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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap for 9/6/19



Good morning guys and gals. It’s another slow one for me today. We always know this is coming and it still stinks when it happens. This is one of the worst kinds of casts to have for any chance of things staying lively. I’m not knocking their personalities (for once) but I’m referring to the vibe in the house. This has been a cast that’s tried to create the family atmosphere. We see it every few seasons and it makes the end game so much slower. Instead of continuing to strategize, they sit around taking walks down memory lane and telling each other how close they all are. It is what it is and like I said, it isn’t unique to this season.

I don’t have much to go over and the last couple weeks are when we’ll begin taking small conversations, trying to see what we can read into them and making predictions. Most of the time, we’ll be wrong but that’s part of it too. Good times!

We still aren’t sure about the delay from Thursday night to Friday for the hoh comp. Cliff spoke to his wife (thru the camera) and mentioned his asthma attack during or after the live show and Beth being sick. They normally wouldn’t postpone a comp because someone is sick but with two of them, that may be the reason.  Originally, I thought they may have had some set issues with the comp build but if it was the movie themed Q & A comp, that isn’t very complex. Whatever the reason for the delay, it was delayed and once the comp was played, Jackson was the new hoh.


Swaggys social media didn’t help the confusion since he sent out a Tweet on Thursday night saying he was backstage and about ready to host the comp. At least we know the delay wasn’t  planned and I didn’t think it was a big deal. Julie had already said they were hosting so he didn’t give anything away. Yesterday,  he tweeted out the winner of the hoh comp before the feeds came back on. People seemed outraged that Swaggy had the nerve to do this and I kept thinking, really? We were going to know in a couple of minutes anyway so who cares? (I’ve said this about Jackson and it applies to Swaggy. He gives us plenty about him to dislike, is this the hill we’re really gonna die on?)

Anyway, Jackson won the hoh and from what Swaggy tweeted, it doesn’t sound like it was even close. He put Cliff and Tommy on the block so now we just wait for that to play out. They’re guessing or have been told (who knows) its BB Comics and we know they’re correct. Almost everyone planned their strategies for this one yesterday. It may not help any of them because they’re so focused on the zipline part of the comp, they’ve forgotten there wasn’t one last year. Maybe it’s a zipline, maybe it’s not. One thing we do know is the feeds will probably be out for a long time.  I’m going to shut my BB brain off for a while today and go do something else once the feeds go down.

Here’s some of the random things that were talked about yesterday and believe me, they’re random. NK has more of them in blue boxes in the comments on the last thread too. (NKs are also better):

  • Jackson offered his hoh room to Nicole and he switched his music request to the Back Street Boys because it’s what Nicole had requested if she won. He also offerd to give up his photos if she could keep hers.
  • There’s some debate over Jackson sincerely liking Nicole or if he’s playing to the feeds for people to like him. Why can’t it be both? (I’m actually leaning towards him just really liking her because they may know Nicole is likable but they can’t know Nicole is as popular as she is to viewers) It could be a little strategy too. He obviously wants her vote if he’s in the F2 and/or if he plans to keep Cliff over Nicole, there could be a little guilt at play here. I don’t really care to be honest. I like Nicole and she’s being made to feel like people care about her so win, win.
  • Everyone talked about Swaggy and Bayleigh and their impressions of them. Jackson said he felt the need to tell Swaggy he didn’t have a good impression of him but after meeting him, he sees how different Swaggy is in person. (That’s rude imo. Jackson didn’t need to share that) Jackson said it just shows how the edit can make people look different than they really are. (First, Swaggy went out 2nd so most of our impressions are based on things he did and said AFTER he left the house. There’s no edit for real life and second, they spent what, an hour with them? I’m sure they really got to know them well in that amount of time. Jackson was just latching onto his “it was the edit” plan for later and he thinks he can use Swaggy as an example.)
  • Beth said Bayleigh told them the outside opinions of Jackson arn’t good. (No idea what Baeigh said exactly) Tommy said people only remember the last thing they see and said Jackson’s been viewed differently since Jack left. (No Tommy, I’m not a goldfish and I can remember more than the last thing I see. Need proof? I can remember H8ful upstairs planning to destroy Nicole and Tommy being one of the most excited participants)
  • For whatever reason, Beth needed to tell people (again) that Ovi saw himself as “the cool kid” but (again) she said he isn’t. She said this last week too.
  • Beth, Ovi says hi:
  • They talked about who was messy and who didn’t do dishes. (Real exciting stuff) Beth slammed Sis for never doing dishes but actually admitted she hasn’t done much since she’s been in the house either.
  • They talked about the messiness because Swaggy and Bayleigh told them the house was so much cleaner this year than it was last year. (Ummmmm, Sam lived to clean and Swaggy left before jury so what the hell do they know? Last summer had the cleanest house I’ve ever seen)
  • They also said they got the feeling Tyler and Kaycee didn’t like them but Swaggy and Bayleigh were nicer.
  • Nicole was shocked when Swaggy hugged her and said “hi Nicole.” She yelled “I was like, how do they know me?” (She’s so adorable!)
  • Heres a couple accidental shots of production in the area behind the walls. You know how I’ve said there’s one person in production that must drink or get high on the job? I think they worked yesterday and he or she is my absolute favorite!
  • Beth wanted to know if Tommy being otb during th double counted as being nominated. Everyone told her it did. Jackson’s already suggested she not talk about being the only person not to be put otb but she can’t help herself. It’s just like when she won the crap shoot, rolling the ball hoh. She kept wanting to call it a skill based comp and he told her she shouldn’t. (It was a crap shoot) She doesn’t have it in her to be modest even if it helps her game. She also made a big show of being bummed she never got a punishment and said she wanted the whole BB experience. (She doesn’t realize we’ve been punished instead from listening to her all summer)
  • Beth said she has PTSD from the word “greatful.” She and Tommy said when they used the word, it was never meant to be a dig or a slap to the people who weren’t in the alliance. Cliff admitted it bothered him and said there were times he took it that way. He made sure to say it was other people, not them. (Haha. Sure Cliff)

