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Big Brother 21 – Friday Night Thread

Good evening, everyone!


For those asking, here is the link to vote. I think you may need to be a CBS all access member which you can get here

It took 9 weeks, but we finally have our first 2x HoH winner of the season. That’s actually pretty impressive and probably why the season has been so chaotic. With Analyse gone, Nicole is the only player in the house who has yet to be HoH. Better step on it! Not much time remaining in the season.

With jury member #4 leaving this week and no mention of a battle back, it sounds like there will be no second chance for jury members this year. Looking at the calendar, this is the rough schedule:

  • 8/29 – Eviction down to 7 people
  • 9/5 – Eviction down to 6
  • 9/12 – Eviction down to 5
  • 9/17 – Eviction down to 4
  • 9/19 – Eviction down to 3
  • 9/25  – Finale

Which means no double eviction which is odd because that’s kind of the staple of the season. Perhaps the final prank will be a reset week where none of this matters? That would allow them to squeeze in a double one of those evictions.

Anyway, there is nothing going on inside the house other than people talking and speculating on the pranks so I’m just going to leave this thread open for discussion and I’ll chime in if anything interesting happens.


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  1. Mr. Beardo

    I’m first and cuter than you!

  2. Avatar

    I voted for Cliff! I doubt it really matters. This season has shown me this is not a legit competition, it’s like WWE without the ring!!

  3. Nancy

    Nooooo, no reset week..ok, I’m just whining now..

  4. Gerardo for AFP

    I can’t imagine that the producers would allow this season to go by without a double eviction, so my bet is on a reset week or something silly like that. God I hate this season.


  5. danmtruth

    I think it will be like last year the HOH will choice one than as they get ready to put up the other nom like the sabator they than anounce the other nom Than everyone starts trying to figure who it us That should be prety simple when either JJ or Christie go on the block Only 2 people wont play in the POV

  6. Nancy

    That fat lady has sung, my throats sore..CC is still gonna annoy me and I’ve decided I’m to damn tired to care..good night to all you wonderful people…peace

  7. Sunny

    You have to wonder why Big Brother is sticking their fingers in the pie all the time with the production interference, diary room hints, etc. Do they not think enough of their show that they have to muck it up with all these twists and pranks? IMO, it has ruined the “integrity” of their “so-called reality” show. It’s supposed to create drama, I suppose, but it just pisses a lot of us off. Although I’m still currently watching, but I’m just not as invested as I used to be in past years. While I want Cliff or Nicole to win (just because I want nice people to win once), I know Nicole hasn’t done anything to earn it. Cliff has a little more on his resume, but not enough. Unless one of those 2 make it in the finale, I really don’t want any of the rest to win. Just a very very very very disappointing season.

    • AIO_7

      Sad day, Newbie, sad day.

    • Ashley

      Completely agree, Newbie — I actually cancelled my feeds and stopped watching all episodes during Cliff’s HOH. I have vowed to never watch BB again, and I’m sticking to it. I used to think this show wasn’t scripted, but now I know I was totally wrong! It feels very cheap and fake to me. I think anyone that is involved with BB production/casting needs to be fired after this mess of a season. The entire cast is a bunch of assholes. They aren’t paying my bills, so why should I give two fucks about these people?!?! The last thing I’m going to do is become obsessed with or addicted to watching these morons! I can’t stand any of them! The flip this past week convinces me that BB is a setup, and I’m not falling for it anymore. CBS will never get another penny from me.

    • Joy

      I wish I could give you more than ONE thumbs up.

    • Houseguest Doug

      Dear Newbie2017,

      Rule #1 We don’t talk about Production.
      Rule #2 We don’t talk about Production.

      We have a TV show to produce and in order to attract sponsors and get eyes on TV sets we need to keep the people in the game that will attract the most attention.

      We don’t feel Analyse would be enough of a draw and Christie was our better option.

      When you join our Production Team and become a writer on the show you can pick and choose whom you wish to stay or go. Until that day please keep watching every week and believe everything you see and hear is real and totally unscripted or not influenced in any way shape or form by Production.

