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Big Brother 21 – Live Eviction Thread!

Good afternoon, everyone!


Another Thursday and more craziness in the Big Brother house. This season has been weird. Every week is extremely boring until Wednesday and Thursday when all hell breaks loose. Maybe it is that way because they don’t really game until Wednesday? It’s like they get a whole weeks worth of drama in a day or two.

The problem is, Thursday is a rehearsal day in the house and feeds go down often so we’ve missed some of the best parts of the season because of that. That said, the feeds have been down for hours today which is unusual even for a Thursday and it may have something to do with talking about production which Jackson did.

Let me try to summarize the last 24h or so the best I can…


Jackson was eavesdropping on Tommy’s pitch to Nicole and Cliff. He heard everything including stuff about throwing the next HoH. He was even aware enough to run away from the door every so often because Cliff kept checking if anyone was listening and he never caught Jackson. Kudos to Jackson for still playing the game hard and not giving up.

What Jackson did with that information is lied to Nicole and Cliff by saying Tommy was offering him the same deal. Obviously he didn’t say ‘same deal’, he told them what Tommy offered him and they said it was the same. This created a ton of distrust between Nicole/Cliff and Tommy because now it seems like Tommy is just making any deal he can to stay in the house. However, during that lie, he mentioned production asking him about it which is something he can’t do. You can’t use production as part of your game. That’s why players cannot lie about twists they receive as Christie found out this season (she told the house one thing and production called her into the DR to tell her to let them know the truth).

While that wasn’t a huge lie about production, it did bring some credibility to his argument by saying ‘hey even production asked me’. You just can’t do that. A huge reason is that other players cannot go into the DR and confirm that story. You can lie all you want but production are the only people these houseguests speak to outside of each other and you just can’t use them as part of your game. They’re supposed to be invisible people behind the walls.

Nicole and Cliff have been freaking out about this and Nicole went to call a house meeting when the feeds were cut for the rest of the day. Again, I understand that feeds go down a ton of Thursday, but they cut them more than normal today and that sucks. Hopefully, we’ll get another leak as they did during that huge huge a fight weeks back.


Tonight on the show, the HoH competition is going to be played out live on the feeds. That means I’ll be updating it here! I won’t even tell you to go buy the live feeds because there are less than two weeks to go, but if you want to buy them anyway, here is the link. You can just follow along here otherwise.

Ok, updates below:

Feeds still down. An hour remaining until the live show. Nobody knows what is actually going to happen tonight. Did Jackson successfully flip the vote back to save Holly? We’ll find out soon!

Julie starts with ‘It’s been a crazy day in the house!’  yea, we know. We didn’t get to see it. Thanks 24/7 feeds


Tommy says to the DR that he hopes Jackson would indeed be bitter at Cliff and Nicole for booting Holly

Julie says she was just listening in on the house and Cliff and Nicole are still undecided

They are showing the clips of Tommy telling Nicole and Cliff and Cliff letting Jackson know they may vote out Holly

Jackson admits to the DR that he will indeed be very upset if Holly goes but he’s going to be upset regardless


They show the clips of Jackson eavesdropping. They are quick with this editing

Clips of Jackson telling them the lies he said Tommy told him

I know fans are upset because they hate Jackson, but that is really good gameplay and would absolutely love it if a fan favorite did it.

Julie says she’s going to show some of today’s fight at the end of the show. Cool.

Time for the live vote. Holly does not look thrilled…



  • Nicole – Tommy
  • Cliff – Tommy

Wow… he flipped it


Tommy admits that he would have rather lose to Cliff and Nicole than take Jackson. Going to sting when one of them is not in the f3


Julie asks why he told about Christie and he basically admits it was the vulnerable part of his time. It wasn’t strategic

Before we get to HoH, last chances are coming up to send donations to either Mel or NK! Here is the link. They have carried the load this last week and anything you may want to send to me, split between them please! Thank you!

The HoH competition is the hold on to the rope and spin. The one where Meech puked. I don’t think this is going to be long. Holly has this easily imo

Cliff has zero chance at this comp. All between Nicole and Holly


I still can’t believe Jackson’s plan worked.


That’s all I can think of when I think about this flip

Watching the clip of the flip, Tommy really took it hard. It was tough to watch. I can’t tell if he was playing it up for the cameras but his over-acting all summer hurt here. It looked like he was acting


Feeds back – 

Cliff is already out

Nicole won




I wonder if Holly promised to throw the HoH to stay. And for some reason, she kept her promise after those two nearly flipped on her.



