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Big Brother 21 – Post Eviction Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Just like that, we’re down to 13 and we’re down to a pissed off house. About time!

Shockingly, Christie actually went through with her plan to evict Cliff and now Nick and Bella don’t know what to think. I really thought they were going to chicken out and keep the peace for another week or so, but they actually did it and are just hoping on the stupidity of Bella and Nick. I must say, it was probably the best time to do it because now it’s just Bella playing for the HoH. Well, maybe not ‘best’ time because there are still people who can win the HoH and take shots at the 6, but it was a good time.

The feeds have returned, so I am not going to babble too much. Get them here for free and watch along!


Also, thank you again for the donations!

  • 7:35 pm – Feeds back!
    • Bella is talking to Jack, Sam, and Jackson.
    • She is saying how shitty it feels to not be unanimous.
    • Bella is suggesting that the 9 of them (their alliance) all get together and agree to only talk game to each other and treat the rest of the house like camp comeback with no game talk
    • Jack said they had that and nobody followed it. He tells her to look into his eyes and tell him he didn’t talk game to a single camper
    • She says no she didn’t. She only told David she hopes he comes back. That’s it
    • In other room, Christie calls Cliff a comp beast lol
    • Bella gives Jack a hug and says ‘no hard feelings. I feel honored you feel threatened by me’ hahaha
  • In another room, Christie, Sis, Tommy, and Holly have been working dumber.
    • They are playing damage control and doing well because dumb and dumber are morons (nick and bella)
    • Sis is saying how she hates Cliff.
    • Everyone has left the room but Sis and Nick. He is still bummed and she is left to do the damage control on her own.
  • 8:00 pm – Christie is now upstairs stringing Sam along. He is asking her if they’re still on track to get out Jack and Jackson hahahaha
    • Sam – I can still trust you, right?  Christie – Yes.  Hahahah
    • Downstairs, Jack and Jackson  (and Holly and Tommy) are in the boat room. Jackson says he’s sick of playing buddy buddy with Nick and Bella. He’s ready to play Big Brother
    • Side note – Tommy is everywhere at all times
    • Tommy tells them how they planted the seed that Nick should pull away from Bella
    • Holly jumps in and tells Jack and Jackson to stop talking about Kat. The reason they didn’t tell Kat was that they can use her as a mole. She says no more mentioning Kat at all
  • In another room, Tommy is talking to Cliff
    • Cliff basically reveals his game to Tommy which is to sit back and let the 8 duke it out while he floats along
    • He says if he wins HoH he’ll nominate Jess and Kat
    • At least he admits he’s pointless.
    • Nicole is relieved talking to Tommy in another room
    • Tommy tells he wants Nicole to win HoH because there is a plan. They are all gunning for it as well. They want Nick and Bella out
  • 9:00 pm – Feeds down for veto
  • 10:00 pm – Feeds still down
  • 11:00 pm – Feeds back
    • Cliff won the HoH!
    • From doghouse to penthouse. Pretty big boost for him
    • The question will be if he decides to actually make a move or do what he said and put up Jess and Kat.

Check back for updates


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  1. danmtruth

    It sounds like Nick thinks only 4 of the nine voted for Nicole to stay He tell BSC CC Tommy sis and Holly he understand how people do not trust others cough BellaCough Cc blaming poor comunication because she thought Nick did not care

  2. Ronduh

    Omg…Christie is blaming it on poor communication! I just can’t with these people lol We need some big moves guys!

  3. davidsgirl

    Bella just told Jack that she feels honored that he feels threatened with her. Huh! Really! Don’t think so.

  4. danmtruth

    CC saying that the good thing is Kemi and David are out

  5. Helen

    Endurance comp tonight…hopefully the first 4 out will be havenots this next week!!!

  6. davidsgirl

    I can’t tell you how bad I want the Havenots to start this week. I want to see some people on slop and taking cold showers. Nothing beats seeing people in the house tired, hungry, angry, and lonely. Ha! And I really want to see Jackson with a belly full of slop, full of constipation and gas. Ha! And then have to take a cold shower. Is this mean??? That is part of what the game is all about! Ha!

  7. Avatar

    They are so gullible. It totally sounds like they are trying to cover their tracks I really hope Bella and Nick are not that stupid to buy into what they’re selling… we all know they are. It should be crystal clear to Bella and Nick that Nicole was telling the truth and that they are being targeted by their own Alliance but the way they’re talking to them I don’t know if they’re just going along with it or if they really are that naive.

