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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Night Fever

Good evening, everyone!


Here we are, with 9 days remaining in the season, we are about 95% sure who will make up the final 3. The final PoV happened tonight and the winner not only secured their way into the final 3, but basically had the power to choose who they sat next to (with the exception of Nicole winning who was already secured plus she only picks one of the final 3).

All last week I broke down the decision Cliff and Nicole had to make on Thursday night – Keep Tommy or Holly. In every scenario, I had it locked that Jackson would win this PoV and sure enough, Jackson won the PoV. That’s because most PoVs are a big mixture of intelligence and physical and Jackson has both. The dude was built for veto comps and next to the other three, he had an even larger advantage.

That is where I’ll mark mistake 1 from the Cliff and Nicole side because they had a chance to get out Jackson during the double eviction, but they stuck with him and Holly.


Mistake 2 was keeping Holly over Tommy when Cliff himself admitted that there is a very good chance he’ll finish in 4th place if they go to the final 4 with Jackson and Holly. He told everyone this! He sat down and told Tommy (and I’m paraphrasing) “If you go to the final 4, I can finish 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or even 1st. If we take Holly, there is a good chance I’ll only finish 4th”. He didn’t listen to himself and sure enough, he should be finishing 4th.

Mistake 3 was Cliff telling Jackson that he was going to take Nicole to the final 2 in the super rare situation that Cliff actually ever had that option. I mean I have a better chance at taking Nicole to the final 2 than Cliff does and I’m 3k miles away and not in the game. That gave Jackson the opening to take Holly to the final 2 because how could he not after that? He’d look like a moron choosing Cliff – someone who won’t take him – over his girlfriend.  His planned pity party of holding Jackson to his word may hold more weight if Jackson believed Cliff was going to betray his ride or die for him as well.

As I mentioned in the other thread, Cliff has been receiving (deservedly so) a lot of flack for this, but he’s also a large reason why Nicole made it as far as she did. On a week to week basis, Cliff was usually in there with working knowledge of who was going home. When Cliff was in trouble, he’d cut deals to save himself and also usually threw Nicole in the safety sphere. He is like the player who carries his team into the playoffs and then disappears during the important games. It’s frustrating to see them disappear, but you also have to appreciate that you wouldn’t be playing in the playoffs without him. Nicole still has a real chance at making the final 2. Sure, it’s not nearly as good as a Jackson, Nicole, Cliff final 3, but she’s still in the game.

How do you feel about this final 3 – assuming Jackson does what everyone is expecting him to do and vote out Cliff?




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  1. Valerie

    I must say I’m kinda done now with this season. Jackson was a king and allowed to make it his world by breaking all the rules with no penalties. I was looking forward to Jackson and Holly fighting this week. Now it will just be unbearable to watch the fakeness for me. Unless Holly goes crazy again or Nicole wins 2 comps it is the showmance for the win. JJ and Beth already had huge egos and will now be unbearable in that. They will steal the HOH for the rest of the week under the lie Holly is leaving. They will just be so cocky and yes they deserve to be in some ways but with such unlikable people it just becomes to much. Thank goodness for your site because I will barely be able to get through these next through days. Poor Nicole stuck being the 3rd wheel to the sex buddies for so long. BB21 is kinda over to me unless Nicole wins 2 comps. No drama, just the showmance from hell winning it all.

  2. hogwild

    I say the rest of the season is pretty much anti climatic baring Nicole winning the final HOH so I’m likely through for this season don’t even feel like doing anymore memes.

    • Jen

      Omg. I just found myself missing Tommy!!! I couldn’t stand him at the time, but these 4 are just so dull to watch.

      You guys doing all the live fee recaps are amazing and awesome. I cant say it enough!
      A big THANKS Nikki, Mel and Steve!!!

  3. Valerie

    Oh and now that a showmance made it to the end everyone will now try to hook up even more now. BB turned into a sex show with people trying to get on other shows as a pair. Goodbye BB you will never be the same after this winning game formula and none BB fans recruited.

  4. BBGurl

    Very good summary Steve. I feel great about this Final 3.

