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Big Brother 21 – Monday Recap

August 6, 2019 | 55 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning, I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Thank you for all the patience lately and the moving stories and jokes. I think I’m finally caught up on BB. (the ‘for now’ house, not so much but hey, you can’t have it all) After yesterdays pitiful excuse for a recap, I’m hoping today goes better. The BB upside to sleeping in an unfamiliar house is that I’m not sleeping as well so….more time to recap before I have to go to work.

Steves pic yesterday of Jack and Nicole cracked me up. She looked like someone trying to escape! I also enjoyed Christie getting pooped on by Uncle Lou. I went back and read Steves posts over the past few days last night. I’ll try not to overlap so you don’t have to read the same things over and over. This is Christie, as the bird was going in for the drop:

The broken pieces of the 6 Shooters met up to give apologies to each other. It didn’t change anything in the game except making Kat more vocal. She didn’t appreciate the 6 of them getting together and leaving the others out of it. (It’s actually an improvement from before when they were forbidding people entrance into rooms) She told Tommy she didn’t like the way Jess, Cliff and Nicole have been made to feel in the house. (Kat doesn’t like Kat being left out and this is the first week she’s been able to admit she was an outsider too)

Kat isn’t cutting Tommy slack anymore and he knows it. He had a terrible talk with her and I’m with Steve, he should’ve just owned up to his part in the potential flip vote. I know he kind of did shortly after it happened but he fake cried and she saw through it. Wanting to break up 3 people who know each other wasn’t dumb and Tommy, (and Christie) of all people, have reason to believe it’s true. (If they are together, maybe there are other duos in the house) It was dumb to try to flip a vote and not follow through with it too. The damage was done the moment Beth and Kat knew they were trying. I give Kat credit for jumping in and saving her game but I think it was a mistake for Tommy to concede in that moment and not continue to push.

I also give Beth credit for her quick thinking the night it happened. She’s a contender for the end of the game imo. She lied convincingly about knowing Kat and while being put on the spot. She kept her cool when she wanted to strangle Jackson for telling. She has credibility with most of the house, won an endurance comp and has two loyal allies. She could win this game. I’m not buying Beth’s talk about being so conflicted when she was working with the 6 and saying she didn’t approve of their behavior because she did it too. Sure, she isn’t as bad as some of the others but its a pretty low bar. I’ve also said I could see Beth cutting Kat but not the other way around. It might make her worse on a personal level but better as a BB player.

Kat and Beth went over the talk the 6 had earlier.  Beth appeared to be buying Tommys apology at first but Kat told her it was all BS. Beth said he cried and Kat said “did he really or did he just stick out his bottom lip?” She told Beth he works on Broadway and can make himself cry. She also told her to watch for one of his tells and said when he lies, he sits up very straight.

Christie and Tommy have decided they aren’t in any worse shape than they were before the blow up. (They’re delusional if they really believe this) Tommy told her how bad his talk went with Kat and they agreed she’s become more feisty.

Jack campaigned to everyone and yeah, it was awkward. He is aware he has nothing to offer Nicole. He told Jess how loyal he is and apologized for making her feel unimportant. He said he knows what it feels like now to be on the outside. Jess used his loyalty against him and pointed out that while it was great for him to have such a loyal group, its the reason no one else would be able to penetrate it. He also offered her 3 weeks of safety.

I’m not sure if he’s done it yet but Jack plans to offer Cliff 3 weeks of safety with no catch and 4 weeks if he agrees not to go after Jack.

Cliff and Nick checked in with each other and gave more assurances they would help each other out. They both want to keep Nicole safe, take out Jack, etc.

Jess told Kat about Jacks stupid offer and said he couldn’t be hoh for 3 weeks so it wasn’t a realistic offer. Kat said she felt great about her choice to evict Jack and they agreed they’d probably want Tommy out before Christie. They’ve noticed people have stopped knocking before coming in the hoh room.  Kat said it started this week and thinks Tommy and Sis are the worst to barge in.

Sis told Tommy she wasn’t playing the game anymore. She wants to hang out with Jack and enjoy the week. (Is this supposed to be something new?) She tried to repeat something someone told her from a couple hours prior. Watching her, unsuccessfully try to remember it, was painful. We make jokes but this is just sad! I’m regretting making fun of her life goal to be an ‘Instagram influencer’ because honestly, I think that’s her lane and maybe she knows it. I hope she got a lot of scholarship money for soccer and her parents didn’t have to pay for that education. (Hopefully, D1 Soccer at her school was different because my son was offered a soccer scholarship and it wasn’t very much money. Thankfully, he loved Basketball, the scholarship for it was more and his largest scholarahip was for academics. I’m mostly proud because he can remember a story 2 hours after hearing it!) This pic is from last week when I was too busy to do the recaps but you can see Sis concentrating very hard and I’m not joking when I say, they were discussing the way she spells her name:

Tommy ran around doing his punishment and burst in on Beth and Jackson ‘in the act.’ They all had a good laugh over it and so did everyone else after Tommy told the rest of the house. (This is nothing like BB18 when Nicole and Corey worked hard to keep what they were doing a secret. BB21 puts it all out there)

Tommy got his costume stuck on a nail on the door and Kat had to rescue him:

Nicole named one of the fish Jackson and said it’s because that one eats everything.