    • davidsgirl

      I don’t think they are naive, they are really cocky. They think they are running the show and that no one is going to go against them. The others made up excuses about voting so now bella thinks they were threatened by them. Unreal.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    “Bella is talking to Jack, Sam, and Jackson.
    She is saying how shitty it feels to not be unanimous.”

    Oh well Ratty. Sucks to be you!

    • ElaineB

      Hey NK~ I was nervous about Orwell updates, if Cliff left. LOL. I have so enjoyed your inclusion of Orwell in the BBAD recaps. Luv that little dude! Hopefully, now that Cliff is back in, he will continue with his budding friendship with Orwell.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Hell, at this point, Orwell is the only friend he has in the house…lol. I was watching his face (Orwell) when Cliff was voted out. He looked relieved. Then I watched when Cliff won back into the house. That look of terror slowly crept over Orwell’s face again. Po thang.

      • ElaineB

        I like Orwell. Want to keep him relevant, and if Cliff is doing that, her goes for Orwell……Suck it up, Buttercup!

  9. AIO_7

    Forehead Sis just said … “I hate Cliff” …


  10. davidsgirl

    Bella says she’s a bad a– bit– if they tell her something, she’ll definately whip Nick into shape. Oh brother. She really thinks she’s running the game. Needs to go!

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  12. Sassy

    There is NO way Nick, Bella, and Sam are buying this crap!! But it sounds like maybe they are.

  13. Kari

    Oh BOY

    That’s all, lol

  14. danmtruth

    Christie talking to sam and apologizing for not telling him she says she tried to bring up voting Cliff out but Bellas eyes got beady and it scared her

  15. hogwild

    I truly hope somehow someway Nicole wins HOH.

  16. Sassy

    JJ is tired of being fake. He wants to draw the line in the sand. AD, Beth and TT are talking him down. JJ brags about how he handled Kat.

    With all the weaseling going on, I don’t think many of them are going to try very hard to win HOH.

  17. LynnD

    Thank you so much for making it easy for me to get a quick catch up. Dont know if a new HOH is crowned yet but just happy to know that these idiots actually stuck to a good plan. I have not had time to watch anything for the last two and a half days so I just now got home I am going to watch last night in tonight’s episode and cannot be happier with the quick read I just did.

    Un bb related I took my daughter tonight to see the new Lion King movie I am. I just want to share with anybody who might be interested it is a definite must-see. My daughter is 16 and we both thoroughly enjoyed it when she was little she wore out the original movie so bad on DVD that I actually had to go buy a second DVD so needless to say I was more than happy to surprise her with our little movie trip tonight. Then of course we picked up pizza from our favorite pizza place on the way home so I can say it has been an extremely great night. But again if you’re teetering on whether or whether or not to go see The Lion King I strongly suggest you definitely go see it. That’s all I got to say for now I may be back shortly with some not-so-nice comments LMAO.

  18. ElaineB

    Have watched the episode. Sorry that David didn’t make it back in the game, but am glad Kemi and Ovi did not. Each of them were lightning rods, and personally, I am tired of it all. Cliff is no threat to the Filthy Five, but wheeee more ‘Cliff Notes’. Basically Nick’s HOH was a wash. The glammed-up pic of Bella at top, is testimony to the bitch that she is.

  19. Avatar

    Jackson- “I’m sick of being fake all the time.”

    Well you could have fooled the hell out of me. I hate them sooooo much!

  20. davidsgirl

    Ok guys, I know you have people who do a wonderful job with the feeds and I see they are on here. Have a great nite.

  21. danmtruth

    Collon box Jj talking big saying mark my words day 30 nick and bella go up ummm ok Time to draw a line i am tierd of all this fake shit thats not me ummm ok JJ oh by the way i hide 3 chicken breast for me and you (jake)
    Now Cliff is a comp beast ??? (Tommy) talking to Jess this hzppened last night thats why i could not tell you

  22. Mimi Ryan

    Thrilled Nicole is still in the House. Really, really bummed David isn’t. Kemi, I don’t like they way she was targeted & treated, but glad she’s outta there. Anyone but the Hat8ful getting HoH. Nicole if she get’s it I can only pray she doesn’t waste it. & then there is Nicole’s Diamond PoV. Still Nicole being safe is everything.

