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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap

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Good morning, Yesterday was the veto ceremony and no surprise, Nick took himself off the block. Beth replaced him with Kat who volunteered to be a pawn.

Beth=Holly (for anyone new to the party)


The 6 Shooters got together shortly after the ceremony and kind of regrouped.  They’ve selected the targets for the double eviction, which this year’s cast has annoyingly named ‘double elim.’ They’re hoping to take out Nick and Nicole  but they don’t agree on the order they should go. Christie wants Nick out first and Sis wants Nicole. If it’s a double eviction, what the hell does it matter? Obviously, they all have their own agenda but this is the group agreement and hopefully not what they actually do. At this point, every person in the 6 has discussed not going to the end with the 6 so all of them have a plan to stab someone in the back. (it’s just a matter of when)  They discussed what they thought Cliff would do with an HOH  and most agreed he would put up 2 of the 6. Kat came up as being used as a pawn again. Beth said Kat didn’t want to be used as a perpetual pawn because of this week.  Jackson said if she didn’t want that, she should’ve never volunteered.

Sam told Nicole about his plan to give an eviction speech outing all the lies Christie has told.  He made her promise not to tell anyone even though the entire house all ready knows. (Cliff told)  Nicole said it would be better if he could do it sooner but he doesn’t think anyone will believe him.  I don’t know why he thinks people will believe him during his eviction speech either.  Most of the 6 are starting to put the pieces together anyway, on their own. Cliff, Nicole, Sam and at times Jess hung out and talked about the game moving forward.  They wondered if Nick would take a shot, if given the chance or if he would continue trying to get back in with the 6.

Sam, Nicole and Jess talked about the HOH comp rules again and the things they said they weren’t told they could do. There’s a big difference in not being told you can do something versus being told you can’t do something. I don’t necessarily think Beth or Jackson broke the rules. I just think Nicole and Jess didn’t think to do it. We didn’t hear them go over the rules so who knows? Sam told the group (correctly) he sees Nick as the next target, Nicole after and then Cliff because he said Cliffs  2 weeks of safety would be up.


Jackson had to see a doctor because of vomiting and he thinks he got food poisoning from the fish. Nick thought it was the fish too because he said it gave him “diarrhea out the ass” the day before. I know this house doesn’t include the sharpest tools in the shed but does he need to clarify “out his ass” as if there are other options of where it could come from? (Just sayin’)

Nicole talked to Beth and thanked her for not putting her up.  Nicole said she really was loyal to people and hoped for a chance to show it.  She said at the moment, all she had was a vote. Beth made it seem like Nicole was never an option to go up but that doesn’t mean Nicole is buying it. Nicole also has a hidden talent:

Kat has gone from trashing Nicole to trashing Sis. I know people think Kat is funny (myself included) but she really is a nasty piece of work. She never misses an opportunity to insult someone but then again, that describes most of these people.  We’ll be choosing from the best of the worst this year.  However, I do like how busy and messy she’s playing the game and it’s a little fun to watch. She talked game with Jackson and Beth in the hammock and continued to fill them in on everything Sis has been doing.   Most of it she’s already told them and she’s just on repeat by now. She reminded Jackson that Sis is the person who said they thought Jackson was trying to control Beth’s  HOH.  Jackson was sure it was Nicole but Kat told him it wasn’t.  She told them all the things Sis was saying while talking to Christie about Jackson and Beth and said afterwards, Sis would come to Beth and tell on Christie for saying it. They talked about Sis being a mean girl and having such a negative attitude about everything. Naturally, they compared her to Kemi and said she was playing like her because they never miss an opportunity to talk about Kemi.  Beth is already mad at Sis for flirting with Jack.  Kat must have impressed Jackson with all her insight because he said there was a big difference in hammock Kat and house Kat. He insults her so often, he made a point to make sure she knew that was a compliment.


Kat came out to the backyard where the outsiders were hanging out and said loudly “Hello, my fellow bottom feeders.” It was a small thing but I enjoyed it because Sam deserves it a little bit for calling people that in the first place.

Kat told Jess she still wanted to backdoor Jackson. Part of me thinks this is true and I partly think she’s just playing it up for everyone else. (It’s Kat so who knows?)  She also talked about being bloated and said she needed to stop making negative self comments. She blamed it on Kemis influence because if you remember, Kat used to say kemi was making her be a mean person. (Sorry Kat, nobody make someone else be a mean person) As much as Kemi is still talked about in this house, she really should be the only pre juror to get a stipend.

Christie and Tommy talked privately and Christie said there was no way she was going to the end with Jack anymore. She wanted to make sure Tommy was on the same page. He said he was but I don’t know if it’s true. They see how well Jacks getting along with everyone in the house. He really has toned things down considering its Jack. Christie wants to hang on to Cliff longer than Tommy would like to have him there.  Christie said she knew Sis was mad at her over the idea of keeping Sam. She said there’s no way she’s keeping one more strong guy who has Sis’ back.

Jackson told Tommy that he thought Christie was doing some pretty sketchy stuff and I’m curious to see if this goes anywhere or if Tommy keeps it to himself for a while.  He’s smart enough to use it when he’s ready for Christie to blow up, but not before.

Romance update: Sis is mad at Kat because she flirts with Jack. Sis said Kat doesn’t respect girl code. This made Beth mad because Sis flirts with Jackson and thinks Sis doesn’t know girl code either. (Wait, didn’t Kat have Jackson first? None of them know girl code) Christie was mad because Jack flirts with Sis. (The shower stool is probably mad because it knows it won’t make it through the summer with all the abuse its taking)

Nick told Christie he thought she was very mature and she said it was because she dated someone that’s 50 for 7 years. He asked her what her type was and made general chit chat. Nick is trying very hard to get back in with the group but I dont know if he means it. Maybe he’s trying to play them but like Sam, I don’t have that much confidence in Nicks game moves.

Jackson told Beth she shouldn’t share her hoh wine because he’s afraid that will just encourage sharing.

Christie and Sis talked about Sis’ sex life because as we know, that’s the only thing going on this summer for Sis. Christie gave her some sex tips for the shower to make the whole experience better. (Sorry, unlike Jackson, I believe in sharing)

As they got ready for bed, Kat gave a shout out to Brett and then changed it to Marty. Marty is the boyfriend she left when she came to BB.

Jess was feeling very tired yesterday and told Beth she was malnutriated. She was trying to say malnourished.

That’s all for today guys! Have a great Tuesday.



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