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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Recap for 8/17/19

August 18, 2019 | 70 Comments
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Author: Mel


“You can always look at me and see home”

Good morning everyone, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the weekend. I’m sorry this is later than usual but I overslept again! The recap is always a little later on Fridays because talks usually go late into the night on Thursday but sorry for today.  It’s finally cooled down a little in Missouri the past few days and I was enjoying it while I could. Maybe all the fresh air made me sleep better. I’ve been trying to perk up some plants and flowers that didn’t do well during my move. I tried to manifest them back into shape but that sh*ts not working! Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Yesterday wasn’t super eventful in the BB house unless you count pranks and begging viewers for a power. It was nice to see Sis so miserable, so at least there’s that. Let’s go over the day.


After being nominated on Friday and a nights sleep, Sis decided all her problems are Beths fault. She complained about Beth and Tommy tried to get Sis and Christie to see both sides. He asked how Jackson and Beth lying was different than them lying to Beth and Jackson.  Sis said she was upset Beth wasn’t playing her own game. She said it was different because Beth lied to save Jackson but Sis lied to save herself. (I can’t with these idots!) He asked how they (Sis and Christie) would feel if they overheard someone saying the things about them that they said about Jackson and Beth. Sis had an excuse for everything and kept changing the reason she was mad.  She said Beth was weak, she’s playing Jacksons game and Jackson and Beth shouldn’t be mad over “something I said in the moment.” Sis claims she never said anything bad about Beth. Sis told Tommy “she said she’d  never choose a guy over us.” Tommy said she should talk to Beth. Sis said no and said “so she can just be like ‘you did say what you said’ and added “that b*tch has said a whole bunch of sh*t about me.” Sis said that she didn’t even try to campaign for Jack but Beth tried to save Jackson. Christie thinks the week Jack went home, Beth should’ve stayed out of it and let it be between the guys. They claim Beth tried to keep Jackson in the house but said they stayed out of it. (I specifically remember Christie coaching Sis on what to say to Cliff in order to campaign for Jack)  Sis says a few more “f*ck Hollys” and says she going to tell her off. (We know that’s not going to happen) She also said Beth was “throwing away her game for a boy, not even a man, a boy.” Sis started crying and I thought about joining her for a minute. (Listening to her whine is painful)  They still claim Jackson and Beth messed up the alliance first.

Sis saved some of the blame for Nick and said it was his fault she went up. She said if Nick was supposed to have her back, why was she otb? Christie and Sis began talking about whether or not Nick can be trusted. They questioned if he was throwing comps and think it’s strange he’s came in 2nd in a lot of them. Christie said there were a lot of things about Nick that was questionable. She didn’t think she wanted to pick him to play for her anymore. Christie accused him of making deals with Jackson.

The veto players were picked and Sis pulled Beth’s chip. She was really pissed after that and it was still directed at Nick.

Tommy told Nick they were upset and that they thought he was throwing comps. He asked Nick if he was keeping anything from him and if he made any deals before the hoh comp. Nick said there isn’t anything Tommy doesn’t know. Nick cant believe they’re doubting him. Tommy said he trusted him and it’s why he came to him to tell him.

Nick went to Christie and Sis to deal with it. He told them he’s been nothing but loyal to them and has tried to prove it. Sis backtracked a little bit and said she wasn’t saying she didn’t trust him. (That’s exactly what she was saying)  Christie questioned him and said it was strange Sis was otb and not Nick.  Nick was getting tired of being questioned all the time and it showed. Christie, wanting to blame someone else, told Nick that Beth was under the impression Nick was throwing comps. Nick said “who gives a f*ck what Holly thinks?” He told them he’s only been transparent with them and told them to think whatever they want to think. He reminded Sis that he promised Jack he would look out for her and that’s all he was doing. (I only remember Jack telling Nick to “send that b*tch next” so he could be in jury with Sis) Sis walked away saying she hated this game and hated him. (I think she meant Jackson) Nick told Christie if he was picked, he would probably take Sis down and she said she understood.

Meanwhile, Beth told Jackson she said good morning to Sis but she wouldn’t speak to her. She thought it was wierd because she talked to her the night before. Jackson said Sis is a sore loser. Beth agreed and said it’s because she’s used to getting her way. They made fun of Sis’ reaction when she pulled Beth’s chip. Beth said she wondered if Tommy said something to them to make Sis more pissed today than yesterday. Jackson didn’t think so and said he wanted most of what he said to get back to them.

Tommy spoke to Sis and Christie seperately this time and told them to stop talking so much smack and being so negative. He told Sis, one of them would stay and would need allies. Sis, (parroting Christie) said she doesn’t care and she isn’t working with Jackson or Beth again. Tommy said if she plays like that, they’re giving the win to Nicole. He told her she needed to find a way to make Jackson think she’s cool with him.  He explained why the group still needs to work together. He said they’ve simply talked too much and they got caught doing it. Tommy told Sis he was annoyed with Christie because he’d already warned her this could happen if she didn’t stop talking so much trash about Jackson. Sis has a million reasons for why she said or did anything and it was never her fault. She also said she didn’t have many friend because she didn’t like people. Well, ok then.

