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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Recap

Good morning, everyone!


Mel has the morning off, so you’re stuck with me!

The season of strange gameplay continued yesterday with Bella continuing to stir up the house for reasons unbeknownst to really anyone but her. She is part of the large ‘Gr8ful’ alliance and is close with a bunch of people from the group (the guys, mostly. The girls aren’t a fan of her – more on that later). She is also close with Sam and has/had a good relationship with Jessica and Kemi. However, loose lips sink ships and Bella’s ship is sinking very fast.

Last week, she decided to tell the Jacks about the all-female alliance called the Black Widows. Why? No real strategic reason other than she can’t shut her mouth. She’ll claim some strategy behind it, but she’s full of it. She just needs to spill secrets. This was proven last night when she decided to tell Sam that basically most of the house is in an alliance – without him. I’m sure nothing feels better than to know the people you were hanging around with for the past few weeks were all plotting behind your back. If it makes Sam feel any better, they didn’t plan to get him out until 9th or 10th place though.


Naturally, Sam was quite upset over this and not just because half the house is grouped but mostly because his best friend in the house (Nick) hasn’t said a word to him about it. I think that’s the part that would bother me the most as well. I’d get that groups form dumb alliances, but ‘bromances’ or ‘showmances’ typically are tight and share everything. Bella tried to assure him that Nick really does like him and it’s not some act just to get info, but it’s just a tough pill to swallow. Stick a pin in this because that reveal could be one of the bigger shifts in momentum this season. Now that Sam really doesn’t have that loyalty, anything can happen moving forward.

To make him feel better, Bella decided to make an alliance that I’m sure she’ll hold zero loyalty to. She invited Nick, Christie, and Tommy and they call themselves the flaming five. Clever. It’s an alliance that has virtually zero staying power because Christie is in it and she’s been a flake all season as well.

I could go on about Christie, but this is more of a Bella theme today. That brings me back to the girls in the house who are not fans of her. Kat and Holly were talking for quite a bit last night and trashing most of the house. The harshest words were left for Bella whom they think if ‘disgusting’ and needs to go. Ouch. They are tired of her and cannot trust her at all. I’m sure they also speak for Analyse with their feelings about Bella, but they’re actually not big fans of her (Sis), either. They say she’s actually quite bitchy and her showmance with Jack isn’t doing her any favors.

Overall, the whispering is heating up and alliances are starting to crack. This is typically the time we’ll see some splits and some fights, so stay tuned because it could get interesting in this house!


Updates later!


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  1. Katheryn

    Thanks Steve. I hope Bella’s mouth brings a lot of drama in the house.:)

  2. Nancy

    Thank you steve..I watched BBAD and I couldn’t keep up with all the talk…who was loyal to this alliance and who’s loyal to that alliance…let’s just make a new alliance….damn
    I’m beginning to think I’m to old for this. I do know Bella is a shit stirrer..and who took Orwell? I missed that.

    • amareels

      TT took Orwell and hid him in the HOH room. The H8ful group thinks he’s America’s Favorite and that he is somehow making extra money with Orwell. I know, you just can’t make this sh*t up!!!

    • davidsgirl

      Nancy, they (a small group in the HOH) decided that Cliff must have been the one who took the white knife, so Tommy quickly took Orville and hid him in the tall vase next to the bed in the HOH room, and put a blanket over him. I have to admit it was so sad and funny watching Cliff look for soooo long for Orville. Cliff thinks he took Orwell down to the bathroom when he went to the shower. But I don’t think he did because Orwell was in the HOH when they grabbed him and hid him.

  3. danmtruth

    Cliff still with his morning talk Other cameras on sleeping HG No sign of CC trying to snoop and evesdrop on him Cliff comes up with a better twist Saying Orwell missing and the white knife is part of task that the camp comeback must perform Sounds like Cliff pulled out his lint trap made mouse ( bb19 Sam would be proud ) he was able to scare a few people He was sad that JJ jumped and hurt his ankle more Gave a shout out to the past older conrsrants A special shout out to Kevin hopes he is feeling better Talki g about his home town Clear Lake NASA is a big employer Every day talks about George Straight and his song Troubadour Said he started talki g ar 8:30 before the HG woke up around 10
    For you Cliff

  4. Nancy

    Omg..the lemmings think cliff is America’s Fav…somehow making money with toting a stuffed owl around..puhleeze…thank you, amareels.

  5. hogwild

    Really hope the cork pops on some serious gameplay soon two and a half more months of this I can not handle.

  6. danmtruth

    JJ stumbles into Cliff talk on his way to the bathroom stops and listens till he could not hold off went Than came back to evesdrop Good thing Cliff was not saying anything game related Whej he came out JJ moved to the kitchen Drinking straight out of the OJ jug picks nuts out of the can
    Smzll talk between JJ & Cliff about Orwell Cliff brings up Americas player Or that its tied into the chaos power

  7. AIO_7

    I’m still holding out some hope for Hollybeth. I think she has caught on that Boxhead is a nozzle; and I don’t think she has given him so much as a kiss.

