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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Overnight

Good evening, everyone!


Fairly slow day on the feeds today other than Jack planning his next attack which should take place tomorrow. He is planning on going the blackmail route by telling Kat she has to vote for him or he’s going to reveal her dirty dark secrets (which aren’t either dirty or dark, but hey….). He plans on telling people that she knew about a flip vote and also that she was a mole early in the game. I really think I’d laugh if Jack confronted me with that, but I’m sure Kat is a better player than I am and will listen and humor him while she decides on what to do. My opinion, she’s either going to do nothing or humor him and pretend she’s voting him out.

The biggest thing to note about that is that Nick was in the room with Tommy and Jack and contributed to the plan. Nick is really super committed to this whole playing of both sides thing to the point where even I’m still not sure where he’s at. I’m very confident he’ll still vote out Jack only because he doesn’t want to be a target, but I don’t think he’s going to work with the underdogs unless they win the next HoH. I actually think he prefers the Jack side of the house but knows it’s a losing cause right now. He is basically the definition of a floater who is going to bounce back and forth and make you love him then hate him over and over until he’s finally gone. (maybe love is a strong word. dislike him less?)

Short update tonight, heading to bed. Recap in the morning!


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  1. Mimi Ryan

    This is me percolating on this week’s sad state of affairs such as they are. AD aka Jack Oh My. Well CBS, perhaps there is a redeeming quality to BB21 such as it is. This group of HG’s have NO IDEA what is going on here. I seriously doubt any of them understand BB, even those who are fans. I’m a fan & I know I can’t do this game physically, I am older & I’d be climbing the walls well before 90 days in. With group of HG’s we have the “pretty” people. Pretty on the outside and clearly not on the inside. We have Nerds, my peeps but lack social set for the GAME. However the AD/Jack is proving to be an interesting social experiment. AD has issues clearly. Lacking in appropriate social set of life skills, EGO, Arrogant, has to be right, plays the victim, power player (although the power doesn’t seem to want to stay with him, since he misses so much & doesn’t have the skills to weld it well, ever). Now that he’s heading to the Jury, wish he wasn’t (I don’t want him in the jury). I think that the time he’s spent in this situation has showed him just how much he’s not clued into life. Being in a House for as long as these individuals have been, under the circumstance before them, they will have a new look at life going forward. While I saw people practically give AD this bloody game, he’s now faced with his own hubris & flaws such as they are. Watching him attempt and fail to navigate this game that includes a vital social element for all. I believe he’s coming to realize just how much he falls short on so many levels. This is because it’s all coming down on him now. Welcome to BB where it’s not all about comps & stuff, it’s about social stuff too. 90 days in a pressure cooker will bring out one’s attitude, behavior & actions. Ratella will tell the tell one day.

  2. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is whispering to WoA and telling her what he promised somebody. *His azz talks so fast and so low* I thinks they are talking about Kat voting against AD but not sure. Nick is telling her to be smart and not give them anything if she doesn’t have to because he needs her. She says he’s the only one she’s talked to. AD comes in and asks if everything is okay. They say yes, they were just talking. AD says he was just talking to Nicole. Nick asks him isn’t Nicole that best and she’s amazing. Nick asks how did they start talking. AD says he came outside and she was crying because she missed home and they just started talking.

    WoA is telling AD to not go out aggressive. Nick says it doesn’t matter what Kat thinks, it’s what Jess thinks. He says because once she starts talking, Jess doesn’t hear anything else after that. AD says they should talk to first. WoA doesn’t think so. Nick says they should be careful or Jess will get paranoid. Nick tells him to go talks to Kat and tell her she flipped the vote but if she doesn’t vote for him he’s going to tell. WoA says she’s so confused. *What else is new?*

    AD says he wants to tell Jess that he’s going to campaign to Kat tomorrow and tell her that he has some info that he doesn’t want to have to use and that he should stay because he’s a bigger target and he will never come after her. Nick says that that might give Kat a chance to talk to Jess first. AD says that’s why he wants to go to Jess right after he talks to Kat so Kat can’t get a chance to fix it. Nick says to tell Kat that if she doesn’t vote for him that he’s going to tell Jess that she’s the one who tried to flip the vote last week. AD says he’s going to tell Jess that he wants to work with her. *Then entire convo is confusing.*


  3. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    JJ is saying that it’s week 6 and he and AD are OTB. TT tells him that whatever happens that if AD leaves he will be completely loyal to him (JJ). JJ says he didn’t come into the house to hold grudges but he’s heard things in the house and being on the other side of the wall and being on the outside now, it’s hard to hear some of the things he’s heard. TT quickly says that he’s not said anything. He says that even though AD is his boy, it doesn’t negate the way he feels about him (JJ).

