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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap for 9/22/19



Good morning. We’re almost at the end with only one more episode to go. I was really bummed for Nicole for a while but she lost the comp and it is what it is. She’s been great to watch all summer and I’ll remember her as one of my favorite houseguests but the show’s not over so we’ll have to move on.  I’m not going to boycott the show and I’m not judging anyone who does.  Everyone should be able to watch TV as they choose to watch it.

I’ve already mentioned how the game format seems to be changing and players will need to adapt. The same can be said for the viewers as well. Nicole was banking on end game mental comps and that’s not what they got this season. It sucks be she’s going to be just fine. If she gets AFP or AFH, she’ll make about the same money as the person who comes in 2nd.

It sounds like Nicole had a panic attack and possibly fainted during part 2 of the hoh comp. She talked about it a little but the feeds kept cutting. There’s also been rumblings about Beth cheating because she told Jackson about asking a question.  From the clip I heard, she was talking about asking a question before the comp started.  They’re allowed to ask questions for clarification so this isn’t anything new. The feeds cut so we didn’t even hear what productions response was when she asked a question. Unless there’s more to it than I heard, I don’t thinks there’s anything to this one.


I’ll ask Steve to post part 1 of the season recap later today but here’s a recap of yesterdays feeds for now.

Sunday feeds:

  • All three of them talked more about what the fans will think once it’s over. Nicoles fear is not wanting to be seen as an idiot since they kept Beth over Tommy. Beth is worried she’ll be seen as the villian. She doesnt want people to say “it shouldn’t have been you in the F2.”
  • Jackson and Beth talked about watching the show back together so he can explain what he was thinking during some moments. She wants to put it on social media while they watch it, showing their reactions. (I usually follow things for a short time to see who is speaking to who when they take the traditional Vegas trip and then I’m out. I’ll be skipping their rewatch of the show)
  • Jackson said most people who don’t like him, don’t  really know him. He knows some people will be spiteful and he’s  worried people “from his past” will try to say bad things about him. He said he could tell his mom was giving him a warning look in the videos they saw. (I’ve mentioned he’s dramatic, right?)
  • He keeps telling Beth “there’s things you dont know.” (He’s said this all season and if I were her, I’d run like hell when this show ends)
  • Jackson and Beth had been coupled up a lot but said she didn’t want it to look like they were ignoring Nicole so she made a point to spend time with her. (She did spend time with her so no matter her motivation, that’s a good thing)
  • Nicole and Beth gave Jackson some arguement because when Beth said she couldn’t wait to go to Nashville, he reminded her about saying he needed a week with them first (family?) before he brought her out there. (Translation: party time with friends)
  • Nicole has a good attitude about what’s happening. She’s done crying, still had her moments of being depressed but is making the best of it. She’s also still trying to drive a wedge in there and get Beth or Jackson to take her to F2. It won’t work but at least she trying. She talked to the camera and said being 3rd in BB isn’t the worst thing in the world and if nothing else, she’s found herself again through this experience.  She said she went through phases: idiot phase, regret over not keeping Tommy, saying it’s ok because the other two fought to be here too and deserve it.
  • Jackson and Beth congratulated themselves again and said they accomplished a first and a shomance at the end has never been done. (Yes is has, Mike Boogie and Erika say hi!)
  • Beth has created the new narrative of she and Jackson being underdogs to get to the end. They both say they arn’t holding back in part 3 but promise they’re taking each other. They said they’ll walk out together, not one in front of the other. (Blah, blah, blah)
  • Beth is happy they both won one of the comps and said she feels better about it happening that way. She said she doesn’t  feel like they’re taking it from Nicole because they both got themselves there.
  • Jackson told Beth they needed to start thinking about every possible question the jury might ask them so they’re prepared. (Ya, those super tough prewritten questions will be hard and the 2 minutes they have to speak too)
  • They were able to go out into the backyard again. (Yes, I’m the idiot that said it was closed off until finale. The hg’s said it and I usually know better than to believe what they say) Getting outside was good for them and you’d think it would improve everyones restlessness but Jackson became more irritable. (At least Nicole doesn’t have to worry about running out of clean underwear since they could laundry)
  • Jackson’s still asking for privacy to pray and….they’re still giving it to him. (It’s  almost as if they’re trying to film them 24 hours a day or something)
  • They went over all the comps and how they performed in them. Nicole wanted to know if Beth held back during BB Comics. Beth admitted she didn’t gun for it too hard because she didn’t realized she could go on the block.
  • They talked about their experiences growing up and insecurities. Beth mentioned some of her prior jobs and Nicole was genuinely surprised Beth is smart. Nicole said “so you’re smart” and Beth said “well I’m not stupid” and Nicole said “oh, well you had me for a while.” (Haha)
  • Jackson and Nicole told ther “life story” and when it was Beths turn, he got up and left. Beth talked about being bullied and being really insecure. (She’s talked about this a lot and I don’t  think shes making it up) She told Nicole she could relate to a lot of the things Nicole says she’s gone through.
  • The ladies did a little more tie dying together and talked about Jackson being in a bad mood. They agreed Jackson didn’t like Beth talking about her game.  Nicole tried to gently point out the way Jackson acts as if he’s already won the game and gets offended if Beth acts like she still has a chance. Nicole said at first she felt sorry for herself because she knew how much effort she had put she reminds herself, they all did. They agree Jackson acts like he’s the only one who can talk about why he deserves to win.
  •  Nicole told Beth if she chose her to take to the final 2, it would show the jury she really had played her own game.  Beth understood what Nicole was saying but said it was a “moral dilemma.”
  •  Jackson worked on his jury management and told to Nicole about the lie he made up when he confronted Tommy. Nicole said she kind of already knew it but told him “well done” and she assured him she wasn’t angry and didn’t take it personally.
  •  Beth and Nicole continued to spend time together and it continued to get on Jackson’s nerves. (He doesn’t want there to be any chance that Nicole might vote for Beth)

