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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Evening Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


It’s Saturday night and the veto competition is complete! Zingbot was in the house today but I haven’t heard any of his zings yet. They should end up talking about them at some point so I’ll update when I hear them.

The big story is that Jackson won the veto competition which means I have no clue what is going to happen this week. Holly wants Nick to go, there is no doubt about that, but as I mentioned in the previous thread, she also has America in her head. If you noticed on Thursday night, Holly looked a little weird when voting. That is because she heard the gasps in the audience after voting out Sis. This threw her off and prevented her from doing the shoutouts she wanted to do. She’s been stressing about that vote since that point because she is terrified of being hated by America. Jackson? He doesn’t seem to care. For what little Jackson cares about our feelings toward him, Holly more than makes up for it.

That could play a huge factor this week in who goes home due to Nick winning a power from America. I am not sure she’ll want to risk being the person to send him home a week after turning on her friend who she thinks may be a minor celebrity outside the house (referring to Sis. The house wonders if Sis was a well-liked celebrity because of that gasp). Nick also happens to be Holly’s nominee so she has control over the replacement nom if she removes him. She’ll have no control if Christie is removed, so that move is unlikely.


With Holly and Jackson running the house lately, they really need to think about their jury management and right now it’s been poor. They likely lost the vote of Analyse and Jack after last week promising her safety then flipping. They promised Christie she’s no the target this week so if they flip on her, it’s not a good look for them at all. The least damage they can do this week is just keep noms the same and try to get Nick out regardless of what America thinks.



  • Jackson – Should I call you Jackson? Should I call you Michie? Or should I call you what you are? A pompous douchebag!  Also mentioned chess not checkers
  • Holly got called an old buzzard lol Oh man



4:45 pm – Christie is up in the HoH room while Nicole is spending some time with Nick. That Nicole/Nick thing is weird. Something I haven’t talked about much this season but I’ll try to touch on it later on

Christie leaves and Cliff is still there.  He (Cliff) begins talking about how his alliance with Jackson and Holly and then says ‘I’m not going to tell Tommy that he’s out next’ then Tommy walks in the HoH room. Not sure how much he heard

Holly says she can’t take two shots at Nick and miss both times. She needs him gone

5:55 pm – There is nothing going on in the house. These clowns aren’t even talking about zingbot. Ugh.


9:00 pm – Long time between updates because there has been nothing going on tonight. This summarizes the feeds:


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  1. J-Ski

    I’m just afraid of crusty winning the whole thing because they seem to be under her spell

  2. Alda

    Apparently Zingbot called Nicole a boring loser with no friends,and Jess a snoozefest.

  3. AIO_7

    Hey Steve; something is wrong with our THUMBS.

  4. Tam

    That picture above just is beyond…….Sorry, but it does make me think of Shrek!!!!!!!! Did I just hear JHolly say that they are getting rid of NN and keeping Shrek? Hard decision between two Devils, I guess…….King and Queen in the palace is hard to hear!!!

  5. Nikki

    In the Big Brother Announcer voice-
    *What can be done to get old ass Holly off the One Of The Most Easily Manipulated Christie pawns?!

    She’s pretty hopeless.

  6. Mr. Beardo

    I’m struggling to even find a song for BethwasHolly.. She’s so vanilla and boring to me.

  7. AIO_7

    EWWWWW! They are preening themselves like monkeys …


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  9. Avatar

    If They keep Christie, are we gonna hear a collective “dumb ass” across America?

  10. Mary

    I have an idea so the house isn’t so boring, Think they need to put in a big hamster wheel and make them work for some of there electricity. No laying in beds feeling sorry for yourself, or cuddling. They have to easy. Plus every time we get fish for them singing they have to get one the wheel and give us 20 minutes.

  11. Helen

    I just can’t with the Nick and Nicole story line anymore…

  12. WhereisPablo

    Hopefully, now that JJ knows America gave Nick the Prankster, he will figure out that everyone wants CC gone. JJ is a lot of things, but he usually seems to be able to reason things out in a way that the selfabsorbed in the house cannot. If he passes this info on to Beth, maybe her paranoia will work to take NN down. ???

