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Big Brother 21 – Saturday Updates!

Good afternoon, everyone!


I’m back from my mini vacation and it’s time to roll full steam ahead with this season. I’m still trying to put the pieces together from the last few days, so as I learn, I’ll recap as best as I can.

As of now, the best I can see is that nominations happened as expected. Kemi and Jessica were put on the block and Jack made sure it’s known that it was strictly a ‘game move’ and nothing else (surprised he didn’t turn to a camera and give a wink wink after). This was nothing personal because Kemi would have nominated him had she won. He’s not exactly wrong with that, but it definitely sounds like production scolded Jack and Jackson quite a bit and they’re on thin ice.

In other news, Bella apparently decided to tell Jack about the Black Widow alliance in an effort to keep them safe? I didn’t quite understand this at all. The reason she told or the excuse she gave. Needless to say, the entire house is full of really bad players who continue to do stupid thing after stupid thing. Jack has openly made final 3 and final 5 alliances with half the house and it hasn’t even remotely come back to bite him because they’re all bad. The ‘outsiders’ are getting picked off one by one and half the ‘outsiders’ are too dumb to see they’re in that group so they didn’t even try to form any unity by tossing Kat a few votes on Wednesday night.


Last year, the ‘outsiders’ at least formed together and actually came pretty close to taking power at one point. I seem to recall the veto competition that Rockstar gave to Tyler was actually pretty crucial in terms of the balance of power. This year? Forget it.

Let’s get into the feeds while I still piece together the last few days:

  • 10:10 pm – Analyse is talking to Christie and Holly about her apparent showmance with Jack. I guess that’s public now? Can anyone confirm this?
    • Holly talked about someone jumping in her bed cuddling. Is she in a showmance too?
  • Meanwhile, Kemi is talking to herself in the bedroom how she’s going to win veto, take herself off the block and watch Jessica cry. She loves her, but this isn’t about love.
    • Bella has entered and the two are wondering who the biggest bitch is between the two of them
    • This is all while they get ready for the veto competition
  • 12:45 pm – People are just sitting around now waiting for the veto comp
  • 1:30 pm – Jessica, Jack, and Sis go into the boat room to talk
    • Analyse watches on as they talk
    • Jack tells Jessica that he wants her to succeed in this game (lol)
    • He says Jessica is clearly frustrated how Jack found out about her alliance
    • He tells her that Kemi is his target. She tells him that she knows how he find out but he ignores her and continues his speech on how she should be careful if she’s going to search as to who spilled it.
    • She tells him she’s not doing any research. She just wants to clear air
    • Jess says she has confirmation and that person has been playing really hard (I assume Bella)
    • She feels like she was planted in the alliance to blame her for starting it
    • Jack listening to these morons attacking each other while he is fine
    • Jack is gone and Kat is back. Jess is still pushing her all-girl thing but she’s frustrated at Kemi and/or Bella
    • Jessica begins to cry
  • 1:55 pm – Jack heads into the HoH room to talk to Bella
    • He tells her that David has been crying in the kitchen but they agree it’s fake
    • Jack says Sis is stuck in the boat room with Jess. He begins to re-tell the conversation about how much Jess was talking about her in the room
    • Jack says Kemi was originally the target
    • The two talk game for a bit, nothing really interesting. Just planning out different scenarios
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds down for veto
  • 4:50 pm – Feeds back
    • Sam won the PoV again
    • Christie and her crew are in the bedroom trying to figure out who to vote out this week. Sounds like it will be Kemi with Jess as next target
    • Sounds like Sam also won a trip to Fiji?
  • 5:45 pm – Jackson and Holly are working on keeping Kat cool even though she’s not even on the block. She’s a wreck
  • Skipping timestamp updates
    • There is a bunch of shit-talking going on between the sides of the house.
    • Bella has been involved in most of it both giving and receiving. She’s digging a hole for herself but she is part of that dumb alliance
    • In one cam, Kat will be bashing Bella with Jackson and Holly while other you’ll see Jess still raging about her to Nicole.
    • I have a feeling we’re going to see a blowup fairly soon. We’re slowly reaching that boiling point. The tension is getting thick in that house.
    • Kat, Jackson, and Holly talking about who people hated last season. Take a guess who the first person that came out of Jackon’s mouth was…

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    “Analyse is talking to Christie and Holly about her apparent showmance with Jack.”

