Big Brother 21 – Live Feed Sneak Peek Spoilers


Good afternoon, everyone!

The feeds may officially be over a day away, but we’re getting a sneak peek right now!

Let’s do some quick recap of what is going on:  (and pardon me if I screw up names, I haven’t fully tied names to faces yet)

  • Sam and Nicole are in the living room chatting about trucking. Fun
  • Tommy and Nick are playing checkers
  • Kemi, Christie, Ana, Isabella, and I think Holly are roaming around
  • Ovi and Cliff make an appearance in the living room
  • So far that’s 11 people accounted for. I do believe I saw Aquaman walk by, so that’s 12
  • I do believe I also saw Kathryn and Jessica. We’re up to 14. So far missing Jackson and David

And that’s it. About 15 minutes of feeds for us as a little tease. No spoilers revealed, unfortunately, just a lot of hanging out and chatting.  Oh well. We’ll see more in less than 3 hours when the CBS episode begins!


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