Yes, it was absolutely meant to make fun of the others and they talked about how funny it was going to be when they said it. I don’t blame Beth and Tommy for lying about that anymore than I blame Cliff for saying he didn’t mean them.


I do have one bone to pick though. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but Beth says, (often) she has PTSD over something and the something changes frequently. I get it, it’s just something she’s stuck on like “literally.” It’sthe same way people overuse bullying or saying they have OCD(OCD is not a description for being organized and cleaning a lot btw) I hope this is addressed with her when the show ends and she stops doing it. It irks the hell out of me. I’m also aware this is my problem, not hers but she’s also the one who’s so image conscious. I know many people who’ve served our country and been in war zones around the world, witnessing things humans should never have to see. I also know a few who actually suffer from PTSD. (I’m not saying this is the only cause of PTSD) I’m just saying, NO Beth, you don’t have PTSD,  I hope you never do and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. (Sorry, rant over. This is one of my triggers and unfortunately, I don’t have any watermelon laying around to comfort me so I rant)

  • Everyone but Tommy talked about the need to win the veto and sticking with the F4.
  • Jackson and Cliff told each other how smart they were to hook up with each other.
  • Tommy said he wasn’t giving up and knew had had to win the veto. He told Jackson they’d take it from there.
  • They all say they’ll be great friend after the show ends, especially the last 5. Beth said she was scared coming in of people who didn’t play like her which is with integrity and honest.
  • Tommy apologized for being off the night before. He said he loves them and is happy he’s still there. He mentioned just feeling bindsighted. Nicole reminded him she told him he was going up beforehand in the boat room.
  • The rule book was looked at a couple times and Jackson seemed surprised he didn’t play in the F4 hoh comp. (He was a week ahead)
  • Tommy camera talked and said it was scary playing alone and living in fear. He said he isn’t giving up and will fight hard to stay.
  • Jackson scared Beth just before bed time and farted in the room too. She went into dramatics, left the bed, whined and had to stand in the doorway for a while. She was trying to figure out how to retreat and still salvage her pride.  Sam old, same old…
  • Nicole stayed up late going over the days and she DID take Jackspn up on his offer and took the hoh room last night.

To sum up yesterday:

  • Jackson bonded with Nicole and has made her his sister.
  • Cliff thinks they’re boring the hell out of us and apologizes often.
  • Tommy is learning what everyone else has dealt with for 2 and a half months.
  • Beth is scared someone might get more attention than her.
  • Nicole is sick of all of them and wants this shit over with.

I don’t know what you’re hoping for today with the Veto but check with Steve later to see if you got your wish. Have a great Saturday!



