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Big Brother 21 – Round 1 Is Complete!

Good evening, everyone!


Feeds have been down since the show ended, so we had no clue what was going on – or really if anything was going on. Well, at 1 am est, the feeds came back to give us some spoilers

Round 1 indeed happened and we have a winner….



Now before you shut your browser and give up on BB entirely this summer, hear me out. This is actually good news for Nicole. If things go according to plan, round 2 should feature some combination of athletics and memory. Nicole won BB comics and came really close to winning the last veto. She had virtually zero chance at beating Jackson in round 2, but now that he won round 1, he won’t be playing in round 2. That means Nicole actually has a chance to win round 2 and square off in round 3 against Jackson on finale night!

I was honestly expecting Holly to win round 1 which meant Nicole was screwed in round 2, but this is probably the best news Nicole fans could have realistically expected (she wasn’t going to beat both Holly and Jackson in a physical comp in round 1. Just wasn’t happening)

Anyway, I know all the BB sites are raging right now but hold hope because this is good news.

Recap in the morning!


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  1. Nancy

    Well, I’ll just have to manifest a nicole win in round 2.

    • Jenny

      Christie’s face when Nick was mocking her manifesting skills… funny stuff! And then she follows it up with not feeling Tommy’s energy. She did look really good, though – so, there’s that.

      • danmtruth

        Once more CBS editing to make Christie look like a fool The only way it would not had been Tommy is if he was HOH
        Than agsin it SHOULD had been Holly except Cliff talked Nicole out if it Even after the blow up Nicole did not believe Michie but went against her better judgment and went with cluff WRONG MOVE

      • ElaineB

        Yep Christie sucks at reading energy and manifesting….don’t give up your day job, girl! I was actually glad that Nick went after her. Chomper cheeks ran her mouth non-stop the whole season. #STFU and take a seat, Christie.

    • Houseguest Doug

      One thing I am looking forward to when this show is over is not having to hear anyone use the word “MANIFEST”.

      Christie manifested her ass out the door and Tommy did the same by opening his trap.

      So I am manifesting a win for Holly just to piss everyone off.

    • Houseguest Doug

      Danmtruth.. for the record is not a stretch to make Christie look like a fool as a matter of fact it is the one time Production doesn’t need to step in and edit anything. Just let her speak.

      Old saying goes. “Better to be thought a fool than opens one’s mouth and prove it” sage advice there.

  2. Jenny

    LOL thanks for talking me off the ledge there. I hope Nicole kicks Beth’s ass. Oh dang it, just had a flashback to the pink pants of doom. Please don’t make me ever see those again.

  3. Avatar

    So according to jokers Jackson told Holly to listen to production in the next comp because now she’s add

  4. amareels

    The shuffling of the deck of cards is driving me crazy. I’m trying to listen to them whispering and then BAM he shuffles. Help me!

  5. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: **Started at end of the previous thread.*



    JJ and FAH are talking about the comp. She is making excuses about why she didn’t win (she saw the shadows on the top and she knew exactly what she was looking for and find the nose…blah, blah, blah). She says that was so hard. He says he thinks that was the best all-around comp they had so far. *Which is what he says after every comp.* She says normally she is good at puzzles but she shat the bed on this puzzle.

    She says they probably got some really good clips of her. She tells him she has such ADD. *If this bitch claims one more ailment I’ll hop in my car and track her scraggly ass down myself.* JJ is sitting there shuffling cards. She says that JJ beat her now bring back jury members because she wants to see if she can beat them.


    Nicole is still laying in bed talking to herself. She says she should have done better. She says she knows she wouldn’t have won but she should have done better. *Her mic is under the covers so it’s hard to hear what she’s saying.* She lays there again in silence, just staring.


    The Vultures are wrapped in each other’s arms on the sofa and she tells him they are in cinque. They talk about how and what they were doing in the comp. He tells her that 25 down and back were hard. He says that’s why he thinks the next comp won’t be a push the button comp. She says is the kind of comp she likes watching. She says she doesn’t like the push the button shit. He tells her he has faith in her.


