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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Recap

July 10, 2019 | 48 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good morning, everyone!

Mel has the morning off, so you’re stuck with me!

The season of strange gameplay continued yesterday with Bella continuing to stir up the house for reasons unbeknownst to really anyone but her. She is part of the large ‘Gr8ful’ alliance and is close with a bunch of people from the group (the guys, mostly. The girls aren’t a fan of her – more on that later). She is also close with Sam and has/had a good relationship with Jessica and Kemi. However, loose lips sink ships and Bella’s ship is sinking very fast.

Last week, she decided to tell the Jacks about the all-female alliance called the Black Widows. Why? No real strategic reason other than she can’t shut her mouth. She’ll claim some strategy behind it, but she’s full of it. She just needs to spill secrets. This was proven last night when she decided to tell Sam that basically most of the house is in an alliance – without him. I’m sure nothing feels better than to know the people you were hanging around with for the past few weeks were all plotting behind your back. If it makes Sam feel any better, they didn’t plan to get him out until 9th or 10th place though.

Naturally, Sam was quite upset over this and not just because half the house is grouped but mostly because his best friend in the house (Nick) hasn’t said a word to him about it. I think that’s the part that would bother me the most as well. I’d get that groups form dumb alliances, but ‘bromances’ or ‘showmances’ typically are tight and share everything. Bella tried to assure him that Nick really does like him and it’s not some act just to get info, but it’s just a tough pill to swallow. Stick a pin in this because that reveal could be one of the bigger shifts in momentum this season. Now that Sam really doesn’t have that loyalty, anything can happen moving forward.

To make him feel better, Bella decided to make an alliance that I’m sure she’ll hold zero loyalty to. She invited Nick, Christie, and Tommy and they call themselves the flaming five. Clever. It’s an alliance that has virtually zero staying power because Christie is in it and she’s been a flake all season as well.

I could go on about Christie, but this is more of a Bella theme today. That brings me back to the girls in the house who are not fans of her. Kat and Holly were talking for quite a bit last night and trashing most of the house. The harshest words were left for Bella whom they think if ‘disgusting’ and needs to go. Ouch. They are tired of her and cannot trust her at all. I’m sure they also speak for Analyse with their feelings about Bella, but they’re actually not big fans of her (Sis), either. They say she’s actually quite bitchy and her showmance with Jack isn’t doing her any favors.

Overall, the whispering is heating up and alliances are starting to crack. This is typically the time we’ll see some splits and some fights, so stay tuned because it could get interesting in this house!

Updates later!

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