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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Recap for 8/8/19

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Good morning all, I was so exhausted last night, I ended up watching the show on my phone through video net. I didn’t have the energy to go bug any of my family or friends. Even on the small screen, it was satisfying to watch Jack leave for the jury house. #JackEvictionParty was trending at #1 yesterday on Twitter. Did anyone notice there were less Tweets than usual posted on the bottom of the screen during the show? I honestly think it’s because most of them included that hashtag. People were working hard to get it trending, so job well done for those who participated.

I’m going to have to skip my second weekend for recaps because of cleaning and a little maintenance at my old house. It should be in the 90’s this weekend so I need to start early. After Tueaday, it should be a done deal and you guys won’t have to hear about it anymore. This has been a lot more than I anticipated because I’ve lived there for over 15 years, plus my husband is a pack rat. This move wasn’t planned but the next one will be so you can bet we get rid of a lot of crap over the next 12 months before the next move. Moving on to yesterday:


I wasn’t surprised Jack got called out by Julie but I was shocked she backed it up with video. I think that’s a first. He was ready for the questions but he wasn’t expecting the footage to be shown anymore than we were. Do you think he FINALLY understands what’s on the feeds now? I’ve never seen a cast this clueless about live feeds and they’ve even had Cliff giving them in depth information.

CBS is really pushing this Michie thing. He’s Jackson, Michie’s not gonna happen!

Voting for the field trip is ending if it hasn’t already. If you don’t want people like Nicole on the block, I hope a lot of people voted for Sis and Beth. Tommy was in the top 3 in most online polls but he isn’t eligible anymore. Jack was also in the top 3 and he’s gone. Whoever he puts up won’t be eligible either so the 4th and 5th choices could be going on the field trip.

To clear up any confusion for our readers because there still seems to be a little:


Beth is what I call Holly. I try to put a reminder at the top of my recaps but sometimes I forget. This is also the ONLY nickname I use when I’m recapping, unless I say jackoffs, which should be obvious. I tried HollyBeth for a couple of updates but sorry, I’m sticking with Beth. With half the season gone, I don’t even see her as a Holly anymore so ya’ll are just gonna have to live with it.

Yesterday, before the live show:

Cliff let Christie and Tommy know he was voting Jack out so Jack knew he was leaving. (He may have told Jack too but I didn’t see it so I’m not sure) Jack threw a bit of a hissy fit when he realized he was going but he pulled it together in time for the show from what we saw. Christie and Tommy both said they respected Cliffs decision. (They didn’t) Nicole also told Jack she was evicting him.

Jack campaigned to Kat and his approach was closer to hinting that Kat could have problems if she didn’t keep him than the full out blackmail plan he was going to go with. She played dumb and acted confused by the whole thing.


Kat and Nicole pinky swore they were both voting Jack out so there was still a little paranoia over someone flipping:

Tommy won the hoh and I have to say, I really hate this comp. It’s the same one Bayleigh won last year except they were sitting on envelopes or an email or something. I don’t mind the occasional luck comp (if they’re aren’t too many) but this one is soooooo boring to watch. After you’ve seen the first couple people slide down, where’s the fun? Beths boat trip was a trainwreck and Kat was just annoying.

Kat didn’t waste any time explaining to Tommy why she voted out Jack. She said Jackson was still her #1 target (nice try Kat) and she voted out Jack mostly because she was protecting Jess. She said Jacks deal didn’t include Jess. Tommy didn’t believe it anymore than Kat believed his apology last week after he tried to flip the votes to evict her.

Nick also went to Tommy trying to explain why it might look like he’s been playing both sides. He said he hasn’t really and his only true loyalties are to Tommy, Sis and Nicole. He also said he loves Christie again. Tommy basically told him to chill, he knew Nick was only doing what he had to do and they were good. (He probably means it) Tommys always had a close working relationship with Nick and he’s the one who pushed for Sam everytime the 6 were wanting to go after Nick. Nick wasn’t loyal to the entire group of 6 but I do think he is to Tommy. Nicole may be safer this week because of it too. Nick’s said all week he wanted Tommy, Sis, Nicole and himself to work together. Good plan if it wasn’t for this little issue:

Obviously, that wasn’t the picture he got in his hoh basket but he did get a picture of Christie’s ex. I think he got a picture of more than one of his aunts because Nick was asking Christie which one she would like and Tommy said “none of them are single.”  This is the kind of thing I would normally think was funny except I can’t get past how unfair of an advantage these two have.

Cliff and the Angels would’ve been safer with a Christie hoh. Kat may have still been in some  danger but Christie wanted to go after Jackson. They had a fake make up but they both still want each other out.  If I wasn’t going to see a Cliff or Nicole win, Christie is who I wanted to win it. Since Jack left, the 4 now have 3 if you dont count Nick. That would’ve left Jackson and Beth with the biggest group because they have Kat and because of Kat, they probably have Jess. It’s one of those 4 that I’d like to see leave this week, to keep the numbers evened out. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna cry if Christie leaves because of the field trip twist. Not only would her chewing get off my screen, it would split up one of the secret duos) We’ll already have them in jury pulling for the other (unless they’re F2) but jury is here now so it is what it is.

