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Big Brother 21 – Friday Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


The feeds have been down for a few hours for some reason (maybe another fight they’re not showing us? Kidding.. I hope), and I was going to wait until they returned to create a post but I realized that I haven’t really talked much about last night.

What a complete mess. The end!

Alright, alright, I’ll elaborate as I’m sure nobody is actually waiting for my opinion, but I’ll share anyway. It was a mess. I’ve broken down the possible scenarios over the last week, but nowhere in my book did I have Nicole and Cliff completely shitting on their alliance at the last minute and ruining any remaining trust before flipping back and trying to make it work in the end. Now, I’m not going to completely blame Cliff and Nicole as much as I’m going to also blame Tommy for telling his secret and give credit to Jackson for an outstanding game move. Tommy very stupidly told his secret to everyone in the house which obviously revealed he had a huge connection in the jury house campaigning for him, but also he was a far better liar than they anticipated.


The latter part of that likely played a bigger role in his eviction, but the former didn’t help, either. That’s because when it combined with Jackson’s ruthless lie about Tommy making a pitch to him, it was hard to side with him, even with the theatrics in the kitchen. It was simply hard to take the word of an actor who did such a great job keeping a secret all season long when Tommy needed it most. I bolded the actor part because the clips Julie did show us, Tommy was clearly in actor mode and it looked like he was performing at a high school play rather than fighting for his safety. I literally cringed when I watched it and not in a feel sorry for Tommy way.

I’ll also stand by what I said that Jackson’s move was phenomenal and likely won’t receive as much credit as it deserves because of how hated he is by fans. Less than 48 hours ago, Holly was gone. Cliff even had a really good reason why she should go (which I’ll get to in a minute) and it was a sure thing. However, she’s still in the house today and that falls entirely on Jackson’s shoulders. No matter how people feel about him, a good move is a good move.

Now, on to the ugly – Their decision to flip again and keep Holly. Why? Cliff’s point to keep Tommy was this – If they make this move, he (Cliff) can finish anywhere from 4th place to 1st place. That’s because he’s almost certain to make the final 3 and the chances of Nicole, Tommy, or Jackson dragging him to the final 2 are much higher than they’d be if Holly were in the house.  However, if they evict Tommy, the scenario of Jackson and Holly sitting in the final 2 become very real if Jackson wins the veto tomorrow. He’ll vote out Cliff and then he and Holly will likely win the first two rounds of the final HoH.

Put simply, the odds of Cliff and/or Nicole being in the final 2 are much higher with Tommy. With Holly in the house, she and Jackson are a very real possibility to sit in the final 2 together leaving Nicole and Cliff with garbage.  When you factor in that they already destroyed the trust Jackson had with them when they considered voting out Holly, they should have just pulled the trigger. Once they made the flip, they had to stay with it. Flipping back was a very bad move. You can’t unshoot a bullet. If you make the shot, you’d better hit.


Alright, enough rambling. It’s 12:00 pm and the feeds are still down. I have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. It could be family videos, it could be nominations. It could be one into the other. We’ll find out when feeds return


1:30 pm – Feeds finally return. Turns out they had a luxury comp which Ovi hosted.

The season is craziness continues. I never thought an evicted houseguest would come back and host a comp from the same season they were on. I’ll try to dig up what people won, but it sounds like Jackson won some cash which he said he’d give all back in exchange for family videos (that was his offer, it didn’t happen)


2:30 pm – Noms should be soon. I’m running out to dinner for my anniversary, will update when I return

I haven’t left yet. While waiting, Cliff had a chat with Jackson and decided to tell him he’ll take Nicole to the final 2 if it comes to it. Smoooooooth. Dude is on some streak. Again, he’s playing the integrity game so I don’t hold it too much against him but he certainly likes making things harder on himself. I need time to think on this but first impression is that Cliff knows it’ll be a miracle if he makes it to the final 2, but if he does, he’ll want to squeeze as many votes as he can using his integrity game.

Oh, let me add, during the conversation with Jackson, Cliff told him that he expects Jackson will still take him to the final 2 but he can’t make the same promise in return. Hahahahahaa




Come the fuck on

Jackson immediately re-tells it to Holly and they are trying to figure out why Cliff would say that. I guess the same reason Tommy told them his secret? Jackson and Holly clearly have some truth serum they’re slipping to people because this shit makes no sense.

