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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap for 8/11/19



Good morning all, I’m having my morning coffee in a bowl because I can’t find the damn coffee cups. It’s a soup bowl at least, so it has a handle and I’m not having to use a spoon! I’ll just say it’s been a long weekend and leave it there. There isn’t a ton to recap from yesterday since most everything eventful happened while I was away. I’ve actually been able to keep up with the feeds better than I thought I would. On Wednesday, I’ll have a real grown up tv again and screens larger than my phone. Woo Hoo!

Here is a cheat sheet of nicknames if you read the comments on the BBJ site and get confused:


Those are the ones most used by NK who does late night updating and some of the regular BB Junkies who help her. Since I do recaps, I have the luxury of looking at the day and writing about it afterwards. NK has to type what’s going on as it’s happening so the shorthand is helpful. Besides, her nicknames are something we’ve grown to expect from her every year. If you read here daily, you’re probably wondering why I’m spending time on this but not everyone who read Steve’s blog, reads the comments or reads it on the site so they don’t always know who we’re talking about. Ok, now moving right along…

It would seem Kat stopped feeling bad for Cliff long enough to realize she’s possibly the target.  (She always was, she just didn’t know it) These  were the two I guessed Tommy would choose when he won the hoh. I’m bummed over it but they’re the best two noms he could pick for himself so it’s good game play. Tommy’s wanted Cliff out for awhile and after he tried to get Kat out, he knew she had to go. They’ve both been lying to each other since the night Sam left and they both know it. This is from Sundays show. I just thought she looked pretty here:

Yesterday, Kat campaigned to Tommy again but she keeps saying the same thing over and over. I’ve mentioned how she shouldn’t try to keep saying Jackson was still her target. That worked before she evicted Jack over Jackson but no one is going to buy it now. Unfortunately for Kat, that’s exactly what she’s done and not surprisingly, no one is buying it. Tommy listened to her pitch and said he hoped she’d be able to stay. (He doesn’t)


Unpopular opinion but I didn’t completely hate Tommy winning the veto. I would love to see Christie be evicted but it’s less satisfying in the form of a twist. With Tommy winning, the twist just goes away.  Every time the game starts to get interesting, it seems like a twist comes in to potentially slow the game down again.  I’d just like them to be able to play, even the ones I don’t like. Now, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy Chritie going otb and realizing we don’t like her. Moments like this were great:

And this:


Christie didn’t get use her power either so it all evens out. However, she did have a power to be used as a threat and that was successful (which sucks) but Cliff also didn’t have to make the deal he made with her. Christie knowing Tommy is a way bigger advantage than the power she was holding over everyone’s heads and that’s the real issue preventing people from playing the game the way they could.

For example, there was some talk about trying to get Christie out from Cliff.  If he had gone to Tommy with that, he probably would’ve became this weeks target. No one has a fair shot at breaking into that relationship.  I’m not saying Cliff could anyway but there isn’t the option for anyone to do it.  What if Sis tried? (Yeah, I know, it would involve thinking but let’s pretend) Tommy will go with it in conversation but is it really going to happen?

On a side note, I have noticed Sis talking a lot more game lately. I’ve also noticed how much more she says “I’m confused.” I’m not joking, she says it at least 5 times a day. What kind of sick mind gets true pleasure from seeing this? I know it’s made me happy:


Beth began realizing Kat might be the target and this was also around the time she told Jackson they needed to get back in with Tommy, Sis and Christie. Jacskson isn’t happy with this plan at all and said he can’t work with Christie.  Beth told him the don’t have a choice.  Let’s be real, Beth never really left this group. She went from seriously considering putting Nicole on the block as a target to trying to be buddies with her and Cliff in just a matter of days. She continued to talk to Christie and talk game with Sis and Tommy. That’s fine, Beth’s gotta do Beth. We just need to remember who were dealing with here. She’s never been loyal to Nicole or Cliff. She just wanted to crash Kats outsiders party once Jess became the hoh. The only person, besides Tommy, who kept pushing for the 6 to stay together, was Beth. Sure, she’s done with Christie, but who isn’t?

