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Big Brother 21 – Friday Feed Updates. Good Friday?

Good afternoon, everyone!


Well, what a turn of events inside the Big Brother house. The guy who I’ve been calling non-threatening ended up winning back to back competitions to not only remain in the house but secure the top spot for a week. Moral of that story: Don’t listen to me.

However, I wouldn’t get too excited quite yet because the person who won HoH did so maybe two hours after promising Tommy that he would put Kat and Jess on the block if he somehow won. He revealed his whole strategy which is to lay low and let the big guys fight it out while he rides along and then sees where he is at the end. Now, that’s a great strategy if you want to make top 5 and then get booted, but it’s a shit strategy if you actually want to win and Cliff has to know this. He is a Big Brother fan so he has to be aware that the floating strategy is risky. Floaters can go at any moment and if they do stay, they’re usually booted at 3rd-4th place. Think of Victoria.

And while it is still pretty early to make a bold move and go after the strongest, he should be aware that he’s on a tiny island with Nicole right now with sharks circling. He’s unlikely to survive, but if he’s going to go, he should at least take one of the sharks with him. Going after Jess or Kat would be one of the most disappointing moves he could make and would cement his legacy as a floater who contributed nothing to the game (Adam Poch BB13). This is his defining week as a Big Brother player, and we’ll know in a few hours which move he decides to make. Yes, he could backdoor someone after Kat and Jess but with so many ripe options to choose from (Jack, Jackson, Christie, Nick, Bella), he can guarantee at least one of them go home this week.


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  • 9:45 am – House is still sleeping
  • 10:20 am – Nick comes up to the HoH room
    • Cliff tells him that other people are throwing him under the bus and he doesn’t want to leave that group of 6 people alone
    • Nick says he has to take his shot next week and he’s taking one of them down next week
    • Cliff says he’s serious that he wants to work with him and Bella
    • Nick tells Cliff that Christie has a power but Cliff already knew he said
    • He is worried because Christie’s power could throw off the week.
    • Cliff says Christie blew up what she overheard (which she did. It was ridiculous)
    • It’s good to see Cliff talk this way. This is what I’m hoping for. Actual game.
    • Nick is honest and says moving forward it’s 4 v 6  (Nick, Bella, Sam, Cliff). Apparently, they’re just counting out Nicole?
    • Nick points out that Christie may not want to use the power on someone other than herself
    • Conversation ends
  • Downstairs, Nick is telling Sis that he’s on the outskirts so it doesn’t matter. He knows his time in the game is limited
    • Sis is playing serious damage control for her own ass. She knows her group took a shot and missed and now she’s in danger
    • Sam tells her how he totally believed them and feels stupid now.
    • She keeps saying ‘stop saying you guys’ like Analyse isn’t part of that alliance that screwed him.
    • Sam heads upstairs to talk to Cliff while Analyse stays downstairs to worry about screwing over Cliff and now trying to play innocent
    • Sam tells Cliff that even this whole majority thing, he’s at the bottom of. He points out how many times they slipped and called it 8 when there was supposed to be 9
    • Sam says if Jack won HoH, Cliff would have been toast.
    • He tells Cliff that big move or not, Cliff is screwed next week. Cliff says it doesn’t make sense to take out Jess or Kat. Good
    • Sam says Jack or Jackson likely have a power (one does). He recommends putting them both up and seeing what happens with powers.
    • Sam says Cliff needs to be worried about Jack, Jackson, Holly, and Sis. I don’t see how Christie and Tommy keep skating by
    • Conversation with Sam ends.
  • 12:30 pm – Had to step out grocery shopping, I’m back. Feeds are down
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds back. Looks like they had havenots. Trying to figure out who got it
    • Sounds like Tommy, Jackson, Nick, and Sam are on slop
    • Upstairs, Sis is having a chat with Cliff. Working that nomination
    • Sis is gone, Tommy is now up talking to Cliff
    • Tommy would love to see a version of this game where they’re on the same side. The Cliff ass kissing is real this week
    • Tommy says if one of them would have won, he would have been safe. The guy they just voted to evict.
    • Cliff says it kills him the way Nicole was treated. Tommy said ‘me too’ lol. Ok, Tommy.
    • It kills Cliff to sleep with some of the people who did that to her (not literally. Referring to working with them in the game)
    • Tommy is really sucking up to Cliff hardcore. He’s so fake, it’ll be shocking if Cliff doesn’t see through it.
  • Tommy is done. Now I get to listen to Christie. Ugh
    • Christie bases everything off of energy
    • Oh look, Christie doesn’t like what they did to Nicole either. They were all part of it. Ugh
    • When Christie is loyal to people, they’re loyal to people. Which is why she went after her own alliance so soon lol
    • Scratch that. Jackson, Kat, and Christie are definite havenots
    • More of the same crap from Christie until she leaves
    • Sam enters
    • Sounds like Jack and Jackson as noms with Jack as the primary target
    • Sam re-tells the story how Jack slipped about the 8 person alliance in the storage room

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  1. Pink13

    ok, I can deal with all of this, but, If I see Orwell bobbing for apples under the HoH covers or singing in the shower, I’m OUT!

