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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Recap for 9/11/19

September 12, 2019 | 322 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning BB Junkies! It’s another eviction day and we should be in for a good time this evening no matter who leaves. Except for Nicole having a plan to get rid of Beth, we’ve had to wait all week for some gaming and we got it last night. As of right now, we still don’t know who will be leaving this evening. Cliff and Nicole  finally agreed on Tommy staying at one point but they’re uncertain again. Jackson gave them some information and it has them questioning which move is best for them again.

I have some things to mention before I get to the actual recap and the first one is thanking you again for your donations. I really appreciate it very much.

I’ve also been meaning to post something discussing jury voting but haven’t found time to fit it in the recap. (I suppose I could’ve done it instead of posting all those egg hunt pics but sometimes you make a call and just have to stand by it) Back when I only wrote the occasional editorial piece for Steve, I could really dive into a topic. I can’t do that while doing daily recaps because it would take all day to read so now, I just try to touch on a topic a little when I can  fit it in or if it was a really slow day.

Each time a juror is evicted, they answer questions sent in by fans which get posted online. Yesterday, I saw Jessicas and was almost speechless. Since I was already thinking about this jury, I figured I’d bring it up today. I didn’t think Jess could be a worse player than she was in the house but I was wrong. It seems, she still doesn’t understand what’s happened during the game. Jury is when they get to sort everything out and find out the truth. The facts come out even if they sometimes put their own spin on them.

Jessica was asked her biggest regret in the game. She said her biggest regret was not evicting Nicole sooner because she believed Nicole was a mole. For the record, Nicole was a mole once….but it was FOR Jessica, not against her. Jessica’s BF Kat was the true mole and the person who gave up info on the Cliffs Angels  alliance. Jessicas one game move was getting Jack out but guess what? She said if he’d communicated more with her his last week, evicting him would also be a regret.  Deep down, Jessica always wanted to be with the ‘cool kids’ and now she’s finally where she wants to be. We already knew she blamed the messenger when Nicole gave her information about the alliance Jess was left out of but I think Jessica’s issues with Nicole goes beyond that. I think Jessica resented Nicole when she found out Nicole was being included in an alliance with the cool kids and she was being left out.  Jess probably isn’t the best example as to how a jury votes because I have no idea what game she was playing or what game she’s finding out about now.

I’m also not getting into the fairness or unfairness of Tommys advantage until I see if he makes the F3.  Because we talk to each other so much about how we think so and so will vote, let’s look at it as a whole. First, we debate game moves all the time but predicting a jury vote is, in my opinion, the hardest thing for us to guess.  It doesn’t stop us from doing it and it gives us something to talk about when we get near the end.  Often, we look at this move or that move and assume the jury will see it the way we do. We aren’t the people getting burned in these moves so we have no idea what they’re going to respect.  In recent years, not only have juries became more bitter, they’ve became less apologetic about it. Like it or not, we’re not in the Dan or Dr. Will era anymore. Lying and deceiving arn’t respected anymore. Now, it’s more about keeping your word and how many comps someone won. When we’re predicting votes, we need to keep in mind, we’re looking at it through a lens of knowledge. Not only are we less emotional about it, we also saw everything someone accomplished to get to the end.  They don’t always have that information, even when they open up in jury.

We also need to remember, jurors vote for their friends. They’ll come out of the house and say that had nothing to do with it but it simply isn’t true. How many viewers get a favorite, want them to win and convince themselves that person played the best game, even if they didn’t? Isn’t that the same thing as what the jury often does, wanting someone you really like to win the game?  Most jurors have later admitted they came to finale whith their minds made up too. The speeches and questions can (once in a while) lose someones vote, but it rarely earns someones vote.  BB16 Derrick said the jury “remembers how you made them feel” more than anything else. I don’t know if that’s true, and probably not in all cases, but he did win the game so I’m going to assume he knows what he’s talking about. As we get to the end, that might be something to focus on if you’re trying to predict the jury. How did this player make that player feel when they left the game. One final thought about the jury, don’t  buy into the taped jury segments. They’re misleading on purpose because the show wants the suspense. It’s edited in a way that makes it impossible to know what they’re really thinking.

