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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Recap for 9/18/19



Good eviction morning BB Junkies! We’re less than a week away from knowing the winner of the season. Just when it seemed Cliff was to walk away with nothing except Orwell the stuffed owl hidden in his jacket, he gave his final pitch and gave us a little entertainment. I don’t see him benefiting from it but at least Jackson isn’t happy.

There’s no point in doing my normal format for a recap today because there was only one conversation that mattered. Before that, Cliff taught Nicole how to play gin and Beth got mad over Nicole and Cliff not doing dishes. Beth told Jackson she’d cleaned the entire kitchen after Taco Tueaday and couldn’t believe they didn’t wash the dishes. (If you’ve cleaned the entire kitchen, wouldn’t that include dishes? I’m going to assume she put away the ingredients she used, wiped off the counters and called that cleaning the kitchen) That’s what happened yesterday before Cliff asked to talk to Jackson so I’m going to begin the recap there.



Beth was in the DR so Cliff thought it would be a good time to speak with Jackson alone.  It was obvious Jackson was dreading it because he asked Cliff to give him about 5 minutes. Cliff headed to the hoh room while Jackson slowly prepared himself a snack.  It felt like it took forever before he joined Cliff upstairs. Nicole was taking a nap.

Cliff told Jackson he didn’t want to go down without a fight and asked Jackson to hear him out. He started off by telling Jackson he respected him, wanted to be friends after the game and so on.  Jackson told Cliff he was leaning towards keeping Beth. He acknowledged he believed Cliff had always been loyal to him but said he knew Nicole was his #1 and Cliff had put that above his loyalty to Jackson. He said Beth had always been loyal to him. Cliff brought up the deals they’d made, said he didn’t want to rehash it but wanted Jackson to know which specific thing bothered him about it. Cliff said it wasn’t the deal making, it was the fact that Jackson didn’t break it until after he’d won the veto and knew he was safe. Cliff told him he could’ve just told Cliff he didn’t want to make a F3 deal.  Jackson said after they considered going against their 4 and almost kept Tommy, he changed the way he was playing the game. He said at that point, he had a right to make deals and break them. Cliff tried to get Jackson to admit Beth was always his F2 person but Jackson stuck with saying that only happening after he felt like Cliff abandoned him last week. He told Cliff he should’ve given him the one vote he needed, regardless of what Nicole was trying to do.

Cliff said he still felt the handshake between he and Jackson alone should’ve meant something and the two of them alone making a pact was different from the four of them saying they’d work together to get to 4. He told Jackson after the show, he’d see Cliff on camera telling Nicole he planned to honor his part and take Jackson to the final 3 if he had won the veto. (We all know this conversation because we’ve been hearing it all week. Basically they were debating which came first, the chicken or the egg)


Jackson managed to argue (quite well) every point Cliff was making. Cliff addressed them one by one and once they had agreed to disagree over one point, Cliff would move on to the next one. There was talk of why Cliff was having to pay the price for the move Nicole tried to make. Jackson told him again, he wanted it to be Cliff in the F3 but Nicole was the one who couldn’t be evicted this week because Cliff made Beth throw the hoh to her. (True) Jackson said it never should’ve happened and if it hadn’t, Nicole would be going home.

Cliff reminded him he was the one who convinced Nicole to keep Beth. He said, in order to keep everyone happy, he felt the deal to throw the hoh was necessary so Nicole didn’t feel left out. Cliff also tried to ask Jackson why he talked so much about wanting Cliff, Nicole and Jackson to go to the F3 if he’d planned to keep Beth. Jackson started talking about how he had to make whatever deals he could since they almost betrayed the 4. (This didn’t explain why Jackson was saying the F3 stuff to them BEFORE they almost evicted Beth. This went nowhere because Jackson wasn’t going to admit any fault to anything)


Cliff could see he was losing him and for a minute, I thought Cliff was going to give up on the real reason he was talking to him. He didn’t give up and told Jackson his word meant something. He said the way he saw it, he kept his word and Beth kept her word so Jackson was the only person who didn’t. He told Jackson he hoped it didn’t make him mad and it was purely a game move, but he would vote for Beth if she and Jackson were the F2 because she kept her word to him. Cliff said he and Nicole already discussed it and she felt the same way so he’d lose her vote too. (He had Nicoles permission to say this) Cliff brought up Nick probably going along with them and said he’d  be in jury and would most likely have influence over others as well. He told Jackson “if you don’t have votes from Nicole and me, you’ll have to get votes from 5 of the 7 people who are in the jury right now.” He asked Jackson if he’d  thought about the votes. He also said if Jackson sent Beth to jury, he’d have her vote and she would campaign for him to win as opposed to Cliff campaigning for Beth to win.