    Nicole still laying in bed quietly.


    FAH picks up her clothes off the floor and says her bra is drenched. JJ tells her that is hot. She says she’s not going to pull a Cliff, she’s going to take her shoes with her and not leave them in there for a week.


  6. Kari

    Hello everybody! We are back from our little jaunt to the North Cascades for us up to Winthrop Washington. The ride coming back down today was spectacular and hardly any traffic! The picture I’m showing is the viewpoint from the Diablo Lake. Green water is because it’s coming off the glacier. Absolutely beautiful! This particular location is approximately a 3-hour drive North in a little bit east of Seattle. There is a reason that I love living in the Pacific Northwest!!

    As far as BB is concerned, I’ve hardly had time to read the updates here let alone watch the episodes. I’m really glad to hear that this is good news for our girl. Fingers crossed for round 2!!!

    • Nancy

      Welcome back..glad yall had a nice little trip

    • Mello_One

      Kari, do you & your Hubby ever get up towards Canada, near British Columbia? Its is also gorgeous up there too!

      • Kari

        We need to get our passports.thankfully they now have less expensive ones that are only good for Canada and Mexico.

        The last time we went we didn’t need oneband went to Victoria when our daughter was about a year old. We definitely want to go back! Victoria super easy to get to from here drive straight west to Port Angeles and then hop on a ferry. I used to skip school and go to Vancouver Canada when I was a kid and went to school not far from the Canadian border in the Skagit Valley. 😉

      • Mello_One

        Kari I want to go to Alberta Canada sooo freaking bad! Banff Nation Park & Jasper National Park to are so gorgeous. You are lucky that you live so close to that area in Canada!

    • Robin

      Love that part of the country.. went to Vancouver on the way to Alaska and loved it. So beautiful there!

  7. BBGurl

    from what I read on Twitter it was a puzzle comp.

  8. NKogNeeTow



    Full-Of-Shit-JJ is laying on top of Nicole and hugging her and telling her how much he loves her and he’s her biggest supporter. *Which is the same thing he just told FAH 5 minutes ago.* He tells her he is going to give her her space. FAH is sitting on the other bed. He gets a warning about obstructing his mic. He gets up and tells her to come out when she’s ready and he doesn’t want her to feel like she’s alone. *Like he gives a crap.*

    He leaves and FAH tells her she will whip up something to eat and they will have champagne. *Yeah, let’s get the buzzard liquored up and see what develops.* Nicole tells her she just doesn’t want to be viewed at that person in the F3. FAH says she knows, she’s been going through the exact same thing and wanted to prove she deserved to be there and didn’t ride JJ’s coattails to get there. *No, you were busy riding something else.*

    FAH tells Nicole she knows how she operates because they are the same. *Oh F*ck no.* Nicole says when she saw the rope she knew it wasn’t her comp. Everything Nicole says, FAB (Fake Ass Bitch) tells her “same”. Nicole tells her that her ego was bruised more than her knee. FAB repeats herself about how she didn’t want to be that girl and she really wanted to beat that fucker. *Oh, I wish this was one time he was listening at the door. As mad as he got when she called him an asshole, wonder how he’d feel about being a fucker?*

    Nicole praises FAH again. *I hate it when she does this. Especially since this POS will decimate her when she’s talking to JJ.* She starts showing Nicole how she was swinging on the rope and hanging off with her foot. *If I say it should have been her neck, God is going to get me.* Nicole starts to talk a little more as they discuss how they did in the comp.


  9. Mello_One

    Cliff Hogg’s SKD 143 = Sharon (Wife), Kelly (Daughter) Daniel (Son) 143 = I LOVE YOU.
    Awww Cliff, what a sweet dear Man.

  10. BBGurl

    Just gave Tommy 100 votes for AFP.

