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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Recap

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Good morning, If you didn’t watch the feeds last night, you’re probably just now learning who won the hoh last night. Beth is our new hoh! (Ya, I know its Holly but it’s more fun to call her Beth) I’ll go over the comp and after but first… here are a few things that happened before the live show yesterday.

Jackson got mad at Kat and yelled at her again. She cried over it and said he’s rude and disrespectful. He vented to Christie and HollyBeth.


Kat said she gets yelled at every day and she’s tired of it. Jackson farts in the have not room, Kat wakes him up late at night spraying air freshener, he has sleeping problems in his regular life and she sleeps 2 or 3 hours later than everyone else in the mornings. Jackson was also upset to learn about a medication Kat was allowed to bring but said he couldn’t bring his insomnia medication. (The Xanax he said he takes 5 of to sleep) This pretty much sums it up. The feeds kept cutting so we didn’t hear it all but I’ve heard other people complain about Kat sleeping in and not getting in trouble for it. So what? Jackson has brunch in the damn shower! The takeaway is Jackson is a jackass.

Christie was upset with Nick and knew Nick was talking about her. Nick overheard Christie saying things about Nick (I covered that in yesterday’s recap) so now he’s talking about her. Kat also told Christie about Nick letting Jackson know that Christie was targeting him. (Summary: Christie is pissed because Nick overheard her and used it….kind of like what she did to Cliff)


Sam tried to do damage control for himself prior to the hoh comp. He talked to Christie and tried to remove himself from Nick a little. Sam mentioned Christie saying Nick would be leaving right after Bella. She said she didn’t say it and only said Bella would be leaving with a boyfriend. (She said it) He was trying to get Christie to say she wouldn’t put Sam otb if she won hoh and blame her issues with Nick on him. She said she may have to put Sam up if Nick f*cked with her. She said she wouldn’t have a choice, started to fake cry and told Sam none of this would be happening if Nick’s girlfriend hadn’t started saying her name. I’m not sure she stopped chewing for her “crying.”

She said if Nick messed with her, she’d use the veto and be safe. She also said Nick wouldn’t have the votes to get her out. (Wow, cocky much?) This did NOT go the way Sam had hoped.


Nick joined them and Christie asked if he wanted to talk to clarify what was said and he said maybe after the hoh comp. She said after the hoh comp, people are biased and try to mend things. Nick said he didn’t need to mend anything because he didn’t say anything that was personal. Christie said she didn’t either. (She didn’t like being shut down)

Nick talked to Jack and said Jack wouldn’t be his target this week. Nick said he’d said Jack and Holly’s names in the past. He said the flaming 5 was only created because Tommy was scared and Nick said he took the bait. Jack said he understood and they’re good. (They’re not good)

Christie vented to HollyBeth and Sis about Nick “being a piece of sh*t.” She was still mad over Nick not wanting to talk until after the comp.(No, she’s mad because finally, she isn’t the boss of everyone) Sis said “Nick’s a little b*tch” because, well, that’s the way Sis contributes to all the conversations.

Christie talked to Kat and said she would never talk bad about Nick with his girlfriend about to be evicted. She also said she would never say anything bad about Jackson. (Kat is the one who told Christie already that Nick told on her to Jackson)  Christie was very insulted at the mere idea of anyone thinking she could do something like that.  Keep in mind, she’s talked to Kat a lot about Nick and Kat is the main person she’s plotted with against Jackson. (This is why Christie is so convincing and trusted by other people in the house. She believes her own lies so she comes off as very sincere but on the Jackson thing, Kat has to be thinking “say whut?”)

Bella let Jackson know Christie told her that he was only messing with Bella and stringing her along. She said Christie told her Jackson never intended to keep her.

The 6 shooters have shown signs of breaking apart this week but unfortunately, Sam and Nick are going to cause the reverse to happen. It’s going to be just like the Nicole week, when Nick and Bella ran back to the group to have safety in numbers. Like Bella, Nick talks way too much and he’s only confirming to the 6 that they need to stick together a while longer.  If they would simply plant seeds the way Cliff and Nicole have done and walk away, they would be so much better off.  As I said in yesterday’s recap, Cliff is looking pretty damn good this week but Nick and Sam are in a whole lot of trouble.