Jackson had been very talkative throughout the conversation but the moment Cliff brought up his vote, Jackson never spoke. He just sat there fuming. When they were done, Cliff asked for a hug, told Jackson it wasn’t personal and said he hoped they’d remain friends outside of the game. Jackson told him he had a lot to think about and said he was going to take a shower. Cliff left and Jackson was pissed. He talked to himself saying “unf*cking believable.” He mumbled about being threated with jury votes and took his angry shower.


Cliff told Nicole everything they talked about and Nicole debated what her next move should be, if any. They heard Jackson heading downstairs so they split up. Jackson banged around the kitchen, was furious and waited for Beth to get out of the DR.  He began stress eating and had a fight with the frig. He was closing it hard enough that he dislodged a shelf and had to fix it:

Nicole’s face when she noticed he was having a tantrum:

Jackson angry shuffled cards while he waited for Beth:



Once Beth was out of the DR and about to start dinner, Jackson took her up to the have not room and filled her in on the things Cliff told him.


Beth started saying “bullshit.” She said she had a feeling that’s what Cliff would do as a last ditch effort.  Jackson said “he strongarmed me in a corner and threatened me and is going to take away a half million dollars.” Beth said “great, say that in your f*cking speech.” He told her Cliff said he’d be in the jury for 6 days campaigning against him. (No, he won’t actually) Jackson said (very sarcastically) “you’ll get their votes for holding up your end of the deal but I won’t for not holding up my end.” Beth said it was Cliffs desperate last attempt but when it comes down to it, he’ll vote for Jackson. Jackson said it just made his decision so much easier and his speech won’t be nice either.  Jackson said he wasn’t going to be strongarmed  and backed in a corner.

Beth brought up the comment Cliff made at dinner the night before about having to vote for one of them and said it made her think he might try this. Jackson said “sounds to me, if I’m sitting next to you, you’ve won half a million.” He also said he shouldn’t lose a half a million dollars for staying loyal to Beth. Beth said “that’s bullshit and it pisses me off.” (The absurdity of that pissing her off shouldn’t be lost) He told her if she wanted to let the meat marinate and save it for the next night, he didn’t have much of an appetite. (That’s when I knew he was super pissed)


Beth started in on the bullying stuff again. (She thinks everything is bullying)  She was very upset for Jackson but on the inside, surely she’s  telling herself “cha ching!” (At no time during this, did Jackson seem to grasp he was insulting Beth because in his mind, this is already his money and someone is trying to steal it from him and worse, give it to someone undeserving)

Cliff was called to the DR and here’s Jackson watching him as he went in:

Nicole camera talked about what a big baby Jackson was being and said he could dish it out but he couldn’t take it. She made her ‘I’m a big man imitation.’


While Cliff was in the DR, Nicole told Jackson he looked like he needed a hug (time for someone else to be gaslighted a little bit) so she gave him one. Jackson told Nicole about Cliff threatening his vote. He said he’d never do that to Cliff and said he sealed his fate with that conversation and he’s leaving. Nicole remained in a good mood, decided to help Beth with dinner and surprisingly, Beth was a little more chipper too. She was also very nice to Nicole. (Haha, something tells me Beth’s gonna want to be friends with Nicole again) Beth needed more coconut milk for dinner and Nicole eagerly offered to head to the storage room for it. Once in there, Nicole started laughing and scolded herself for it.

She said she didn’t mean to laugh but said Jackson’s done everything he’s accusing Cliff of doing to other people. She said he wants to be the martyr and make up excuses for everything  he does. She said he’s threatened and strongarmed people all season so she doesn’t really care. She said “I’m done, I’m done.”