Jackson cuddling in bed with his one true love:

Beth talked to Sis and planting seeds about Cliff. With Tommy and company still thinking Beth, Kat and Jackson know each other, she can’t get away with campaigning for Kat anymore. She told Sis that Cliff was a bigger threat than Kat, reminded Sis about Cliff not taking Jacks deal plus the usual stuff. Sis agreed with her but big deal. Sis will evict Kat if Tommy continues to want her out but Sis preferred Cliff to be the target from the beginning so it isn’t hard to sell her on the idea. Sis said getting Cliff out was better for her game. I don’t know if that’s true but I do know, her motivation isn’t the game. She’s already told Christie she’s concerned Kat might hook up with Jack if she goes to jury and Christie passed this on to Tommy. That’s the real reason Sis originally wanted to keep Kat in the house.

Sis needs to stop worrying about what will happen in jury. She has her own problems to deal with in the house. I’m not sure what Nick is doing here but I know this is no way to treat a chicken. Along with pissing off the fans, he’s gonna have PETA on his ass:


Sis and Beth did the usual swearing on everything that they wouldn’t tell Christie what they were saying.  They both said they didn’t trust her, thought Cliff should go and wanted to keep working together. Beth also told Sis about Nick running info to the other side last week and about Nick wanting Jack out. Beth may manage to make Nick look bad but none of this will save Kaf. If Tommy and Christie want Kat gone, Sis will vote out Kat.

Beth and Jackson will have to decide if they are going to go with the group, not make waves and vote out Kat if things don’t change. It’s only Monday so things can definitely change. The other option is to go against Tommy and go full in with Jess and Nicole. Here’s the problem, Nicole wants to keep Cliff and although Jess will probably stick with Kat, Jess had been upset with her. Jess didn’t like Kat telling on Nicole when she talked to Tommy.

Tommy told Nick he wanted to talk to Cliff before anything was decided for sure.  Tommy prefers to to have Kat leave but he’s open to discussing options. Tommy really wanted some kind of deal from Cliff and Cliff just needed to say the right thing when he talked to Tommy, whether he knew it or not. The one thing I’ve said from the beginning that Cliff gained from his deal with Christie was credibility because his word is gold in the house. As long as Cliff would say the right thing, Tommy would probably believe him and Kat simply doesn’t have that option. (With an injurd back, arm and leg, his word won’t get him to the end and since no one is dumb enough to take him, Cliff’s not winning this game)


Cliff met with Tommy and gave him what he wanted. Cliff made a 2 week deal but said he wanted to work with him beyond the 2 weeks.  I don’t believe either of them want to work with the other but Tommy does believe the deal. Tommy wants Kat out anyway, he’s just looking for a bonus with Cliff.  It’s so arrogant to put someone on the block but expect a deal from them to get them to campaign for you to stay. On top of it, Christie and Sis both want deals for their vote so they don’t want to commit to keeping him yet. The entire thing is ridiculous but this is the same group who thought blackmail was a good strategy last week.

Nick continued to work on Nicole about them and Cliff joining Tommy, Sis and Christie. Nicole knows she’s screwed either way but she isn’t buying everything Nick’s selling at least.

Sis told everything to Nick and Christie that Beth was saying. She also asked Nick about his loyalty to them. Sis and Christie liked the idea of working with Nicole and Cliff but made Nick promise when they got to 4, he would stab Cliff and Nicole in the back and stick with them. He promised and he may even mean it. Who knows? His game is so sloppy. All he had to do with Tommy as the hoh was sit back and shut up for a week. He can’t because he’s trying so hard to be the new Jack.


Kat told Christie she would put Jackson and Beth on the block if she won hoh when she was put on the spot. This was a stupid thing to say and Christie and Sis are even more convinced they have to get Kat out. The know she’s lying because even if Kat would put up Jackson, why would she put up Beth?

Later, Tommy said he didn’t care which one goes since they are both going to come after him. Nick let the group know Nicole is leaning towards keeping Cliff and they were happy about it. (Nicole told Nick earlier she was keeping Cliff and she told Cliff too)

Jess told Sis she would probably give Kat her vote to stay even if the rest of the house decided to evict her.

Tommy told Jackson he’s taking Christie off the block and said Cliff is injured so they have to consider it. He mentioned how they don’t have many guys left in the game.

Christie even talks constantly while brushing her teeth.


One last thought, if Kat thinks she’s leaving and can’t change the votes, I want her to start talking about how much fun she’s planning on having in jury with Jack, just to be petty. How often do we get to see a chicken on Thursdays and with real ruffled feathers?

Have a great Monday!





