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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap

July 29, 2019 | 34 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning! It’s Monday and as ya’ll know, I’m at my most disorganized on Mondays. Check out the comments on last nights overnight thread for things I might miss this morning. (It looked like NK and Dan had a little late night party on there…with tunes too!) You’ll also get a more detailed description of conversations from the night before because my recap is more about going over the general vibe in the house each day. They use more shorthand in the comments but with a cheat sheet, it’s easy enough to follow. (I’ll look back and try to include one on the next recap….or NK, if you read this, can you msg me one when you have time?) I’ve noticed sometimes, they just use the first initial of someones name too when going over a convo. It’s a lot of typing late at night so it makes it easier. But for now:

Beth=Holly  (Thats the only one I use in the recaps. It’s my nod of appreciation to David)

Some from the comment section:

TT=Tommy – CC=Christie – AD=Jack


There was A LOT of game talk yesterday. I’ll highlight some of the conversations:

Christie told Jack and Sis she is her own worst enemy and she gets very paranoid.  She said she always feels the need to micromanage but knows she needs to stop doing it. She told Jack to aggressively tell her to stop if he sees her getting this way.  He said he would.  (He just signed up for a full time job)

Kat and Beth:  Kat told Beth (and made her promise not to even tell Jackson) about Christie and Tommy saying they weren’t going to the end with the couples. She said they’re trying to work with the outside people so they can go after Beth and Jackson (Kat’s been sitting on this info for a week. She didn’t hold it back for strategy imo, the game just isn’t that important to her) Kat said it was talked about mostly last week and they arn’t saying much to her about it now. She’s also the most worried about Jackson trying to evict her out of the 6 Shooters if she is the pawn.  Beth said she didn’t need to worry and it wouldn’t happen. Kat also said something was going on with Nick and Tommy they needed to watch out for.  She said she’s still fine going up as a pawn as long as it doesn’t get flipped on her. (She’ll get lots of TV time if she’s on the block but if evicted, she’ll lose out on a lot more episodes. Kat didn’t say this but it’s what’s motivating her) Kat screwed herself volunteering to be a pawn. She was putting in work to get Nicole out and then suggested going up herself. Now, it’s between taking out Nicole or using Kat as a pawn. They talked about Jack running the house and putting on a sweet guy act and Beth brought up how everyone goes to Christie for everything and said she’s a good player. They are starting to worry about her too. (Could Kat be there for exposure only but accidentally turn into a player? Maybe, time will tell.  She’s either going to blow up her own game or leave destruction in her path on her way to the F3)

Tommy and Christie:  Christie is worried about Jackson and Beth trying to work with Nick since he’s staying and Sam if he stays. They’re worried they want to keep Sam to use to take them out. Tommy said he didn’t trust Kat either. Christie mentioned still having her power if they need it next week. Tommy told her to stop bringing it up because people tend to forget about things if they aren’t talked about. He said he’d forgotten Sam won a trip to Figi. (not exactly the same thing)  Christie said she’s done with taking out people like Jess and Nicole and said they aren’t a threat to her game. They both have gone from having poison ivy paint to being covered in calamine lotion. (It looks like they were rolled in Kool Aid packets):

Jack put some time in with people too. (He’s been around Christie less. I honestly just think he doesn’t want his clothes stained rather than having anything to do with game) Cliff told Christie that Jack is worried about the double coming up. Christie was telling Tommy that Jack told Nicole he loved all the little quirks she had and not to be embarrassed by them. Jack said it’s what he loves about her. (Yuck, if this is true. I didn’t see it. I’m going off Christie’s retell, which we know isn’t reliable but she is the most honest with Tommy) Jack also told Cliff that he (meaning Cliff) needed a break from playing in vetoes. (because of his leg injury, I’m guessing?) He said Cliff could use a couple weeks off and it would give Jack a better chance to get Americas Favorite Player if Cliff was able to step out of the limelight for a while. (I’m sure this was meant as a compliment to Cliff but still, yuck again) This pic isn’t from that conversation but he looks like a dumbass in this one so I’m going with it:

Beth and Sam:  Sam pitched to her again about being able to help them get out other people. He suggested getting out Nicole this week instead of himself.  They were both reluctant to name actual targets while talking. She asked if he would go after bottom feeders or big targets. He said he’s doing away with the ‘bottom feeder thing’ because he sees now how they are valuable in the game. (Bottom feeder was Sam’s name but once he realized he was one, he doesn’t like it anymore) Sam said he’d keep the target on Nick after this week and he’s distancing himself from Nick for the rest of the game. They both know they’re talking about Sam going after Christie, Tommy and Jack when talking about targets. It doesn’t mean Beth will believe him tho.