Beth cooking dinner and her version of depressed on Jacksons behalf:


Some other moments from last night:

  • Cliff feeling proud of himself as he had to change clothes and go back into the DR for round 2. (They make them do this a lot so the clothes match whatever time they’re talking about)
  • Jackson holding his blankie probably thinking “where’s mama?”
  • While Jackson was in the DR, Nicole thanked Beth for keeping her word with their deal. She said she can’t respect Jackson having so many excuses instead of just saying that he’s keeping Beth. (Nicole knows this will get back to him)
  • Jackson kicked around the idea of using the veto on Beth so she’d have to be the one to evict Cliff. (Haha, he won’t do this if for no other reason, he’ll want to sell his “reasons” one more time)
  • Nicole told Cliff if she ends up in jury, her vote for Jackson will depend on whether or not he can own his decisions. (She’s gotten a little lost on this word keeping crap but at the core, she’s a gamer. That’s what most fans want, play your game and even play dirty, just OWN IT)
  • Cliff said he fully expects to be voted out but said it was worth the try.

I’m with Cliff and expect him to be evicted this evening. He had the right idea but really bad execution.  Trying to break up a shomance probably has about a 1% chance of working but with this particular couple, I’d have given it about a 10% chance if Cliff had done earlier and done it a different way. He needed to do it early to give it time to fester. Since he’s the one threatening to take away Jackson’s money, he’s the enemy right now. With more time, (and Jackson’s personality) if Cliff had dropped this info and walked away days ago, there was time for Beth to become the enemy. Maybe Jackson would’ve started resenting her and they might have argued which could have turned into something. Even if they didn’t argue, he could’ve still began to see her as the one remaining obstacle between him and 500k. I don’t think he would have evicted her but with more time, I could absolutely see him try to get her to take one for the team and volunteer. (Where her heads been lately, she might have done it)

Cliff should’ve let go of all the other mess about breaking deals, handshakes, keeping your word and got right to the point. All of Cliffs soft selling and leading up to saying he wouldn’t vote for him, made it seem even more of a threat, instead of a negotiation.

The last thing I think Cliff should have done was go further than throwing Nicks name out as an example. Instead of saying I won’t vote for you, he should have started off by asking Jackson if he’d actually taken time to think about the votes. He could have named off different people and given a legitimate reason why they might not vote for him over Beth. He could’ve circled back to adding Nicole and himself as votes. He needed it to be more about whether or not Jackson had given thought to being able to beat Beth. Sure, Cliff was still threatening his vote but he would’ve been giving Jackson other people’s votes to worry about too.

Beth may have woken up and being reminded that this isn’t Jacksons money yet, might make her fight for it. Who knows? Maybe she’ll cut Jackson. (Ya, I know, not happening) This might also help Nicole because Jackson may start counting those votes and decide he has to take Nicole to F2. I doubt it, but hey, this game isn’t over yet. If Josh can win BB19, Nicole isn’t out yet.

Using your jury vote is a legitimate strategy. It’s usually the last resort but that’s where they’re at right now. I don’t have a problem with it, only the execution. I also don’t  have an issue with Nicole joining in because she’s in the F3. They can’t do anything to her since she has to win or leave anyway. She’d rather fight one person instead of two at the end.  No matter what happens today, I’m just going to enjoy how pissed off Jackson is at the moment.

Have a great Thursday!





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  1. Amber

    Thanks for the summary. I’ve definitely not been watching the boring feeds. Whatever Cliff was doing with Orwell did me in on watching. I’m just ready for a winner.

  2. hogwild

    I wish Cliff had gone with jury vote approach right off the bat don’t think it would have changed the vote but the odds might have increased some. I do enjoy seeing Jackson steam when his own tactics are used against him he was talking about really going after Cliff and Nicole in his speech tonight yeah that will really help with jury management dumbass.

  3. Ann

    Uuugggg, the power went out at the hospital & we’re on backup generators. The rain is so bad & the flooding is horrible.