      We would appreciate if you kept the word “PRODUCTION” out of your future posts.

      Thanks for being a Fan!

      Love always… The Production Team

    • Robin

      We need a hero and BB has given us some pretty disappointing stand ins. At this point no amount of fake twists and turns plus obvious intervention from production can make up for poor casting. The people that I end up emotionally invested in are always the most authentic and I don’t think I’m alone. We all know that they lie as is the nature of the game but authentic as in not fake ass losers!

  8. davidsgirl

    I don’t even know this twitter user but saw her tweet on twitter and thought it was hilarious! https://twitter.com/lynnmercereau/status/1164705449133801472

  9. Avatar

    Does anyone else feel like Jackson seriously wasted his HOH especially with Holly getting HOH this week? The big reason to keep Christie is to go after Nick but Holly can now take him out herself and now they still have a huge threat to their game in the house. If they don’t think Christie would go out after them the second she could they are crazy and sis was never going to win anything anyways. If I was them I would have kept sis until the final two because that is a guaranteed win. I almost don’t even want to watch the rest of this season but I know I’m going to LOL. The chance of Tommy getting to the end and winning just got so much bigger because now he has Nick and Christie shielding him as bigger threats.

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  11. Avatar

    Christie needed to go week 2. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would let her lead them with the way she has been entitled, egotistical throughout the show and pathetically hypocritical while on the block. The way she behaved herself towards Tommy because she feels he wasn’t allowed to have fun while she is on the block was unbelievable. I have been patiently waiting for her eviction since the beginning. If you start crying during your own HOH you deserve to go home.

    Granted my personal dislike for her, I believe she’s played the best game. Unfortunately this cast was so horrible that a player like Christie is the best by default. Hopefully America uses the twist to get her on the block and this house finally sees that we want her out. I’m just rooting for anyone but Christie at this point.

    • Mello_One

      Joe welcome to BBJ…You’re absolutely correct, & to top it off Christie is already Plotting with Tommy?! By telling Tommy that Cliff said that he was way closer to Nicole than anyone else, & and deal they have must include Nicole…So guess what, Christie want CLIFF GONE!!

      • AIO_7

        Cliff was blabbing the same thing up in the HoH last night in front of Beth and Box.
        He might be trying to put a target on Nicole.

      • Nikki

        Furthermore, CC knows that Cliff heard the announcement when he was outside with Tommy. So the faster they get him out the less they have to worry about that announcement getting out to everyone else.

    • Jenny

      OMG, how DARE Tommy have fun with THE ENEMY when Christie’s whole world is falling apart!?!? oh, the horror! the betrayal!!! STFU Christie. Good God.
      I actually liked her at first and thought she was so beautiful, downright luminous, such beautiful skin…
      That was before I watched her steamroll over people and chew with her mouth open and yammer on and on and on and flipping ON and then the ugly crying the last two weeks… She does have beautiful blue eyes but her personality has kind of tarnished everything else I saw in her at first. That accent was cute at first but now it is so ugly.
      That being said, she is clearly one of the better players in this game. First eviction this season where we went from being absolutely sure someone was out the door and then they talked their way out of it.

      • AIO_7

        ” First eviction this season where we went from being absolutely sure someone was out the door and then they talked their way out of it.”

        Production can work wonders. Please don’t give Crustie credit for any of this.

  12. Mary

    If anyone is interested, they have done jury house Q & A’s with the evicted house guests.
    Here’s Jack (aka) AD-

  13. Mello_One

    Hell, I’m voting Christie for the Prank, then Tommy if someone comes down?! Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm for Christie to leave the for Jury, & Gooo!

  14. AIO_7

    Nick can still win this Prankster thing. Keep in mind this is only 660 or so votes from Jokers members …


  15. Jenny

    Meanwhile… the show was pre-empted here, on top of CBS being dropped from my DirecTV lineup… so I either have to stay up and watch it at 12:30 AM, or wait until tomorrow night to see it online. From all the comments about Julie’s hair… I can’t wait to see for myself how bad it really is. love you guys!!!!