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  1. Nancy

    Speak of the devil and Angel’s appear..we were just chatting about you Mel, on other thread. My day is complete..morning with Mel is my morning sunshine..thanks for the update..enjoy ur bowl of coffee..lol..you’re the best!!

  2. Joy

    Welcome back from your short vacay (only kidding). Thanks for the update.

  3. hogwild

    Anyone think there will be a jury battle back this season? I have no idea if they were planning one but if they were I think they might scrap it just to keep Jack from possibly getting back in the house. Got to think with Jack CBS feels the less he is seen the better.

  4. Avatar

    Good morning ..I’m glad you have been able to find a bowl..moving is difficult..me and hubby moved after 25 years in one house..and dang I feel for you..

  5. Avatar

    Welcome back to board, missed your thoughts

  6. Mary

    Is that Cliff snoring?

  7. HappyHippo

    “One last thought, if Kat thinks she’s leaving and can’t change the votes, I want her to start talking about how much fun she’s planning on having in jury with Jack, just to be petty. How often do we get to see a chicken on Thursdays and with real ruffled feathers?”
    Yes please! Would make my week!
    Glad you’re back Mel…you sum things up in a nice lil pkg!

  8. Annabelle

    Glad to know you are ok Mel. Thank you for all you are doing during the move. I couldn’t do it.

  9. Nancy

    Watching BBAD..CC and kat talking..CC has said ,” in all honesty ” about 100 xs. I Said this before, I would never, ever in a million years trust anybody who starts sentences like that. Granted, both are lying to each other..but that, in all honesty, crap is driving me crazier

    • Holan

      Right? And about 99% of the time, when she says in all honesty, she means “I’m about to do the opposite of what I’m saying.” OR I’m not sure how fast I can go tell TT about this and flip on you”

    • NKogNeeTow

      Well Nancy, in all honesty, both CC and Kat are pieces of crap. I’ve already had it with CC and I know many think Kat is amusing. But I’ve noticed that whenever Kat is around anyone other than Cliff, Jess or Nicole, she throws Nicole under the bus almost as much as the rest of them. In all honesty, lame duck or not, I hope they keep Cliff and drop-kick Kat’s azz out the door. That would make me happy on 2 levels. Kat and Jack would drive each other crazy in the JH. And Waste of Air would have an aneurysm from the mere thought of what they might be doing in there. The best definition of jealousy that I’ve ever heard is: “Jealousy is all the fun you THINK they had.”

  10. Betty Boo

    Trash bags and a donation bin is what I recommend for moving. So much stuff we don’t need in my house!

    I love how Sis is now name dropping the Kardashians. She is going to find a way to stay! Does anybody think she needs the money???

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  12. Betty Boo

    Also, wonder if the other houseguests could see Jackson coaching Sis on how to shake the eggs to roll straighter?

  13. Nancy

    I just saw the YouTube link of blockheads mama..shes worried about his mental health..damn, we all are, but dude came in with mental illness..BB didn’t create them..shoulda got him help years ago mom!!

    • Nancy

      I meant to say mental issues..AUTOCORRECT sux at times

    • KelBel

      I watched that too… momma JJ has her blinders on to who her son truly is. There’s been several posts on here about JJ acting the way he did because of Jack. Well, my 2 cents is that if JJ was this fine, upstanding young man that his mommy thinks he is, he should be strong enough not to bow down to the BB house pressure of acting like others. It shouldn’t take a warning from production “Hey, remember America can see and hear all you do in the house. Stop being a jackass!” for him to play the part of the nice boy. I haven’t seen or heard of Nicole, Ovi, or Cliff being asshats on this show, bullying and degrading others. Why? Because they’re genuinely good people. There’s a difference between playing the game and making personal attacks.

    • danmtruth

      I think she might be the reason for some of his problems Sounds like both parents were enablers There child can do no wrong

  14. Mary

    Many have spoken about Jackson’s eating habits. Even his Mother contacting CBS when he was on slop. Just wondering because he spoke about having a eating disorder, could it be that he has Prader-Willi Syndrome. Something he may have been born with.

