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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Recap

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Good morning, yesterday was another backyard day for the hg’s. I didn’t have an image of them in a dumpster fire so trash was as close as I could get to expressing my thoughts on the past couple days of BB. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still here for it because I love BB and I’ll find something, always, to hold my interest.  Some seasons are just harder than others and this happens to be one of them.  If I can’t recap clever gameplay, I’d at least like to have some funny conversations feom them to talk about.  I’m just a little frustrated and maybe a bit tired from all the packing. My house looks like it probably would look if I’d hid all the groceries and Jackson came over looking for something to eat. (kind of like hide the veto aftermath)  Let’s just dive into yesterday and see where this goes:

Beth=Holly (This is my only announcement since I’ve done away with the sexcapades alert. What’s the point? I can’t go an hour without someone having sex, talking about sex or telling everyone about their sex dream. This entire season is a sexapades alert so consider yourself alerted)


We’re one day closer to Sam going home to his family. Sorry if you’re hoping for a last minute save because there isn’t one coming. (I don’t peel band aids off slowly either) I like Sam but I’m fine with him going home too. I don’t think he was going to change the game. He’s too easily influenced and like Nick, he wants to be one of the cool kids more than he’s willing to face the truth. He wasn’t trying to go against the 6 even after Bella told him about the 8 they made without him. He spent his time trying to figure out how to get in with them instead and calling everyone else bottom feeders. He’s seeing things more clearly now but it’s too late.

I sort of wanted Kat to leave this week because if you can’t get the 6, at least take away a number from them. She’s always been a vote for the 6 and also the mole. She’s finally using her skills for good (part of the time) because she’s contributed a lot to Holly and Jackson opening their eyes about Christie and Sis.. Kat lights the match and walks away. (Ok, nevermind, it isn’t too bad Kat won’t be leaving)

Christie and Tommy finished the poison ivy punishment and had their first showers in 4 days. Since they could finally go outside, everyone else went too. More people stayed inside the day before since the two of them couldn’t go out. (Christie can even cause people to stay in the house just to be with her, weird) Sis pulled on the outdoor shower and the showerhead came off on her head. She yelled “send it” right as it happened too which made it funnier since that’s the new catch phrase for the house. (Sis finds a way to get banged by something in every shower she takes)


Kat told everyone she hoped it didn’t put a target on her but she wanted to tell them about Julie telling her she loved her last Thursday. Beth repeatedly asked her what she’d said for it to happen. Kat said she made a Brett joke because she couldn’t admit she tried to vote for Jackson.

They’ve been making up Zings recently and most of them are pretty lame. Christie thinks hers will be about her mood swings but Jack said it would be about her chewing. (I guess they’ve noticed too)  Nick had one for Jackson. Nick said “Jackson, Monkey See, Monkey Do, your BB body count is up to two.” (That was actually a good one)

Beth and Kat tanned and Kat said she missed Marty and wondered if he still liked her. (This is her boyfriend or her ex when she left for the BB house.  There’s been some questions about it because of some texts and things that were shared on social media) They were having a coded conversation and the feeds cut away from them once so it was hard to follow. Kat was mad over the comments Nick made with his Zing. She said she thought the comment was low and f*cked up and Beth agreed. She said she laughed but she didn’t like it. She said “how do people know and why are they talking about it?” (They’ve always thought we didn’t know about Kat and Jackson hooking up since it happened before feeds were on so maybe Kat didn’t know the hgs knew either)  Beth said something about it being preplanned so the joke would be on them. She also said it would be up to them what was known or something.  (They obviously arn’t aware that Jackson’s talked about it to people in the house. The rest of the coded convo was as if they were trying to control a story in advance. Beth didn’t say this but I felt like she was saying for the benefit of the feeds ‘you may think you saw or heard something but it isn’t what you think’ in case Kat and Jacksons hook up is out in the world. I could be completely off base too since it was hard to follow) Either way, Kat can’t stand Nick now and when she’s not talking about Sis, she’s talking about Nicks rude comments to her. She says he makes comments about her body and she doesn’t like it. (Nick is inappropriate at times and makes sexual remarks to people)


There was an entire group discussion about pooping and accidentally pooping your pants. I’m going to move on and not share the details other than saying a vote was taken (7-5) regarding who’s had an accident and that Jackson thinks the 5 who said no are lying. I just wanted you to know what these people can come up with to talk about but I spare you the rest in case you’re reading this with breakfast. (Shout out to the mornng coffee club!)