5:45 pm – Feeds back, noms done. Jackson and Holly are up


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  1. AIO_7

    “The feeds have been down for a few hours for some reason (maybe another fight they’re not showing us? Kidding.. I hope),”

    Six bucks a month for the feeds is chump change; I just hate being played for a sucker.

  2. Avatar

    I’m still am pissed from yesterday and if I do make a playlist it won’t be as good as the others. I’m not watching the rest of the season and just going to catch up here

  3. Colby

    Wondering if they are doing the messages from home got me thinking about the family at home clips they do on some of the houseguest’s each season.
    The only one I remember them doing this season was Cliff’s family.
    Am I forgetting any others?
    If so, please refresh my memory.

  4. mustangsally

    I want to see Nicole beat Jolly head to head, toe to toe. I have faith she can do it!

  5. jennyc

    at this point jackson def deserves to win
    N+C gave showed too many cards
    J’s lie worked in his favor, if he could get tommy out like that…
    im stunned

    • Robin

      Jenny, I don’t like the number of free passes ass hole JJ has been given with no penalty. First eating while a have not… this was blatant! Holly is not much better, they call her to the dr and she spends 2 hours on a free face and tells them to fuck off.

      The last thing we hear yesterday before they shut us down was Jackson claiming that production would verify his claim of Tommy’s lies. So they come back and all are playing pretty… get for real… CBS trying to keep JJs Mom and her lawyers off their asses. Kind of over it…… CBS sucks!

  6. Avatar

    I don’t think Jackson’s lie worked. Watching Cliffs goodbye message to Tommy he even said he didn’t evict Tommy because he believed Jackson’s lie. The real reason Holly stayed was the guilt trip they put Cliff and Nicole on about keeping their word.

    As far as jury goes, most people vote based off emotion or personal opinions of people. I would vote based off the game and winning competitions. Jackson has deserved the win over anyone to me based off that. That’s not to say I’m not rooting for either Cliff or Nicole but if I were jury, those 2 have to evict Jackson for me to vote for either of them.

    • hogwild

      Agree Joe if they get the veto tomorrow and don’t get Jackson out he probably takes it all.

    • Robin

      Guilt trip… read bullying.. Cliff said he was worried how JJ would treat Nicole.

      • Avatar

        Bullying, I guess but they didn’t have to listen to them.

        If Holly won the veto, everyone would expect her to vote Tommy out right? But if she and Jackson were debating on getting rid of one of Nicole or Cliff, the internet would be very upset. It is a little double standard-ish.

        There’s still the perfect scenario for Nicole or Cliff to win veto and evict Jackson. Then they have to play the 2/3 HOH vs a broken Holly without Jackson around. I hope they are smart enough to realize they HAVE to evict him.

      • AIO_7

        “I hope they are smart enough to realize they HAVE to evict him (Jackson).

        Nicole would. I have no confidence in Cliff.

      • Joy

        I have NO confidence in Cliff whatsoever.

      • Nancy

        I sadly think cliff is a bullshitter like the rest. Cliff will somehow convince nugget jackson should stay..HUGE mistake..just hope nicole jettisons away from cliff if he comes up with henky ideas

      • Helen

        Cliff told Nicole’s last night if he wins veto he isn’t going to evict Jackson..

  7. hogwild

    Tommy really blew up his on game as soon as told everyone about him and Christie that gave Jacksons lie credibility it would have never had otherwise I still hope Cliff or Nicole make it to F2 if one of them can grab that veto they still have a chance.

  8. JennX

    The commercials should say “Watch the 24/7* live feeds on CBS AllAccess!”

    *24/7 does not include when anything super interesting is happening, when someone sings, quotes a movie or talks about production. Most importantly you will see fish whenever Snackson Dichie’s Mama calls to say her sweet innocent demon boy isn’t getting the storyline he is entitled to*

  9. Lather

    ” You can’t unshoot a bullet. If you make the shot, you’d better hit. ”

    hehehehehehehehe Good one, Steve!

  10. AIO_7

    I was watching BBAD a few nights ago and Tommy was just coming out of the Diary Room. Having been in there a while, one of the other house guests asked him how long he had been in there. Tommy said ” from eight thirty until ten thirty (not sure Production wanted us to hear that).

