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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Updates

Good morning, everyone!


This is a combined recap and a Saturday thread because there wasn’t a lot going on last night plus veto will likely consume a large chunk of today.

Yesterday, Cliff and Kat got nominated together for the second time this season and for the second time, there is a solid chance they will both survive the week. Last time it was because Ovi was backdoored, but this time is because Christie was backdoored – by America. Now, there is always a chance that she, Tommy, or Nick can win veto and save her, but if they don’t, there is a very high probability that she is the second person walking through those jury doors. Considering how much they showed Jack when he left, there is about a 0% chance of a battle back this year. So, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Christie thinks it’s terribly unfair that America got to jump in like that, and that is one of the most accurate things she has said all season. I’m not a huge fan of Christie, but she is playing this game very hard and it’s always a bit frustrating when a twist jumps in and screws people. I like the strategy aspect of this game so I hate the twists and I also hate the luck HoH competitions like we saw a few nights ago. On that note, Christie was given a huge advantage by knowing Tommy before she came in the house, so I guess the twist kind of balances that out a bit. Can’t really pretend you got a double when you started the game on second base.


The veto competition is pretty big today for the reasons mentioned above. Right now at least 1/3rd of the people playing would keep Christie safe and that goes up a little higher if Nick is picked to play (I think. I am still not even sure what Nick would do). If Christie is safe, that means Cliff’s time in the Big Brother house is about to come to an end because the chances of Kat going over him are slim to none. I’m pretty confident that either Christie or Cliff will leave this week because there aren’t many other options. If Cliff or Kat save themselves, I don’t see anyone else being a larger target than Christie at this point. No matter who Tommy replaces them with, Christie is still likely gone.

Sometimes the veto is pointless. Sometimes it’s not. This is one of those weeks where it’s going to play a huge factor in determining who walks out that door this week. Stay tuned!


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  1. Rise2thetop

    I’m excited to be the first comment on here! I have been reading this blog since season 13 and watching since season 12.

    • danmtruth

      Congrats your name is as they say literally true still not sure if thats grammatical correct No matter your at the top

    • canuckquita

      And yet you said nothing relevant to the thread.

      • Rise2thetop

        Nothing relevant in your reply either

      • NKogNeeTow


        I try to run a pretty much clean board here, with as little drama as possible. Sure we get off topic sometimes and can get a little rowdy and raunchy, but it seldom goes too far. Since you are new here I’ll run down a few things that you might not be aware of, that I WON’T allow:

        – No talking politics, race or religion, unless it relates directly to the game. Discussions such as this can go south quickly and turn this into an entirely different site. Should anyone wish to have those types of conversations/discussions, you should seek a website that caters to those topics.

        -You can go after the HG all you want but you are NEVER allowed to go after another board member. You have two options to handle disagreements with other members. You can exercise your right to use your thumbs up or down buttons. Or you can private message them to discuss it. If you have a problem with someone, it is strongly recommended that you take it private. As fascinating as it might be for others to read, we don’t really need to see it.

        Any further attacks on fellow board members will be removed.

        Thanking you in advance. 🙂

    • canuckquita

      Awww muffin. Did I upset you? Sorry for being Captain Obvious. Hope you get first post on next thread.

  2. jennyc

    Haha @Christie. Thanks for the update Steve. Were the HG told America voted for their least favorite?

    • SoftKitty

      And were they told who the 3rd and 4th places were? I wouldn’t mind if they knew TT & AD were hated as well!

      • danmtruth

        TT and Michje both told people if TT was not HOH and Jack was evicted they would have been compeating with Christle TT reminded christie of that she was not alone at Americans hateing her Jackson was trying to explain to Holly this was not a reward Holly was just happy that he got safety

    • ElaineB

      Even if not told, I think they figured it out. Since 2/3 choices weren’t great, it certainly wasn’t a ‘luxury’ comp. Course Christie blamed it on the fight. lol. Now she can ‘sit and spin’ over whether or not she is liked.

  3. Nancy

    Today we have ‘Sippin with Steve’, thank you steve..it was my pleasure having coffee with your update. In case ur wondering, and I’m sure you aren’t, but on last thread I put dancin nancy avatar..dance is called, MANIFEST..we’re dancing chompy to the van..