Thoughts on the Sunday episode:

  • I liked Julie continuing to push the name Michie while Jacksons picture behind her said Jackson:
  • I didn’t get the segment with Tyler, Kaycee and JC at all. It seemed so random and obvious they each had to pick one of the hgs for the win. Give me Derrick or Dan having a one on one with Julie talking about their thought on it any day over this.
  • What the hell is going on with JC’s hair?
  • It’s obvious Julie thinks getting rid of Tommy was stupid but did she consider her audience? I cracked up when she asked them how stupid it was to take a shomance to the F3. JC winning the final 4 hoh is the ONLY reason Kaycee didn’t go to the F3 with a shomance. She had every intention of doing the same thing!
  • Random tidbit: Last Thursday, Cliffs eviction was filmed earlier in the day. After he left, there was a wardrobe change for Julie to “interview” last years F3. They brought in a 2nd audience to film it so all of it was actually done on Thursday. When we saw Julie congratulating Jackson on winning part 1 of the comp, they simply chose that clip from the 3 she’d recorded….one for each of them. The comp hadn’t actually been played yet.

Check out part 1 of the season review later today and until then, have a great Monday.




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  1. hogwild

    I like the fact Nicole is still trying to get in their heads and get one of them to flip no chance Jackson will I do think there is a small chance Holly could. Her being insecure could be used to convince her taking out Jackson if she got the chance would impress the jury. Given Nicole the ten AFP votes for today.

  2. Avatar

    Thanks, Mel! I think it is kind of funny that Jackson and Holly are having to live in Nicole’s world for a few days to get her vote. She even had Holly crawling on her knees in the backyard. Poetic justice! And last night’s segment was bad. It was like Kaycee, Tyler, and JC couldn’t say what they really thought.

  3. Apopkedave

    They should move all the cameras to the jury house so we would have something interesting to watch.

  4. mona77450

    There is no way that Cliff could have won that first final HOH competition. Did you see Nicole fall each time she lept from the swings to the wall? Her stride wasn’t long enough to do that with the same ease as Jackson and Holly. These physical competitions need to be fair for ALL the houseguests. I’m so bummed with production this year, especially these last three weeks.

    • Houseguest Doug

      Cliff may have got one or two coins in that comp. Jackson vs Cliff and Nicole. Jackson wins that easy.

      Not even sure Tommy could be Jackson in any of the final comps.