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  12. danmtruth

    Hi NK and all who have tough it out
    Michie is just steam rolling through these comps Again production holds the timer so who knows The excuse train keeps rolling along for Holly I still think Jackson in one way would not mind taking nicole to the final But after what cliff said he might worry that cliff would sway enough votes for Nicole Jackson cannot see his old G8full not voting for him over holly Because HE made all the big game moves HE won all the comos HE played such an honest game – that last part he might want to drop As i dont think many of his old “alliance ” members will agree

  13. Mello_One

    I’m hoping that the F2 will be Nugget, & Jackson.

  14. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling FAH that her goal was to get as many coins that she could. She said it was probably sad to watch but she did not give up. She says it was a blow to the ego but is part of her learning process. She says she’ always been a perfectionist. FAH tells her imperfection is okay. She says she heard from the real world that imperfection is okay. Nicole tells her that’s nice. Nicole tells her about a sign that they have on her fridge door at home. Nicole says she realizes it just a game and she’s okay that she realizes they are taking each other to F2 and tells her not to pity her.

    FAH says they don’t pity her. Nicole says she doesn’t want them in another room saying she’s a dope. FAH says she’s not one to tell her that her thoughts are silly even though they are. Nicole makes a joke about being a gym teacher. FAH tells her she knows she’s fucked up too. * Every time she opens her mouth I hate her more and more.* FAH tells Nicole she felt pretty worthless that she couldn’t save herself last week. *Felt worthless?*

    Nicole keeps saying it just wasn’t her comp and she’s okay. They talk more about the comp. Nicole says she couldn’t see with the lighting. FAB (which is now my new name for her) says “Same”.


    JJ is cutting up something at the counter. *Hope it’s Hemlock. Too much?*


  15. BBGurl

    Every time I see the word “nugget” it reminds me of the nugget shaped shit my son’s dog leaves in the yard. Don’t know why, it just does. Must be her dog food. Golden brown nuggets of shit. smh and lol. word association, I guess.

  16. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole and FAB are still talking. Nicole keeps talking about not wanting to be a certain type person. She says she’s disgusted with her performance. she offers to help FAB cook. FAB says JJ says they have 2 bottles of champagne and she told him they only need to drink one in case they have a comp tomorrow. FAH says she’s old. *The first time that thing has told the truth since she’s been there.* Nicole says maybe they can ask BB if they will have a comp tomorrow.

    Nicole suggests they fix brunch for dinner. FAB says that maybe since she’s not OTB she can request biscuits and sausage gravy. They briefly show Orwell sitting on a table. Guess Cliff forgot to hide him and the other things. Nicole and FAB start to talk about things that may happen on Sunday’s show. They get a warning. The camera keeps zooming in on Orwell. They try to figure out how long the Finale will be. Nicole says she thinks last year it was 1 1/2 hours.

    FAB says that once Cliff walked out on stage, she realized that that was the last good interview. *Still fighting for that camera time, all the way to the end.*


  17. danmtruth

    Yes the conservitive Wyoming girl who wants to be a role model to little girls everywhere will NEVER say anything bad about you behind your back Yes even way back the O’jays knew what you were holly

  18. amareels

    Good night everyone, just can’t keep my eyes open. Carry on NK, you’re my hero. dan, glad to see you’re back, everyone was worried about you. Nan, drive safe as you deliver Hogg to the JH. Everyone that I missed, have a wonderful evening.

  19. NKogNeeTow



    FAB says that Kat not hugging her when she left the house hurt her. Nicole says she’s not going to be like that. Nicole says that when you lose just to shake people’s hand. FAH says Kat made her so sad and she wishes she had told Cliff to give messages for her. She says she really didn’t know and didn’t want to assume Cliff was going because it would be very disrespectful. She says she was disappointed in Tommy trying to get rid of her.

