Nicole asks JJ if he wants a nail painted or a toenail. She says that if it’s a toenail, FAB will have to do it because feet freak her out.

    Nicole says they might think she’s insane but she is grossed out by toes because she broke on when she was in school. She says that at least she’s not going into Finale night with a big broken toe. She says she’s trying to think of how long it took her to get comfortable in the house. She says she thinks it was day 70. JJ says day 79.


  25. NKogNeeTow



    FAB says she’s going to get her water bottle and see if the DR has opened back up. She leaves and Nicole polishes her nails a shiny silver bluish color. Nicole and JJ talk low about tomorrow. He tells her they all have a 33% chance. She tells him that he and FAB has a better chance. She says she blew her chance. They talk about what arguments he can use. Nicole says FAB can argue that she had a better social game. He says he can argue that too. *No you can’t…LOLOLOL*

    Nicole tells him that she was talking to FAB the other night and told her she didn’t give her enough credit. She says that FAB playing up that she didn’t have a good memory might be very impressive. She says that it might play in which way people are leaning. She says the 3 of them don’t have the advantage of the jury roundtable. She says some people vote as a game, some vote as to how you treat people, some vote a little of each. He is in DEEP thought now.

    Nicole tells him she’s not trying to scare anybody. He tells her no she’s fine and says he is thinking of the same thing. She says it’s no telling who is pissed. She uses Christie and Tommy as examples. She says there is no way for them to know how the jury is influencing each other. She says that maybe Jack is being the advocator or maybe they are split. She says it’s a little more difficult because JJ/H are a duo, it’s going to be more subjective as to them playing as individuals or played alone. She says some might be mad at the showmance for making it so far. She says that’s how she’d view it if she were the juror.

    She tells him how strong they were the last couple of weeks. She says she’ll be grateful just to sit in the chair and would be grateful to lose to either one of them. *That’s right Nicole, work that conscience…if he has one.*


  26. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is laying there quietly while Nicole tells him she has faith and if she’s supposed to go out 3rd then so be it. She talks about Christie/Tommy eviction. She tells him to go with his gut and if it’s the wrong decision, it’s the wrong decision and nobody is dying. He coughs and says “Uh huh”. She says the jury might ask him his reasoning for the person he’s evicting or picking to sit next to. He is still very quiet and just laying there shaking his foot.

    They both sit quietly, staring off into nowhere. He closes his eyes. She says it’s tough and tomorrow is going to be a tough day. He says “Uh huh”. She says he also has to figure in how she would vote or how FAB would vote. He says nothing more than “Uh huh”. She asks where FAB went. He just makes a noise but gives on answer. He looks like he’s trying to go to sleep but probably not really. I think he’s just closing his eyes hoping Nicole will stop talking. She sits there in silence.


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  28. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is sitting at the table looking at the Memory Wall. The heart U Nic cereal message is still on the table behind her. The cam goes in close to her face. Sighs and whispers, “Oh please, please, please”, then continues to stare at the wall. She goes into deep thought. She takes a deep breath and continues to stare at the wall. It looks like she is looking at every face.


    JJ sleeping on the sofa.


    Nicole still staring at the wall. The camera pans in on Orwell sitting on the coffee table. We get a long shot of Nicole sitting there. Then back to the living room, then back to Nicole.


  29. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    FAB asks Nicole how was her campaign. She says good. FAB says she’s phyiscally ill. Nicole says she was just sitting in front of the wall thinking that. She says she knows she’s in a spot and there is no pressure or expectations. FAB says she’s gutted with the weight of this. She says she doesn’t think of it as this is her’s and nobody else matters. Nicole tells her she told him she’s not going to blow smoke and didn’t know the way the jury would go. She says he was telling her about how good his game was. She says she told him that he doesn’t know that.