    Hmmm. the same guy she told Box and Beth that she just wasn’t feeling it for just three days ago?

  2. hogwild

    This group makes the hive from last season look like game masters.

  3. danmtruth

    Many of the people on the show are fans of the show enough to know people are cast for certain rolls CC ask who was being shown as the villain
    Sounds like JJ might be players choice bye Jess WHY

    • Mel

      It was. She said she didn’t choose Kat because Kat said she wanted to try to win the trip. I don’t know why she didn’t choose Nicole unless she thinks Nicole would use it on Kemi.

      • Sassy

        ANYONE would be better than a Jackass Bro! At least Kat trying for the trip would mean there is one less person focused on the Veto! 1 in 5 is a little better than 1 in 6.

    • Alda

      JJ was giving Jess a big pep talk on how he wants her to stay.He was giving her advice on how she should behave in the house the next few days.He was pretty convincing.She ate it up.

  4. danmtruth

    It seems like the Dr might have HINTED that this veto comp will be the reward and punishment POV They keep talking about winning a trip to Tahiti ,Cash, or the POV Not to mention KK obsession with Bret hosting the POV So production must have told them to wear something for a Tahiti themed comp
    Wow Jack coming over to stand over Ratbella as she was talking to David than CC physical stood between them She looked scared

    • Kari

      Okay that’s really sad and pathetic that production that allows that kind of bullshit!!

    • Sassy

      They were told the other day that the Veto was going to promote the new show Love Island (??) and a trip to Fiji would be a prize. They assumed from that, it was the reward/punishment comp. there was also something mentioned about Brett possibly hosting because they have been talking about him ever since.

    • Mel
      Mel (5008 comments)

      They got to watch a promo for Love Island. Something to do with it told them about the trip. I dont know the details tho. I know Jackson was pissed to find out Love Island is on 5 days a week and they only get 3.

  5. danmtruth

    Ratbella was not physically scared More like scared for her game

  6. ElaineB

    Okay for all those using PSM as Jessica’s nickname….it is now officially PMS. lol.

  7. hogwild

    What is smarter these houseguest or.

  8. Helen

    Bella told about the girl alliance in an effort to get the house against Jess…Bella and Kemi are a final two together …that started at the beginning and is still going strong…

  9. AIO_7

    “Bella and Kemi are a final two together …that started at the beginning and is still going strong”…

    I wouldn’t put an ounce of faith in Ratbella.

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  11. danmtruth

    This season has soooo many side deals it is hard to keep count It is easier to say who doesn’t have a solid ride or die or any real plan Ovi and Jess In the case of Ovi it is sad because he thinks he has these alliances While Jess it just now thinking of making one Her first all girl vote for camp director fell flat than her black widow was even more illconceved as everyone else was already in another group

    • Avatar

      So is jess the person that started the all girl alliance…or was it ratbella..?

      • danmtruth

        It was a combination the girls Jess, Ratbella Nichole and Kimi showed up a little late so Jess said well are we going to do this Ratballa came up with the final name not sure WHO was the mother of this disaster

      • caRyn

        I believe it was Isabella.

      • Mel
        Mel (5008 comments)

        Bella suggested it so technically I guess that’s the start of it. Once that happened, Jess has been more into it that anyone. Jess was spearheading it the most. Bella named it tho.

  12. danmtruth

    Last night in the HOH room Jackass twins the 2 throw pillows CC and I believe Ratbella were talking about the all girl alliance Holly spoke saying every season the girls talk of an all girl alliance and it never works Also this season it had no chance as the girls are too different Great girl power pop talk This from a women who is in an alliance with CC Sys and Tommy

  13. danmtruth

    Before the get back from the veto comp Ratbella was laughing at JJ saying how she is looking forward to beating him and Jack Personaly I would enjoy seeing that Than to listen to those two make excuses

  14. hogwild

    A dog chasing it’s tail has more of an idea about what it wants to accomplish than these people do.

  15. Avatar

    I think Sam won veto

  16. HappyHippo

    Feeds back not sure who won yet but dang if CC eats just like a horse ….kind of annoying

  17. mm22

    I keep checking to see who won. This is taking forever

  18. HappyHippo

    Yep Sam won and gets to go to Fiji

  19. HappyHippo

    Somebody called him a comp beast and he said whoa whoa lol you’re up next guy!