  4. Painter1

    Holly being nicer, ya she just figured out she could win it all using the meatshield tatic. Now to get to F2. Ugg

  5. Ashley

    Nicole: Here is your daily reminder that I love you!!!!!!! <3

  6. Nancy

    Thanks mel..not only for the recap and your humor, but THANK YOU for not showing HollyBeth in those damn pink/flesh pants again…for that I’m grateful..my helmet of protection was for the possibility of seeing HollyBeths hiney again..
    I’m loving JJ and him being pissed..how dare Clifford Hogg “threaten” not vote for him (but he probably will), and take “HIS” money from him…you’re right Mel, in his mind, hes already won…arrogant, pompous, self centered douche! If nicole doesnt beat out holly for F2..and I know that’s a long shot..then I need to set my disdain for HollyBeth aside, and hope she wins over JJ..that is really hard for me to say, cause I know JJ played the game..and HollyBeth only played with JJs ‘game piece’..I just want douche to be knocked down a few pegs, and find some humility..and that would do it.
    Where will cliff go tonight? Hotel right?
    Anywho..hope you all have a wonderful Thursday..peace

    • Painter1

      Oh those two,Nicole n Cliff are soooo evil how dare they bully Jackson like that, Holly turns and gives a Grinch smirk.

    • Joy

      Call me bitter because Jackson would never ever get my vote if I was in the jury house and yes as much as I can’t stand Beth I would give her my vote. I do have to live with myself and that would be the only way I could go on (dramatic enuff?) It will be up to the rest of the jurors to determine who wins but I couldn’t and wouldn’t give the win to Jackson.

  7. Betty Boo

    Oh PLEASE let Holly win HOH and take Nicole to F2!!!

  8. Mary

    I hope Cliff’s family is okay, that goes for our BBJ friends on here Ann and Tam, and anyone else who going through the horrible flooding now in Texas. With hurricane Jerry headed this way, don’t let your guard down.
    Stay safe!

    • Nancy

      Didnt even think about cliffs family…indeed everyone stay safe..

    • Tam

      Thanks, Mary. Trying and holding on. Jerry is what!!! Damn, let me check the weather channel site. Just been focused on this one that just came out of nowhere like Huerbto(?) on us several years ago after Ike or before. Losing count at this point…..
      Long gone are the days of the hurricane parties and just thinking it’s all going to be good…..

  9. Nancy

    Where will cliff be going after eviction?
    Hotel? JH?

    • Mel

      He’ll go to a hotel and then meet up somewhere near the studio with the others for the jury discussion. After that, they all get sequestered separately in a hotel for a few days and meet back up at the finale. That’s how it’s usually done but they could change it up this year, especially if the jury house isn’t too far from the studio. The 4th place person doesn’t even see the jury house because it’s not even where they record the jury segment.

      Normally, 4th (Cliff) would only be with the others for a couple hours when they’re recording the jury discussion. He doesn’t have the time to influence like he thinks he does. If he tries it and its Dr. Will again, he’ll probably just ask Cliff if he’s bitter and move on to someone else.

      • Nancy

        Thanks Mel

      • Colby

        I think there is probably a lot more jury discussion than Dr Will firing questions at them and deciding who can or cannot speak.
        I know we only see a snippet of it, but everyone should be able to have their say. Especially those that haven’t been hanging at the jury house and already discussed things.
        Just my opinion………..

      • Mel

        No, I didn’t mean it that way and I agree. They’re just usually in awe of Will.

  10. danmtruth

    In an odd way Cliff might have helped nicole make it to the F2 For all the damage he has done to Nicoles game its nice he might have stumbled into helping her

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  12. Tam

    JJ was bitching about the dishes and kitchen not being cleaned last night. When they woke up finally they still had leftover food and dishes from them cooking after “HE CLEANED THAT KITCHEN SPOTLESS” just before. They cooked, not Cliff and Nugget…Bitching about 4 milk glasses compared to the leftover cut up peppers on the cutting board, food on the stove, dishes not rinsed off in the sink….Cliff had just washed a sink full and was letting them dry when Douche finally woke up and was pissed because they didn’t clean up the mess from the night before. There wasn’t any agreements to clean up after all that. Then when he acted like that and started doing the dishes in his haughty manner I just chuckled. He honestly thinks that they should be his cleaning crew. No, sir, you make the mess clean up it up yourself instead of spending all your time in bed or the shower……I would help him clean the kitchen but not do it for him. Ain’t your momma

    • Tam

      The funniest thing about it is that Christie was telling Tommy that she was sick of cleaning up after JJ and Holly and she was about to lose it on them……..Petty but Just Really Funny…….

