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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Recap

August 1, 2019 | 67 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning BB Junkies! It’s packing day #1 so wish me luck. Steve went over some of what I have in the recap already.  Usually when that happens, I try to do a shorter version of those things but I started typing some of this last night because I was worried about time this  morning.  I don’t want to read through it and edit it so there will be a little overkill of info today. (Why did these people finally decide to play BB when I have to pack?)

Sam campaigned to Jackson and told everything he was saving for the eviction speech. (much smarter) He told him about Christie saying she wanted to go after Jack and Jackson. He told him about Cliffs hoh week when Christie said she didn’t care if one of the Jacks went home and her plan to say they were bullying her (trying to get her to use her power) Sam said once Jackson won the veto, she flipped it and tried to say Sam and Nick were bullying her. He let him know he’d told all this to Sis already but made her promise not to say anything.  He told him about Christie trying to start an alliance and work with the other side of the house.

While Sam was trying to campaign, Tommy interrupted them and asked if campaigning could wait because they needed to have their dance practice. (Yep, that’s where we are with the season, flippin’ dance practice beats campaigning!)

Dance practice, Beth is probably Tommys best pupil:


Kat also took meetings to give people her pitch to stay and passed out campaign cookies. (She’s a mean girl but she’s a funny mean girl)

Beth and Jackson discussed who they should keep this week after Sam’s new info. Beth said Kat had to stay and was loyal to them. Jackson asked if Kat would go after Christie and Beth admitted she didn’t know. Beth is worried about keeping Sam because he’s in Sis’ corner. Jackson asked how may people Christie had in her corner. (Good point) She regrets not putting up Nicole but still thinks Christie will blow up her own game and wants to keep Kat. Jackson agreed to do what she wants. She really wishes she’d put Nicole otb so they could keep Sam. Jackson got a little loud with her and said he tried to tell her to do it. She said he should’ve tried harder. Beth also told him about Sis trying to tell her this stuff about Sam but Sis couldn’t remember what it was she was trying to say. (I covered this yesterday) Jackson believes Sam even more with Beth saying Sis knew because it backs up what Sam said. Beth thought Sam should tell Jack this stuff.

Jackson told Jack everything Sam said. Jack said he could believe it about Christie but he’s sure Tommy is loyal. Jack said “that bitch don’t scare me” and Jackson said she didn’t scare him either. Jack asked about Sis and Jackson said she wasnt involved.  He said Sis tried to tell Beth about it but couldn’t remember the details. Jack does realize Sis knew all this and didn’t tell him tho. Jackson said it all made sense and Christie was trying to “kill the witnesses before they could talk.”  (Expect this to be his phrase of the day) Jackson is a little worried about Tommy because he’s so close to Christie but Jack is sure Tommy is solid. Jack said with this info, they knew who to take out first, out of the 6. (Jack is disappointed with Christie, doesn’t respect Sis’ game enough to worry about her not saying anything, fully trusts Tommy and really doesn’t like Jackson very much on a personal level-that’s my take on him anyway)

Beth, Jackson and Jack talked about the Christie Crisis and Beth said Christie has said Jack’s name to her too. She also said Kat confided in her that Christie tried to start an alliance with Cliff, Jess, Nicole and Kat. Jack asked if this involved Tommy and Beth didn’t think so but said she’d try to get more info out of Kat. Jackson said Cliff confirmed Christie was wanting to take a shot at them too and said that’s 3 out of 4 people who don’t have a reason to make it up. (Well, they do have a reason but they happen to be telling the truth) Jackson said if he wins hoh, he wants to backdoor Christie. (I think this could get Cliff in trouble once the stuff with Christie is sorted out)

Christie and Tommy were having their own conversation around this time. They think there’s alot more to Sis and said maybe she’s a Disney star or something. (With that mouth?) They said they’re fine with letting Cliff, Jess or Nicole win hoh. Christie wants to win the double and said she knows Jackson will try to get her out.  They talked about Kat, Beth and Jackson all knowing each other. (They found out Jackson followed Beth on Instagram before the show.  I didn’t hear and don’t know if they were guessing about Kat and Beth or if they were remembering what Beth said to them a couple of weeks ago.  When Beth was trying to convince the 6 they could trust Kat, she told them they ran in the same circles, had some of the same friends and kind of knew each other so they could trust her.  No one ever brought it up after that, which I thought was kind of weird) Tommy said “what if we sent home Kat just to f*ck with Holly and Jackson?”

Cliff, Beth and Jackson met up to promise loyalties, said how they’ll trying for hoh, discuss together what to do, blah, blah, blah. Beth said she was rethinking things this week and was worried about Christie. (Will Cliff tell Christie?) When Cliff left, he said he was going to go find Kat and tell her Sam was passing out chocolate chip cookies to get her to lose her mind. Haha

Nicole continued trying to get Jess to wake up. Nicole said some people haven’t had to feel uncomfortable in the game so far. Jess said that Christie had and reminded her of Christie’s breakdown recently. (Idiot!)  Jess said it would only be a matter of time before the large group turned on each other. Nicole told her they may not be there when it happened.  Well, Nicole is making a little progress because usually, Jess denies there’s a group working together at all.

Sam repeated his info to Jack.