  20. mm22

    Well see ya jess

  21. Kari

    Except these evictions really don’t mean much of anything until people actually leave after whatever the hell they have planned next…


  22. ShoeLover

    Wow, Sam is on a roll!! And a trip to Fiji!!!

    • ElaineB

      He is making himself relevant to the H8ful group. I know Christie dropped intel about it the last time he was POV. Does he know who the eight are?

      • ShoeLover

        I wonder that myself Elaine. He has been up in the HOH during CC reign, and all 8 were up there a couple of times. I think he may have idea, but it hasn’t fully clicked just yet. I also wonder if CC will slip and say something as well. To be continued on this one

      • danmtruth

        How does Sam feel that Ratbella and Nick are part of Fake8 but he is treated like Fake8lite Knowing he is low man and first target Also Nick talks openly with CC about targeting the Jackass twins Then she turns around and talks to Jack about backdooring Nick &Vella great alliance

      • ElaineB

        A group of eight can be hard to manage, and from Jack/Christie convos, Nick and Bella seem like the disposable ones.

    • Alda

      Sam’s The Man!

  23. danmtruth

    All that was said going in was how sick he was
    Yes no reason for him to use it Outside of Kimmi or Jess winning No one was going to use it to face the wrath of the Darthkake
    Jess has been starting her campaign that she is the first PSM How embarrassing it is that all the clothes she gets fior comps are men’s clothes I’m sure we will hear why is she worried we told her Kimmi is the target Shes not or that she should relax as she will have a chance to come back The power group is already starting to lay the ground work that Jess is freaking out Pushing to hard Sound like Ovi part 2

  24. caRyn

    First I want to thank Sassy for her updates. I don’t have the feeds but felt like I did reading your comments.
    Observations I have made watching BBAD and the regular episode:
    When Sam was talking with Christie about using the Veto, Christie mentioned she didn’t want to put Kemi OTB. When she said that Sam’s facial expression changed and he looked to the right. Then when Christie mentioned her group Sam did the same thing. His face during that conversation spoke. What is odd is since then Sam talks about the game with Christie knowing he isn’t in her group.
    After Jack’s house meeting Tommy and Ovi were talking. Tommy said to Ovi he couldn’t talk game with Ovi and hoped Ovi understood. Tommy says to Ovi I’m on your side and want you in the house. If so, Tommy would talk game with Ovi.
    “DR Kathryn” needs to make her presence in the BB house and play BB. She is a different Kathryn in the DR.
    Anyone in the camp or going to the camp don’t have a chance. When one comes back into the game they will be the first OTB.
    A majority of the hg don’t listen to game talk, or pay attention to game talk, or know how to play the game. And they tell everyone everything even knowing they are not in an alliance with them. It’s like – Oh, you’re in an alliance and I’m not in it, well that’s ok let me tell you what so and so said on who they want voted out. (And so and so is in that person’s alliance they are spilling tea to).
    What the hg do pay attention to, and listen to, and concentrate on, is mostly made up negative crap about one another.
    I think the only hg I like at this point that has a chance to stay in the game is Nicole. I think Jessica and Kemi will make 3 & 4 of the banished hg.
    Production spoke to Jack and later to Jackson this past week just to remind them we are here watching and listening. That reminder should have given them a heads up on how they are being received. A wake up call – so to speak. Doesn’t seem like it helped. I believe what we are hearing from Jack and Jackson is mild to what we will hear in 30 or 60 days when they are even more comfortable.

  25. Helen

    I think Sam is going to be a tough one to beat…2 POV’s now and pretty sure he won the chaos whacktivity comp..

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  27. Helen

    Poor Sam is taking a shower…both Kemi and Jess are sitting in the bathroom ready to pounce once he gets out. Lol

  28. Helen

    Kemi is talking to Sam…wants him to use veto on her..
    I hope he does not use it cause if he does it will put an even bigger target on his back…I’d rather he stay in the game as long as possible

  29. danmtruth

    The one thing the Jackass twins have taken from the DR is to make sure they have game related reasons to evict either girl Make sure they lay it out for people to hear How little effect these talks ha e had on them is they keep bringing it up and asking g if anything said might get them in trouble In other words it’s a joke to them

  30. danmtruth

    If Jack is smart he would just stand back and say it does not matter who they vote off Bottom line is between the two it should not Kimm seems like she has a better chance to win a comp We will need to see what the whactivity comp was and if Sam won that also
    Before the POV Kimi was trying g to say she did the banishment comp faster Why at this point are you trying g to portray yourself as being good at comps

