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Big Brother 21 – Monday Feed Updates

Good morning, everyone!


Fourth of July break is over and now it’s time to get into business with Big Brother. This is typically around the time things start heating up on the feeds because the honeymoon period is just about over and things are becoming real. This is also the time when alliances really start to crumble, so look for Gr8ful to start crumbling and turning into smaller side alliances.

As we learned from Mel this morning, a lot of uglies have been bumping in this house (wtf) with Sis and Jack hooking up, Nick and Bella hooking up, and Jackson and Holly about to hook up after he already hooked up with Kat pre-feeds.  I’m sure Bella is going to be fuming if she finds out that Nick told Jack because she is pretty terrified of her mother and there is 0 chance her mother would approve of her hooking up in the house.. nevermind in a room full of people. Good luck to Bella when she’s off the show RIP

It’s the veto meeting day in the house but I am not really expecting any fireworks. Everyone pretty much knows Sam isn’t going to use it so they’ve been prepping for this. The fact that they know whoever leaves will stay in the house lessens the sting even more. With a 25% chance of returning plus still getting to hang with their friends, this eviction should be pretty drama free.


Alright, let’s get to some updates. First some plugs:

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  • 10:15 am – The house is slowly getting out of bed and getting ready for the day
  • 11:50 am – Feeds back. Veto not used
    • Nick is saying that Kemi is on his last nerves because she’s been ‘running her mouth’
    • Apparently, she told Bella that Jackson said he’s going to put up Bella next week. Jack calls her poison
  • Jackson and Bella are talking
    • He says that Jess has been throwing her name out quite a bit. He wanted to see where Kemi stood so he brought up Bella just to see if it got back to Bella – which it did
    • She asked what the purpose of that was, and then gave him an answer ‘just to see if she’s worth keeping?’ Jackson says ‘yes’
    • Jackson keeps saying how he wants to live with Bella after the show so she should trust anything he says
  • 2:00 pm – Not much has been going on
    • Many are outside tanning
    • Jack, Jackson, Nick, and Bella are talking about the conversation and confusion with Bella earlier.
  • Meanwhile, Kemi doing some camtalk
    • She says ‘she’s driving me nuts she can’t keep her mouth shut’  (jess or bella)
    • She mocks Jack saying she’s a ‘bigger threat to his game than Jessica’ and asks if he came to play or not
    • She screwed herself with the Jack thing early on
  • She leaves then returns to the room with David
    • Kemi explains the Jack situation to him. She says she heard he wanted her up so they just didn’t click
    • He asks if she knew why, she didn’t answer it
    • He asks if she’s going home and she says most likely because that’s what Jack wants. She jokes there is camp comeback and she’ll be back in the game while he (David) isn’t
    • Kemi asks if David is happy and he says he’s playing the social game.
    • He says he doesn’t like tanning so that doesn’t help his social game considering that’s all they do. She doesn’t either but she has to.
    • They talk a bit more then it breaks up
    • Outside, Bella and Nick have a subtle hand holding session. I guess there are too many people around to have sex. Or is there?
  • 3:40 pm – Christie is in the storage room with Tommy
    • She is re-telling a conversation she had with Kemi. She told Kemi to pull Bella and the HoH in a room and straighten everything out
    • This is because they think Kemi is lying and want to see if she’ll actually do it or just let it drop
  • 5:15 pm – Holly and Kat are laying on the grass having small talk about the game and outside world
    • Kat says Nick told her that if he won HoH he’s going to put her up as a pawn. Whether or not he actually said that is a mystery. It could just be her paranoid mind hearing random people conspiring against her
    • Kat is also worried about the fan vote with the camp thing because it will determine who is coming back. This is based on Jackson and Jack getting a scolding from the DR about the potential racist stuff so Kat says depending on the headline in the real world, the chances of that person returning are high.
    • I think they’re talking about David because then they start talking about how cool he is and people joking about her having a showmance with him.
  • 7:00 pm – Christie, Sis, Holly, and Tommy are sitting around chatting
    • Analyse is having issues with her feelings for Jack. I think she’s worried about how fast things have gone
    • Oh here is the problem. Sis is jealous because Christie and Jack are close like buddies and she doesn’t feel that with him. Jesus.
    • Don’t get me wrong, I know what’s she’s talking about, but it’s why showmances suck.
  • Jackson enters
    • He starts re-telling the girls about his conversation with Bella
    • He says that he never said the things about Bella that have been going around
  • Nick enters
  • Jack enters
    • 7 of the Gr8ful are rehashing the Bella/Kemi situation
    • Jackson starts getting really worked up talking about Jessica and Kemi and says ‘It’s comical that these …. ‘ (he stops then says) ‘feeds’.  What, Jackson? These what?
    • Jack is back to the buddy system about the game. He says if any of them want to talk privately, grab a friend so rumors can’t get started.
  • And here is a random picture of Cliff and Jessica to close out the night because they’re rarely seen together