  2. Minkie

    Newbie here…just wanted to say how much i love this blog (thanks Steve) and all the people here. Been reading this blog religiously for a few years. It’s become part of my morning routine. I just wanted to say Thank you for all the laughs and info you all have provided.
    Cup of coffee- check
    Mel’s morning post- check
    NK’s bbad updates- check
    Geraldo’s STFU!! – check
    Thats all i need and its a good day!

  3. danmtruth

    Time for Cliff to put up or shut up
    I would like to believe his talk with Tommy was all game play he sees Tommy, Jack, and Christie in no order as the ones running things Im sure he will soon learn of Christie power Be it from Nicole Nick Bella or even Christie Perhaps ono or more Will tell Tommy last night was trying to calm his other twoAD &CC down that there is no need to plan till they see what Cliff plans to do He wants to limit the damage of telling Cliff to much to soon I dont see the others doing that

  4. Joy

    I have very little faith in Cliff as he has shown himself to make some pretty dumb moves. Let’s hope he does SOMETHING with his HOH. The only thing worse than a fool is an old fool. (He should know better).

  5. hogwild

    Good news we won’t be subjected to any showmance sexcapdes in the HOH room this week.

  6. Avatar

    Who were you guys calling AD yesterday ?

  7. kecker

    Problem is he can’t guarantee one of the sharks goes home…even if Cliff does everything right, it likely will still go south.

    For example, Cliff nominates Jack and Jackson. Veto gets played and one of their allies wins, he can just replace the vetoed person with Christie or Holly or Sis right? Wrong….Diamond power of veto comes in, and the veto winner puts up Nicole on the block. Because the big alliance controls the numbers, Nicole goes home.

    Then with Nicole gone and Cliff ineligible, one of the big alliance wins HOH and Cliff is back on the block.

    The script for the next few weeks is already set in stone short of a genius Dan’s Funeral level move here, and let’s face it, NOBODY in the house is capable of that.

  8. danmtruth

    Lets say at the end Christie does uee her diamond POV now we have jack or snackson on the block with Nick Time for others to start looking out for themselves Six votes for safety or 5 and its in Cliff hands
    Nick was going to tell Cliff of Christie power Cliff said she already told him So the game is on It does not seem like Cliff trust Nicole much His target is Jack for right now Cliff is not buying that the vote was flip on eviction night

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Love me some Sam Elliott!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Plus, Cliff probably remembers how H8ful treated him last week. They ran him out of the room several times when he came in while they were talking “game”. Especially AD.

      • Sassy

        NK you must be lying! AD is all about virtues, trust, respect, and anti bullying! He “saved” Nicole because he thought what was being done to her was wrong! He said so himself and I’m pretty sure the word literally was said. You can’t lie if you say literally.

      • NKogNeeTow

        AD thinks just like what they say about the internet…so if he says it, it must be true…lol

  9. Avatar

    sis won’t have a way to stop the eviction though…and jackson wouldn’t get to be on slop….but I don’t think Crazy Christie will use her power on anyone but herself…she can’t be that dumb

  10. hogwild

    The other good news besides no sexcapdes Cliff sounds like he is serious about playing the game and making a move.

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  12. Helen

    Nick,Bella and Sam on Cliff this morning like stink on s**t…and the old fool is lapping it up….

  13. danmtruth

    Cliff is doing a nice job of listening
    It is easy sitting backand hearing all sides you want to yell no As sam is talking to Cliff he is telling Ciff that Christie andTommy would vote out Jack if Jack and Sis were on the block No way do they choose Sis over Jack Than just to cement that Sam is not a smart player Sam VOLUNTEERS to go on the block to stop Christie from useing her power WTF
    Cliff has the crazy idea of trying to partner up with Christiea
    And Tommy Risky move
    Cliff has told everyone he talk to that Christie blew what she overheard out of proportion So why does he want to work with her

  14. hogwild

    The positive Cliff is no longer talking about nominating Jessica or Kat and knows that gets him nothing the negative the power aquadick and bat shit crazy chick one have could screw things up. FYI I’m now designating Christie as bat shit crazy chick one and Bella as bat shit crazy chick two.

  15. danmtruth

    Now is the interesting talk Cliff and Jack Cliff now telling him the truth about he was not targeting jack
    Now jack is framing the vote to keep Nicole was a vote for honesty WTF Jack could not stand by and let lies and dishonesty to send her home It was a matter of morality It was not game related Wow Jack is saying how he values honesty Just like jack honestly fought for Ovi Fought for him Tgzn that sly suttle influencer jack said i would never go after you for 3 weeks wow thanks

  16. Sassy

    Sounds like Cliff wants to make a big move, but how big is yet to be determined. He’s pretty set on AD being a nom, but bounces between Sis, TT, and JJ as the other. Cliff and Bella talk, blah blah blah. She’s the victim, everyone else is mean to her.