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  1. TeeJ

    Likely, I am wrong about this yet, I am going to chance it…
    The animals in the feeds. The cats. The dogs. The rabbit. Shelter animals. Right?
    A day or six ago I admit to watching the 4 kittens playing. Two black kittens and two calico kittens. They were actually more entertaining than the house guest that day.

    I was impressed with CBS for the public service. I just kind of ASSumed they had an agreement or partnership with an animal shelter for live feeds to promote pet adoption. And it made sense why they only show fish at night seeing as cats and dogs sleep the most at night.

    The kittens playing the other day was great. CBS just replayed them.
    Honestly, they were cuter the first time.

    It feels like I was looking for another reason to be mad at CBS. It would be pretty easy to have live streams from several different animal shelters around the country which would create more opportunities for pet adoption. I believe there are some well run shelters across the entire CBS BB viewing area. CBS could market the…dog poop *lol* out of it!
    “We want to bring more public awareness to your animal shelter by live streaming from your shelter to help find forever homes for your furry guest.” For that kind of free publicity I bet the shelters would likely do a little extra for the pets. The shelters would have to be inspected and meet some serious quality standards. CBS could give them a version of the Good Housekeeping seal of a approval. It would cost CBS some money; initial equipment purchases, paying for some extra spot inspections of the shelters among other cost but they already have everything needed to stream those feeds. I don’t know many people who don’t like animals and this would be great publicity for them.

    Anyway. I am irked at CBS blocking the live feeds and for showing me freaking reruns!!!

    The LIVE show is getting ready to start for many of you. Enjoy it. I will catch up 2 hours later 🙁

  2. Purring

    Maybe since JJ said production was even backing him, to cliff and nicole, maybe they had a meeting with everyone letting them know that that wasn’t true and JJ’s temper blew up spewing watermelon all over the place. Tommy did some kicks trying to avoid the watermelon, slipped, has a sprained ankle and Beth is busy redoing her make up. Thus leaving Cliff and Nicole the only players left in the game :).

  3. danmtruth

    Once more we get to see a little bit behind the curtain But only what they want you to see Now CBS gets to have Julie come out and tell us no one knows what will happen with this vote The thing is half the fun is seeing how things come about As what happened with the possible vote flip on the Sam Kat eviction night We only got to see a sanitized version The same thing with the taco Tuesdays fight between christid and nick CBS edit it after the fact to help move the story they want

    • Nancy

      Being on the feeds this year and finally joining y’all..I’ve had one helluva education on production, eye opening. Sneaky, scheming lil bastards.

      • Avatar

        I used to wish that CBS would buy the rights to Endurance from Discovery Channel and NBC and make new seasons but after seeing this season of BB I know that CBS would ruin the show even though it’s a teens version of survivor

      • AIO_7

        After what happened today I don’t want CBS to own the right to anything.

      • Holan

        Right? They make people look very different from how they treat others. It mostly bothers me that it is obvious who they are pushing for to do well.

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for that update. Been frustrated and wondering what could be happening. I never thought of that but would be so look happy to see it come to fruition! !!

    • Avatar

      I’m really pissed that production edited out part where he used the DR/production to back him up. He eats while on havenot week …gets away with breaking all the rules/integrity of game

  5. Avatar

    Unfortunately we won’t get any more leaks this season. A couple of people posted replies to a Reddit post about today’s feeds,and said that the guy who posted the leaked video early in the season got a cease and desist order from CBS and their satellite feeds are now encripted. Here is the link to the Reddit post with the reply in the comments section.


  6. Helen

    How much you wanna bet Holly wins HOH tonight?
    Cliff and Nicole will be OTB tomorrow

  7. AIO_7

    I’m just sick to my stomach. Nugget better vote out Holly.

  8. Annabelle

    And if you don’t follow anything but the show this seems like Cliff and Nicole are bad

  9. Annabelle

    Might as well vote Beth out now cause they will be mean and dirty here on out even if she stays

    • KelBel

      It appears the TRUE Jackson is back…and there can be no more cop out of his behaviors being due to Jack’s influence over Jackson. Dude is an a-hole, hooked up with a psycho B, as others have said – they deserve each other.

  10. ShoeLover

    Crazy day indeed!!!

    I need Julie’s DRESS!!!!