Update tomorrow!


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  1. AIO_7

    Beth better think twice before bedding down with Jack in the Box.

  2. Melinda Beans

    I didn’t think it was possible, but I hate showmances even more now than I did before. I can’t even imagine my parents getting a whiff of this if it was me. I was embarrassed to tell them I was pregnant and I was married!

    Gross. The whole lot of ’em!

    I feel the need to do a live update of my own now. Steve, let me know when you want a break. :p

  3. danmtruth

    This goes beyond simple game play Steve good point about Bella and her tiger mom Not much to be proud of The backstabbing and the hooking up with Nick When Nick gets evicted I dont see him going to her parents house la-la Swaggy Speaking of Chris that mustache soul patch thing is not a good look
    Let’s see how long CC keeps AD secret power which I still say is not much of a power Oh I dont like who was chosen to play Everyone put your chips back in and let’s redraw Only thing is the same players can get chosen again They have the same chance as the first time duh So if CCgets put on the block you know she is going to want AD to use it
    JJ is starting the SamIAm is a comp beast and is a threat So why get him out now when he has a chance to win his way back in

  4. hogwild

    Just got back from seeing spiderman far from home clearly I missed nothing BB releated while I was gone.

  5. AIO_7

    I’ve never seen a nose ring that I liked. Even in real life I have to look twice to make sure someone doesn’t have snot on their nose …


  6. kneeless

    I might be getting too old for all this BB crap. Like, I’m literally like so ready to scratch my eyeballs out if I like hear them talking about manifesting, like, literally EVERYTHING! Not to mention, like, I am beginning to get, like, frustrated even if “like” is being used appropriately. And then the sexcapades… Anal lice you ride that log to the end & see how far it gets you. One day, they are so worried about what their parents think & the next day, the entire house knows everything. Like, what are they thinking?! Just give this old girl some good gameplay! I’m done…for now!

  7. AIO_7

    Jackass 2 is telling Kemi that he thinks the four in Camp Comeback will be voted back in the House by the remaining house guests, and not a competition. (it bugs me seeing her grovel at his feet) …


  8. ElaineB

    MJackass (Michie) and JJackass are now talking. Christie blabbed to Ana and she is f**king (said it several times) pissed at MJackass. Oooooh, please let this get good.

  9. danmtruth

    Now my never ending g rant As part of Hellens department of speculation AD was telling CC about how he won the snake challenge Either good for him for figuring out how to scam the system or was given some help He Told CC when he came in a d saw the snakes he knew he had to match them So as they were discussing the rules he was looking at all the stumps for the different snakes Knew the size so was able to figure which snake went which stump they where in When the comp was show. The other 3 all came in stood facing the box listening to the instructions As for Ad they only showed him foing the comp Look at the times Sam 1:22, Holly 1;41, JJ 1:51 even TT had 2:10 Than AD comes in at 0:49 Once more just makes you go hummm

  10. Alda

    Jess and that voice of her’s is really annoying.My husband said “can’t you fast forward,or turn down the volume when she talks?’

