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Big Brother 21 – Season Recap Part 1

I thought we could go back and review some things we’ve forgotten and some things we wish we could forget. I’ll attempt to cover about 1/3 of the season each day and try to include what role each of the final 3 played during that time. Some things will be left out because there’s only so much time left until we get ro Wednesday and move on to waiting for BB22.


Week 1 and before feeds:

When the show and feeds first came on, it didn’t take long for many of the feed watchers to start disliking most of the cast. I’m not sure it’s ever happened that quickly, for me at least. During BB19, I recall being irritated Paul came back to play, but I don’t remember disliking the cast so quickly. (Maybe I did)  Christie won the 1st and longest HOH since the first one lasts 2 weeks.


We noticed a divide in the house almost immediately and it went beyond alliances. Ovi was being singled out by most of the women and made fun of by Jack and Jackson. He thought he was working with the Jacks and found out he and Jackson had gone to the same college. Sis, Beth and Kat talked about Ovi being creepy and Sis said he touched her inappropriately. Soon after, she said “if he was hot, it would be ok” and we realized this wasn’t the problem they were making it out to be. The entire group made fun of Ovi making cookies and said he was lying about having a girlfriend. They didn’t believe Ovi had a leadership role in his fraternity but they seemed fine with Jacksons hazing stories from his. We learned Jackson and Kat had hooked up the first week and that Kemi had rubbed several people the wrong way. A large group of “cool kids” was forming and the others were being isolated.

Jackson was voted camp director in spite of Jess’ shock, since she thought it was going to her and he had to banish 4 people. He chose the 3 people who’d also tossed in their hat for the job plus Kemi. He banished Jess, Cliff, David and Kemi. They competed and David came up short. He was sent away as the first nights boot on the episode. (Lots of outrage from feed watchers at this time because, well, David was great)



Gr8ful was formed and it included Christie, Tommy, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Beth, Bella and Nick. Jess was starting to talk about a womens alliance and womens empowerment. We were told Tommy and Christie knew each other and it was presented as a twist, even though we knew it happened because of lazy casting and wasn’t intentional.  The show didn’t announce Beth and Kat knew each other, although I did announce it on this site as a credible rumor. Bella was a part of Gr8ful but she spent time with Kemi and Nicole as well, which caused her to be in the womens alliance called Black Widows. Bella also formed a F3 with Jack and Jackson.  Christie and Tommy freaked out once they realized they were both in the house and agreed to never tell anyone they knew each other. (I do believe this, they both knew they’d applied in the past, I don’t believe they knew they’d both made it on the show) Here’s some other things we learned:

  • Sam spent time with Nick but like Bella, Nick was part of the big alliance too.
  • Jack and Jackson took over the kitchen and the atmosphere was only one step removed from having to ask permission to eat.
  • Kemi shared with Bella she would go after Jack if she won hoh. Bella shared this with everyone. Before this, Kemi had made a remark about Jacks cooking and he was pissed. She was his #1 target after that happened.
  • Some of the hg’s said Kemi walked around the first week with an arrogant attitude and made comments about trashing them all in the DR. This began the anti Kemi campaign. (Based on Kemis preseason interviews, I do believe she probably did this but it was no excuse for everything that followed)
  • Nicole became friends with Bella, Jess and Kemi but was forming a seperate friendship with Cliff. Nicole and Cliff were friends with Ovi too.
  • Jackson was already trying to dump Kat because he was interested in Beth.
  • Jess mentioned getting all the women involved in a girls alliance but Nicole and Kemi didn’t think they should tell ALL the women.
  • Nick started trying to hook up with Bella because his attempts with Sis were failing. He viewed Bella as a consolation prize as Sis had her eyes on Jack.
  • Jackson confided in Jack about hooking up with Kat but made him promise not to say anything. (Hgs already knew, mostly) Jackson wanted to get with Beth and didn’t want people knowing that by week 2, he’d gone thru 2 women in the house.
  • Jack got close to Tommy but especially Christie and he told her about Jackson being with Kat. This upset Jackson and caused a bit of a rift between them. Christie was thinking about making Kat her target and Jackson was all for it. (get rid of her and she can’t come back to haunt him, right?)
  • Jackson (annoyed with Jack) began telling Christie the house might start viewing Jack and her as a pair. This freaked out Christie so in order to fight against this, Christie stated trashing Jack to other people and saying they needed to get rid of him soon. This began what became the First 5 alliance of Christie, Tommy, Bella, Nick and Sam. Sam, and especially Nick, took this and ran with it. Nick was already jealous of Jack (over Sis) so why not go after him. (Christie didn’t mean it, that’s why not)
  • Christie told Jack that Nick might be after him and the 6 Shooters started to form. This was Gr8ful minus Nick and Bella.
  • Cliff was doing well integrating himself with the others in spite of the age gap and was forming a bond with Sam too.
  • Jack pressured Christie to put up Kemi. She considered it but after Nicole told Christie how much Kemi loved Christie, combined with some other opinions, she decided against it. She said she didn’t want to do Jacks work for him.
  • Ovi won the first power and told Jack and Jackson about it.

Christie nominated Cliff (as a pawn) and Kat. Sam won the veto and wanted to use it. For this reason, they randomly came up with Ovi to go up in his place after running through other suggestions. Kat was still the target but it quickly switched to Ovi. He’d annoyed people, had a power and Beth said she thought they could trust Kat for a while. Ovi was evicted and Camp Comeback was announced. Suddenly, Ovi’s still there and David’s back in the house.

Beth: Beth was in a good position. She was shielded behind Kat and Jacksons shomance and knew Kat before coming into the house. She was asked to be part of the dominant alliance by doing nothing other than being social with them. She was friendly with almost everyone and was off to a good start. She talked a lot of trash about Kemi, Bella and Sis. Kat didn’t like Bella and that caused most of her dislike of her but she had an issue with Sis because the guys talked about how beautiful Sis was in front of her. Beth said she didn’t like it and Kat told Beth she was a beautiful older woman. By the end of the week, Kat and Beth had problems over Jackson. Kat tried to talk about it but Beth said she didn’t have time for it.


Nicole: She felt socially awkward, found herself on the outside but formed some solid relationships with people. She played a small role in Kemi staying this week. She briefly tried to keep Ovi but it didn’t go anywhere.

Jackson: He had Jack as a bigger target in front of him and was one of the leaders of the big alliance. Socially, he and Jack were rubbing people wrong but no one could do anything about it. Mostly, Jackson was liked and Jack was becoming the target.

Week 2:

Jack won the next hoh and immediately wanted to go after Nick. Jackson had to remind him they needed to fake it until camp comeback was over. Rules were set in place which forbid the hgs from talking game with David, Ovi and whoever else went to camp comeback. Bella, wanting to please Jack, outed the Black widows. They mostly already knew, because in spite of Nicole and Kemi telling Jess she shouldn’t include all the women, she’d done it anyway.  Jess offered the women’s alliance to the women who were already in a shomance.