Christie handled things a bit differently. When Tommy spoke to her, she flat out denied she’d ever said anything about anyone. He called bullsh*t and said he heard them himself from the next room. He said they both were and said they’ve been feeding off each others negativity and they have to stop. Christie cried and talked about missing home. She said she thought she’d be great at the game but she was wrong. She said “I’m too much of who I am to be good at this game.” She started to take a shower and Tommy (very dramatically) said to Christie “you can always look at me and see home.”  (She kind of ruined his dramatic moment tho because she didn’t hear him and kept asking him to repeat what he said. By the third time, it was losing the Hallmark movie moment I think Tommy was going for)

A time out to talk about Tommy:

I’ll give him credit for not giving up. He’s determined to bring the remains of this group back together even if they do it kicking and screaming. He keeps being met with resistance be he isn’t giving up. Personally, I don’t want Jackson, Beth, Sis and Tommy back together. I would even like Beth to lose the hoh next week to the other side if Cliff or Nicole doesn’t win it. I’d rather have the back and forth of power every week to keep it interesting. I want almost all of them gone and I don’t really care about the order they leave anymore. Tommy is right in his observations over the mean girl stuff with Christie and Sis. However, like Christie and Sis, he doesn’t remember everything either. Yes, it did get back to Jackson that Christie was saying she wanted him out but Tommy is the one who lit the fuse to blow everything up. When Jack went to Tommy and Christie and said Jasckson admitted that Kat and Beth knew each other, Tommy is the one who lost his mind over it instead of playing it cool. He’s the one who started insisting they flip the vote and evict Kat. The flip failed, he didn’t do a good job of covering himself with Kat afterwards and the groups been fighting ever since. He’s played a much better game than Christie, I’m only saying he’s made mistakes too. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t win this game. As of right now, who will go after him except maybe Cliff? His game, as I’ve said before, is one dimensional but he plays hard in that one dimension.

Cliff asked Jackson if he had some kind of deal with Tommy. Jackson said no but said he did tell him he wouldn’t out him up since Tommy told him the same last week. Jackson said he knows Tommy may need to go otb (if Sis came down)  to ensure Christie goes home. He said there wasn’t any kind of deal with Tommy but Tommy hadn’t came after him the way Christie and Sis have.

Nick and Sis talked about Tommy trying to push for her to work with Jackson and Beth again. Nick said he didn’t think Beth would work with Sis again but he does think she needs to play nice with Jackson. He said he believed Jess when she said Beth was talking crap about Sis. (He just wants Beth out) They start talking about sex so I moved on to other things. (I’m enjoying watching Tommy and Nick work for the same thing but work against each others way to get there)

Beth gets cockier with each passing hour. Jackson said they need to do some damage control with Sis and Beth said to let her fume. She said Sis is just a bad loser. Beth also thinks Sis is bothered by the fact that she beats Sis in all the comps even tho Sis is younger. She goes on and on about the comp records and how much better she is than Sis. (Remember the beginning of the season when Beth and Kat were annoyed over the attention Sis was getting from the guys?) Beth was saying (a day earlier) she wants to be a role model for young girls. Yikes!

Jackson won the veto and Sis began asking America for help. She said if we really loved her we would send her a power. She isn’t the first hg to beg to the cameras. She may be the first to think we love her after we’ve forced her to dress as a chicken, trying to show her we don’t.

Sis begging for a power:

Sis said the veto comp was the first time she’s cursed since being in the house. (I don’t have words to put here)

Cliff gave Christie a pep talk. He told her not to give up and they both respect each other and so on. They’ve been pranking each other lately and he asked if he should lay off since it’s a sensitive time. She assured him she didn’t want it to stop just because they were otb.

Christie’s moving past the anger phase and heading towards the ‘it’s just a game, I’m too good of a person to lie and backstab, I’d never campaign against Sis and I’m better off in jury’ phase. (There will be tears again before Thursday tho, I’m sure)

Tommy sucked up to Jackson again and said it was the best move for him to get Christie out. Jackson told Tommy he was never a consideration to go otb. (Convenient to say now tha he doesn’t have to prove it. Not true but Tommy never thought he was an option either) Tommy explained Sis was still upset but things would eventually be fine.

Christie and Sis got upset with Tommy for horsing around with Beth after they lost the veto comp. He apologized and said he should have been more thoughtful of their feelings.

Beth heard Sis talking about her but told Jackson she walked away and didn’t want to let it bother her. She was trying to sound like she was being the bigger person until he pointed out, she should’ve stayed and listened to what was said in case they needed to use it later.