  8. kneeless

    Sam & Kemi talking in SR. Sam is telling Kemi he doesn’t necessarily want to vote with the house. He’s going to talk to people today to feel them out & hopefully flip the vote.

  9. Nancy

    I was wondering why holly and boxhead hadn’t been canoodling..perhaps she’s wising up..I don’t put a lot of faith in that tho

  10. davidsgirl

    Thanks for the update Steve.

    I was up late last night and I’m pretty sure 2 out of the flaming 5 were having sex around 4:05 am. Guesses anyone? Thank god they changed the camera feed. I’m not interested in seeing or hearing that. By the way they were in the camper and I think Kat was in the room. Ewww! So classy!

    Bella thinks she is safe because she has positioned Nick and Sam around her. But I don’t see how that matters, too many people dislike her.

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  12. Nancy

    @Davidsgirl , thanks for more details on the missing Orwell..I did see Cliff looking for him, and the hoh crew laffing..but missed the what exactly happened..its sad really, I’m more interested in the missing Orwell than the game right now..

  13. AIO_7

    ….”Orwell..I did see Cliff looking for him,”….


  14. Sassy

    Turned feeds on.

    Storage room – Sam/AD talking. Sam is trying to convince him to target Jess instead. He’s fake agreeing, saying this is not up to him, it’s up to the house. He’s ok either way, but the house has already decided so, it’s not him, it’s the house. In other words, yes I’m listening, but no your not getting your way. AD refers to his group of 9, including Sam in his numbers. Not sure if he knows that Sam knows… AD is looking annoyed, his telepathy isn’t working with Sam.

    Bathroom – Cliff/Kemi, he says he’s voting with the house, and he will keep her informed on how the house is leaning. Ovi and KK enter, they are talking about Orwell. Cliff is expecting a ransom video.

    Kitchen – oxy thieves, TT, AD, JJ, Sam, Nick, Bella, Jess, David – general chit chat. TT cooking. Jess wears her emotions all over her face, and she is not amused by any of them.

    Oxy thieves, CC – They are talking about Nick and Bella. Anal wants to talk to Nick. She says he tells her he’s going to protect her. Beth says he’s a master manipulator. Nick told Anal, there are people who want to take shots at J Bros but the oxy thieves would be easier. CC says it’s normal to have final 3 and 4. It’s normal to try to figure out who is aligned with who. AD walks in, convo pauses, they continue. Beth says the oxy thieves have targets on their backs. Nick wants Nicole to go after one of them. AD telling them Sam wants to change vote, oxy thieves say no way, CC says she doesn’t care. Beth has walked in on Sam and Kemi talking, they think Jess is a floater and they feel good about her. They think Jess is a number for them. Beth is afraid the are trying to build an Army. They say Nicole is frustrated because Nick is trying to strong arm her. AD retells Sam story with a slight twist. Beth says this eviction will draw the lines and they will know where people stand. More talk on how Nick strong arms people and it’s not going to go well for him. Thankfully, they are the nice group 🙂

    They pat themselves on the back on how great their 6 are. Beth makes fun of KK because she trusts Beth and JJ. CC loves to hear her own voice. She doesn’t have a problem with people being friends but she would find it alarming if they were lying to her. There should be buzzers going off, because everyone is lying already. Anal wants to cause drama. AD thinks Bella/Nick are smart, and manipulating. They think people aren’t going to talk.. CC thinks They aren’t taking this game serious. CC doesn’t like people talking outside their alliance. They want Kat to win HOH, because she will put up Nick/Bella. They are smart enough to know you have to put up pairs together. They want to throw HOH to KK.

  15. LO1004

    Lots of game talk and tempers flaring. This is why I love when they’re locked inside, they are forced to give us the goods.

    • ElaineB

      I agree. Not being able to go outside, plays havoc with some folks. Hey Lo, we had a HN convo a few threads back. I am ready…..bring on the HNs! If for nothing else to put Jack, Michie, and Christie on slop.

    • ElaineB

      For all the talk Christie gives about being about women (and the sobbing she did about Kemi during her HOH), she sure is giving up a lot of her control (and mind) to Jack. Some comment about if Jack would be okay with her voting her mind (wth)…she would be fine with keeping Kemi. I have a new name for her given the nickname CC….Condescending Christie. She acts as if the BB house is HER mountain retreat, and the other HGs are the lucky recipients of her gracious invitation to come stay for the summer. Ick.