  5. Betty Boo

    So Nicole was right. You’ve got to break up the shomances.

  6. JennX

    I’m over the stunt casting and Instagram recruiting. Thousands of actual fan send in applications and it’s just lazy for the casting people to just recruit “beautiful obliviots”
    Next year if it’s another round of influencers with a token super fan I’m not gonna even bother getting invested

  7. Nikki

    The way I see it is:
    Cliff has about a 2% chance at staying. That 2% is based solely on him seeing the writing on the wall, dropping his “nice guy” persona, and fighting with both barrels firing.
    His only option is to antagonize Beth to totally lose her shit with jealous nature over JJ.

    Ok, I’ve reassessed. Everything I’ve said is true… except I now give Cliff a .5% chance at staying… ugh.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD **Started at end of previous thread. Tried to cut an paste her but unable to do it in Firefox.**

    Outer Bedroom:

    Nicole is talking to the Bedbugs. The Trampoline is telling them about a dream she had. *Nope, still not trying to listen to her.* She goes into another story about her brother Stanley that she loves but doesn’t like, and says she loves him. Now she’s talking about a wedding she went to that had a camping theme that lasted for days and some other bullshit. She said the groom got bit on the butt by an otter and it became a running joke and he had to go to the hospital, and some other bullshit. She says she loves water buffaloes and the deadliest are the African buffaloes, and some other bullshit.

    She continues about how in Wyoming they have to grow hay so that in the winter they can feed the horses, then goes into how they hook up the wagon and go through the pastures but now they use wagons, and some other bullshit. She says there is a picture of baby Holly at 3 years old wearing a liariat, and some other bullshit. JJ tells her that she’s still cute, and some other bullshit.

    Nicole makes a joke and tells them she’s not really from NY and this is all a front. FAH says something else but I’m tuning her out for a bit. Nicole says she thinks she’s lost her accent. They tell her she hasn’t.


  9. Gerardo for AFP

    “with 9 days remaining in the season”

    Oh Steve, you always know just what to say to cheer me up!


  10. Avatar

    Here’s a repost of the link to tonight’s BBAD playlist because I know tonight is going be extremely boring or these idiots are you to piss off a lot of people.


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  12. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    Nicole is now laying in the bed with JJ in the middle with his arms around both of them. He tells his mama he loves her and misses her and says he has a 1 in 3 chance to win 500k. The Trampoline pipes in that she misses her mama too and she’s the best woman she knows, and some other bullshit. Nicole says she misses her mams. JJ says Nicole’s mother’s name. Nicole says “Yep”.

    JJ starts saying the names Kathleen and Clydeen. This prompts The Trampoline to tell a story about a grandmother she has named Clydeen and how she told her she didn’t have a birthday present for her but when her grandma opened the door she was standing there on the phone, and some other bullshit. Nicole tells her that’s so sweet, which prompts the Queen of Bullshit to further elaborate into another story about interviewing granny about her childhood. She goes on, and on, and on, about…you guessed it! MORE BULLSHIT!

    Oh, and before I forget, Kiss-My-Ass-Jackson is now using the term PTSD now too. He told Nicole earlier that he had an attack of it. *This is the reason I started H-A-T-I-N-G that POS concubine of his. Having dealt with someone in real life who suffered PTSD from a war and being a casualty of war, it was not pretty nor something to be taken lightly. There is NOTHING anyone can ever say to change my mind about her.*


  13. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    JJ, FAH and Nicole leave and go into the kitchen. FAH says she should have brought the blanket. Nicole goes to get it for her. JJ and FAH kiss and hug and he whispers something to her about day 99. Nicole comes back as Production tells them to check the SR. They run in and JJ keeps saying “Please let there be alcohol”. They find tie dye tee shirts. They decide to wait for Cliff. There are about 40 watermelons on the counter and I’d like to alternate using all of them between batting practice and bowling. JJ tells them to lets go up and play Chess. They go upstairs to the HOH.

    Nicole is giddy. *That won’t last long.* She offers them anything they want. JJ asks BB if they could get the monitor back. *What the hell is there to watch?* Nicole says she misses grape soda. FAH says she has to tee-tee. *Rolling my f*cking eyes.* JJ comes over and hugs Nicole and tells her they are going to be in the house until day 99.