    Cliff and AD talk, AD respects Cliffs game (Liar!) and it’s been awesome watching him this past week(Liar). Cliff clears the air about his Cliff notes and CCs exaggeration of the Cliff notes. AD says Cliff is remarkable (laying it on thick, Liar!), AD says there is a part of the house that put Nicole in a tough spot. They are lacking integrity and morality, etc. AD made a play to stand against what has been done to her (Liar!) she was the victim. AD trusts his decision, no matter what (Liar). If I’m one of those people, I trust, understand, and respect your game (Liar). The vote was not personal against you. Cliff talks about how Nicole got caught in some things last week, and it’s unfortunate (no reason to bash Nicole!). He and Nicole have never been close… AD says some people are going to have ideas, he’s not about that, just wants Cliff to know he is not in his sights in the next couple of weeks (love how he thinks that should be good enough after you just voted him out). He prides himself in telling the truth (Liar!!). AD says there is a way not to shed blood. 2 people put him up (Nick and CC (?) and he could put them OTB.

    AD leaves/KK enters. She doesn’t want TT/CC OTB. KK doesn’t think CC would go after him. KK makes some valid points. She doesn’t want N/B OTB because once they are gone, KK/Cliff become targets again. KK says JJ is going to volunteer to be a pawn. They think he must have a power. Cliff toots his own horn a bit. Cliff is called to the DR.

  17. danmtruth

    New avatar in honor of Cliff

  18. IdaHoan

    Cliff was not the one that I’d have ever bet on to win a place back in the House OR an HOH, but here we are. I hope we see some smart moves and a couple of sharks up on the block this week.

  19. hogwild

    At least Cliff is not just rolling over and doing whatever the shitty six want hope it stays that way.

  20. Betty Boo

    Let the games begin! I feel like the entire show was in a holding pattern during Camp Comeback. Kat was hilarious on Wednesday’s show. Who knew???!!! I’m trying to be nice and think of all the meanness as “they are playing a game and that is strategy.” But Nick and Bella have crossed several lines. And Jack’s talk with Kemi about the water bottle about sent me over the edge. Who does he think he is?

  21. Kari

    I’m really hoping Cliff has done more observing and just not talking about it? Maybe he’s saying things to get people to think he’s not as aware? Talking out loud so that they think he’s going to do something he’s not really going to do? (I don’t know maybe I’m putting too many hopes on that, lol). At any rate if he gets out at least one of the assholes this week I’ll be happy.

  22. danmtruth

    Snackson is telling Holly how he is sacerficing himself by staying close to Kat because she has Cliffs ear Holly doing a great job of being upset All the while her and Kat are working together Snackson now telling BSC#1CC and Holly Cliff does not trust Nick and Bella Than he goes into some crazy bass fishing analogy

  23. Helen

    I think cliff willnom Jack and Tommy…

  24. Sassy

    Kat has already ran back and told JJ/Beth about her convo with Cliff, who shares with CC/Anal. KK May get caught up this week if she’s not careful. She’s doing to much dirty work for the 6.

    HOH lockdown.

    JJ says he will be a pawn, but he thinks he can just use CCs power to save himself. Ummm… I do NOT see her using it for him. Maybe AD or TT but not JJ.

  25. Mr. Beardo

    I would be so happy to be proven wrong about Cliff! Please oh please let him show some testicular fortitude!

  26. Avatar

    Jackson it’s so aggravating! I’m trying to follow his logic train but it’s really going nowhere. His plan to go on the Block at the pond to protect Jack makes no sense and honestly puts his game in extreme danger. If Jackson was to remain on the Block instead of Jack he would obviously be the biggest target. I don’t see them putting in anybody else next to Jackson except maybe Christie without him going home. But he thinks he’s some genius strategist. Jackson has said at least 16 times today that he was only trying to protect Nichole because she had been so abused last week. He keeps trying to make himself off to be the hero but it’s hilarious because that’s not why he kept her and he’s definitely the biggest douche in the house. Call me is absolutely the biggest threat in the house but the HG are so oblivious to it. Cliff and Kat were talking in the HOH bedroom and Cliff was pretty much saying that it’s in between Jack sis Christie and Tommy but it definitely sounds like he wants to go after Jack. He was trying to think with the person to put up next to Jackass that can guarantee he’s going home and they both said Tommy because everyone loves him so much and nobody in the house would want to see him go. The whole time I’m just baffled that nobody sees how big of a threat that is . Sorry for rambling but I’ve been watching the feeds for the last 2 hours and I just needed to vent LOL

    • Sassy

      Yes, JJs plan is awful! He thinks he will just use CCs power, he didn’t ask her, he states it matter of fact like he makes the rules. I hope at the end of the week the J Bros are sitting next to each other.