Later in the evening, Chritie did the smell test for her laundry and bedding. Maybe they shit their beds too?? Nothing would surprise me this season.

If you remember, Sam was mad at Christie and wanted to give a speech to blow her game up on Thursday. Cliff and Nick both told on Sam since they’re trying to gain favor with her. Christie told Sis that Sam was mad at her. Sis also told Sam that Christie knows Sam is mad at her. Sam asked Nick if he told Cristie about the speech and Nick lied and said no. Sam told him about Christie knowing Sam was mad and said Sis is told him.  Later, Nick told Christie about the whole thing so Christie knows Sis is sharing info with Sam. Make sense? Takaway: Christie is figuring out Sis has a big mouth. (Also, Sis swore on her family, her dog, her life, etc. that she wouldn’t tell when she and Sam talked game so Sam thinks Nick did it. He did but so did Sis)

Nick told Sam he thought he was making progress getting back in with the 6.  He said he knew he couldn’t take an immediate shot at them because if he did, he’d go home right after.  He wants to try and appease them so they’ll trust him again. He said he didn’t think he should even try for the hoh. Sam said “No, no, no.” Sam told him they don’t trust him, he isn’t making progress and he’s the #1 target. Nick asked if he was sure and Sam said yes.

Sam told Nick that Sis said he was the main target because Sis tells him a lot of stuff. (They’ve gotten close and talk alot of game) Sam is the person who told Sis that Christie started the flaming 5 because she was worried about Jack in the game. Later, Sis tried to tell this to Beth but said she couldn’t remember the details. She told Beth that Sam told her something bad about Christie and something about an alliance. (I thought her head was going to start smoking. She eventually got most of it out)

Nick talked Sam out of doing his eviction speech against Christie. Nick said he wouldn’t gain anything so he should go out with class. Sam lost some of the motivation anyway when he found out Christie probably knew about it. He wanted to catch her off guard. It didn’t occur to Nick, like it did Nicole, to try and get Sam to tell all his secrets NOW! It’s too late for Sam but he said he was doing it to help the rest of them anyway.

After finding out Sam was mad at her, Christie went completely overboard trying to convince him of how much she loves and cares about him. She said she wanted to hang out after the show and said she was trying not to cry but she couldn’t hold it back and accidentally cried anyway. This is Christie fake crying to Sam:

Nicole said she’d like to win the lottery so she could go around putting money in peoples mailboxes who needed it. (I want to root for Nicole but part of me wants her to get evicted so she can get away from these disgusting people, shes too nice for that environment) She and Cliff had one of their many talks and he told her how amazing she is and how much she’s capable of doing. (Kat likes to jokingly call Cliff ‘Dad’ but if Cliff was going to claim one of the hg’s as his kid, he’d choose Nicole and there wouldn’t be a close 2nd)

Nick and Cliff shared their plans and agreed if they took a shot at the 6 too soon, it would get them evicted. They don’t know how to accomplish it but both feel their only hope is to get to 8 and have the couples come to them for numbers. They think couples might want to use them to help take out other couples. (Great plan if they didn’t have to get to 8 first) Nick said he’d have to put up Jess and Nicole probably if he won hoh so he would appear loyal to the 6. Cliff agreed and they said they’d like to go to the end together. (I hope Cliff is lying but Cliff is there for Cliff. I could be with what I just said about Nicole because after all, Cliff already has a couple of kids. I actually do think Cliff is loyal to Nicole but he isn’t going to sacrifice his game for her and he shouldn’t) Nick asked Cliff if he’d take a shot at Jack again and Cliff said maybe but he’d talk to Christie first. He would want her seal of approval and said he’d rather her feel as if it were her plan. (Cliff better be very careful with what info he shares with Nick. Nick was even throwing Bella under the bus last week to save himself so Cliff will mean nothing to him) I think Cliffs on the right track when he recognizes Christie needs to feel like she’s in charge. He thinks she’s the person he might be able to trust and work with out of the 6 and that’s where he goes way off the track.

