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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Recap

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Good morning all you BB Junkies. Wow, yesterday was a slow one. It’s not even that they didn’t talk any game, they did.  People are finally starting to push for their own self interests but it still felt like a slow day. This will probably be a short one.

Christie has always steered things towards her interests but other people are beginning to do it too. I mentioned yesterday how all the outsiders have a connection to someone in the 6 and that’s starting to show. There’s been a lot of names tossed around for a Nick replacement since he won the veto. They all have a different agenda…finally. It isn’t going to shake thing up just yet but, hey, we need to wish for something.


Christie continued to worry about Jackson thinking she was taking about him. She thought about having a house meeting to clear it up. She wanted to make sure Jackson knew she hadn’t said all of the many things that she’s actually said. This didn’t go anywhere but Nicks honesty the past few days has her worried. She also got paranoid over HollyBeth and Jackson wanting to keep both Sam and Nick to work with them.  Also, if I have to watch Christie eat, so do you:

Nick talked mostly about how he went wrong in the game. He has most of it figured out but Christie may start wearing him down and convincing him that he needs to regain trust but for now, he sees what’s happened. He also sees that he didn’t do anything differently than they did. He’s gone over his mistakes to himself A LOT. (Great, you’ve figured it out, over and over and over. What are you going to do about it?) This monologue of his is getting old.


Jackson gave HollyBeth a thigh massage to prepare her for the veto comp. She said she was still sore from hoh comp. He used the rolling pin from the kitchen. I was eating dinner when I saw this and dinner was ruined:

Kat spent most of the day trying to make Nicole a target. She volunteered to go up as a pawn but Nicole is who she’d really like to see out of the game. Sis is in agreement with this because she wants Sam to stay and he’s the new target for this week. Sis’ plan is to keep Sam and have him take out Jack and Jackson for them. (Who’s gonna take out Sam for her?) Sis told this to Christie and she said she agreed. (She didn’t)

Sis has a good partner for the ‘Nicole has to go’ campaign because both Kat and Sis feel the same way. Sis told Kat she saw Nicole on the couch and it “looked like she was plotting evil.”


Sam and Sis planned what Sam should say to Holly. Sis told him the group really likes Jess so he said he needed to back off of pushing for Jess to be the replacement. (This was his pitch before going otb) She told him to try for Nicole. (Sam has zero influence with HollyBeth so pushing for anyone won’t help him)

Here’s Jess just because we so rarely see her:

Jack told Sis his Lulu shorts got ruined in the hoh comp. He said it wasn’t a big deal because hell have so much money when he leaves, he can buy all the Lulu he wants. (Hahaha)

Sis has started to get mad (and jealous) of Kat. Sis is upset because Jack flirts with Kat and that makes her mad at Kat. (???)

As Kat left the hoh room, she told them not to be conspiring against her. After she left, Sis said “if she says that one more time, Im going to slit her throat.” I think Jack told her she was mean and Sis said she wasn’t mean to people. Jack mentioned Sis saying that she’d just said she would slit someones throat. (The only thing I’ll agre with Sis on is Kats catch phrases. I’m already over ‘conspiring bitches’ and hearing about Brett)

Tommy explained how David was given an opportunity the others didn’t have in the game. He was able to come in and observe and said David was cast as the villain at first (?) but came back in as an Angel. I have no idea what this rambling was about but I don’t think anyone who came in with a person they knew from before, needs to be saying anyone had an advantage.

Tommy worked on a dance performance he wants them to do on Monday. (I think) Yep, Frankie Grande 2.0

Kat couldn’t find her green cup and she thinks Kemi stole it. Kemi is the answer to everything that goes wrong in the BB house even now that she’s gone.  Kat and Jack are the worst about blaming her for everything. I wonder when they’ll realize (if ever) how toxic they all are. They blamed the negative house vibe on David, then Kemi and after that, Bella. The same personal insults continue so, um, what hasn’t changed? (They’ll never see it)  I change my mind almost daily as to who I think is the worst. I finally realized they can’t be ranked in any kind of nasty behavior order because someone different picks up the a**hole baton every day.

Sam advised Nick to go with the flow if he wins the next hoh and said he should put Nicole and Jess on the block. This is what we’d be getting if Sam was the one staying and even though I like Sam, it’s why I wanted Nick to win the veto.

Sis continued to push for Sam to stay when talking with the 6 and she isn’t very subtle. She told them Nicole will win the double and go after them and said she’s a superfan too. HollyBeth said that didn’t make Nicole a genius or an athelete. She said Nicole would have to win a comp first before she could do anything. (Maybe Sis is worried the comp will be identifying nouns and verbs or something which could give Nicole an unfair advantage)

Christie kept pushing for Sam to go because they need to separate Nick and Sam. HollyBeth doesn’t like the idea of having 2 people stay that she put otb. She’s leaning more towards Kat being the replacement. Christie said it would be perfect because Nick would continue to tell Kat things and not realize Kat was with them. (True, unfortunately)

Jack told Jackson and HollyBeth he put a new hand towel in the shower for a “foot stabilizer” so yeah, there’s that.

People are coming pretty hard for Bella on social media. We’re all adults and can make our own decisions but I’d still like to remind people that these are human beings. It’s not our job to school them when they leave the game. Getting a glimpse of their lives for 3 months doesn’t give us the right to tell them how to lives their lives after that game is over. Maybe she and Kemi will make up and maybe they won’t. Bella also seems sincere in her apologies for whatever that’s worth to people.

Sorry for some of the images that are a bit dark today. Have a great Sunday.



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