      • mona77450

        My point is that the swinging rope steps and the jumping/leaping/climbing is much more difficult for the non-athletic/heavier/older participants. It’s really discrimination if you ask me. Would JC have been able to do well in the same comp? No, I don’t think so because the placement of the ropes and steps are not equivalent to a person of his height.

    • Betty Boo

      I think Nicole would have went home 4th if they had kept Tommy. JJ and TT would have taken Cliff thinking they could beat him in the physical comps. So keeping Holly was the correct move for Nicole, but not for Cliff. He could’ve made it to F2 and I think he knew when the Holly deal was hashed out, he wasn’t going to make it and chose to do it anyway for Nicole. That’s why he was so desperate and doing crazy deals with Jackson. He tossed his game for Nicole.

  5. RebeccaC

    Thanks a million, Mel. Love your updates and I’m already going through withdrawal just thinking about next week!

    So when Holly watches the season, Jackson wants to be there so he can “explain what he was thinking” during certain parts. Bwahahahah! Run, Holly, RUN!!

  6. Avatar

    I’m not sure Boogie and Erika qualify as a showmance. That season Boogie and Dr. Will initiated “Operation Double Date” to start showmances purely for the reason to get to the final 4. Boogie and Erika was one showmance, and Will was in a weird showmance with Janelle (who I view as the most over rated BB player in history) with Will simply flirting with a smitten Janelle. Boogie and Erika did hook up, but once Janelle and Erika figured out what was going on, Will got sent to jury. While Boogie did take Erika to final 2, it was outed on live TV that Boogie was just using her.

    • Mel

      I don’t think the “using her “thing is any different than what we’re seeing this season. I think it’s extremely close to the same thing, at least on Jacksons part. Erika was more into Boogie than she wanted to admit just like Beth. Lol

  7. Houseguest Doug

    If Holly some how beat Jackson for the HOH and opted to take Nicole instead of Jackson to the Final Two she can do that but here is the fall out…

    1. She would lose to Nicole badly the vote would not be close.
    2. She is basically ending her relationship with Jackson.
    3. it would cost her a spot on the Amazing Race with Jackson. The relationship would be over and thus them being partners on the Amazing Race would be out the door with it.
    4. Huge betrayal of the one person who remained loyal to her the entire game and basically brought her along for the ride.
    5. The only person she has a remote chance of beating is Jackson.

    To bring Nicole to F2 would be a huge mistake.

    Jackson could bring Nicole to the F2 but here is the ramifications of doing so…

    1. He will lose to Nicole
    2. He would be ending his relationship with Holly.
    3. Amazing Race would be 50/50 shot. Only person they could partner him with is Jack.
    4. He would increase his status as America’s favorite douche bag.
    5. See #1

    • Avatar

      Agree with everything you said except Holly breaking up with Jackson if he didn’t take her. If being with him is her only chance for a spot on Amazing Race I think she would forgive him.

      • Houseguest Doug

        Susan honestly if your life partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife did that to you would you forgive them?

        I say not a snowball’s chance in hell.

        Jackson’s knows if they stay together if he does that. Every arguement and heated discussion from now until the end of time that point will be brought back up and rubbed in his face. Not to mention every time it comes up in discussion. There will be no moving on from it for Jackson it will haunt him for the rest of his life.

        There is no Man with a half a brain in his head is going to do that because the mental cost and constant drubbing it up is so not worth it. I rather keep her and lose to her than have to endure the other agony. I am sure most men would agree with me.

        As a Man you have two chances of ever winning an argument with a Woman slim and none. Because even if you win you lose as you will pay a life long price and the moment you screw up something and you will screw something up she will be all over you like a fat kid on a donut.

    • Betty Boo

      Jackson will win against either girl.

      Holly will win against Nicole. Not only does she pull a big move by evicting Jackson, people are always drawn to the pretty, popular girls and want to make them happy. (sorry Nicole) Plus the Gr8teful group will be happy to vote for one of their own.

    • Betty Boo

      And I never want to see Holly or Jackson on my TV again. They can forget AR.

      • Houseguest Doug

        I bet they will sign a deal with AR the very second BB goes off the air.