    Nicole talks about when they voted out Kat and how Jess went back and told everyone what she said when she went to the DR. Nicole says Jess took the information and ran with it. She says she told Jess the info to protect her. FAB says Jess went full-blown personal. Nicole says that Jess told her that she didn’t trust her because she told her that info. Nicole says 2 days later when Jess was campaigning, she told Nicole she was her person. Nicole says Jess was also caught up on Nick.

    FAB says Jess was also caught up on Christie. She says she saw it happen. Nicole says it started Jess’ HOH week. FAB said she could see Christie putting Jess in her pocket. Nicole says Jess was very Christie and Tommy. She says that Jess put up Jack and JJ and Nick and everybody would run to Nicole as the middle person. She says Jess got so mad at Nick she was going to send him out. Nicole says she told Jess to keep her eye on her goal and do what she started. She says that’s when Christie got in Jess’ ear.

    Nicole says that once Christie got in Jess’s ear, every time she saw Nicole talking to him she would question her and ask why she was talking to him. FAB says you can’t hold grudges in the house and if you do you’re so screwed. *Tell that to your boyfriend.* She says she doesn’t hold grudges. *Quick! Someone bring up the last HOH!*


  20. NKogNeeTow

    I’m killing my arteries tonight in honor of Cliff leaving. I found Bacon Cotton Candy. And I don’t even like cotton candy. But anything with bacon is always good. 🙂

    • danmtruth

      NK drop you a message
      Yep never can go wrong with bacon A bar in Colorado used to put a thick cut strip of baccon in a vodka bottle Let it sit and break it down Than use that fir there Bloody Mary’s Now THAT was breakfast of Champions

      • NKogNeeTow

        There is a bar in Baltimore that cooks up giant batches of bacon on Tuesdays(?) and when you come in to drink, they pass around this huge bowl full of bacon and you can eat as much as you want. I don’t really drink but I’d like to go just to OD on bacon…lol.

      • Tam

        OMG that sounds delicious……..Will be dreaming of bacon now….I like find a good smoked bacon jam and use it in and on everything……Can’t stand those fake bacon bits…….Has to be homemade…..Thick cut, smoked and baked to perfection. Drained and minced….Keep the rendered fat to use for flavoring in cooking. Can’t ever go wrong with bacon

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’ve always wanted to try bacon jam and onion jam. I found it on Amazon but it was too much for those little jars so I think I’ll look for a recipe and try to make my own. They sound so good.

      • danmtruth

        Tam look at the ingredients on a jar of baconbits No backon in it sll cemicals

      • Gerardo for AFP

        OMG I need to visit Baltimore. Sounds like my kinda town.

      • Tam

        NK, yes it is too much for a jar. They have several good recipes on Just a Pinch, All Recipes and hell a google search. Check these out….
        Here is a simple one….

        Here is one of my favorite recipes for a bacon jam baked brie….

      • Tam

        Dan you are so right about that. I rather get my own bacon, smoke it, cook and have the real stuff. I don’t like preservatives and chemically tasting food. Rather things from scratch. They pump everything full of nitrates too much and it just taste funny to me. Now I am craving bacon!!!!
        I keep the rendered fat in the fridge for seasoning and cooking. My great grandma and Mawmaw taught me about that. NO IT IS NOT THE HEALTHIEST THING, but it does add flavor to the food without adding a spices that are full of preservatives and such. Just ready for the weather to get cooler. Time for a shrimp, crawfish and bacon etouffee!!!! Crawfish that are not from China or not locally farmed. I keep the meat from past boils and freeze it for winter cooking. Bacon butter is good to cook with two…..

      • Tam

        *too*………been a long day and night

      • LynnD

        For some very odd reason I have just started craving some Bacon! Anyone want to make me breakfast (or even send me some of that jam? I have never heard of it)

      • LynnD

        Oh Tam I don’t like crawfish (my brothers & their wives always look at me side eyed bc they all live right outside N’awlins) but I do LOVE a good seafood boil (they add shrimp & crab legs for my daughter & me). So yummy!!! I also use my bacon grease for green beans. Esp fresh canned green beans. Man I’m hungry.