      • Avatar

        Thank you! I seriously doubt that Christie would even use the power on Jack. That’s why she didn’t tell him about the power even when he was telling her about his. The only person I feel she might use her power on is Tommy but the dpov has a lot of stipulations so she would have to use it on just the right person. Is it true that if she activates dpov that she is immune from going on the Block? I think Nick said that to Sis earlier.

    • Helen

      That’s how I see this HOH backfiring on Cliff…if he puts up jack and tommy

    • danmtruth

      That is a dangerous train to be on No direction No brakes

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  28. Avatar

    Diamond POV will be played this week and will render Cliff’s HoH meaningless. Nicole or Jessica will end up getting evicted.

    • Helen

      I agree but I think nick Bella or Sam will be evicted

    • Avatar

      I hate to be so optimistic with such a terrible season but I don’t think so. The underdog still have the numbers even if Christie was to use the dpov to take off one of the nominees they would still have the number to take out one of the 6. I’m kind of questioning Jess and Kat because I’m not going to lie there really stupid sometimes but I really do believe that Nick Bella and Sam realize the danger there in and are going to Target that side of the house. I really underestimated Cliff because if he pulls it off this week it would be totally genius. He would have successively broken up the nine person Alliance and have them at war with each other allowing him and Nicole to skate by.

  29. Avatar

    Get a load of this discussion between Cliff ad Christie last night. I pulled this off of Joker’s. Christy makes me sick.

    “Cliff says he likes Nicole but she was best friends with Kemi and he (Cliff) did not like Kemi. Christie interrupts with that is so confusing. Christie says even downstairs when they were all talking —- about Kemi – Nicole was still defending her even after they saved her (Nicole). Christie says Nicole should have just been agreeing with whatever they were saying about Kemi and saying thank you.”

    Evidently, Nicole is not aloud to speak her mind or have integrity. She’s just suppose to be mean and nasty like the rest of them.

  30. hogwild

    I’m actually excited about who the noms will be for the first time this season.

    • Nancy

      Me too Hog..I feel the game is finally gonna get started..or I’m hoping so..

      • hogwild

        Cliff should try and make deal with Christie that he won’t put her or Tommy OTB as a nom renom if she agrees not to use her power on his noms. She would be safe still have her advantage and get a big threat out of the game.

  31. HappyHippo

    Come on cliff shake things up! Plzzzzz!

  32. Avatar

    Honestly the best case scenario for the week is this Cliff won the POV. I mean he’s already on a roll with these competitions. That would render Christie’s power useless and he can take out whoever he wants. One of the Jack’s

  33. Avatar

    My problem is I don’t know who I want to see gone the most

  34. Ronduh

    I’m trying to follow along on Twitter since I haven’t been able to watch the feeds today…hubby is working from home and he doesn’t follow any spoilers! But from what I gather Cliff is going to work with Nick, Bella, and Sam…not positive so don’t hold me to it. Apparently he wants to target the group of 6.

  35. Colby

    Whatever he does I think he knows he will be out next week unless he wins the Veto, since they already tried to get him out this week. That is unless one of the outsiders wins HOH, and the odds on that aren’t good.
    So he might as well go out with a big move on his resume.

  36. danmtruth

    Im afraid Cliff might over think it Put Jack and Sis Thinking he has the votes to get Jack Believing Sam that Tommy and christi will vote out jack

  37. danmtruth

    People on slop

  38. Helen

    Feeds back…slip cans on the table

  39. Avatar

    Jack and Jackson on the block?

  40. Avatar

    Show more of Kat. She was funny and knows what’s going on in the house without saying anything. (Cough…Bella)

    And literally. So I know this to be true.

  41. Sassy

    Target room

    AD/Beth – she is bashing KK. says she’s wreck-less. AD praises Cliff for being an honorable person, then tells her of his convo about with him and how they “saved” Nicole. JJ enters. TT enters, Cliff told him 2 of the 6 are going up. The J Bros want to go talk to Cliff together and bring him into the alliance. TT says that’s too aggressive. AD says “I’ll be damned if I go before Nick and Bella.”

    TT says they need to win and prove themselves. AD is pissed! How could Cliff NOT fall for him humanitarian efforts. JJ doesn’t think he will make a move to put up the Js. That’s just to bold! TT says it’s not fair because they are playing fair! JJ says no we are not… TT says CC HAS to use the power if one of us is up. They argue about it. TT will be pissed if she doesn’t use it on him if he is up. TT is cursing, he’s a bit aggressive, lots of F bombs!!

    TT thinks Cliff is going to look bad to America for siding with them. He is going against America’s favorite player. (Seriously! These people are cocky!!). Did Beth get some lip injections? They discuss the options and continue to stress themselves out. JJ is going to make coffee. He hopes it’s on the ok list for have nots.