By this time, Jackson was already hanging out with Beth, Jack was with Sis but he really liked Christie and still spent the most time with her. Nick was with Bella but he flirted with Sis whenever he got the chance. More things from week 2:

  • Beth and Kat made up for the most part. Kat gave Beth the go ahead to get with Jackson if she wanted.
  • Jack explained how girls like Nicole and Jess didn’t get to talk to guys like him in real life so he felt this experience was a real treat for them.
  • Beth began spending more time with Sis because she and Kat had been avoiding each other prior to making up. The two of them bond over trash talking Kemi and others. This was the week Beth said it annoyed her Kemi always told her she was pretty.
  • Beth started talking to Jackson about watching out for his image and being careful what he said on the feeds.  This was around the time Jackson became obsessed with David being in the house. He started doing a lot of things intentionally trying to annoy David. (We should  remember, the the guy who slept with 2 different hgs, who happen to be real life friends, said he worried “David would run a train on the women in the house”)
  • Christie overheard the Jacks, Beth and Sis talking about teaming up and becoming a 4 and this freaked her out.
  • Beth heard Nick was suggesting people put her on the block if they won hoh.
  • Sis discovered the perks of the hoh room with Jack and filled everyone in on EVERY detail about sex with Jack. She talked about this even after she realized it might be on the feeds. She was furious at the thught but told everyone about it anyway and what a “big” event it had been. She remained mad over the feeds but during her fury, she went back to the hoh room and continued on with it. (Sis was confusing)
  • Ovi tried to get back in with the Jack’s and Nicole is the one who told him how the votes were discussed before his eviction. She told him the Jack’s never planned on keeping him and they’d been lying. Ovi committed to Cliff and Nicole after that and they became The Fellowshp of the Zing alliance. They joked about one of their members already being evicted.
  • Kemi knew she was in trouble with Jack as the hoh. She knew things she’d said about him had been told but she thought it was Nick who’d done it. (It was Nick but mostly Bella) She trusted Bella more than Nicole at this point. Nicole was getting closer to Ovi and Cliff.
  • Bella told Jack about Black Widows, told Nicole she told him and once Nicole told Kemi, Kemi knew where she’d screwed up. Kemi confronted Bella.  Bellas reasoning didn’t make sense then and it still doesn’t.
  • Jess was also furious with Bella. Cliff and Nicole were gently nudging Jess to blow up Bellas game. They also hoped Kemi might do it which she did during the eviction.
  • Cliff was overheard by Christie talking to the cameras. Instead of keeping it quiet and continuing to get more info, she told her alliance about it. They found out Cliff, Nicole and Ovi had an alliance and made fun of it.

Jack put Kemi and Jess on the block with Kemi as the target. Kemi handled it well and Jess had a meltdown. Jack and Christie briefly considered keeping Kemi because she handled it so well. Kemi tried to have an honest conversation with Jack but it didn’t get her anywhere. He said he respected her but continued to trash her with the others.  By this time, Cliff and Nicole had figured out the big alliance and who was in it, for the most part. This is why they were encouraging Jess because they were trying to create a divide in the group.  Nicole confided to Christie that Bella was the one to create Black Widows. Nicole thought it could possibly save Kemi and get Bella targeted. Black widows wasn’t the real reason for Jess and Kemi going on the block so the information couldn’t save Kemi but it did begin to form a little trust with Christie. Kemi, and later Nicole, went to Jackson and Beth to try to save Kemi. They said they considered it but it didn’t go very far. Sam worked on keeping Kemi too but she was evicted.

Beth: She stepped out of the game most of the week. She was upset with Kat, making up with Kat and focused on Jacksons image. Luckily, her alliance was in charge so she didn’t have to do anything to stay safe. She wasn’t anyone’s target except for maybe Nick but her position had worsened.  Originally, she was the 3rd behind a shomance which would have made her the last target.  Not only did she take over the shomance position from Kat, (making Kat have the best spot)  Jackson became injured which could’ve made him a smaller target than her.

Nicole: She stuck her neck out trying to keep Kemi, was busted over being in an alliance with Cliff and Ovi but other than losing a number, had a pretty good week. Gr8ful had originally wanted to work with Cliff as someone to keep around but after they heard about Cliff Notes, Nicole was sort of given that spot. Both sides (Nick,Bella vs 6 Shooters) began working on Nicole to pull her in as a number. She was planting a lot of seeds around this time, hid the fact she was mad at Bella and almost had Sam convinced to help her flip it and keep Kemi.


Jackson: He injured himself in a comp which helped Jack stay the bigger target. He’d began working on a southerners bond with Cliff and was trying to avoid Kat. This was around the time he was called into the DR and told he might need to cool it on the David trash talk. (Jack had the same talk with them about Kemi and Bella mostly) This is when Jacksons image obsession began but he was positioned well in the game. He cast a rogue vote and planned to blame ot on Nick and Bella. He wanted Beth to do it with him but she didn’t.

Week 3:

Nick won the hoh and Jacksons plan with the rogue vote went out the window. First, there was only one vote since Beth wouldn’t do it and second, Nick just became the hoh. He quickly switched plans and blamed it on Nicole.  Nicole got ahead of it was adamant she didn’t do it and everyone believed her. Jackson did a terrible job of playing it cool. He was about the only person who kept bringing it up so it became obvious he was the one who’d done it. He eventually told on himself to his alliance. Bella told Sam about Gr8ful and eventually Sam told Nicole. Jack also accidentally spilled it to Sam. Kemi, who already knew Cliff had been overheard talking to the cameras, finally got around to telling Nicole.  Nicole was able to piece together that was the reason everyone was acting weird in recent days. Nicole realized she might need to play a little more aggressively and here’s the rest of what happened:

  •  Bella continued to tell everything Nicole said to her and Nicole became nervous because of it. Nick had also tried to put Nicole on the spot and get her to say she’d put up Beth if she won hoh. Nicole went to Beth and played up being scared and said she was only trying to find a group and she didn’t like what Nick and Bella were doing. Beth fell for it, went into protective mode and told Nicole not to worry. She said they were aware of what Nick and Bella were doing but said they had to be patient because Nick was the hoh.
  •  Shortly before nominations, Nicole took the information from Beth to Nick and Bella, hoping to split up the big group. Nicole told them (6 shooters) were coming after them and they couldn’t trust them. It might have worked except for Nicks inability to accept he might not be in with the cool kids. Sam also knew from conversations with Christie that Nick might be in trouble but for some strange reason, he kept it to himself.
  •  Nick didn’t feel comfortable going after the big group yet and convinced himself there wasn’t a problem and the Jack’s were still loyal.
  • Nicole had a conversation with Beth, Sis and Christie talking about the way Nick tried to be intimidating when he spoke to her about targets. He tried to make her tell him who she’d put up and he suggested  Beth. (True, this did happen) Beth told Nicole that Nick and Bella were bullies. Nicole continued to say things like “intimidating” and the others were tossing out the word “bullies.”
  • Christie became suspicious of Nicole and Tommy figured out she was trying to play both sides against the other. Nicoles position to play the middle, which she’d gained the week before, was quickly over.
  • Nick put Cliff and Jess on the block but ratted out Nicole.  Both sides of Gr8ful went after Nicole in order to cover their own lies and hide they really were about to go after each other. They compared notes on Nicole and had a Nicole bashing party in the hoh room. (This was the Lord of the Flies day)
  • Jackson and Tommy were fist pumping, Bella and Sis were yelling and saying Nicole was a f*cking bitch. Sis said she wanted to go down and kick her ass at one point. Beth was the one who told Jack to shut the door in Nicoles face. Jackson is the one who’d already shut the door in her face once. Sis and Beth told Nick and Bella that Nicole had called them bullies. Bella said Nicole lied about having anxiety in order to become closer to Nick. She was also sure Nicole was lying about her grandmother being dead.
  • Nicole realizing what had probably happened, was trying to go up and defend herself. Everyone else listened from downstairs as they continued yelling and screaming. Ovi attempted to get in the hoh room but they wouldn’t allow it. He told them the way they were behaving wasn’t cool.
  • Gr8ful called Nicole a liar and said she was trying to play both sides. (She wasn’t lying but she was playing both sides) The 8 were coming back together because they were being bonded by having a common enemy.
  • Since word got out Sam might know about the 8, they formed a fake 9 which was Unde9able and included him.
  • Tommy became the mediator to sit in the room any time anyone was going to speak to Nicole since they’d agreed they shouldn’t be alone with her. During one of these conversations, Bella went off on Nicole and got up and left before Nicole was allowed to talk. (This was when Nicole was being accused of lying about her grandmothers death and lying to Nick about having anxiety)
  • Nicole apologized to Bella even though she hadn’t done anything to Bella and Bella told her it wasn’t good enough.
  • Bella and Kat discussed how terrible Nicole and Kemi were. Bella was certain America would destroy them once they left the house and said it should happen.
  • Eventually, Bella and Nicole spoke again and Nicole became frustrated with the same conversation. She said she wanted to have an intelligent conversation which Bella took to mean, Nicole was calling her unintelligent so Nicole ran with it.  Finally, Nicole said, yes, that’s what she was saying if Bella couldn’t even communicate with her. She told Bella she was a troublemaker and told the same thing to Nick when he decided to chime in against Nicole. She told Nick he could probably get pretty far in the game but Bella was dead weight and was going to bring him down…in front of Bella.
  • Christie and Tommy believed Nicole was telling the truth about Nick and Bella going against them. They decided to keep Nicole mostly to spite Nick.
  • Kat consoled Nicole and Nicole made the mistake of including Kat while talking about the outsiders. This was the week Nicole became a target for Kat. (How dare someone call Kat an outsider, she’s a cool kid damn it!)