Now, moving on to the recap for yesterday:


I’m not going to go conversation by conversation because there was so much repeating yesterday. Both Tommy and Beth campaigned and even though Beth spoke with Cliff and Nicole separately, she said the same things to both of them. I’ll just give you the highlights of her amazing campaign strategy.


  • They began the day by getting up early so the could have a remembrance for 9/11 and share their thoughts and stories.
  • Tommy told Cliff and Nicole all about how he knows Christie. (They knew it was coming) He did it the same way he did with Jackson and Beth and made it sound like it was a disadvantage. The feeds cut during a lot of it because they also talked about the person who sent the info over the wall. (Nicole and Cliff don’t think the votes are as locked as Jackson and Beth are trying to say they are)
  • I have to say, I like the scruffy facial hair on Tommy.
  • Beth cried to Tommy (of all people) about how she might go home on Jacksons hoh. (Self centered much?)
  • Beth’s campaign bruch was derailed because she can’t request specific foods since she’s otb. She made a campaign casserole instead.
  • Jackson and Beth continued to come up with things for Beth to say in her campaign. They included focusing on how she’s playing her own game, Tommy knowing Christie and Tommy being a hypocrite by going after Kat and Beth for the same reason. As a last resort, Jackson plans to trick them and say he’ll go to the F3 with Cliff and Nicole. They also agreed she needed to avoid talking about Jackson.
  • Beth talked to Nicole first. She cried (no tears) and did that shaky thing with her voice she does when she wants Jackson to feel bad for her. She told Nicole she wanted to stay one more week, wanted to be a role model for young girls, would be happy to take 4th place and said she couldn’t live with “going out this way, on Jacksons hoh.” (She said everything to let Nicole know she’d be very bitter) Nicole said she hadn’t decided but said she had to do what was best for her own game because she’s always been alone in the game. (She did acknowledge having Cliff) Beth tried to convince Nicole they were the same. She said she came in alone and Jackson came in alone too. (???) She told Nicole they were also in the same spot because they both had to win to move forward in the game. (as if Jackson may not take her further)
  • This sums up Beths campaign:
  • Nicole remained unemotional and spoke very nicely but stuck to the facts. Beth became more rattled the more her “tears” weren’t having an effect. Nicole said she couldn’t help but think they would consider doing the same thing (keeping Tommy) if it was best for their games. Beth said they’d never consider such a thing. Right after that, she told Nicole it DID come up as a possibility and they knew it would be the smartest game move (evicting Cliff) but she and Jackson could never break their word. (basically telling Nicole it’s the best game move) Beth said she’s always played her own game but also said now is the time she needs to seperate and start playing her own game. (???) She said Tommy had done her wrong in the game several times and she didn’t want to leave before he did. (Didn’t she push for Christie to leave before Tommy?) She said she was bad at comps and wouldn’t win the next hoh. Nicole tried to explain it didn’t really matter because unfortunately, it was just the situation with the numbers. Nicole said if Jackson won the veto, Beth would stay and she would be evicted. (I’m not sure Beth ever really understood this part) Beth said she and Jackson didn’t have a F2 and talked more about not wanting to be known for a shomance. She talked about their relationship troubles and not knowing what would happen between them when the show ended. Beth said she was begging, as much as it hurt her pride, to stay one more week so she’d have time to be herself, do herself and be a role model, etc.
  • Nicole wore hair buns yesterday at Beths suggestion. Devious or not, I loved the thought of Nicole plotting to evict Beth while wearing hair buns. I also loved when she plotted the shomances demise AS she lay in Jacksons hoh bed that he’d given her.
  • The conversation with Cliff was pretty much the same thing. It wasn’t ever what she could do to help them. (Not that you can do much at this point) Instead, it was all the reasons she didn’t want to leave. She struggled to have a coherent thought half the time, especially with Nicole. She’d get part way through a sentence and say “I really want to, like, do this and be here, like, so I can, uuuugggghhhhh, my brain, with Michie, it’s about like, worried about other things and like, its so hard, to like, know how to say, from all the like, air bags hitting my head for 31 years.” (That’s an example, not an exact quote and I think she was referencing a car accident when she mentioned the air bags)