  16. Sunny

    By the way, did it seem like Julie didn’t know that Sis was Analyse when voting? Doesn’t everyone know that who watches the show even just a little bit? SMH!

  17. ScaryTerri

    I hope Zingbot manifests Christie chewing with her mouth closed. The universe is disgusted…..ziiinggg. 🙂

  18. Nikki

    If you click to vote, it’ll direct you to sign up for CBS ALL ACCESS, but if you click back it has counted your vote it states.

    Questions – for those of you who pay for All Access:
    1. Can you log in on different devices?
    2. More than one device at a time?
    3. Will it work on a smart tv, or will I need an HDMI cord connecting a laptop to the tv?
    4. Can I watch the feeds as well as scheduled shows/Libe shows?
    5. Can I watch other shows (like Criminal Minds final season)?
    6. Are the shows only available in real time?
    7. If I’m out can I access the show immediately after or do I have to wait a certain amount of time-ie-24 hours or something?

    This Direct Tv/Nexstar feud is leaving me with little options since our local cable company closed up shop. The only options are Dish or DTV.

  19. TeeJ

    Rough day. As you see below, I have need of our DJs to clear the mind.

    Mob mentality set this season on a…less than ideal path. From the six shooters to ungrateful and de9able. Mob mentality then hit eviction voting.
    The alliance mobs were un apologetic bullies. They were bad enough that Sam found his way on to my crap list. *I am kind of happy he got out when he did*
    The eviction mobs are bad entertainment and cowardly. “I want to vote with the house” is as bad as “I don’t want blood on my hands”. Worse actually. Eviction votes are anonymous and keep your hands blood free. Sure, some evictions should be unanimous BUT look how much chaos a rogue vote causes. I felt bad for Nicole *as often happens* but it was one of JJ’s best moves. JJ is a turd but he has had some of the best game moves — which he has wasted every time and he deserves to shown the door.

    I have had a song stuck in my head all day. I hesitate to torture *share* this earwig but I am willing to risk the downward thumbs, lol

  20. danmtruth

    Again i was drop into bizarro world Christie cant stop talking , , , , , STFUCHRISTIE
    Cant stop talking about hie stunning Julies hair was How hit she looked her braids look great You can tell she watches what they are doing because her hair looks like hollys
    Nick put a shirt on
    Christie goes into a long talk — is there any other kind from her — how sis is a big media influencer in the outside world You can tell how pampeted she was She has over a million followers how someone as beautiful as her and athletic Sis is friends with Stallone’s daughter , , , JJ says there are thousands of girls that look as hot or hotter than sis A hunderd thousands followers might be big in NJ but its no big deal out in LA Christie would not ler it drop Jess coukd nit let christie have all the fun She started to talk about where Sis live as if it was this ritzy gated camunity Again Holly cuts in and says no i onow the area she was talk8ng about Its no big deal these prople latter they were worried that the applause did not seem that loud for Sis Christie was the audience was just feeding of there energy Becayse they were so down having to say goodbye to such a gtreat person It was hard for them Thats one thought Cliff not to be out done wonder if there was not a national tragedy they would not know ?? Funny what happened to the DE Christie new was happening tonight

  21. Avatar

    Right now I’m not even in the mood to watch the pukefest on BBAD tonight so I’m going to bed so I can drive to my college and begin to move in my dormroom tomorrow.

    NK here is the repaired Unbelievable BS Alarm for BBAD. Hope you don’t have to use it much tonight

    Night Y’all

  22. danmtruth

    With the vote ending tomorrow at 9pm est the noms cannot happen till after that you would think That will drive the HG nuts so that pushes it to around 5
    6pm in LA not sure wgat time they normaly are I thought around 2pm in LA
    Im sure someone can correct me as of the time

  23. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Looks like there was a bird in the BB House after all, a Phoenix named CC. Here is her theme song
    tonight: I Want To Thank You – Dido https://youtu.be/1TO48Cnl66w


    CC is talking about some photographer. Everyone is sitting around waiting for Holly to get the HOH. Nick is laying down yawning. Every is wondering where Nugget (Nicole) is. Cliff is talking about their punishment. From what I caught, they have to make pies and put them in someone’s face. TT and JJ look at the Memory Wall and wish they would push all the pictures together of those who have left and those still in the house.