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  12. Annabelle

    Notice they didn’t show any live tweets? Probably not many eligible for tv

  13. Avatar

    Just spent the last few hours in the emergency room at a local hospital and Bridgett from season 18 was my nephews nurse. Not current BB related but no one in my real life would even know who I was talking about! LOL so had to come share

  14. TamiJane Shepard

    between HB’s extensions and makeup and JJ’s arrogance can we move on and get HB out!!!!

  15. AIO_7

    They are making Cliff look like he doesn’t/didn’t have a clue about Tom/Chris..

  16. Helen

    Julie said cliff and Nicole still undecided. They were in boat room talking

  17. Helen

    Looks like Cliff and Nicole might have decided to keep Holly, they’re seen talking to her and they both shook her hand!(but fingers crossed it’s them telling her they’re voting her out) #BB21

  18. Alda

    So,Jackass is going to be gunning for Cliff and Nicole regardless of who goes home tonight.

  19. AIO_7

    Keeping a showmance at this point is pure Marcellas. C & N are worried Tommy would flip to Jax and make it 2 vs 2. Keep Holly and you know you’re getting 2 vs 2.

  20. AIO_7

    C,J and Tommy were talking low. I don’t think Jackson heard jack shit. Production told him look like he was listening, and what they said.

  21. Leah-Ann

    It truly bothers me that Jackson said he’d “gun after Cliff & Nicole if they evict Beth”. He’s going to be gunning for them anyway so he can secure his and Beth’s final 2! And no shame in that plan, but stop acting like he’d evict Beth FOR them or there’s a houseful of others to choose from. His arrogance is mind boggling!

  22. Annabelle

    The longer I think about jax lie why would Tommy tell him? That’s not playing both sides maybe that’s why nicole got mad

  23. Avatar

    It’s already way too late in the week to change your mind. It’s going to be 2 vs.2 regardless of how this all plays out. Now it’s even more imperative for Cliff and Nicole to wear and not only HOH butt POV this week. It’s still great for your resume to break up the showmance.

  24. Nikki

    Ugh! Cliff and Nicole May have just blown this. And I LOVE them!

    However… as far as game play – Jackson would get my vote at this point. He won the most comps. He is willing to fight tooth and nail. There are aspects of him that make me want to kick him in the ass… but as far as playing the game… he did it best!

    Stupid to show the fight after the vote!

  25. g8trgirl

    How f’n stupid to show us at the end of the show the fight they had. After the eviction. Grodner, you’re killing us.

  26. HappyHippo

    Holly’s speech-barf

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  28. AIO_7

    Let’s see if the crowd groans when one of them votes to keep Beth.

  29. AIO_7

    SUCH BULLSHIT! Now I don’t care if either of those two win.

  30. TamiJane Shepard

    boy did they make a big mistake

  31. Avatar

    FREAKIN IDIOTS!!!!!! Cliff and Nicole both deserve their evictions coming right up!!! ‍♀️

  32. Annabelle

    Sunday night also showing fight grr

  33. AIO_7

    CBS/Julie now trying to justify with Tommy how Holly miraculously stays.

    • Helen

      You will never convince me now that CBS didn’t negotiate a deal with Jackson’s mother over her lawsuit threat..
      Just write the 550,000 out now. Joint check for Jackson and Holly

  34. Avatar

    Nicole and Cliff just proved why floaters are horrible contestants.

    Congrats Jackson, you earned this.

  35. danmtruth

    Just made the trip to F-2 together harder for nicole and cliff Jackson will take out Cliff than jackson will take holly to the end This sucks

  36. AIO_7

    Thanks CBS! Now I don’t give a shit! Cliff can jump in a lake; don’t care what happens to him either.

  37. Avatar

    Production did it’s meddling to make Jackson happy

  38. Joy

    thanks for the info all, I’m not even gonna watch. this whole thing stink of production interference.

  39. ShoeLover

    I started watching late. Man they are voting as if they were forced to vote for Holly to stay.

  40. KelBel

    Wow, Julie says America will see the argument on Sunday nights episode. All the people who pay for live feeds, your anger is completely justified!!! And it will STILL be the edited version.

  41. BBGurl

    so they pulled their heads out of their asses and evicted Tommy. now I can only pray and hope Holly wins this HOH, puts up SBN and RHC.

  42. danmtruth

    As we all knew the POV is the only hope now A endurance comp that helps holly It was always thought it would be one Which makes the vote even worse

  43. Joy

    Jackson and Beth deserve one another. I hope she is pregnant and they are stuck with each other for eternity. she will begin to hate watching him eat EVERYTHING while standing in the refrigerator and he will hate watching her put on make up and pretend to cry.