  13. Robin

    Well, replies aren’t going where you put them Steve?

  14. Robin

    But I’m on ipad

  15. Annabelle

    Smdh but then again THAT probably REALLY will mess with Beth’s head and what America is thinking. I can’t wait til Chompy knows. No never mind she won’t realize what it means.

  16. RSdaughtersBD

    my too-late suggestions for Zingbot:
    to Christie: womm womm womm. We cant understand you when speaking while chewinnnnnng….ZING!
    to Cliff: Your wife secretly asked for a divorce because you’ve apparently moved on to Orwell. Nick is actually jealous…..ZING!
    to Holly: Hi Beth, if you keep f***ing Micky, all you future kids will be watermelon sprouts….ZING!
    to Nick: here, how do you like it (starts humping Nick)….ZING!
    to Nicole: I nearly forgot you were here, since you spend so much time in bed. I’m surprised Micky hasn’t crawled in there yet….ZING!
    to Tommy: You seem to have been auditioning for your next Broadway job all summer on this show. Your agent called, and said you actually got a part: you’ll be the lead in the sequel to Cats – it’s called RATS….ZING!
    to Jackson: Your mom calls Production every day. They tell her that they can’t edit EVERYthing you do. We can’t work with only watermelons and Holly’s cootchie…..ZING!
    to Jessica: I’m sure when the conversation gets dull around the house, you can always repeat all my zings. I know you love repeating information, whether invited to a conversation or not. I just hope you get half of the zings actually right….ZING!

    Share your best Zings!

  17. Helen

    Nick is just over the top with his sex talk with Tommy tonight…..

  18. davidsgirl

    My song for Nicole since she is always sleeping.


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  20. KelBel

    I can see the point of those who speculate it will be a null and void week because of this prankster theme…but do we really think CBS would go thru the trouble of having America vote for a prankster just to end up doing nothing with the power they gave us (rather the power they gave those of you who pay for the feeds…and I personally thank you for voting Nasty Nick as prankster in yet a 3rd seemingly failed attempt to get CC out)?

    With the way things are looking, I’m okay with the week resetting. I don’t want to see the one person with CC on their radar go home until the job is finished. It would just surprise me to see them do this ‘twist’ with America’s input and then basically prank America and the house.

  21. hogwild

    When the season is over Bella, Sis and Nicole should surround Nick and play this song.

  22. davidsgirl

    My song for Jess because she talks alot and produces no moves.


  23. davidsgirl

    Ok, I can tell I am bored tonight, having too much fun with this. Ha!

  24. Apopkedave

    So, this was just another wasted joke of a twist. Joker goes home.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Big Brother has a horrendous track record when it comes to these sorry ass twists. Usually the twist either ends up being a complete and utter non-factor or way too heavy-handed (e.g. Jeff’s coup-d’etat in season 11). The producers can’t seem to figure out how to execute twists properly so I wish they’d just drop them altogether.


  25. Helen

    How badly does Beth/Holly want Nick out ?
    If she really wants him out…create more enemies…ensure he goes…
    She knows Nick is prankster….she is safe..Jackson is safe…if she asks Jackson to take CC off and forces Nick to choose either Tommy,Cliff,Jess or Nicole he is sure to go
    I think BethHolly really could care less which one goes…her preference is Nick but she’d settle for Christie

  26. Delta

    I have a few song choices:
    from Tommy to Christie… Linger by The Cranberries,
    for Jessica: What’s Going On by 4 non blondes,
    for Cliff: Idiots are Everywhere,
    for Christie: Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac,
    from Nick to Sis: Hard to Handle by Back Crows.

  27. Avatar

    If TT let’s it be known he out Christie up to show the hg that he should leave, it might backfire. Beth hears gasp, worries about her image (she has a world of hurt when she realizes how much America doesn’t like her), she may switch her tune to CC. Hmmmm long week we will see

  28. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    “There is nothing going on in the house. These clowns aren’t even talking about zingbot. Ugh.”

    Thank god Christie’s still there to make all those interesting feeds! Ok, I’ll stop lol

  29. Mr. Beardo

    They’re all awful. I’ll repeat what I said previously. It’s like rooting for your favorite villain to beat Batman.