    JJ tells Why-Is-She-There-Jess that at least she’s been HOH, a HN. She says that’s right so she’s not going to complain about her punishment. Cliff puts some kind of ointment under his nose so he won’t smell (the ingredience of the pies?). Holly wants to do another short film this week. Everyone seems to be down for it. They tease Cliff about a joke he made last night about a big cock.


  24. danmtruth

    As we wait for the great HOH reviel

  25. NKogNeeTow



    TT is washing dishes. Cliff wants to shower but is afraid that as soon as he does he’ll get called for his punishment. Cliff jokes that suppose when Holly gets her room and goes up there the only thing in there is an old cot and watermelon rinds. They are still wondering where Nicole is. She is in the Camper sleeping, holding her Bible. They think she may be in the Boat Room sleeping.


    Cliff goes into the Camper and asks Nicole if she’s okay. She says she is. She said she lined her bed with towels because she knows it’s going to get sticky from all the cream from the pies and she doesn’t want to keep washing her comforter. Cliff leaves and Nicole rolls over and lays there trying to go back to sleep. The camera stays on her for a long time.


    Production tells Holly to go to the DR and they all yell. CC continues to cook. Nick is laying on the table bench sleeping. Cliff tells them that he thinks the number of pies he has to do is proportionate with how made up they are. Cliff says that they have to be smashing pies in people’s faces for a whole week. CC is talking about Holly’s HOH and the things that might come up with the pranks. She says it should be fun. She says it’s so funny that they have been pulling pranks all this time.


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  27. Mr. Beardo

    If any of these fools had the stones they’d say..


  28. danmtruth

    Ohh joy here comes elf on a shelf looking at family photos oart 2

  29. Kari

    LOL, well maybe they can at least have fun with this…


  30. NKogNeeTow

    BACK (after this f*cker taking about 10 minutes to come back from my last comment)


    JJ and TT are singing a rap song and get a warning. TT stops singing but JJ continues until the end of the song. He gets another warning. JJ and TT start to wonder again about the upcoming prank. Nick says he doesn’t think it will be as bad as they think.


    Nicole still sleeping.


    Holly comes out with her key and they wake up Nicole and all go upstairs. She got a picture of her friend’s baby. They peek at her basket. She gets ready to read her letter and they all sit down to listen. It’s from Carissa. She screams when she opens it. Carissa tells her her baby was born 7/13 and is a boy. It’s pretty much a standard letter. Everyone claps and aww’s.

    TT teases Holly that her godson was born on her showmance’s birthday. Holly says they have been friends since 5th grade. She tells the story about how they were frienemies and living in the same dorm and taking the same classes and became friends. Everyone is talking about her pictures. CC is going through the basket taking inventory.


  31. danmtruth

    That pig christie brought what looks like a greasy grilled ham & cheese what a pig

  32. NKogNeeTow



    Holly is talking about her dog (Yorkie/Australian Shepard mix) and the Dream Catcher she got. She offers everyone a Le Croix. CC tells her she can’t wait to hear what she got on her album (Shania Twain). She offers them some of the snacks from the basket. JJ teases CC because he said she asked for all sour sh*t in her basket. Cliff tells Holly that with a score of 50 she deserved the HOH. They start discussing the scores and how the balls rolled.

    TT says it was so hard to make the ball go perfectly straight. Holly said she didn’t trust her aim and it was damn good luck. She said she was hoping it would be a tie-breaker because she wanted to see what it would be. JJ said they would just have to roll again. Holly says that she thinks that if she hadn’t gone first she would have over-thought it. Holly tries on one of her headbands. She thanks everyone for being so supportive. *What else would they be? Most of them are scared they are going OTB.*


  33. amareels

    I’m leaving the party, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! Night!