    TT tells Nicole about his talk with Cliff and says it didn’t go well and he understands that. They agree they understand and say it makes sense, but it sucks. TT says even if he gets rid of 1 of us there are still 5 of us. I mean 8… It’s really not about numbers game. Oops!! Keep reminding her that she’s really not with you!

  42. davidsgirl

    Yeah!!!! Havenots are here and Jackson is one of them. Yes, yes, yes! Look how the tables have turned. Last night I loved watching the unde9ables sh– down one leg. I love this game. Ha!

  43. Helen

    update/correction: Christie, Kat are Have-not, and Jackson (and Tommy, I think)

  44. Sassy

    TT and AD reassure themselves they are the good people and America has to see that.


    AD/KK – AD says in one of The Cliff notes, he said he wanted to work with N/B. Not sure that is true. AD talking about how wonderful he is and how he just doesn’t understand why Cliff won’t fall for his lies. He’s in uncharted territory, someone isn’t bowing to the master. KK says all she knows is no one that has been OTB will go up this week, Bella enters. Convo gets weird. Bella says she just remembered she pooped and did not spray. Kat can’t find her poopari. She can’t poop without it. She’s constipated, hasn’t pooped in a week. AD looks annoyed. AD says they are loading up the SR, but tells KK it’s not for her. I didn’t think she was on slop. AD talking about a dream (blah…).


    CC/Anal – Anal tells about her talk with Cliff. He thinks of her like daughter and their relationship would be tested. He told CC that her and TT are safe. She talks fast when she whisper, I’m off to another convo.

  45. Kari

    Oh my God we got our wish, Jackson as a have not. Now does anybody think he’ll really stick to it, and does anybody think that production will do a damn thing about it? I have my serious doubts considering the last couple of years…

  46. Mel

    I’d feel so much better if Sis wasn’t one of Cliffs possibilities for noms. The shit shooters will cut her in a heartbeat and won’t feel much of a loss. Please be the jackoffs! I know anything could happen because of Christie’s power but it could anyway. At least with them on the block, they’ll be miserable. I wouldn’t mind Tommy and Jack either. I also want Chriatie to use her power to take it out of the game.

    • Sassy

      I agree with everything you said! Anal is a waste of a nom, put up the Bros. Let’s see the squirming.

      • kneeless

        Has Anal had a thought of her own yet? She definitely is not the brightest bulb!

      • Kari

        Maybe back door one of the J’s, with sis as a pawn? Do you think there’s any chance in hell he’s thinking that?

      • Mel

        I just know he was wanting some combo of those 4 people. I dont think he knows the dynamics of that group enough to know Sis isn’t important. Hope so.

      • danmtruth

        Anal loves to swear and talk tough till someone looks at her thanits helow little mousey
        Yes is she is on the block she is gone

    • danmtruth

      Thats what im afraid of Cliff believlng Sam that Tommy and Christie would vote Jack out Christie would not need to use her power They would gkadly let Sis take a bullet for them How nice of them Remember they are the good people playing a moraly oure game

  47. Avatar

    I just finished watching bbd, why does anybody think saving Nicole for being picked on is a good argument for voting him out, if it was me I wouldn’t give a hoot that’s why you voted me out

  48. Ronduh

    I would definitely suck if I was in this game but what if Cliff put up say Jack and Nick and the just let the two sides duke it out? Or is that stupid to even consider? That way he wouldnt be picking a side but hopefully one of the leaders would be gone. Make sense or nah?

  49. davidsgirl

    If it was me I would put up Jackson and Christie. Let her flush out the Diamond Power of Veto. She would pick the replacement nom. But I think Jackson would go home unless the replacement is Bella. Then it would be a toss up between the two.

  50. ElaineB

    It is always funny when those that lost the comp say “I didn’t want to be HOH this week”. Lol, good thing, cause you are LOST!

  51. hogwild

    Christie and Kat as have not’s this could be a double meltdown of epic proportions.

  52. hogwild

    Sounds like the jackass bros will be noms if so kudos to Cliff for having the guts to go for the big move. If it doesn’t work he will down playing hard instead of just trying float along I respect that.

  53. Mel

    As much as I want to see the Jack’s otb, Christie and Jack would be better. They’d lose their minds and Christie would be forced to use the power unless she won the veto herself. He’s not considering Christie tho because Cliff thinks he’s avoiding the power by keeping her off the block.

  54. Sassy


    Beth/Cliff. Lots of butt kissing going both direction. Cliff is giving to much info. She campaigns for JJ, He makes no promises. Beth knee that voting out Cliff, the silver lining was she KNEW he would come back. Holly brings up blood on hands (Blah blah blah). He says there is enough blood to go around. Beth says Nick is just mean! He called her a Bitch and she’s still offended. Cliff trusts Beth/JJ a lot more than N/B. Beth says Cliff and her dad would be best buds. She harps on the integrity of her group and how awful the snakes are.