  30. Nancy

    Feel bad for NK tonight..I’ve turned away, I cant watch em anymore..sleep well you beautiful people…peace

  31. Sassy

    Nancy, make sure you take a body guard with you when you pick up Nasty. You should not be alone with his horny humping self.

    I think they need to retire Zingbot, he’s lived a good life.

    I’m fine with either of them leaving. I dislike both equally and wish they could both go.

    Because everyone left will be part of a pair, except Jess, she’s gonna be with us til the end! The pairs are gonna take each other out and she will be forgotten.

    I wonder if SS realizes she has been voted out yet.

  32. Mary

    If JJ wants to see some turkeys (cough- cough) . There are hundreds around me. Love it when the males are doing there ‘look at me’ with there tail feathers all spread out waiting………….. for the HOH shower.

  33. Mary

    Is Tommy still in the DR? Wonder if they told him how he is being seen with his love fest with Nick. What has been shown and heard on the live feeds and how people are reacting to it. Just wondering…….

  34. davidsgirl

    This is what happens when the HOH fails to give any good game or live feed content. We create our own about them. Ha!

  35. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: No title for tonight as I’ve been out all day with the the girls and we spent the entire evening at an All You Can Eat crab house and I’m in a partial crab coma. 🙂

    Living Room:

    Nick sings Cher’s “Do You Believe” and gets warned. CC sits at the table looking at the Memory Wall and teases JJ about his picture. Holly and Why-Is-She-There-Jess are laying on the sofa, covered up. Cliff is sitting in the chair, not saying much. JJ tells them the difference between an Oxford shirt and a Button-Downed. The guys discuss what type of shirts they wear to different events. Then they discuss ties. Everyone is still playing nice tonight.

    Now they are discussing the bird sounds again. They seem to be waiting for something (I haven’t watched the Feeds today, nor read the blogs or comments so I’m not sure what’s going on yet). Nick says that Nicole is listening to Shania. He says he’s pissed about his zing. JJ gets up from the sofa and CC jumps in his spot and covers up.


  36. Mr. Beardo

    I’ve lost all hope.. No happiness. No sadness. Just blah.

  37. NKogNeeTow



    TT is now with them and CC tells him that they thought he was the Prankster because he was in the DR so long. He says he was in there for 2 hours and it was fun. He gets warned by Production. Holly tells him they have been planning a prank on him for 45 minutes (not sure what it was, someone? Anyone?). *Everything is going over my head because I’ve missed so much.*

    TT starts teasing Nick about his zing and Production warns them again. CC says TT was Zingbot for the last 2 hours and they laugh. TT goes behind Nick and wraps his arm around is neck and tells him he loves him so much. JJ says “We got zinged today, how many people can say that?”. TT says it was so much fun. Nick says his zing didn’t even bother him and says that all Zingbot could come up with was his haircut? CC tells him that he’s brought it up at least 5 times so maybe it does.

    They start talking about their zings. Holly says something about Nick’s haircut. CC is laughing about it being long in the front and short in the back. Nick says it looks worse than what it is. TT tells him that his bangs look like Liza Minelli’s and they all laugh hysterically. TT then laughs and tells Nick that he loves him again. The jokes continue about Nick’s haircut. Nick keeps kind of making excuses and the more he talks the harder they laugh. TT asks him if he gave a shout-out to his barber. That makes all of them scream with laughter.


    • Colby

      It was stupid. When he came out of the DR they were going to tell him that something came up on the TV screen that he was the prankster and CC was going to act all pissed off and hurt.

  38. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Everyone wondering what time it is. They think it’s going to be a long night of DR’s. They discuss how they should go in. JJ tells Cliff he should go in wearing one of Jess’ sport’s bras. Jess says her will be about her sleeping. Cliff says that they made it past Zingbot. JJ adds, and the big table. He says just look at all the blacked-out faces (Memory Board) that aren’t here. They talk about Ovi, Jack, and Sam. CC jokes about Ovi thinking he was going to win come-back and return to the house.