Nicole was put up when Kat won veto and took Jess off the block. Kat and Jackson started fighting when she joked about how she was trashing Jackson in the DR. Beth took Jacksons side and scolded Kat. Nicole was saved and Cliff  was evicted. It was a blindside to Nick but also to Nicole. They didn’t bother to tell her in advance in order to try and get something from her for it.


Beth: She played a role in the Nicole drama but not too much in the game. She did convince Christie and Sis to trust Kat by telling them, she and Kat ran in the same circles outside of the house and said it would look bad if Kat betrayed her. Once Jackson and Kat began fighting, the 6 shooters weren’t sure about Kat but Beth did a good job of convincing them they could trust her. She did it by partially giving up their secret tho. It wasn’t mentioned afterwards and seemed to go over the 6 shooters heads. She continued to not really be a target.

Nicole: She did a terrible job of trying to play the middle and she probably tried too hard to keep Kemi in the house. (This is probably where Jess’ problems with Nicole started) She had good info but not enough knowledge of who was aligned and who could keep their mouths shut.  It was good she was playing proactively and trying to cause cracks in the big alliance. It was bad she chose to tell Nick and Bella things after she’d already experienced Bellas big mouth with Black Widows. Because of Christie and Tommy, she ended the week in surprisingly good shape. They were convinced the things Nicole said was innocent and thought she wasn’t trying to play both sides. (She was)

Jackson: Most of his week was about being mad at Kat, his reputation and hooking up with Beth. He did put some work in with Jess by telling her he he loved her and made her feel like they had a special bond. He said he didn’t want her to go home. (before she was off the block) He was a big part of the mob upstairs and was covering his butt too because he did briefly consider keeping Kemi and had cast the rogue vote. Kemi had an issue with Jack, not Jackson. Even if he didn’t reall consider it, he let Nicole think he did.


I’m  expecting these to get shorter each day since not all weeks were eventful and there will be less people in the house, as it moves into the next month of the game. This covers almost the first month and I’ll pick up tomorrow with Cliffs first eviction and the end of Camp Comback. If you arn’t bored yet, stay tuned and once again, enjoy your Monday.





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  1. Tam

    Thanks, Mel. Sincerely, appreciate the recaps. 🙂

  2. hogwild

    I know there is basically nothing on the feeds to post about and I appericate all the hard work that went into that but I have to say reading all that again was like reliving a nightmare.

  3. mm22

    Thanks Mel-I remember being so confused over the different alliances
    and after reading part 1 I’m still confused -way too many alliances with this
    cast to keep track of.

  4. Avatar

    It’s time for Ovi’s Reddit AMA I will give you minute by minute details of the AMA


    • Avatar

      Question 1: What is one thing you didn’t expect or one thing you thought would be different in the house?

      Ovi’s Reply: He didn’t expect how small the BB House felt when there was 16 people living inside of it. He also thought that he would at least be able to find some places to have private conversations, however whenever you were alone in a room with someone else, most all the other houseguests had an idea where you might be

    • Avatar

      Question 2: If given the opportunity would you do another TV show? Whether it be Big Brother again, The Challenge, or something else, are you open to it?

      Ovi’s Reply: If it was the right TV show and the right time for me, he definitely would take up the opportunity. He also said all the stars aligned for him to compete on Big Brother and it it aligned again he wouldn’t turn down a gift

      Question 3: Do you have any advice for folks going to open calls/ sending in audition tapes?

      Ovi’s Reply: Know exactly who you are or who you want to present and make sure you peg that down in your open call or audition tape. He spent a lot of time research into the casting process and past HGs videos and tried to take things he learned from his research into making his audition tape

      Question 4:

    • Avatar

      Question 4: Did you cry when Cliff and Nicole gave you a shoutout after the double eviction?

      Ovi’s Reply: A few tears definitely were shed. He was super proud of them for making it as far as they did, but only wish he was there to celebrate with them. Both of them are both incredible people and he is glad that the Fellowship of the Zing Alliance was able to impact the game in some way.

      Question 5: Who is one Big Brother legend that you want to meet but still haven’t met?

      Ovi’s Reply: He would absolutely love to meet Victor because he was amazed at his resilience and how he kept on fighting his way back into the game. Ovi also would love to meet Janelle too.

      Question 6: If you were brought back for a sort of “second chances” season, who would you want to see in the house and align with and what would be your strategy coming back into the game?

      Ovi’s Reply: He would love David back for a second chance season because he feels like David got the short end of the stick this season. He would love to compete with past HG’s like Johnny Mac, Victor, and Vanessa. His strategy would be not to play a passive game and not stay in the background. Ovi also revealed that his strategy for this season was play an under the radar game and not make any waves, unfortunately he wasn’t able to adapt quick enough when his game was in jeopardy and he rather be one to take the first shot then wait to get taken out.

    • Avatar

      Question 7: What is that feeling you get when you’re evicted from the house and walk out to that live audience with Julie Chen standing there?

      Ovi’s Reply: It was a mixed bag of feelings. He was incredibly disappointed that he wasn’t able to come back into the house, but also didn’t want to complain about being given a chance at his dream. He wasn’t really thinking the clearest and does wish that he could have answered some of the questions Julie asked better. His mind was still on “why couldn’t he get another ball to fall in the hole”, while she was interviewing him.

      Question 8: Who was the most difficult to live with and who was the most easy going?

      Ovi’s Reply: Jackson was kinda difficult because he had a lot of rules about things, but he did cook the most amount of food for everyone, so honestly he didn’t have much of a issue with him. He used to think that Nick was the most difficult to live with because those two didn’t mesh at all from the onset and he knew that Nick would say certain things about him behind his back, but it latter changed to Jack because of how much of an a**hole he is.