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  12. Kari

    Am I the only one that is still completely confused as to *who is who*, what the hell is going on, and who is mixed up with who?

    I mean absolutely no disrespect but all the different nicknames just confuse me all the more. I guess I need to make a study sheet to keep next to me every time I read updates LOL..

    • Kari

      . By this time of the season I genuinely I know who the people are and are leaning towards favorites. This season? I just can’t get into it. I guess I’m not the only person that’s feeling with that. I just hope the next couple weeks picks up to where I actually want to watch the TV episodes. For now, I’m just following the feeds. And truthfully I’m avoiding the whole damn snake episode. No no no no no… Lol

      • kneeless

        Agreed, Kari. I was watching BBAD & saw a blonde. I knew from the camera angle it wasn’t Christie but for the love of God, I could not figure out who it was. Of course, it was Kat. Aren’t Christie & Kat the only blondes this year. Probably says more about me but can’t keep them straight!

      • AIO_7

        ” I was watching BBAD & saw a blonde”

        Without Bleach there wouldn’t be a blonde in the BB House.

    • Melinda Beans

      I try to stay away from nicknames unless they’re used in the show. They confuse me too! It’s bad enough that some of them look exactly alike lol.

    • mm22

      Kari I think people just kept coming up with so many
      really good nicknames for these losers I mean
      houseguests that it is hard to keep track.

      • mm22

        Honestly I don’t remember a
        season that there has been so
        many nicknames but I guess we just can’t stop ourselves..
        we are just that good at it

  13. AIO_7

    This is from last night. Here Boxhead (he’s there) calls this alliance the “Six Shooters.” So much for the “gr8”.


  14. AIO_7

    ‘Lyce headed up to Jackass 2’s bedroom …


  15. Pink13

    The nicknames do seem a bit off the rails, and some are using the wrong nickname so that is even more confusing!
    I truly enjoy this blog, but it is very hard to follow.

  16. danmtruth

    I’m I just having age related memory loss Or does this Fake8 group seem emotionally more fragile than in years past JJ / Jaskson / Jackass twins #2/Michel just cant control his emotion You can read it on his face He wouldn’t let the slightest bit of disrespect go unanswered His partner Jack / AD / AquaDick/Jackass twins #1 can not believe people would even question his plans Or that any women would not do a thing just to have him talk to them Yet he admits its because he looks like someone famous But his ego can do the mental gymnastics that the women is thinking of someone else while they are with him This is truly the alliance of misfit personalities

  17. AIO_7

    From earlier today: Squeaky and Kemi talking about how Ratbella runs and squeals to the Jacks soon after any conversation …


    • ElaineB

      I am lost with Bella. She had a chance to ride the fence and possibly get in good with both sides. Now she is a Rat, and high candidate for the chopping block, by H8ful.

      • Mello_One

        Yep…such a disappointment with Bella, I thought that she would be a stand out this year! But she chose to straddle the fence, by being a Rat.

  18. Mello_One

    What in the hell type of relationship do Christie, & AD have? AD is head over heels in love with her, & she is a Lesbian?! Is CC just leading Ad on because they have a secret F2, or is she interested in that A-Hole AD?! Or is CC is really a Bi-Sexual? I am confused about them, & secondly because I find it gross.

  19. Mello_One

    Finally, Kemi has talked to David…. Unfortunately Kemi will be joining David in Camp Comeback this Thursday, but that will give them both the chance to really Conspire, & put together whose really the Hateful 8.

    • NKogNeeTow

      As long as they don’t talk in front of Ovi. He’s just dumb enough to go back and tell any if not all of the H8ful everything David and Kemi say. Ovi has an almost desperate smell about him as far as getting back in the house. I wouldn’t put anything past him at this point.