    *They are “literally” talking about nothing.* CC is in unusually high spirits. *Did they all promise her she’s staying?* Holly comes back with a bowl of cereal as Cliff gets up and leaves.


    • Avatar

      Give them something please they are so boring.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        A pack of cards, a stick of gum, give them ANYTHING please…

      • Delta

        I’ve always felt like they should have more things to do in the house. They could be given cards, board games, puzzles…. etc. Those things would give them something to do while they talk and wait until the next competition. Outside they could have a basketball court or community garden that they take care of and send the vegetables to a shelter. There are SO many things that they could be given that wouldn’t take away from the game and it would make the feeds more interesting.

  39. Mary

    NK you didn’t miss much, it’s been as heck all night. Most of spent time posting music.

  40. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    JJ says they are finished with comps for the week and 5 more days until they get dressed up and wait for 45 minutes to cast a vote. Jess says as long as anyone doesn’t blow up. Cliff is now sitting there eating a bowl of cereal too. They have intermittent conversation, followed by short spirts of silence. Jess says she thinks they are just eating things just to pass the time.

    Cliff takes his bowl to the kitchen and tells them POP TV is on. Holly says that’s why she’s drinking a diet Coke at 10:30, to try to stay awake. They start to talk about shorts and chafing. *This might be as good as it gets guys*. Holly says she feels like people thinks she’s mean because of the buzzard remark. JJ tells her she’s fine and that he has 4 different reasons to believe he’s f*cked. She says again, that she feels like she’s seen as mean.*Maybe if she paid more attention to the game instead of her image…*

    JJ says that POP TV is going to be f*cked tonight if we’re watching them. CC says then they should give them something to do. CC says that they should give them some “owl-co-hol”. CC says she might just go to bed and get up when she’s called to the DR.


  41. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    JJ and Jess are talking about 24-hour clubs. Orwell is sitting on the sofa thinking how a deep fryer is more fun than this. Nicole comes in and they tell her she missed all the excitement. She asks what it was. They tell her nothing, then skim over some of the topics. They tell her that they teased Nick about his haircut and that JJ cried. Nicole asked why. JJ says from laughing. They launch into dragging Nick and his barber again, but not in a mean way, they are joking…or are they?

    They tell Nicole that they teased Nick so much that he wore a bowl on his head into the DR. JJ says his Mom is going to love him being a pompous douchebag. Cliff says JJ’s mom will say they just call him PDB at home. JJ starts to tell them a time he was pulled over.


  42. amareels

    OMG, can these people get any more boring. I’m nodding off, NK. Dan? You still up? Help us out and play us a tune.

  43. Mary

    Dan is entertaining guest tonight. He’ll probably drop in sometime…maybe.
    Another on bites the Dust-

  44. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    WISTJ is droning on about something. Quiet for a few moments. Nicole says her father is the abrasive one, he’s always yelling. Not in a mean way, he’s just loud. Jess says that her mom yells but says she not yelling she’s just loud. CC says her mom is the same way. Cliff says his father had partial hearing for the last 20 years of his life so he is used to yelling. He says when he’s talking and his wife tells him that she’s right there.

    CC says she’s loud. Cliff tells her how they will be downstairs and hear her upstairs laughing. Jess says that’s why she’s a snoozefest. Holly says they are all snoozefest. JJ calls them all sloths. Jess says she’s taking bets on the time. They all yell out a time and she goes to check. Nicole says she ends everything in a 7. Cliff says they are going to keep that in mind in case they are ever in a comp with her and have to do a tiebreaker.

    Jess says she’s going to take a nap in case something happens later. CC says she’s going to do the same. She tells them goodnight unless they get called for anything. Cliff tells CC to check under her pillow for a tooth or something. She asks him why the f*ck a tooth and they all laugh.


    WISTJ asks CC why is she a snoozefest? She says if she’s a snoozefest, why is she relevant? *You’re not* CC and Jess start talking about Nick and Jess says she thinks he is going to try to get them to take him off tomorrow. CC says it’s Holly’s HOH. CC says that they know that if she goes, it’s Nick’s house. CC tells Jess that JJ told Nick that he loves him but he’s not using the Veto and to just campaign. She says that Cliff pulled her to the side and told her he’s not keeping Nick because he and JJ in the house are just too scary. She says that TT told Holly he will vote however she wants. CC says she just wants Nick gone.