      The easiest to live with by far was Nicole and David. Nicole was a sweetheart and David cleaned a lot and had real conversations with him. Special mention to Sam because he had a lot of funny stories.

    • Avatar

      Question 9: What would be your hiding spot if you were playing in the Hide-and-Go Veto?

      Ovi’s Reply: He didn’t actually have a hiding spot by the time he left. He told himself that he would find a good hiding spot on Day 31 if he was still in the house. He tried to use that as a form of motivation to keep his sanity.

      Looking back, he would probably try to put it somewhere in the middle of a room and throw a lot of things over it.

      Question 10: What did you think of Cliff/Nicole’s choice to boot Tommy instead of Holly?

      Ovi’s Reply: He thinks it was an incredibly hard decision and at that moment, he wasn’t sure what exactly was the smartest move at the time for both of them. Hindsight is 20/20 but booting out Holly would have probably gave them a better chance in the Final four to go into the final 3.

      However he believes the concern about Tommy’s love in the Jury made them get tunnel vision. Tommy telling them of his connection with Christie probably also sealed some of his faith

      Question 11: How do you think your game would have been if you made it to Jury?

      Ovi’s Reply: He thinks there’s a strong possibility that he could have been able to play the middle and make it much farther similar to Nicole or Cliff, however he could have easily been targeted later down the road. There’s a lot of ifs, ands, & buts on what could have happened that he relays over and over in his head, but it doesn’t do his head much good. He thinks he would have excelled in some of the later competitions and he only wishes that he could have gotten farther to just play in some of them.

    • Avatar

      Question 12: If you had got back into the game by winning the Comeback challenge and won HoH, who would you have put up?

      Ovi’s Reply: Jack and Tommy/Christie.

      David and him talked it through and realized that the power structure of the house laid on Jack mostly with Christie and Tommy following. One of them needed to go home and he was determined to do something if he was able to get back in the house and get power.

      Question 13: How do you personally feel about the final three’s gameplay and personality in the house and has your feelings changed once you left?

      Ovi’s Reply: He thinks all three of their gameplay has merit, but Jackson’s resume is probably the strongest just from a quick glance. From a fan perspective, each of them have played totally different games mostly, however have found themselves all in the final three, he thinks that’s pretty cool.

      Personality wise, he likes Nicole the best and that hasn’t changed.

      Question 14: What is one thing about Big Brother that you wish you could change from the standpoint of formatting the game?

      Ovi’s Reply: Allow the Final 2 to plead their case longer like Survivor, however that would make it very hard to format for a live show.

    • Avatar

      Question 15: What do you think was the most disappointing game move of the season so far, like – which was the worst for the person who enacted it?

      Ovi’s Reply: For him personally, it was probably when Cliff got voted out week 4 because he knew that Cliff would ace that Comeback Competition because both of them talked previously how Cliff would be really good at that type of competition.

      Question 16: What is your biggest takeaway that may not be an obvious or typical answer?

      Ovi’s Reply: The way you act within the House may not be the way you are outside of the house.

      This is not him excusing bad behavior, but talking on his own experience. He felt it was very hard to be himself in the house because he felt judged for everything that he did. He doesn’t have that concern in the real world because he is not playing for $500K and he can be who he is without any worry.

      Question 17: The other day, Nicole said that she wishes that the prejurors got to cast a vote in the finale. Do you agree with this take? Who would you vote for in each of the remaining scenarios?

      Ovi’s Reply:
      He think that change would change the game and format completely, but he doesn’t necessarily think it would be a bad change. It just wouldn’t be the Big Brother game we know now. Additionally, he thinks the pressure from fans would sway some prejurors’ stance in the way they vote.

      Since prejurors are able to see basically everything that has happened and is happenings, the actual jury would have a disadvantage as they only get to see small tidbits and hear what’s going on from other evicted houseguests. So something would have to change on that end.

      If that was the case, he would be most inclined to throw his vote to Nicole because he loves her and the both of them had a strong working relationship in the house and she has a solid endgame resume. However, Jackson has dominated much of the game since Day 1. Holly has played an under the radar game but would have to differentiate the moves she’s made that have not involved Jackson. It would ultimately come down to their final plea and speeches for him.

      Question 18: If you could press rewind, what one game move or conversation would redo in order to help your game? Why?

      Ovi’s Reply: He would not try to make a ‘fake’ alliance with Jack, Christie, Jackson, and Analyse and tell them that he heard about the 8 person alliance forming. He thinks that put him on their radar, even though he didn’t get why they would target him at that time, because even if it was a fake alliance from their side, they knew he believed it. So from their perspective, there was a less likely chance he would target any of them over anybody else.

    • Avatar

      Question 19: Is your girlfriend going with you to finale night?

      Ovi’s Reply: She will be traveling with him to LA and Vegas afterwards, but she will not be attending the finale itself. She will however be at some of the after-parties and all that.

      Question 20: Who was the most different in your eyes between how to perceived them in the house, versus what they did on the feeds/tv show?

      Ovi’s Reply: Jack.

      In the beginning he gravitated to Jack as many have commented and mostly because Jack reminded my of someone really close in his life. That person fought through their own demons and came out on the other side better. Ovi saw that in Jack however as the days went by, he saw that there are demons in himself that he was still grappling with.

      After coming off the show and seeing the things Jack said behind closed doors made Ovi really disappointed in him. Ovi thinks Jack has a ways to go before he has conquered all his demons

      Question 21: What was the hardest thing you had to deal with in terms of readjusting back to the real world?

      Ovi’s Reply: The social media avalanche that he was receiving from being off the show. It was very overwhelming at first and while many of the comments were nice, some weren’t and definitely made him feel some sort of way.

    • Avatar

      Question 22: What 1 game move or conversation would you change and why?

      Ovi’s Reply: Would definitely not tell the Alliance of 8 that he knew that there is an Alliance of 8 forming

      Question 23: What’s your favorite beverage?

      Ovi’s Reply: Diet Sunkist

      Question 24: What’s your favorite kind of cookie behind chocolate chip? What’s your go-to second favorite cookie?

      Ovi’s Reply: His favorite kind of cookie behind chocolate chip has to be chocolate chip.

      Question 25: Do you feel as if even you overestimated your game ability and life experience prior to coming into the house? Or do you feel as if you were as prepared as you would ever be and the outcome was more of a product of the season’s environment?

      Ovi’s Reply: it is a mixture of both.

      He thinks coming fresh out of college hurt him in some ways because he was always very team oriented in college and wanted to bring that to the Big Brother House, the main issue was that not many people wanted to team up with him.

      He thinks that the season’s environment did not help his game either however he attributes his biggest downfall he believes to being so happy that he just was able to play the Big Brother game instead of focusing on what was he going to do when he got in the house.

      He is sad that he wasn’t able to live up to the hype for sure, but he is 22 and knows that he has a lot more to learn about life and how things work, but he is confident that Big Brother is just one step to more future successes and challenges. So he hopes people can get hyped for him again in the future too.

    • Avatar

      Question 26: if you were ever asked to return to play again, would you do it?

      Ovi’s Reply: He would love to however he would have to look at everything going on in his life and if he has the luxury to just leave it once again. He has a lot of important people in his life and he has a lot of things that he wants to do, so he would have to look at whether he is in the position again to be able to put a pause on his real life to do Big Brother.

