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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap for 9/6/19

September 7, 2019 | 139 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning guys and gals. It’s another slow one for me today. We always know this is coming and it still stinks when it happens. This is one of the worst kinds of casts to have for any chance of things staying lively. I’m not knocking their personalities (for once) but I’m referring to the vibe in the house. This has been a cast that’s tried to create the family atmosphere. We see it every few seasons and it makes the end game so much slower. Instead of continuing to strategize, they sit around taking walks down memory lane and telling each other how close they all are. It is what it is and like I said, it isn’t unique to this season.

I don’t have much to go over and the last couple weeks are when we’ll begin taking small conversations, trying to see what we can read into them and making predictions. Most of the time, we’ll be wrong but that’s part of it too. Good times!

We still aren’t sure about the delay from Thursday night to Friday for the hoh comp. Cliff spoke to his wife (thru the camera) and mentioned his asthma attack during or after the live show and Beth being sick. They normally wouldn’t postpone a comp because someone is sick but with two of them, that may be the reason.  Originally, I thought they may have had some set issues with the comp build but if it was the movie themed Q & A comp, that isn’t very complex. Whatever the reason for the delay, it was delayed and once the comp was played, Jackson was the new hoh.

Swaggys social media didn’t help the confusion since he sent out a Tweet on Thursday night saying he was backstage and about ready to host the comp. At least we know the delay wasn’t  planned and I didn’t think it was a big deal. Julie had already said they were hosting so he didn’t give anything away. Yesterday,  he tweeted out the winner of the hoh comp before the feeds came back on. People seemed outraged that Swaggy had the nerve to do this and I kept thinking, really? We were going to know in a couple of minutes anyway so who cares? (I’ve said this about Jackson and it applies to Swaggy. He gives us plenty about him to dislike, is this the hill we’re really gonna die on?)

Anyway, Jackson won the hoh and from what Swaggy tweeted, it doesn’t sound like it was even close. He put Cliff and Tommy on the block so now we just wait for that to play out. They’re guessing or have been told (who knows) its BB Comics and we know they’re correct. Almost everyone planned their strategies for this one yesterday. It may not help any of them because they’re so focused on the zipline part of the comp, they’ve forgotten there wasn’t one last year. Maybe it’s a zipline, maybe it’s not. One thing we do know is the feeds will probably be out for a long time.  I’m going to shut my BB brain off for a while today and go do something else once the feeds go down.

Here’s some of the random things that were talked about yesterday and believe me, they’re random. NK has more of them in blue boxes in the comments on the last thread too. (NKs are also better):

  • Jackson offered his hoh room to Nicole and he switched his music request to the Back Street Boys because it’s what Nicole had requested if she won. He also offerd to give up his photos if she could keep hers.
  • There’s some debate over Jackson sincerely liking Nicole or if he’s playing to the feeds for people to like him. Why can’t it be both? (I’m actually leaning towards him just really liking her because they may know Nicole is likable but they can’t know Nicole is as popular as she is to viewers) It could be a little strategy too. He obviously wants her vote if he’s in the F2 and/or if he plans to keep Cliff over Nicole, there could be a little guilt at play here. I don’t really care to be honest. I like Nicole and she’s being made to feel like people care about her so win, win.
  • Everyone talked about Swaggy and Bayleigh and their impressions of them. Jackson said he felt the need to tell Swaggy he didn’t have a good impression of him but after meeting him, he sees how different Swaggy is in person. (That’s rude imo. Jackson didn’t need to share that) Jackson said it just shows how the edit can make people look different than they really are. (First, Swaggy went out 2nd so most of our impressions are based on things he did and said AFTER he left the house. There’s no edit for real life and second, they spent what, an hour with them? I’m sure they really got to know them well in that amount of time. Jackson was just latching onto his “it was the edit” plan for later and he thinks he can use Swaggy as an example.)
  • Beth said Bayleigh told them the outside opinions of Jackson arn’t good. (No idea what Baeigh said exactly) Tommy said people only remember the last thing they see and said Jackson’s been viewed differently since Jack left. (No Tommy, I’m not a goldfish and I can remember more than the last thing I see. Need proof? I can remember H8ful upstairs planning to destroy Nicole and Tommy being one of the most excited participants)
  • For whatever reason, Beth needed to tell people (again) that Ovi saw himself as “the cool kid” but (again) she said he isn’t. She said this last week too.
  • Beth, Ovi says hi:
  • They talked about who was messy and who didn’t do dishes. (Real exciting stuff) Beth slammed Sis for never doing dishes but actually admitted she hasn’t done much since she’s been in the house either.
  • They talked about the messiness because Swaggy and Bayleigh told them the house was so much cleaner this year than it was last year. (Ummmmm, Sam lived to clean and Swaggy left before jury so what the hell do they know? Last summer had the cleanest house I’ve ever seen)
  • They also said they got the feeling Tyler and Kaycee didn’t like them but Swaggy and Bayleigh were nicer.
  • Nicole was shocked when Swaggy hugged her and said “hi Nicole.” She yelled “I was like, how do they know me?” (She’s so adorable!)
  • Heres a couple accidental shots of production in the area behind the walls. You know how I’ve said there’s one person in production that must drink or get high on the job? I think they worked yesterday and he or she is my absolute favorite!
  • Beth wanted to know if Tommy being otb during th double counted as being nominated. Everyone told her it did. Jackson’s already suggested she not talk about being the only person not to be put otb but she can’t help herself. It’s just like when she won the crap shoot, rolling the ball hoh. She kept wanting to call it a skill based comp and he told her she shouldn’t. (It was a crap shoot) She doesn’t have it in her to be modest even if it helps her game. She also made a big show of being bummed she never got a punishment and said she wanted the whole BB experience. (She doesn’t realize we’ve been punished instead from listening to her all summer)
  • Beth said she has PTSD from the word “greatful.” She and Tommy said when they used the word, it was never meant to be a dig or a slap to the people who weren’t in the alliance. Cliff admitted it bothered him and said there were times he took it that way. He made sure to say it was other people, not them. (Haha. Sure Cliff)