  45. Nikki

    Wouldn’t you think POP would want viewers? Or CBS would want people to pay for the feeds? Why would anyone pay to watch them sleep? (Other than an unsub from Criminal Minds.)

    Are the punishments done now?

    • amareels

      I love this song. I saw The Rolling Stones in concert back in the 80s in LA. I think it was their first “last” tour. Now30 plus years later they are still going on their last tour. Lol

  46. Mary

    Okay I’m done, you kids are on your own. Pleasant dreams…..

  47. NKogNeeTow



    Jess is telling CC that she wants to stay there and she feels like she played a good game and that maybe the zing affected her. She says that she feels that no one is relevant in this game. CC tells her that she’s cried every day, especially in the DR. She gets a warning. She tells Production that she’s just comforting a friend. CC says that she feels America hates her because she’s spirited and opinionated but she doesn’t judge people. *Oh God, I’m hating her with each passing minute.*

    Jess says that she feels like she just doesn’t say things. *Yet your ass is always talking.* jess says she says one thing one day then feels a completely different way about it the next day. Jess says that Steve thinks she’s the perfect wife and doesn’t understand why her first relationship ended. *Steve must have extremely low expectations.* Jess says she’s so blunt. CC says that her ex would say the same thing about her.

    Living Room:

    TT is sitting there with a white strip over his nose. Nicole says that at least they woke people up before pieing them. TT says he hopes he didn’t embarrass himself. Cliff tells him that he was fine, he was just in shock. TT says it was because he was up all night studying the birds. Nicole says that because it had nothing to do with birds that it was so stupid. Cliff and TT start to imitate the birds. Nicole says she was in the boat room talking to her family when she would hear the bird messages.

    Nicole says she feels her family is always watching. TT gets up to throw away the thing on his nose.


  48. NKogNeeTow



    Irrelevant Jess and CC are still talking. TT is there now. CC imitates a face that Jess makes when she wants to say something. CC says she and Jess are similar. *Maybe that’s why I want to hire a hitman for both of them.* Jess says she wants to watch the show and see herself. Cliff comes in and sits down and CC tells him that she cries every day because of the way that people may see her. She says her parents tell that sometimes she has to bite her tongue. She says that she feels that sometimes she feels America feels she’s a fraud. *You are.*

    She says that sometimes Holly asks her what does she think America feels about her. TT says who cares. Cliff tells her that they don’t see things that America does as faults. CC says she’s loving herself a lot less there. *Us too* Cliff tells her that they all have times when they look at themselves and say that it isn’t fun but just something they have to do. CC says that when she comes out of the house she wants to do some soul searching. *B*tch, the devil’s got no soul*

    TT tells her that as they dwindle down there won’t be a lot of telephoning and whispering. *Yet you and Nick manage to do it every night* He says because they all know each other better now it’s going to get less stressful. CC says she feels more at peace than she did last week. *That’s because they kept your sorry azz last week so you feel safe now* Jess says that there isn’t one person in the house that hasn’t played a good game.

    TT says 8 people went before them. Cliff says and some good ones too. Jess says it could be a shit-ton worse. She said it could be 8 people not talking to each other. TT says that will never happen. CC says it will be harder to lose people now. TT says that if you win HOH it’s a tough spot and you have to hope that other people will take out someone you like. Cliff says he’s going to go to bed.


  49. NKogNeeTow

    Music Is The Queen Of My Soul – Average White Band https://youtu.be/u_LnFjGuQ1I

    My number one favorite by them.

  50. Avatar

    I will post a few of my favorite songs since the house is super boring right now

    1st one Safe and Sound by Capital Cities (This one will probably be one of the iconic one hit wonders from this decade)


  51. NKogNeeTow



    Holly and JJ laying in bed quiet.


    CC is asking if America hates her that much to put her up, do they hate her for being loud? TT and Jess say no. CC talks about her zing. Jess says it was about her chewing. Cliff calls TT into the Targe room.