    JJ says he was so relieved when he went out and there were no f*cking faces. FAH and JJ sit down to play Chess. Nicole tells BB that they need Cliff. She asks how long is POP TV on. He says until midnight. The Trampoline is talking again. This time it’s something about her boss, and some other bullshit. Nicole goes back to talking to grape soda again. JJ tries the monitor again and it works and he thanks BB. FAH says he just had to click the remote twice.

    FAH ask for a reminder of how the Chess pieces move again. JJ gives her a quick refresher. Nicole says she’s so excited about tie-dying.


  14. mm22

    How do you feel about this final 3 – well steve I feel pretty pissed right now.
    I would root for Nicole but don’t think she gonna be there much longer cause
    she’ll be eaten alive by the two piranhas!

  15. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole says she’s impatient because she wants to tie-dye. She gets her headphones and puts them on while the Queen and King of Bullshit play Chess. Nicole lays on the bed and listens to music. *Shame on BB for not giving them alcohol but it seems like the King and Queen are on a natural high right now so it might not even matter. This might be as exciting as the night gets.*

    The Chess game continues. Nicole still listening to music but with a somewhat serious look on her face.


  16. JennX

    I’m amused that when Beth is prattling on about bullshit, horseshit, giraffe shit and otter shit Snackson get the blank expression of utter boredom. But when Nicole talks he lights up and gets goofy and playful. Beth has definitely taken note and tries to mimic whatever Nicole has done that gets a positive response.
    And Holly has the weirdest cadence when she starts the word vomit and bullshit. Almost like she is trying to come up with as many details as possible to convince the conscripted audience that her bullshit is intact not bullshit but a true story (that she just made up)

    • danmtruth

      Word vomit is perfect for what she is doing She just wants to hear her voice Also she does not want to let Nicole talk Funny thing is Nicole has always been a person who limited her talking purposely So when she does speak it means something As the old saying goes Better to keep your mouth shut abd apear the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt

    • NKogNeeTow

      Most of the time when someone is pausing, stammering, or grasping for words when talking or telling a story they are either trying to remember the lie or concocting it as they go along. She does all 3 at the same time.

  17. mm22

    Twitter is saying this season of big brother had extremely high viewership
    and it’s not likely production will make any major changes to the show-
    There’s no way in hell viewership can be that high with this cast of losers!

  18. NKogNeeTow



    The Chess game continues. The camera zooms in on a trough of watermelon by JJ. Nicole still listening to music. *Two glorious hours to go folks!*

    *I must say that for two people who are getting ready to slit 2 throats they are cool, calm and collected. Kinda giving off a O.J.Simpson, Jody Arias kind of vibe.

    The game continues. Nicole says she wants Cliff to come so they can tie-dye. FAH says let’s just do it tomorrow. Nicole ask if the tie-dye came from POP. She gets a warning. She says she wants to know because if it came from POP she wants to do it tonight but if not…JJ says they can wait. JJ ask if they can do it tomorrow. Production doesn’t answer. FAH says they can do it outside tomorrow and it won’t be so messy like the eggs.

    Nicole tells them she feels guilty. They ask her why. She says never mind. They tell her to tell them why. She gets tears in her eyes and says she feels guilty because FAH threw the HOH for her and she looks at them and…then JJ interrupts her and tells her she earned her spot to be there.


  19. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is laying next to Nicole and telling her she is never going to see jury. She says she feels bad because of all the people along the way. He tells her don’t cry because they each had their own way of getting there. He asks her how she thinks he felt yesterday. He said he cried. She says she knows she earned her spot but so did FAH and Cliff. He tells her it’s easier said than done. He says other people are watching her at home in the final spot.