  16. AIO_7

    Talking about blindsiding Nick … “Gr8ful is dead, Six Shooters is real” …


  17. Sassy

    AD thinks they pretty much have Nicole. CC leaves. Beth and AD trying to talk Anal out of confronting him. They want her to continue to cuddle up to him and get information (sex and flirtation is above the norm this year). AD is concerned that Sam is trying to revolt and start shit. They say g8ful is dead, 6shooters is alive. AD is concerned about next HOH.

    They don’t think anyone will touch the 6 before the camp comeback is complete.

    Nicole/Bella/TT/Cliff playing back gammon. AD joins them. .

    Oxy thieves – Beth thinks she’s the real target! Anal says Nick is a “pussy”. Anal REALLY wants HOH so she can backdoor Nick or Bella. They discuss who has power. JJ comes in, talk stops. JJ singing (no warning). They retell previous convo, Nick is a bully, blah, blah, blah. Ovi comes in. JJ jumps in on how nasty Nick is. NN = Nasty Nick. NN walks in. He asks about a Cliff Cam talking, JJ blows him off. JJ asks him about His talk with Nicole. He says she doesn’t really talk game, and is indecisive. JJ thinks she is gunning for him. They are trying to get NN to trip up. Nick says he’s voting Kemi out but he would prefer Kemi. He thinks Jess is worse for him then Kemi.

    NN says One if J Bros has power, JJ is annoyed and says he doesn’t have it. NN think Ivi has 1St power, but JJ is trying hard to convince them otherwise. NN has this pegged perfectly down to using it as leverage, but it’s just a thought and he doesn’t have proof. Again, they talk about the “other side” trying to rally votes.

  18. AIO_7

    Crazy Eyed Christy playing double agent, as usual …


  19. Sassy

    Target room. CC and Sam talking about girls getting jealous. CC is trying to avoid Jack and only talk to him when she catches him alone because she doesn’t want to get involved in personal things (meaning Jack and Anal). They talk super fast! CC is worried Oxy thieves are going to stab her in the back. CC walks out.

    Camper. CC and Kemi talking about clothes.

    Cc walks back in target room. She tells Sam, she won’t campaign for Kemi but if she hears the house is flipping, she’s fine with it either way. They both walk out.

    Kitchen – David and Jess, casual talk.

    Cc/Kemi – CC says AD told her she reminds him of his Ex (the one he had a dream about last night). She doesn’t want him talking about it because she knows it makes Anal jealous. CC walks out, Jess walks in. Awkward general chit chat.

  20. AIO_7

    Crazy Eyed Christy can’t dutifully report back to Jackclown because Nick is still in the room …


  21. Sassy

    Kemi has to wear a bra because her nipples are constantly hard, just in case anyone wanted to know. Jess says her husband wouldn’t let her bring her wedding ring. TT comes in. TT talks about his checker game with Bella. TT helps Jess pick out what to wear.

    HOH – looks like they are popping a boil/cyst on Nicks back. They are squeezing out the gunk, Anal says it stinks. They are trying to get the sac out. They tell him he needs to get it checked. They are all watching and have their faces close. If you’ve ever popped one of these, they go EVERYWHERE. I would not put my face close. AD is playing Doc. He’s sticking tweezers in to try to pull out what’s left. It’s gross, camera is getting in close, I’m looking down listening, not watching. I guess it just exploded. Someone said it got on their head… The puss is still flowing and they are all gasping and squealing! No one wants to go get more alcohol wipes because they all want to watch. They are passing the cyst around gawking at it. Gross!

  22. Nancy

    Two shows in one..Dr pimple popper and bb

  23. ElaineB

    Channeling AIO “New Thread, Y’all”

  24. AIO_7

    Don’t fall for it, David.


  25. Sassy

    Everyone should be VERY afraid! Nicole, Cliff, Ovi are strategizing! Cliff thinks TT and CC are really close. Nicole thinks, they should tell KK 5 min before vote, the house flipped and see if they can get her to vote with them. They don’t want to talk to her this early because they don’t want her talking to JJ. Ovi tells Nicole to be careful because they are setting her up to be the fall guy. Nicole is aware of what is going on. Cliff says no one brings up Nicole’s name to him. They really want to keep Kemi, they think Jess would go to that side. Nicole and Ovi talk about David spiraling (sad). They say he was screaming last night, he had a melt down. Cliff says at least he knows they can poke him to get him to react off needed.

    Nicole talks about how Nick comes at her. She says he was kind of flirting with her, and she’s not giving in to that. They talk about NN/Bella relationship. Cliff is reciting how he will approach the others about flipping to keep Kemi. They want to verify NN/Bella will vote to keep her. Cliff leaves. Ovi says they can get CC and TT on their side. He knows these people do well, I feel bad for him.

    2 cams are on cliff in the bathroom by himself gargling. Other 2 cams on Nicole/Ovi still talking strategy. Same stuff over and over.

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