    Holly and JJ still laying quietly. She asks him if he wants her to guess. He says sure. She says something about the type of jokes he makes with Nick. He doesn’t respond, He then says there are so many things he’s doing and not doing trying not to be a douchbag. He is clearly more upset about his zing than he let on downstairs. He says he doesn’t want to get caught working out, or looking shredded or talking so he won’t look like a douchebag. He says he’s just going to keep his f*cking mouth shut. She tells him he’s a good person. He doesn’t respond.


    Nick and TT are now in the room. Nick is talking about his hair. Nick says he just feels bad that his barber might get talked about. He says he usually gets compliments on his haircuts.


    JJ tells Holly that if he pushes her away, don’t be surprised. She says she’s just playing. He says she’s always talking about her image. She says again that she’s just playing. He says she’s always talking about her image and he just doesn’t care. He says she’s always giving him input. He sounds annoyed. *Trouble in paradise?*


  52. Avatar

    2nd song is Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve (I love the Cruel Intentions soundtrack)


  53. NKogNeeTow



    Nick asks TT what he would have said about him. TT says that he can come to his Mom’s hair salon. Nick rolls over on his stomach and TT hugs him and throws his leg over him and they all laugh. CC says that maybe the haircut zing was because they had already did a zing about Frankie so another gay zing might have been overkill. CC says that Cliff’s zing was boring. Nick says Cliff’s was awful. He says that Cliff does milk his injuries and they all laugh. He then says that he loves Cliff. Nick tells CC that she should spray gell into Cliff’s hat but CC says he would know because it expands.

    Nick tells CC she should prank JJ. She says no because she’s OTB. They laugh. TT tells Nick that he came to BB and got hot. Nick thanks him. TT says he doesn’t know what it is. CC says it’s called love. jess says the day Bella got evicted was the day that Nick looked the best. Nick says he’s tried to get a haircut for the last 2 weeks. He says f*ck it, he’s OTB anyway.


  54. Avatar

    3rd is Edge of the Blade by Journey (I love the Frontiers album)


  55. NKogNeeTow

    Feeling in an Average White Band mood tonight.

    A Love of My Own https://youtu.be/bXtaTmpkT8g

    If I Ever Lose This Heaven https://youtu.be/G60OkN_qbWs

    School Boy Crush https://youtu.be/Ki5aS5LSrQM

  56. Avatar

    4th is Don’t Stop Believin’by The Rock of Ages movie cast (if you like 80’s Rock and musicals then I recommend watching Rock of Ages every song in it is a iconic 80’s Rock hit)


  57. amareels

    I’m heading on out. Thanks everyone for the music. Good night!

  58. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling them about how Kat tried on Kemi’s bathing suit. She said she told Kemi and she was mad about it. CC couldn’t understand Kemi being mad. *Um, maybe because she didn’t want Kat Kooties all over the crotch?*
    Cliff comes in and says he can’t sleep. Nick says that Nicole is reading the Bible. TT is cutting Nick’s toenails. CC says boys are gross.

    Nick starts to talk about his weight. He said he had gotten up to 215 and when his friends told him he lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. He said he would like to go down to 185. Uncle Cliff is sitting on the side of the bed in his skivvies, a pair of underpants wrapped around his head and shirtless. *Cute* TT is still in search of toe-cheese. Production tells Jess, Cliff, and Nicole to make pies and surprise somebody. Nick says he’s hiding. CC yells that she’s OTB so it should be her. Nicole says how can you surprise someone when they just announced it.

    Nicole gets her supplies from the SR. Cliff says he’ll be there in a minute. TT is waiting for her in the kitchen and tells her he volunteered. Cliff comes back and says how can it be a surprise if there are only 5 people. Cliff makes his pie and asks Nicole if he should go get CC first and let Jess get someone else. Nicole and Cliff walk around looking for someone. Everyone has disappeared. They go into the boat room and find TT. Cliff tells him he will be gentle and TT comes out into the kitchen. Cliff tells TT to pick which one he wants to pie him.