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  1. nancy

    Thanks Mel. Great post as always.
    I pray Nicole wins, takes off Cliff, Holly has to go up. Tommy, Cliff and Nicole join forces and vote out Holly and then go against Jackson since they’re unlikely to win against him.

  2. Helen

    Gonna be a long day…feeds will be down most of day for comp while we anticipate the results…
    Good day for me to get some house cleaning done…

  3. Alda

    My wish is for Tommy not to win the veto.I don’t want Cliff or Nicole to go.I’d be grateful if Holly left,but that’s not going to happen.

    • Helen

      I had a dream last night (for real) that Tommy won veto and took himself off the block and Cliff went to jury on Thursday…
      Jackson got voted out at 4th place and Tommy and Nicole went to F2…the houseguests were voting and the vote was tied with one vote to go…just as Julie pulled the key to see who won I freakin woke up!!!!

  4. Nancy

    Thank you Mel..appreciate you and your recaps..glad you brought up HollyBeth use of PTSD..I find it offensive..I do know people who have been diagnosed with PTSD, and it wasn’t because someone farted (I know she didn’t say it about a fart, but you know what I mean) ..so stop saying it and keep ur shirt on your shoulder, not sexy my dear!
    I’m glad tommy is scared..wish HollyBeth was.
    Hope cliff will be able to handle BB COMICS, I know he will give it his all.
    Enjoy your Saturday my friends..give someone your smile today, they may need it.

    • danmtruth

      Well said Nancy Proving your more than just a great avitar and moving van drver
      Holly useing PTSD so casually cheepens its meaning That is my problem Just how uninformed she is Im sure she did some event with Rockstar for PTSD

    • Avatar

      That’s been bothering me all season. I personally went through a time suffering from PTSD after loss of all 4 siblings in their 40s & the final being my youngest brother a brutal suicide. This is no joke. It was as annoying hearing her say this, referring to other girls as the mean girls when in reality she was queen of mean girls, Nick humping Tommy (him being a gay guy seems as inappropriate as if he were doing it to a female), Nick rubbing his foot on Tommy’s genitalia (and Tommy did ask him to stop both numerous times), Michie’s aggressions even though they did diminish somewhat after warnings from production, etc. All of this more annoying to me than Christy’s chewing or Jessica’s “likes”. Tommy for the veto win…ideally Holly would go up but not going to happen.

  5. SoftKitty

    Perfect timing Mel! Cawfee is made and I just put the first load of laundry on. Thank you once again for your fabulous insights! I didn’t give the HOH delay a second thought… Until reading your take on what the reason might have been. An asthma attack is a serious issue and I hope Cliff is recovered enough to be okay in the Veto!

  6. Ronduh

    Thank you Mel! I love the summarization at the end! On point!

  7. Helen

    If Nicole can make it to F2 she has a great chance of winning BB21…..
    I think she has at least a 5-4 against either Tommy or Jackson
    Holly I haven’t even looked at because other than Jackson or Kat is there anyone who really likes her ?

  8. danmtruth

    To holly PTSD comment As usual i look to George Carlin to perfectly explain it

  9. Annabelle

    Well said Mel. Her saying PTSD grrr. Then the thing again about numbness BAD pain not related to stomach then dancing (using term losely) and such. I know there are plenty of on here who know chronic and real pain and I usually say I would rather someone not know but she is one of 4 people I’ve ever wished would get a few minutes of real pain. Sorry not sorry

  10. hogwild

    Mel I’m right with you on Holly and the PTSD comments I know she is not trying to be insulting or demeaning when she says it but PTSD applies to those in the military who traveled down the roads of Iraq and Afghanistan wondering if this will be the day a roadside bomb or IED takes them out not those being locked up with people in a house. I know it can get stressful in there but just say your stressed and leave it at that.

    • SoftKitty

      Or people who have been through any traumatic experience, such as the tornado that destroyed my mom’s house (while she was in it alone) three years ago. It happened 1 month after my dad passed away. She still lives with the terror of that night…

      • hogwild

        Or those who just delt with the hurricane there are many things far worse than being stuck in house with some people who aggravate you a house where if it gets to bad you can choose to walk out of I might add.

    • mm22

      **Beth says, (often) she has PTSD over something and the something changes frequently**
      If she’s not diagnosed with PTSD and just tossing it around for attention I would be offended –
      So disrespectful-

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  12. hogwild

    Going to be a long day so enjoy some Iron Maiden don’t think anyone has posted song from them so far.