  34. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone is sitting around quietly eating Sour Patch Kids. Nicole tells them how she covered her bed with towels so it won’t get messed up during the penalty. Nick says that he always sleeps under a blanket, even if it’s warm. *That’s the only thing we have in common.* Holly reads a card from her basket and says she thinks she’ll keep it. She got some oils that she’s smelling. She says it smells like coconut. Why-Is-She-There-Jess says it smells very musky.

    Holly is telling them that her friend was dilating while she was filming her intro to the show. She gets a warning. Holly says that as soon as BB started filming her they took away her phone. Nick says they took his at the airport. They get another warning. Holly tells them how right after her friend got married her house burned down their new house because a contractor staining their deck left a rag in the sun and it caught on fire. She said her friend Carissa was at work and people called her and told her to turn on the new and she saw her house on fire. *Riveting*


  35. NKogNeeTow

    This is boring. Where is the fighting? Where is the screaming? Hair-pulling, name-calling, furniture kicking? Give them A-L-C-O-H-O-L!

  36. NKogNeeTow



    Holly offers everyone sushi. Nicole looks like, “screw this, I want to go to sleep”. At first everyone declines the sushi, then Nicole says she’ll try it so of course The House Shadow (WISTJ) jumps up and runs over to get a piece. Nick is standing in the middle of the floor telling them how he orders 20 pieces of sushi at a time. He just keeps talking but no one seems to be paying that much attention to him.

    WISTJ puts on the headset and starts to dance to the music. *It ain’t pretty.* CC sits next to her and calls herself dancing too. *Not any prettier.* TT puts his ear to the other side of WISTJ and starts to dance. *smh* Holly starts talking about the prank. She says she just doesn’t want any crazy twist. She says she has to already put 2 people OTB and she doesn’t want to put up 3. TT says she shouldn’t worry about it and it might not be as bad as she thinks.

    JJ comes back from downstairs and CC tells him they found out something while he was away. He asks what? She says that he’s going up OTB. He laughs. Cliff says he’s going downstairs to was his face because he can’t stand the smell of whatever that was he put on downstairs.


  37. NKogNeeTow

    Since this is so boring, here’s one for you Dan. I started to give you the long versions which was almost 10 minutes.

    Frankenstein – Edgar Winter https://youtu.be/65XSHM3jlAY

  38. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling some lie about something. I’m so mad that she’s still there I don’t even want to listen to her. She, WISTJ, and TT are sitting on the foot of the bed like the 3 Signifying Monkeys. Just general chit-chat, not really talking about anything specific. *Can we have a Taco Friday morning?* Holly is sitting in the chair reading the back of the Lucky Charms box.

    They start talking about nicknames they gave to each one. They call WISTJ Mama J. They call Cliff, Cliff 3 Fingers. CC brings up her best friend SS and says that she said something funny today. She said SS said, “Well at least I’m America’s Favorite Player.” CC laughs and says she doesn’t think so and that CC really thinks she has a lot of fans. Nick chimes in and says SS won’t get AFP. They says that Cliff may have a chance at it. JJ says that he knows one thing, “J’boy don’t got it”, and they all laugh.


    • KelBel

      Of course CC thinks she has a lot of fans. F*cking idiot. Seems she has quickly forgotten that America showed her how much we “love” her by sending her to an outing that fortunately landed her as 3rd nom (thanks TT for ruining assassination attempt #1).

      If 3rd time is a charm, please prankster put CC’s nasty ass back on the block!