    Cliff tells TT he will be very gentle and pies Tt. CC come in and tells them to be gentle because she’s OTB. Jess gets CC. Nicole goes upstairs and walks into the HOH. The room is empty and dark. Nicole turns on the light and JJ jumps out and pushes Nicole’s pie into her face. They all laugh and he runs downstairs and she chases him. He runs into the living room and jumps on the coffee table. She fixes another pie then chases him around. They get a warning of no horsing around.

    Nicole chases JJ all through the house and he gets away. She and Cliff run back into the SR and she quickly makes another pie. JJ gets called out by Production. Nicole comes out and JJ is standing up on the landing. Cliff tells him that Nicole is crying just a little bit. JJ laughs and doesn’t believe it. Nicole hides outside the camper while Cliff goes to get JJ.

    Nicole goes into the kitchen and sees JJ going out into the backyard. Nicole tells him she will stand in front of the door all night. JJ runs all around the yard with her chasing. He runs inside with her following closely. he gets inside and closes the door. While she waits, he suddenly runs outside and pushes her pie in her face again, then runs off. She goes to the SR and makes another pie and tells BB that she needs help.

    TT starts to put a bench across the SR door but then moves it back. In the SR, Nicole asks BB if they could let her out that back door and let her go through the DR. Outside of the door, JJ runs away.


    • mm22

      I’m so grossed out by them constantly picking, popping n clippin on nick-
      Just stop it I can’t take any more! Let the lazy ass groom himself or not
      I don’t care just stop doing it!

  59. Avatar

    5th is Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy


  60. NKogNeeTow


    JJ is standing outside the SR door holding a pie. Nicole is inside of the SR holding a pie in each hand. She whispers that she will sleep in there. JJ moves back outside the camper. Nicole gets on the floor of the SR and peeps under the door. She gets up and adds more whipped cream to the 2 pies. JJ is now standing back from the hallway and waiting quietly. Both are holding their positions.

    Nicole is leaning against the table in the SR, in front of the door. JJ is leaning on a dresser outside of the camper. He gets a bean bag and sits down to wait. Cliff is now standing back in the kitchen holding a pie. JJ gets up and gets a cushion and puts it in front of him and goes to the SR door and suddenly opens it. Nicole jumps out and they both miss each other with the pies. He runs out into the kitchen and she tells she’ll get him. He yells that he’s 0 for 2.

    CC and Jess tell JJ that Nicole is out for blood. Cliff sweeps up the mess between the living room and the kitchen.


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  62. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is running upstairs. Nicole says it’s unfreaking believable. She says she doesn’t know if he’s just that good or she just suck. CC says she thinks he’s that good.


    Nick is telling TT about his convo with JJ. He said he had to think of a way debunk that he(N) wouldn’t put him up. TT asks what if JJ takes CC down. Nick says he’s thought of everything that he thought of 3 people to put up. Tt tells him that if there was anyone up there besides CC that Nick would have TT’s vote. * Sounds like TT knows that Nick is the Prankster.* TT asks Nick what if they put Jess up. Nick tells TT that Holly was the one who put him up so she wouldn’t put anyone up there that might go out over him.

    Production says “Chill Out”, and it doesn’t sound very friendly. Earlier CC came out and told TT and Nick that Nicole had tried to throw a bucket of water on JJ.


  63. NKogNeeTow



    Nick asks TT who would he have to approach first. TT says JJ. Nick says but Holly put him up there. TT says but they are playing different games. Nick says that if that was the case then JJ would use the Veto on him. Nick asks if Nicole would vote Jess out. TT tells him that he has to be careful how he pitches to JJ. Nick tells TT that he needs information. TT tells him that he doesn’t have any and that he doesn’t know.

    Nick tries to count the votes if JJ takes CC down. He wants to know where that leaves him going forward. Nick says that’s a thought he will approach JJ with. He says he has to talk to Cliff first. TT says he can’t say anymore but before he found out who the Prankster was, he promised CC that he wouldn’t vote her out. He said that the plan was even if she had won, she wasn’t coming off. He asks Nick to let it stay right there. *It won’t*

    Nick says that sucks and it’s shitty. He asks TT when did this happen, before today? TT says yes. He also said that he gave his word in front of other people. Nick is not the happy camper and is extremely worried.


  64. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole finally got JJ with the pie. She is rejoicing.