  20. Nancy

    I’ve followed this site for a few years now, and appreciate the updates and the comments are always great. You guys certainly put the FUN in dysfunctional, and I for one appreciate that! I decided to register to say Thank God others are finding that ridiculous ” filler word” of “like’, as irritating as i do! PSM can not have one conversation without using it after every other word! They all appear to be educated but the use of “like” isn’t proving it to me..whew..had to get that out of my system..once again, I appreciate this site.

  21. hogwild

    So let me see if I am seeing this right there is half million dollars on the line and these knuckleheads are obssessed with showmances.

  22. Nancy

    Thank you, Sassy

  23. Good Dog

    Took me a day or two but got the nicknames figured out finally. Love em. You regular posters crack me up & keep me entertained even when the house is dull. Thankyou. Alot of floaters in this bunch. Nicole, someone on that side has to win Hoh thursday. Then the game will get interesting, especially for you who watch the feeds. LIKE, you know!

  24. Stephanie

    no feeds, but I read conversations… maybe I am reading things wrong, but do Nicole & Ovi have an attraction to each other?

  25. NKogNeeTow

    I’m on time tonight!


    KK(Kat) drying dishes, AD(Jack) washing, Kemi, putting them away.


    CC(Christie) is talking to ThrowPillow1(Sis), who is telling her that she doesn’t hide her emotions well and asks CC to tell her what “he” says. TT(Tommy) comes in and CC leaqves and goes to the kitchen.


    David goes over to the sink and AD tells him he’s just trying to catch up with him (David) and earn his keep. He tells David that he (AD) probably needs to put on some rubber gloves and clean the toilet. David tells him “my comfort is your comfort”.


    TT & TP1 (Sis) are playing Cornhole against CC & SamorNick. Ovi is doing laundry.


  26. danmtruth

    Random observations of the passing scene
    Do the HG have more communal dinners this season? Last few seasons people seemed to eat in shifts or some on the island others at the table and a few even took it to their room
    More random SCREAMING!!

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  28. NKogNeeTow



    Cornhole game is still going on. Ovi is now watching. David comes out and puts folded towels on the pool table. PMS(Jess) is folding clothes on the pool table. *Cornhole seems to be the new Potball. But then, what was worse than Potball?*


    JJ(Jackson) is talking to Kemi. He is telling her that the house is like a big Telephone Game. She says she just wanted him to know that she’s not a liar and she just wanted to clear the air. He tells her she’s fine with him and hugs her. He tells her to keep fighting. She asks him not to tell anyone that they talked. He tell her she has nothing to worry about. *Until he gets to AD*


    AD, Bella, and Nick are sitting on the sofa watching the cornhole game.


  29. NKogNeeTow



    CC, AD, Cliff, Bella, Nick, and (TP1)Sis are watching the Cornhole game. Nicki asks Bella if she wants to play after they finish. She says yes. AD and TP1 are sitting at opposite ends of the sofa. Cliff is sitting with Orwell.


    Squeaky(Nicole) and Kemi were talking. Squeaks was reporting to her about some convo she had with someone about PSM(Jess). *Only caught the tailend of it* Talk is over and they leave.


    Kemi has now joined the group on the sofa of, CC, AD, Cliff, Ovi, David, and TP1. Ovi and Cliff go to lower the


  30. danmtruth

    Breaking into small groups Squeak / nichole David Kat/botox lips were in kitchen no game talk
    AD/Jack , Throw pillow #1/Sys/Analyese on bathroom couch Throw pillow #2/ Holly in shower they walk out after AD ask each girl what there favorite body part on a man is Such deep conversation Sorry Boss lady NK this is all I’m hearing

    • NKogNeeTow

      No apologies needed my friend. These people are so boring I can’t even think of any ad libs to spice things up. The only thing I have to look forward to is, this is only the beginning and things will pick up as people actually start leaving out of the house. But at the moment, just watching their dull asses, everything irritates me.