  39. danmtruth

    Sorry boss need to check out watching Christie and her vest buddy chair dance to shania Twaine is sicking now TT needs to join in I think im about to projectile vomit
    On a happier thought going over the songs on tapestry what an album
    So i leave you with this song Not sure if they would even play it today yet if i was in that house

  40. danmtruth

    Night all did my due diligence and vioted a second time fir 10 more votes remember if you voted after the show do it again before you turn in
    Night all Night Kemosabe

  41. NKogNeeTow



    Uncle Cliff is sitting there with his shirt off and no mic. He’s whispering something to Nicole about TT but it’s hard to hear because of no mic. He gets warned then puts it on. Nicole takes off her makeup while they talk about the pie-making they have to do. She says out of the 3 of them WISTJ will have it the worse because she wears makeup. Cliff says he won’t be too bad because he doesn’t have to wear a shirt to get dirty. *Please wear a shirt.*

    Nicole whispers to him about the prank and if maybe it will have something to do with the birds. Cliff says he’s going back upstairs to see what they’re doing. He puts his shirt back on. *Thank God* Nicole says she just wants to go to sleep. He tells her to go ahead and they can talk to them tomorrow. He tells her that he thinks they are in a pretty good spot. Nicole says she has whipped cream op her nose and it’s just from one pie. Cliff leaves to go back upstairs.


    Cliff comes into the room and CC still talking. Everyone is basically trying to out-wait each other so they can get a chance at Holly. Cliff sits down and takes off his shirt again. *Why? Has Nick started some sort of trend?*


  42. BBBonbon62

    What are those 3 idiots whispering about on the landing?

  43. BBBonbon62

    Now JJ is whispering to TT. I can not make out what they are saying.

  44. NKogNeeTow


    Holly, JJ, CC, and TT are standing on the landing watching WISTJ, Nicole and Cliff pie each other. Jess pies Cliff in the face. Nicole pies WISTJ in the face. Cliff pies Nicole in the face. Jess says the cream smells like old milk. Cliff has another pie and so does Nicole. Jess walks back over and Cliff tells her, “Hello there victim”. Nicole adds more whipped cream to the top of her pie. Nicole pies Cliff. They all laugh. Nick asks if they could imagine Cliff and Sis doing that. Jess adds more cream to her pie. Cliff pies Jess. Everyone is standing on the landing laughing. It’s Nicole’s turn to get hit by Jess.


  45. davidsgirl

    I am laughing so hard seeing Jess get hit by those pies, cause I know she hates it so much. Ha! And she keeps saying not so hard, I say slam that pie!

  46. NKogNeeTow



    Uncle Cliff has taken his shirt off and clipped his mic to his nipple. No, really. He goes to get some sheets to put down to cover the floor. Cliff is sweeping up as much as possible and tells the girls to go rinse off. Nick says he’s going to get some trash bags to put the mess in. Cliff says he wishes he had a mop. He says he’s going to request a mop but someone is already in the DR.

    Nicole leaves the room and screams, “I LOVE BIG BROTHER!”. Cliff continues the sweep up the mess and Jess helps him. She says that if they are not careful they are going to get ants. JJ wants the medical tape. Cliff say he has some from his leg. He goes to get it. CC discovers the knife is broken. Nick says he’s going to leave his slippers in there so he won’t have to walk around the sticky floor barefoot.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I think I’m going to pass on the feeds tonight too. I don’t think I can endure anymore slapstick tonight. So have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  47. BBBonbon62

    Nick and Christie with Christie as a pawn. That is what Holly just told Jackson. They are going to tell Christie in advance because apparently Christie offered to go up as a pawn.

    • nancy

      It’ll be interesting to see how this works. When will they be told Holly only gets one? Will they be told who America picked? Would love to see Holly pick Nick and then Nick say “And I pick Jackson.”

    • KelBel

      Here’s to hoping CC as a pawn works out just as it did when Sis was a pawn!!!

    • Sassy

      why? That’s just dumb. Why did they keep her if they are voiding the deal this week?

      • Mary

        CC said they could use her, they wouldn’t be breaking any deal. Or that was my take from the begging she was doing to stay.