No, Beth hasn’t turned into Jess because this isn’t anything new for her. She blanks, grunts and stammers when she doesn’t really have a point to make. She talks the same way when she’s fighting with Jackson and happens to be wrong about whatever they’re fighting over and gets called out on it.. It’s a hesitation she uses when she’s caught talking BS. It’s also why she uses so many “uuggghhh’s” and other frustration sounds. She doesn’t have a valid arguement and tries to fake her way through it. In an arguement with Jackson, she can burst into tears, storm off or call him an asshole when she draws a blank. She couldn’t do that with people sitting there for the specific purpose of listening to what she had to say.

  • Cliff let Beth know he was leaning towards keeping her and Nicole was leaning more towards keeping Tommy. He said the two of them needed to talk more because they wanted to vote together. He told her Nicole felt like her chances may be better with Tommy since she was the 4th if Jackson and Beth were deciding. (True)
  • Cliff was doing some jury management but he did it in a way that put the blame on Nicole while also giving Nicole a valid reason for the move. He was looking out for himself but not really throwing Nicole under the bus imo.
  • Tommy met with Cliff and Nicole again and told them he’d  throw the next hoh, try to win the veto and go after Jackson. Tommy said he couldn’t expect them to go back on a deal they had with Beth and Jackson if he wasn’t willing to return the favor. Tommy also asked them if they think Jackson and Beth would’ve kept their word if the situation were reversed. Nicole thinks they would’ve taken the shot.
  • Jackson became more angry as the evening went on and he and Beth started the ‘holier than thou’ phase many of them go through. Beth said she was surprised by how cold and unemotional Nicole was when they talked. They also talked about morals, giving your word, playing a dirty game, etc. Jackson was mad he’d requested the Back Street Boys for Nicole as his hoh music. (Sorry to everyone who thought he was sincere and had changed)
  • Beth talked about always having Nicoles back and sticking up for her when people were attacking her. She also asked Jackson if her students and parents would be proud of Nicole’s behavior. Beth said “I think not.” (Ya, it sucks for Nicole’s parents that she might go back on a game deal. Why, oh why couldn’t Nicole have just screwed some guy in a shower for 2 months and in the bed laying next to other hgs? The shame they must feel!)
  • Jackson overheard some of the conversation Tommy was having with Cliff and Nicole because he was listening outside the door. He began plotting after that and said he’d play dirty too since they were.
  • Jackson faked going into the DR and after he came out, he acted like he’d gone in there to talk about something specific, which was what he told Cliff next.
  • Jackson decided to lie and act like Tommy told Jackson everything about the deal he’d offered to Cliff and Nicole.  He wanted to act like Tommy was tricking Cliff and Nicole and say Tommy really wanted to work with Jackson.
  • Jackson told Nicole and Cliff that Tommy also made a deal with him and said Tommy was lying to Cliff and Nicole. He “proved it” by telling them everything that Tommy was offering to them. He also told them more details about Tommys relationship with Christie to make it seem like Tommy was intentionally leaving parts of it out to them. Jackson said he and Beth had never turned against Cliff and Nicole. Nicole said “for the record, neither have we.”
  • Nicole and Cliff started rethinking everything and were leaning towards keeping Beth again.
  • Nicole was very upset and felt played by Tommy. There was talk of having a house meeting to sort out who was lying. They decided to sleep on everything first but as of last night, they plan to hash it out today.
  • Jackson and Beth talked about needing to go all in and sell the lie to Cliff and Nicole. Naturally, Beth told him to stay calm so he didn’t come off like a bully. She wants him to focus on what’s important….being aware of his image and how he’ll be “portrayed.”

Today might be some good feeds and I have no idea how this will play out. I don’t think it matters as much who they keep anymore because at this point, Cliff and Nicole have to win. Even if they keep Beth, the damage is done. If the keep Tommy, he’s the biggest jury threat.  Keep Tommy to help get rid of Jackson?  Keep Beth to have one less person to beat in comps? Who will they believe today and do they need to believe anyone to make the decision? Who know anymore? I sure as hell don’t!

Have a great Thursday!



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