  21. NKogNeeTow



    FAB is telling Nicole that she never knew where someone’s head was. (I think she’s talking about Kat?). She says that they started out close but when she started to branch out, “she” got mad at her. She says when she started hanging out with JJ more, she told her she was hurt about that and started hanging out with Christie more. She says then she got attached to Jack. She says “she” does operate off of emotion. She says she felt she was choosing JJ over her. Nicole says that’s the way Jess felt and thought she was choosing Nick over her.

    FAB says you have to choose who you can trust. She says she trusted JJ more than she trusted Sis. Nicole says that Nick thought she was going to keep Sis. She said that’s when she didn’t have complete trust in Nick. She said he would ask questions but not answer them. Nicole says she personally trusted Cliff more than Kat. *This is another one of those monotonous conversations. It just goes on, and on, and on.*

    Nicole says most of the house ignored her but JJ and FAB never did, they always checked on her. She says she told Nick that too. FAB says Christie, Sis, and Tommy were telling her before the Slip and Slide comp that she was still good. She said she thought that was funny because they hadn’t talked in a while. Nicole tells her that was not the case.


  22. BBGurl

    Good evening Nk. Word association is a funny thing and quite common. Pleasure seeing you, as always. Enjoy the show.

  23. Avatar

    Watch, if Nicole wins round 2, CBS will make sure that round 3 has birds flying all over the place

    • danmtruth

      Not sure it would matter to CBS either have michie in the final againest Holly his showmance Or Nicole the outsider Beside the numbers should be the same as the final 3 are at the last show You dont know who the last HOH choses till than So both are their Nicole has a smaller chance to win And Holly im not sure whos vote she would get Hell even Jess would still vote with the house and give it to jackson

  24. NKogNeeTow



    JJ comes in and says he has to go back to the DR but he can’t find his hat. She leaves and Nicole says he will get over it. FAB says she realized that they never talked about anything. She names everyone she was in an alliance with. She brings up what Tommy said during the house meeting. FAB defends herself. Nicole says that Tommy always confused her. She said she was wondering if he said all those things (that JJ said he said), they why didn’t he put them up when he was HOH. She says stuff didn’t add up.

    Nicole says that Tommy said that JJ was his white whale. She says that she wondered if that was the case why did he put up Cliff and Kat. FAB says Cliff was always Tommy’s white whale. Nicole says they never worked with Tommy until last week. Nicole goes back as far as when Nick left. FAB says it just made her think about that the whole Nick/Christie blow-up and she thought it was fishy.

    FAB says that when Tommy left, JJ didn’t talk to her about anybody but Nicole and she was the only person he really cared about in the game. Nicole says “Aww”. FAB says she made JJ a promise and hopes he’s happy. Nicole says FAB made a promise and kept it, that’s when she knew she belonged in the F3. *As usual, Nicole is talking too much. All of this will later be reported.* Nicole tells FAB that she’s glad she’s there because now she can sleep knowing that she threw the HOH and stuck to it. FAB says there were 4 of them there and she couldn’t look her in the eye if she didn’t.


  25. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is sitting at the table with Orwell and cutting up veggies. Nicole comes in and says she’s bruised ad battered. JJ says something to her and she tells him don’t pity her. He tells her he would never pity her. She comes back in and tells him she appreciates it. She says she’s going to put on her pajamas. FAB comes in and gets a drink of soda and leaves. JJ tells Nicole if she ever wants any of that ice cream he has a lot of it in the freezer. He says if not, Spencer’s going to go home with a whole crate of food. He gets a warning then says “Sorry Spence”.

    Nicole sits down and JJ asks her if she wants to talk. She says sure. He asks her what did she mean when she said: “You’re good”. She says he had all of his ducks in a row and he squashed them. He says he wants an explanation. She says he has a plan and does it in steps. She says step 1. To disarm everyone in the house. Step 2: Then Jess, then Christie, then Tommy, then Cliff and she’s the next little duckie and this little duckie is feeling very scared. She says but she respects his game. He says he respects her game more than she knows. She tells him he did it flawlessly. FAB gets called to the DR.