  31. NKogNeeTow



    KK, Squeaks, Kemi, and CC are talking about Dollar Tree. One of the girls (didn’t catch which one) had never heard of it. CC thinks its the BEST!


    ThrowPillow1 (Sis) is laying on the sofa with AD rubbing her leg, while TP2 is taking a shower. Someone comes in and AD and TP1 leave and go outside to play Cornhole. AD/TT vs SamIAm/TP1.

    Watching the game are David, Cliff and his date Orwell, Nick, CC, Kemi, Squeaks, KK, and Ovi.


  32. danmtruth

    Jack alyse playing g TT and Samiam in cornhole The rest of the house is watching in rapt attention wild cheering
    Cliff loves him his Orvile doll

  33. NKogNeeTow


    What Dan said…^^^

    Sorry Folks. I’m just irritated because these people are so dull. But in their defense, they really don’t have anything else to do and I’m just pissed about it. Actually, if I were locked in a house with strangers for 3 months, I’d either be doing the same thing or trying to scale that backyard wall to run home.


  34. NKogNeeTow


    Now AD and Nick are playing CC and TP1 (Sis).

    Guess I’ll go read previous comments while waiting for something to happen. *Excusing myself for a moment*


    JJ (JackAss Jackson) is looking for Tums and a cough drop.


    Game is finally over. Ovi makes some practice throws. Kemi decides to try it with him.


    Bella has what looks like a white facial mask on and is putting it on Nick. *Either that or they’re getting ready to participate in a Day of the Dead parade* They have to wait 5 minutes before taking it off. In the meantime, they cover up with blankets and lay on the sofa to wait.


  35. danmtruth

    So at least I had Below deck med to break up my wanting to stick a fork in the side of my head
    Ovi is just way way to excited about this game
    Jess is doing laundry and avoiding everyone
    Jack us king of cornhole
    Kemi counting the days till she will be wearing the camp comeback uniform Kemi and Nichole playing cornhole not sure they ha e even hit the board Kemi called David and Ovi over to play
    TP1 so happy she can sit with AD on the pool table and holding his arm leaning on his shoulder hiw cute /barf

  36. NKogNeeTow



    SamIAm is asking Bella if the mask is hydrating. She says yes and asks if he wants to try it. He says no. CC asks them to wake her up early tomorrow. Nick and CC are trying to cross only one eye. CC and Nick wonder what time it is. KK is now in the bathroom. She says David and Ovi vs TP1 and Squeaks. SamIAm brushes his teeth.


    Cliff, Orwell, and PSM are sitting on the sofa talking. She asks him how he’s holding up not seeing his wife. He says they both look at the moon so they can feel closer to each other. PSM laughs and says it’s so sweet. *She never sounds sincere* He tells here about how everyone was in the HOH watching the monitor and he went downstairs and stripped down to his underwear and was dancing around the kitchen with Orwell. He said he could hear them laughing upstairs.


    CC telling TP1 who is in the bathroom, that she’s going to drink coffee tonight.


    PSM is whining to Cliff. She says there is only so much you can tell someone about how bad she wants to be there. He says it doesn’t matter how bad she wants to be there, the only thing they want to know is how much she’s going to contribute.


  37. danmtruth

    Jess on the couch with Cliff Over laughing at everything Cliff says
    Free idea to production after they vote out Kemi as the father to compete for HOH tell them no need The person who was not voted out is AUTOMATICALLY HOH this week
    CC up in HOH with TP1 how lucky she is to be able to go to the bathroom regularly Than CC says it might be a good idea if she backs off sleeping with AD Shall we take bets if it happens
    TT needs to STOP yelling
    SamIam talking about not having closure about his grandfather How after the game it will be odd to go home than go to his house and he is not their Talki g to Ratbella in the shower Niw lucky them Kat join ed them
    Jess talking to Cliff her version of game talk

  38. danmtruth

    Ovi is very serious about making these cookies

  39. NKogNeeTow



    PSM is telling Cliff that the only reason her name came up was because they were trying to make her a target. Cliff tells her he will try to keep her in the loop. She said she appreciated that.