  13. Helen

    Holly tells Tommy that she wants to win the veto but that she’s not fighting for her life and isn’t worried at all

    Please…..put her OTB…….

  14. hogwild

    Quick thought on Jackson letting Nicole have the HOH room if she wants it there probably is a little gameplay or jury management in it but it was still a very nice thing to do. It sucked Nicole finally wins that HOH and didn’t get any time in the room.

    • Helen

      I think Jackson truly does appreciate the real ness of Nicole…Jackson has called Holly out on her makeup and constantly fiddling with her hair…although he doesn’t actually say the words ..her being fake..
      Also jury management…his plan all along has been to send cliff out at 4 and Nicole at 3….

  15. caRyn

    Jackson and Holly gave Nicole the HoH room for the night but didn’t leave the room until 11:45 pm.
    I haven’t forgotten how Cliff stayed away from Nicole earlier in the game when things were bad for Nicole. And how Cliff spoke poorly about David. It’s fine if he isn’t F2 or AFP.

  16. Gr8designer

    Beth just told Tommy that she’s not fighting for her life to win the veto and isn’t worried at all!!! Please Nicole, win the veto so Jackson has to put her up!!!! Wouldn’t it be perfect if she goes home during her BF’s HOH!!!

    • Helen

      Even if she did win it and take Cliff off they would still vote Tommy out over her..
      Not sure what happened to Cliff and his “I’m going to do what’s best for my game”
      He seems quite content with 3rd or 4th place now…

  17. hogwild

    Well vacation is over come Monday so got to do some cleaning around here and try and manifest a veto win for our little nugget.

  18. Avatar

    Hi all! I see so many people (myself included) hoping Nicole will win veto, save Cliff, force Beth on the block, and then Nicole and Cliff vote Beth out. I don’t watch the feeds so can someone tell me is this even a possibility or just all of us wishful hoping? Is it something Cliff or Nicole have even hinted at or do they still seem set on sticking to their final 4? Not only would it be fun to watch but I think it would be a good game move for them, especially Nicole. There is zero chance Beth us taking Nicole or Cliff to f2 if given the chance, she would choose Jackson or Tommy for sure. So if they can take her out they have a much better chance of one of them making f2. Tommy would take Beth so if she is gone, again, it helps their odds in my opinion.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    ” (No Tommy, I’m not a goldfish and I can remember more than the last thing I see. Need proof? I can remember H8ful upstairs planning to destroy Nicole and Tommy being one of the most excited participants)”

    Yep, and he was giddy with excitement every time they talked about it. Maybe it’s TT that only remembers the last thing he saw.

    “I know many people who’ve served our country and been in war zones around the world, witnessing things humans should never have to see. I also know a few who actually suffer from PTSD.”

    Exactly! Not only have I known a few but I also have a family member or two who have been to war years ago and still suffer from it. It’s not a pretty sight. She should watch someone with the nighmares, the profuse sweating, the hallucinations, the uncontrollable shaking, the crying, the screaming. And those are just a few of the symptoms. She needs to keep her stupid ass mouth SHUT!

    • Nancy

      Your description makes me tear up. I to know a couple of people with PTSD and it’s so sad and I feel helpless…so I just love them, and became educated so i would know how to handle any situation. God bless anyone out there suffering..please seek help, it’s our there.

    • Tam

      Don’t think she can, Nk! Agree with you hundred percent. Preach for me, sister. Want to join in with y’all so badly, but, unfortunately, I’m having to go back down. Preach preach preach for me. With y’all in spirit. Will try to get back on here when I can. Can’t stand Holly. STFU HoBeth. Just let Nicole have a moment. SMDH if I could. She is one of the flies that JJ needs to smush. Annoying bitch. Hope this post comes out right. Trying the speech text features and listening to computer read the post to me is hilarious and annoying at the same time. Everyone have a great day

    • danmtruth

      As usual 10000000%correct on all points No short term memory loss with those things

  20. MartyMar

    Steve Beans etal, playing out scenarios:

    Scenario One: 4-to-1 veto odds that TT leaves this week (not true odds, since not taking into account likely comp winners), in which case, next HOH is either Nicole, Holly, or Cliff:

    A) Nicole is HOH: puts up Jax/Holly, Veto winner is:
    (1) Nicole or Cliff: Cliff is sole vote, votes out Holly
    (2) Jackson or Holly: veto winner (J or H) is sole vote, votes out Cliff