    • Ashley

      God forbid he lift a finger and clean up after himself… That’s what Mama’s for. Even after the broken watermelon, he had Beth clean up the mess. Funny how he used to say, “This is Crusty’s world, and we’re all just living in it.” Ummmm, hello??? Go look in the mirror, douchebag. You’re not God.

      • Tam

        He believes he is because that is how he was raised, I guess. According to him and her they keep their places spotless…….NK was right….Pot and Kettle

  13. Joy

    Thank you Mel!!! I too am enjoying Jackson’s bad mood and will continue to do so.

  14. Alda

    Am I evil because I find pleasure in Jackson seeming so pissed?I don’t really care.

    • Tam

      No, Alda, you are not……..
      It’s called the feeling of poetic justice when we have had to watch him only in a good mood when he has things go his way and then be a complete ass when they don’t. His treatment of women, people, and just generally are what makes his displeasure so enjoyable…… I feel bad for him on some level because one day he is going to have a hard fall from grace and see that the world is a hard, cruel place that is not going to tolerate that behavior and there is nothing his mom can do about it.

      • Alda

        Tam,he will find out that in the real world times can be really tough.I hope he wises up to that fact sooner then later.

    • Nancy

      Well, Alda, if its evil..jump on the hell train with me..I’m finding pure delight in his pissy attitude..I’m waiting for him to freak out and scream, “I’ll hold my breath till you give me my money!!” or, ” I’m gonna tell my mama!!!”
      Hes such a POS

  15. Lynn

    So, I’m quite aware that I am in a small minority on this and that’s ok. I just want to get this out there before the end on the off chance my guy wins-not be a “oh yeah that’s what I wanted all along” fan lol. My guy is Jackson. He’s been my favorite since they turned on him and he managed to get by week by week. And, I believe him being the enemy of my enemies (Christie and Tommy) had a lot to do with me liking him as well. I initially liked Nicole, but I don’t anymore. She is every bit as manipulative and judgmental and condescending (mocking) to others as the rest of them (but she doesn’t seem notice that she is – y’all about owning it….pot meet kettle). I’ve known for a while that Jackson has very little chance of winning because the others don’t like him. I was glad when the best player, Paul, was not given the win because the others didn’t like him. Not so much now lol. Anyway- it was an average season for me and at least my least faves are not winning. Still love BB.

    • Mel

      That’s all we can really hope for, no matter who wins, keep loving BB.

    • Avatar

      But Nicole admits it when she does it. And she only dishes it out to people who have bullied her and pretend they were trying to protect her. She has not bashed anybody else, judged, or been condescending to anybody other than Jackson after he was that way to her. At least not that I have heard or see . Jackson, also, blames everybody else and acts like he is a saint. And I won’t get over the fact he got a pass on HN and BB catered to him. I would rather Jackson win than Holly who has done nothing but follow Jackson’s lead. But, Nicole is my favorite!

    • IamChaya

      I think Nicole is just at her end with Jackson. This house walked on eggshells around him all summer to keep his aggressive behavior in check. His tantrums are aggressive with the slamming and stomping around (as he showed us with his punching the couch in the dr on last nights episode) along with fight with the fridge. His way is intimidation with aggression. Good for Nicole to finally call it what it is. Nobody wanted his wrath all summer because it’s probably scary to be around him when he is like that.

    • Avatar

      Lynn, I 100% agree with you. We may be in the minority, but there are at least two of us 🙂 He is the best gamer, and this cast all had terrible personalities. I thought it was a sunk season until Jackson and holly left the six shooters. That actually saved the show. He deserves to win for his game play, but I also don’t see a way for him to get the votes.

  16. Avatar

    If Holly and Jackson are F2 I would be curious to hear Holly answer questions from jury on why she deserves to win over Jackson. Would she point out the flaws in his game and personality like she should or just end up campaigning for him by praising him? I honestly have no idea.

