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Big Brother 21 – Friday Feed Updates. Good Friday?

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Good afternoon, everyone!


Well, what a turn of events inside the Big Brother house. The guy who I’ve been calling non-threatening ended up winning back to back competitions to not only remain in the house but secure the top spot for a week. Moral of that story: Don’t listen to me.

However, I wouldn’t get too excited quite yet because the person who won HoH did so maybe two hours after promising Tommy that he would put Kat and Jess on the block if he somehow won. He revealed his whole strategy which is to lay low and let the big guys fight it out while he rides along and then sees where he is at the end. Now, that’s a great strategy if you want to make top 5 and then get booted, but it’s a shit strategy if you actually want to win and Cliff has to know this. He is a Big Brother fan so he has to be aware that the floating strategy is risky. Floaters can go at any moment and if they do stay, they’re usually booted at 3rd-4th place. Think of Victoria.


And while it is still pretty early to make a bold move and go after the strongest, he should be aware that he’s on a tiny island with Nicole right now with sharks circling. He’s unlikely to survive, but if he’s going to go, he should at least take one of the sharks with him. Going after Jess or Kat would be one of the most disappointing moves he could make and would cement his legacy as a floater who contributed nothing to the game (Adam Poch BB13). This is his defining week as a Big Brother player, and we’ll know in a few hours which move he decides to make. Yes, he could backdoor someone after Kat and Jess but with so many ripe options to choose from (Jack, Jackson, Christie, Nick, Bella), he can guarantee at least one of them go home this week.

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  • 9:45 am – House is still sleeping
  • 10:20 am – Nick comes up to the HoH room
    • Cliff tells him that other people are throwing him under the bus and he doesn’t want to leave that group of 6 people alone
    • Nick says he has to take his shot next week and he’s taking one of them down next week
    • Cliff says he’s serious that he wants to work with him and Bella
    • Nick tells Cliff that Christie has a power but Cliff already knew he said
    • He is worried because Christie’s power could throw off the week.
    • Cliff says Christie blew up what she overheard (which she did. It was ridiculous)
    • It’s good to see Cliff talk this way. This is what I’m hoping for. Actual game.
    • Nick is honest and says moving forward it’s 4 v 6  (Nick, Bella, Sam, Cliff). Apparently, they’re just counting out Nicole?
    • Nick points out that Christie may not want to use the power on someone other than herself
    • Conversation ends
  • Downstairs, Nick is telling Sis that he’s on the outskirts so it doesn’t matter. He knows his time in the game is limited
    • Sis is playing serious damage control for her own ass. She knows her group took a shot and missed and now she’s in danger
    • Sam tells her how he totally believed them and feels stupid now.
    • She keeps saying ‘stop saying you guys’ like Analyse isn’t part of that alliance that screwed him.
    • Sam heads upstairs to talk to Cliff while Analyse stays downstairs to worry about screwing over Cliff and now trying to play innocent
    • Sam tells Cliff that even this whole majority thing, he’s at the bottom of. He points out how many times they slipped and called it 8 when there was supposed to be 9
    • Sam says if Jack won HoH, Cliff would have been toast.
    • He tells Cliff that big move or not, Cliff is screwed next week. Cliff says it doesn’t make sense to take out Jess or Kat. Good
    • Sam says Jack or Jackson likely have a power (one does). He recommends putting them both up and seeing what happens with powers.
    • Sam says Cliff needs to be worried about Jack, Jackson, Holly, and Sis. I don’t see how Christie and Tommy keep skating by
    • Conversation with Sam ends.
  • 12:30 pm – Had to step out grocery shopping, I’m back. Feeds are down
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds back. Looks like they had havenots. Trying to figure out who got it
    • Sounds like Tommy, Jackson, Nick, and Sam are on slop
    • Upstairs, Sis is having a chat with Cliff. Working that nomination
    • Sis is gone, Tommy is now up talking to Cliff
    • Tommy would love to see a version of this game where they’re on the same side. The Cliff ass kissing is real this week
    • Tommy says if one of them would have won, he would have been safe. The guy they just voted to evict.
    • Cliff says it kills him the way Nicole was treated. Tommy said ‘me too’ lol. Ok, Tommy.
    • It kills Cliff to sleep with some of the people who did that to her (not literally. Referring to working with them in the game)
    • Tommy is really sucking up to Cliff hardcore. He’s so fake, it’ll be shocking if Cliff doesn’t see through it.
  • Tommy is done. Now I get to listen to Christie. Ugh
    • Christie bases everything off of energy
    • Oh look, Christie doesn’t like what they did to Nicole either. They were all part of it. Ugh
    • When Christie is loyal to people, they’re loyal to people. Which is why she went after her own alliance so soon lol
    • Scratch that. Jackson, Kat, and Christie are definite havenots
    • More of the same crap from Christie until she leaves
    • Sam enters
    • Sounds like Jack and Jackson as noms with Jack as the primary target
    • Sam re-tells the story how Jack slipped about the 8 person alliance in the storage room

Check back soon



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