  4. Diane

    I just tried adding a picture of my little sweetie…hoping it works. This site is the best. Thanks to everyone who makes it way too addicting and too much fun. I hope Cliff wins veto and we can say goodbye to Christie somehow.

  5. KLew

    I love when BB is like this…truly suspenseful as to who will be walking out the door. That’s why shifting power is the most fun to watch – even if your favorites don’t win every week at least it’s interesting. Nothing more boring than one group controlling the game the entire season. I personally want to watch Christie manifest herself right out the door because I honestly feel that will blow this season wide open – it will be anyone’s game to win.

    • KLew

      Except Sis – there’s no way she’s winning anything, LOL.

    • amareels

      If and I hope and will manifest that CC goes home this week. I would like to see that weirdo, creepy Nasty Nick fly out that door with Nancy waiting there with her van! I hate that guy.

      • Nancy

        Hes Stranger Danger creepy

      • Nancy

        My van will be ready..I have a coupon

      • KLew

        I know we joke about how painful it will be for the contestants when they return to the real world…but I genuinely think Nick has done some serious damage to his reputation. I can’t imagine he’ll be able to continue with his job after some of the utterly disgusting and inappropriate comments he’s consistently made.

      • amareels

        Oh yeeah, he is!!!

      • SoftKitty

        Nancy, I think you’re going to need a Groupon, and a bigger van! CC, NN, TT, JJ (the entire alphabet, really) all need to go!

      • Alda

        Nick creeps me out more then any of them.The hair stands up on the back of my neck when the camera is on him.He has to go!!!

      • danmtruth

        Klew very true way back when Bella was still in the game he was one of the HG who were REMINDED that EVERYTHING they said and.did was being recorded and put out LIVE to people who have the feeds Nick understood about how the feed watchers post screen captures of nudes nip slips and so on Yet forgets people are listening to him This warning held for about 2 days before bella was trying to warn him again So sad as it is to see someone throw there life away for a bit of fame Hard leason to learn Compare do parents of nicoles kid have any reason to second guessing themselves for leaving there kids with her What if you had a kids assined to be seen and evaluated them

      • Nancy

        ” throw life away for a bit of fame “…more like infamy..nick has no idea how his life will be turned upside down..it is sad.

      • Avatar

        I can’t stand to even look at him anymore. He is a really creepy guy.

    • ElaineB

      I like the back-forth change of power too. It was time for the Six to blow up, and am glad it happened. I DID NOT want the Stupid Six to be the final group. I want to see HGs, play the game, being flexible with relationships and strategize to stay in the game.

  6. Switzerland

    Hey everyone! I’ve been a BB fan for years and have been following this site closely this season- first thing I do in the morning and last thing at night! Super addicting… I got inspired to finally comment after hearing and seeing all of the cute kitties- wanted to share my own!… Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  7. Mr. Beardo

    Happy weekend BBJ fam! This is my contribution to the pussy parade. I texted the wife last week just checking in on how she was feeling and this was her response.. lol! Hope we don’t have to wait too long on veto results and it’s a scenario that keeps CC on a collision course with Nance’s truck!

  8. Mimi Ryan

    Wow, Bat Crap Crazy Eyes Christie let’s do a recap of how unfair all of this is really!!! Comes into the game with a known associate (Team Player for those 2). Get’s an advantage in the game, promises everyone she’ll use it on them, all the while freaked out of loosing control of her “game” & it dies on the vine it was given on. Because she’s Bat Crap Crazy (paranoid numerous times she’ going OTB, shaming others in the house, crapping all over people, ease dropping, STFU Christie), I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Sorry BBJ’s had cancer, so my brain is bad. Steers clear of the Block and yet. Now OTB & is playing the victim, because BBJ’s & others really don’t care for her or these HG’s for numerous reasons. Wow, STFU Christie needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mary

    The way Nick behaves, I wonder if he is a therapist at a prison and not for children.

  10. ElaineB

    Thx Steve! Not a big fan of the twists in recent seasons, but I liked this one. It actually met the criteria of “Expect the unexpected” (for the HGs), and I am glad Christie was the recipient of the third nom. If she is a game player, she will survive the week. If not, having her join Jack-Ass in jury, won’t be so bad.