      • Avatar

        Betty, there is no way Jackson’s momma will let him do another reality show. CBS wouldn’t want the food bill of shipping all those watermelons around the world, either. And, Jackson has already pretty much told Holly they would be one-week per year vacation buddies after he wins the $500,000. I would love to see Kat and Holly on AR, though. I really did not like Kat on BB because it was all for show. But, Kat was pretty funny and they would make a good team.

      • mm22

        I don’t watch amazing race
        but if say Nicole n Kat were on maybe

      • Colby

        I doubt they would want them on AR.
        They have been in the bottom of the HG ratings most of the season. AR wants people on there that would draw viewers.
        Plus, they will not give HB 2 hrs to do her make up every time the camera might be on her, and JJ could not eat constantly.

      • Mel

        I dont think so. I think CBS is ready to be done with Jackson and just wants to get thru the season. Illegal steroid use, domestic violence charges and racist comments isn’t what they’re trying to sell. If I’m wrong, I’ll begin next season with a disclaimer saying I was 100% wrong.

      • TeeJay

        IF and I do mean IF JJ and HB stay together longer than it takes to brush off the confetti on finale night they will only be recruited for Marriage Boot Camp that’s about it for their reality career track. But I personally don’t think they will be a couple for long.

      • Kari

        if Jackson were to go on Amazing Race where the f*** would he get all those damn watermelons that he has to have every single day? Yeah LMAO

    • hogwild

      As far as their relationship goes I think that ends before his flight home lands. Assuming there is no bitter jury here if Holly did win that last HOH takes Jackson likely what would her case for why the jury should vote for her over Jackson be? I can’t think of anything worthy of a half million dollars if she were to take him out she could at least make the case she did what no one else could or would and took out the best player of the season. If she is content with second place so be it I would hate to think I shot to make the move of season win the whole thing and didn’t take it.

  8. Avatar

    It might be really fun to watch Jackson on The Challenge. Some of those people are much worse then him with their behavior. And I can see ongoing prank of hiding or destroying watermelons being a thing if it’s known he is obsessed with them. Plus that cast works out constantly so he may even not win comps.

  9. Houseguest Doug

    Before everyone gets on their high horse about Jackson if he wins Big Brother. Lets look back at the past 20 winners of the show…

    1. Eddie McGee – Winner #1.. Who in the hell remembers Eddie? I would bet over 80% you have no clue who Eddie is.

    2. Dr. Will Kirby. (Won Twice) He puts the douchebag in the word douchebag. No one was more evil, and lied and manipulating than Will Kirby. Yet he is considered the best player in Big Brother history.

    3. Lisa Donahue : WHO?

    4. Jun Song: She played a pretty dirty game but I doubt many of you remember her.

    5. Drew Daniel: WHO?

    6. Maggie Aushburn: WHO?

    7. Mike Boggie Malin: He consistently lied and manipulated. One of the dirtiest players ever.

    8. Evil Dick Danoto: He was very dirty.

    9. Adam Jasiski: WHO?

    10. Dan Gheesling: He played dirty and lied his ass off.

    11. Jordan Lloyd: Played a clean honest game.

    12. Hayden Moss: One of my favorites. He still had to lie and manipulate

    13. Rachel Rielly: Liar and hugely annoying.

    14. Ian Terry : WHO?

    15. Andy Heron: WHO?

    16. Derreck Levassuer: He made lying an art.

    17. Steve Moss: WHO?

    18. Nicole Franzel: Not sure she did anything but be nice and won.

    19. Kaycee Clark: Great player and worthy winner. Comp beast.

    20: ? (Holly or Jackson)

    My point is most of these people are not memorable at all. The ones who made a major impact and are fan favorites were all sneaky, lying sacks of shit.

    • jeka

      I have watched since the beginning so I do know all the above. Eddie wasn’t my favorite, but America was voting that season.
      As far as some of the “evil”, “dirty”, “liars”…..it is a game and I don’t have a problem is that is how you choose to play. In their DR’s, you always knew they were lying and manipulating….”ring, ring….”. (Those two were evil, but some of my favorites to watch play the game….I would love to see what they would do to Jackson).
      My problem with Jackson is that he still pretends to be very self righteous and seems to really believe that people have “forced” him to play this way.
      I would love to have seen Jackson play BB when you had to win comps for your food, actually follow the rules of have nots, etc. I don’t think he could have handled it, but that can be said for a large amount of the people from the last couple of seasons.
      I would love to see a retro BB season and go back to some of the old stuff and really challenge them mentally and physically.