    KK is talking to SamIAm on the sofa. Bella is in the shower. KK gets up to leave and Bella asks her to hand her the face wash from the drawer. KK gives it to her then she and Sam leave.


    Mostly everyone is sitting around the table talking. TP1 is sitting so close to AD, she reminds me of a butt boil. TT is cutting up chocolate and has a lot of baking ingredients in front of him. Ovi is measuring out sugar in a bowl. *Cookies?* Orwell is sitting on the sidelines…watching and eagerly awaiting the end results of their culinary endeavors. AD is sitting next to Ovi, who is stirring the butter and sugar. AD has his nose disturbingly close to the bowl. Orwell does not appreciate AD breathing directly over the cookie dough.


  40. NKogNeeTow



    Apparently, AD is trying to supervise Ovi on cookie making. Ovi, JJ and AD are taking turns stirring the cookies. *Looks like they are using one of those old fashioned egg beater or some kind of whisk maybe?* AD is banging on the side of the bowl. TP1 is watching him like he’s painting the Mona Lisa.


    Nick is talking to Squeaks. He asks her how she’s doing. She says ok. He asks her who she is voting for. She says she’d like to go to the general consensus. He says “Then you’ll be voting out Kemi then”. He says personally he’d like Kemi to stay but she’s talked too much and told to many lies and especially after what she did today. SamIAm comes in and plopps down.


  41. danmtruth

    Ovi is not happy that too many people are taking over making his cookies He keeps telling people he does not know if the cookies will be any good Boat room SamIam Nickorsam and Nichole talking game

  42. NKogNeeTow



    SamIAm asks since Kemi is going home, are they not talking game with her anymore. Nick says no, just don’t talk game in front of her. Sam says won’t that be awkward. Nick says then just tell her that they are talking game and to give them a minute. Sam says they need to have code words.

    SamIAm says his allergies are bothering him. Nick asks him who does he think that Squeaks would put up. Sam says JJ and TP2(H). She tells them they don’t know what’s in her brain. NickorSam and SamorNick are going through the names in the house and discussing each one and why she would or would not put them up.

    TT comes into the room, then TP1 (S) and lay down. TT changes the convo to flirting. Nick teases TP1 and tells her they can’t talk game in front of her because she’s in Camp Comeback. They laugh.


  43. NKogNeeTow



    CC gives a shoutout for her sister’s hair business and camera changes to kitchen.


    KK and Ovi are rolling cookies while Ovi is talking a mile a minute. Bella passes through and asks where everyone is. Ovi says most are outside. Ovi then return to his baking conversation with KK.


    JJ is talking about brown croutons on a salad bar. AD likes pickled okra. TP2 (H) comes over to the hammock and climbs in next to AD. CC, Cliff and PMS are sitting on the ground talking. PMS is still trying to fit into the conversation.


    Nick is talking to TP1 (S), who is telling him that she hasn’t dated since her ex. *Guess sequestered sex doesn’t count* She says she really doesn’t date. He whispers and tells her something and she says “Really? Oh my God. I would never. Thats just f*cking crazy”. She asks him if she tells him something, would he swear to take it to the grave. He does, then she tells him something. Sorry Folks, I didn’t catch it but he laughs and says he knew it, so I’m assuming she told him about what happened with BAD (Big AquaDick).


    The group is talking about how people have no concept of what they are going through (being in the BB house). Conversation turns to Kemi.


  44. NKogNeeTow



    They are talking about having Taco Tuesday tomorrow. KK is there and they are teasing her about Brett coming into the house tomorrow. She believes them then they tell her they are just playing. She says she doesn’t know what to believe now. They tell her not to go to the DR to ask. She says she’s going to the DR. JJ just looks there and looks at her like she’s the dumbest creature on earth. He then tells her that Brett has a restraining order out on her.