    Nicole tells her that she feels that if FAB picked her, JJ wouldn’t feel that he would never talk to FAB again. *Yes he would…lol* Nicole says she just keeps saying “Oh my God, I just want to sit in that chair for at least a minute”. FAB laughs and says it’s the chair that they all tried to avoid all summer. Nicole asks her how she feels. She says she’s just trying to go over her speech. She says they have 25 seconds. Nicole tells her to put herself in the mindset that because they aren’t in the jury roundtable, they don’t really get a chance to talk.

    FAB asks her if the last juror just walks out on stage and joins the other jurors. Nicole says yes. She tells FAB that if or when she wins that final comp, it will be instinctual.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Apparently, there is no show tomorrow because Orwell just said this was the season Finale of BBAD and will see us next year. Guess the Verizon line-up was wrong. What else is new. I’m going to go back to bed. I’ve been living off of hot tea and graham crackers for the last two days and I think it’s making me weak…lol. Until Finale, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Colby, Mel, Shoes, Brs, Kari, and whoever else that is still awake out there. 🙂

  31. Colby

    I’ve been thinking about last year,this exact time.
    They pulled comfy chairs (or whatever they were) into the dining area and played a game of naming capitals of places around the world, and ‘BOB’ (production) played with them.
    If they were stumped on an answer, BOB would play a word or name to give them a hint of what it began with.
    I enjoyed watching that. It helped during this normally very boring time.
    Don’t know why I brought this up, except to say remember last year – a great season…………..
    We can hope next year will be better.

    • Avatar

      thank you- I agree

    • gigi

      last season (#20) was the best … I still love Tyler and Angela, and wish there was a “Tyler” for Nicole!
      Nicole is pretty awesome … read this a couple days ago re the last three for this year, and agree, “bigbrothernetwork.com: Obsidiandog • 2 days ago ‘What I saw was 2 people that played most of the season guarded by a large alliance that ran the house and one that got here without one.'”
      Nkog: lord, you crack me up! thank you
      Mel: love your writing style!
      Still Team Nicole! … miracles do happen …

  32. Jen

    Just in case i dont get back on here (my sister in law is going to be indikuced in 1.5 hrs and I’ll be an Aunt again and hoping **praying** Godmother to a new little niece or nephew! I have no idea how long this takes a d Chicago One night is on anyway. So….
    I want to thank Nikki, Steve, Mel and each one of you for honestly making my summer so much more enjoyable. I have made friendshipz that I hope will become lifelong and I cant wait to see all of you again next summer!!

  33. KLew

    Like everyone has said – I don’t know how I would have made it through this season without this site. When the show became too unbearable to watch, I could come here and connect with other BB fans who were equally as horrified, LOL. Thank you for the thoughtful, thorough posts, the tremendous insight, the BBAD recaps and just the amazing atmosphere that exists here. Last year I lurked all summer and this year I finally got an avatar and signed up to share in the fun. Looking forward to next summer far more than tonight’s finale. ❤️❤️

  34. hogwild

    Cast my last ten AFP votes for Nicole get them in while you can.

  35. Avatar

    I, too, would like to echo the comments thanking Steve, Mel, NK and Mike. This site has saved me this summer. Other summers I recorded BBad and would watch 3 hours during the day. Fitting that in with work, a husband and two kids was tough. This year I decided not to record. NK has been a Godsend to fill me in. I love the writing styles of ALL OF YOU. So funny. I love that the comments do not get mean or nasty when people disagree. I do want to apologize because I did donate beginning of season thinking it got divided among all of you. I wasn’t able to donate again when I realized it wasn’t a split. Next season I’ll get you all.

    As for tonight, I don’t know what to think or what to hope for. I do love Nicole but feel JJ worked played hard and was game focused the whole time. Not that Nicole wasn’t, but Holly lost focus at times and latched on to him. My only disappointment will be in a Holly win. I enjoyed Holly when she was being a “conspiring bitch” with Kat. Once she was all Jackson, I feel like she did nothing. I didn’t hate this season as much as others did. I didn’t like it until Sam blew up the 6, I never watched the Lord of the Flies tirade or the lie to Tommy fight. I had to fast forward because I felt so bad.