  26. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole and JJ are talking about the votes. She says that if the Finale was tonight she couldn’t even tell him. He says he’s hoping and praying for monetary reasons that he makes it to one of those chairs because that 50 would be good for his family. He says that’s his goal, just to be in one of the 2 chairs. Nicole says she expects him to tell her to shut up but she expects he would not take her. He tells her that if she won the final HOH he hopes she would take him but expects her to take FAB.

    Nicole says if they had gone to F4 without the stuff that went on, he interrupts her and tells her he can’t hear her over the skillet and tells her to hold on one second. She jumps up and runs over to him and pops him on the forehead and says “pineapple”. He laughs. She says her hands were sweaty. She says there is a lot of spices in that dish. She asks him what’s in it. He says jalapenos and she starts to sneeze. She goes into the bathroom.

    She says she’s going to change her pants and that her leg is going to be a big bruise. She apologizes for pineappling him. He tells her not to apologize and it was so good. He goes back into the kitchen and continues to cook. He stands at the stove and flips the food in the pan, chef style, then goes to get something out of the microwave. Nicole comes back and continues to tell him what she started. She says that before the Tommy madness if FAB hadn’t thrown it and won the Veto…

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Now I’m going to go and finish sending out my Thank You emails while listening to the feeds in the background. Until tomorrow night, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, Tam, Brs, Gerardo, Lil Nancy, Colby, Mello, Sherri, and anyone else who’s still awake out there. 🙂

  29. danmtruth

    Nicole is just letting michie know she knows he was always taking holly to F2 so no need to try and lie and make stuff up
    So does michie lose to either Holly or nicole in a F2 vote ?
    Will the 2 comp between holly and Nicole be a wall climbing with needing to solve a puzzel comp
    Final comp a pure days comp big scale

    • Tam

      Good questions, Dan. Who knows at this point. I guess it depends on the way they have it designed for him. Both of the two have been blowing smoke and buttering up Nugget. I wonder how the jury is going to feel and think. They constantly flip and switch so much so it’s hard to pin it in one direction.
      He is working overtime is all I can say. Seeing HB sitting on his lap reminds me a puppet. I just can’t with those two. Watching them tonight has been like a puzzle…..
      Her asking if they are going to drink the champagne……Oh goodness…..

      • Sassy

        This is one group that could be swayed by the speeches. They had a hard time sticking to plans, I can’t believe that would change in the jury house.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, just finished sending all of my Thank You emails. I had sent some out already and just finished them up. If ANYONE out there donated and didn’t receive a personal email or a private message here, PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE HERE AND LET ME KNOW. A few of the emails came back as undeliverable even though I sent them to the addresses on Paypal, and only 1 or 2 had screen names on them so I couldn’t identify you by your real names. I don’t want you to think you were overlooked or unappreciated.

    And again, thanks to all for being here, whether you donated or not. 🙂

  31. NKogNeeTow


    JJ is WORRIED about the votes. As soon as Nicole left, he was questioning FAB about what she and Nicole talked about. Of course, FAB trashed her and told him how Nicole was complaining and feeling sorry for herself about how she did in the comp. She says join the club, she feels shitty too about the way she did in the comp. *Of course, it always comes back to her.*

    He tells her that they already got the first part done and just need to get the other 2 parts done. He tells her that today was the most he’s ever felt close to a woman. *He’s laying on the crap deep. He’s determined to make sure she takes him to F2. (He asked her earlier if she was sure she wanted to take him).