    • danmtruth

      That was her offer to stay But im sure christie didnot think they would do it Wouldnt it be funny after Holly tells he that the prankster pulls nick off and puts up JJ but im sure the HG will be pulled into the livingroom Where BB will anounce that Holly gets one nom (she puts up Nick) than the prankster gets the other They than dismiss them and everone starts questioning each other Christie tells people she knows its nick because she can feel it , , barf

  48. NKogNeeTow

    Nite DB, Gerardo, Beardo, and whoever else is still awake out there. 🙂

  49. Avatar

    Christie will manifest a reset week all by herself (in her world).

    • Helen

      It wouldn’t surprise me for it to be an actual reset week since it is prank week….they (we) are basically choosing an anonymous co-HOH ,who will pick a nominee and if their nom coms down during veto will get to choose replacement…I can seee next Thursday at eviction Julie saying. Haha. Fooled you all..no ones going this week…then a double next week…

  50. delabear

    I think it will be a complete surprise at the nominations ceremony. Holly will say “My first nominee is …”turns key and one of her nominees is revealed”, and then says “My second nominee is ….”turns key and the Prankster’s nominee is revealed rather then hers”.

  51. Patricia

    Welp its official. This is hands dow the worse cast in bb history. Not to mention the dumbest. Ugh. Well i say everyone of them deserve what ever happens to them from cc. I have been hoping nichole n cliff could make it to the end but even they kept her dumb ass so im upset with them too. So since win to u keep the 2 biggest targets. I just want to scream at them. Omg esp since cliff n Nichole heard the cc voice over the wall. Wow.

  52. Avatar

    I really wanted to root for Nicole. I just can’t justify it though. I was upset about last night. I have the episode recorded because I was out. When I came home, Christie had just given her speech. I can’t even get myself to go back and watch from the beginning. I have mixed feelings about this year. I loved BB20. I found it funny with one side of the house just never catching on and enjoyed the players. This year I disliked it soooo much at first and am soooo upset and disappointed in last night, but I do realize it is a game and this is how it is playing out for them. Last year, though I loved it, there were some weeks where it was just so predictable. We aren’t getting that this year, so far. I swore I wouldn’t watch after last night but now I have to see who gets prankster!

  53. Betty Boo

    And all the Christie fans say thank you Production aka The Universe! Jk, there are no Christie fans.

    Someone needs to introduce Holly to the strapless stickie boob bra.

    This 80’s girl liked Julie’s hair! Her shirt was the problem. How hard is it to find a cute top?????

    I voted Cliff because I would like to see who he puts up.

  54. Sabrina

    i think Nicole should be the prankster cause she would be soooo bad.

  55. Betty Boo

    Thumby, why you up so early?

  56. Mary

    Good morning Junkies- Here is the extended exit interview with Sis and good bye messages.

  57. Mary

    I checked out early last night after the HOH revel. Don’t understand why Holly=Beth just didn’t say’ I’ll do 1 on 1’s tomorrow’. She kept hinting at them to leave. JJ left but the rest of them stayed around an acted like……… well I got the hint and turned the feeds off and watched Death Wish with Charles Bronson.

    • danmtruth

      That movie name sums up watching this
      What happened to Christie saying what a tiering emotional day this has been She is eating like a horse –take it as you like — is all giddy and wants to party the night away

  58. pkcable

    This prank thing is a new wrinkle BUT they have done shared HoH before. Remember the “Battle of the Block”? I looked over the remaining names and immediately eliminated Jackson and Christie. I also eliminated Nicole, and Jess who will be influenced too much by either Christie OR by the other side (Holly/Jackson). Cliff could work, BUT I think the most interesting week would be if NICK was the Prankster. This does NOT mean I like Nick, actually I think he’s quite awful, BUT I think he would make this week more interesting!

  59. Avatar

    Not excited that CC is still here…but hard to say if that was a horrible move yet to keep her..they want to get Nick out and sis was a vote for him. So taking that away will help him get closer out the door which is fine by me. Just strange how JJ was dead set on getting CC out and than did a complete 180…

    • Houseguest Doug

      Dear Ashley,

      Oh behalf of the production staff. We don’t care what you like or want. Christie is better for ratings therefore we preferred her to stay over Analyse.