    So, answer me this: Why are they keeping these people in the DR for up to, and maybe over, two hours at a time?

    • Robin

      They shoot and reshoot reactions to all the comps and happenings in the house. Make them change clothes to match the segment they shoot… they rehearse and “coach” to get the story line they want and will work on them until they get it.

    • Mel

      That’s not really uncommon. They’ll do retakes overland over. Sometimes, they have to change clothes to put on what they wore from the day before too so the story stays consistent for which day their in there discussing.

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  12. mustangsally

    When will Nicole make her nominations?

  13. Tracy

    I’m done with BB21 after last night. CBS will get no more “watch” time from me. Thank god for this site so I can stay in touch without having to look at Holly anymore 🙂

  14. Houseguest Doug

    What Jackson did was nothing short of pure Evil but he is a Evil Genius. He saved Holly and now has a 50% shot at either him or Holly winning POV and making the F3.

    Jackson is a POV and HOH away from being crowned this years Champion.

    Evil perhaps great game play Hell YES!

    Remember kids when being attacked by a Bear. You don’t have to out run the Bear you just have to out run one of the other people running away from the Bear.

  15. Helen

    Luxury competition…Gee…guess who won?

  16. Patricia

    Ok so is it just me or did it seam like on bbad last night that cliff is kinda turning on nichole. Im praying its not so but that is the feeling i got. Now on to poor crybaby jj. R u freaking kidding me. He would have absolutely thought bout doing the same thing if he was in both there positions. Really its ok for u to do ways best for YOUR game jj. But how dare anyone else do wats best for theres. Ugh i cant believe they kept her. N wth is this bout a deal. Ugh. To steve n mel n. Nk n everyone else who pays for feeds. WTH. I would b blowing up cbs with all this blocking feeds. They say 24/7 access to the house. Why would anyone pay for them if they cant see whats not on the aired show. Ok ra t over.

  17. JennX

    I think the best chance Snackson has to win is to get the Veto and Win the last HOH, dragging Beth by her extension with him.

    The best chance Nicole or Cliffy 3 Fingers has is win the Veto, kick Jackson to the curb. Holly became so unraveled by the fauxmance, the fighting, the identity crises that she is less likely to win the final HoH.

    I think Beth has lost her chance to win because she’s thrown too many critical comps lately and has made more shower stool moves than game moves. She quit playing weeks ago and is now just Jacksons’s plus one to the F4 party. She has no strategical skills that we’ve witnessed as of yet. Plus I think it’s not in her “character description” to be the winner.

  18. JennX

    Hope I’m linking this right! It’s BB Updates reply to Julie’s tweet about the house meeting

  19. BBGurl

    My day just keeps getting better. Feeds come on and not only did Jackson win money, he took it from the dumbass redneck hillbilly. Sweet. According to Twitterverse, Cliff really needs money. To pay for weddings and vacations. lol. boofrickenhoo If anyone needs money, it would be SBN. She’s a teacher. She’s not making 6+ figures like the DRH. But even so, she hasn’t earned the 500K.

  20. Joy

    Jackson didn’t mean giving the money back for pictures CBS told him to say that to make it look like he isn’t the asshole we know him to be. Not buying what your selling CBS your live feeds OR that Jackson is a swell guy.

    • Sophie

      How do you know this? That CBS told him to say that? Was it in the feeds? Or is it sour grapes because you don’t like him?

    • Sophie

      To clarify: I’m wondering if this is actual fact? Or if it is just opinion/dig at JJ?

      • Robin

        Hey Sophie, sometimes the comments are based on long term observations on the live feeds. We watched Snackson cheat daily when a have not and so obvious that they had to know. Maybe we think that because every time he starts to show his true colors, we get fish. We listen to him late at night telling things that have happened that aren’t suppose to happen in BB, but some how it’s okay for him. His mother threatened to sue them and suddenly he’s the golden boy!

  21. mustangsally

    On finale night I would love if CBS played “2 tickets to paradise ” in honor of the great Eddie $ who passed way too young today. Luv you mr $.

  22. Helen

    Jackson says if he wins the veto he’s sending Cliff home. Holly says same and says she has no choice. Cliff walks into the boat room. Jackson: “You are welcome to join. We are not talking game at all.”

    • Joy

      I hope if Nicole is given the chance SHE sends Cliff home. I don’t care who sends Cliff home but I want to see him walk out that door tonight. The tide has turned for me anyways.