    She tells them that they are far better people. *Just hearing her telling them that and they being able to sit there with straight faces and listening to it is making me ballistic.* He tells her she has millions of people watching and rooting for her. He asks her if she wants to go downstairs to the living room and talk about the same old things. She laughs and says yes and they can wait for Cliff. He says they can take the Backgammon game.
    FAH says she wants to lay there and listen to music. Nicole tells her the room is hers. She hugs FAH then leaves. Once out of the room, FAH says something about Nicole feeling guilty. JJ tells her that she feels something that Cliff doesn’t. They crawl up in the bed and FAH tells him that she stuck to her “morals”. He tells her that everything happens for a reason and that she’s going to walk out the house a lot better person.

    They are whispering to each other about what good, moral people they are. *There is this saying that “Hell hath no fury like a rising phallus”, but these two dicks!…* Nicole knocks on the door. They come out so they can feed the fish.


  20. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Nicole wants to clean the fish tank. JJ tells her they can do it in the morning. They sit down to play Backgammon. FAH is upstairs supposedly listening to music. *Probably going through Nicole’s personal belongings. I wouldn’t put anything past those 2 anymore.* They are missing something and JJ calls up to FAH twice. Nicole says she’s listening to music. He tells her he will go up to get it. He goes to the HOH while Nicole waits.


    FAH is on the bed and JJ is over her and they exchange multiple wet, sloppy, loud, putrid kisses.

    Living Room:

    Nicole sits on the sofa waiting patiently and rearranging her hair.


    JJ is standing there holding his Veto and telling FAH that they are going to finale night. They kiss again. He tells her that he might have messed up her makeup. *Who TF could tell?* She says it was worth it. He leaves and goes back downstairs.

    Living Room:

    Cliff comes back and Nicole and JJ take him into the SR to show him the tees, bandanas, and socks they got to tie dye. He is excited about it. Nicole says they each got two of everything. JJ leaves and Nicole and Cliff look over everything. Cliff says he did it when he was in college and they did it in trash cans. JJ comes back in *afraid they will talk game no less* and sits down and listens to Cliff’s story. JJ gets called to the DR. *YEA!*

    They all leave out of the SR and Cliff congratulates JJ on his win. *Ain’t gonna help buddy.* JJ thanks him. JJ goes into the DR and Nicole and Cliff goes into the kitchen. Cliff starts to cam talk to Sharon and tells her what’s been going on. *She already knows. She’s on the phone with the divorce lawyer as we speak.*


  21. danmtruth

    For our two bedbugs as NK calls them A cautionary tale

  22. mm22

    Hell no I’m not listening to that b**ch-she’s posing n pulled her shirt off one shoulder
    camera talking and spinning events to make Nicole n cliff the bad guys wanting the pop
    viewers to believe this shit

  23. Annabelle

    I’m so glad I found this site years ago and glad I started joining in and because of that I feel I need to say something that is in defense of many here and I’ll try to be quick. I love that this group that doesn’t always agree and enjoys talking the houseguests gameplay or lack of which has been less this year sadly. Really enjoy finding out who others like love and love to hate. Having a player that makes good game choices and has a likable personality is always fun to watch and talk about. Of course it’s fun to talk with a group that dislike a player just as much as you but talking to others who like a player others don’t has been just as fun in seasons past. MOST here will explain why they like a player. MOST explain why they don’t like a player. Even if a large number in here likes or dislikes a player it is for me and I know many of you interesting to hear why someone has a different view. To not like a player I do is fine and to like one I don’t ok also. To call a player a snarky obnoxious bitch or a dumb redneck hillbilly is one thing. To say all of us who don’t like a player that you like just don’t really enjoy watching gameplay or real BB is wrong ESPECIALLY when even after being asked MANY times what decisions etc. did the players you don’t like did/didn’t do. That’s another fun thing here is getting a opinion that makes you realize something you missed but not acting as if those who don’t agree with you are simple and aren’t able to see or enjoy gameplay like you do. State why you think someone is obnoxious. Without explanation calling someone a dumb redneck hillbilly starts to sound like you think that someone is dumb only because they are from the south and a redneck which is not true. Proud redneck woman here. Most here agree on those great game moves but when only two people are allowed to do them without a tantrum it’s frustrating. NK I know you’re already frustrated (especially with all the lip lock sounds CBS won’t cut away from) so I hope I stayed in the rules with what I said. I don’t like anyone in here being passive aggressively insulted for a opinion.