      • Robin

        I have watched since season 1 and completely agree with you. Mental stability in spite of being have nots and weird beds has always been part of the game just as much as winning comps. If those things had been enforced JJ would not be here in the final three. We all have our weaknesses and tailoring a competition to fit your pre-chosen winner is just wrong!

      • g8trgirl

        That is all.

      • Mel

        I agree Robin. I don’t mind lying and frankly, I’m sick of ‘has to be nice BB.’Jordan was adorable but she’s also one of the more unworthy winners on the list, when you look at who actually played the game. With Will, he let us in on the joke. He made it clear “I’m a douche bag but I’m honest about it so they trust me.” I think the reason it doesnt land well on Jackson is because of the way he is in the other areas. It doesnt feel like a separation between game and his personality. Sure, Will was and is arrogant but he says he is and he claims it. Dan was nice but he owned being devious.He told us “Look, I’ve got to get dirty.” Derrick had an amazing talent and the only thing I didn’t like about his game was his lying in the dr to the viewers. He didn’t own it and tried to lie to us. He’s still a great winner and a much nicer person than Jackson appears to be but that’s is one issue I had with Derricks game. He didn’t want to admit the real reasons he made some of his moves. I don’t think he was trying to be deceitful, the villian role just didn’t sit well with him so he tried to avoid it. I’m not remotely comparing Jackson to the people I just mentioned, for the record. Jackson played the best game this season. It doesn’t make him a great player tho.

    • AIO_7

      “18. Nicole Franzel: Not sure she did anything but be nice and won.”

      This “win” was Production aided to the max.

      • Houseguest Doug

        All wins are Production aided. Only one that didn’t go their way was Paul so they did a do over and gave him the most advantages in history of BB and he still lost.

      • Jenny

        Season 19 was so awful but that finale made it worthwhile… watching Paul slowly realize he was taking 2nd again, and Julie with”Paul, always the bridesmaid…” I laughed so hard I about choked.

    • Avatar

      I wish I could give you 100 thumbs up

    • TheRealBeth(TRB)

      This means that the majority of winners on your list were either 1) not liars or 2) unmemorable. The minority were in your “bad guy” camp. So it matters what your jury values. I don’t think Jackson took that into consideration. That’s why he’s in trouble on Wednesday. In a bubble, he played a great (physical and manipulative) game, but I don’t think he played to the jury. We’ll see.

  10. Joy

    Beth is worried she’ll be seen as the villian. She doesnt want people to say “it shouldn’t have been you in the F2.”

    Too late for that Beth. What is really cool about Nicole is she is just a great human being. Do I wish Nicole could have won round 2, hell yeah, but she didn’t and she is still carrying on. She is NO LOSER in my book.

    Beth win you win BB21 get that hair done girl!!

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  12. AIO_7

    “Nicoles fear is not wanting to be seen as an idiot since they kept Beth over Tommy”….

    Not you, little nugget, but that hillbilly Hogg who was actually playing Jackson’s game.

  13. AIO_7

    “He said he could tell his mom was giving him a warning look in the videos they saw.”

    Does this 24 year old, only child, momma’s boy still suck on her biddy?

  14. AIO_7

    “I liked Julie continuing to push the name Michie while Jacksons picture behind her said Jackson:”

    I wonder why she does that?

  15. Alda

    Speaking of JC’s hair,my grandson in college has the same haircut.UGH!

  16. Houseguest Doug

    Who else felt the JC, Kaycee and Tyler segment was awkward and very scripted.

    By the way WHAT THE “F” was that on top of JC head? Who told him that was a good idea for a hair doo.

    Wasn’t sure if it was a bird’s nest or a toupee. It looked absolutely ridiculous.

    My 10 year old daughter walked into the room while that segment was on. Pointed at JC on the TV and said “Is that a wig?” I said no that is his hair. She looked at me and said . “Dude seriously that is lame”. I could only laugh.