    AD/JJ/Anal – They want to tell Cliff that Ovi told them he had a power. He thinks this will help with Cliff. AD wants to talk thru, JJ wants to do it now. JJ runs out of room. Anal is confused on how he could side with N/B. AD says this is the alliance he wanted from the start. AD is playing the righteous card, he really believes he stands for all that is good. Jess enters, talks stop.


    Cliff/JJ. JJ tells him of Ovis power and how he’s relaying a message from Ovi. Ovi didn’t tell him, himself, because he didn’t want Cliff associated and targeted because of him. JJ says he knows Cliff is stressing. Small talk. Cliff explains his strategy AGAIN, at least he’s consistent. Cliff empathizes with Nicole, JJ lays it on thick. Cliff says he trusts JJ/Beth the most in the house. JJ talks about black widow being fitting for Bella. He will be friends with them outside the game, but they are savages in the game. JJ was bullied his whole life for being fat (I’m sure someone on Twitter will verify/debunk this soon). Again with the respect.


  55. caRyn

    So glad for these thumbs up next to each comment. It is the only way I can keep up and not miss something someone has said. If it’s not yellow next to a name I know it’s a new comment and I don’t want to miss out on any BB information from this group. Lmao.

  56. Sassy


    Cliff is alone walking from the bedroom to the bathroom.


    JJ/Anal/Nick/CC/Bella/Sam – close up of the inside of CC nose. Messing with her nose ring. CC leaves. JJ says he’s ready to see his face on the wall. Anal says Cliff talks to you and you get nothing. JJ confirms. Nick is pretending to agree. Talks break up.


    Anal/Sam – she says Holly is upset that JJ and KK are have nots and will be sleeping upstairs. Anal talks house sex, Sam didn’t know it at least he pretends. Anal think KK still has feeling for JJ.


    Cliff/Nick – Everyone is throwing Nicks name around. He fills him in on some of the stuff that has been said. He reassured him N/B are safe. He tells Nick that he told Nicole she was safe but he doesn’t trust her. Nick thinks Jess and KK have to side with them. Ummm. No they don’t! They don’t understand the game. Cliff says 6 people voted against him yesterday but it’s not personal. AD is the primary target. He is worried about the powers, but says it is what it is. Lines are drawn. Nick and Cliff thinks CC/TT could possibly be brought to their side.

    JJ/Beth – she’s apologizing for being a jealous bitch, they say that side of her is called Beth, the alter ego. Hahaha. Even she calls herself Beth. JJ wants AD to hide the fish in the freezer so he can have it after have not. AD walks bye, I love you are said.


    Anal/Sam – she tells him Ovi had a power. Anal is sucking up to Sam. Nick walked in and Sam kicked him out. They go back to talking about the power and why he didn’t use it. Anal has no clue about anything. She is making him swear he doesn’t have the other power. I thought she knew about ADs power. She thinks JJs talk with Cliff changed his mind and now he’s going after N/B. Poor girl… She knows she is not a target. Anal would not vote out AD, no shit! She thinks everyone wants AD out of the game.

  57. Mel

    Time for noms! I think…

  58. Sassy


    TT makes a last ditch effort. Tried to convince him to put 1 from each side up and he can remain neutral and leave it up to the house. TT leaves. Cliff can talks, he’s not buying what TT is selling.


    AD/TT – replays his convo. AD says it’s more blood. TT justifies it to AD, he agrees. Tells him about JJ talking to him about Ovis power. Talks break up. AD thinks JJs speech worked.

    Target room

    JJ/Beth/TT- this guy is EVERYWHERE. Replay same convos. JJ praising himself, on how he may have single handedly saved the alliance. He loves high risk behaviors. TT wants them to realize he may have saved the alliance. These people are REALLY great people and players according to them. TT wonders if he should talk to him once more, JJ says that would be bullying. JJ leaves.

    Kitties – maybe time for noms.

  59. Colby

    I am sure Jack is going up, I just can’t figure out who else.
    Either JJ or Christie, I think.

  60. danmtruth

    Now this is FUN watching these people scramble JJ thinking he is a mastermind Tommy trying to juggle all his alliance lies with everyone

  61. jimbo

    Jimbo awoke from his slumber. First post of this season. I usually have to start liking a player or, mostly, HATING a player before I can get into it. The bullying of Nicole after she simply told dum-dums Bella/Nick the truth was the wake up call for this season! And watching Ovi in the storage room being treated so condescendingly by OAF Jack sealed my interest. First question — who the hell is this Sis everyone refers to????? It’s always Sis, and nothing else. I don’t see that name above in the cast scroll.

  62. BBBonbon62

    Feeds are back. Is it Jack and Tommy on the block?

  63. BBBonbon62

    Tommy’s crying but not sure what’s he is saying. CC saying it should have been me. Not sure I am hearing them correctly.