    Anyway, thank you again. Everyone enjoy the finale!!!!!

  36. Avatar

    I also forgot to give a shout out to Nancy the other day! Speedy recovery, hon!

  37. LynnD

    Good Morning Junkies. Got my last “500” votes in for my fav player. 🙂

  38. Avatar

    I agree to everything said above. Thanks to the writers for all the time and different ways of thinking. Also thanks to the other fans for being friendly with each other, even if it’s an “agree to disagree” situation. I stumbled on this site last season when I couldn’t wait to find out spoilers because I thought it was overall a good cast/season. So glad I had you all to make it through this year’s weird season with!

  39. Houseguest Doug

    Mel thanks as always for your dedication to the show and your page. I am not sure I could watch this many hours of BB as you do.

    NKogNeeTow thanks for your updates as well and keeping everyone who doesn’t subscribe to the live feeds up to date with what is happening.

    We may not all agree on the game, contestants or who should win the game and America’s Favorite player but at the end of the day we are all fans and we are the reason the show stays on the air and Mel dedicates so much time and passion into this page.

    Congratulations to the final 3.

    I do hope Nicole gets America’s Favorite player for many reasons. One putting up with the bullying by the Gateful8 better known as the hateful 8. The way they treated her during that week was despicable. Not a fan of bullying and not sure why Production allows it especially since society understands it is not right and taken steps and actions to eliminate it. Also, for the fact she got bad advice from Cliff that cost her and him $500K at the very least she should get $25K. Not to mention she has the best line ever in BB history “Jackson you do me a favor and go F yourself!” Love it.

    It looks like Jackson is going to win the game and if what some others on here have suggested Production rigged the game so he is in Final 2 that is weak. In a weak cast or bad cast take your pick Jackson was the only one that has somewhat of a personality. It rubs a lot of people the wrong way and he can be very off putting. But I do tip my cap to him for winning clutch HOH and POV time after time and if he wins the final HOH that will be 12 Comp wins not including the luxury comp. I would not classify him as a great player but rather the best player in a season of really bad players.

    Holly you call her Beth some of you call her Granny or Buzzard. At the end of the day I am sure outside of the house she is actually a very nice person. We all forget when your locked up in a house full of people that you have to see day after day and you’re competing with them and every day is stressful due to the fact you’re on TV 24/7 and you have to deal with people trying to get you out of the game. Sometimes your best side will not always show. I never had an issue with Holly nor do I think 31 is old, of course that seems very young to me being 21 years her senior in my mind she is still a kid. She hitched her wagon to the right person and it got her to final 2. Not everyone is a comp beast or as smart at memory games. But she won HOH and POV when she had to and contributed her end to keep Jackson in the game. So congrats to her in making it this far and potentially stealing a victory from Jackson. Also the mere fact she got pissed at Production and told them to f off is great. I have deep respect for anyone that tells Production to go F themselves.

    CBS..Time to update the show. The set and comps are very tired and is now boring. Restrain yourself from always intervening and telling people what to say and how to act. The fact they told Kemi to act more like the stereotype is not only racist it is just plain disgusting. I am a White male and I don’t like racism or feel it has a place in 2019. Time we understood we are all people and the color of our skin doesn’t define us. It is how we act and treat others and carry ourselves that defines us. I look forward to a time when we stop referring to someone as a black, brown, Asian, white Male/Female and just refer to them by name or as a person.

    I am willing to give CBS a mulligan on this year with the casting job. But I do suggest they watch Big Brother Canada and see how a show could run and I believe the American audience would love that version better. The comps are harder and more interesting. The set is far more intriguing and it is basically a game within in a game on the Canadian version.

    Also do us all a favor forget the whole have not room and slop punishment. It’s tired and old and adds nothing to the game nor is it interesting for the viewer. Instead of live feeds of the house how about allowing those who subscribe to see inside the jury house. So instead of cutting to fish when you have a comp or you’re giving instructions to the contestants show the Jury house and let them listen in on the discussion and goings on. I am sure that would be far more interesting that watching fish.