  24. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is cam talking to both Sharon and us. He and Nicole are saying the things they haven’t had in 3 months. Nicole says she’s learned how to play Pool, Backgammon, and Chess and learned how to cut hair. Cliff says Nicole doesn’t make him real comfortable when cutting hair but says she’ll try.


    Phyllis Diller is cam talking about not breaking her word, and playing a game to make her parents proud and how she did the hardest thing she’s done all season and that was throw a comp she was meant for. She says she’s tried to stay positive. She says to fill us in *like we arent’ watching her lying ass*, being in the game is harder than we thought. She says there is anxiety, she lays awake and when she dreams they are bad and she wakes out of her sleep and is drenched with sweat because of the weight of the house and the uncertainty and the unknowns and what if’s. She says the stagnant air weighs you down. She says they all feel it but she physically feels it and now she has something respiratory and her asthma is bad and she’s wheezing and she couldn’t breathe and had to use her inhaler 3 times during the comp. *This Cheap Trick FORGETS that WE can also WATCH her sleep and have NEVER seen her wake up with nighmares and cold sweats. With all the shit she gets, why not laryngitis?*


    Cliff and Nicole are still cam talking. He is talking about the birth of his children.


    The Talking POS is saying how much she loves Cliff and Nicole in spite of their betrayl this week. *Say what now?*


  25. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff and Nicole are talking about people not wanting to leave rooms for fear others would talk about them when they are out of the room. Cliff starts to show his injuries. He shows his rope burns. They talk about the comps and that there are 2 duos in the house. Cliff says they look at the Memory Wall daily and not that it changes but just reminds them of those who are gone. He says Sunday we should see the HOH comp, Veto comp. Nicole says we will probably see the remnants of the argument with Tommy. She apologizes and says she got agitated and it was the first time in a long time. Cliff says he did too. She says it will be interesting.

    Nicole tells the cam watchers to go back to day 29 and listen to a convo she and Cliff had on the hammock about not being able to make it in the house and look at where they are now. Cliff says he would have been interested to see how Kemi, David and Ovi would have done if they were still there. He says that obviously if they had still been in the house, he might not be there but he misses them.


  26. NKogNeeTow



    The Dilly Bitch is still talking about how that room should have be her’s and her love’s. She keeps saying how she loves Nicole but it was really hard for her to give up the room and she can be at peace because she stuck to her word but it’s just hard. *The victim noises coming from that room are deafening.* She keeps saying how she’s just spinning and trying to do the right thing and just wants her parents to be so proud and she thinks they would be more disappointed if she had gone back on her word. *Once again she is trying to re-write history and play Slight-Of-Hand with her and try to make us think we didn’t see what we saw.* I stopped listening to her just as they switch back to the kitchen.


    Cliff is saying that he’s been OTB 5 times and is going up for the 6th. Nicole tells him not to say that. He says JJ won the Veto so he has to go up. She says that makes her want to throw up. He tells her that’s okay, that he gets to make a speech on Thursday. *It should just consist of “Been Real!”* They continues. Nicole tells us to go to day 44 and take a screen shot of her and Nick standing in the hall listening.

    They start to talk about day 58. Nicole says that wasn’t entirely her fault. She says she told Jess something then she went to the DR and Jess went off the rail and started to tell things that she didn’t even say. Cliff says that everyone in the house talked to much, including himself. Nicole says that now she’s learned that saying less is more. *They are fooling themselves, they still haven’t learned.*


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  28. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff and Nicole are laughing about FAH being called a buzzard. *tehehe* Nicole talks about Christie telling her that guilt is a made up emotion to make yourself feel better. Cliff ask where are “they”. She says he’s in the DR and she’s listening to music. He asks her how she’s doing. She said she had a moment but she’s fine now. They start to wonder how everyone reacted as each new person walked into the JH. They laugh about what everyone might be saying.

    Nicole tells Cliff how Jess was in her ear about getting rid of Cliff. Cliff said Tommy always wanted to go after him and Christie. They talk about some of the stories that Tommy will have to tell the JH. Nicole says that she didn’t really blow up during the house meeting. She says they (N/C) did more keeping their mouths shut and letting the 3 of them yell it out. They talk about people’s stories intermingling and when people are fighting and you walk into the room, you don’t get involved and just let it happen.

