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Big Brother 21 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good morning, everyone!


Fourth of July break is over and now it’s time to get into business with Big Brother. This is typically around the time things start heating up on the feeds because the honeymoon period is just about over and things are becoming real. This is also the time when alliances really start to crumble, so look for Gr8ful to start crumbling and turning into smaller side alliances.

As we learned from Mel this morning, a lot of uglies have been bumping in this house (wtf) with Sis and Jack hooking up, Nick and Bella hooking up, and Jackson and Holly about to hook up after he already hooked up with Kat pre-feeds.  I’m sure Bella is going to be fuming if she finds out that Nick told Jack because she is pretty terrified of her mother and there is 0 chance her mother would approve of her hooking up in the house.. nevermind in a room full of people. Good luck to Bella when she’s off the show RIP


It’s the veto meeting day in the house but I am not really expecting any fireworks. Everyone pretty much knows Sam isn’t going to use it so they’ve been prepping for this. The fact that they know whoever leaves will stay in the house lessens the sting even more. With a 25% chance of returning plus still getting to hang with their friends, this eviction should be pretty drama free.

Alright, let’s get to some updates. First some plugs:

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  • 10:15 am – The house is slowly getting out of bed and getting ready for the day
  • 11:50 am – Feeds back. Veto not used
    • Nick is saying that Kemi is on his last nerves because she’s been ‘running her mouth’
    • Apparently, she told Bella that Jackson said he’s going to put up Bella next week. Jack calls her poison
  • Jackson and Bella are talking
    • He says that Jess has been throwing her name out quite a bit. He wanted to see where Kemi stood so he brought up Bella just to see if it got back to Bella – which it did
    • She asked what the purpose of that was, and then gave him an answer ‘just to see if she’s worth keeping?’ Jackson says ‘yes’
    • Jackson keeps saying how he wants to live with Bella after the show so she should trust anything he says
  • 2:00 pm – Not much has been going on
    • Many are outside tanning
    • Jack, Jackson, Nick, and Bella are talking about the conversation and confusion with Bella earlier.
  • Meanwhile, Kemi doing some camtalk
    • She says ‘she’s driving me nuts she can’t keep her mouth shut’  (jess or bella)
    • She mocks Jack saying she’s a ‘bigger threat to his game than Jessica’ and asks if he came to play or not
    • She screwed herself with the Jack thing early on
  • She leaves then returns to the room with David
    • Kemi explains the Jack situation to him. She says she heard he wanted her up so they just didn’t click
    • He asks if she knew why, she didn’t answer it
    • He asks if she’s going home and she says most likely because that’s what Jack wants. She jokes there is camp comeback and she’ll be back in the game while he (David) isn’t
    • Kemi asks if David is happy and he says he’s playing the social game.
    • He says he doesn’t like tanning so that doesn’t help his social game considering that’s all they do. She doesn’t either but she has to.
    • They talk a bit more then it breaks up
    • Outside, Bella and Nick have a subtle hand holding session. I guess there are too many people around to have sex. Or is there?
  • 3:40 pm – Christie is in the storage room with Tommy
    • She is re-telling a conversation she had with Kemi. She told Kemi to pull Bella and the HoH in a room and straighten everything out
    • This is because they think Kemi is lying and want to see if she’ll actually do it or just let it drop
  • 5:15 pm – Holly and Kat are laying on the grass having small talk about the game and outside world
    • Kat says Nick told her that if he won HoH he’s going to put her up as a pawn. Whether or not he actually said that is a mystery. It could just be her paranoid mind hearing random people conspiring against her
    • Kat is also worried about the fan vote with the camp thing because it will determine who is coming back. This is based on Jackson and Jack getting a scolding from the DR about the potential racist stuff so Kat says depending on the headline in the real world, the chances of that person returning are high.
    • I think they’re talking about David because then they start talking about how cool he is and people joking about her having a showmance with him.
  • 7:00 pm – Christie, Sis, Holly, and Tommy are sitting around chatting
    • Analyse is having issues with her feelings for Jack. I think she’s worried about how fast things have gone
    • Oh here is the problem. Sis is jealous because Christie and Jack are close like buddies and she doesn’t feel that with him. Jesus.
    • Don’t get me wrong, I know what’s she’s talking about, but it’s why showmances suck.
  • Jackson enters
    • He starts re-telling the girls about his conversation with Bella
    • He says that he never said the things about Bella that have been going around
  • Nick enters
  • Jack enters
    • 7 of the Gr8ful are rehashing the Bella/Kemi situation
    • Jackson starts getting really worked up talking about Jessica and Kemi and says ‘It’s comical that these …. ‘ (he stops then says) ‘feeds’.  What, Jackson? These what?
    • Jack is back to the buddy system about the game. He says if any of them want to talk privately, grab a friend so rumors can’t get started.
  • And here is a random picture of Cliff and Jessica to close out the night because they’re rarely seen together

Update tomorrow!



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