    AD and his entourage all go into the house. Only JJ and TP2 (H) left on opposite ends of the hammock. Cock-Blocking PSM is still sitting on the ground talking like they’re the only friends she has in the house. *Oh, wait…* He starts to talk about how he has night terrors and wakes up and sometimes have to change his shirts.


  45. danmtruth

    Step away back now need to go back and see what I miss While Nick is working on sys

  46. danmtruth

    Nick has much more game than AD The funny thing is this conversation is going on I front of Kemi Nichole and Sam WTF !!

  47. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is telling PSM and TP2 how he pulled his mattress onto a balcony and slept on it, in Vegas. They are captivated. *I am not*


    TP1 (H) and Nick are talking about who they think they can beat in the end. She is whispering again and he is talking so fast, I can’t catch it. *Why do most of the people in this house talk so fast?* Kemi makes a cookie delivery to the room.


    KK has now joined the group of TP2, KK, and JJ. JJ starts to talk about something and gets a warning. He tries again and gets another warning. KK says she’s eaten 2 cookies and she feels really fat. *Somebody shut this bitch up* They start to talk about alcohol. KK says she’s drank more in the house than she ever has. JJ says he usually has downed a 5th before he even hits the bar.


    Nick is telling TP1 that she only needs to win one. Either HOH or something.

  48. danmtruth

    Last time I bragged about how much alcohol I could drink I was a sophomore in high school – which helps explain the spelling and grammatical errors bit of a misspent youth

  49. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is singing. Gets warning. The girls ask JJ what time the yard closes tomorrow. JJ says “Jordan said”, then gets a warning.


    The group is talking about eye color. Sounds like SamIAm was talking about his kid’s eye color. He tells them that if he wins HOH and gets a picture, they’ll see. Nick leaves to get some cookies. Sam and Squeaks talk about how you can tell when a kid is sick.


    AD and CC laying on the sofa. He puts his head on her shoulder. She says she doesn’t want things to get weird. He says she’s making it weird. She says she just doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. She says she did a good job with TP1 today. He asks her what did she do. She says she talked to TP and told her that if she sees her and AD getting close it’s because they are, but not in the way she thinks. He asks CC if he’s doing the right thing. She says there is no right or wrong thing, you just have to go with your heart. CC says TP1(S) said that she sees the way CC and AD are with each other and she wants that. AD said she’s young. CC agrees.


  50. danmtruth

    How can people play bags /cornhole and have no idea where the bag is going g They just throw it and pray You do realize you control on how far it goes

  51. NKogNeeTow



    Cornhole…Bella/ Nick vs TT. TT decides to quit so it’s Bella vs Nick. Ovi and Cliff playing pool.

    *Looks like Bella’s shorts have the Maryland state flag on them. This is totally irrelevant, there is just nothing else to look at.*

    Ovi and Cliff have stopped playing pool.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! And thanks to them, I will have NO problem sleeping tonight, so Thanks HG, Thanks BBAD, Thanks POP. Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    Nite Dan the Man

    Nite Kari

  52. danmtruth

    Night boss lady Saw that on Bella the other day 1) did not know why born in New Jersey lives in California 2)decided if I said any thing I might sound like a perv or Sheldon Cooper guest on fun with flags

  53. davidsgirl

    Hi everyone, I am a Big Brother fan and it’s been several years since I posted here. But I do stop by several times a day just to see if there has been any post from Steve or those who help him. I do get the live feeds, but sometimes with the duties of life I can miss things.

    I wanted to stop by and let you know that a little while ago (around 1:30 am) when Analyse and Nick were in the boat room she admitted to him very quietly that she and Jack had sex in the shower in the HOH. He was asking her intimate questions about it. They were whispering very quietly and there were others in the room so any specifics were hard to hear. She said she doesn’t see them together outside of the house but that in the house “it works”.

    I think you guys are a great group and have a good night.

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