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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Evening Updates

Good evening, everyone!


I assume many are tuning in after the CBS episode to get spoilers on the veto competition, well here they are:

Tommy won the veto

While it’s expected for him to use the veto tomorrow to save her, it’s not a guarantee because he doesn’t want to show his cards unless absolutely necessary. The target this week is Jessica so it should go off without a hitch. However, this is still Big Brother and Tommy/Christie of all people should know how much things can change between Sunday and Thursday. With only 7 people remaining in the house and 6 after this next eviction, Tommy and Christie will make up a third of the house. It would be a mistake of catastrophic proportions of Tommy doesn’t use the veto and Christie gets sent packing. Like one of the biggest mistakes in reality show history, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating.


If Tommy uses the veto, that means he and Christie are guaranteed to be playing in the next HoH against Cliff, Nicole, and Holly. If they win, that secures them top 5 with likely two of the weakest players all season long. Granted there will be a lot more mental and luck comps coming up until the finale, but come finale weekend, I’d gladly head into those first two HoH rounds against Cliff or Nicole. Gladly. If they take out Jackson during the DE, they’ll have to be incredibly unlikely with comp wins to not have at least one of them in the final 3.

The right move for Christie and Tommy at this point is to take out Jackson then Holly and Nicole in whatever order they can manage. Go into the final 3 with Cliff and easily beat him in both the endurance round and the skill round and sit in the final 2 together.

Keep in mind, I’m only really focusing on Tommy and Christie’s path to victory here because Tommy has his decision to make tomorrow and it could be a $500k decision. I understand being worried about showing cards, but now is the time to show them. Save Christie, make up a fake story about a promise you had with her and hope the dopes in the house believe it (which they probably will). Then you can show your cards and most of the table won’t even be looking (except probably Nicole). At this point, you could probably ‘joke’ about knowing each other in real life and these people still won’t believe it. Nicole would but the rest are clueless and would think they’re kidding.

Alright, I am not sure if anything will happen tonight because the house is dead but I wanted to get a new post up because the other has a ton of comments. I’ll update if they do anything but chat about personal stuff.


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  1. Annabelle

    I know Holly+Jackson =Jolly but last few days more appropriate would be.
    I’m still catching up on a few days so if someone else thought this I’m sorry not stealin.

  2. Jen

    Guys. I am sorry but I can only vent to yall. If I ever see CC out in the street, itll take every ounce of willpower not to punch her. She is shining about forgetting her dogs bark?!?!?!? Try losing you husband in your 30’s and never getting to see him again and losing your phone which held the only video with his voice. It makes me SOSOOOOOOOO MAD!!
    thanks guys and I am sorry

    • Tam

      JEN, YOU VENT, HONEY!!!! I am so sorry and I can empathize with you. Similar situation in my family. It’s been a struggle. I agree with you. She has already said hoping that there was natural disaster or something when she didn’t a rave reaction from the crowd when she was evicted. Some people are just so wrapped up in things that are just ignorant to real life. Prayers for you and your family.

      • Annabelle

        Well said Tam. I hate saying this but even at th he age of 19 I was more mature than most of this group.

      • ElaineB

        It is all about perspective. In the same episode, we saw Cliff ‘dance’ with his wife. We all have joys and sorrows. If Christie’s dog is important to her, that is okay. There were many comments about Jack….if Jack could be so connected to his dog, could he really be such a bad person??!! I won’t answer that, but I do know he is allowed to miss his dog. None of these HGs know our situations, and we don’t know theirs. Christie is allowed to miss whoever/whatever she wants.

      • Jen

        Hi guys. Good thought. And Elaine- I dont disagree- I literally cant go away for a weekend bc I would miss my cat, so I do emphasize. It’s just difficult hear people bitch when they do get the happy ending that I or many others will never get is all.
        @Tam- that’s Soooo right! I completely forgot about that national disaster comment and a great time to remind us!! I hope shewill realize that when she finds out about Dorian!

    • hogwild

      I really can’t talk about being mature look at the memes and gifs and songs I post as prrof of that

    • danmtruth

      You vent its called perspective The world is about her That is what is so crazy about all her being in touch with the universe and loves everone What bs

    • Alda

      Jen,so sorry to hear that.

