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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap for 9/22/19

September 23, 2019 | 150 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning. We’re almost at the end with only one more episode to go. I was really bummed for Nicole for a while but she lost the comp and it is what it is. She’s been great to watch all summer and I’ll remember her as one of my favorite houseguests but the show’s not over so we’ll have to move on.  I’m not going to boycott the show and I’m not judging anyone who does.  Everyone should be able to watch TV as they choose to watch it.

I’ve already mentioned how the game format seems to be changing and players will need to adapt. The same can be said for the viewers as well. Nicole was banking on end game mental comps and that’s not what they got this season. It sucks be she’s going to be just fine. If she gets AFP or AFH, she’ll make about the same money as the person who comes in 2nd.

It sounds like Nicole had a panic attack and possibly fainted during part 2 of the hoh comp. She talked about it a little but the feeds kept cutting. There’s also been rumblings about Beth cheating because she told Jackson about asking a question.  From the clip I heard, she was talking about asking a question before the comp started.  They’re allowed to ask questions for clarification so this isn’t anything new. The feeds cut so we didn’t even hear what productions response was when she asked a question. Unless there’s more to it than I heard, I don’t thinks there’s anything to this one.

I’ll ask Steve to post part 1 of the season recap later today but here’s a recap of yesterdays feeds for now.

Sunday feeds:

  • All three of them talked more about what the fans will think once it’s over. Nicoles fear is not wanting to be seen as an idiot since they kept Beth over Tommy. Beth is worried she’ll be seen as the villian. She doesnt want people to say “it shouldn’t have been you in the F2.”
  • Jackson and Beth talked about watching the show back together so he can explain what he was thinking during some moments. She wants to put it on social media while they watch it, showing their reactions. (I usually follow things for a short time to see who is speaking to who when they take the traditional Vegas trip and then I’m out. I’ll be skipping their rewatch of the show)
  • Jackson said most people who don’t like him, don’t  really know him. He knows some people will be spiteful and he’s  worried people “from his past” will try to say bad things about him. He said he could tell his mom was giving him a warning look in the videos they saw. (I’ve mentioned he’s dramatic, right?)
  • He keeps telling Beth “there’s things you dont know.” (He’s said this all season and if I were her, I’d run like hell when this show ends)
  • Jackson and Beth had been coupled up a lot but said she didn’t want it to look like they were ignoring Nicole so she made a point to spend time with her. (She did spend time with her so no matter her motivation, that’s a good thing)
  • Nicole and Beth gave Jackson some arguement because when Beth said she couldn’t wait to go to Nashville, he reminded her about saying he needed a week with them first (family?) before he brought her out there. (Translation: party time with friends)
  • Nicole has a good attitude about what’s happening. She’s done crying, still had her moments of being depressed but is making the best of it. She’s also still trying to drive a wedge in there and get Beth or Jackson to take her to F2. It won’t work but at least she trying. She talked to the camera and said being 3rd in BB isn’t the worst thing in the world and if nothing else, she’s found herself again through this experience.  She said she went through phases: idiot phase, regret over not keeping Tommy, saying it’s ok because the other two fought to be here too and deserve it.
  • Jackson and Beth congratulated themselves again and said they accomplished a first and a shomance at the end has never been done. (Yes is has, Mike Boogie and Erika say hi!)
  • Beth has created the new narrative of she and Jackson being underdogs to get to the end. They both say they arn’t holding back in part 3 but promise they’re taking each other. They said they’ll walk out together, not one in front of the other. (Blah, blah, blah)
  • Beth is happy they both won one of the comps and said she feels better about it happening that way. She said she doesn’t  feel like they’re taking it from Nicole because they both got themselves there.
  • Jackson told Beth they needed to start thinking about every possible question the jury might ask them so they’re prepared. (Ya, those super tough prewritten questions will be hard and the 2 minutes they have to speak too)
  • They were able to go out into the backyard again. (Yes, I’m the idiot that said it was closed off until finale. The hg’s said it and I usually know better than to believe what they say) Getting outside was good for them and you’d think it would improve everyones restlessness but Jackson became more irritable. (At least Nicole doesn’t have to worry about running out of clean underwear since they could laundry)
  • Jackson’s still asking for privacy to pray and….they’re still giving it to him. (It’s  almost as if they’re trying to film them 24 hours a day or something)
  • They went over all the comps and how they performed in them. Nicole wanted to know if Beth held back during BB Comics. Beth admitted she didn’t gun for it too hard because she didn’t realized she could go on the block.
  • They talked about their experiences growing up and insecurities. Beth mentioned some of her prior jobs and Nicole was genuinely surprised Beth is smart. Nicole said “so you’re smart” and Beth said “well I’m not stupid” and Nicole said “oh, well you had me for a while.” (Haha)
  • Jackson and Nicole told ther “life story” and when it was Beths turn, he got up and left. Beth talked about being bullied and being really insecure. (She’s talked about this a lot and I don’t  think shes making it up) She told Nicole she could relate to a lot of the things Nicole says she’s gone through.
  • The ladies did a little more tie dying together and talked about Jackson being in a bad mood. They agreed Jackson didn’t like Beth talking about her game.  Nicole tried to gently point out the way Jackson acts as if he’s already won the game and gets offended if Beth acts like she still has a chance. Nicole said at first she felt sorry for herself because she knew how much effort she had put she reminds herself, they all did. They agree Jackson acts like he’s the only one who can talk about why he deserves to win.
  •  Nicole told Beth if she chose her to take to the final 2, it would show the jury she really had played her own game.  Beth understood what Nicole was saying but said it was a “moral dilemma.”
  •  Jackson worked on his jury management and told to Nicole about the lie he made up when he confronted Tommy. Nicole said she kind of already knew it but told him “well done” and she assured him she wasn’t angry and didn’t take it personally.
  •  Beth and Nicole continued to spend time together and it continued to get on Jackson’s nerves. (He doesn’t want there to be any chance that Nicole might vote for Beth)

Thoughts on the Sunday episode:

  • I liked Julie continuing to push the name Michie while Jacksons picture behind her said Jackson:
  • I didn’t get the segment with Tyler, Kaycee and JC at all. It seemed so random and obvious they each had to pick one of the hgs for the win. Give me Derrick or Dan having a one on one with Julie talking about their thought on it any day over this.
  • What the hell is going on with JC’s hair?
  • It’s obvious Julie thinks getting rid of Tommy was stupid but did she consider her audience? I cracked up when she asked them how stupid it was to take a shomance to the F3. JC winning the final 4 hoh is the ONLY reason Kaycee didn’t go to the F3 with a shomance. She had every intention of doing the same thing!
  • Random tidbit: Last Thursday, Cliffs eviction was filmed earlier in the day. After he left, there was a wardrobe change for Julie to “interview” last years F3. They brought in a 2nd audience to film it so all of it was actually done on Thursday. When we saw Julie congratulating Jackson on winning part 1 of the comp, they simply chose that clip from the 3 she’d recorded….one for each of them. The comp hadn’t actually been played yet.

Check out part 1 of the season review later today and until then, have a great Monday.


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