      • Joy

        sorry not tonight got so mad I forgot what the hell day it is. Cliff really screwed the pooch on this

      • AIO_7

        I’m holding out hope that neither Jackson nor Holly make F2, and any money. But if Hogg must go, I’d prefer that “loyalty” come from Jackson.

  23. hogwild

    I don’t really see the big deal on saying who you will take to F2 at this point I can’t believe all four don’t know Jackson and Holly want to be in the F2 together as do Cliff and Nicole at this point these are not state secrets.

    • Helen

      Everyone knows that…that’s what makes yesterday’s decision
      so crazy…

      • hogwild

        I don’t get that decisiopn never will but it sounds like Cliff has realized to late he made the wrong decison and knows he is going out at four if he or Nicole don’t win veto and figures no point in B.S. about it anymore.

      • Helen

        I also think Cliff realizes it…and I think it is finally hitting him that it more than likely screwed up Nicole’s chances at a F2 also..
        Nicole only voted Tommy out because of Cliff.
        They had a certain F3 with Tommy

      • hogwild

        Even though it is looking like Cliff’s game could end on a low note I as someone also in my 50s am still going to give him a lot respect he survived a long time as a 53 year old in a house full of twenty somethings. He got picked for bainshment on day one and got back in was evicted and won the battle back and has won couple more comps he has been on the block a few times mostly as a pawn but survived pawns do get voted out somethimes ask Sis he has had a good social game and for the most part a good strategic one. He may very well go out at number four same as Kevin did in BB 19 but Cliff earned his way to number where as Kevin got carried there.

      • Sophie

        @hogwild: Awesome points! I appreciate his game play, too. I was really impressed with the fact he was able to survive in the beginning because that’s very difficult for an older person (they’re generally the first target). He’s won some key comps at critical moments .. & has had a great social game (being able to navigate a younger crowd is hard work). I give him props for great game play. It’s too bad people have turned on him so much ~ all he’s trying to do is play the game.

      • Robin

        I’m with you Hogwilld. Right now I’m not very happy that he pushed his own agenda when Nicole earned the right to chose, and took his ass off the block! But I don’t think that he set out to backstab her… I think he’s probably a pretty good guy but his final 3 deal with JJ was poor judgement of character. He was taking a lazy ride at the end.

  24. mustangsally

    Happy Anniversary Steve! First the photo of Cliff you have says it all….defeat. He knows he f..d up. Now it’s up to Nicole to steer the ship, alone, in the dark, into an unfamiliar harbor. That’s why she beats Jolly.

  25. Avatar

    HG’e this season talk WAY WAY too much!

    The moment JJ & Beth found out Nicole & Cliff were even considering keeping Tommy, there was no going back; the “trust” was destroyed. I commend JJ on pulling an old school BB move & saving his Ride or Die from eviction.

    The moment Cliff told JJ he would not take him to F2, JJ has no reason to take Clift to F3 should he win POV. Not that JJ had any intent to take him to F3 to begin w/.

    I sincerely hope either Nicole or Cliff win POV. They need to win. Cliff more than Nicole but still in Nicole’s best interest to win.

    I sincerely hope they make JJ& Beth campaign against each other.
    Do just like JJ did & use Beth’s weakness & insecurities against her to force her to campaign. if Nicole & Cliff does win POV, they need to forget the deals & evict JJ.

    • hogwild

      Nicole probably would Cliff is just to dam decent and honorable for his own good in this instance.

      • mm22

        Disappointed in cliff wanting to keep jj if he wins pov-I really can’t believe he doesn’t
        see what’s right in front of his face. A big show fan would know to remove a couple –
        maybe I expected him to be older n wiser

      • KelBel

        Agree, mm22…Cliff is supposedly a fan. He should realize who the bigger threat is. Obviously (ok, what SHOULD be obvious) all gloves are off, all hg for themselves. Oh wait, except the showmance…cuz Cliff decided that was better for him and potentially screwed Nicole in the process.

        Huh, it appears I’m still bitter nearly 24 hours later lol

        @2cents: I want to watch Jolly campaign against each other too. Instead they’d likely just go stooling in a room the rest of the week and not talk to anyone.