  32. Avatar

    Hello all. I’ve been lurking here for years and mostly really like it.
    If I may contribute one thing. I’ve seen countless threads about anti bullying and name calling against certain HG’s.
    But when something goes a way many don’t prefer (like this season) that makes it ok to call names, mock physical appearances, etc?
    Again… been here for years and really like the community. Even donated in the past.
    But some of us are a bit off put by the slant of the articles and how deprecating they are personally against select HGs.
    No HG is perfect. No person is perfect. And none of us have ever been in the house or felt it’s specific type of stress.
    I wish we could be more clinical in our analysis of this team.
    Whether we “like” them or want them to win or not.
    But thank you all overall though. Many years of great lurking.
    But I guess I’m done lurking and will contribute more now that I’ve taken the leap. Lol.

    • mm22

      Hi buster- The contestant know what they sign up for 24/7 live feeds.
      Their personalities are seen by the viewers and viewers comment. I
      personally have no problem with them being called out on behavior good or bad.
      Own your actions -if they don’t want to be perceived a certain way they shouldn’t
      act that way. And lets not forget that several just want camera time
      good or bad they hope to be trending, which they have said.

    • amareels

      Hi Buster, welcome!

    • LynnD

      Good Morning Buster. Welcome to the chat. I understand what your saying. And there are a few of us (myself included) that come here to vent our frustration on the actions & attitudes of the hg. I cannot speak for the others here but I don’t mock anyones physical appearance (I have NO room to do that) but I will mock there game, attitude, actions etc. they signed up for it. If they did not want people to pick them apart then they are on the wrong show. Also, maybe they should watch how they behave. I hope that did not come off bitchy? That is not what I was going for. I think Tam & Dan just made me so hungry for bacon that I’m acting bitchy!

      • Tam

        Good morning, LynnD. 😉 Agree with you on that! Sorry for making you hangry, lol. Speak it, honey. Feel the same about what you have said. Amen, amen, and amen…..

    • ElaineB

      Folks have a right to their opinions and snarky sense of humor. Bypass the people/comments that offend you and read what you want. I don’t feel bad for folks who sign up to be on reality TV, especially ones with feeds. BB has been around long enough, for them to know the drill. Though personally, I don’t like a lot of the nicknames, I don’t tell others how to comment on the site either.

    • Nancy

      Welcome buster

  33. Nikki

    Thanks for the late night blow by blows NK!

  34. Avatar

    Thanks NK for the commentary.

    Go Nicole! Now let’s hope Tommy tells everyone how nasty Holly was talking about Christie and calling her a sociopath. And, hopefully, Cliff has little influence on the jury because I can see him messing up Nicole’s game in the jury, too. He needs to be quiet!!! His mouth has gotten Nicole in enough trouble already.

    Just an fyi – I think Nicole is a verbal processor and why she talks a lot and says too much. She has to get the words out to process the situation. Unfortunately, it had backfired on her. She reminds me of me, and is one of the reasons Michie and Holly are on my bad list. They pretend that they wanted her all along, but they really only wanted her and Cliff because they thought they would be easy to beat at the end. Let’s go “Nugget”!!!! Prove them wrong!

  35. hogwild

    I think Nicole can take Holly in round two Go Nugget!!!! FYI just cast ten more votes for nicole as AFP.

  36. nancy

    Not sure why I can’t find my way to the voting but can someone post a link?

  37. Houseguest Doug

    Jackson is inevitable!

    • Houseguest Doug

      Jackson looks like Thanos and is a douchebag like Thanos so why not call him Thanos.

      He has snapped his fingers and half of the threats to win the game are gone. The final HOH is the last infinity stone and with that he and Holly will be in the Final two.

      Jackson will get his confetti and a check for $500,000.00 USD and a spot with Holly on next Season Amazing Race.

      If Analyse had any kind of an interesting personality her and Jack would have been a lock to also be on Amazing Race. Christie and Tommy have a very good shot especially since they are both members of the LGBQT community. We know that inclusion is a big deal these days so having a member of the gay community on a show is a must.

      • hogwild

        Thanos lost in the end.

      • Houseguest Doug

        Yes Thanos did lose in the end.