      • Jen

        And just so yall know I only just needed anoutlet to vent. And knew that most of you wouldn’t mind i am ok now. And thx for the kind thoughts. It’s been a while so not raw anymore but silly b.s bugs me still. lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      Would you expect anything less from Pinocchio? We all know that all the women in the house with the exception of Nicole, are vain and shallow as hell.

  3. Jen

    Hahaha Annabelle!!!

    • Annabelle

      Jenn I understand your frustration and I’m sorry for your pain. Though it is nothing like your heart ache Sept is a hard month for me due to losing my mama in 2001 and a friend 5 years ago. I believe it’s her being immature even for her age and then combined with all her other behaviors she has no clue what that kind of pain is and doesn’t even realize how insensitive it could be. Had it been said by say Nicole I don’t think it would have been as bad cause she has and shows empathy. I’m sure nobody here minds the venting.

  4. Mary

    Dang, Cliff has me getting teary eyed talking about his wife.

  5. Mary

    Goodness gracious Jess, you put Jackson on the block. Like, like, like like what did you expect?

  6. Helen

    Tommy told Christie today when they were at the pool today he is 100% saving her with the veto tomorrow and that they made it to final 6….so I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t use it

  7. hogwild

    There are a lot of things that tick me off about Christie not just her chewing like this.

    But how she acts like it is such a crime or betryal for anyone other than her to make a game move or do what is best for their game.

  8. Nancy

    @MARY..check ur messages

  9. hogwild

    Nothing to do with the game or the feeds I just think whoever casme up with this is pretty dam clever.


  10. hogwild

    Poor Nicole stuck in the hammock with Jessica she looks like she wants to run for the hills.

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  12. Mary

    Will not miss Jess and her constant, like and Ummm . Feel as I’m losing brain cells just listening to her. Is she only getting close or talking to Nicole because she is on the block with Christie?

  13. Apopkedave

    Didn’t Jackson just break up with Holly on the night show? Or did they get back together?

  14. danmtruth

    A camera on tommy alone folding his close ?? Alert the emmy voters

  15. Robin

    You guys just kill me ,

  16. danmtruth

    Cliff christie jess and nicole in the yard 2 cameras on tommy doing a gtreat job folding his clothes Holly and jackson no where to be seen

  17. danmtruth

    NK, mesage read and answered along with others

  18. Avatar

    The analysis written by Steve was 100% accurate. Production will also say this to Tommy as well.

  19. Robin

    So fellow inmates, I think I need some rest but may be back for BBad. This is just in case of NK withdrawal. Later!

  20. Avatar

    Well I’m going to bed night y’all

  21. Mello_One

    Tommy told Cryin Christie today at the pool that he is going to use the Veto on her tomorrow, to keep her safe….When do y’all think that Jackson, Holly, Cliff, & Nugget are going to get a clue?! That Tommy has saved Christie time after time and when he didn’t Production did. I believe Tommy will tip his card tomorrow, because Jackson wants the noms to stay the same. The clue is that he & Christie have had a clear advantage in this game, because they both have had each others backs?!

    Remember….Tommy basically told Jessica that he & Christie, knew each other, & where a couple…When is Jess going to tell Jackson, or is she that enamored with Christie???!

    • Nancy

      When did tommy tell Jessica he and CC knew each other and were a couple??..I missed that golden nugget..

      • Mello_One

        On Thursday, right after Nick was evicted, in the Boat Room.

      • Mello_One

        Btw I read the above dialog on Jokersupdate….This also Tommy & Christie have both figured out that Jackson, & Holly are with Nicole, & Cliff?! So I’m just wondering why Holly & Cliff can’t see that Christie & Tommy are together.

    • Alda

      I hope Jackson is bullshitting TT.He’s telling him that Cliff is a threat and has to go after Jess.TT says I hope you hear Jess out if she comes up with a deal.

    • ElaineB

      Listening to HOH room with J/H/C/T, Tommy pushing for Cliff to go over Jess. I agree with Jackson’s reasoning. If Cliff goes, Jessica will target Tommy/Jackson. Tommy said, yes, but ‘Jessica is just one’….lol, but in a previous minute, he said Jess has Christie, which means Tommy boy, that Christie might have Jessica. It is like those great geometry proofs (in math), which I hated, but now I love. My hope is that Cliff has the votes of Holly and Nicole, and Jackson breaks the tie in favor of Cliff. Course Jackson has let me down (*cough* Christie) so I won’t get my hopes up.