  17. Houseguest Doug

    **This comment was removed for political content, which is not allowed.**

    NK, Moderator

    • Robin

      And here I was thinking this was a politics free zone…. please Doug!

    • Avatar

      The person who doesn’t follow the rules of the board is the same person who wants the person who doesn’t follow the rules on Big Brother to win. “Shocker!” I am out!

      • Houseguest Doug

        Jackson is not the first player in big brother history to break the rules. If what he did was such a violation why didn’t Production hammer him for it.

        I recall other contestants in years past sneaking food when they were to be on slop. Or going elsewhere in the house to sleep when they were to stay in the have not room.

        Slop and Have not punishments is an outdated concept and grown old. Time to change it up and or do away with it. Not really a significant affect on the game.

        Jackson listening in on a conversation is not against the rules. If three of them are in a room what is to say Jackson is not allowed in that room. He didn’t go into the room he just listened outside the door. I see nothing wrong with it.

        I thought his lie all be it dirty game play was a brilliant move and saved him and Holly and now both are in final two and Nicole, Cliff and Tommy are doing Jury Duty. All’s fair in love and war.

      • Avatar

        Doug, Jackson’s lie was brilliant. That isn’t cheating. He cheated and had the whole have not thing dropped because he couldn’t handle it. That is my issue with him. BB can drop the whole slop and HN, and I have no problem. But, when he gets all the food he wants brought in and a whole part of the game changed after the game started, that is an issue for me. He is a big crybaby when he doesn’t get his way, but he sure can win those comps and pout like nobody’s business. I loved Dan’s game. He made deals and broke them. I wished Nicole had the guts to do that. And I was disappointed in Tommy for night fighting to stay in the game. Nicole will go on and have a fabulous life. Jackson and Holly need a lot of therapy. I really hope the viewers leave their hate at home for all the players. It is just a game. Win or lose, life goes on.

    • hogwild

      Come on Doug there are plenty of political websites let’s keep politics off here.

    • Houseguest Doug

      I apologize to my American friends if they felt my post was political. It was not meant to discuss politics or polices, track records extra.

      It was meant as a “Reflection” to make you think of choices already made. It was more of a factual statement then a political one.

      Meaning we don’t always vote for the best person but rather the best option with the information we have. It never the perfect choice but sometimes it is the only choice.

      • Avatar
        J-Ski (50 comments)

        ** This comment has been removed for political content which isn’t allowed.**

        NK, Moderator

      • hogwild

        This is what I didn’t want to see already have someone giving a political response to you. I don’t care what the personal politics of anyone here is but politics is not why I come here so can we just nip this in the bud. If this site starts to become a political free for all I will be gone quick and for good.

      • Mel

        Thanks for explaining Doug.

      • Mel

        Doug has explained. It wasn’t the best example and we’re done with this conversation.

    • Avatar
      J-Ski (50 comments)

      **This comment had been removed for political content which is not allowed.**

      This is your 2nd offense J-Ski. If you want to make political statements then go to a political website, this is not the site for you.

      NK, Moderator

  18. AIO_7

    (This is from yesterday in a discussion helping Beth and Jax.)

    “mustangsally(117 comments)September 22, 2019 at 6:31 pm
    8 1
    Ok Julie Chen Moonves….what you going to do to fix this???”

    Nothing, Julie is in on the scam.

  19. Avatar

    I have been trying really hard to see what the obsession is with Nicole.

    She never made a hard choice and always went with the flow. Even when she wanted to break up the showmance, she couldn’t pull the trigger and do what was best for her game.

    She won a golden veto and that was important. Her first win for HOH was without Jackson playing, and she used that opportunity to get out a huge target, Christie. At that point in the game, she was on the precipice of being a great player.

    She was handed her other HOH. Golden Veto was the true HOH that week.

    Then she once again went into follow mode and went along with Cliff in a monumentally stupid game plan. It worked out for her, Cliff was evicted. Make no mistake about it, if it had been Nicole v Holly, Nicole would have been evicted.

    Nicole seems like a pretty cool person. I wouldn’t mind her getting AFP. I understand if she does not win it.

    For me, the most I would give her, (besides her stipend), is a participation trophy.