        So would it not be funny and totally piss off the entire BB fan base if Jackson and Holly make it to final 2 and a spiteful Jury vote Holly the winner.

        That would be F’n hilarious. Jackson would be gobbed smacked and everyone in this feed would lose their shit if Holly won.

        But alas if Jackson is F2 I am pretty sure he wins in the end.

        It is hard to know what the Jury is thinking as Production edits the crap out of the feeds so they have us watch what they want us to see.

        Prediction: Jackson vs Nicole in F2

        Jack: Jackson
        Kat: Nicole
        Analyse: Jackson
        Nick: Jackson
        Jessica: Nicole
        Christie: Nicole
        Tommy: Nicole
        Cliff: Nicole
        Holly: Jackson

        Nicole wins 5-4

        Jackson vs Holly

        Jack: Jackson
        Kat: Holly
        Analyse: Holly
        Nick: Jackson
        Jessica: Holly
        Christie: Jackson
        Tommy: Jackson
        Cliff: Jackson
        Nicole: Jackson

      • hogwild

        The one thing I took from the jury segment last night was they seemed to getting more respect for Nicole and her game. Jackson probably does make F2 baring a miracle but his jury management is up there with Paul’s in season 19 and we know how that ended.

      • Betty Boo

        What about Holly vs. Nicole votes?

  38. KLew

    In any universe, does Holly take Nicole to F2? If Holly pulls out a W in stages 2 & 3, would it in any way benefit her choosing Nicole over Jackson? Could she think Jackson’s gameplay was strong enough to win over the jury, therefore leaving her as 2nd place? Or would she consider keeping Nicole, convinced that her (Holly’s) game play would beat Nicole in an F2? If Jackson makes F2, I see him winning regardless of who he’s sitting next to. But I honestly think Holly stands a better chance against Nicole. Hmmmm…

    • ShoeLover

      I have been thinking about this too, KLew.

      It depends. Does Holly see herself as the winner or the next best option the $50,000 option? Is she really thinking this through?? I know Jackson is here to win it no matter what. He may be dragging Holly along, but he has never lost the sight of $500,000. $50,000 is a nice chunk of change and I wonder why others often fall into that place of settling. I haven’t gotten the impression of Holly really wanting to win, or she could surprise us all and tell Jackson to pack sand and choose Nicole as her final two.

      Some houseguests put it all out there for us to know from the start and they never lose sight. Then there are others, Like Holly, who fall off track and leave us wondering!

    • Avatar

      Now that Cliff is in Jury, I don’t see him doing any further damage to Nicole’s game. In fact, at this point I see Nicole winning IF she wins final HoH:

      * Nicole wins HoH
      * Nicole evicts Jackson (fulfills the vendetta).
      * Nicole gets at least six, maybe seven votes.
      * Nicole wins. Beth gets $50k

      And in truth, I sense (mainly because he couldn’t figure out Jury management) that Jackson loses in F2 whether he’s with Beth or Nicole.

      * (1 2) Tommy and Christie are locks against him
      * (3) Sis is a lock against him
      * (4) Cliff is a lock against him

      With Beth in Jury:

      * (5) Nick will vote for Nicole – that’s vote #5 against JJ – he gets $50k

      With Nicole in Jury:

      * (5) Nicole will vote for Beth – that’s vote #5 against JJ – he gets $50k

      He has a better chance IF and only IF he sends Beth to Jury. I think Beth there is JJ’s only chance of flipping Nick to his side. Also, up against Nicole, he’s pretty much assured Kat and Jess’ vote. And Jack will vote for him regardless.

      Bottom line. Beth in Jury secures him four votes, with Nick being the determinant. Nicole in Jury guarantees Beth $500k.

      Great at the comps – bad at Jury management. Here’s hoping Nicole wins rounds 2 and 3 and evicts his @$$.

  39. Betty Boo

    The AFP poll on CBS is showing Nicole winning for the moment! I tried to screen shot it and post as my avatar and it cut it off somehow…..

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