    • Apopkedave

      After the show is long over. Lol

    • hogwild

      Nicole has figured it out she was telling Holly and Jackson last week there was more to Tommy and Christie just just didn’t know what it was.

      • Nancy

        @HOG, I saw that with nicole…Somebody posted Tommy told Jessica about him and CC. That’s simply not true..right? I think that poster has misinformation..

      • Mello_One

        Nah Nancy, I read the conversation between Tommy & Jess on Jokersupdate, it occurred on Thursday in the Boat Room after the Eviction, & Endurance Comp. I have been posting on the Website for a very long time Nancy, I consider the people on BBJ as Family…I don’t come on here to deliberately Misinform anyone.

        Btw, do you know what Jokersupdate is, its very informative for updates that occur in the BB House on a daily, and up to the minute basis….FYI. You should check it out. 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        Okay girls, nothing is meant to be taken personally 🙂

      • Nancy

        Thank mello.. I do kno what and where to find jokers..I have read jokers but thank you for the suggestion anyway..I know you’ve posted here a good while..didnt say you were here to misinform..I watch feeds I didnt happen to see Tommy and Jessica..if i have hurt your feeling forgive me..I just found it surprising nobody on this site has mentioned it..bless you my friend for enlightening me..stay mello

      • Mello_One

        No harm mean Boss Lady, & Nancy, we are all friends & family here.

  22. Helen

    Anyone know why they sent all of them back indoors?

  23. TeeJ

    One way or another CC needs to go on Thursday. She had talked about getting to the final five often enough and I think not making it would be best. Builds character and she needs the help.

  24. Avatar

    *This is the corrected post please do not delete*
    Was heading to bed when I got a notification saying that Dorian may also impact parts of the Jersey Shore now. If Dorian does affect some of the Houseguests homes does production tell the HGs and the ones in the Jury House about Dorian

    • Tam

      I don’t know Bennett. I would hope so. Really don’t know about that. This storm is something to be worried about. Last I heard I remember Bahamas being thrashed. Praying for everyone there and here.

    • Vikki T

      I think they would let family decide if they should know. I recall a cousin of someone in the house died in 9/11. And possibly someone that had a relative in Katrina.

      • Tam

        Yes, that was Danielle, and it was her cousin, I believe. Don’t quote me on that. I still get a pit in my stomach thinking about it just like it was yesterday. Cliff and the group were talking about it today. With that in mind, please, keep the victims and families of the shooting in Odessa and Midland in your prayers. The youngest was 18 months old and she was shot in the jaw and has substantial damage. I can’t recall if her mother is one of the victims. Just tragic. A funeral home is donating all the funerals and cost to the families. So much going on in the world and with us all. Makes you grateful for the small things in things life and never take for granted your family, friends, and love ones.

    • NKogNeeTow

      If I remember correctly, didn’t they have that hurricane in New Orleans during BBOTT and I don’t think they told Justin. But don’t quote me on it. Maybe someone else here remembers?

  25. Avatar

    Some of y’all are bitter and can’t understand that these people are isolated for 99 days. Some of y’all have nothing else better to do than shit talk people on tv over a blog post and it shows.

  26. hogwild

    Tommy in HOH really trying to sell voting Cliff out good news Jackson does not seem to be buying it at all and is just humoring him Christie was down by the pool telling Cliff she and Tommy are gunning for Jackson and Holly.

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  28. TeeJ

    JJ TT Holly
    TT: I told Cliff I would vote for him. But I did not give him my word.
    JJ: You told him he had your vote. Isn’t that your word?
    TT: Ummmmm, well, I, didn’t promise *yeah. uh-huh*

  29. mona77450

    Tommy is upstairs talking with Jackson and Holly trying to get rid of Cliff or Nicole instead of Jess. Holly and Jackson seem to be drinking the kool-aid and keep saying “if Cliff leaves”. Damn!

    • hogwild

      He’s not that was the line he and Holly were going over earlier today for Tommy and Christie and while Tommy was inside trying to sell that Christie was outside with Cliff telling him they had no loyalty to Jackson and Holly and would go after them if either of them won HOH. Everything Tommy was trying to do inside Christie was outside undoing.

      • Tam

        That is actually pretty funny. Like Cliff isn’t going to report this to Nicole and the HOH kingdom.

      • hogwild

        I know it’s funny Cliff and Nicole are on the same page Jackson and Holly seem to be Christie and Tommy do not seem to be. If Tommy knew what Christie was telling Cliff he might have second thoughts about using that veto on her.