Nicole, Christie and Tommy:  Christie and Tommy told Nicole people get nervous and wonder where her head is in the game because she doesn’t share her thoughts with them. They suggest she open up more. Christie said she should at least say she’s a number for people.  Christie gave her usual lines about being a free agent and said she isn’t married to the couples. Nicole told Christie she could say that and it’s fine but if Nicole said something like that, everyone would say she’s sketchy. (True) They know Nicole could go otb and I think they’re trying to help prepare her to talk to Beth. They want Kat to go up as a pawn. (Christie wanted Nick out because he knows how much she talked about getting out Jack the first couple of weeks and lately, Jackson and Beth. Tommy’s wanted Sam out for a while because he doesn’t have the relationship with Sam that he has with Nick. Sam is also everyones friend and has a good social game, just like Tommy.  That’s the role Tommy plays in the house and he’s not planning on giving the part up to Sam)

Nicole and Beth: Nicole made her pitch to Beth to stay off the block.  She talked about being thankful the group saved her and mentioned how much she appreciated Beth and Jackson spearheading trying to keep her in the game.  It was a good thing to say to try and convince Beth that out of the 6, Nicole thinks Jackson and Beth had the most to do with it. Nicole said she proved she was loyal with this recent vote and Beth said she wished she had more reasons to put some people up. Nicole just doesn’t have much to offer. This pic is actually from a convo with Jess but I didn’t have anything else:

Christie started her paranoia spiral again. (It isn’t really paranoia this time) Christie, Kat and Sis all said they’d be pissed if Beth tried to keep Sam to work with him but they have to let it play out for now. They think Jackson is running the hoh. Sis wanted to confront her in the hoh room and if Jackson was there, tell him to leave. She said she isn’t afraid of him….with some cuss words thrown in for good measure. Kat told Christie she (meaning Kat) was going up as a pawn. Apparently, when Christie asked Beth what she was going to do, Beth said she didn’t know so Christie is convinced Beth is lying to her. (Lets be clear, Kat isn’t really mad and Sis is trying the hardest out of everyone to keep Sam)

Kat told Beth that Tommy and Christie are worried. Beth has realized Sis wants to keep Sam and was the one pushing Beth to do it but Christie is blaming Beth and Jackson for wanting to keep him.

Jackson and Beth talked about how hard Christie pushes and how bad she wants Sam gone. They said the only reason to take out Sam is because Christie wants it. Beth thinks Sis is working against them because she also thought Sis was flirting with Jackson. She told him to watch out for her trying to pit them against each other. Beth said she listened to Christie retell a conversation that Beth had been a part of and she said it was very exaggerated. She’s realizing Christie does this a lot. Jackson is sick of Christie and ready for her to go.

Christie told Jack he hadn’t been spending any time with her and said she felt out of the loop.  He said it wasn’t true and she’d been in the DR alot getting painted lately.

Jess got into it wih Sam. (with Christies participation)  She called him out for things he said as far back as when Kemi was in the house and said he was targeting her. (He stopped when Sis told him the 6 loved Jess and he’s moved on to Nicole but Jess is a little behind)  Jess said she’s admitted things she said in the past and that Sam needed to do it too.  They were accusing him of pushing to get Jack out last week Sam said he wasn’t pushing but he did want to keep Bella in the game. Christie said it was two faced. (This was building up in Jess because she had this weird convo with Nicole earlier. Jess told Nicole she felt so much pressure during the veto comp and felt like everyone was putting it on her shoulders. I have no idea what the hell she was talking about and as we already know, Jess has an entire game of BB playing out in her own reality. It just happens to be different than the one we’re all watching) They did hug it out after the convo.

Jackson told Cliff to keep it between them but he and Beth know they can’t go to the end with the 6. He used his ‘chess, not checkers’ line and said after the double, he and Beth would not be going after Cliff and want to work with him.

Kat let Beth know Sis was telling Christie and Tommy the things Beth and Jackson had said about them. Beth had complained about them telling her it was her hoh and saying they supported her but turning around and acting like she was conspiring against them.

Beth got a little upset with Jackson because they were going to wait and talk to Tommy and Christie together but Jackson does Jackson and he ignored her. They did eventually ask Christie who said Beth and Jackson were trying to work with Sam. Christie said is must have been Kat. They also said maybe Sis made a F2 with Sam and that’s why she wants him to stay.