    Cliff talks about when Sam was OTB and was trying to sell himself and campaign and CC jumped on him and Jack hid his face and Tommy ran out of the room. He says he was holding Orwell and couldn’t get out of the room and CC, Nick and Jess were going at it.


  29. NKogNeeTow

    I can’t stop going back to that picture of Phyllis Diller. RROOFFLL!

    • JennX

      LOL. Funny thing is when someone (Dan or Hog?) posted the Pennywise pic of Beth’s Makeup the other day I immediately thought of Phyllis. Then you brought it up. I have totally mastered the manifesting thing!

  30. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff says now he’s curious about knowing who in the cast really know each other. *cough*Kat*cough*FAH*cough* Nicole says in her experience and her journey, you’d better get comfortable with the uncomfortable. She asks CBS to please use that. Cliff tells them to copyright it. They talk about the other Nicole’s that have been on the show. Cliff compares her to the other one *the nasally one…CCCOOORRREEEEEYYYY*

    Cliff and Nicole talk about her father. He says he’s scared to meet him. Nicole says her dad will love him. They talk about them as characters on the show. Nicole says she thinks she’s pretty much as she’s seen. She says in the house she’s been more unfiltered. She says she’s learned not to give people to much information and to be nice. She talks about how when Nick was going off in the house she told him to be nice. Cliff says a few blow ups here and there went into some personal stuff but not as much as some seasons.

    Nicole says when you think of past seasons they have about one big blow up. They count all the blow ups in the house this year. She says they have been saying all season that they are a good cast, they love each other and don’t get into many fights. She says they have had a lot of fights this year. They go through other seasons and some of their fights. They talk about Evil Dick and his pots and pans, Josh getting the hot sauce thrown in his face, and a few others.

    They talks about who they like from past seasons. Cliff asks about Rachel Reilly, Jeff and Jordan and a few others.


  31. Mary

    Holly needs some adult diapers and a pacifier, she’s being such a baby about throwing that comp.

    Learned along time ago, a person can tell you endlessly of who and what they are, though you hang around them long enough and the real person will show up.

    • JennX

      Once again, she’s on the verbal defecation spree, telling us how she could have won because let’s face it – she could even outlast Supergirl. The a few minutes later she’s summoning a priest for her last rites because she’s on her death bed.
      Is she trying to gaslight all of the live feeders? Or has she actually started believing the bullshit she’s spewing?

      • Mary

        I quit listening to her, she needs to put on her big girl panties and act like a grown adult.
        BTW Jenn, my heart broke reading your story earlier today.

        Plus you asked for ideas for the show, I think they should give them chores to do on a daily basis. Clean the bathrooms, wipe down the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator, mop that dang floor, clean all the mirrors. Don’t think I’ve witness once anyone wiping down the table before they sit down and eat. If they aren’t going to do have not’s, they should be required to do house chores, and that means everyone. Or as penalties for singing or talking about their diary room sessions, or in Holly’s case telling production to F off. I think they have it pretty easy. Sure they’re stuck in a house blah, blah, blah, so give them something to do. They are getting paid.

      • JennX

        I don’t want you to feel heartbroken! Yeah, it sucked major ass going through it and I would give anything to not have experienced it. But I have to believe I survived for some greater purpose – I won’t claim to know why, but it’s just what I believe.

        Much love to you Mary! <3

  32. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff and Nicole still talking about past HG. They are saying that next year it will be funny to see a different cast in the house. They start talking about the shock of some past HG from other seasons, their reactions when they got voted out. Cliff says his was the biggest but not that bad. Nicole says that Tommy cried when he left but said it was alright. Cliff says that Sis was upset but she knew she was going. He said Christie was upset and surprised when she was put OTB.