  30. danmtruth

    I did like Jackson just called out tommy for saying he tommy told cliff he would vote to keep him in the game but he did not give him his word Jackson said but yes you did give him your word You did not use the word promise but when you tell someone you are going to vote for them you are giving them your word
    After tommy leaves Holly says she trust cliff and nicole more than christie and tommy
    These two are working together again not sure about if jackson wants any benefits or not Holly going in for a lap dance

  31. TeeJ

    Holly and JJ remembering the back yard is closed.
    Everyone else is in the backyard.


  32. Tam

    Why did they close the backyard? It must have been temporary? Wonder if they had anyone out there trying to inform houseguest again…….

  33. danmtruth

    Christie excited about a game nicole wants to play Hypothetical two girls related to guys related and a boy and a girl related Chose the hg you think and why Might get a bit to close to home

  34. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD *So my Chrome completely shut down in the middle of my first segment. That was fun. Lost the entire post.


    Everyone was in the backyard except Ma and Pa. They are playing some sort of stupid game where they change the names of each HG to that of another. First, they do the guy. JJ and Holly come out and joins them. CC explains the game to them. *Can’t remember who was assigned what name but it was in the deleted post. This is a stupid game anyway.* Now it’s time to change the girl’s names. *Oh goodie!* JJ notices one of the cameras have changed.




    CC goes in to get ice cream. Holly comes in and tells her she’s going to get a little less ugly *aka, putting on makeup for the BBAD viewers and her image.* The rest of them come inside and TT wants to re-enact the day they got their keys to the BB house. They get a warning. JJ goes upstairs on the landing and tells TT to go asks the DR if they can do it. Ma tells him to also asks if they can also sing the theme music.


    CC, Nicole, and Why-is-She-There-Soon-To-Be-Gone-Jess are fixing their hair in he mirror. Nicole wants to change up the game to I don’t know what. Ma is sittinng on the sofa popping pimples. *Heyyy, that’s Pa’s job!* Nicole asks WISTSTBGJ and Ma what if she came into the house as Nicky.


    CC the Squirell On Acid Eater is going to town chewing a bowl of ice cream and talking to Cliff. Uncle Cliff is basically walking around and is fixing himself some vittles. He tells her he wants some good Mexican food when he gets home. CC says she misses Sushi. He says he wasn’t that big on it because his wife doesn’t like it that much. She asks him if he ate it a lot when he was in Asia. He told her about the different dishes he’s tried in the different cities in Asia. *Looks like last night fulfilled out entertainment quota.*


    • Tam

      Lol, vittles and ma and pa…..That is so funny…….Squirrel on Acid is just priceless. I was thinking about her paranoia this year being a like a nervous poodle on crack…..but refrained…..not holding back when I come out of the fog and finally sleep.
      Cliff is pranking Christie and it was pretty junny….

  35. NKogNeeTow

    This might be the first time in my BBAD history that you might not get a report but i’ll do the best I can. My Chrome completely closed out on me inthe middle of my first segment. I rebooted, came back and the site totally deleted 2 entire segments. Then to add insult to injury, the last comment took almost 15 minutes to post.


    • Tam

      Nk, don’t feel alone. Earlier technical difficulties were running amok. Between the latest updated edition of the new CBS app on the phone continuously crashing, deleting it and reinstalling it, then the same thing issues that you are experiences with chrome, and feeds cutting off on the cbs on tv, it was pushing me to the edge….CBS will getting a call tomorrow…Yes, they do answer their technical support line and have even credited me a few times because of the issues. If we pay to use their service and have had accounts for years, they should provide the technical assistance to customers. Try contact Google technical customer service and they can probably help you out with remote assistance or walking you through it. I love Amazon for this it and the help when I am losing my mind in the middle of the night trying to figure it out. Just trying to help….Hope it does….My screen gets going out and turning black and white and running like it’s a bad acid trip from yesteryears. I have to patiently wait (bahahaha not) and hit escape like a panic bottom or just close the lid down and try to get it to stop. Good times……..pffff……

    • TeeJ

      Feel free to disregard NK but I often use Word or Notepad to compose and then paste.