Beth’s really obsessed with Sis’ comp record and she’s a broken record. Beth talked about beating Sid in comps again.

They got to go into the backyard again. Jackson and Beth sat by themselves for awhile. They said they ‘have to take a break.’  Jacksons skin is irritated so I’m assuming the rash is back. Beth is convinced there’s something up with the hoh shower. They counted down the minutes until 10 because they wanted to go to bed. Jackson wasn’t sure about leaving the others alone to talk bad about them and maybe influence Jess. Beth said they’d do it anyway and Jess was easy to influence. (True) Beth was able to get in just a little more talk about her comp record vs Sis’. Jackson talked about how amazing Cliff is and repeated something Jack said. I don’t know if he was referring to Sis or not but Jack had made the comment “if Cliff Hgg don’t like you, there’s  something wrong with you.” (They all love Cliff and if he could manage to get to the end, I think he would even beat Tommy. I don’t see it happening because Cliff cant get himself there with his injuries and no one is dumb enough to take him, not even this bunch of idiots)

Jackson and Cliff checked in before bed. Cliff told Jackson Christie was handling things well and Jackson agreed. He told Jackson, Christie was trying to calm Sis down and get her to talk to Jackson. This wasn’t major news and I’m sure Cliff just wanted to share something to help show he wants to work together. Jackson said he was reading Sis’ lips and was telling Cliff the things she was saying fairly accurately.

Nick hints to Nicole he’ll need a pawn to take out Jess. Nicole catches on and tells him no way, not her. She said she isn’t even putting it out there but for him to do what he needs to do.

Christie, Sis and Cliff have been pranking each other lately and it continued last night. Pranks are anoying but so far, it hasn’t been as bad as usual. They’ve been coming up with their own ideas instead of trying to be BB17 James. Last night, Cliff got in Sis and Christies bed. When they came in the room, he threw his underwear at them. He had shorts on but was trying to make them think he was naked. This wasn’t Nick, so it wasn’t creepy. He’d also put ham under Sis’ pillow and a few people got hit with it after it was discovered.

They’ve broken a lot of furniture this season. The chaise lounge broke while Jess, Christie  and Sis were on it last night. They discovered it’s made of cardboard.

Christie and Jess sat alone outside and Chrisrie gave Jess some game advice. She told her to buddy up to Sis after she left. Christie thinks Sis might be able to prevent Nick from going after her. (Jess and Nick know they are each others targets)  Christie also spilled a little game info from the past that wasn’t really important but I suppose it was to Jess since she knows so little of what’s happened this season. Christie did a good job of making Jackson and Beth look like the bad guys. It was actually a good convo on Christies end and it was a glimpse into why so many of them have loved her for so long. Christie does have a way of reeling people in when she isn’t being nasty. They don’t see all her nasty the way we have so I get it. Damn it! Tommy has me saying ‘I get it’ way too much. I’m just one high kick away from auditioning for a Broadway show. (Well, one high kick, singing and dancing ability and having my youth back. Other than that….break a leg!) Jess is also concerned someone will tell Niceole she doesn’t trust her after Jess went nuts on Wednesday night and blabbed everything.

Sis got Jackson out of bed to talk. He was fine with giving her a day or two but when she was ready, I’m sure it was all about Sis and her needs. She told him she was upset because she was never coming after him. He reminded her about hearing her say he and Beth were on their own and didn’t have anyone. Sis didn’t understand why Nick wasn’t otb since he was the one who started the idea of the new 6 with Cliff and Nicole. He said he already knew Christie was after him and hearing them talk about him solidified it for him. It made her a bigger target than Nick. He said he felt betrayed because he went back to them to fix things even after they’d already tried to stab him in the back. She said “you should’ve f*cking talked it out with me” and said he should’ve told her in advance. She said she would’ve respected the move if he’d told her. (Not true) He said he didn’t owe her that after the things she said about him. Sis said “I wish that I would’ve had a f*king warning.” He said she was never an option to go home and she was only up to take away a vote for Christie to stay. Sis said they agreed to have each others backs and he said that was before the big blow up. She said they had another talk after that and he said that was before he heard her say she was going after him. Jackson told her there was no way in hell she would go home over Christie. She said “what if I did?” Jackson said “well, if you keep up this attitude, I’m scared you might.” She also told him she was upset with Beth. He said it was between them. Sis doesn’t believe Beth didn’t know who he was putting up but he assured her he didn’t tell anyone. (It was stupid for Beth to pretend like she didn’t know in the first place) He ended up saying he was sorry, she was an angel and didn’t mean to hurt her. I don’t like Jackson but this convo took some patience and he did a good job with it while calling her out on her BS.

Christie wants to stay but told Sis she wouldn’t even know who to put up if she did. Sis told her not to win the hoh if she stayed. She said no one would be coming after her. (Good grief!)

Have a great Sunday!






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