Big Brother 21 – Saturday Night Updates


Good evening, everyone

It’s Saturday night in the Big Brother house which means the week is actually almost complete already. The veto is done and now the only thing really remaining is the veto meeting on Monday.

I really hope something big happens this week where the six-shooters turn on each other because I don’t know if I can handle a season of these floaters just getting picked off one by one until the six remaining players knock each other out in the final two weeks of the season. Keep in mind, there are still around 6 players in the house leading up to roughly the last week of the season which means if these six clowns stay together, we won’t really get to enjoy watching them fight with each other for very long. It’s like when Alex got screwed over by Paul. It was fantastic, but it happened too late in the season for us to really bask in that. It’s going to be painful to watch jury clips featuring Jess, Kat, and Nicole painting pictures of random crap.

Nick picked up the veto which means Sam is likely going home this week. Kind of sad.

  • HoH – Holly
  • Noms – Sam
  • PoV – Nick
  • Remaining Powers – Christie
  • Slop – Jessica, Nicole, Sam
  • Punishments – Christie, Tommy – poison ivy punishment
  • Next event – Veto ceremony


  • 8:10 pm – Feeds back
    • Nick won the veto
    • Christie running out of time to use her power. She’s not using it this week, that’s for certain
    • Meanwhile, Sam is quiet at the table. He knows his time is up
    • Sam and Nick plan ahead. They can’t campaign for each other and may distance themselves a bit this week. They are saying Nicole may go up
  • 8:40 pm – I’m super tired so I’m going to call it a night, hopefully, my BBAD nightshift crew kicks ass in the comments. Sorry about the slow updates again


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