      • NKogNeeTow

        If I were computer savvy, I might too…lol

      • TeeJ

        In addition to having lost work/info/time and effort, I also have had bad habit of accidentally posting comments prematurely 🙁

      • TeeJ

        I appreciate a little self deprecating humor. I think you just earned a BS flag as you copy/paste some amazing tunes. You have a huge range of taste in music.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yeah Teej, but the song posting is easy, although it took me a while to get the hang of it. I just go to Youtube and type in the song. When it comes up I hit “share”, then “copy”, then pop back over to this site and place the cursor, then go to my drop down box and hit “paste”. There might be an easier way to do it but that’s the only way I know how. And yes, I love just about every genre of music 🙂

  36. danmtruth

    I think your browser is refusing to be part of this Suck it up you little silica or its off to some middle school wheel spinning potery class to be turned into some unuseable coffee mug

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Brief Summary of the last segment:

    Cliff was in the kitchen telling CC about some of the Asian cuisines he’s tried. He played a trick on CC and put boullion in her soda. She took it into the bathroom to let Ma and Nicole taste it.



    Dr.Walter Melon is operating again. The camera is getting a close-up of his precision.


    CC is now there talking to Cliff who is sitting on the sofa and Jess is talking about Natalie (Negrotti?). CC says she is with a woman now and was upset because someone outted her. *No wonder she wanted nothing to do with silly James.* Cliff says she’s on The Challenge now.


    Dr.Melon is in the second stage of the operation. Damn, he cut all those wedges perfectly IN the bowl. He finishes samples, then rinses his utensils. Back to his second half of watermelon that he is cutting up in a different bowl. Taste test for freshness then finishes cutting and rinses the cookie sheet. TT comes out of the DR and goes into the bathroom to tell them the rules he went in to talk about. JJ puts the patient in the refrigerator. He then goes into the bathroom and asks if Holly and all the watermelon in the world were OTB, who would they vote to evict. TT says the watermelon. *He knows how to avoid the Block…lol*


  38. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone is laughing about the prank Cliff played on CC. Temporary Jess comes out of the bathroom and joins them. TT tells them he is so excited that they get to play the game. TT tells the camera that if anyone is watching they are going to make something really funny and if anyone could please screenshot it and send it to them. CC tells them she is going to bed. TT tells them that no one can go to bed.

    TT tells them they have 10 seconds each to do their thingy. JJ tells them they better hurry up because he might have to do a DR. CC tells TT to do her first because she’s going to bed at 10. *it’s almost 10 now*. CC says she needs a clothes rack as a prop.


    Nicole had just gotten out of the shower and brushing her hair. Ma was in there too, messing with her hair, then leaves to go to the dresser outside of the camper.


  39. Tam

    Oh great. Another dance production and requesting we screen grab it and send it to their DM’s. No thanks, I’ll pass….Couldn’t if I wanted…Glad that they are having fun and Cliff is being involved. This aspect I love. I want to experience this to the fullest and Nicole, too. Only a few weeks left so good for them…….

  40. danmtruth

    Early in the season holly did not have her hair extentions in Her hair was at her shoulders and looked very nice Once more this idea of what pass for beauty

    • Tam

      Must have missed that. Tommy is getting pissy and you can tell he is chewing his bottom lip. I did notice Jess looked really pretty during the nomination ceremony they showed tonight…..I need to turn this off and go to bed put it’s hard……..this is like a bad romance……or JJolly last night…;-)

  41. Tam

    Now JJ is worried about a penalty points……AND let’s them all know it……Hilarious……. and getting states he is getting sketched out and not down for anyone talking. He doesn’t want anyone singing and messing up his chances….Don’t blame him but the straight up serious as all get out about following the rules, boy has come along way from care less attitude in the beginning. Nothing was going to keep him from his snacking and watermelon…..That just cracked me up……

    Scary,,,,,,just looked down and he has on the watching bottomwear. He is shorts and I’m in the lounge pants…. ok…..i need to go to bed delirium has taken completely over………hopefully this is good night BBJ fam and sweet dreams to everyone………

    Thanks, NK, for all your hardwork and dedication

  42. NKogNeeTow



    TT tells Nicole that he and she will be intro partners. Ma says they will do 2 people per clip. They get a warning and TT yells that he just go permission. TT says he’s getting confused because he just asked. JJ says this is sketching him out and there are 7 people left and he’s not going to get a penalty. He says they are just going to film themselves doing sh*t. Just about everything JJ says gets a warning. TT asks Production if they are having fun. JJ laughs and say no because it’s Sunday of a holiday weekend and he’d be pushing buttons too.