  44. CentersJ

    Once again, CBS blocks the best parts of the live feeds…WHY am I PAYING for this again??????

    I think it’s time to CANCEL!!

  45. Nikki

    I am more upset about the editing out facts!
    Cliff already knew about TT & CC.
    Even during TT’s exit, they were muting mics.
    A house meeting has NOTHING to do with production (unless it does. Unless it has everything to do with production interference. And if so… shame the fuck on them.)

  46. Annabelle

    I’ve seen some other sites excited for a true villain to win. CBS has edited him from douchebag to villain I guess. The ONLY thing that will make this good would be nicole winning hoh &/or veto and sending Jackson home cause Tommy will get Christy to vote for her. Cliff played with emotion and it’s big brother he may be a nice guy but not smart imo

  47. Nancy

    Holly’s got this..I hope she gets a cramp and drops out..fuck it

  48. Nikki

    I think they should all drop into the fire and sue the shit out of CBS.

  49. AIO_7

    Show us the doctored house meeting, CBS.

  50. Amber

    HOH comp winner seems pretty irrelevant this week. Need to win the veto to keep both people safe no matter who wins HOH

  51. Gerardo for AFP

    Just came to check in and see if Cliff and Nicole had enough common sense to pull off one of the most hilarious turn of events in BB history. I see they didn’t.

    Bye Cliff and Nicole. Have fun in the jury house. *rolls eyes*


  52. Avatar

    WHAT? HOW? That was a stupid game move and it literally just cost them their game. I cannot believe someone chose to go to the final four with a showmance power couple. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I don’t even feel like watching the rest of this season because it’s pretty pointless at this point. Jackson wins! See y’all next year!

  53. nancy

    I’ve never understood why most don’t stay in shape with all their down time. Seems there’s plenty you could do even without equipment.

  54. AIO_7

    You know fat ass Cliff will be the first to fall on this one.

  55. Sunny

    It’s probably been said already but Jackson & Holly just lost the game. Tommy is going to spill his guts in jury house and neither one of those 2 will win if they get there.

    • Amber

      Unless they both get there…

    • Helen

      They will have to vote for one of them. Cliff already out of HOH comp

    • KelBel

      Jackson has really screwed himself with jury management. Until production heads over to JH and rigs that shit too.

    • Tam

      Truly hoping so. Lying is just a part of the game, totally get that. But him and Hobeth slamming Cliff and Nicole’s characters to only be straight up being condescending towards them and lying to their face just made me lose all hope in him. Her, I have no respect for from any aspect. Just another person lost to be fake and all for attention and an unattainable dream. I can see why her boss probably doesn’t care for her. What I caught of her speech was sad. Very pageanty and was waiting on the “world peace” drop. Sure, he made have made game moves, but lost all character moves that he could ever hope to achieve, even after he got a clue that America doesn’t care for him. Apparently he is the racist, egotistical, arrogant, and delusional frat boy that he is trying to hide. All the money in the world can’t buy character. If money is more important than character that he preaches then he is just beyond delusional. He has talked about this golden opportunity that has waiting for him when he gets out. Wonder how they are going to feel when they see how he is viewed by America and want that apart of their image. Strange things happen all the time and looks like he always gets what he wants.

  56. Nancy

    I hope Holly’s eye makeup runs down her face.
    Petty, yes..sorry. not sorry

    • davidsgirl

      that’s exactly what happen, she said after she fell off that she shouldn’t have put so much makeup on.

    • Avatar

      I really hate her. And her speech after she acts the way she does with JJ. She disgusts me!!!!!! Ugly soul!!

      • Tam

        Shallow and she needs to stop trying so hard to be whatever she is trying to achieve and failing at desperately because it is making her look hollow. She isn’t the competitor and game player that she is trying to sell us. She has rode JJ to this point. Yes, she has won some, but she hasn’t played anything but pathetic up imo….

  57. Cheryl

    Will they have the HOH on the live feeds?

  58. Avatar

    Most loved person in the jury house is Tommy. Now I am hoping he uses what happened with Jackson to turn them all on him….and Holly is the winner.

    That would be funny because it would make that D-bag lose…and would piss off most on here. May as well have the clean sweep

  59. AIO_7

    Screw Julie too. She is all in on the scam. You can always tell by her leading questions.

  60. HappyHippo

    Maybe Beth will have a ptsd attack from her car accident as the truck hits her and she falls off
    Nicole won!!!!