        I’d like to use this evict 1, take 2 more coupon please…. get rid of everyone but Nicole. lol

      • Nancy

        @j Kelbel…go stooling..it is now an action verb..love it..

  26. hogwild

    Thought someone might need a chuckle so Holly after her makeup is done.

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  28. Sophie

    Steve, thanks for a great summation. I completely agree about JJ’s great game move. From what I observed last night in the comments here, we’re in the minority (people just don’t seem to like real game play for some reason ~ but I love it!) and giving JJ props is unpopular.

    I’m glad TT was voted out. I don’t like that he had an advantage for most of the season (CC) but given the circumstances he & CC worked that angle great. I can put aside my personal feelings about that & just look at how they maneuvered their way through the weeks. They did great. But he made an error coming clean & signed his own eviction notice by doing that. It opened the door for JJ to further build mistrust & JJ took advantage of the situation to further his agenda. Great game play.

    Emotion blinds people sometimes (can’t see past them to appreciate strategic moves) and I get that. Even though people don’t like JJ because there’s hypocrisy involved, every HG has been hypocritical at some point. Even us fans are hypocritical: we call out those we don’t like & let the people we like slide for the exact same thing. Guess that’s just human nature.

    I really don’t think JJ will win because I don’t think the jury will vote in his favor. But he does deserve the win. Bottom line, based purely on game play: JJ has played the best game.

  29. Cletus

    I can see the game move in JJs lie, but I can’t commend his game for telling the lies he told to save Beth and then slam C/N for trying to do the same thing. Why does he say it was a game move for him but a shot deal for C/N?

  30. Cletus

    Hey Nancy….aka Ga Peach? Are you north or south Ga?

  31. Nancy

    I finally got thru BBAD..how NK does it I’ll never know..I am standing, applauding, throwing roses at my tv, all in honor of JJs ability to feign heartbreak over tommys departure..he quivered his lip at the right time, squeezed his eyes shut so tight, just to get that one tear built up..then sighed several times at the fact , a guy he loved, and cared for had to be voted out over his (jj) lie..finally tears rolled..his concubine hovering over his shoulder , whispering she knew ..she knew his pain. Well, bravo sir, acting should be on ur resume..I didnt buy it for one second but when CBS uses some of that segment I’m sure someone will believe you. What an ass!

  32. Kari

    Happy Anniversary ..

  33. Nancy


  34. Avatar

    Happy Anniversary

  35. Mary

    Happy Anniversary Steve!

  36. Avatar

    I’m worried about Cliff’s health. He looks like he’s on the verge of a physical or mental breakdown.

    • Nancy

      You know he’s absolutely worn out and with this last eviction, he probably realizes he messed up..so I image hes just tired physically , emotionally and mentally

    • Mary

      I know he can’t wait to see his wife, and get an embrace from her and his kids, he’s spoke about that quite a bit lately. Noticed last night when they were all in the bathroom, Holly makes sure she’s Jackson’s human blanket. Think then it really dawned on him that he made a mistake and Nicole was right not to take a showmance.

  37. Avatar

    Happy Anniversary. I think the POV winner will have all the power this week, My money is on Cliff for the win. The older person usually gets voted out first but I think CBS is trying something new this year to get the ratings up. This is the year of the underdog.

  38. mona77450

    Happy Anniversary to the Beans!

  39. Mary

    New thread ………

  40. Avatar

    Jackson Jackson you old dog. I don’t mind the so called shaddy game play its BB leave your integrity at the door just don’t make it personal, if need be apologize later and most of all own it. Jackson doesn’t own it. Oh swell. So good going wish there were more folks in the house when this blow up accurd, we are kind of getting a little mini BB here at the end since C & N have started playing……..I know they had no one to play with earlier but they have picked things,up some. Cliff why are you so bent on using My Word is My Bond B.S.for your resume? I got news for you inside BB it’s not. Why don’t you go with the Hey guys I’ve been a target from day one, on the outside looking in,lost in a Forrest, virtually ignored by the Hateful8 alliance and marked for eviction ny them. I’ve been evicted and fought my way back. I nominated two really strong targets and took out, well May be just say I’ve won HOH and comps when I’ve had to. I can’t believe cutting the feeds, I haven’t watched the last,couple seasons but that sucks. I have noticed even on BBAD they will switch it up when conversations get good just to show somebody fluffing their covers in bed.

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