    • Nancy

      I just think mama is just a helicopter mom, and no matter how old he gets, she’ll always be at his back and call..
      I just think big baby boy binges.
      Cut the cord mommy!
      (I better hush, she’ll sue me)

    • Mary

      Playing Devils advocate- 1) he is her only child 2) if he does have a gene disorder, such as this Prader-Willi Syndrome, so she contacted them when he was slop, because people were in an uproar about him sneaking food. 3) I don’t blame her in some regards because after reading some of the symptoms, it very well could be possible. Really, look at the way he eats. Was never able to have kids of my own. I’m the youngest of 8 and regardless of how old I became, I was always considered the baby. We love our fur babies, and she loves her Son. So what she plays a mamma bear. I truly don’t see a difference in a child with Down Syndrome, would we condemn a Mother for protecting her child from bullies. And social media is an outlet for that. Could write more but I’ll leave it at that, except to say he is not my choice for final 3, and if I ever went into a restaurant and he was my server, I would probably leave because he’d probably eating off my plate before I received it. 🙂

      • danmtruth

        Mary im not sure about the disorder you are talk8ng about What i do know is BB has made acomidation for people with known medical issues As was said in the past people on different doctor prescribed meds get them under medical supervision So if BB was made awear of this just like last year with Fessy and no pork The ham he had to eat was some other proces meat I think it was victora she had to have kosher food and was bared from being on slop That upset some fans It sounds more like his mother is into macking excuses for him

      • KelBel

        Hey now! I’m an only child! I’d like to think I’m not a spoiled, entitled a-hole (most days) 🙂
        I have a daughter with special needs…protecting people who are unable to stand up for themselves & those who are at a higher risk for bullying due to circumstances out of their control is a very, very different situation than threatening to sue because you think your adult son is being portrayed inappropriately on a show he willingly chose to participate in. He should be able to control his temper, moods, words, actions unlike people with DS, autism, and other diagnoses. As Nancy said earlier, cut the cord. He (and all those who go on these types of shows) know what they’re getting into and have to deal with it when they come back to the real world. If he needs his mom to protect him from the ways he himself acted, there’s bigger problems for them both to face!

      • Mary

        Dan, could be. I do think he said his dad was a doctor, though I’m not positive. Was not condoning his behavior earlier. Mob mentality is quite strong in this day an age. We all saw it earlier in the season. I don’t use social media by choice, joined face book and twitter and quit, many, many years ago. I do visit the sites people have posted and read them. I’m a few years younger than you, even from Illinois, just north of Rockford on the state line. shhh – I’m from a mixed marriage, my dad was a Bears fan and mom rooted for the Packers. Those games were always fun, dad would often send mom to her room.

      • Mary

        Personally I do know if it’s true or not about his Mother suing CBS, does anyone? Here is something I found while trying to find any article about Jackson’s mom suing. The twitter account started May 2019, even states it could be fake. So all this hoopla maybe over absolutely nothing, or someone else making up crap.

      • ElaineB

        No one knows for sure about Jackson’s medical history, except for BB. He obviously met criteria to be on the show. Comparing his situation (if there even is one) to a child with Downs Syndrome is not on equal footing. Parents of those children often advocate for them well into adulthood, due to the lower level of cognitive abilities. Jackson is a functioning adult. He willingly signed up for a reality TV show, with 24/7 feeds.

      • Joy

        if he has a disorder of any type HE SHOULDN’T BE ON TELEVISION!!! Wholly crap do we have to take care of everyone’s kid that wants to be a “star”? Just my opinion.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sorry Mary, this might sound mean but they are told what kind of show it is, some of the things they have to endure, and I’m sure about the food situation. If both he and his mother knew there might be some food issues that he couldn’t handle, he never should have signed up for the show. I can see Fessy and Victoria’s situations. They don’t actually have dietary issues, they just couldn’t eat pork. There were more than enough choices for them to make food-wise. If JJ’s food problems were severe, then he had to option of not being there just as anyone else does. BB accepts/recruits people for the show but they don’t twist their arms to make them sign up.

        Okay Thumby, BOMBS AWAYYYY!!!!

    • Colby

      He signed the contracts.
      If he is mentally or medically unable to abide by the rules, he shouldn’t be there.
      If he withheld information from production, that is on him, not them.

      • Nancy

        I already said, the sueing of CBS is bull..that family would have to have deep pockets to pursue, like Colby said, waivers were signed and I can guarentee every dot was made and t crossed..I believe it’s a stupid rumor.

  15. AIO_7

    “She’s (Sis) already told Christie she’s concerned Kat might hook up with Jack if she goes to jury”….

    That has crossed my mind as well.