  64. ElaineB

    They are back. Ass Bros on block?

  65. Charlotte

    I heard Jack and Jackson! Damn……Cliff didn’t disappoint!!

  66. HappyHippo

    Yay cliff! Way to spice things up

  67. Mel

    Jackoffs on the block!!

    • Mel

      Let’s enjoy it while we can because the stupid twists can still make this week go very wrong.

      • ElaineB

        Was just going to type that Mel. For now, Cliff did a great move and put both Ass Bros on the block. At least he gave both of them the chance to save themselves, which is more kindness than Christie/they showed Ovi.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Let’s just pray that neither one of them win the Veto and if someone on their side wins it, they won’t use it.

  68. BBBonbon62

    Happy, happy dance!!! This should be a very fun few days.

  69. danmtruth

    Jack and Jackson / snackson
    Target room Jack is crying along with Christie and Tommy Nick and sam in there also as they talk a few times they almost slip and say to put up nick or bella They talk about winning veto but christie is saying it to use it on herself Jack might be throwing away cliffs cereal box

  70. Avatar

    I read somewhere it was Jack and Jackson on the block. Woooohoooo

  71. Avatar

    Tommy’s a have not too?

  72. Sunny

    So much respect for Cliff! Going after 2 of the alpha males takes some guts. He’s drawing a line in the sand. Now hopefully he underdogs can hold it together long enough to take a few of the big dogs out and make it a fair fight.

  73. HappyHippo

    Aquadick threw all cliffs cereal boxes away that he was going to use to make a rocket ship for the moon anniversary. What an asshole. I hope he leaves ASAP!

  74. Ronduh

    Yay! Even if it bombs at least Cliff made a move instead of playing it safe. Hopefully he wins the POV too lol. Jack is such a petty little B if he is actually throwing Cliff’s cereal out…seriously immature.

  75. Alda

    Hey Adrienne…………The Jackass twins are on the block!!

  76. jimbo

    It seemed like Ovi had the best power — which got wasted. Glad the two OAFs are up, but the powers floating around will probably save their behinds. After the vote, Im surprised dum-dums Bella/Nick didn’t realize that Nicole was telling them the truth, and try to mend things with Nicole; plus, it makes sense for Nicole to “use” them for a little while, too, to have numbers. Or, maybe that did happen, and I missed it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nicole is just the type of person who might accept the fence-mending. But I hope instead, she remembers that convo Ratty had with her when she called Nicole disgusting, a liar, along with a few other choice words, then not only not let Nicole speak but got up and walked on on Nicole when she tried to respond. I WANT Ratty to squirm. I WANT her to feel uncomfortable and scared. NO sympathy for her here.

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  78. Sunny

    Also many thanks to Steve, Mel, NK, Sassy and Dan for the posts from the feeds. And others who also regularly post any updates. I don’t get the feeds, so it’s fun to read what’s actually happening in the house. I would never get any work done if I had the feeds!

  79. Mr. Beardo

    Yeehaw! Get em Cliff!

  80. danmtruth

    Snackson is not happy with the slop shake Kat is talking to Snackson and Holly Kat is acting dumb naturaly It is great to see him just a few hours in and he is CRUMBLING

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh, you just wait. He’s going to get MUCH worse before the week is out. I’m pretty sure he’ll be trying to raid the cupboards and sneaking food underneath the covers. As one who is used to eating whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, this is going to kill him. He’s going to be a nasty lot to try to live with this week. Heck, he might even try to self evict. I hope not though. I want to watch him suffer. Yeah, I know. Kind of mean. Oh well!

  81. Sassy


    N/B/Kat/Cliff – whispers about you need to have my back. Cliff said we are here to play. Nick leaves. Bella said she’s done playing nice. Bella calls Cliff a BB legend. Kat not saying much, just listening, soak it all in. Cliff walks out.


    Cliff by himself.


    AD by himself


    Bella tells Kat the replacement will be either CC or Sis. Bella thinks Sis is going to be Nicks demise. If this was real life Bella would tell them to cut it out, but this is fake life. Bella reassure Kat she is safe all week.


    J Bros in complete silence. Sam walks in, awkward silence.


    TT/CC/Nick – CC tells about her power. Sam enters. AD is throwing away all Cliffs cereal boxes. I guess he’s saving boxes to make a ship for the anniversary of the moon landing. CC/TT think it’s awful. TT says Cliff deserves this. CC says he’s a comp beast. CC tells a story about Beth not being happy Cliff is HOH. TT/Sam exit. CC tells Nick, she is NOT gonna use her power. Nick tells her, CC/TT are the only ones that didn’t tell Cliff to out Nick OTB. Bella enters. CC is worried about how much pressure they are going to put on her to use her power and she dies not like to be pressured by a man. AD walks in, awkward. CC struggles mid sentence to change subjects. Start talking about winning the Veto.