  31. g8trgirl

    I don’t have the feeds so I rely on all of you to keep me posted on the goings on with our little mice in a maze. After 2 days of reading from many, there is 1 common theme that we’ve never had in the 21 seasons I’ve been watching: NOBODY in this house knows this game. Usually you have at least 1 or 2 true BB fans that have a real strategy and plan ahead and play and shift if needed. These morons are flying by the seat of their pants. They tell secrets to an alliance that’s working on throwing them out, half the house seems like they’re in the house to get laid or better their career or meet past houseguests. Out and out lying about other hgs does not a strategy make. None of these people have a clue.
    A few posts ago someone mentioned that Grodner keeps selecting the same stereotypes: the blonde, the surfer dude, etc. Why? Because it’s what sells; that demographic tunes in and to the broadcasts and BBAD and makes beaucoup bucks. Don’t fix what ain’t broken. Do you realize that many of the people in the house right now were only 3, 4 or 5 years old when BB first aired? They haven’t watched it like we have. They don’t know the history. Hence, the lack of strategy.
    I won’t stop watching or staying with my BB family. I’m here til the end. But, unfortunately, my expectations are getting lower and lower every season.
    Debbie Downer jumping off the soap box.

    • danmtruth

      I must go a bit the other way Some of these HG Tommy Cc have a good grasp of the game It also shows just because you have watch the game for a long time Ovi Jess and Cliff who know the history but are bad players They need to make some changes to the format Players coming in have a clear view of what is going to happen First stop the let’s get to know each other week without the cameras on

  32. g8trgirl

    And where the he’ll is Ann?

  33. Sassy

    It’s time for fake greatful messages!

    Tommy – g8ful JJ didn’t hurt his foot worse because that would have been the worse thing that could happen to the house. Hahahahaha!!! It would be the best thing for a lot of them!!
    Christie – thankful that the house is getting a chance to get to know David and that Ovi didn’t have to leave the house.
    Sam – thankful for trip to Fiji
    Beth – thankful for the experience of getting to watch everyone compete in the Veto and getting to cheer them on. *barf*
    Anal lice – repeated Beth! Hmmm. Bless her heart!
    AD – thankful for all the experiences in this house, he has already learned SOOO much!

    I’m done listening to them!! Barf. Lies, lies, lies!!

  34. Sassy

    I hate these HGs!

    Tyler was the host for Veto.

    Kemi tried to talk Sam into using Veto, he was straight with her and said no. I think he’d like to but he right, it’s not a good game move. Kemi and Sam came close to figuring things out, but came up shy of the truth. They know J Bros along with Beth and Anal Lice are a group of 4, but they struggle with whether anyone else is really in their group! They don’t think CC or TT are aligned with them *disgusted face*.

    JJ hurt his foot in the Veto. I don’t care if they have to cut it off.

    JJ and Beth are acting like a couple already in front of Kat. Too soon! I thought Kat did a great job pretending it didn’t bother her, because we know it had too!

    Jess was crying because she doesn’t like how maybe Kemi or Brllaare playing, I couldn’t really hear, and didn’t really care.

    Tomorrow is both Kemi and ADs bdays.

  35. danmtruth

    Thank God I miss it Did it come with the obnoxious pounding of the table ?
    So the POV was a commercial for Lovd Island Like last season when they did the Mama Mia comp That gave them a trip to Greece This was a trip to Tahiti This should be an easy week It is a no loose no mater who goes Yet why do I ha e the feeling g the Fake8 will over complicate it

  36. Sassy

    Everyone is in the kitchen talking over each other. To many convos for me to follow, I’m thankful for the mute button.

  37. Sassy

    CC and TT went to bathroom to make a crown out of a wire hanger and cotton balls.

    TT is REALLY concerned for JJ. He thinks he’s going to end up like Xmas. CC doesn’t want to look at it because she will feel really bad for him.

    They move to the boat room. They think he has the power. They both KNOW it. TT said he could tell because he tensed up when he hugged him.

    JJs accident happened for a reason. TT is sleeping in the HOH room. TT wonders if he should continue. CC says yes we need to keep an eye on him. They have a final 3. They wonder if it’s still true because Anal lice and AD are so close. Of coarse they are in a great spot!