  16. Nancy

    Everybody have a good afternoon..sluggo and I are gonna go conspire on how to help keep uncle cliff

  17. oowee

    The deal everyone but Nick, CC, and Sis should be trying to sell Tommy is: leave CC on the block or you are the number one target of us all going forward.

    • Colby

      It wouldn’t matter what they told him. She is his ride or die, and he figures he is a big target anyway and needs her there.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I truly believe that TT would have a hard time there without her. He appears to be somebody that needs someone to cling too. He had her from the start, then Jack added an extra layer of protection. Now he’s getting close to Nympho Nick. Jack has been removed, and if you take CC, then Nick, he will have no one. I think he might actually go into a non-functioning state of depression without someone he can be “on” for.

  18. caRyn

    Holly constantly pulls and picks at her hair.

  19. caRyn

    Tommy told Nicole that everyone will see how awesome she is when she wins a comp.

  20. caRyn

    WoS or waste of skin really shouldn’t be used by people that speak/recap/update on BBJ’s behalf. Regardless if you are paid or not.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Then just skip over my/their comments. Everyone has the same option to read what they want to read and bypass what they don’t want to read. 🙂

      • caRyn

        I’m sure you want to do what is best for BBJ. And by looking at the number of thumbs up I received on my comment Why Not put BBJ before yourself since you are doing BBJ updates, and especially since you are the moderator for BBJ?!

  21. danmtruth

    Tommy also thinks his HOH has been the best that peoe are having fun and similing more Everyone is talking and be fake nice
    Someone should ask Tommy do you want to go against the wishes of America who WANT to see CC on the block

    • Colby

      Tommy knows that. Last night when he was talking to her about taking her off he apologized to America for going against their wishes and said he needed her there for his game.

    • Nancy

      Is that what HoH is to tommy?? He’s the cruise director of activities on the BB..and of course humble Tommy would say his is the best..oh lord , I’m going back and lay down..o cant..just cant..

    • LO1004

      Unpopular opinion maybe, but I don’t want to see Christie go. I want her to stay and I want to watch her and Jackson go at it for as long as possible. If she leaves, then what? Jackson steamrolls the competition and this summer is a total bust. No thanks. His southern charm isn’t working on me, sorry not sorry.

      • ElaineB

        I don’t give Michie-Ass enough credit to be a steamroller. Ready for Christie to go, so she doesn’t get her way.

      • Colby

        I want both of them out.
        His sudden southern charm is not working on me either.
        I don’t think he has changed a bit. He is just hiding it better.
        He and Holly spend most of their time alone together.
        Holly interacts with the others more than he does.
        The little bit of time he does interact with the others he does seem to be nicer, but I believe it is very insincere, just an act. He is still an ass.
        I will be happy if / when he or Christie take the other one out.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I would still Nick the Nympho go before either of them. Last night he was standing in the bathroom talking to TT with his hands stuffed down his pants (his pants, not TT’s). Then when he and TT were laying in the bed talking, he put his hands under the covers and although you couldn’t see it, it did appear that his hands were down his pants (again, his own, not TT’s). When he’s not fondling himself, he is humping on others or rubbing them or some kind of physical contact (see one of the pictures Mel posted above with him and WoA). When he’s not being physical he is making inappropriate comments. He even the topic in almost all the chats that I’ve been in. He just needs to go!

  22. Betty Boo

    Tommy should be afraid of being disliked by America, especially since he is taking Christie off the block. I voted for him to go on the Field Trip every day. Not a fan.

  23. Alda

    I need to move on to Nick for a minute.Nick is talking about his job as a physical therapist.He says he typically doesn’t do in-home visits with girls to “protect himself.” Nick,these girls might be the ones that need protection from him!

  24. Kristi

    I watched last night at my parent’s house, my mom couldnt get over how Christie chews or how much she cries. She actually watched the whole episode. Not sure she will ever again, but I will work on her.

  25. AIO_7

    New Steve thread, Junkers.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    YEA!!! Our Morning Goddess is back! Good to see you my friend! I sent you a message this morning. Nothing important, just check it whenever you get the chance.

    Now, all we need to do is manifest Gerardo Chen-Moonves. We have a whooole lot of #STFU awards that need to be given out…lol

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  28. Jen

    haha Mel! I will gladly ship you some paper plates/coffee cups to get more of your great recaps!!!

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