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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Updates!

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Good afternoon, everyone!


I’m back from my mini vacation and it’s time to roll full steam ahead with this season. I’m still trying to put the pieces together from the last few days, so as I learn, I’ll recap as best as I can.

As of now, the best I can see is that nominations happened as expected. Kemi and Jessica were put on the block and Jack made sure it’s known that it was strictly a ‘game move’ and nothing else (surprised he didn’t turn to a camera and give a wink wink after). This was nothing personal because Kemi would have nominated him had she won. He’s not exactly wrong with that, but it definitely sounds like production scolded Jack and Jackson quite a bit and they’re on thin ice.


In other news, Bella apparently decided to tell Jack about the Black Widow alliance in an effort to keep them safe? I didn’t quite understand this at all. The reason she told or the excuse she gave. Needless to say, the entire house is full of really bad players who continue to do stupid thing after stupid thing. Jack has openly made final 3 and final 5 alliances with half the house and it hasn’t even remotely come back to bite him because they’re all bad. The ‘outsiders’ are getting picked off one by one and half the ‘outsiders’ are too dumb to see they’re in that group so they didn’t even try to form any unity by tossing Kat a few votes on Wednesday night.

Last year, the ‘outsiders’ at least formed together and actually came pretty close to taking power at one point. I seem to recall the veto competition that Rockstar gave to Tyler was actually pretty crucial in terms of the balance of power. This year? Forget it.

Let’s get into the feeds while I still piece together the last few days:

  • 10:10 pm – Analyse is talking to Christie and Holly about her apparent showmance with Jack. I guess that’s public now? Can anyone confirm this?
    • Holly talked about someone jumping in her bed cuddling. Is she in a showmance too?
  • Meanwhile, Kemi is talking to herself in the bedroom how she’s going to win veto, take herself off the block and watch Jessica cry. She loves her, but this isn’t about love.
    • Bella has entered and the two are wondering who the biggest bitch is between the two of them
    • This is all while they get ready for the veto competition
  • 12:45 pm – People are just sitting around now waiting for the veto comp
  • 1:30 pm – Jessica, Jack, and Sis go into the boat room to talk
    • Analyse watches on as they talk
    • Jack tells Jessica that he wants her to succeed in this game (lol)
    • He says Jessica is clearly frustrated how Jack found out about her alliance
    • He tells her that Kemi is his target. She tells him that she knows how he find out but he ignores her and continues his speech on how she should be careful if she’s going to search as to who spilled it.
    • She tells him she’s not doing any research. She just wants to clear air
    • Jess says she has confirmation and that person has been playing really hard (I assume Bella)
    • She feels like she was planted in the alliance to blame her for starting it
    • Jack listening to these morons attacking each other while he is fine
    • Jack is gone and Kat is back. Jess is still pushing her all-girl thing but she’s frustrated at Kemi and/or Bella
    • Jessica begins to cry
  • 1:55 pm – Jack heads into the HoH room to talk to Bella
    • He tells her that David has been crying in the kitchen but they agree it’s fake
    • Jack says Sis is stuck in the boat room with Jess. He begins to re-tell the conversation about how much Jess was talking about her in the room
    • Jack says Kemi was originally the target
    • The two talk game for a bit, nothing really interesting. Just planning out different scenarios
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds down for veto
  • 4:50 pm – Feeds back
    • Sam won the PoV again
    • Christie and her crew are in the bedroom trying to figure out who to vote out this week. Sounds like it will be Kemi with Jess as next target
    • Sounds like Sam also won a trip to Fiji?
  • 5:45 pm – Jackson and Holly are working on keeping Kat cool even though she’s not even on the block. She’s a wreck
  • Skipping timestamp updates
    • There is a bunch of shit-talking going on between the sides of the house.
    • Bella has been involved in most of it both giving and receiving. She’s digging a hole for herself but she is part of that dumb alliance
    • In one cam, Kat will be bashing Bella with Jackson and Holly while other you’ll see Jess still raging about her to Nicole.
    • I have a feeling we’re going to see a blowup fairly soon. We’re slowly reaching that boiling point. The tension is getting thick in that house.
    • Kat, Jackson, and Holly talking about who people hated last season. Take a guess who the first person that came out of Jackon’s mouth was…

Check back for updates



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