  61. Helen

    Nicole won HOH!!!!

  62. davidsgirl

    Nicole just won. The comps over,no joke!

  63. Avatar

    Jackson is a pig! I get that this is Big Brother but the bullying should have been stopped! Nicole and Cliff deserve to lose! That had 2 chances to take this game and failed both times. Holly is a follower,! None of these people deserve the win! Encouraging bullying is a shame!

  64. Nancy

    Girls on a roll

  65. Annabelle

    Haha CBS pushing this epic comp bahaha

  66. mona77450

    Go Nicole! Put Jackson and Holly on the block now!

    • Tam

      That’s the hope. He could continue to kiss my ass, I would let him do it till he was on the block and you know that he will pull go hard to pull off the veto. Ok, but ya girl is going home…..

  67. BBBonbon62

    Bitches bashes Nicole’s choice tonight who cares…she just killed it. Sorry not sorry!!!

  68. HappyHippo

    Holly Beth said she could have stayed up there all day guess she threw it to stay

  69. TamiJane Shepard

    Nicole is going to be very very upset when she sees what HB and JJ have been saying about her all this season. Not so sure she won’t take it personal.

    • Nancy

      I feel like I’d take it personal..JJ saying how he loves his new big sister, and hes so proud of her..breaks my heart for her..but America will makeup for it. She has no idea how proud we’ve been of her…wouldnt it be the icing on the cake if she won pov! I just hope she sticks with whatever plan she makes and follows thru..I’m ready to see Jackass and tammy faye..er..I mean HollyBeth OTB

  70. Charlotte

    OMG!! If she doesn’t put BOTH Jackson and Holly on the block I’m going to crawl through TV land and knock her upside the head!! With both on the block it’s guaranteed one will leave.

    • KelBel

      No it isn’t…. It all depends on the veto. Whoever wins that has the control over who goes home. If Nicole or Cliff dont win it, Cliff is gone.

    • Avatar

      Not really! HOH is like the Immunity necklace here, all it does is guarentee you bottom three. It doesn’t matter who you put to because the veto holder has all the power. Cliff is saying that he would keep jackson over holly! WHAT?! WTF? Are you playing for 50k or 500k these people make no sense I swear. It’s like BB producers are manifesting a win for jackson.

      • Avatar

        Production has nothing to do with how these people vote!!………..they are playing for a half million dollars……

      • mm22

        Production spins things in the dr -puts ideas in hg heads -leaks info they shouldn’t
        to the hg-decide what comp to play which favors one hg over another-add new twists
        that favor certain hg’s-production has so much influence over these mentally
        exhausted people it’s sickening

    • Charlotte

      Okay, so I had a brain fart thinking that. Went to comment again how I now remembered the veto holder has the power but this website had an even bigger fart and crashed!! Glad to see all is well in the BBJ world again.

  71. Cheryl

    I am literally yelling at my TV screen listening to Jackson say “y’all will watch this back and see……” SEE WHAT?? that you’re a bully and a liar? SMH…..I was hoping for a long endurance comp and am sad its not.

  72. g8trgirl

    Love it! Now she has to win POV so those 2 scum suckers stay on the block and Cliff can vote one of them out. Otherwise, it’s one of them voting Cliff out next week.

  73. Mary

    Well at least Holly didn’t win the HOH room, now Nicole and Cliff can spy on Jackson and Holly for a change.

    • Tam

      And they don’t have the HOH room. BONUS for the time being……Nugget needs to shut down the shower situation…..NO YOU CAN’T USE MY SHOWER…BANG HER IN THE DOWNSTAIR ONE….AMERICA ALREADY KNOWS….

  74. Punkytripster2

    I know this is going to be a very unpopular opinion here but “WOW” Jackson convinced them to flip.. I know most of you don’t like Jackson but at least he is playing the game. He has never really lost sight of playing to win. Jackson saved STFUBeth. Beth should have walked out the door after the way she campaigned last night. Her campaign was all about herself and how she couldn’t live with being backdoored on JJs HOH. Seriously!?!? You weren’t backdoored Beth STFU. Anyways commending Jackson’s game play here (other than saying he talked to production). I’ve secretly been rooting for a Nicole and Jackson final two even though it probably won’t happen but a girl can dream.

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  76. Colby

    Yay, Nicole!
    Suddenly JJ being all nice after he has had a look on his face like a bulldog looking for something to kill all night..
    Now it all comes down to veto. Hope it is a mental comp.