      Question 27: What is your personal favorite fast food chicken sandwich? What would you do differently if you got a second chance on another season?

      Ovi’s Reply: Big fan of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. It met the hype unlike him.
      He wouldn’t play as passive and try to round up the “outsiders’ and work something out instead of getting picked off one by one

      Question 28: i have always been curious what the spice selection was in the bb house kitchen like did you have ANY AND EVERYTHING or was it very limited?

      Ovi’s Reply (couldn’t word this right so I just copied what he said word for word): You know what, coming from a Bangladeshi household, we use a lot of spices in our food. From cumin to tumeric, we have it all. Compared to my home, the Big Brother House spice selection was lacking lol.

      **I don’t know any rowing lingo so if anyone can reply to this one to explain what Ovi and this person was talking about would be a big help**

      Question 29: Hi Ovi, you seem like a really nice and genuine person during your time in the BB house and in regular life. I happened to notice you wearing a Tennessee rowing hoodie… and as a fellow rower I have to ask what’s ur 2k time and what seat are you??

      Ovi’s Reply: Rowing has always been a huge passion of his, not because he really loved the sport, but mostly because he sucked at every other sport he played. He rowed as a lightweight throughout high school then later for Tennessee’s club team and then later served as a coach for a youth rowing club. His best 2k time was 6:43 and he rowed as bow seat. He said he probably could not pull that 2k now.

      ***Ovi decided to take a break to pack since he is flying out for the Finale tomorrow but will answer the unanswered questions sometime tonight. I will pull an all nighter so I can do the rest of the minute by minute details when he starts back up**”

  5. Nancy

    Hi sad for nicole. Operation was successful..not exactly a normal
    pacemaker, a little more involved..so far good, only 12hrs out.. hope to be home this week
    Sorry for my crazy spelling in other text. Was losing battery, alone and a scared. Thank EVERY BBJ OG, & STEVE MEL NK
    thank you alllll my new online friends
    The special msgs. And ppl sharing their experience and their famlies experience
    Helped so me..you will nvr know
    Guess ill see you next season. You are all so kind..dan u helped me navigate this site, thank u kind sir
    Goona post 1 more nancy. Gimma a second..hated this season but love yall

    Hugs to all..even u thumby

  6. Nancy

    Dont be scared..real Nancy

    Peace out

  7. mm22

    Hi Nancy so glad things went well! You’re a brave one for sure!
    Oh and it’s nice to see the face behind the avatar we should all do it!

  8. mustangsally

    Wow, maybe next year I’ll just read recaps and spare myself the misery. Cant believe that was a months worth. You did a great job condensing all the highlights.

  9. Diane

    Hi, Nancy…thank you for letting us know how you are doing and that things went well. We are thinking of you. I hope you can stay in touch with the site this week if you feel up to it. I know I sure enjoy your posts and keen wit. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  10. Kari

    Facebook group “spam”

    I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how much they love Survivor here so I’m hoping it’s okay that I share this link. I’m a moderator in this group and it really is a fun place. someone who is only 16 started it and he’s pretty darn remarkable. He’s doing professional blogs for Survivor! We’re trying to get our membership up a little bit with people that really want to be in there.

    We don’t talk about the game the next day as to avoid spoilers. that’s really the only rule we have other than having basic respect for other people. Post you have to be approved ahead of time until people get to know you a little better.

    So if you are on Facebook and want to join please do!you will be asked a couple of questions about Survivor but if you also mention my name and that you are from BBJ, I will at least know who you are.

    Hopefully Steve, Mel and NK won’t spank me for this… 😉


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  12. HappyHippo

    Wow when you see it all recapped like that you really understand why this cast is so hated. I hate them and had forgotten a lot of details! Disgusting mob mentality. How Nicole has kept her sanity I have no clue! Speaking of …time to vote again.

  13. RebeccaC

    This is great stuff as always Mel. Thank you! So many details get forgotten as the weeks progress. Some of this stuff I hadn’t really connected before so it is very interesting!

  14. Mello_One

    Jackson has been in a SNIT as of late….Seems like Jackson is concerned about the video he received from his family, & that his Mother’s disapproving look/demeanor has set him on edge.

    Jackson should be concerned by how he is being perceived on Big Brother. Because his Mama, his Family, his Big Brother House Guest in the beds next to his & Holly’s, & the viewing public of America….Saw Jackson Banging Holly on live Feeds!!! So now Jackson is in a Bad Mood, & taking it out on the people left in the House, Holly & Nugget.

    • Mel

      I saw that too. If he has Nicoles vote, he may screw around and lose it. I hadn’t checked in much this afternoon or evening because I may have bit off more than I can chew with a season recap.

      • Mello_One

        Mel…I read on Twitter that BB Diary Room told Jackson that he is NOT a fan favorite, & how the DR will help set him up to get thru the aftermath. YIKES….I wonder if they will do the same for Jack too?

        Jackson has also told Nicole this, I think that’s why he is walking around the BB House mad.

      • Kari

        Aww, poor baby. (NOT)

      • Mel

        I listened to the conversation with Nicole but that’s the only one I knew about.

      • Jenny

        I think someone posted a link to the BB contract last year? It explains that this show can really eff with your mind and they offer counseling after. I don’t know how long that is available but I would think all of them would have access to help re-integrating into the real world. I can’t imagine having the entire internet judging me, and like Ovi said, even if there’s a lot of nice things being said, there will also be really mean posts. I kind of want to see Jack taken down a few pegs after that “girls like Nicole don’t get to talk to guys like me in real life” and the Kemi water bottle lecture garbage. Jackson is at least aware he’s going to see a lot of hate from viewers and as much as I dislike him I do hope it doesn’t destroy him. I’m SO excited for Nicole to find out how many people love her, though!

    • Kari

      What a dick. A tiny little dick.

    • mm22

      **I read on Twitter that BB Diary Room told Jackson that he is NOT a fan favorite, ** omg if this is true
      that is bs production should not be giving out that info!
      I suspected it tho just because he n his stool sitter keep commenting on how the are being viewed by the show fans. Production has warned jj about his behavior, we know for sure, but I personally think they should stay out of it-jj shouldn’t get any info or behavior suggestions from the DR but he’s their fav. Is Nicole being told how much she is loved by the fans, bet not.

  15. Punkytripster2

    Nancy – I’m so happy your procedure went well. I can relate to that alone feeling in a hospital. A couple years ago I was hospitalized after having a hysterectomy from cervical cancer. I remember all the ups and downs of being alone in the hospital and it’s hard but I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well and my prayers are still being sent your way to having a speedy recovery and to you being able to go home. Take care Nancy.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Now She Has Scoliosis…SMH

    Outer Bedroom:

    The 3 of them are sitting together talking. JJ mentions something to FAB about maybe her ponytail causes her headaches. She says she gets headaches from her Scoliosis. *F*ck my life* She says something about having to wear hats while riding a horse because of *I honestly stopped listening.* JJ mentions something about waiting for a week after the show before getting the money. He says he is broke. FAB says she literally has no money. *I don’t care.*

    JJ says he’s asked FAB a few times about playing Backgammon or Chess. She crawls over him and gets in her corner. He tells her he’s watching out for her girls (because of the top she has on). She tells him they are good. Nicole is laying at the other end of the bed, under the covers and drifting off to sleep. JJ and FAB lay down together and he tells her that he bets Jack is so ready to be done. He says Kat too. He says Kat said the house sucked, then she wound up going home.