    • KelBel

      I liked this twist too (probably wouldn’t if it had a different outcome. ha ha) – at least it still allows CC to play the veto, unlike a backdoor or the power CC herself possessed and never used (again…hahahahaha!)

    • Cat Lady

      Besides Christie came in knowing Tommy. I really don’t like that, at least with Kat and Holly they don’t really know each other. Also, regardless of the game it is I always like good people to win and this season doesn’t have many. So Nicole, Jess and Cliff I would rather get to the end and I know that’s highly unlikely. Next I would want Kat, Holly or Jackson.. but I can’t stand Christie, Nick or Tommy..

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  12. Avatar

    Christie didn’t hate a “twist” when it gave her a power. At this point, twist are part of the game, Bug Brother.

  13. Mary

    Surprised that Sis wants Kat out and not Cliff, does she not realize that her boy toy will be in the jury house with Kat all by themselves. 🙂

  14. SoftKitty

    Yeah, this twist is a win, win for all of us. No matter who lost and ended up on the block – we would have been happy for any of the 3 to go to jury (of course it being CC is just gravy!)

  15. Painter1

    With CC in the block I was wondering if she did not win veto but convinced say Jess or Nicole to use veto in her would we have to consider a real gamer. She already thinks America don’t like her, this could shake her up. Really who else is plotting and scheming in the house of floaters.

  16. hogwild

    Christie thinks it’s terribly unfair that America got to jump in like that
    comments like that are why I don’t care for Christie along with her fake crying it might be unfair but it’s no more unfair then getting to come into the game with an ally already in place. To be fair it’s not like Christie or Tommy planned that or had any control over it but lets be real here neither has shared that information to level the playing field either.

    • Nancy

      Perhaps this is a naive question, did the ppl who chose this group know about CC & TTs connection? I’m guessing yes

      • hogwild

        Considering how bad of a job they did with vetting some of the other’s especially jack I’m not so sure they did. But when they found out personally I think production should have informed the rest of the house.

      • danmtruth

        There was talk of having another season where some people knew each other going into the game Than the idea was scraped Unfortunately in choosing HG they were to lazy to remember the connection Not sure about the Kat, Holly, Jackson As they did not tease it like Tommy and Christie

      • Nancy

        Dan, I read about ppl knowing each other bfor the season started too..and then that seemed to go nowhere..I just find it rather serendipitous that CC an TT knew each other(that was for sis.)

  17. hogwild

    I hope Christie goes this week my next target for going would be Nick he is quickly becoming the third jackass bro.

    • Vikki T

      I would LOVE to see Nick go next. Heck Nancy, you will have to make a pit stop in Louisiana with your moving van to pick me up for that one. I will personally hog tie him to the front grill so that he gets to enjoy the scenic view for his trip.

      • Nancy

        Ooooo..tied to front grill..I’m liking that..lol..I won’t need a horn..connect an electronic shock collar, he’ll scream his fav word…FFFFFFFFFFFF get outta the way..

      • Nancy

        Oh dear lord..I’m such a passive person..not sure where that came from..I would never shock collar him, while he was tied to the grill..

      • Mary

        @Nancy- LOL Make it interesting, drive down the wrong way on a one way street.

  18. Alda

    Nick in the remake of “Silence of The Lambs” might be fitting.

    • KelBel

      I assume you mean Nick playing the part of Hannibal, but I kinda like the mental image of him alone and scared down in the well…with fans of BB voting on whether or not he gets the lotion lowered down to him in the bucket….

  19. hogwild

    I see mister or miss thumbs down is here early today.

  20. Punkytripster2

    Great morning recap. I tried watching BBAD but turned it off after watching Nick talking to Nicole and trying to convince her that JJ and Holly were trying to take her out of her alliance. I know it was game for him but to me it just looked like he was trying to make her feel like no one liked her. I don’t know how Nicole still trusts creepy Nick.