    B) Cliff is HOH: puts up Jax/Holly, Veto winner is:
    (1) Nicole or Cliff: Nicole is sole vote, votes out Holly
    (2) Jax/Holly: veto winner (J or H) is sole vote, votes out Nicole

    C) Holly is HOH: puts up N/C, Veto winner is:
    (1) Jax or Holly: Jax is sole vote, votes out Cliff
    (2) Nicole or Cliff: veto winner (N or C) is sole vote, votes out Jackson

    Scenario Two: TT pulls Veto win, in which case either Nicole or Cliff leaves this week. Next HOH is either TT, Holly, or (remainder N/C party or “r.NC” for short):

    A) TT is HOH: puts up Jax/r.NC, Veto winner is:
    (1) TT or Holly: Holly is sole vote, votes out r.NC
    (2) Jax: Jax is sole vote, votes out r.NC
    (3) r.NC: r.NC is sole vote, votes out Holly

    B) Holly is HOH: puts up TT/r.NC, Veto winner is:
    (1) Holly or Jax: Jax is sole vote, votes out TT
    (2) r.NC: r.NC is sole vote, votes out TT
    (3) TT: TT is sole vote, votes out Jackson

    C) r.NC is HOH: puts up TT/Holly, Veto winner is:
    (1) r.NC or Jax, Jax is sole vote, votes out TT
    (2) Holly, Holly is sole vote, votes out TT
    (3) TT: TT is sole vote, votes out Jackson

    Based on the above, each scenario provides 12 different HOH/Veto results. Under Scenario One, Holly and Cliff each have a 1 in 3 chance of going out next; Nicole and Jackson have a 1 in 6 chance of going out next. Nicole and Jackson have a better shot at making F3 because they would keep each other over the other’s respective partner (Jax seems more protective of Nicole, and likely thinks he’d beat her F2; while I think Nicole would keep Jackson over Holly).

    Under Scenario Two (TT in the game), Holly has the best shot at making F3 with only a 1 in 12 chance of going out fourth (she’s closer to TT); next, Jax has next best F3 odds with only a 1 in 6 chance of going out fourth; whoever remains from the Nicole/Cliff duo (again, if TT pulls veto), would have next best odds of F3, with a 1 in 3 shot of leaving 4th; while TT would most likely leave fourth with a relatively 50% (1 in 2) shot of being voted out next even if he wins veto this week.

    These odds don’t take into account the likely winners of the next 3 comps (veto, HOH, veto). Weighted for likely wins, it’s more likely Cliff leaves next under Scenario One (H/J combo wins); and TT leaves next under Scenario Two (again, H/J combo wins).

    Given above, still feel Nicole made right move with getting CC out. Jackson is more likely to stick with Nicole and Holly; CC would have dismissed Nicole at first blush. Yes, maybe F3 with H/J will not be Nicole’s best game wish, but she could come ahead in a mental comp and get to F2. Nicole would likely lose to Jax in a F2 but may have a shot against Holly (depending on how CC/Jess vote).

  21. Nikki

    Veto is today – correct? But it hasn’t started yet? (I don’t have feeds).

  22. Avatar

    Tonight’s BBAD playlist is done and it’s way longer than last night’s with over 100 songs if you want to listen to it early let me know and I will post the link

  23. ElaineB

    Is nice to listen to convos without Jess and all her “like” and Chomper Cheeks running her mouth.

  24. Robin

    Well it took me a while to get it together today so i’m Just catching up. I loved Mel’s analysis. Mel you really got me thinking about why I don’t care for Holly. I’m willing to admit that there have been previous guests who were much more diabolical, yet I loved them still. I also am not adverse to a little drama…, I was a musician for years and enjoyed my drama filled life.

    The problem I think is the difference between drama for attention and drama because of passion! I adore people who live big and claim who they are. Crusty fell short here too. She was big on drama but without real conviction. Big Brother should pay attention here: what makes great game play and amazing TV is people who live their lives with passion and conviction. I would like to see firemen and nurses, throw in a few musicians or an artist not just body builders and want-to-be media stars, then up the prize to 1 million, 1/2 to a charity of choice and 1/2 to the contestant. This alone would change who applies to be on Big Brother.

    I know now that thinking about my favorites in past BB houses, they lived their lives with passion and joy.

  25. Helen

    I wonder if they will follow the format they created for BB 20… had a zip line and a balance beam…
    KayCee won that with a time of just over 2 minutes!!