    JJ tells him it’s hard to hear some of the things that are being said about him. He says he’s not campaigning against AD. He says he was hearing that TT, CC, and AD had been moving against him and that everything he did was for the 6. TT says it’s still so weird because they never did that and he can’t imagine who would say something like that. *Keep painting your little twirly azz into that corner boy.* JJ is breaking it all down to TT. TT is dancing as hard as he can to skirt the issue. *LOLOLOL* JJ says he was wondering if he was getting screwed by his own alliance. *Yep!*


  4. danmtruth

    Sis nick and jack Are explaining the ,”PLAN” jack is going to talk to jess that he has played an honest game that he has some info but does not want to throw dirt Than talk to KAT and give her an ultimatum but say it nicer That if she does not work with him he will tell Jess he has dirt on her that Holly knew of the vote flip but did not tell jess All i know is im totaly co fused hiw this is going to help Jack As he is planing on Kat getting paranoid Lets see if Nick says anything to nicole or cliff Nick the weasel wants to be with holly and Jackson to keep them away from Kat And Jess so if Kat goes to talk after her talk with jackson

    • NKogNeeTow

      They are all getting on my nerves at the moment. And TT sitting there looking like a little old lady under a hairdryer. *ROLLING EYES*

    • mm22

      Nick really seams to me he is with jack,christy, Tommy and sis. It was his own
      idea to keep holly n Jackson cornered while jack talks to jess then to Kat that
      way jack won’t have them running up to jess messing things up. Nick is so
      excited and can hardly wait for things to go down this afternoon (at 3:00 according
      to jack)

  5. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    TT tells JJ and Holly that the reason why he wants to talk to CC is because day 44 was the day everything flipped. JJ says that she is making it personal and dragged Holly into it too. He says that CC has said she wishes she had a ride or die like Nick/Bella and that Holly is supporting him so why can’t CC support that. TT tries to throw in a comment about some deal. JJ cuts him off. TT is trying his best to play innocent. *Even Orwell could see through his sh*t*

    Holly asks TT where is all of this coming from. TT says he doesn’t know, maybe paranoia. *Yeah, yours* JJ says the thing about this game is that he could talk to TT and Holly and everyone will go from person to person and add details. Holly is trying to play innocent too. She says she literally has done nothing. JJ says that if he’s a sinking ship he doesn’t want Holly to go down with him. JJ says he has nothing to lose. TT says it’s a sh*tty f*cking week. Holly says the house already feels empty.

    TT tells them that if he wins HOH he’s not putting either of them up. JJ says the same for him. JJ says he is now definitely playing his own game and making his own decisions. He says he has no best friends, no friends, no one in the game except Holly.


  6. Kari

    Just wavin’.. . Got to catch up with stuff but it’s pretty damn funny that Jack thinks he can blackmail Kat. Alrighty then..

  7. NKogNeeTow



    AD and CC talking about telling Kat she was a mole and how he should tell her that she was just as much a part of the team as any of them. AD says that she might not grasp it at first and might run to JJ and Holly. CC says to tell Kat that he needs to save his game and this is his only chance. He says he’s going to tell her that even though she was a mole he never wanted her to be 7th or 8th.

    WoA says that TT, JJ and Holly are in the boat room. CC says she wants to know what they are talking about. AD says he’s just trying to smooth things over. AD and CC continue to go over what they are going to TRY to scare Kat with. CC says he shouldn’t be too aggressive with her. AD agrees because he doesn’t want to spook her to run to JJ/Holly. He says once he’s talked to Kat, he is going to tell her that he’s leaving it in her hands to give her a chance to think.

    Rocketman comes in and WoA tries to scare him but he sees her first. AD asks him how it went with JJ. TT says he was just reassuring them and everything is fine. CC tells TT that they aren’t coming after him but after her. Then she asks if they said they were coming after her. He says he didn’t want to get into that. AD tells TT to make sure nothing gets back to JJ/Holly/Jess because he doesn’t want to shoot and have no bullets. AD repeats to TT what he’s going to tell Kat. *This is getting tedious* TT adds a few things to the already too long threat. *Sorry Jack, the only thing that’s going to save you now is Jesus*


  8. amareels

    I think what I don’t like about The group of 6 is the arrogance in thinking that they can manipulate the house in their favor.

  9. danmtruth

    So what jack is going to tell her is he does not want to have to tell jess she knew about the nicole vote flip and did not tell Jess This is so confusing Jack also believes he has nicole He thinks he has convinced Jess that he is an honest player and was sorry that he did not include jess but from not 9n will He feels confident in flipping this and staying He is saying he will wait till the last minute Yeh that worked well last week

    • mm22

      I could be wrong but kat already told the outsiders she was floating but now
      she’s picking their side-I don’t think they know kat was running back
      telling the six shitters everything they said. the vote flip thing I’m
      still confused about myself but supposedly jess doesn’t know kat tried
      to flip votes against Nicole?