    CC is singing the BB theme music then tells them how they should pose. She asks if they want to practice. JJ says “F*ck it, just do it.” CC starts singing the music and Holly and JJ do their intro poses. Next, they want Nicole and Cliff to go next. CC ques music and Nicole and Cliff do their things. Now it’s CC and TT’s turns. JJ counts down then Ma sings the music. *Hell, as if it isn’t bad enough we have to watch this at the beginning of the show.* Everyone has gone except WISTSTBGJ, she in the DR.

    They are mainly just sitting around waiting for Jess. Nicole wants to do something in a school theme. Everyonne is kind of wandering around the yard. Pa tells TT that he doesn’t know if Jess is coming out anytime soon. TT says “Really?” and sounds disappointed. *ALCOHOL! ALCOHOL! ALCOHOL!


  43. NKogNeeTow



    WISTSTBGJess has now joined and is doing her intro. They are all done with their opening intros and are now doing a little of whatever they were doing when the show did their initial interviews. Pa wants Ma to pitch him a beanbag and he’s going to use a pool que like he’s skeet shooting. TT is now wearing the Snapchat glasses. JJ does his thing them sits down and says his name, where he’s from and his age. Ma’s turn next. She needs someone to be her horse. *Yep, you heard me*

    Jess suggest that they bring out the saddle from one of the rooms. JJ says no, Production won’t let them do that. TT says they can always go into the room to shoot it. TT gets on all fours and puts the key around his neck as Holly walks with him. CC says they can’t do that either because Bella got in trouble for leading Nick around by the neck. JJ says they can use that deer or whatever that thing is at the foot of fhe stairs.

    Uncle Cliff goes to the SR and gets a fish and brings it back and says he caught a catfish so that will be his prop. Everyone sits on the sofa discussing what they are going to do. JJ says they are on fire tonight. *Puff of smoke maybe, but I wouldn’t say fire.* Holly is telling JJ that she is going to walk him over there then say her name. He tells her she only has 10 seconnds. *LOL* Holly seems the most excited about this whole idea. Probably because she thinks this is her chance to shine.

    Holly walks with JJ who is bent over and playing her horse. She says to act like a stallion. TT tells them to start. JJ makes a noise like a horse and Holly tells him “Good boy” then discovers her key. *Of course NOW my computer decides to act right, just when I need an excuse. *eye roll*


    • Tam

      So glad I missed this, sounds like a bad high school play. JJ being a her horse, palm for forehead. Hasn’t he been that enough for her and isn’t she allergic to horses? Puff of smoke, lol……

  44. danmtruth

    This is pointless and painfull
    As they go to a land of make believe

  45. danmtruth

    I call BS Christie just said she can not fake cry on cue

  46. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole’s turn. She is the teacher and JJ is her student. Now everyone is going inside. As they are going in the door, CC says she doesn’t know how to cry on command. *I wish I could say Bullshit in more than one language*


    TT is killing flies while CC is going through the closet like it’s a clothes rack. Holly, Cliff, Nicole, and Jess come in. CC does her intro tape. TT’s turn. They go into the living room.

    Living Room:

    TT is teaching Cliff the Box Step to do in his intro. Everyone is sitting around watching. Cliff practices what he’s going to say. TT is playing the son. Then do the Box Step then go into their spiel. Now it is Nasal Nellie’s turn. She whines “Weeellll, I neeeed sommmmeonnnne wittth a caaammmmerrrraaaaa.” *God, Thursday can’t come soon enough.*


  47. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Holly asks JJ to take of picture of her. *Of course she does, it’s another way for her to “stand out”. Everyone goes into the kitchen. Jess is YELLING something about tea by the hot tub. *Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday* JJ get the watermelon from the fridge and Nicole, TT, and Holly are dipping it in the beef bullion and JJ is appalled. He refuses to try it. They get CC to try it and she loves it. She tries to get JJ to try it. He says he’s not touching it and tells them they are disgusting. *He’s actually funny.*

    They all keep trying to get him to try it and he is emphatic. CC tells everyone to grab a cup of tea and meet at the hot tub. Nicole gets a case of the giggles. So as not to be cheated out of any screen time, Ma starts giggling too. Cliff finally tells JJ that there really wasn’t any bullion in the watermelon, he just left the wrapper next to the bowl to fool him. They all laugh at him.

