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Big Brother 21 – Friday Evening Feed Updates / Nominations

July 26, 2019 | 99 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Christie’s HoH is well underway as she has already selected her target and noms for the week. Oops, I mean Holly. Right, Holly (wink).

The plan is pretty straightforward this week for the team. Nominate Nick and Sam, hope there isn’t some crazy power that saves both, and evict the one who doesn’t win veto. If they’re both still on the block, it’ll likely be Nick out the door. They’ll at least be nice and try to give Sam the spot in jury.

Unfortunately, this means that the veto is virtually irrelevant tomorrow unless you’re a fan of Nick or Sam.

In other news, Big Brother has basically thrown their hands up regarding punishments so far this season. They end HNs a day early, and the big poison ivy punishment Julie hyped up last night was just some bodypaint and the two (Christie and Tommy) can’t go outside. Amazing.

  • HoH – Holly
  • Noms – Nick, Sam
  • PoV –
  • Remaining Powers – Christie
  • Slop –
  • Punishments – Christie, Tommy – poison ivy punishment
  • Next event – Veto competition

Alright, updates:

  • 6:30 pm – Dinner time for the house
    • In the bedroom, Jack asks Analyse if Sam has decided he wants to go before jury because he was snappy at Jess so he is wondering if he’s going out with a bang
    • Sam was talking shit about Jess. We do know he’s sick of her
    • Jack says if Sam picks him for HG choice, he’d take him off with the veto
  • 7:00 pm – All the guys in one room talking  while girls in another and Holly/Jackson in HoH
    • Christie eating in the other room. I can’t listen
    • Switching to Holly and Jackson but nothing going on other than Jackson bashing Kat a bit
    • Holly thinks Christie’s physical attraction to Kat is clouding her judgment
  • 7:45 pm – Nick is chatting with Christie
    • They are talking about Jackson and how Christie said she doesn’t like how he talks to women
    • Nick actually said he doesn’t think he’s bad with women lol
    • Christie babbling on about how awful Bella was and how she ruined everyone’s game blah blah
    • Christie is bragging how she knew early on that Bella was going to break them up and had to keep an eye on her. She’s so brilliant
  • Enter the Jacks
    • The hilarious thing is that Christie and crew wanted to take a shot at Nick and Bella first and are trying to flip it that Bella was the instigator.
    • It’s also funny how Christie is the one talking to Sam and Nick after noms doing the damage control while Holly is having a slumber party upstairs with Sis. It’s incredible how bad these people are.
    • No matter what you think about her, Christie is the best player so far this season. That’s not saying a lot because she’s still been really bad but still better than the rest
  • 8:25 pm – I can’t keep listening to Christie and Jackson/Holly are kissing on the other feeds.
    • She is still lying to Nick by saying Bella screwed their games by the 2am conversation with Cliff.

Check back for updates

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