  23. Mr. Beardo

    The stupid waters run deep on this asshole river. Oy vey

  24. Sassy

    TT blowing smoke up Jess’ butt. He tells her it was so last minute, he didn’t have time to tell her.

    TT talks to Cliff, he loves him and he’s so sorry. TT says he will answer any questions. Cliff says he was not going after couples. TT clarified he and CC are NOT a couple… Hahaha… TT blames Ovi and Cliff jumps on the bandwagon. TT says Cliff and Ovi were a scary duo! He talks about his Cliff notes. Cliff said he saw the 8 as tight and felt like an outcast. If Cliff won HOH he will not put up the 8. There aren’t many other options… Cliff says he just wants to survive until the 8 turn on each other. TT day of coarse!!

  25. danmtruth

    Tommy blowing more smoke up Cliffs ass than a Texas brisket Cliff is also doing the same

  26. Good Dog

    Sam Sam Sam, I thought you were a little brighter my boy. Nick/Ratbella still think they’re part of G8. ” Just a misunderstanding “. OK. Those 3 deserve to be on the block.

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  28. ElaineB

    Ana talking to Cliff. She had to go upstairs and get some brain cells (Christie).

  29. Avatar

    Nick is so dumb! They blind sided you yet your up there explaining yourself? He has like a really scared look on hes face. No wonder Jacks so smug they just hand him so much power over there game. Please bring on the HOH comp already! this excruciating to watch

    • ElaineB

      Bella has Nick by the balls (literally and figuratively). If he thinks she is bad for his game, good luck Nick. (Hide the bunnies). lol.

    • Sassy

      Bella is spilling to TT and AD how she doesn’t trust CC. Her best friends are probably not the ones you need to be talking too. TT flips the convo to Cliff being such a powerhouse and a HUGE threat! Bella thinks Nicole has a power. TT previously mentioned he didn’t want Ovi with his power and Cliff in the game together. She didn’t catch it.

  30. Alda

    JJ says he will put up Nick and Bella.First thing he’s said that I agree with.

  31. Jennifer

    What I would love to see happen is Nicole wins HOH and puts up Jack, Jackson, Christie or Tommy! That would be incredible!! She should act as if she is with them and then they can be blindsided! Putting Nick and Bella up is only feeding into their hands. I hope she is smart enough to realize that. They would cut her as soon as she is done doing their dirty work.

    • Kari

      I’d love to see Jack and Jackson go up at the same time in that way we’re guaranteed do it at least get rid of one of them. If not both of the guys, then bitch Bella in there.

  32. Helen

    Are they waiting till tomorrow to do HOH ? Long wait tonight

  33. danmtruth

    Tommy useing all his dancing skills as he canges partners so fast He jyst told Nicole about the six shooters had her back but could not tell her in fear that it got back to nick and bella As Tommy was talking to nicole poor cliff stuck his head in than backed out without either of them seeing him So Tommy told Nicole she will be included in talks going forward
    Tommys dance card has been busy let me see if i can get the order First nick that was a group dance Next up him and Jess sasharing to Cliff Curtsy to nicole now a big tapdance with Bella Oh wait how could i forget his brthroom dlowdance with Jack Man the boy is busy

  34. Kari

    Apparently Cliff really is pointless. He’d nominate Jess and Kat? Really?? *Sigh*

  35. hogwild

    I know a lot of people are disappointed David didn’t win the battle back and I feel bad for him he showed himself to be a very classy person in the way he handleded it but seeing Nick and Bella get sucker punched has made this a good night. Going to pop the cork on a redneck Champagne (beer) and call it a night.

  36. Avatar

    now, lets just get on with the game…..yay

  37. Sassy

    Bella credits Nicole for creating cracks in the alliance. She thinks she’s splitting the alliance from the inside out. Bella can’t stand her and wants her out. To prove her point she tells TT, Nicole is playing a great game, look she flipped this vote. Nicole is SOOO good, she flipped the vote without doing anything. Keep manifesting Nicole, keep manifesting.

    If you say “literally” it HAS to be true!

    The BS is deep in the house tonight.

    I guess I’m glad they haven’t started the HOH comp, because I like literally would have like stayed awake to literally like watch it. But since they haven’t, I’ll read NKs notes about it in the mañana.