    But hey, that is just me

    • mm22

      In a season with the worst casting ever
      for me it’s Nicole’s sweet personally that kept
      me hanging in there. She’s kind, considerate,
      funny and very respectful of her fellow
      cast mates. Although maybe not the best
      player she tried really hard and it made
      me want to root for her even more.

      • Robin

        This was a season of racism, and a group who thought themselves so superior to other “non-cool” houseguests. Never seen so much hatefulness on a personal level. Nicole was the breath of fresh air, did it elevate my appreciation… probably… but it was good to find someone to admire in this group of brats!

      • Avatar

        Racism, really?

        Did you not hear all the racist things that Bayleigh said last year?

        Actually, you may be correct. Kemi said that production tried to make her play the sassy black stereotype, even encouraged her to do it. They also never cast more than 2 black people, one guy and 1 girl. It really should be even numbers going in. If you are calling CBS racist, I concede that point.

      • AIO_7

        It wasn’t called Camp COMEBLACK for nothing.

      • nancy

        One season’s (person’s/whatever’s) racism doesn’t negate another’s.

    • Mel

      Nicole appears to be an amazing human.Thats what the obsession is this year. I dont think she played badly, she didn’t play great either and she made some mistakes. When many of the viewers talk about loving Nicole, it isn’t necessarily about her game. On a season without some of the terrible behavior, a lot of people (like myself) wouldn’t even become focused on how good someone is as a person, because frankly, I usually don’t care. You can be an asshole but as long as you play the game, I’ll root for you. The 1st half of the season felt very ugly and not in a game related way. There’s ugly and then there’s what this season turned into, which was a whole other level. For many of us, Nicole became what was good about this season and what was good about the people in the house.

      • hogwild

        People also need to take into account Nicole was not a part of the big early season eight person alliance so she and others were on the defensive for the first third of the season. When she tried to tell Nick and Bella their alliance was turning on them they didn’t believe her and the whole group torched her after that she and Cliff waited for that alliance to implode then took advantage.

      • Robin

        So nicely put Mel, you have a great way of explaining the difference associated with game and basic decent human behavior!

    • Jenny

      Nicole is the reason I kept watching. We need more Nugget Unicorns in this world. I’ll admit, I’d rather see someone I like/admire take the prize. If Jackson wins, welp, that’s what the universe manifested and it was meant to be. haha

  20. Vikki T

    JJ is now worried about his image and how he has been portrayed (hello live feeds). Last night he said Nicole’s family looked like they were proud of her but his parents did not look proud. Where should they be proud: Jolly sex with others in the room, stool time, demanding, condescending, selfish (I could continue but you get the point)? When Beth would not pamper and coddle him afterwards, he then said something snarky and stormed off. Wonder what personality of his wakes up today?

    • Colby

      I didn’t watch the show.
      Did they show the family messages?

    • mm22

      JJ n hollybeth are constantly talking about their image-do they want us to feel
      sorry for them that they have to lie in the bed they made? Does production keep
      asking them questions about how they think the viewers see them? R they being
      shown tweets? I’ve never heard bb players go on and on about what America
      thinks of them as much as this season has.

      • Jenny

        HollyBeth is insecure and that means how people perceive her is critical to her self-esteem. That’s not meant as a slam by any means – I was bullied as a kid and was probably in my early 40’s before I was totally comfortable with who I am. I think Jackson knows he really does act like a douche but isn’t ready to own his behavior, so he tries to convince himself he’s really a good guy. There’s a saying “what you hate about others is what you hate about yourself”. Personally I’ve found a lot of truth to that.

    • mustangsally

      Do we get to see the family videos?

    • Houseguest Doug

      Way over blown. Do you honestly think anyone on this site will give a rats fat ass about any of these people 1 hr after the show ends.

      This time next year who are you going to remember from this season of BB? Jackson, Christie maybe Nicole.

      3 years from now you might remember Jackson.

      5 years from now you not remember anyone.

      Don’t allow yourself to get emotionally involved. Do you honestly think when Jackson wins the game and laying on a beach in Hawaii counting his $500K that he gives two shits about what people think of him?