  10. NKogNeeTow



    AD tells CC, TT, and WoA that if they can pull this off it’s f*cking huge. *R-O-F-L!* CC says JJ hasn’t campaigned to a single soul. AD says he is going to wait until the end of the day to start. *These 4 remind me of the Marx Brothers* AD asks if anyone has talked to HOH Jess at all. CC says not today. TT says he’s been planting seeds. CC says on one has come to her. AD asks her not even Kat? She says no because they all want her out. AD says next week he’s going to turn that f*cking house inside out. *That’s just why your azz is going home this week*

    WoA asks AD if he’s still going to talk to Cliff. He says he has to because he has to close that circle. TT suddenly tells him he looks handsome. *Nope, not gonna say it* WoA says he always looks handsome. AD says that at some point if his talk with Kat goes south, he’s going to tell Kat that he’s going to talk to Jess right then and there and tell her that he’ll race her there if he has to. *What is he. 12?*


    Nicole, Nick, and HOH Jess are talking. HOH Jess is telling them she is not going to go up against the will of God. *I don’t even want to know*


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  12. danmtruth

    Tommy wants Jack to use a light touch The others want more of an ultimatum and gentily threaten her , , , WHAT

  13. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Kat is now talking with JJ//Holly. JJ says that Jess has been on the outside and CC is the popular girl.


    CC is telling them this is a scary game. She says she hasn’t been smiling lately. AD says neither has he. He says when the vote comes out next week it’s going to be a whole new ballgame and there is going to be blood in the water. CC says if she wins HOH she’s putting up JJ and Holly. AD looks at her and says “Micky will be gone.” RRR-OOO-FFF-LLL*

    Boat Room:

    JJ says he’s never hated words more than “manifest, gr8tful, and destiny”.


    AD says there is no way JJ come out on top. CC says because good always wins. *Then let’s look around for the good* AD is still talking about when he should talk to Jess. He now says he should talk to her before talking to Kat. He says he’s going to tell Kat that he has 3 witnesses. CC says she’s bringing the Bible so everyone can swear on it. *Okay, that’s it! I’m officially done with her ass!*

    AD says he’s got to give Nicole a couple of weeks leeway and Cliff too but Cliff’s has to be BIG. *He’s talking about giving them some kind of deal that he won’t be there to keep…lol*


  14. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Kat is telling Holly that HOH Jess wants to go after Nick. *Oh snap! Looks like Neurotic Nick isn’t fooling anyone after all* Holly is asking Kat that if she (H) or JJ win HOH, who will they have to target. Kat says Nick. Kat says she knows Jess wants to keep her around to take a shot at JJ. Holly wants to backdoor CC. Kat says to just wait and see what happens. Holly says she’s just trying to think ahead. Kat says she wonders if she could use JJ as a pawn and tell CC the same thing. *That won’t work because CC is as bad as Jess. Whenever they think they are going to be put OTB they both freak out.*

    Holly tells Kat that she told TT that it really hurt her when CC was talking sh*t about her. She says that TT told her that there was a rumor that she (H) was in the HOH making alliances. She asked him who said that. He said he didn’t know. Kat says TT told her that yesterday. She says she would be thrilled if TT went home. She says that everyone is expecting her to go after JJ. Holly tries to decide who she would put up but either way, she wants CC gone. She says she’s just worried that whoever she puts up might win Veto. Kat says that CC has gotten really out of shape. *Meow*


  15. danmtruth

    During the bathroom conversation earlier that when giving an either or optio always give the undesirable option first later in the target room this becames Jack point If i give an A-B option the A will be the worse He is soooo smart

  16. amareels

    I think JJ has put on at least 10 lbs. ( that’s my meow)

    This whole plan in trying to blackmail Kat is stupid. I can hardly wait to watch this fiasco tomorrow.

  17. NKogNeeTow



    JJ shows AD something he hocked up. He says it looks like a rainbow and says he thinks it’s cool. *Now I’m gagging* TT comes in and give a report as to where everybody is sleeping. Holly and JJ are sitting at the counter snacking. TT fixes himself a drink of water while the camera zooms in on his helmet.