    Nite junkies!!!

  38. Sassy

    The last thing I’ll say tonight is I’m looking forward to the interviews David and Kemi give in the next few days. Julie obviously wanted it to take a racial tone. I’m curious if after they have decompressed, what their thoughts will be on the HG. David has made remarks indirectly about color and treatment. They may feel empowered to open up (IF there is anything to open up about) once they see the support they have from the fans. It may be interesting to keep an eye on.

    • danmtruth

      Thanks Sassy that is a very good point David was very respectful I was surprised when Kemi was given a chance at the end she did not open up You are looking at 3 very intelligent people So yes i look forward to hearing what they have to say
      Good night thanks for your hard work middays Between you steve mel and NK you guys are like WKRP of Cincinnati covering thuz NK is Venus Flytrap covering overnights Mel is Less So that mzkes you Jhony Feaver

    • Holan

      Agreed. I’m keeping an eye out for the interviews.


  39. danmtruth

    Listening to Tommy the company line/lie to Nick,Bella, Ciff, and Jess the flip happen today organically Cliff is a comp beast , Cliff and Ovi were a dangerous duo Bella with all the bs about Cliff being dangerous is sticking to nicole is doing what she said she would breaking up the couples from within

  40. Ronduh

    I know a lot of people don’t care for Kat but she makes me laugh and it’s a nice since the majority of this group pisses me off!
    Everyone was looking toward Cliff/Nicole except Kat was watching Nick/Bella to see their reaction #bb21 https://t.co/qJ0SfIU8CW

  41. ElaineB

    Dumb question…..is there a reason Jack cited for shaving his beard?

  42. Kari

    it’s kind of lonely being over here in the last time zone watching it two to three hours later than everybody else. Just started 20 minutes ago here. Looking forward to seeing Nick’s expression that I’ve been hearing about.

    I like the way Julie had her hair down today..

  43. Mrs. Frisby

    I’m glad Cliff is back, I knew he was a hidden comp beast. He spent much of his youth as a traveling Carney – mess with the Bull get the Horns!

    Good to see the evicted are actually gone.

    Let the “8/9” Implosion begin – kinda hope Sam separates from that group.
    I hope the Elf on the shelf is next on the block (probably be a high kicking HoH comp though).

    Maybe Nicole and Jess will be more interesting, other than just victims.

    Kat is awesome, she was checking out everyone’s reaction after the eviction vote, I think the HG underestimate her one woman alliance. Hope she wins HoH and forces all the powers to be used in one magical swoop.
    Let’s go Kaspiring Kat!

  44. Kari

    I’d like to know why Kimi didn’t tell Jack to shove it when he was talking to her about the shaker bottle in the fridge. She got snarky in the interview room. But at least they gave public a chance to see what a dick he really is.

  45. danmtruth

    They called Nick into the DR for the second time after getting everyone else you would think he was called in for the HOH comp but come on already lets get a move on Francis

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Something tells me it’s going to be a long night. BBAD comes on from 1-3am tonight and since they’re playing for HOH, I don’t think we’re going to see much before the 2 hours are up, if anything at all. Right now they are showing the cast incoming interviews. I’ll give it an hour, then I’m going to bed.

  47. danmtruth

    Still holding out hope it will start soon
    Any cookies left NK running low on oeach tea might go with peah mango next

  48. Holan

    I keep checking in to see, but I’m not hopeful. Also, I have peAch tea, but my husband said it isn’t sweet enough to call it sweet peach tea.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    BBADL Late start, only one hour left.


    JJ, AD and Sis talking in the bathroom. Sounds like maybe Sam won but not sure at the moment. JJ says they will just have to talk to him and tell him that if he puts Nick and Ratty up, they will have his back. AD said he should have won it because that was his comp. JJ tells him to calm down and don’t lose his sh*t.

    Nope, CLIFF won! Holy Shit! Okay, now it’s a party. CC and Nick are discussing sleeping arrangements. They are going to take Cliff’s bed.


    KK is telling Cliff that she wants to talk to him later. He says okay then leaves.


    Everyone sitting around talking and eating.


    Now PSM has cornered him in the bathroom. She is telling him she wants to talk to him. He says in the morning. She hugs him. He says he just hopes Ovi is watching.