      • mm22

        I don’t think he cares now-its just an act for sympathy-he thinks we’re all stupid n can play us

      • hogwild

        First the winner is not getting 500k the tax man will be taking about half that. Second the money you are getting is not going to sustain you for the rest of your life how you act on that show does bleed into the real world and can influence how potential employers and others deal with you. Unlike Vegas what happens in the BB house does not stay in the BB house.

  21. Avatar

    I hope Ovi’s Reddit AMA tonights is a lot clearer than Sam’s was last night. Sam worded some of his responses in ways that it took me a few minutes to figure it out.

    I will post minute by minute details of that AMA when it begins and my summary of the details from Sam’s AMA is in the comments of the last thread.

  22. Joy

    5:22am Jackson tells Holly that he keeps replaying his family’s video message in his head over and over: “I looked at Nicole’s family and they looked proud. My parents did not look proud.”

    this from Joker’s updates, THIS IS SOME FUNNY SHIT!!!!

  23. Robin

    Just found out how Nicole lost comp #2, a Co2 induced blackout in the middle of the comp.

    • Avatar

      They why didn’t they stopped the competition to give her medical attention that could be grounds for a lawsuit by Nicole

    • Ashley

      So then Beth obviously didn’t have to do much to win. She needs to stop bragging. Her competitor was knocked out cold — SMDH. I EFFING HATE BB PRODUCTION!

    • Kari

      I think Nicole has a lawsuit as well. It should have been replayed if she had a health emergency. That’s b*******!!

      • Avatar

        Let’s just go ahead and replay the entire season. It wasn’t fair to make them start in camp come back. It’s just not fair!!!!

        It’s not fair that Jackson blamed Nicole for the rogue vote early and bullied her about it, it’s just not fair!!

        You want fair, go on the amazing race or even survivor. BB is just another version of the Stanford Experiment. Actually, it would be fun if they gave them LSD.

        Still, fair was never ever promised. Only Surprises

  24. Avatar

    Not sure if anyone posted it but apparently EvelDick asked on Twitter if anyone talked to Grodner and asked her for her response for Why Jackson didn’t get a penalty nomination for cheating on slop

    And this was Big Brother Network reply to his tweet: Fun fact: Grodner stopped answering our weekly Q&A for the rest of the season when we asked that


    • Houseguest Doug

      Cheating on slop is such a minor infraction. There is a laundry list of contestants who have cheated on slop.

      I would rather they did away with Slop and have not’s it is a useless punishment that has no major impact on the game and has zero interest to fans watching at home.

      Worst punishment in BB history was turning that little country girl into a Computer for a week. I cannot think of a worse punishment then that. Stuck in a room all day watching a TV screen not really being able to play the game. That would be pure hell.

      You want to punish someone then do that. Not useless slop.

      • Houseguest Doug

        I equate cheating on slop right up there with J walking or ripping the do not remove tags off a mattress.

      • AIO_7

        “I would rather they did away with Slop and have not’s it is a useless punishment that has no major impact on the game and has zero interest to fans watching at home.”


    • Kari

      EVERY RULE should be enforced. I don’t care if it’s a major rule or minor role. If you signed on for the game f****** follow the rules.

  25. Kari

    Kaycee’s showmance?

  26. Alda

    Praying Nancy’s surgery went well today and she’ll be able to watch the finale.

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  28. Kari

    I wrote this on the last page but I am so utterly sick to death of people making a big deal of calling her Beth instead of Holly!!

    For God’s sake is **no different** than calling Nicole “Nugget”.It’s a fucking nickname. It’s a lot better than some of the other names some of the players have been called this summer. Get the hell over it. Good God.

  29. Avatar

    Rockstar said she made a shirt for Bayleigh to give Nicole on Finale Night or at the after party in Vegas


  30. hummingbird

    I wonder how long their NDA’s are binding. I’m surprised nobody has spilled the beans by now. Were they advised to get independent legal advice? Things that make me go hmmm.

  31. Avatar

    In my opinion Nicole won over Paul because of the Nicole/Cody connection. Paulie was not one of the super bitter jurors towards Paul. I think he would have rewarded Paul’s game play with a vote if he didn’t have a longtime relationship to Nicole outside the game. Paulie would talk about visiting former hg’s with Cody and attending events.

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