    CC says she’s solid with Sam and TT says he’s the real threat!

    They feel bad for Kemi (lies).

    I think the crown is a bday crown for Kemi, they laugh about it getting stuck in her hair and in ADs.

  38. Sassy

    TT and CC talk about backdooring Jack much later down the line. They think that J bros and Beth/Anal have been talking about them. I’m not sure that they have but I avoid them as much as possible, they make me want to vomit.

    They are so proud of their cotton crown then break out into hysterics talking about their 2d grade hand made project. Cliff comes in and thinks it’s a Santa mask.

    Kitchen – everyone else is still in there talking at the same time.

    CC and TT find some fake flowers and decide to add to the cotton crown… No wire cutters, so they are taking the petals off the flowers. They are creative and this is better than listening to the j Bros.

  39. danmtruth

    Zingbot is going to have a hard time with this group
    How can Sam or anyone not see CC and TT not with the Jackass twins

  40. hogwild

    I’m starting to think you should have to pass some sort of intelligence test to get on this show if you did I’m confident most of the cast would not be there.

  41. Sassy

    Storage room – JJ and – JJ just came from the DR, talking about eating a whole watermelon everyday. Ovi has another pair of shoes for his outfit. David came in/JJ out. Ovi complaining he needs a size in the middle.

    Cc and TT back in boat room. CC says Jesse wanted to say she was g8ful for the girls that aren’t talking about her in the house. They laugh. I would have laughed if she would have said it. TT walks out.

    Bathroom – Kemi/Bell/Sam having a convo with mouths full of tooth paste. Bell wants Sam to teach her a breathing technique before she kicks someone in the throat. They asked Tyler a lot of questions and he just nodded but never answered. They think he watches the live feeds. They talk about Brett and Davonne, get warning! Jess enters and even the nothing talk simmers. Kemi said she kept looking up and production avoided eye contact. Kemi/Bell have the giggles. They are pretty much ignoring Jess.

  42. Sassy

    Cliff/Ovi – Cliff prefers Kemi to leave, Ovi agrees. Ovi is looking forward to coming back. Cliff wants the big group to split up. He realizes they are the bottom of the barrel on that side. They debate whether to talk to TT. They go over who is close to each other. They go thru the pairs – fish tank.

  43. Sassy

    Cliff/Ovi/Nicole – talk about whether Sam will use Veto. They talk about the group of 8. They speculate on things they have heard. The key to the game is Ovi coming back… oh, friends, I just don’t know about these people. They finalize their final 3 (throat clear- Ovi, you are NOT in the game). They talk about their connections to other people and how they are in a good spot. They want to start some paranoia for Bella. Nicole explains the black widows to Cliff/Ovi. They want Jess to make a bigger deal of Bella’s role. They think Bella thinks she’s the puppet master and tells people what to do. She “told” Cliff, she can help him get to jury but that’s it. Fish tank.

  44. Good Dog

    Zanax anyone? Deep breath. My pissivity is acting up. I only watch the broadcast shows, so I don’t see & hear what you guys do. I’ve watched since season one & don’t remember hg’s being in such a rush to make alliances from day one. It’s one thing to plan, stratagize another to just complain & gossip. BB can be dull, annoying & predicable followed by WOW moments. I guess we keep watching to vent & wait for those wow unpredictable moments.

  45. Sassy

    The 3 stooges are strategizing on how to get them to start a cross fire and how to stay out of it. They may be coming around. I’m hopeful for Nicole! Enough about Bella, next camera.

    Boat room – Charlie’s angels, Sam, Bella, TT – the crown is coming along. Talk about a cake for tomorrow. Next camera

    Bathroom – they present the crowns. Pretend pics, lots of yelling, talking over each other and fake hugs and congrats…

  46. Sassy

    Nicole/Ovi – want David to blow up everything. They want to feed him the info they know in hopes he puts it together and tells the whole house! Nicole has a little game!! Ovi cam talking about needing to make sure he’s got good social connections before he gets back in the game. He has a solid 3, and he can build an Army from there. He’s gonna fight like hell. He’s going to lay low, go to bed early, and be the golden child.

  47. Sassy

    Bathroom – AD telling both Kemi and Jess how much he respects both of them inside and outside the house. Puke!! Fish tank.

  48. Sassy

    Nick has never flossed *cringe*, Sam rarely flosses. KK says you only have to floss the teeth you want to keep. (Good one!).