  77. Nancy

    That comp went by faster than usual..I missed most of it..did HollyBeth throw it?

  78. Sunny

    The only hope for the rest of this game is that it’s a days veto comp, or some other type of mental comp that Cliff or Nicole can win. I’ve been a fan of Nicole’s all season (with a bunch of you jumping on the bandwagon now that she’s doing well) and really want to see her win this thing. It would show that you can play with integrity and niceness to win such a ruthless (at times) game. I do feel bad for what she’s going to find out after especially with what Jackson has said recently about what a stand up guy he is – NOT! Hopefully she will be around family/friends who will be there for her when she finds out some of the stuff.

    • Helen

      Nicole says she’s glad she went with Cliff’s gut decision to evict Tommy. Cliff says he would be shocked if there was something else to it

      So I guess Cliff made a F3 not to evict Jackson if Cliff wins veto …
      I doubt Jackson will keep his end of this deal….Cliff likely to go home this week if he or Nicole don’t win that veto on Saturday

      • Sunny

        Which will be upsetting except Cliff has ignored Nicole’s opinion for a while. She’s been spot on with her theories and is being ignored by him. If he goes, he has no one to blame but himself.

  79. AIO_7

    Did any one else’s BBJ crash for the last half hour?

  80. Nikki

    Soooo do you think production is such a control freak ( I write that as if it is it’s own entity, because I don’t know how else to address it) that it actually pays jury members for votes?

  81. hogwild

    Well that was not who I wanted to see in Jury not surprised Holly lost the comp it requires one to keep their legs together not something she excels at. I’m going to try and manifest a Nicole veto win, Even though Jacksons lie worked to save Holly I think he might have just pulled a Paul of season 19 on jury management. He most likely lost Tommy as a vote by etenstion Christe he screwed Sis over Jessica is not a fan that is four and I can see kat or Nick voting against him at this point I think even Holly would have a shot of winning against him.

  82. Robin

    I am so disgusted with this episode. It was like I’ve planned the most romantic dinner, got out the silk sheets and my hottest lingerie ….. then a kid wakes up and throws up on the dinner. That was how that episode felt to me. Of course in my scenario Jackjaw is the barfing kid! This whole day was a huge disappointment! Way to go CBS, plan your way to the most disappointing TV ever!

    Sorry guys, I’m mad and have to take a break.

  83. TamiJane Shepard

    can’t listen to JJ’s BS, don’t have high enough hip waders to deal with this.

  84. NKogNeeTow

    What the hay?!? As soon and the broadcast show was over I signed onto the live feeds to see this “epic battle of endurance” and it was over before a blink of the eye.

    On another note, did anyone have any trouble signing on to BBJ? I could pull up the website in Foxfire but it would time out when trying to sign on. Then I got a message about problems with the site and to try again later. I switched back to Chrome (which I prefer but it constantly crashes on me lately) and had no problem signing on at all.

  85. Sunny

    I can only hope that the jury votes their own way and not the way production wants them to as noted by friendship Paul losing both times. BTW – friendship Paul might have won – IF he had admitted to what he did. By denying it, I think it cost him the win. CBS/Production/Jackson’s mommy really want him to win but hopefully with Tommy in jury, that won’t happen.

  86. Avatar

    Glad Nicole is going to the final 3. I wish Jackson hadn’t brought Production into his lie. Tainted what could have been seen as a brilliant BB move.

  87. Avatar

    Night y’all I’m still debating on even making a playlist for tomorrow

  88. Mary

    New thread……….

  89. danmtruth

    Cliff is NUTS he is telling Jackson if he wins the POV cliff will take jackson to the F-3 Why because cliff looked in jackson eye and believe that he can trust him Jackson will gave a great laugh tonight knowing he fooled them To convince them that tommy was lying Nicole saying how cool jackson was during the argument told her that he was being truthfull So congrats to jackson well played
    Does holly understand her game is in jacksons hands in thus pov Unless she can pull out a miracle win Because jackson had her make the deal to throw the hoh comp
    Hiw happy is production comp starts at 8:56 my time over at 9:07 on a comp last year that went on for over 3 hours Than again they had more players

  90. Tiare

    Jacksom deserves to win. He’s playing “old school BB”. We all talk about how we wish they would go back to how it was originally played and how the jury voted based on game play. We are all in an uproar because our least favorite player pulled it off. I’m rooting for Jackson. He’s the best of the final four. (How many downward thumbs will I get? L)

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