    Everyone is sitting around mostly being quiet. Sam, TT,


    Cliff is walking around by himself saying “Hell yes.” He says “Day 30. Let’s call this victory dance #2″. Then he starts dancing around. He says”Don’t tell me what I can’t do. I’m a fighter”. He gives a shout out to his family and tells them this is for them. AD walks and asks him if he got his suitcase back. He says yes and AD leaves.


  50. danmtruth

    Here we go sounds like cliff won

  51. danmtruth

    Cliff told Tommy earlier he would go for the easy target Jess and Kat Lets see who does the most to try to influence him

    • NKogNeeTow

      In the SR, he just said this week a lot of things are going to change and it’s going to be the start of an interesting week…or something like that. I’m half in a cookie coma.

    • Colby

      I don’t think he will. I think he just said that to try to be on their good side. He certainly wouldn’t name any of the alliance.
      Especially after today he has to know he is going soon, so he may as well make a big move while he can.

    • Kari

      I really hope someone convinces him to do a big remove than that. They’ve got to get an asshole out of there.

  52. danmtruth

    Not much talking everyone is worried trying to figure what to do to get into Cliffs head The good thing is he can do Cliffnotes without fear Wonder if he pulls a Sam from last season and close off the HOH room The good thing perhaps the shower wont get over used

  53. Avatar

    Cliff lost 6 to 4, and earlier he wanted to put up the people that “kept” him. Now in the storage room he has the “tough talk”. We’ll see how this week goes.

    • Sassy

      If he puts up a power duo, he will earn a lil respect back from me – TT/CC, AD/JJ, or N/B. The TP twins aren’t a real threat yet. Make your point with one of the big dawgs!

  54. davidsgirl

    This is going to be so interesting. And Jackson said he’s already sick of being fake. Ha! Guess he’s going have to be fake some more.

    • NKogNeeTow

      You stayed awake…lol

      • davidsgirl

        Oh, I didn’t mean I was going to bed. Since I get the live feeds I am usually up between 3-5 am each night. I am a Super Fan. Ha! I’m just not much of a chat person. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Problem is those 2 have those stupid powers

      • Sassy

        It’s a good week to put them up and hope they both get used! I’d be interested to see if CC uses it on someone other than herself. If JJ and AD are up, will she save AD and risk leaving herself vulnerable the next week or 2?

      • ShoeLover

        I wish Nicole knew about those two powers. Then she could explain to Cliff how underhanded those really are!!! Its a slim chance he would believe her or go and tattle on her. They need to be put up just to get rid of the powers!!! Everyone is a target in the house. It could be a risky move, but at least it eliminates the powers. Only if this was true!!! I don’t see Cliff as clueless, but I see him as not wanting to make waves!!! Being the old guy has its benefits, but the old is usually the one to quickly.

      • ShoeLover

        * the one to out quickly

  55. NKogNeeTow



    AD washing dishes. Sam putting them away. JJ cooking,* Of course,* Cliff going in and out of the fridge. TT is also cooking and singing a song about ham juice. TT and Nick talking about parts of the. PSM is talking to Cliff. He says that he was worried when she went out because he thought that was something she would be good at. She tells him she is happy he gets to see his family. Cliff says “They got their script for the week”. PSM says “Karma is a bitch. Wow”. Cliff says a little smugly that people that have been OTB won’t have to worry about it this week, then walks off.

    Cliff says what he wouldn’t give for a little hard liquor right now. He says he asked for Texas beer. He tells them that he drank beer in Nigeria and was told not to drink it from the bottle. Sam asks him if he’s ever had a beer called blue birch beer. Cliff says he never heard of it. Sam says he buys it on his route. He says he goes there once every 2 months to buy it.


    AD goes into the room and Nicole is telling him that something of hers is missing. Sounds like she said her cot. He says maybe they took it out.

  56. Kari

    Omfreakinggawd.. now is Cliff going to actually do anything with this or is he going to do what he said in completely be stupid??


  57. danmtruth

    Cliff is not dumb He talks about wanting to play the long game So he will look to try to see what is offerd to him in terms of safety So whos lies do he believe
    Nick is shitting bricks He keeps repeating he nominated 3 people and they are all here
    So can Tommy use his crazy moderation skills to convince Cliff to take out Nick saying they have the votes and offer him safety from the 6 Or will Cliff want revenge on those 6

  58. Mello_One

    I hope that Kat spills the beans to Cliff about exactly who wanted him out, but I doubt it, since she is loosely attached with Christie. Currently Cliffs head is at I want to put up Kat, & Jess, but they all voted to keep him, Kat has to tell Cliff that.