    Kitchen – David telling them about his eyesight.

    SR- Kemi walks in, screams, beer and wine! Enough to get NO ONE intoxicated…

  49. Sassy

    Jack telling a story about a girl that almost lost her eye popping a cork, who cares? Looks like a couple of Coors and a couple of Heineken, bottle of wine. AD is teaching TT to shotgun a beer. Obnoxious chanting to cheer him on. Frat party. Everyone is in the kitchen but David still seems to be on the outside looking in. CC has both a beer and a glass of wine, one in each hand (greedy!).

    Fish tank

    I think I’m outta here. NK, enjoy the Frat party!

  50. Sassy

    Ok Steve, I’ll bite! Swagleigh??

  51. Sassy

    NK where are you? I can’t sleep, Tell me what the HGs are doing, bore me to sleep please!

  52. Vikki T

    Jack in the Box is actually having a normal conversation with David.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry about that Campers. I took a nap around 9 during a thunderstorm and just woke up. I’ve missed the beginning of the show and haven’t had a chance to read most of today’s comments yet so I’ll just jump right in here.



    David, Cliff, Kemi, Ovi, KK, CC, SamIAm, PSM, Bella and Sis the Human Throw Pillow (Thanks for Sam and Sis Dan. I laugh so hard till I cried earlier today), are all talking about something. (Told you I got here late)


  54. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is saying he’d like to meet Kevin. They start talking about somebody losing a comp last year. CC says Raven was insane. KK is telling them that there were a lot things Tyler could have said to the girls. Kemi is talking about one of the girls on last year’s show (didn’t hear which one). They say they’ve heard a lot of bad things about Angela. They said Angela left Rachel a nasty goodbye message and that she was a mean girl. Now all of them are talking at the same time again.


    TT, JJ, and Sis the Human Throw Pilliow are talking. JJ says hopefully everything will go good this week. He asks JJ if he thinks he’ll use it(Veto). TT says no, at least he said he wasn’t. JJ says AD is in the DR. The boatroom crew comes out and some of them join the kitchen group. TT tells CC he’ll probably sleep in her bed tonight and she says fine. CC leaves to go upstairs to shower.


    Bell and Nik are still talking and Cliff comes in and asks Nick if he’s really a therapist. Nick says yes but says he played it down a bit. He starts to tell Cliff about his practice.


    • HappyHippo

      I really thought nick would do less trashing and more “therapist” kind of talking, lifting people up ….he’s really disappointing me the more trash he talks and joins in on

      • mm22

        imo national tv is probably not a good career move if you’re going to a-line yourself with a hater, a cruel hater, a rat, I guess a piece of lice, a mean girl , a smoozer liar and a two faced liar, did I miss anyone? nope

      • Sassy

        Mm you are funny!!

  55. Sassy

    Jack is turning 21??? Seriously? He looks like he’s 30

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry I’m a little bit slow, still a bit sleepy 🙂



    KK is laying in bed talking to TT. KK is telling them that she and David aren’t having a showmance. She says he is feeling out of place and she feels sorry for him. She says he’s a nice guy. CC says he’s growing on her too and he’s extremely clean and believes in a lot of things she does. KK says he hasn’t said anything mean about anyone in the house. She says he does know alot and she finds that strange. TT asks her what does she mean “he knows a lot”? CC says maybe he might not be allowed to say. KK says he’s just nervous and misunderstood. TT says he’ll be fine.

    CC wonders who will be coming back into the house. KK says she doesn’t know but Ovi is killing it. CC says he has a new sense of confidence. CC wonders who David would put up if he came back. KK says she likes David but would want Ovi to come back. CC says she wouldn’t vote Ovi back because he would come after her for obvious reasons.

    They say today is AD’s birthday. KK says she can’t believe she’s older than he is. CC and TT tell her how mature she is.


    • Sassy

      CC and TT think David has seen videos (I guess of them in the house). They wondered why he won’t just tell, that’s when CC said maybe he’s not allowed to, they are both SOO sure of this. TT said there are ways around telling without telling. *Even if it were true, and it’s not, why the hell would he want to tell you? FAKE FAKE FAKE

  57. Sassy

    Jacks back! I’m ova him, and I’m outta here!! Enjoy the rest of the night NK!