  26. Lather

    Favorite scenario this week would be Nicole winning veto, taking down Cliff forcing up H/B. They vote her out and Tommy stays. The dynamic of the house would change on so many levels. That would be interesting.

    Love the pic of Ovi.

    “Nicole is sick of all of them and wants this shit over with.” HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

    Mel, thanks for pointing out the contstant misuse of the term PTSD. It’s important for all of us to be accurate with our language especially when we are talking about something that literally destroys many people’s lives.

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  28. Avatar

    Tommy just told Holly and Jackson that he and Christie knew each other! He is crying do they are feeling sorry for him!!!!!!!

    Then they cut to fish

  29. Petrichor

    FISH?!?! REALLY?? NOW?!?

  30. Kari

    Wasn’t it Jackass that said if Ovi had a girlfriend she would have to be ugly? I really hope he brings his ginger knock out with him to the finale.

    I want to feel the best about Jackson. He doesn’t appear to be acting near as bad as he used to, and it seems like he’s eating less? Maybe whatever he was detoxing from is finally out of his system if that was actually the case? I think it’s sweet that he let her have the room despite the fact that it should have been cleaned first. Also that he allowed her to keep hitter pictures and gave up his own. Whether it’s gameplay or real, like it was mentioned it really doesn’t matter but I’m hoping for the best. I think it would be fun to see them on amazing race together. They’re just different enough to be fun and yet they’re each strong in different areas. he could do the strength stuff and she could do the things that a lighter-weight person can do or the intellectual stuff. He seems to really respect her and care for her..

    I also hate the debate that’s going on about who Nicole chose to put up. Why do people feel they have to be armchair quarterback so to speak? and I don’t mean in the way that it’s done here in the group, I’m talking about the mean things that people say. I think bottom line we all know Nicole doesn’t have a chance of actually winning the game but I love the fact that she stays with her integrities.

    Tommy doesn’t bother me as much as he bothers other people. I watched after dark last night and he didn’t seem to be as hyper as usual but maybe it’s because he was on the block? I don’t know. Also I haven’t watched the shows with the feeds like some of the others here have. I wish we had some miracle though that Holly could go first. I just want that b**** out of there but we all know that’s probably not going to happen. Her insecurities about Nicole is just absolutely ridiculous. Then again.. wouldn’t it be odd if Jackson actually developed feelings for little Nicole? But I like the sibling thoughts even more so.

  31. mm22

    Sit down Nicole rest up-all feeds on her

  32. Avatar

    Thank you for the post of someone watching the same BB live feeds as me. I just found your site after following another for a long time. It was so off base I couldn’t take it anymore. Plus if you posted a comment it was not posted unless it was in favor of their views! I’m your new fan.

  33. Kari

    Pssttt, Nancy. LOVE your new avatar! So cute!

  34. Petrichor

    Sounds like jackson and kat dated before the show, and i hear holly dated jackson’s roommate (she did say she’d been in his apartment before…)–getting good today!! Too bad it’s the fish show!

  35. Vikki T

    Feeds just cut again but before Jolly are in the HOH and saying who else knows each other. They are speculating that Nicole and Nick knew each other prior to going into the house. Stay safe Nicole.

  36. Helen

    Here we go. Kitty cam

    Now we wait

  37. hogwild

    Feeds down looks like veto might be underway if so guess we should known
    the resuts in about six hours go nugget get that first veto win to match your first HOH.

  38. mm22

    So tommy’s up in hoh room with hollybeth n jj-they all bashing on christy
    telling there stories of how she lied to them ect… when Tommy says he has to
    tell them something I think he said it must stay in the room/between them-
    Christy dated his aunt n he had to go along with her n her game-jj puts two
    fingers up to his mouth in shock-tommy plays up being a victim of christy’s
    then goes in for the hug fest

  39. JennX

    Hey all, not really a newbie but it’s been so long since I joined that I used a not defunct hotmail account back in the day (around season 8 or 9)! Faithful lurker, seldom poster.

    So, HollyBeth 24 Wyoming and her alleged PTSD. Bugs the holy living shite out of me (like I’m like literally obsessed with like how over it I am, um yeah! Lol) I have PTSD-Complex due to a horrible relationshit that was plagued by domestic violence (emotional, physical, sexual, torture, attempted murder, etc, the works). Thank God I escaped 4 years ago and am safe.
    I’m personally insulted by her careless and ignorant description of PTSD. It’s like someone faking cancer because it’s the fad diagnosis “everyone” now that excuses everything questionable and garners sympathy. Her casually throwing it out there is offensive to people who have PTSD. I’m also over people ignorantly using the words trigger & panic attacks so nonchalantly.