Cliff is continuing to try and stay out of the hoh room as much as possible. He wants to be seen as a free agent if he can.

Jack told Tommy is wasn’t looking good and as as of now, he may be going home. He said he doesn’t have anything to offer Nicole and he knows she’ll save Jackson. Tommy wondered why Nicole would be loyal to Jackson. Jack said it wasn’t about loyalty to Jackson, it was loyalty to Jess and Kat.

Christie even chews ice cream:

We have a while until Thursday but here’s where I thinks things stand as of now for some of the players after this week. I’ll do a few each day over the next few days. I’m not going too in depth since we’re only around the halfway mark of the season and some of them won’t be here in a few weeks anyway.

Jack: Jack has a pretty good read on the house and he’s level headed when it comes to the game. He realized this week that Jackson was more loyal to him than Christie ever would’ve been and he regrets betraying him. He also read it correctly when he thought Tommy was very loyal to him. He’s been on a power trip since the first week, had his group of 6 and couldn’t be bothered to give the rest of the house the time of day. Now that he needs votes, he doesn’t have the relationships built up to get them. Jack’s going home ya’ll.

Jackson: He’s not in as bad a spot as he was before but I don’t know if it will last. It could if Kat and Beth remain targets for Christie, Tommy and Sis. They were saying they wanted to go after the women before Jackson but I think it was mostly anger talking over Jack leaving and that will fade. When that happens, Jackson could go back to being the #1 target. (Tommy, Christie and Sis were blaming Kat and Beth more than Jackson for Jack being sent home) Cliff is working with Jackson but it doesn’t mean Cliff trusts him. Nick likes Jack more than he likes Jackson so Nick will only be faking it ith him. Jacksons group will be the strongest in the house after Thursday because he’ll have Beth, Kat and Jess because of Kat.  It’s scary to think about but in the right conditions and with Jack in the jury, Jackson could win this game. He’s still a jackass and I have faith he’ll make people mad again which will probably get him evicted before he has the chance.

Jess: Jess has shown she can make a move and I was thrilled to see it happen but I’m not going too crazy on her just yet. Other than Tommy, she’s the only one left who still puts trust in Christie and her reads on the rest of the house arn’t the best. This is the first week she’s even acknowledged there was a group of 6. Jess has been accidentally given info a few times but it flew past her because she wouldn’t shut up and listen. I’m not certain she even heard it, she’s similar to Nick in that way. It isn’t a hard concept to grasp, talking gives up info and listening gives you info. Her strongest loyalty, which is to Kat, isn’t loyal to her. If she’s in the F2, I think she wins hands down in this new era of BB. (She’s won comps, she’s nice and most everyone likes her as a person) She’s going to need a better read on the house to get to the end because I don’t think anyone’s going to drag her there anymore. She’s shown she can compete now and unless Sis and Nicole win some comps or are evicted soon, they’ll take the ‘Victoria’ spot. (I know many of us love Nicole but in the eyes of the hg’s, Nicole hasn’t done any more than Sis in the game and they wouldn’t be wrong)

Kat: Kat is either in a good spot or the next target for Sis, Tommy and Christie. She’s got her sidekicks with Jackson and Beth plus loyalty from Jess.  She’s been spending more time with Nicole and Cliff seems to have a soft spot for her too. The entire house is onto Christie but Kat is also onto Tommy and that’s a good thing. She’s still seen as a dumb blonde by some which should help a little longer but it isn’t all good for Kat. She’s been seriously talked about as the next target if Christie and crew wins hoh but as I said earlier, that may just be from anger that doesn’t last. Nick may handle Kat badly but she’s done equally as bad with him this week. She’s done everything possible to push him towards working with Tommy and Sis. They may not have to have his vote this time but what about the next?  Kat is also very petty and I don’t trust her to make a good game move over her personal feelings towards someone. Sure, she’s doing it this week but she’s also convinced herself Jackson is a good guy again. If he or anyone makes her mad, she can talk herself into thinking the opposite. This is how she can convince herself she’s making a game decision even if it isn’t true. Kat still confuses me to be perfectly honest so nothing will surprise me with her.

Have a great Tuesday.





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