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Big Brother 21 – Friday Updates

September 13, 2019 | 146 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

The feeds have been down for a few hours for some reason (maybe another fight they’re not showing us? Kidding.. I hope), and I was going to wait until they returned to create a post but I realized that I haven’t really talked much about last night.

What a complete mess. The end!

Alright, alright, I’ll elaborate as I’m sure nobody is actually waiting for my opinion, but I’ll share anyway. It was a mess. I’ve broken down the possible scenarios over the last week, but nowhere in my book did I have Nicole and Cliff completely shitting on their alliance at the last minute and ruining any remaining trust before flipping back and trying to make it work in the end. Now, I’m not going to completely blame Cliff and Nicole as much as I’m going to also blame Tommy for telling his secret and give credit to Jackson for an outstanding game move. Tommy very stupidly told his secret to everyone in the house which obviously revealed he had a huge connection in the jury house campaigning for him, but also he was a far better liar than they anticipated.

The latter part of that likely played a bigger role in his eviction, but the former didn’t help, either. That’s because when it combined with Jackson’s ruthless lie about Tommy making a pitch to him, it was hard to side with him, even with the theatrics in the kitchen. It was simply hard to take the word of an actor who did such a great job keeping a secret all season long when Tommy needed it most. I bolded the actor part because the clips Julie did show us, Tommy was clearly in actor mode and it looked like he was performing at a high school play rather than fighting for his safety. I literally cringed when I watched it and not in a feel sorry for Tommy way.

I’ll also stand by what I said that Jackson’s move was phenomenal and likely won’t receive as much credit as it deserves because of how hated he is by fans. Less than 48 hours ago, Holly was gone. Cliff even had a really good reason why she should go (which I’ll get to in a minute) and it was a sure thing. However, she’s still in the house today and that falls entirely on Jackson’s shoulders. No matter how people feel about him, a good move is a good move.

Now, on to the ugly – Their decision to flip again and keep Holly. Why? Cliff’s point to keep Tommy was this – If they make this move, he (Cliff) can finish anywhere from 4th place to 1st place. That’s because he’s almost certain to make the final 3 and the chances of Nicole, Tommy, or Jackson dragging him to the final 2 are much higher than they’d be if Holly were in the house.  However, if they evict Tommy, the scenario of Jackson and Holly sitting in the final 2 become very real if Jackson wins the veto tomorrow. He’ll vote out Cliff and then he and Holly will likely win the first two rounds of the final HoH.

Put simply, the odds of Cliff and/or Nicole being in the final 2 are much higher with Tommy. With Holly in the house, she and Jackson are a very real possibility to sit in the final 2 together leaving Nicole and Cliff with garbage.  When you factor in that they already destroyed the trust Jackson had with them when they considered voting out Holly, they should have just pulled the trigger. Once they made the flip, they had to stay with it. Flipping back was a very bad move. You can’t unshoot a bullet. If you make the shot, you’d better hit.

Alright, enough rambling. It’s 12:00 pm and the feeds are still down. I have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. It could be family videos, it could be nominations. It could be one into the other. We’ll find out when feeds return


1:30 pm – Feeds finally return. Turns out they had a luxury comp which Ovi hosted.

The season is craziness continues. I never thought an evicted houseguest would come back and host a comp from the same season they were on. I’ll try to dig up what people won, but it sounds like Jackson won some cash which he said he’d give all back in exchange for family videos (that was his offer, it didn’t happen)

2:30 pm – Noms should be soon. I’m running out to dinner for my anniversary, will update when I return

I haven’t left yet. While waiting, Cliff had a chat with Jackson and decided to tell him he’ll take Nicole to the final 2 if it comes to it. Smoooooooth. Dude is on some streak. Again, he’s playing the integrity game so I don’t hold it too much against him but he certainly likes making things harder on himself. I need time to think on this but first impression is that Cliff knows it’ll be a miracle if he makes it to the final 2, but if he does, he’ll want to squeeze as many votes as he can using his integrity game.

Oh, let me add, during the conversation with Jackson, Cliff told him that he expects Jackson will still take him to the final 2 but he can’t make the same promise in return. Hahahahahaa



Come the fuck on

Jackson immediately re-tells it to Holly and they are trying to figure out why Cliff would say that. I guess the same reason Tommy told them his secret? Jackson and Holly clearly have some truth serum they’re slipping to people because this shit makes no sense.

5:45 pm – Feeds back, noms done. Jackson and Holly are up

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