Jack and Sis jumped out of trash cans, laundry and everything else you can think of trying to  scare each other. They have the strangest relationship. They flirt some but act like elementary school buddies the rest of the time. They meet up for shower time when he isn’t busy crying over his ex. Sis gets very jealous she hates Kat because Jack flirts with Kat. (Jack said he was going to do it on purpose and it’s worked because Kat recently told Beth that Jack was one of her favorite people)

Sis got lots of tips from Christie the night before because Sis hasn’t had her (When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan moment) and is wanting that to happen.  Yesterday, she told Christie and Tommy,  it was no big deal, she and Jack were just having sex and because he still loved his ex, she knew this ended when the show ended.  She said they were both hot and could get anyone they wanted so it wasn’t a big deal. (All those brains, beauty and shes humble too. What a catch!) Since I thankfully, don’t have any pictures of that, here’s one of Sis falling over when she tried to get out of the trash can. It was a pretty hard fall too:

This has nothin’to do with nothin’ but doesn’t it look like Jackson’s thinking about taking a bite out of his finger? He’s wondering how may calories it would be:

Jess put in a lot of game work by perfecting a slop cookie recipe. I shouldn’t make fun of her because the way things are going, Betty Crocker’s probably heading to the F3.

Beth and Jackson talked about Jack being a threat and Christie running the house. She told Jackson about Christie starting the flaming 5 so Sis must’ve taken another go at and managed to tell Beth her story. They know everyone loves Tommy and no one will want him out. She said she’s hoping to fade into the background again after this week. She’d like to work with Cliff but knowing Cliff wants to work with Jack, that makes her nervous. (Beth is definitely the BB brains of this duo) She’s still mad at Sis and Jackson keeps fueling it. He doesn’t do it for game, he just likes to see her jealous. He told her about Sis offering to hook him up with one of her friends if it didn’t work out with Beth and how much Sis flirts with him lately. Beth said “what a bitch!” She said “Sis needs to bring something to the table, maybe read a book, care about something, learn what a noun is” and so on. She thinks Sis wants attention from the guys because Jack is spending less time with her. (Probably, Sis even flirts with Sam and he’s married) This was Beths face when he was telling her about Sis:

Kat started to get block paranoia and worried about Sis wanting her out. Christie assured her it would never happen. She told Kat it was only one person wanting Sam to stay and said even Sis has told Sam she’s voting him out.

Jackson talked about being worried over how he was getting portrayed. He said he never gets angry but that’s what they’ll put on the show. (They can’t show it if they don’t have footage of it dumbass) Beth said her friends wouldn’t like some of the people for things they may be saying. Jackson said “behind our backs?” He said they didn’t have anything bad to say about him. I don’t know if he meant the hgs or Beth’s friends.

Beer and wine was delivered and that always makes dumb people smarter, right?

I don’t know if production talked to Jackson or if he’s just paranoid.  He was obsessing over people thinking he’s disrespectful to women.  He went overboard in multiple conversations with multiple people trying to establish this is false. Cliff had another day of giving people more details about feeds, bloggers and the things they cover. (There’s a story floating around on Twitter about someone in production named Spencer, giving them details on the negative coverage they’re getting) There’s nothing to back this up and we know production has talked to them before when things have gotten out of hand so that isn’t exactly a major press release.  Whoever posted it is also forgetting about Nick TELLING Jackson that Christie said he was disrespectful to women. It’s one of the things that started the Jackson vs Christie thing.  I really don’t think it’s anything more than that, mixed with the all the information Cliff’s been filling them in on lately.  There’s a lot I could talk about with Jackson, his recent behavior and the way he’s trying to work the feed viewers.  This recap is already way too long so I’m just going to save it. I don’t think this is a story that’s going away so hopefully, it will still be relevant.

Beth had another sleepover with some of the women. They trash talked Sis, Sis came up and reserved her time slot for the hoh shower and Jess found a bug they think may be a bed bug. Beth’s rash is still a mystery and they’re trying to determine if it could be bed bugs, the hot tub or something else. Kat said it was crabs more than once. Haha (They don’t know Jackson uses deoderant on his undercarriage and since Beth has sensitive skin, that’s my first guess. If it isn’t that one, I’m with Kat)


Sorry for the long one today. Maybe I’m trying to compensate because I know the next few days will be pretty lacking from me. If I just stuck to game moves and talk, these would be shorter. I begin every morning thinking I’m going to do that but the most random things pop into my head and I always go astray. (Oh shit, I could be the blogging version of a Christie/Sis combo. Scary thought)

Have a great Wednesday.







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