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Big Brother 21 – PoV Results Plus Feed Updates

August 3, 2019 | 142 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

We are one step closer to finding out who is going home this week, but at this point we still won’t know until closer to Thursday. That is because:

Spoilers – – – –

Jessica won the PoV!

Now she’s apparently a comp beast and good for her. Big Brother 21 unofficially started on August 1st this year, and the real Jessica also came with it.

What this means is that Christie is 99.9% not going to use her power this week because it’s pointless to do so. That also means Jack and Jackson are going to remain on the block and one of those two will be going to jury on Thursday night. Unfortunately, it takes some drama out of Monday’s PoV meeting, but I guess you can’t have excitement all the time.

Let’s jump into feed updates so you guys can get chatting. Who do you think is leaving on Thursday?  (it basically means, do you think Nick and Kat will stick with Jack or Jackson)


4:30 pm – Feeds back!

Tommy is happy in the bedroom with Sis. He is saying this is perfect because Jack is staying (nope), and Tommy got a punishment. Now he can ‘pay’ for what he did.

  • Jessica – PoV
  • Nick – $5,000
  • Tommy – Punishment.
  • Jack – Punishment. 24h. He is getting yelled at
  • Jackson – Punishment. 24h. He is a doctor for aliens
  • Kat – Trip to Hawaii

They keep saying “this is the best case scenario”. Umm, nope. I don’t think you know what the worst ‘best case’ means.

I really saw Jessica as Victoria and Cliff as Adam (BB13) but both made big moves this year, so I’m proud of them. Sure, Cliff’s move didn’t work and I’m not a fan he didn’t flush the power, but he and Jess at least made the big moves. I never expected that from the floating side.

Nicole looks so cute in her little tie

Meanwhile, Nick is dizzy and sick from the competition.

5:15 pm – Holly tells Jackson to try to just relax and have a good week and fit back in. He says the 6 can go fuck themselves. However, she is still encouraging him to just act fake and fit in.

Holly said she told Nick that Christie and crew were going to throw the HoH to him so he can do their dirty work to get Cliff out and then get him (Nick) out during the double eviction. Jackson says he’ll back that story up to Nick. It’s a lie based in truth because it is something that they actually proposed awhile ago.

Kat comes in and laughs because Tommy was bragging to her that he gave her that Hawaii trip and now they’re even. Kat says she goes to Hawaii all the time, while nice, it’s not that huge. Not enough to forgive nearly evicting her. Kat says that she and Jackson may not get along too well but at least he never tried to evict her.

Kat once again brings up Holly and Kat ‘not knowing’ each other. She has obsessed over this which clearly makes her look guilty

Holly says she’s proud of Jess because her former alliance says how useless she (Jess) is but now she went and won back to back comps.

The three continue to talk and it really sounds like Kat is indeed still cool with Jackson and Holly (as much as she’s going to be). She’s either a great liar or evicting Jack as of now.  Nick also appears on board but I’m not as confident on him.

Jackson wants to do a saaaavvvvvaaggggeeeeee speech

6:00 pm – Kat heads into the HoH room next to Christie and begins crying

Kat lays down and begins crying about the conversation with Jackson. She is saying how stressed she is and how uncomfortable. She can’t get straight answers from anyone. She just wants to move on from it all.

I’m fairly certain that this is a huge act by Kat but I said this about Christie and was wrong. I like Jessica but she keeps cutting in and it’s pretty annoying.  Yea, I’m confident this is an act to cover up getting caught coming out of the HN room. She was super paranoid about being in there talking to Jackson so her throwing it off makes sense.

Christie tells Kat that if she keeps Jackson this year, she’ll believe that Kat knows Jackson in real life (and begins fake crying herself)

It’s like I’m watching a battle for an Emmy Award with all this fake crying. I’m just waiting for Jessica to jump in so I can lose my mind lol.

6:30 pm – Cliff catches Holly and tells her that Kat was crying and he is wondering if Jackson said something mean to her. She tells him she was in the room the entire time and nothing mean was said.

7:00 pm – Jack, Nick, and Tommy are talking and Jackson is listening in

They are not saying much while Jackson was listening

7:30 pm – Christie is down in the bedroom now with Sis, Nick, Jack, and Tommy

Analyse is saying how much she’s going to freak if Jack is voted out and how bad Kat will look for voting to keep Jackson.

Upstairs, Jackson joins the girls (Jess, Holly, Kat) and talks more about how he didn’t mean to say that the girls knew each other

Jess comes in with a theory that Nick is playing both sides. She gets herself so worked up and says she’s considering taking Jackson down and putting Nick up

Kat suggests Jess take Jackson down and put up Tommy because she already has drawn a line in the sand. Jess doesn’t want unneeded blood on her hands because one of them will stay

Thread closed, here is the overnight

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