Good evening, everyone!

Today has been insanely slow on the feeds so there isn’t really much to talk about that you don’t already know.  I know many are searching for veto spoilers after the CBS episode, so here you have it – Tommy won and killed the hopes of millions of people this week. Millions? Maybe. Kat or Cliff will be leaving this Thursday and I’m really not sure who it will be yet. As of right now, it’s Cliff leaving in a landslide, but a few people who want Kat out are influential and could change the outcome of the week.

I do want to take this moment and say something unpopular which is something I also said around a quarter of the way into BB19 about Cody. I actually don’t mind Jackson. I know, burn me at the stake. Now, I’m well aware that he is almost certainly a douchebag in person and the only reason he isn’t bad right now is that production likely told him how bad he looks. There are rumors of his mother threatening a lawsuit as well, but even without that, he’s behaved far better recently than earlier in the season. I’m just giving him credit that he has really turned himself around this year after a very rough start. I’ve been warming on him for a few weeks now, but tonight’s CBS episode really sealed it for me. Rather than sulking that America didn’t like him, he just accepted it and still went out there to win the competition.


I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that he’s really opposed to Christie and it’s more of a situation of “the enemy of my enemy is a friend”. Very similar to Nick during the brief moments he split away from that group. Unlike Nick, however, Jackson isn’t just crawling back to them now that they have power. Sure, he’s playing nice but he’s not kissing their ass after they screwed him over. Does Nick really not remember that this is the same group that got his girlfriend and best friend out?

Alright, updates:

7:20 pm – The house is acting out a scary movie involving past houseguests

Christie and Kat are acting like Liz and Julia who walk into the bedroom and see feathers and eggs around and act confused

Here are Nick and Tommy dragging Jackson away as they’re dressed as goblins

And here is Jackson dead in the chicken coop

Nicole is filming it now


Overall, really slow day and night so I took it easy. Sorry for the bad updating. Recap in the morning!