      When you become one of our script writers for the show you can pick and choose who stays and who goes. Until then keep watching our broadcast.

      Enjoy the Show


  60. Valerie

    Hi! New here, longtime lurker. Just wanted to chime in on Julie’s hair/outfit situation. The first thing I said was how much I loved it. Not so much of a pageant vibe! Thanks to all of you because I read all of your comments and the reports and I get to know stuff before my husband!

  61. Houseguest Doug

    So what did we learn. Once again Production influences the house guests and manipulates things so they keep exactly whom they want in the game to keep interest in the show and preserve ratings. I think we all now know Big Brother is NOT a REALITY TV Show but rather an Entertainment Show that gives you the delusion they are playing a reality based TV Show.

    There is no way this group of geniuses came up with this script of the miracle turn around and keeping Crusty the Clowness over Sis the dolt. First of all the group of these people don’t make one brain let alone come up with this grand plan.

    I was not buying the staged fight with Dickless & Crusty there was no real emotion. If Nick was truly upset there would have been way more passion in his argument instead of yelling and repeating himself. What secrets did he expose of Christie? Nothing! Christie is an emotional person and she was way too calm for someone who loses her shit. Her crying session with Tommy over the whole Bay Watch BS was far more emotional and compelling than that bad acting job.

    Name the Big Brother Contestant that walked out of the house that calm after being assured they were going to stay. Sis got up like she knew the result already calmly walked out and didn’t spew any venom with Julie. Seems a little too neat and tidy for me I am sorry. I know she is not the sharpest knife in the draw but she was more mad at Jackson than she was at Christie who basically campaigned her ass off to get saved. Some friend. Best friends my ass. I get the argument she has to do what she has to do to save herself and $500K is on the line. But don’t sing me this bull shit about how much she loves her and how she is her best friend.

    SIS she just screwed you out of chance to win $500K. Do you honestly think Crusty is going to give you a $1 of that? Not a chance.

    Jackson is just lucky that Production could rig the game for HOH and that Holly got a lucky roll and favorable bounce to get HOH. So he is safe this week. OR IS HE!

    Oh yes here comes Production again with the “PRANKSTER” so as I understand it they get to remove one of the nominations and put up a nomination. I can see this coming a mile away. Nick and whomever are going on the block. America will pick Tommy or Cliff as the Prankster even if America didn’t vote I am sure Production who never lets us see the votes tabulations will say one of the two of them did anyway so matters not.

    Tommy gets it you can bet that it will not be Christie going up against Nick. Wouldn’t shock me if he opts to put up Jackson. If Cliff gets it Christie is going up for sure unless he has no balls and that case he will put up Jackson.

    Depends really on who Holly puts up as the 2nd nom. If she puts up Tommy or Cliff… Jackson is going on the block.

    Bottom line is Holly & Jackson are the only couple left in the house since this group of Rhode Scholars has not been able to figure out Tommy & Christie know each other. Funny how Production never lets that little secret surface huh? How convenient.

    Reminds me of the ridiculous Season 19 when they went out of their way to keep Paul to the bitter end. Totally exposed Production for the frauds they are.

    I get its a TV show for Entertainment. But the show would be so much better if they just let the contestants play it out for real and let the chips fall where they may.

    Oh as an added bonus this week we get to hear the unfunny “ZINGBOT” that is if you can understand what he is saying with that electronic highly annoying voice. But the contestants will all over react and think he is saying the funniest shit they have ever heard in their life. They will roll over and completely ham it up. I think to save me from putting my foot through the TV I will fast forward through the whole fake tv Zingbot portion of the show. No need to subject myself to more bad acting.

    Truth is the part of this season was the Bird Call prank. That was funny. Keeping them up all night listening to the various bird calls then saying. Guess what it has nothing to do with the comp. PERFECT! Finally production did something right.

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