    FAB says Kat went from complaining about the house to begging to stay. JJ and FAB discuss what to fix for dinner. She talks in a weird voice and says she like doing that. They both laugh. *It’s not funny* They look at the overhead camera and wave and she says she wonders how many live feeders are watching. FAB asks Nicole how she’s doing. Nicole says okay. JJ asks her if she loves him. She says um hm. He asks if he can come to visit for Christmas. She says maybe.

    JJ says that maybe they could also visit Tommy. FAB says no. JJ asks Nicole why she said maybe. Nicole says it depends on how schedules look. JJ asks what do they think the procedure will be for something (I didn’t hear what). Nicoles says an hour and a half.


  17. Robin

    Poor Nicole, alone and crying… just want to hug her!

  18. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    The Vultures are still laying in the bed. All are quiet. FAB appears to be trying to go to sleep. JJ is just looking off into space. He asks “Where’s Michael” (his mic)? He finds it and says there he is and puts it on top of his chest.

    Boat Room:

    Nicole is laying alone and starts to cam talk. She says she misses her friends and sisters and she’s so freaking close and to know that she’s worked so hard. She looks like she’s about to cry. She lays there silent and in deep thought.

    Outer Bedroom:

    JJ is just staring off quietly. FAB appears to be drifting off to sleep. He stretches and she laughs. He put his arm around her shoulder. She says something about the house and he says very much so. He just stares off into space again. He says someth9ing about a week or two. He says that is if his parents will allow him back. He says he hopes he made them proud. She tells him to stop.


  19. Robin

    Just checked Jokers rating for AFP. No idea where they get the numbers but since it’s affiliated with CBS might be the most reliable gauge we have. We have Nicole in a runaway for first, looks like no one can touch her, followed by Ovi, Tommy, and Sam. The last three are very close to each other, but no one close to Nuggets.

    • Mel

      I’m glad. Jokers doesn’t always represent the majority but it’s the site Nicole is familiar with. She doesn’t have Twitter so jokers is the first thing she’ll get on for info. I think she’s been ranked #1 since somewhere around day 17 or 18 there. I’m glad she’ll get to see that. RHAP will get to do backyard interviews this year and they love her too so she’ll be hearing she’s being well received.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Before the show comes back on I’d like to address something I reported on from the feeds last night. When JJ was confessing to Nicole about how he lied on Tommy and she told him he was full of shit. Some of the Live Feed Chatters were saying he was confessing because of his conscience. I don’t buy it. To me, it sounded more like he was sending her a message to take back to the jury as an explanation for his actions. She wasn’t buying it either. Some of them said he was just doing it in case he was thinking of taking her to F2. I don’t believe that either. He didn’t sound like he was trying to keep her, only like he was trying to put in her head what to go back and tell the jury.


    Outer Bedroom:

    The Vultures are still in bed. They have turned over towards each other and he’s breathing like he’s going to sleep. *That room is junky as hell, by the way.* The cameras keep switching back from overhead to a room shot. All you hear now is the sound of him breathing.

    **Since the show is so boring and all I’m doing is watching them sleep, I’d like to take a moment to address a few things from earlier threads today. As some or most of you may know, even though I don’t always comment on a thread or comments, I read ALL of them. There were some that had a few political messages in them or contained personal attacks. I have either edited or removed them. Even though this is the end of the season, the same rules apply. NO POLITICS, RELIGION OR ATTACKING OTHER BOARD MEMBERS. I’ve never wavered on this and it’s not about to change now. Please stop and think before you hit Post.** 🙂


  21. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Long shot of Nicole laying alone. She appears to be sleeping.

    Outer Bedroom:

    All you can hear is the sound of JJ breathing as he sleeps while wrapped around FAB. *I guess it could be worse. He could be snoring.* He stirs slightly then goes back to sleep.

    Boat Room:

    Nicole still in the same position. All balled up amongst a sea of pillows and blankets. The camera people seem to be as bored as we are and keeps switching the cams back and forth between Nicole and The Vultures about every 5 minutes or so. *This is our lives for the next 2 days Guys.* 🙁

    Outer Bedroom:

    Everything is still the same. No sign of life in the house anywhere.


  22. Colby

    I think Cliff really got into JJ’s head with the talk about jury votes. He has been very distant and quiet the last few days.
    I don’t think he will end up doing it, but I think he may be considering taking Nicole to F2.

    From jokers earlier:
    8:42 PM PT Jackson tells Holly to let him know if she’s going to change her mind (on who she’d take to Final 2). She says “You too”.
    8:44 PM PT Jackson tells Holly he’s putting himself in her shoes to think like her and that if he were her he might think he’d have a better chance against a girl (Nicole). He says that scares him.
    8:45 PM PT Jackson: I’ve worked too hard to let my fate be in someone else’s hands.

    We can hope that maybe he is preparing her for him possibly flipping.

    • Avatar

      I do not think he is considering taking Nicole at all. If she is there, and Cliff is talking as well as Tommy in how he lied and such, I think that if Nicole is sitting next to him, it is a lot closer of a vote.

      Honestly at this point, I can see the Jury voting for Nicole or Holly over him. The interesting pick would be if Holly wins and she picks Nicole. Getting Jackson out may be the strongest statement for her getting the vote.

      Plus I would absofuckinglutely love seeing a venomous Jackson in the jury. Would be funny as hell. No way he is getting AFP and to do all he did and not get any of the big prize money….priceless

      • NKogNeeTow

        For once we might be in total agreement…lol

      • Avatar

        haha NKog, i promise not to make a habit of it!

        The season is about to end and in all seriousness, thank you so much for all that you do for the site. We disagree a lot, well….we see things from different points of view but make no mistake about it, you are a BBAD warrior and I hope that next year is much better!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thank you Sweetie and I hope we have a better cast to work with next year too!

      • Colby

        You may be right.
        I said it probably won’t happen, but I just have a small shred of hope.
        Holly taking Nicole would be priceless! But that’s probably not happening either.

      • Robin

        Still here with you NK! Gonna miss your late night companionship and awesome commentary. Honestly, got so frustrated this season that if not for you and my fellow Junkies, I might have given up this season. Again, thank you for taking us all on the BBad journey every night. Bravo!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks Sweetie, I have faith that next years HG will be better…at least that’s what I’m praying for. There is no way they could do this to us 2 years in a row.

    • mm22

      I wish colby but he brings this up constantly with hollybeth asking her if she changed her
      mind-He just wants constant reassurance that if she wins 3rd hoh she’s taking him.
      It’s getting alittle old now Jackson damn she’s taking you shut it!

  23. Avatar

    Ugh now I’m hoping Ovi resumes his AMA session soon so I have something to do besides watching HG’s sleep

  24. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    Vultures still sleeping. FAB stirs to scratch something then gets up and goes into the bathroom, looking around as she goes in.


    FAB gets some clothes off the sofa and shower door and stops at the kitchen table to drink some water on her way back to the bedroom.

    Outer Bedroom:

    FAB puts some clothes on the bed, picks up some clothes and peeks into the camper and the target room. She leaves and walks to the Boat Room and peeks in, sees Nicole sleeping, then closes the door and goes back to the bedroom. JJ is still sleeping. She comes in and asks him (in a baby voice) if he’s going to bed. *You had to wake him up to ask him that?* He asks her where Nicole is. She says asleep in the boat room. She says they should eat then go back to bed. He tells her he will be right there when she’s finished.