  59. danmtruth

    Wow Jack is more freeked out than CC kast week Naturally CC is reading people Look how HAPPY Bella was Jack mad because this was not part of THERE plan Tommy islets not freek wait till after the noms
    Will him and nicole be able to make up considering it was him who threw her under the bus big time

  60. danmtruth

    The good thing is we will hear all about it He is Cliff note talking already

  61. danmtruth

    Now everyone is thinking they know they are going on the block Jess now has nicole back in the RV after voting to send her home

  62. NKogNeeTow

    I’m wondering how he will decide who to put up. He already knows 6 people voted against him. Will he factor that in?



    CC is talking to TT about Cliff. He says he thinks he’s going to put up KK and JJ and that he said he his strategy was just to float and let the others take out themselves. TT says he said he was going to put up KK and Jess but now he wants to make them fight among themselves. CC comes up with an elaborate story to tell Cliff. TT says that’s good but he thinks they should wait until after the Veto. AD comes in and seems a little skittish *LOL* TT tells AD that Cliff said he wants to just float and let the rest of them destroy each other. AD says he trust Cliff as far as he can throw him. CC says she thinks she’s going up. AD starts bitching that he should have won it because that’s his specialty. TT and CC tells him not to worry about it and don’t even say that. AD says Cliff is going to put him up. TT says he’s thinking that they should tell Cliff that the 3rd reason why they voted against him was because they felt Nicole was being bullied and they thought it was better to save her since she had a hard time.

    AD keeps saying he should have won. They keep trying to calm him down. TT the Mediator tells him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about and that if he has anything to do with it, AD isn’t going up. He tells AD t trust him on that. AD is mad because he says that Cliff has been spending a lot of time with Ratty. He is PISSED! CC tells them that this proves exactly why he’s a comp beast. TT says he called it day 1. They break up and leave.


    PSM is telling KK that she doesn’t want CC to go. She says she’s going to talk to Cliff about it. KK tells her that he knows it was CC so she doesn’t want to get caught up in that lie. *If PSM knows what’s good for her, she’s better melt into the woodwork. She become the house token nominee and one of these days they’re actually going to vote her ass out. Perpetual Pawns should never speak out, just hope they forget you’re there.*


    TT is telling Cliff he’s so happy for him. Cliff says he’s excited for them to see his family. Cliff says he wants to talk to everyone. TT tells him they have a lot to talk about but have plenty of time to do it. TT tells him that this is the best. Cliff looks at the camera and says “you’re welcome CBS” then leaves


    KK and Sis are talking and KK tells her she thinks he’s going to come after CC. KK says they have the numbers to keep CC and get rid of Nick. KK told Sis that Cliff said he wants to talk to her.


    TT asks KK if she’s okay. She says yes but that she just got caught up in a conversation that she didn’t want to be caught in. She starts to tell him about it and AD walks in. She tells AD that she wants to talk to him but later. KK tells Tt that Cliff wants to talk to her. KK says that PSM says that she thinks Cliff wants to target CC and TT. AD tells her that it’s he and CC that Cliff want to put up and has been after them since day 1. KK tells them that if they put CC up, they have the numbers to keep her safe. AD says he hates this game.


  63. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone just sitting around the table talking. CC says that going from 16 to 13 is big. Stupid Sis says it’s really quiet. Ratty is talking *I’m not listening* Cliff tells them he loves every one of them but there are going to be a lot of conversations and talking this week. CC says it was a fun comp. Nicole sits down and starts to talk about the comp and gets a warning from Production about not being allowed to talk about production. They go back to talking about the comp and how they did.


    KK is telling JJ that she’s pissed because she was talking to PSM and she was talking loud and that she thinks Nicole heard them. She says she’s sick of her f*cking mouth. JJ tells her that he’ll talk to her (J) and that she’s fine (KK). KK is talking about what if they put up Nick/CC. She says she doesn’t want CC to freak out. JJ says he’ll talk to her. She says now she’s paranoid. She tellls him to make sure everyone knows.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH!

    Goodnight everybody and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  64. Avatar

    The Good: I’m fine with anyone but Nicole leaving this week.