Jack told Sis it was good to have the info but they shouldn’t act on it yet. He said if they did, it would be like Fessy getting rid of Scottie. (No, it’s nothing like that at all) Jacks only reference for the game is BB20.  I think it’s also part of the reason he wants to keep this alliance together.  He’s made comments about wanting to have a level 6 type alliance and stay true to the end.   When he discussed it with Jackson, Jackson reminded him they didn’t stay together and said Rachel and Winston left early.

Jack, as expected, told Tommy what was going on after talking to Sis about it. Tommy said he knew nothing about nothing and Jack kept repeating that he knew he didn’t and believed him.

Tommy spoke to Sam and Sam told everything to Tommy.  He did some damage control with Sam and tried to make it seem as if the entire group had gone after Sam, not just Christie. Tommy asked why he was using this particular info to campaign and Sam told him he was just telling the truth, he wasn’t using it to campaign. Tommy told him about thinking Kat, Beth and Jackson know each other.  Sam said that was plenty of reason to keep Sam in the game. Sam goes on to name everyone who is trying to keep him if they have the votes. (Sam is soooo bad at this game) Tommy said he agreed and went through the motions of counting votes to see if it was possible. (Tommy’s wanted Sam out for a long time so none of this was sincere)

Jackson asked Jack if he told Tommy and Jack said no. After more talking, Jack said he told him some of it but said he needed to see what Tommy did with the info. He said if Tommy told Christie, they would know they couldn’t trust Tommy. Jackson was pissed and reminded Jack how he promised Sam he wouldn’t let Christie find out before Sam left the house.  Sam said he wanted to have a nice final day in the house and didn’t want a confrontation with her. Jack said they could get rid of Christie and keep the alliance intact.

Meanwhile, Beth and Kat are discussing how they can’t let Tommy know what’s going on so Christie doesn’t find out. Kat asked if she thought Jack or Sis would tell and Beth said “yes because they’re both stupid.” Kat asked about the votes and Beth assured her Sam is still going home and his info is just blowing up Christie’s game, not saving Sam. Kat’s decided they need to work with Nicole and Sis is the one who needs to go. (Yes, even with this much real game happening, Sis flirting with Jackson is still a priority)

Tommy told Christie Sam is trying to blow her game up but not everything that’s been going on. (He knows she’ll go off and I’m guessing he thinks he can handle it better) Christie starts to spiral even without all the info. She said Sam doesn’t deserve to play the game for shit talking her, she’s so honest, she’s so loyal, she doesn’t deserve any of this and so on.

Christie cries and says she misses her friends and people she knows in her life. (It doesn’t occur to her she’s the only one in the house with a Tommy) This continues with whoever talks to her. She whines to Nick, Jess and anyone else who will listen.

Sam asked Cliff and Nick again if either of them told Christie he was going to try to blow up her game with his eviction speech and they both denied it again. (They both did it and so did Sis)  Sam just doesn’t understand how irrelevant this is with everything else going on in the house. He told them Jackson is trying to keep him but Beth is blocking it.

Jack comforts Christie and says he loves her.

Tommy and Jackson finally talked and Tommy expressed his loyalty and innocence.  Jackson said Sam shared a lot with him and Tommy wanted to know more. Jackson just said “a lot” and wouldn’t tell Tommy everything. Tommy said he didn’t like not being in the loop. When Tommy said something about Jackson telling Jack, Jackson said “I didn’t tell Jack, Sam did” and Tommy said “that’s not what I heard.” Tommy questioned Sams motivation and said  he thought the truth was somewhere in the middle.  Jackson said he doesn’t think Sam and Nick were master manipulators and thinks someone was pushing that idea to the group. Tommy said he still believes they were definitely playing both sides.  I have to give it to Tommy, he’s putting in a lot of work trying to do damage control.  Jackson said he’s voting Sam out because it’s what Beth wants but he told him, if Nicole or someone else was on the block, it would be a whole different story.  Tommy thinks they should talk to Christie so it doesn’t end up looking like they’re lying. Jackson wonders why they would look like they were lying over Christie’s lies. (He has Tommy there) Jackson is done with Christie and has a pretty good idea that Tommy isn’t innocent.

Later, Jackson told Beth he’s on to Tommy trying to protect Christie. He trusts Jack and Beth only. (Probably Kat too)

Jack, Tommy and Sis said maybe they should take Kat out to take a number away from Jackson. Jack said he doesn’t believe Sam and he thinks Cliff may be coming after them. (told you this was going to bite Cliff) They start making plans to go after Cliff in the double and saying they are still loyal to each other.

Kat asked Jess why the other side got to decide they were the ones in charge. She said they had won more comps with Cliffs wins. She said she doesn’t get the hierarchy in the house. (Kat has a large role in the other side being in charge)

Finally! We have some movement in the house.  Too many people are trusting the wrong people so even if we don’t like most of them, it may at least, get interesting.

I’ll save some other things I had that I don’t have time for today. It’s just trivial stuff and not about the game specifically. Since there was a lot happening yesterday, they weren’t a priority this morning. I’ve already told Steve that I can’t do a recap on Saturday morning but if I have time tonight or tomorrow, I can toss those things together and maybe he can post it instead of the recap. Sorry for the typos in advance, no time left…

Have a great eviction Thursday!


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