    • ShoeLover

      The way Holly was slipping out of the bed made me think she was laying there waiting for Jackson to drift off into a heavier sleep. Possibly to give her some peace? I was really hoping she would have gently went into the boat room to wake Nicole. If Holly would really shut up listened to any of what Nicole has said to her the last couple of days when it’s just the two of them, it would be smart to talk to her (N) some now, while Jackson is sleeping. A girl could dream!!!

      I would love to see Holly winning final HOH and and finally making the one game move NO ONE could or would do. Evict Jackson and take Nicole to the final 2!!! Then it’s all in the jury ‘s hands

      I would like to think that maybe Holly truly feels bad for Nicole, maybe????? I know she has her own err-hum image to keep, as well as her eye on the prize. I just hope that when Holly talks to Jackson about Nicole and she is worried about her and wants to keep the girly girl bond happiness going, please don’t be doing this for the cameras, please be doing this because you actually have a heart.

      Now as for Jackson, I believe I know where he gets his nasty attitude. MAMA!!!! I mean if he’s a 24yr old guy and is that worried about the *Universal Mother’s Glare* something tells me, he may love his Mama, but he is also scared shittless of her too. I know there is always the feeling of never wanting to disappoint your parents, but there is also the ‘having to go pick your own switch from the tree in the backyard’ feelings too. I bet he had a super strict with love upbringing, sometimes those are good for some people and they go onto live a productive life for themselves and their little family. BUT then there is Jackson. I don’t have a clue of who he is outside of this house, but It probably close to how he is in the house. I just want to know if all the things being said outside the house with legal allegations from his mother and the alleged criminal assault charges for him are all true. Jackson always adds the, ” you just don’t know, there are things you will need to know” comments when he is in deep thought. I hope the deep thoughts are guilt. If not then he really is a psychopath. All his little wheels are burning through his mind over and over again practicing what excuse goes with what and then he is watching with his mama. “well if they didn’t do this I wouldn’t have done that, See Mama, how she instigated it. I would have been fine, she/he/they wouldn’t drop it” could this be why he isn’t in law school, not because of BB but because of the alleged criminal assault charges???

      Enough of my ramblings!!!

      Nacy!!! Continued well wishes and prayers, take care of you and rest for a little while!! I would love to see the Dancing Nancy loading up the moving van full of houseguests and moving back to where they came from!!

      I hope they will have a BBAD for the finale night.

      Whomever wins BB ya got there playing the game, good or bad socially, Dr Jeckyl/Mr Hyde, won a couple of the HOH and VETOS, even a spin or two on the shower stool. It is a resume that someone could be proud of ( not me ) but I
      Love Big Brother, all I have ever wanted…


    • mm22

      Hate that baby voice-! n the accents are starting to get on my nerves-time for the season to end

  25. NKogNeeTow



    FAB is cooking something. *This is so boring even the BBAD banner “Here’s What You Missed” doesn’t have anything to say…lol* She’s frying zucchini. *I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cut 3 slices at a time and laying them in a pan one slice at a time before.* We get to watch a close up of her face as she cooks. She washes out the plate she cut the zucchini on then puts the plate near the stove. She has already added extra oil, now she’s adding a ton of seasonings. *With all the oil and seasoning she uses, I’m pretty sure that’s one YouTube cooking show I won’t be watching.* She adds more oil to the pan.

    BTW, no handwashing was involved during this cooking session. Now adding MORE seasonings. Now using a big spatula to turn over the zucchini one at a time.


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  27. Avatar

    Okay so I decided to be masochistic and tuned in to watch BBAD. Holly is there frying some sort of vegetable. I am positive that the way she does it is annoying to those on here, but wtf else is there to do in that house of troglodytes.

    We are stuck with a wall flower and a showmance that pretty much just laid around even when the house was more full. How Nicole and Cliff could be so monumentally stupid as to keep a couple in the house is beyond me.

    For the love of God CBS, please fire whomever the production team was this year, especially the ones in charge of casting.

  28. Mary

    I think Holly should consider trying to find a Doctor to marry.

  29. NKogNeeTow



    FAB is sitting at the table eating her fried zucchini and cherry tomatoes and making hearts and shapes on the table out of a box of Lucky Charms. The only sounds are of her chewing. She takes a bite, flings her hair back and continues making shapes out of the cereal. She’s going through the cereal colors and separating them. She now has a pink heart and a purple U. She’s now working on a word in green, yellow and blue but you can’t see what it is. She gets the box and pours more colors into her hand and places them on the word.

    More chewing. Looks like the last word might be Nic or Nicole (heart-U-Nicole?). She shifts the letters on the table.


  30. NKogNeeTow



    FAB has finished eating and is now washing out the frying pan. I’m surprised she only cooked for herself this time. She puts the cherry tomatoes back in the fridge, grabs a bag of candy and goes to the table and adjust some of the letters. It says (heart shape) U Nic. *Aww, ain’t that sweet.* She walks around eating her snack then puts the bag on top of the fridge and stands at the end of the counter chewing what’s left in her hand and staring at her message.


    FAB uses the toilet, comes out and cuts on the water, adjust her hair up, takes off her sweater, fixes her mic then brushes her teeth. Nope, not a drop of water hit those hands. She brushes down her hair with one hand while brushing her teeth with the other. Seems like she’s been brushing those teeth forever. She finally cuts the water off and gets a hand towel and wipes her neck, cheeks, and forehead, then leaves the bathroom. *I’m telling you, this chick will wash anything but her hands and hair.*


  31. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Nicole is awake and just staring off into space.


    JJ has now joined FAB. She is telling him what she ate. She tells him that she felt bad because she thought Nicole may have needed some alone time. She says that they (J/H) were laughing and Nicole went off by herself and she thought she may have been crying and now she’s sleeping in the boat room. He tells her that earlier he saw Nicole and it looked like she was wiping a tear away. FAB says that might have been when she was in the shower.

    JJ is snacking on peanut butter and pita chips. He tells her he doesn’t know. She asks him about what. He nods his head towards the boat room. She says something about their families. She says she’s going to start pranking people at work now and they will never know it’s her. He starts to tell her something about one of his co-workers and the cam switches to the boat room.

    Boat Room:

    Nicole is laying in deep thought. She opens and closes her eyes. She has a worried look on her face. The camera goes to a quick shot at the Memory Wall then back to Nicole. She holds her hands up and looks at her fingers. The camera goes back to the Memory Wall again then back to Nicole, who now looks like she is picking her cuticles in silence. She rubs her nose, scratches her scalp then stares back off into space. The cam now goes to Orwell who is laying on the coffee table, then to one of the dressers in the camper.


  32. NKogNeeTow



    FAB is telling JJ that a mosquito sucked so much of her blood that they don’t even bother her anymore. She says that since she got West Nile Virus, they haven’t bothered her. *GODDAMMIT, GODDAMMIT, GODDAMMIT! Now she had the West Nile Virus too. I didn’t think it possible to hate her anymore.* Nicole comes into the kitchen and JJ asks her if she wants him to make her something. She says no, she’s just going to brush her teeth then go to bed. FAB just remembered she forgot to put parmesan on her zucchini.

