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Big Brother 21 – Twas The Night Before The Finale

September 24, 2019 | 95 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

This will probably be my last post until tomorrow night’s live finale episode because there is nothing to talk about in the house. This may be a long one because I’m going to ramble on whatever comes to my mind (scary thought), so, buckle in bitches!

I need to begin this post by thanking our new contributor Mike for his insights this season, of course NK for her brilliant late-night contributions to the comment section, and last but certainly not least, my partner in crime running this blog, Mel! She had a crazy summer including selling her house without even realizing it was being sold yet still managed to keep up with the show and pump out those morning recaps for us. I cannot thank her enough for what she does here and thank my lucky stars every summer she sticks around.

Of course, I also need to thank the readers and contributors in the comment section. I have had a few sites that have had a community to them and every single one ends up with massive amount of drama and bullshit. This site, despite having an amazing amount of visitors, really doesn’t have the drama that you’d expect from a site this large. That is due to the community you all have built and maintain. NK also does an amazing job moderating things when they do flare up, so thank you again. This site is my pride and joy and I have built quite a few friends from it over the years. I especially appreciate the offers I receive to crash on couches should I ever decide to take a long road trip around the country lol.

And I can’t forget every single person who has donated this summer. In years past, it put your emails in the ‘reply’ section so I could reply with a nice thank you letter, but for some reason PayPal decided to hijack that and prevented me from doing that. So, because I can’t thank you all individually, I am doing it here. It didn’t matter the size of the donation as I received one that was 50 cents this year and it made me smile simply because someone took time out of their day to send that in. Stuff like that is what makes me happy doing this.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram here or send me fun snaps at stevebsfan!

This season was one of the weirdest seasons that I have blogged so far and I have been doing this show since season 13. Let’s recap some of the highlights…

  • Nick – The guy who I really didn’t expect to have a showmance this season ends up hooking up with Bella while flirting with Analyse any chance he got and now has hooked up with Kat in the jury house.
  • Jackson – Speaking of getting around, before the feeds even went live, this dude hooked up with Kat and then ended up in a showmance with buzzard (kidding, Holly) all while kind of having this weird flirt thing with Nicole (not that Nicole was ever interested. I think Jackson did have a brief crush on her)
  • Cliff – The old guy who could. Old guys are usually in rough shape in a house full of 20somethings and he came really close to being another victim of that when he was one of 4 cast out the first week yet survived that competition. He was then evicted but won his competition to come back in and ended up making it all the way to 4th place. Yes, he fucked his chances of making the final 2 when Jackson misted him in a way that would make Dan proud, but it happens. People need to understand that at the time Cliff fucked his game, he’d been away from his family and his life uprooted for 3 months which – as a fellow old dude – is not something easy to deal with. I get pissy when I am away from my comfortable surroundings for more than a few days. Yes, it’s a mistake that may have cost him half a million, but the fact that he even had the chance to make that mistake is impressive in itself.

  • Ovi and David – These two get their own category because they both got a raw deal and never really had a chance to show anything about themselves good or bad. I do wish Ovi or Jessica were evicted over David because that guy had some serious awareness going on and quite possibly could have made a difference in the early part of the season. Ovi defending Nicole was one of the nicest things I’ve seen on this show in a long time, though.
  • Kemi – This will probably trigger some people who are obsessed with her, but she never made an impact. She was obviously screwed over by getting evicted early and likely could have contributed so much more, but it is what it is. She did piss off Jack which was always a plus.
  • Sam – What a roller coaster ride with this guy. Easily the most annoying DR sessions of the season by FAR and tried really really hard to fit in with the douchebag 8 early on but lucked out by never really being accepted by them. Because he never fit in, he became a fan favorite when he dropped the grenade on the 8 on his way out the door. Sam is the sole person responsible for the ‘six-shooters’ not cruising to the end with ease and filling out those final 6 seats. So for that, we thank you. And we hope you get your pool fixed.

  • Jackson and Holly – What a weird season for both of these people. Jackson went from hated to almost liked during the six-shooter blowup to absolutely hated again despite nothing really changing on his part. He was pretty douchy early on and remained that way all season long. The only difference is that he became the enemy of the fans enemy (Christie) so he gained favor. He also treated Holly like shit through the better part of the season, but she also returned the favor to him. She overreacted to a bunch of things he said (like going on The Challenge) while he berated her in such a massively condescending way over and over. When Holly realized her popularity may not be what she expected, she flipped on an act which only changed her from boring to cringeworthy.
  • Jack and Sis – There really isn’t much to say about these two without being extremely mean, so I’m just going to pass. We thought Sis may become tolerable once Jack left but she did stupid shit like beg the cameras over and over for twists in her favor. Delusional.
  • Christie and Tommy – These two had a massive advantage heading into the season. Tommy had amazing social skills while Christie was extremely cunning and smart all year long. For some reason, Christie’s biggest flaw was her determination to overplay the game and she ended up dragging Tommy down with her. With this bunch of really bad players, this season was theirs to lose, and lose they did.
  • Nicole – I saved the best for last here. There isn’t much bad that you can ever say about Nicole other than she made a huge mistake by listening to Cliff over her gut. That’s all. From everything we’ve watched all summer, she came across as one of the nicest and most genuine people this house has seen in a long long time. She never did some ridiculous act to try and be liked by the fans and despite struggling without a real alliance, she was actually the swing vote in probably half the votes (or more). While she wasn’t in there actively scheming and planning, every week she was in a situation where it was her decision on who should go home and she clearly made the right choices as it put her in the final 3.

I know I didn’t speak much of Jess, Kat, or Bella, but they were never really interesting enough to get their own little section. Sorry.

I’m going to wrap up my ramblings now. Thank you for another great season and I will see you tomorrow night for the finale!

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