    Nicole says when she gets home it will be funny to know that this is the first year she didn’t watch BB with her family. Cliff says that 81 days, 31 episodes that people have been watching them and that doesn’t include POP which is 3 hours a night and it doesn’t include the feeds. Nicole is trying to figure out how long it will take her to watch everything. Cliff says we probably know more about them than they know about themselves. He says we’ve seen it all.

    Nicole says that Kaitlyn was from Long Island. She says that when she read in the paper who was coming on BB last year she felt that Kait took her spot. They are talking about live feeds and clips. Cliff said the worst thing he did was fall off the bench. Cliff says they all have clips like that. They talk about Kemi’s fall coming out of the DR. Nicole makes fun of Jess’ fall off the wall and does the scream. *That never gets old.*


  33. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff jokes and says “you can put me up but I ain’t walking out that door”. Nicole tells him not to say that. She says she’s worried. He tells her not to worry, he’ll be alright. *Nah, you won’t.* He says that Nicole drew a little face on his finger. He and Nicole says they shacked up with 16 people. Nicole says this is her first time in Cali. Cliff says this is his longest there. She says she just wants to conquer the world. She says she loves Long Island.

    Cliff tries to remember where everyone in the house was from. They go through everyone and where they are from. She says Kemi was from DC but now lives in NY. *Yea Kemi! I hate DC but I’m in the DMV area so I guess I shouldn’t say that.* Nicole starts quizzing Cliff on capitals of states. He says he’s never been to NYC. She tells him about the different parts of NY, the islands, the counties, the cities, the bouroughs (sp). He asks her what city she’s from in LI. She says Bohemia. *Never heard of it. A lot of my family is in Brooklyn which has some of the best eats in the country.*

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Geography lessons and all. Until we get to watch the big blow out, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  34. JennX

    Time for the sleepy night nights for me. Thank you all!

  35. danmtruth

    Thats it for me i must call it a night Lone Rangers i must depart

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, Jenn, Lamby, Bennett, Anna, Mm, and whoever else is still awake out there. 🙂

  37. NKogNeeTow

    I popped over to peek at the feeds before going to bed. And I’m listening to these 2 idiots, and this time I’m talking about Cliff and Nicole. Cliff is still under the assumption that he, Nicole and JJ will be in the finals. Nicole is saying that she has so much respect for JJ and she’s going to sit down and tell him how honorable, loyal and what a wonderful person he is. All the while JJ and FAH are planning on hitting them with the news during Veto that he’s sending Cliff packing.

    If I were Cliff, I’d leave with one parting shot. The biggest problem that the Bedbugs have is their paranoia. So at the Eviction Ceremony, I’d just stand up and say “Well Michie, you didn’t hold up to your part of the deal. But that’s alright because I know something you don’t but you’ll find out on Finale night”. Then just smile over my glasses and walk out the door. That’s one of the worst things you can do to people like them. Leave them hanging. They will first deny that Cliff had nothing and didn’t really mean anything by it. But as time goes on their paranoia will increase and it will drive them crazy trying to figure out what he meant. It won’t save Cliff but just knowing that I’m driving him crazy without even being there would be enough to make me go to sleep with a smile on my face. And The She-Devil will be as bad as he is. They will be nervous wrecks by Finale night.

    That is all. Goodnight for real this time. 🙂

  38. Avatar

    I’m going to bed and have sweet dreams of Pikachus zapping the Emperor and Empress of the BullS**t Kingdom like Team Rocket

  39. Luvbaroque

    Hi everyone. I’m a newbie to this forum and I’m really sorry that I’ve discovered you all this late in the game. I’m a BB fan and love reading the live feeds and hearing your comments about them. I’ve been in another live feed forum for years and you all seem like a good addition to that one. I’ve been trying to find acronym definitions. What does FAH stand for? (LOVE Trampoline. It’s perfect.)

    Special thanks to damntruth for the Steve Goodman vid. It sent me racing to Amazon for an mp3.

  40. RAY SAY

    Once Mic Wins’ it’s ‘how to easily dropped Holly’ once outside the house, where the Female Letters await his reading

  41. AIO_7

    New thread, Junksters.

  42. Avatar

    Just watching live show. they must have really did some major edits cause what they showed no way Jackson beat nicoles time!!!!

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