    Nicole says to snack or not to snack. She decides on snacks. She grabs the Capri Sun box and sits on the oddly placed sofa next to FAB. JJ has gone to brush his teeth. The girls look at things on the box as FAB sings the theme to Sanford and Son. Nicole drinks her Capri Sun as they look at the puzzle on the back of the box. FAB asks her if she’s okay. Nicole tells her yes, she was just thinking about everything. FAB tells her she doesn’t know if she can make things any better. *You can take her with you if you won.*

    Nicole tells her she’s just ready for the game part to be over. You can hear JJ gargling in the background. FAB reads the ingredients on the box. JJ comes back and FAB tells him that Nicole is drinking a fruit drink and eating fruit snacks. He sits down next to FAB and they point out who each of them are on the box. FAB asks Nicole if she’d ever put a choker on Georgia Peach. She says she hasn’t but it might be cute.


  33. NKogNeeTow



    JJ kisses FAB on the back of the night. FAB asks where are they sleeping tonight. Nicole says maybe the target room and she wants to sleep in the RV tomorrow night. She said she woke up halfway off the round bed. FAB and Nicole discuss what they will do about nail color for the Finale. They want to do nails tomorrow. FAB asks what should she do about the color. JJ tells her she should do sparkle because of her dress. FAB says she doesn’t think she should do sparkle because of the dress. Nicole says you can never have too many sparkles.

    JJ asks them if they are ready to transition to bed. Nicole says she has to brush her teeth first. Nicole and FAB start singing a song about scar buddies. FAB says she was trying to shave her legs and cut herself so bad that there was blood everywhere and she had to get medical attention. *Rolling eyes* Nicole asks her if she used the stool while shaving. FAB says no. Nicole says that’s why. JJ makes a joke about the stool.

    FAB asks them if they want to see a scar. She holds up her foot and tells them they can hardly see it because of the wrinkle of her feet. She tells them she got it when living in Australia and her friend was having her 21st birthday and she and a girl were using pieces of bamboo sword fighting. She says there was broken glass on the floor and she stepped back and stepped on it and had to go to the hospital. She says when she got to the hospital and took the towel off it was so bloody that her friend Becky passed out. She says what sucked was because they lived on the beach and couldn’t go to the beach because she didn’t want to get anything in it. *This story is going ON and ON and ON, so I’ll just spare you the rest of it. I just CAN’T with this girl!*

    She tells them that she was the kid that never showed up to class and still got all A’s. She said she had to go to class because it was the end of the year *or some crap like that.* She says it was a rough year. *If I were her, I’d just lay my azz in a coffin and WAIT.* JJ asks them again if they are ready to transition to bed. Nicole reminds him that she still has to brush her teeth and leaves for the bathroom.

    JJ is using an empty champagne bottle to play baseball with. He was using a cork and FAB tells him a cork is pretty hard. She suggests using a lime. They get a warning to be careful. She starts talking baby talk again. *There is nothing more annoying than an old ass woman talking baby talk.*


  34. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is telling FAB that he hopes his parents haven’t disowned him. He starts singing a song about bedtime to the tune of The Flintstones. FAB joins him. JJ and FAB go into the bathroom with Nicole and starts talking to Nicole in that bad Australian accent. Nicole says she wants to break some eggs so bad. FAB tells her that they would stink so bad. Nicole asks them if they are going to stay in there. JJ says no, they are transitioning. FAB offers Nicole some zit cream.

    JJ starts clowning around. He tells FAB that it’s a joke and she should laugh.


  35. Kari

    *Handing NK an entire bottle of tequila*

  36. NKogNeeTow



    The F3 are playing cards. Not sure what they are playing but they seem to be having fun. While FAB is shuffling the cards, Nicole picks up 2 brushes and stands them on the stool (yes, that’s what they are playing on…lol). She says you can make dolls out of brushes too. FAB says she can’t wait until she gets home and then she gets to see Jackson (the little dog, not the one sitting next to her). They are playing a fast card game and it’s hard to tell who won. Sounds like Nicole and FAB didn’t win. FAB says they need to play until someone else wins. She says it’s not fair. She says it’s luck that JJ has won all the games.

    Nicole uses one of the brushes as a microphone and asks JJ what are his thoughts on the card game. He starts to talk in a valley girl accent (it’s actually kind of funny). FAB says she hates it. *Not sure if she’s talking about the accent because she didn’t do it first or him winning.* They start to play another fast game and they genuinely seem to be having a good time. Nicole says she won one. JJ starts to talk in Spanish, saying the warning they give on the subways.

    FAB shuffles the cards and asks aren’t they glad she taught them this game. JJ starts clapping and Nicole asks him why he’s doing it. He doesn’t answer and they start to play another fast game again. Nicole just won again.


  37. NKogNeeTow



    The card game continues. JJ is cursing a bit so it might not be going so good for him. *A preview of things to come? Crossing fingers.* Nicole tells him it’s funny because he either wins or he loses. He asks them if they want to play Bullshit. FAB says she thought he wanted to go to bed. He says they’ve gotten him so riled up playing cards. He and Nicole start beating out music on the stool. FAB starts on a story about a friend who goes to music shows and she’s always the one who’s not on something. Nicole tells her she can’t hear over the music and starts banging the brush on the table again. *LOLOLOL. I LOVE shady Nicole!*

    FAB says she’s going to get some milk and says she’s not trying to look at the cards. She leaves for the kitchen. JJ gathers the cards then puts them down and starts to beat on the table again with the brushes. Nicole yells to FAB that they are dancing. She gets up and dances. He stops playing and she asks him what happened to the music. JJ resumes beating on the table.

    FAB is now back and they have started their game of Bullshit. Nicole calls a card and she and JJ fist pump. She and JJ start saying words in Spanish. FAB puts down 4 aces. JJ puts down a card and Nicole calls Bullshit. She has to take all of the cards and whines that she doesn’t want all of those cards.


  38. NKogNeeTow

    Lord, it must be bad, even Dan and Gerardo have deserted us…lol

  39. Avatar

    I think Ovi must have accidentally fell asleep and will probably finish the AMA when he gets to LA tomorrow so I’m going to to bed. I will probably just post the major things he says.

    Now I’m going to try to get three and a half hours of sleep so night y’all

  40. NKogNeeTow



    The game of Bullshit rages on. *In more ways than one.* Nicole has to pick up another big pile of cards. Looks like Nicole has almost half the deck…lol. FAB says she’s such a grandma, sitting around drinking her hot milk. *You said it, we didn’t* They don’t acknowledge the comment but keep on playing. Now FAB has a hand full of cards. JJ has the least amount of cards. Nicole says she doesn’t like having all of those cards and it’s frustrating. FAB says she wants to play another game because she can him easier at it.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I think I’m coming down with a bit of a bug so I’m skipping the feeds tonight. See you tomorrow night and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Colby, Lamby, Bennett, Brs, Kari and anyone else who is still awake out there. 🙂

  42. Avatar

    Wish your recap could read on finale night!

  43. Kari

    I was going to say that week should compare the ailments of Raven vs Holly.

    I decided to look up Raven and I saw this article. Apparently she has had some pretty serious medical procedures, but check out this photograph of her she doesn’t even look like the same person wow!


  44. mm22

    All eating pizza damn camera man is in love with hollybeth-his camera zooms in so close we can see her tonsils-stop please

  45. Helen

    September 22. @ 1:17 am….

    Jackson tells Holly that since production had guaranteed him a spot in F2 he would have been America’s biggest idiot not to take the deal….

  46. Alda

    Tommy is in the lead for AFP on iclick Big Brother.

  47. Ann

    I finally did it guys after giving up a thousand times. My new avatar is my new grandson, 6 lbs 11oz, with a headfull of black hair & green eyes.

  48. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

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