    AD is telling WoS that if Holly and JJ are making up then Holly and Kat are making out. He says WTF are they doing? WoA laughs. WoA asks him how he feels about CC. He says he feels that she has nobody else and that Jess ain’t buying her sh*t. Rocketman comes in and AD asks him if he can gossip for a second. He tells TT that he walked into the kitchen and Holly/JJ/Kat were hanging out. He says JJ/Holly was laying in bed and Kat came in an laid with them. He says that’s alright because he’s going to send the old boy home (JJ). *Good luck with that*

    AD wonders that if they don’t blow the game up is there a way that Jess will come to his side. He says that if he can get Nicole he can get Jess. He says JJ doesn’t talk to Nicole. AD starts to get more and more complicated and TT tells him that he’s not following. WoA says she’s not either. *Well, duh*


  18. danmtruth

    Ok NK they are bedding down
    For CC ,TT ,JACK and Sus just because

  19. danmtruth

    Jack is talking about going up to jess now He is now talking about if Kat does not take his deal he does not understand why she wont -maybe because she is not on Acid – so now what deal to make with cliff 3 weeks if safety but he needs to give them 3 weeks also , ,WTF

  20. NKogNeeTow



    TT asks AD if he wants Cliff to hear the deal first or wait till the end to tell him last. AD wants to know if he speaks for them (TT/WoA) with his deal to offer Cliff 3-4 weeks of safety. They say yes. TT says but whatever they offer him he has to offer them the same. TT tells them that he really doesn’t want Holly or Nicole to be his targets. He asks WoA what she thinks. *Air has no opinion. Air can’t think.*

    AD is going over again what he’ll say to Cliff. *Hell, they have a better chance of offering me safety..lol* TT says what they tell Jess might not be that much of an intel. AD says Jess already knows he was a mole. TT tells AD what he should tell Kat again. *I’m so tired of the same conversation I wish they would all just go to sleep.*


  21. amareels

    This campaign about saying “I always wanted you to be 7 or 8”. Who is AD talking about, HOH Jess or Kat. I’m confused with that.

  22. NKogNeeTow



    TT is telling them about his talk with Nick(?). TT says that what all of their arguements should be was that they weren’t playing for the alliance, they were playing for the house. He says to say like Bella went home because they were playing for the house. AD says big day tomorrow. WoA tells him he’s got this. TT says that if they get out of this and it works it will be the best thing ever. TT tells AD that he knows that AD is a person of integrity by the way he gave his speech. AD says they will touch on it tomorrow and he needs to sleep or he will forget the entire thing by tomorrow. TT tells AD that he knows he’s a good person. AD tells TT that he (TT) just words things better than he does. AD says what a day. He says when he woke up this morning he thought he was going home. *Stop thinking, it’s happening Buttercup*

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Hope I didn’t bore you sleepy heads too much. Apologies if I did 😉

    Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    Dan, Ama, Kari…Toodles!

  23. danmtruth

    On top of things as usual NK night Kemosabe

  24. NKogNeeTow

    I was wondering why Steve always started the Overnight after I’ve already started my Report on a previous thread. It just dawned on me tonight why. I thought we were in the same time zone but he must be an hour behind. I start my report at exactly midnight when the show starts. He starts a new thread at 1 am my time but is probably midnight his time. I now feel like a FOUTTE 🙁 LOL

  25. g8trgirl

    They think their plan is going to be one of the biggest upsets on BB history? These people are half a circle short of a froot loop!

  26. Avatar

    Just read the BBAD recap and if I didn’t have that migraine I would have changed the channel from the Jack losing his sanity show

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  28. Patricia

    Hey everyone i just want to say. Rotflmbo. I love all ur comments. Thanks for the laughs. N omg g8trgirl. Loveds it bout spit my coffee out. These hg r complete morons. N i want to know why jacks family r not supporting him. Course i wouldnt either but strange his letter from a coworker who he barley knows.

  29. Cat Lady

    Jack, Christie, Tommy, Sis and now Nick..drive me crazy .. I sure hope the other side don’t buy the shit they’re fishing out..

  30. Nancy

    Just turned on BBAD..AD and nicole in hammock~~odd, but nicole said she realized during their gratitude circle, that they were a CLASSY group..uh..wha..CLASSY??..poor nicole, naivety at its finest.
    Thank you NK…the way you and Dan narrate and comment on bbad is fabulous..and y’all night owls with them can be funny as hell..love it

  31. Betty Boo

    Nick is definitely voting Jack out. So he can have Sis to himself. I would hate to be locked up in a house with him…..

    • danmtruth

      Very true Bety Boo Nick thinks with the little head first always Latter in the backyard he brush out Sis hair She loooved how silky it felt after Jack said he could nevef get his hair like that because it has so many tangles and knots No worry Nick said Dude i can do it Want me to brush you out Oh dude it will be great I so can totaly do it Really he is such a lap dog

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