    TT is telling Nick what to say to JJ to make him use the Veto on him. He says to tell JJ that he will replace with anyone he chooses. Nick says he will have to pitch to Holly too. TT says to promise her safety and to tell them that he’s good for their game because he showed them loyalty by not putting them up, that they can ask in the DR that he’s the prankster, that they can use him as a pawn next week *Didn’t they already go through that with CC?* He says to tells them that he deserves a fair shot, he will throw the next HOH. TT tells him that when he talks to them tell them than TT, JJ, Holly, and CC were talking right before the Veto comp.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! And I’m too tired to read anything else tonight so I’m going to drag my crab ladened azz to bed (there is something about the ways that’s worded that just sounds all kinds of wrong). Until we meet tomorrow night, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • LynnD

      As usual I really need to read your awesome updates before I post things. But I jump ahead of myself when I have a thought in my head sometimes I just want to get on here and put my two cents in. You definitely do an awesome job and keeping everybody fully informed. Thanks NK

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Bennett, Gerardo, Ski, Robin and anyone else who’s still awake out there. 🙂

  66. NKogNeeTow

    Okay so I couldn’t go to sleep without reading the blog and your comments. Good job with the music guy!

    For CC:

    Leave (Get Out) – JoJo https://youtu.be/ggWyUEuGcWY

    I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry https://youtu.be/tAp9BKosZXs

    Don’t Get Fooled Again – The Who https://youtu.be/SHhrZgojY1Q

  67. NKogNeeTow

    For Nick:

    Atomic Dog – George Clinton and The Parliment Funkadelic https://youtu.be/LuyS9M8T03A

    O.P.P – Naughty By Nature https://youtu.be/7f7FuDagYLU

    Who Are You – The Who https://youtu.be/r5kmCgVhADY

    Hound Dog – Elvis Presley https://youtu.be/lzQ8GDBA8Is

    Smooth Operator – Sade https://youtu.be/4TYv2PhG89A

  68. NKogNeeTow

    I love New York

    Funkin For Jamaica – Tom Browne https://youtu.be/uuUy2ShGLyo

    New York New York – Frank Sinatra https://youtu.be/gFwuHsra6Oc

    Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys https://youtu.be/bLNLKaHn6Bo

    Native New Yorker – Odyssey https://youtu.be/h1rH_iaZkv0

    Harlem River Drive – Bobbi Humphrey https://youtu.be/-3K9DiueMts

  69. NKogNeeTow

    Last 2 just for fun

    Spill The Wine – Eric Burdon and War https://youtu.be/W77Kwh6f0TE

    The Rain – Oran “Juice” Jones (I mainly like the ending) https://youtu.be/9dZW1C3neao

  70. Mello_One

    Nicole just mentioned in the Boat Room that she wants Christie gone this week, & she wants to talk to Cliff about them going forward in the game.

  71. mm22

    Maybe I’m wrong but hollybeth the audience’s reaction wasn’t cause you’re
    mean (but u r) it’s because you voted out the wrong person! We have
    sent hints but you’re misinterpreting them you idiot. Maybe if you remove that
    head full of extensions something will get thru!

  72. LynnD

    I tried to get up a little extra early this morning so that I could try to watch some bbad this morning before I tried to get some housework done around here I’ve been neglecting for weeks. And here it is 11:15 and I am still sitting here watching bbad more entertained then I think I have been all season. The little bit of game talk between Tommy and Nick was pretty good but the highlight of the evening had to be the pie chase between Nicole and JJ. It was nice to see a lighter side of the house and a playful side of JJ.

    • LynnD

      7 minutes left to be bbad and now I have to backtrack what I said about NN. Why would he tell Tommy he’s going to offer to throw HOH when he made it very clear and kept swearing up and down he has not thrown any competitions. Right now he gets the #STFU

  73. Leta

    WAKE UP JUNKSTERS! It’s time for a little Sunday mornin’ churchin’


  74. Leta

    Mornin’ dan ~~ see y’all had a party up in here —- without me last night. Some good tunes to wake up to while I read thru the threads. I’ll up you with this one. I love her voice.


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