Sis and Christie debated Cliff vs Kat. Sis actually had an opinion (her own opinion) and I’m shocked! The d*ck left the house and the brain started working, is that what’s happening?  Sis is very mad about Cliffs vote and him not taking the deal he was offered. (They’re acting like they were betrayed)   They both made comments about the other side having to feel what it’s like to be on the bottom and having to deal with what they just went through. (They’re ridiculous) Christie thinks Kat needs to go but she did say “Cliff needs to learn a lesson. He should’ve taken the deal and there are consequences for it.” Sis was actually winning in this discussion. Sis said Kat may be a duo with Beth there but said Kat doesn’t want to win hoh so it’s easier for them to win. Cliff has become the fall guy for Jack leaving.  He shouldn’t have made them wait so long to find out if he was voting to keep Jack.  This gave them hope, which made them think Jack had a chance. When it didn’t happen, it was easy for them to make Cliff the cause of him leaving. Cliff is the one who called them “the cult of Jack” so even though they’re irrational, he bears a little responsibility for reading the situation wrong. Sis also told Christie that Nick told her Cliff would go after the 3 of them. She says not to tell Nick she told. (This is true)  Kat would go after them too but Sis sees Cliff as a stronger player.  (I found myself agreeing with Sis…about BB….about strategy in BB! Wtf?) Christie said she wasn’t going to talk to Tommy about noms because she trusted him to do what was best for them.

Tommy’s wanted the 6 to make up from the start and he’s wanted Cliff out for a long time too. He started wanting Kat out after last weeks vote flip disaster.  He knows Kat doesn’t trust him anymore and he still believes she and Beth know each other.

Nick told Nicole he threw the hoh comp.  He said it’s the first comp he’s thrown. He also said he’s scared of Jess because she’s said she won’t put up women as noms. Nicole thought Cliff and Jackson might go up but Nick thinks it will be Cliff and Kat. (That’s what I thought last night too. Great! First, I’m agreeing with Sis and now Nick? This is NOT my happy place at all)

Sis finally got called to DR.  This was close to the same time they discovered Jack took the stuffed carrot with him. I’m going to assume this means production wants some footage of Sis’ reaction to losing Jack’s, ummm carrot.

Tommy, Jackson and Beth talked. Tommy said he isn’t putting up any of the 5. Jasckson saId he didn’t want to be a pawn but would understand if he was but said if he went up as a pawn, he’d probably go home. He wanted to make it clear he wasn’t volunteering. Beth apologized for being so absent the past week when she was alone with Tommy. He said it was fine and it would’ve been awkward for the group anyway since they were trying so hard to save Jack.

Sis told Jackson she wasn’t upset with him and even though she’s close to Christie, she sees what Christie is doing in the game.  She backed up Tommy by saying she’s never heard Jackson’s name as a target of Tommy’s.

Nicole warned Kat she may be going up based on what Nick said. Naturally, Kat went to Tommy and asked him. That was fine but she told Tommy Nicole said it and said it came from Nick. Tommy said he hadn’t told Nick or anyone what he was thinking yet. (Kat probably doesn’t even see how she throws peoples games out in the BB streets)

Nick has spent the past week trying to get Tommy and Sis to work with Nicole. He suggested Sis talk some game with Sis. She looked horrified and said she couldn’t get anything out of Nicole when she’s tried before. Nick suggested Sis not ask who Nicoles targets are. (That’s Sis’ idea of game talk. She sits down and says ‘so who would you put up?’)

Nicole was pissed to find out Kat threw out her name. She talked to herself and also Cliff, saying she should know better than to talk, even to her own alliance. (We can expect Nicole to go back to being quiet again just like after her almost eviction. Thanks alot Kat!)

Everyone has their turn with the HOH:

Tommy told Christie he wanted to pull Nick back in to their side and that he’s thinking of putting up Cliff and Kat. As of now, he has Kat as his target. He mentioned Nicole as a possible replacement.

Tommy repeated his plan to Sis and she warned him about Nick saying Cliff would put them otb. Tommy pointed out Kat is a link to all sides because she tries to be good with them, she’s working with Cliff and Nicole but also has Beth, Jackson and Jess forming another group. Tommy is concerned Kat, Nicole, Cliff and Nick may have an alliance and he wants to break it up so Nick only has them. Meanwhile, Cliff was telling Nicole he’s sure Nick has gone back to the other side.

Nick tells Tommy he’s upset over Nicole telling Kat he said she’d probably go otb.

Jess told Tommy to do what was best for his game. (Exciting stuff)

Cliff said he still wanted to work with Tommy, Tommy said if he went otb as a pawn, he would try to win the veto and take him down. (Both lying)

Nicole apologized to Tommy for telling Kat she would go up.  She made it clear it was only speculation. Tommy told her he wasn’t planning on putting her up but wanted her to keep it to herself. They made a pinky promise.

They made Tommy a Bday cake.  He said all he wanted for his birthday was for Jack to stay so at least he got a cake and the HOH.

Christie told Nicole she was disappointed over Nicoles vote but she understands on a personal level. (Shut up Christie!)

I’d expect to see Kat and Cliff otb. These are smart choices for Tommy since they’re both after him. Jackson and Beth are after him a little but they actually want Christie out more, where Cliff and Kat have seen Tommy as the bigger threat recently. I also think a week can be plenty of time if Tommy wants to reel Jackson and Beth back in. He’s playing a good game but he said he plans to say Cliff and Kat are ‘good with the entire house’ as a reason to put them up. I kind of think this part is a mistake since it also describes Tommy. I don’t think he should be putting that idea in everyone’s head.

Have a great Friday, a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday.








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