  58. NKogNeeTow



    KK is saying how the backyard looks a lot bigger on TV. She says Sam is such a comp beast. Cliff has joined the room. He, TT and KK are watching the monitor to see who is where. Cliff is holding Orwell. Orwell must have forgiven him. KK says it’s tough for her because she sleeps with Jess and Kemi is in the next bed.

    AD returns to the room and runs into the bathroom and pours Starburst over the top of the shower while CC is in there. She asks if he’s mad at her for taking a shower up there but she asked JJ for permission and he said it was ok. He says no, it’s fine.

    Sis the HumanThrowPillow#1 is now in the room and Holly the HumanThrowPillow#2 comes in. JJ is also there now. CC comes out of the shower and AD tells her she has to do one naked lap around the room. He then turns his attention to David. He asks what’s the latest on him. CC says he isn’t her favorite person but she’s starting to like him. Cliff pipes up and says that David’s personality still doesn’t mesh with his. AD says that settles it then, if Cliff’s radar is still up then David is still in the shithouse with him. TT says David came into the house thinking how he could cause the most trouble. *There goes my respect for Tommy Twirler*


  59. NKogNeeTow

    You’re deserting me to Sass? And where is Dan the man?

  60. NKogNeeTow



    The group is watching the monitor of David cleaning the kitchen. Ovi the other Honorary Non-H8 has joined the group. They asks AD what he’s going to do for his birthday. Cliff, the other Honorary Non-H8 tells him that there is a swinging club downstairs called The Boathouse. AD goes to the door and asks David the time. The group starts singing “Lean On Me”…no warning.

    KK leaves and AD says he’s so ready to do nothing tomorrow. Ovi tells AD that on the east coast it’s his birthday and they all tell him happy birthday. AD tells JJ that he turned the shower on for him. Everyone else is just making small talk. Cliff is just sitting there silently watching them and holding on to his security, Orwell.
    AD is laying in TT’s arms, Sis the HumanThrowPillow#1 is laying in CC’s.


  61. NKogNeeTow


    Ovi is talking to Squeaks. He asks if she wants to play checkers. She says she’s just trying to figure things out. He says he is proud of her both on a game and personal level. He tells her that he is ready to get back into the game so he can be an ally to all of them. Squeaks says it was just too much for her so she had to get away and come in there to get away from everyone. He says he gets that. She says he hopes she’s called to the DR because she needs to rant.

    He asks her if she wants to get her feelings out and vent. She says she doesn’t even know what her feellings are. He plays one word with her. He says anger, she says Bella. He says sad, she says Jess. He says home, she says family. He says 500K, she says a long way to go. He says just keep thinking of her,family. She says she knows they’re fine, she knows she’s fine, it just kills her. She says it just kills her to watch people sink who don’t deserve to sink. He reminds her how BB is like the game of Battleship. He tells her the game is far from over. She says she just doesn’t want to be in the pecking order. She says she’s struggling. He says but she’s always made it work. He tells her that as long as she’s got breath, she’s still in the game. She says she just doesn’t want to shoot herself in the foot. He tells her she won’t. He tells her he know’s because he’s the Sixth Sense kid. *Didn’t he see dead people? What is he trying to say?*


  62. NKogNeeTow



    Ovi is quizzing Squeaks about things that happened in comps. KK comes in. *I’m so tired of her azz just popping up everywhere out of nowhere ruining good conversations* Squeaks tells KK she loves her and KK comes over and gives her a hug and says she loves her too. *Screw the hugs. Throw some punches! ANYTHING to keep my ass awake!*

    KK tells Ovi she doesn’t want to go up against him in a battleback. He says he’s just trying to make his familly proud and he’s going to fight tooth and nail. Cliff and Orwell join the room. *He’s another one I’m getting tired of seeing creeping around* He says he was upstairs and everyone is falling asleep. He says he’s getting ready to go to bed and just dropped in to see what they were up to. He says the house is so quiet.
    KK says oddly enough she can see why Baleigh had a breakdown now. Cliff said it happened right in that room. They joke and say they should recreate it. KK says she could squirt catsup in her mouth. They laugh.

    Ovi talks about the edit that they might be getting. He says they are in a BB that has never been done before. He says there has never been 16 people in the house before. He says he thinks the twist depends on how much they like David or not.


  63. NKogNeeTow

    BACK: And my POS computer is dragging worse than I am.