A few thoughts on Thursdays Live Show:

We finally got the clip of the Kat and HollyBeth connection. While Kat and HollyBeth weren’t exactly friends, they DID find out they both might be on the show. (It isn’t confirmed that Kat outed someone who was supposed to be on the show and was able to fill that spot over them because the info leaked. It is part of the story I heard tho. The fact they knew each other pre-show wasnt confirmed either when I first mentioned it. This story has credibility for me too because it’s from the same source) It’s also true they run in the same circles and have mutual friends. (One of Kats best friends is a friend of HollyBeths)  The show left that part out and also the part about how they talked before BB started and made their strategy plans in advance. CBS isn’t going to advertise that part.  I don’t think CBS was planning on revealing the connection between the 2 of them in the same way they did with Tommy and Christie at all.  I think the only reason Julie said Something about ‘other people might know each other’ when the season began, was to cover them in case it started to get out.  If Kat and HollyBeth talk about it while strategizing, as they’ve done already, it’s harder for the show to hide it.

Granted, Jackson may have thrown a kink (or a penis) between them but don’t be foed, they are very much together and I’ve been saying this for a while now. I’m enjoying the irony of  HollyBeth mainly starting the shomance to get more air time but Kat is the only reason she’s getting any. (Before now, since she’s hoh) I don’t think they’re at the same level of loyalty as Tommy and Christie so something could potentially split them up but it’s still an advantage.  I’m guessing if someone ends up being disloyal, it will be HollyBeth because of Jackson and not Kat.

Bella gave a nice speech. I would’ve enjoyed spending the past month with this Bella.

Cliffs shirt was VERY purple.

Did HollyBeth actually shout out the word “horses” during her shout outs? She just wants to say something, anything. Maybe Jackson can yell the word “watermelon” next week during his vote.

I may not be a Bella fan but after last years almost choreographed interviews with Julie, it was nice to see such a raw and real exit.

Here’s Nick crying after Bella left.

Hoh comp and late night:

I really liked the comp and I’m glad it wasn’t the wall. It’s nice to see something new occasionally.

Apparently, Jess and Nicole didn’t fully understand the rules and they were talking about it after the comp.  They didn’t know they could release an arm or a leg at different times to reposition.  Maybe they adjusted the rules after people started falling so quickly.  I’m sure they didn’t want a repeat of the slip and slide from last season. Maybe Jess and Nicole simply didn’t understand the rules as explained. Either way, neither one of them was going to win that comp so I’m not devoting any time to worrying about it.

After Jackson peed his pants, (dedication, whether you like him or not) only to get beat by the three remaining women, he became a cheerleader for HollyBeth. He told her not to drop and Sis wasn’t too happy about it. She complained after the comp and said if they’re on the same team, what did it matter?  She pretty quickly moved on to talking about Jack wanting them to use the hoh shower and complaining about how she was going to be sore this week.  (Yeah I’m just reporting it, I didn’t create it people, sorry)

HollyBeth had some good sized bruises from hanging on so long.

I dont know if this is part of Jacksons normal routine or if he was chafed from the comp but he rolled deodorant all over his, um, you can figure it out. He does pee his pants so maybe they just don’t have diaper rash cream in the house and he’s making do with what he has available. I’m telling ya, he really got in there with it too.


He also finally got to eat that watermelon.

Nick talked to the cameras and told Bella she forgot to give him his necklace back. (How many times did Julie force the word ‘boyfriend’ into the exit interview? Sorry Nick, it’s hers now)

HollyBeth asked Christie and Sis if they’d like to sleep in the hoh with her and she told Jackson it was better for the game. She said he could sleep up there a night or two.

Christie is already pressed about Nick and Sam trying to hang out with Kat. She mentioned it to several people.  I don’t know where she’s been but Kat hung out with those guys last week too. They are spending time with Kat because most of the rest are avoiding them. They know they’re probably going on the block but Christie wants to isolate them anyway.

Jackson thought it was a good idea to put only one of Nick and Sam on the block with someone like Nicole. Too bad Christie’s aware of how one of them could win the veto and take the other one down.  This week doesn’t have to be a total bust if we keep our expectations low. For example, we don’t know who we’re losing and depending on how the veto plays out, it could even been Nicole or Jess. (We could still be surprised at least??) They might spill the rest of Christie’s secrets once they’re sitting in the hot seats. We could also see HollyBeth push back against Jackson a little bit now that she’s in power.  Maybe she won’t be running to him and apologizing for stupid stuff since she’s the HOH.  There’s also the possibility that Jackson will get on a huge power trip and feel like he’s in charge too.  That’s not necessarily bad thing because people are already annoyed with him.  I’d like to see him make himself a bigger target this week. Hey, what can I say? I’m trying to focus on the positive.

That’s all for now until Steve can give you the noms but I don’t see any big surprises coming.  Have a great Friday.






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