    CC says between AD/JJ they got this. I thought someone said TT was OTB. AD says this is the time Winston/Brett were put OTB. AD did the math before he came in. He had a 5% chance to win and mostly likely going home from 3-5 weeks so he’s fine and not surprised. This is the time they put up the 2 strongest players *cough*. AD belches, CC belches. CC volunteered to be a have not. Nick says it’s a blessing that he’s OTB and not backdoored.

  82. hogwild

    Bet David, Kemi and Ovi are laughing their ass off. when you hear Jackass brothers OTB.

  83. Mr. Beardo

    Behold! The field where Cliff grows his fucks is barren..

  84. danmtruth

    Jack and Christie just brought up using his power for a redraw if Bella and nick are pulled So what happens if Sam wins

  85. Purring

    I hope it is an endurance comp and Nicole wins the POV because I know she wouldn’t be swayed to use it.

  86. danmtruth

    The crazy thinv is Snackson Volunteers to go up So now he is trying to convince himself this is what he wants this is why he came to 0lay in comos So STOP pouting and suck it up
    Tommy Horshack is saying its all sam AD is crying because he miss his dog (?) And wounders if its not time to go home that he took HIS team as far as he could

  87. Sassy

    Target room

    AD/CC – AD said if he doesn’t like who’s playing Veto, he will use his power. They complain about JJ volunteering. They agree if they are HOH next week, they would not put up Cliff, N/B is still the next target. AD is acting like his power is really special! It could be useful or a complete flop. CC leaves.


    CC/TT/Jess/Sam/Bella – TT tells how he made his smoothie. CC is reading the list of things she can eat. TT is excited he can eat olives. Jess thinks they can only use the olives in their slop. They don’t think that’s correct.


    JJ/Beth – JJ is not excited about moving to camp comeback. Being a Havenot and on slop May break him. The kids, loudly! JJ says he volunteered, he came to make moves and play. He wants to take some shots. He’s tired of sitting. Cliff drew the line and JJ is going to finish the picture. He’s sour Cliff did not go for his plan. Beth is playing with his shirt, he tells her to stop.


    Nick/Sis – Nick belches. Nick says he has no sway with Cliff. Sis looks distraught, she just wants one of them to win the Veto. She’s sooo insightful! Nick tells Sis about CCs power. He’s still talking about H8ful. Sis thinks Bella would put CC up. Nick says he hasn’t talked to Bella today because they accused them of being to close (spending time apart doesn’t separate them in anyone’s mind). They continue to lie to each other. Sis is going to get a boob job after the show.


    JJ/Beth/AD/CC/TT – they think they served Cliff his alliance on a silver platter. JJ says he has no emotion in this game, he volunteered for block for some excitement. He doesn’t want to coast into jury. TT says Cliff spent 2 hours talking to Sam. JJ doesn’t regret it. He didn’t want JJ OTB with anyone other than him. CC says she won’t use power if Nicole wins Veto, JJ says she owes them, she owes him. CC says no she doesn’t. Sis comes in. She’s confused (surprise!). Asks CC to explain power, she still doesn’t get it… oh sis…

  88. hogwild

    Six shooters alliance especially Jack this one special just for you.

  89. danmtruth

    BSC #1CC just said nicole is still a lier they took her down because Cliff was a bigger threat What happened to they did it for humanitarian reason

  90. Avatar

    Does anybody know If Jack uses his power do the first names drawn go back in the bag?

  91. Colby

    Does anybody know what the HOH comp was?
    They must have told them not to talk about it.
    The only thing I have heard them say is that it must have come down to AD vs Cliff, and that is only because AD was whining about not winning.

  92. hogwild

    Fyi we have new thread.

  93. Sassy


    TT/Jess/CC – TT crying. TT loves everyone and he’s going to be friends with them forever but they are not nice in the game. CC says do you really love Bella cause I don’t. TT really sees his side as right and just! CC says JJ has already made a big deal about how he volunteered to save her, so she owes him. She feels bullied again! Now CC is emotional to because she’s not cutting her hand on a blade for people that will send her out 6th. Definitely not verbatim, but it’s close. CC goes over options for using or not her power. The Veto ceremony can’t come soon enough for her, she’s gonna need some meds soon! Jess doesn’t like to consider herself a floater but she guesses that’s what she is.


    Beth/JJ/Kat – lots of love you’s floating around. Kit Kat leaves, JJ says she sweet (probably not the best thing since Beth has been jealous of her lately), they are whispering, not even gonna try to hear them.


    Sam/Bella – Bella thinks everyone is after her. Sam says he hasn’t heard that. She thinks she’s a big threat, sorry, it’s actually because you twist facts and manipulate info to make yourself feel better. Bella says she could never be a floater, Sam wishes he could, Bella says she thinks Sam is a floater. Bella said Zheng and Kemi went to the same school (is that true?) Bella misses the Kemi that didn’t screw up her game. Hahaha!!

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