Tommy told Sis if Beth put up Nicole, he would know something was up and know he couldn’t trust her anymore.

Cliff told Nicole, Sam was trying to get her put up otb with him. Nicole said she’d thought  about going up to the HOH and telling Beth that Christie has said repeatedly she wants Jackson gone. She said she knew if she did that it would end up backfiring on her.

Beth told Jack she thought she wanted Nicole to leave this week.

A little random info:

They continue to talk about Kemi. Christie, Cliff and Kat were on it last night.  Christie said maybe Kemi would be AFP because of how much they talk about her. Leave it to self centered Christie to think they caused it if it happens. Cliff said his jaw would drop if it happened. They’re convinced none of us could be Kemi fans.

Jack was awfully proud of putting a stool in the hoh shower and wanted to know what Jackson and Beth thought about it. Beth and Jackson said it’s probably why they were so tired. Wow, these people overshare information.

Beths rash is back and I’m not saying there’s a connection, but didn’t it go away when she and Jackson took a little break?

Nicole is being vilified just like they do with anyone who may be a target. Jackson said he almost threw a “bitch fit” because there were multiple jars of pickles and olives opened in the frig. I don’t even know if they’re sure Nicole did it or if it’s just convenient to blame her. The night before, the 6 questioned why Nicole was even there and said she didn’t contribute anything to the show. They were making comments about her going to bed early. (They sent all her friends home and she’s a target if she says too much about anything. wtf?) It also annoyed Beth when Nicole spoke about Jackson and her as a pair. She said it was disrespectful for Nicole to lump them together like they were the same. (Well, maybe it’s because the only time Jacksons penis seperates from Beth is for food so it’s an easy assumption to make)

Jack thinks he’s going to be Jason Mamoas stunt double when BB is over. A couple days ago, he said he thought he’d make tons of money from the show. (Someone really should’ve told him…)

Jess explained how the F3 in BB works to Nicole. Nicole pretended to be amazed as if it were news to her.

Jack, Sis and Tommy made banana bread and when it was done, Jack told everyone not to touch it. (I’m assuming he was going to portion it out at his convenience)

Sis had her own issues today. She offered to take over cooking Christie’s eggs for her when she got called to the DR but she said she didn’t know how to do it. She was going to make some coffee but said she didn’t know “how to work that machine.” Recently, she asked Sam what HOH stood for. However, it sounds like she knows how the stool works in the shower.

Tommy may have been disqualified from the veto comp for handling a sheep too roughly. Peta is going to have a shit fit over this one.

There was more dance practice for later today on the feeds. (I think this evening at 6:00 if I didn’t hear it wrong):

Cliff fell off the bench at the dining room table. Here he is mid fall:

Speaking of Cliff, while the house is spilling info and starting to turn on each other, Cliff is chiling:

Sunday Episode Thoughts:

I wanted Christie and Tommy to be woken up through the night and have to take a dip in a  calamine bath instead of having paint on them. They did it with chum in BB12. Brendon had to do it while he was tied to Britnay for 24 hours. (I’m not asking for everything, I know a muzzle wouldn’t fit the camping theme as a punishment and that was my first choice)

They didn’t show Jackson peeing his shorts during the hoh comp. (Missed opportunity imo) The only thing we got was the edit making a splashing sound when he fell off the ropes. Everyone else got a different sound. They’ve finally quit giving him the good guy edit at least, so his overly dramatic peeing in his shorts probably wouldn’t fit with the storyline. That’s what it was really about when he did it.  He wanted to show he was so tough and so dedicated, he was willing to do anything to win. I feel like he hears war hero movie soundtracks in his head during some of his obnoxious and ‘man saving the day’ moments. At the very least, I’m betting he hears Eye of the Tiger from Rocky III.

I noticed Beth was eating in the shower too. I guess it’s a thing now.

The show got a quick shot of what feed watchers have been seeing: Jackson peeling, instead of slicing a watermelon. I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

They actually took it easy on Jackson with the way he talks to Kat. There was far worse footage they could’ve shown. They’re being kind to Kat too because she does talk about people….all the time. She may have been crying in the clip we saw but she isn’t innocent. (She says awful things about Kemi and Nicole)

Christie shouldn’t be getting the edit of the person who is offended by the things Jackson says. She’s just as bad but I get it, everyone can’t be villains on the show.

That’s it for me today. I have no idea who will be going on the block. I’m not expecting Beth to make a big move yet so it should be Kat or Nicole.

Have a great Monday.



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