    Jess and CC sit at the counter getting ready to drink their tea. They keep getting warnings. This is starting tot worry JJ. He tells them that they should stop because they are going to get so many calls tonight. Nicole says let’s just go outside and have fun. They get ready to head outside.


  48. danmtruth

    Need a distraction
    Blister in the sun

  49. danmtruth

    Miss spent youth
    MC5 Kick Out the Jams

  50. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is telling them about PB2. Jess is still yelling about tea by the firepit. *Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday* Everyone is sitting on the corner sofa and eating snacks. JJ says the funny thing is that tomorrow there will only be 6 of them sitting out there while TT is inside (making his Veto decision). He says there are really only 3 more Vetos. He says it’s scary. Cliff says it’s not that anyone is losing money, it’s that one person is going to get a lot of money. He laughs and says it’s not coming out of his pocket.

    Ma Holly starts teasing Pa JJ about the bullion watermelon. Cliff says it surprised him that everyone joined in without him saying anything. Holly says that when she put it in her mouth she really thought it was going to taste like beef bullion. JJ says “That’s what she said”.


  51. danmtruth

    More chearful
    Lissie – Pursuit of happiness

  52. NKogNeeTow



    Ma is telling a story about camping and where to use the bathroom. She had to run behind a bush to puke and also did a #2 in her pants while puking and had to run to the lake to clean off her pants. She said she was violently ill for a few days so she sent everyone on a scavenger hunt to keep everyone busy. She says she has literally told this story to one person. JJ says now she’s telling it to 5 million. The story is as dry and dull as she is. She says she had West Nile Virus and had a headache for the rest of the summer.

    JJ says that Mississippi are terrible and the mosquitos are so big they call them wing monkeys. WISTSTBGJess starts to tell a story about her wedding and Ma cuts her off and she doesn’t get a chance to continue. Ma is telling them about how last night when she was crying, she didn’t realize she had a piece of black olive stuck in her teeth. *Calgon, take me away!*

    Uncle Cliff asks them if they ever watched the movie “The Goonies”. JJ tells them when he was in high school someone took a picture of a kid who looked like something *They are so boring I can’t even keep up.*

  53. danmtruth

    Holly fun story about leading a group of kids in the woods Did not know she has west nile disease Puke and shart her shorts This started jess on can you top that Starts a group discusion on gross illness can i hear hollys song now Just make them stop

  54. NKogNeeTow

    BACK *Last comment took almost 20 minutes to post. Missed the end of the previous segment and the entire last one. Doesn’t matter. They’re boring AF anyway but to summarize:

    Jess finally got to tell her story. When she got married she had a destination wedding and they were warned that the bug bites would cause the women to have babies with birth defects if they were pregnant, and cause the men to create babies with birth defects from their sperm. *Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday*


    Ma is talking about a psuedo mother figure type who she sent her tape to to view. She didn’t believe she would be cast but was. *Lucky us.* JJ says he wasn’t going to send in a tape but was on Craig’s List looking for, and TT says “Dates”. They all laugh. JJ says he was looking for jobs when he saw the Ad for BB and sent in his application on Feb.10. Cliff said he sent his in on Feb.21. Nicole said she sent her’s in May 15. She said if she hadn’t heard anything by April spring break she was going to go into the master’s program.

    CC says if she didn’t get it she was going to go on a month retreat in a foreign country. JJ said the hardest part for him was being in limbo because he was looking for jobs in LA and couldn’t start and had a great medical sales job fall in his lap. They keep getting warnings. He says he needed to know something, then got the word and didn’t even have time to give 2 weeks notice. He said he told his bosses he couldn’t talk about it and they told him they hoped it was worth it.

    Nicole said she had to give last-minute notice too. JJ says all his friends were aspiring actors and actresses. Jess says she could not imagine working a serving job. JJ says they have 50 or 60 people but only call about 8 at a time for waiting jobs. JJ says his bosses tried to guess what show he was going to be on. He said he kept telling him he wanted to tell him but couldn’t. He said his boss guessed it and told him that he watches it all the time and if he turned it on and saw JJ he was going to lose it. Ma said after she signed her NDA she wanted to tell her roommate but she has such a big mouth she couldn’t.


