Big Brother 21 – Sunday Evening Updates


Good evening, everyone!

I assume many are tuning in after the CBS episode to get spoilers on the veto competition, well here they are:

Tommy won the veto

While it’s expected for him to use the veto tomorrow to save her, it’s not a guarantee because he doesn’t want to show his cards unless absolutely necessary. The target this week is Jessica so it should go off without a hitch. However, this is still Big Brother and Tommy/Christie of all people should know how much things can change between Sunday and Thursday. With only 7 people remaining in the house and 6 after this next eviction, Tommy and Christie will make up a third of the house. It would be a mistake of catastrophic proportions of Tommy doesn’t use the veto and Christie gets sent packing. Like one of the biggest mistakes in reality show history, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating.


If Tommy uses the veto, that means he and Christie are guaranteed to be playing in the next HoH against Cliff, Nicole, and Holly. If they win, that secures them top 5 with likely two of the weakest players all season long. Granted there will be a lot more mental and luck comps coming up until the finale, but come finale weekend, I’d gladly head into those first two HoH rounds against Cliff or Nicole. Gladly. If they take out Jackson during the DE, they’ll have to be incredibly unlikely with comp wins to not have at least one of them in the final 3.

The right move for Christie and Tommy at this point is to take out Jackson then Holly and Nicole in whatever order they can manage. Go into the final 3 with Cliff and easily beat him in both the endurance round and the skill round and sit in the final 2 together.

Keep in mind, I’m only really focusing on Tommy and Christie’s path to victory here because Tommy has his decision to make tomorrow and it could be a $500k decision. I understand being worried about showing cards, but now is the time to show them. Save Christie, make up a fake story about a promise you had with her and hope the dopes in the house believe it (which they probably will). Then you can show your cards and most of the table won’t even be looking (except probably Nicole). At this point, you could probably ‘joke’ about knowing each other in real life and these people still won’t believe it. Nicole would but the rest are clueless and would think they’re kidding.

Alright, I am not sure if anything will happen tonight because the house is dead but I wanted to get a new post up because the other has a ton of comments. I’ll update if they do anything but chat about personal stuff.

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