Yes, it was absolutely meant to make fun of the others and they talked about how funny it was going to be when they said it. I don’t blame Beth and Tommy for lying about that anymore than I blame Cliff for saying he didn’t mean them.

I do have one bone to pick though. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but Beth says, (often) she has PTSD over something and the something changes frequently. I get it, it’s just something she’s stuck on like “literally.” It’sthe same way people overuse bullying or saying they have OCD(OCD is not a description for being organized and cleaning a lot btw) I hope this is addressed with her when the show ends and she stops doing it. It irks the hell out of me. I’m also aware this is my problem, not hers but she’s also the one who’s so image conscious. I know many people who’ve served our country and been in war zones around the world, witnessing things humans should never have to see. I also know a few who actually suffer from PTSD. (I’m not saying this is the only cause of PTSD) I’m just saying, NO Beth, you don’t have PTSD,  I hope you never do and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. (Sorry, rant over. This is one of my triggers and unfortunately, I don’t have any watermelon laying around to comfort me so I rant)

  • Everyone but Tommy talked about the need to win the veto and sticking with the F4.
  • Jackson and Cliff told each other how smart they were to hook up with each other.
  • Tommy said he wasn’t giving up and knew had had to win the veto. He told Jackson they’d take it from there.
  • They all say they’ll be great friend after the show ends, especially the last 5. Beth said she was scared coming in of people who didn’t play like her which is with integrity and honest.
  • Tommy apologized for being off the night before. He said he loves them and is happy he’s still there. He mentioned just feeling bindsighted. Nicole reminded him she told him he was going up beforehand in the boat room.
  • The rule book was looked at a couple times and Jackson seemed surprised he didn’t play in the F4 hoh comp. (He was a week ahead)
  • Tommy camera talked and said it was scary playing alone and living in fear. He said he isn’t giving up and will fight hard to stay.
  • Jackson scared Beth just before bed time and farted in the room too. She went into dramatics, left the bed, whined and had to stand in the doorway for a while. She was trying to figure out how to retreat and still salvage her pride.  Sam old, same old…
  • Nicole stayed up late going over the days and she DID take Jackspn up on his offer and took the hoh room last night.

To sum up yesterday:

  • Jackson bonded with Nicole and has made her his sister.
  • Cliff thinks they’re boring the hell out of us and apologizes often.
  • Tommy is learning what everyone else has dealt with for 2 and a half months.
  • Beth is scared someone might get more attention than her.
  • Nicole is sick of all of them and wants this shit over with.

I don’t know what you’re hoping for today with the Veto but check with Steve later to see if you got your wish. Have a great Saturday!


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