    The Bad: My BB happiness for the week is in Cliff’s hands.

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Dan, Kari, Mello. My cookie coma is setting in 🙂

  66. danmtruth

    Kat talking to JJ about trying to get Cliff to put Nick up but they might need to let him put CC up as long as she does not freek out Good luck with that It can get interesting if he puts CC up than she takes herself off and puts up nick or bella My question is if he puts CCup can she wait till after the POV to pull out her diamond POV

  67. danmtruth

    So many questions will Nick & Bella tell Cliff about CC Diamond POV power

  68. danmtruth

    Br jess bella holly jess complaing about JJ cooking and burning the rice Bells wants to be anywhere but their
    JJ asking CC if he Volunteers to go on the block and nick is not put up would she use the Diamond POV on him so he can put nick up Giving that plan as he is eating a yogurt It is crazy i cant stop watching him and notice him eating

  69. danmtruth

    Nicole gets to sit with the cool kids in the target room AD,CC,Kat,Holly,Tommy AD is still being a big baby about nor winni g That was mine to win STOP

  70. danmtruth

    The genius that is Jack just ask CC about her power while nicole was sitting their So she explained the whole thing AGAIN She is NOT happy that Jack outed ger to nicole Than she went into how happy she led the charge to save her because if they didnt Ovi was in second in the comp tonight So ovi and Cliff would had been together That would gad been a strong pair Thank God for the good karma to want to save nicole Now nivole thinks she has CC to thank for her BB l8fe
    Jack makes fun of having to stay up to see Ciffs HOH room yew ha Sam says tha
    Ey are trying to find a copy machine t make copy of his family picture Jack laugh Not sure why he did not even ave any pi tures of family to make a copy of

  71. danmtruth

    Still waiting just like the HG
    With all this down time it is obvious that jess is the preson no one wants to be stuck next too
    Bella Nick call themselves trash know if they can survive thus week they need to go after CC and Tommy Bella says she holds a grudge she hates Christie
    Come on BBlets get that HOH open

  72. Alda

    I couldn’t hold out last night.It’s been a rough week around my house.husband has been going for tests.Anyway,I just got my little flashlight out and turned my computer on to find out Cliff is HOH.WOW! Not the outcome I was imagining.But,hopefully Cliff will make this an interesting week for all of us.Keep all these houseguests on their toes.

  73. danmtruth

    HOH room open finally Everyone lovers the family photos Most go Jess loving the photos
    Nice letter from his wife about the kuds and lofofa griwing
    Heineken and Dr Pepper to drink what a Schock JJ opening eating his snavks
    Tells everyone it is there room also feel free to use the shower That should keep everyone happy
    Jess is trying to bevome his adopted daughter Biggest surprise is he might not bring Orwell up with him
    It was a short reveal
    Got some George Straight music Javk starts bellowing all my exs jive in Texas oh ok the one song he knows
    With that my due diligence is over Sorry it was not as insightful as NK or Sassy not even clise to as entertaining as Mel with one L but they drained me with the waiting
    Put a fork in me

  74. Avatar

    Just when I thought I was out they sucked me back in. Cliff saved the season.

  75. hogwild

    Did I have more than one beer last night? I swear I read Cliff was HOH boy it was ahell of night for him.

  76. Jennifer

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think Cliff is the first person to win a battle back and then become HOH!!

  77. caRyn

    Cliff might do what Jack wants him to do. Could be Jack’s HoH.

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  79. hogwild

    It will be interesting to see what Cliff does with the HOH going after Kat and Jessica does not make him a bigger target than he is but the flip side is if you want to win you have to give people a reason to vote for you and that does not do that.

  80. Avatar

    Watch Cliff gladly nominate whomever the jerkoff bros reccomend. Hope not, but wouldn’t surprise me.

  81. Avatar

    Okay, even though NK does the greatest BBAD recaps, tonight I had to watch the last hour live so I could revel in Jack’s pity party. I found myself yelling at the TV when Cliff was in the storage room by himself talking as loud as he could again about his plans as HOH. He obviously did not learn his lesson about people overhearing him. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Joy

      I have very little faith in Cliff as he has shown himself to make some pretty dumb moves. Let’s hope he does SOMETHING with his HOH. The only thing worse than a fool is an old fool. (He should know better).

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