    As always I have zero interest in Celeb Big Brother bunch of D list no talents or never was celebs playing a condensed version of the game doesn’t interest me in the least.

    Congratulations to Jackson or Holly whichever takes the crown this year. Truth is don’t really care who wins this year as this was the first year I wasn’t really pulling for anyone. I was pretending to root for Jackson just because everyone was so much against him I wanted to have a little fun.

    Personally I think he is a douchebag and a mama’s boy. I don’t think this relationship with Holly will last. The only reason why they may stay together beyond the show is I strongly believe they will be asked to play in the Amazing Race. But it also wouldn’t shock me if Christie and Tommy are a team and Cliff and Nicole and perhaps Jack and Sis. I am still confused why Paul was never asked to play in the Amazing Race yet all the other people he played against were.

    Until next season BB Junkies enjoy the show tonight.

  40. Patricia

    Thanks u steve for all the recaps n keeping me informed. U rock. I only last prayer is that beth wins n takes nichole. Highly doubtful But one can hope n dream right. It just down right makes me sick that he will b seeing the confetti. I just hope jury does not give him the win. . See u next season

  41. hogwild

    Dedicating this song to Holly and her game over the last month if you listen to the lyrics closely especially one line it will make sense to you.

  42. Tam

    THANK YOU, Steve, Mel, NK, and others that keep me informed, entertained and amused all summer. Honestly, you will never be able to understand that has been a refuge for me and just somewhere to be able to laugh and breath. It has been nice to have a place to come and escape into my BB world. I, sincerely, appreciate all of you and the friends that I have made here. Praying next season is better, one can only hope that it goes up from here and not down. Praying Nugget will be able to pull ahead, but if not, I am hoping that she takes home AFP and the best prize of it all self awareness of how much she has grown and is loved by so many by just being herself. Really proud of her and it’s been great to watch her bloom. Thanks, again, to our hosts and so many of you on here. Until next year hopefully we shall greet each other again. Survivor is starting so thank God for that!

  43. hogwild

    It must be killing thumbsy not to be able to give anymore thumbs down this season.

  44. Betty Boo

    99 days and Holly still doesn’t know the feeds are on…………………..

  45. Alda

    I guess the thumbs up and down button is off.I wanted to give so many thumbs up to you all.I thank Steve,Mel,NK and Mike for all that they do for us.You guys are the best.To all the Junkies,I will miss you so much .Hope everyone stays well and happy till we all meet again.

  46. Mel

    Sorry part 3 of the recap is so late. Steve has it now and should post soon. If I ever decide a season recap is a good idea again, someone come slap some sense into me. Sorry, I’ve forgotten which of you is closest to Missouri because it will probably fall on you.

  47. Ann

    I’ve been MIA a lot this season but when I did get to pop up it was just like being home with my BB family, old & new family members that joined us this season. It’s always sad when we come to the end of a season because I miss everyone so much.
    Much Thanks & appreciation to Steve, Mel, NK & all who kept us updated on everything.

  48. Houseguest Doug

    Has a media member asked a former contestant what life is like after the show ends and the camera’s go off?

    You have just spent the better part of 3 months in a house living in a fishbowl. There has to be an adjustment to life outside the house.

    Suddenly you can go where you want, you’re back to sleeping in your own bed. You have access to the internet, tv, cell phone and radio. You have to catch up what has happened in the World since you have been in the house.

    No longer do you see the same people. You’re no longer competing and having to scramble to stay in a game.

    I am sure the first few nights are very restless ones and having trouble adjusting. You go from a faux life to real life. You have bills and such to catch up extra.

    I wonder if some people have some mental health issues. I wonder if CBS covers the cost of therapy extra.

  49. Houseguest Doug

    Not sure if this has been answered but what happen to the thumbs up and down?

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