    Ovi asks KK how she’s feeling. She says happy to be not OTB. Cliff is sitting there in silence, playing with Orwell, and listening. They are trying to figure out the schedule leading up to the battle back. Ovi says it’s going to be hard that week because no one has ever left the house yet. Cliff tells Ovi that he’ll welcome him back with open arms. KK tells Ovi she sincerely hopes he’s the one coming back. He says he hopes so too. He says that he thinks that day 30 is when the game is going to take a pivotal change.

    Cliff says he’s going to bed and leaves. KK says she’s going to take a shower.


  64. Ava

    So far this season is boring and the house guests are idiots!

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Just wiped out my entire f*cking post again….and that ctrl/z thing did NoT work!

    Trying to re-create….

    JJ told the group that his vote is for Kemi. CC says Kemi almost won today in spite of the fact that she didn’t know what was going on. AD says he wants to decapitate the other side of the house to get down to 8 then they can kill each other. *That wasn’t the entire convo but I can’t remember all that sh*t I just typed. PISSED!*


    Ovi and Squeaks alone again. They start going over things in the game on certain days.


    Holly and Sis, HumanThrowPillows1 & 2 are leaving and wish AD a happy birthday.


    Ovi is telling Squeaks about Lord of the Rings and fellowship. Ovi thinks he hear someone outside the door and goes to check. No one there. He lays back own with Squeaks.


  66. NKogNeeTow


    Ovi headed upstairs to bed. Goes to the HOH door but turns around and leaves. Squeaks comes up and they sit at the Checkers table. They use the checkers to remember the Days. They start to play checkers as a cover for going over things in the house. Ovi says David is scary good at checkers too. Ovi tells her that he thinks Kemi is going this week. Squeaks says Kemi is keeping a very level head. She says Kemi almost won today.


  67. Kari

    finding out that Jack is only 20, that means he’s the same age as my daughter who will be 21 in the fall. If I were his mother I’d kick his damn ass I don’t care how old he is. I would be embarrassed to have a child that acts the way he does..

  68. NKogNeeTow



    Ovi and Squeaks still playing Checkers. Squeaks is winning. She asks where David is. Ovi says he went to bed because he was tired. Ovi said on a personal level, David is tough. Squeaks says she hasn’t seen PSM in a while and wonders what she’s thinking. They start talking about not trusting Bella. Squeaks says the scariest thing is that they had heart to heart moments. Ovi says and they might not have been sincere. He says that’s part of the game. *This is like watching paint dry* Ovi hopes he wins America’s Vote. *Don’t think it’s gonna happen* Now Ovi is winning Checkers.

    *At the end of the sofas in the Treehouse, there is a picture of a squirrel on one and a campfire on the other. Nothing to do with anything. Just making observations out of boredom.*


  69. NKogNeeTow



    Sis the HumanThrowPillow#1 goes to the HOH and climbs into the bed with AD, who is in bed with the lights out. She snuggles up and he pulls the covers up. *Is this the same chick that said he has NO appeal to her? That girl has a SERIOUS case of raging hormones*


    Ovi and Squeaks are going over stat again. He is quizzing her.


    JJ and Holly are on the sofa talking. He is telling her that he was weak when it came to KK. He said she really was the instigator. She said she talked to her. He asks how much info did she(KK) give. Cliff comes in and sits down on the sofa wearing a pair of panties on his head .*I tell you his azz is everywhere.* Cliff says he figures if he holds onto Orwell, he’ll get more airtime. PSM comes in and says she just got out of the DR. She starts to say something about it and gets a warning.


  70. NKogNeeTow



    Loud ass SamIAm is standing at the hot tub talking to Nik and Bella. Sam tells Nick that Bella wants to have sex with him. She says she didn’t say that. Bella was playing Cornhole alone then stops and plays with the water in the hot tub. He tells her to stop or he’s going to get in trouble. She asks why? He says that because Valdemort (someone in the DR) doesn’t like him. She asks him why? He says he doesn’t know.


    JJ is talking to PSM and Holly the HumanThrowPillow#2. PSM leaves and JJ tells HHTP that it’s so early and it’s weird.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! And not a moment to soon! Alright my sleepy campers, I’m going to try to read some of the comments from where I left off earlier today, then I’m joining you in Dreamland. Sleep well and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  71. danmtruth

    Thanks NK and all the other Sassy Kari, shoe lover to name a few Was having a long night Had to miss my favorite distraction

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