  55. NKogNeeTow



    Nasal Nellie (WISTSTBGJ) is telling them that a friend of her’s is sparkle’s assistant (whoever Sparkle is). Production tells them “That’s why we can’t have nice things.” They all laugh and JJ says he’s out and leaves. Ma says that she couldn’t even tell her father (that she was going to be on the show). She says he’s just such a gossip so she couldn’t tell him. She says he’s funny, then goes into another dull story about the ranch. *Why am I hearing the adults talking on Charlie Brown?*


    JJ is standing in front of the open fridge and looking over his shoulder like he hears something.


    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ma is still talking and telling them that they have had a lot of people meet, get married and have babies from meeting at the ranch. She hesitates al bit while telling the story (which usually indicates you’re making it up as you go along…jus sayin). She then tells another story about a guy who saw a girl there and said he was going to marry her and he did. Everyone awwed.

    More stories from Ma Kettle. TT asks what time it is. Nasal Nellie says, “Iiiitttt’ssss aaaallllmmmmooosssstttt 11 thhhhhiiiirrrttttyyyyy ffffiiivvvveeee” *MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY* They discuss getting up tomorrow morning.


  56. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is back and Holly has her head on his shoulder. They are talking about last year when Sam was a robot. JJ said she was stuck in the SR for a long time. JJ says another one that was rough was Al. CC says she’s going to bed because she’s so tired. They joke about the time not being 11:30 and say it’s really 3:30. Holly wonders if they will have anymore DR’s tonight. JJ says he doubts it because it’s a holiday.

    Holly says she’s always wanted to marry someone with the last name Day or Wood. They think that’s cute. JJ tells Nicole that when they were having their pie wars he was going to put plastic wrap over a pie then put it in her bed. Cliff said he thought about freezing one but thought it would be to hard if you hit someone with hit. JJ said he did freeze one but realized it would have hurt someone. TT says he looked at pie week as his punishment. They laugh. They start to talk about Nick and the pies.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Now unless someone punches someone in the face withing the next 30 seconds, I’m going to skip the Feeds and just go up and read this blog and the comments. Hope everyone has fun on Monday. Until then, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  57. NKogNeeTow

    Nite ever-faithful Tonto, and Lil Nancy if you’re still out there and anyone else who is still up. 🙂

  58. Mary

    Keeping all those in the path of the Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian in my thoughts and prayers. Please don’t let your guard down, you just never know which way it will turn, regardless what the meteorologists say. Check in on the elderly in your neighborhood, with families spreading out so much anymore, they may need a helping hand. God bless and stay safe.

  59. caRyn

    Thanking Jackson for telling Holly if she keeps pulling at her split ends she won’t have any hair left. Maybe she’ll stop.
    Holly told Jackson she felt bad that entire day for calling him an as*hole. She didn’t feel bad until he pointed out to her that the viewers were watching. Her tears were tears of regret of hurting her image, not because she hurt him. Her apology was for us and not him.

    • Tam

      10000% true. Hypocrisy has no bounds with Ma HollyBeth….Because the very next day after the all night love battle she got pissed off again when everyone was outside, everyone is sharing stories and he was just telling about a trip that he been on and what happened, so she went into the kitchen and bitched to TT about stupid frat boy story. THIS BIOOTTTCHHHH is just obsessed with herself and would stab him with her stiletto as she was trying to run out the door to get some camera time…….After her wine safari stories and her talk about celebrities, famous people, peasants, etc. she has become an infested boil on the ass of society to me. Try to find something positive to think or say about her, but nope, just can’t anymore……She is just a shallow, insecure, fake, clout chasing, and wannabe famous person. She is sooo worried about what her family thinks (she says, but NO, more like what people she want to be noticed by), but her actions speak volumes and her words fall flat. She treats Jackson as control boy toy and then bitches when he has on opinion, thought or deed that doesn’t shine a good light on “her” road to fame. By no means do I think that he is the best, but he has redeemed himself some in this house. Yes, he is somewhat entitled, but he has been a gentleman towards her instead of being like he was in the beginning. Thankful, he got a wake up call from the realization that America wasn’t liking him and he made changes. If she had gotten the punishment, good night Irene, we would have seen a fullllll blown meltdown and she probably wouldn’t have changed, at all, and just made it worse by going more overboard than she already does with trying to make us think she’s all that. I just can’t with her. She is just as annoying as Christie, and Jess. Ok, enough of my soap box.

  60. Mary

    New thread…..

  61. Avatar

    Nicole’s biggest mistakes: not putting Miche up, not putting Hollie up, not putting Miche up. Congrats to Nicole, you just LOST the game

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