    Lemme tell ya – 99% of people with it would never go on a world wide unscripted stage because no matter how far into treatment/recovery you are you will never fully trust your situation, mind or body to keep your ducks in a row enough to maintain sanity. And a pressure cooker hamster cage like this would eradicate years of healing and cause tremendous setbacks. PTSD is far more than panic attacks or paranoia. It’s a physiological change that your brain ‘manifests’ in attempts to protect itself from traumatic experience I order to survive.
    People absolutely shouldn’t claim to have something serious just for the ‘benefits’ of sympathy and lenience and attention. These kinds of things come with a hellacious price tag and it cheapens the diagnosis of people who are actually suffering and living with it.

    ***disclaimer***. She may or may not have PTSD, that’s between her and her therapist – if she doesn’t have therapy she needs to as long as it’s not with Nick. I don’t know the extent of her psychological experience.

    • Kari

      Dayum!! I am so happy that you escaped. My heart goes out to you and everything you had to endure. May the rest of your life be filled with healing love and security..

      • JennX

        Thanks Kari! It’s only just recently (6months or less) that I can honestly say I’m starting to live again instead of being in survival/fight or flight mode.

        I must say that when the Jolly argument took place… with the stonewalling, gaslighting, berating, etc, my first instinct was that JJ was so right, it’s all HollyBeth’s fault. And that I instantly reverted back to my old thought habits. Then she begged him for forgiveness for basically having feelings and voicing them. She should have done/said this or that.

        But after reading recaps, comments, tweets, etc I 100% realized that I had been in her shoes for that convo in entirely too many occasions. I didn’t realize at the time what was happening to me.

        JJ constantly, clearly, loudly and proudly delivers the message to her (verbally and/or with body language) that says “I will tell you how to think or act and if you don’t comply anything that happens is your fault”. Even if it is subconsciously he is absolutely doing that as a master manipulator and sociopath.

        Yes hypocritical mean girl HollyBeth annoys the crap outta me, but I don’t hate her. I honestly hope that she finds her inner self and is able to free herself from his toxic grasp before it has the opportunity to escalate into physical abuse.

    • Nancy

      Welcome (back) Jennx
      My heart goes out to you..hug

    • Mel

      Jenn, I’m glad to hear you’re where you are now. I’m also glad you posted about it because I realized, I used the word “triggered” today while trying to make my point. I’ve never made the connection with the word triggered before. It seems so obvious now that it’s been pointed out that I actually feel stupid. Thank you for everything you said and I’m sorry if anything I wrote was insensitive. I honestly didn’t know that was a bad choice of words but now that I do, it won’t happen again. I’m glad you just went ahead and made a new account too.

      • JennX

        For the love of Orwell, please don’t feel stupid Mel! I take no offense and am glad at the opportunity to share a little bit of my story if it will help anyone lucky enough to have not experienced trauma to have some insight. It would be insensitive to use these phrases in a hostile, bullying or button pushing manner. But it’s just the way language has been adopted and bastardized nowadays. Similar to ChenBot using the word gyp. Ask me anything, anytime – seriously.

        “Trigger” has lost its impact and true meaning because of pop culture and societal lingo trends – much like “literally” (in this BB house same goes for words like “love you”, “honesty”, “best friend”, “integrity”, “obsessed” etc).

    • mm22

      Jenn- I’m really sorry you had to go through all that. Hugs

    • Nikki

      Many hugs Jen!
      I’m so very sorry you were in such an awful situation.

  40. Avatar

    Reposting this song that I posted when I talked about it was a matter of time before one of them reveals their dirty little secret and Tommy did it today


  41. Mel


    That is all.

  42. mm22

    On the feeds lastnight Tommy’s in bed eyes tearing up so sad he’s otb
    must’ve decided to out he n Christy’s relationship as a strategy-I really
    hope it back fires on him and he doesn’t win the veto either. I hope he
    gets no sympathy from cliff or Nicole cause they will hopefully see
    he clearly had an advantage from the start

  43. Avatar

    Here is tonight’s BBAD playlist since the feeds are down. Let me know if the link doesn’t work.


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