  21. AIO_7

    Beth seems to want to take out Chrissie, ‘Lyce seems to want to keep her …


    • Nancy

      Reckon sis wants to keep CC because of her connection with AD..other than nick, I dont think sis fits in anywhere..I’ve said it before, these alliances are confusing me..nick said he’d take cliff off the block if won pov..but, talking to TT…..oh shit, I’m just confused

  22. Pink13

    Yeah!?! Sis was trying to convince Jackson too!
    Noooooooooo!!! Come on advise from Sis?

  23. Colby

    Nick and JJ picked to play veto.

  24. Pink13

    She is actually thinking and scheming, more than I thought she was capable of.

  25. Pink13

    It’s a true battle now!

  26. Annabelle

    I’m hoping Cliff wins veto. Put Sis up just for being disrespectful. I know I’m getting older when I think kids these days.

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  28. Colby

    Lots of negativity this morning.
    Thumbie’s, go back to bed, sleep your hangovers off, and come back in a better mood.

  29. AIO_7

    Now ‘Lyce and Crazy Eyes plot …


  30. Mary

    Didn’t Jack warn Sis not to trust CC?

  31. AIO_7

    “I don’t know if I want Christie gone quite yet. She’s good for the feeds. I wouldn’t mind Cliff leaving”

    Thumbs UP if you DON’T agree with Steve on this.
    Thumbs DOWN if you DO agree with Steve on this.

  32. Colby

    Cliff, Jess, and Kat need to keep Nick away from Nicole, or at least not give them alone time.
    I can’t stand him.

  33. canuckquita

    So totally expected the weak move of TiT putting up self-centered Kat and old man Cliff. I voted my finger off on Crazistie to go to the field trip and am glad to be rewarded with her annoying ass being on the block. This season has been so horrible with all the racist comments and downright meanness that I can’t watch the feeds without feeling nauseous. How does CBS keep ratings with these types of HG’s? Would love to see Crazistie leave and never really understood why Mansplaining Jerk had her as his ride or die over his shower hump buddy. Maybe they too knew each other? All said I would be sad to see Cliff leave because his game play and behaviour have been above board and honourable from what I’ve seen and read. Nicole too seems to be playing an honest game and not trying to destroy others self esteem. Creepy Nick should be barred from counselling children or anyone for that matter. He is nasty and while I did not like how Bella bullied people I really hope she sees the snake for the garden and puts tons of distance from his rotten apple.

    • canuckquita

      *This comment has been removed for personally attacking another board member. You’re being warned because you’re new. But you’re also running out of warnings.

      NK, Moderator

      • Rise2thetop

        I gave you a thumbs down because I didn’t agree with it being a weak move for TT to put up Kat and Cliff. Not from his perspective. He’s working with most of the others, or at least he thinks he is.

  34. Pink13

    Nicole needs to get out of the bed!

  35. Avatar

    So I’m confused only 2 extra people were picked to play inveto?

  36. Alda

    No thumbs up or down.Have they been evicted?

  37. HappyHippo

    Jess just told tommy they all met on the same day and formed different relationships with everyone….ha if she only knew

  38. HappyHippo

    Watching cliff eat cereal is really refreshing …..CC take notes! Close your freakin mouth!

  39. danmtruth

    Proud of my mix buddy my Finn

  40. hummingbird

    So many of the HGs just want to make it to the jury house. They want a paid vacation in a glamorous house, with a pool, hot tub, etc. Since the theme of this season’s BB is camping, I really hope the jury house is a big tent like you see when people go glamping. By a river. No amenities.

    I know, nothing to do with the current conversation. Just had to get it off my chest. So much wishful thinking.

  41. Avatar

    Finally found the perfect song for the BB alumni reacting to this season’s houseguests in the Big Brother House


  42. caRyn

    The next hg evicted will tell Jack about the twist or Jack will be able to view it himself. Jack shouldn’t be surprised by the three hg that were involved in the twist after his own exit interview. Even if the next hg doesn’t have a similar exit interview Jack will let him/her hear about his. This information could change how the jury votes.
    BB wouldn’t be the same without twist. Expect the unexpected. Even if the twist aren’t used they still affect the game. The hg make decisions based on if there are twist even if they aren’t sure there is one. The speculation is a big part of the game.

  43. Vikki T

    Jess thinks she is part of the cool kids. She has been in the HOH all morning and acting just like them. She is working her way back into her alias WoS.

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