    • Avatar

      I was just thinking about this very topic. I am re-watching the whole season and the week of the double eviction, Holly said that she came her to play the game and didn’t come to go out at 6th place. I assumed all 16 people that entered the house back in June came to play BB21. What happened to Holly’s game? Where did this season end for her and it became Jackson’s game/season? I don’t see her being a brilliant player but what if she really was and this was all the best and biggest blindside of BB history for her to evict him or have played him all along? I just don’t understand where her game went, did it go down the shower drain? Also, I must note that the physical appearances for both Jackson and Holly are very different from day one. Jackson had to have been on steroids because in the beginning his shirt was ALWAYS off and now it is never off and his facial structure, mainly his jaw line has changed. And Holly just looks haggered, as us horse people say, she looks “rode hard and put up wet.”

      • Jenny

        Jackson does look very different. I had been thinking he looks like he has gained a lot of weight. Not like he’s overweight now, just that he was super lean when the season started. Kind of like how Raven started out very thin and became curvier. (Sorry for bringing up the R word)

    • Nancy

      Yep, that’ll be awwwkward
      She’s so attached to his hip, she actually may campaign for him…similar to jess, she cant form a concise statement either..just says, “um, yeah”
      Should be interesting for sure.

      • Avatar

        I don’t see her having that much brain power or deceptive abilities and I think she honestly thinks that her coming to BB21 was to meet Jackson and have her happily ever after. She is after all 31 and her biological clock has got to be ticking. But I would HATE to see a woman play herself out like that because there is zero chance this relationship will be able to carry on after the show wraps due to Jackson being young and needing to soil his oats some more and being on his BB21 win high he will leave her in the dust and I think that is the most tragic thing is she will be destroyed in a few months when she re-plays the season in her head. Jackson will have used her the whole time. And what kind of self respecting woman on NATIONAL TV wants to be any man’s second choice to Kat? It is all so sloppy and I hate to think that her opportunity is right here right now to win BB21. WHY ISN’T SHE STANDING UP FOR HERSELF AND TAKING THE WIN??? I was from day one a Christie fan (I know I am in the minority) but do you think Christie would have ever allowed herself to be taking second fiddle to Jackson?

      • Nancy

        @ claire.. in comparing HollyBeth & Christie .. ..Christie wouldnt have been second fiddle to anyone! she would play toe to toe with jackson..
        Holly is a weak insecure woman

      • Avatar

        I hope she learns from her mistakes when watching this season back and doesn’t say Jackson made her put his game first. It was her choice all the way. And him being younger and having less experience with reality tv then she did because of her ex makes it even worse.

      • Joy

        at Claire, but Christie WAS playing 2nd fiddle to Tommy she just didn’t know it.

    • Mel

      I’ve been wondering too.

  17. Annabelle

    Something not suprising but disturbing….have seen his mom’s Facebook profile pic of her the dad and Jackson from 2016 and mom has dark brown hair also. Beth will be devastated when he leaves her. He may not but I don’t see mama letting it happen with all the bad attached to her name now. If it was ONLY the sex in the house she would probably say her son has restless leg and hip syndrome they weren’t having sex (from some comments on YouTube there’s apparently noise to accompany this but that was production editing lol) but she won’t want a sickly woman giving her sickly grandkids. Anyone know if other girlfriend was older?

  18. BBGurl

    Bye Clown. Not sorry to see you go. You overextended your shelf life.

  19. Starry

    Jackson should secretly promise Holly $50,000 to take the hit and go to jury to be his voice of reason with the voters.

  20. Avatar

    Hi all! This is my first time posting, but I’ve been a big fan of this site for years. I know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but Jackson deserves to win this season. Not because of his personality but because of his gaming. I honestly can’t think of something the other three contestants have done that didn’t have Jackson as the backbone of the move. Unfortunately, however, I don’t see a scenario of him winning no matter who he takes to the end. Either girl will most likely get the other girls’ votes, and that’s all you need to win as there will be 5 girls voting. He actually might stand a better chance against Cliff, but I still don’t see that happening as it will probably be a bitter jury that overlooks game moves and focuses more on personality. Thus, he’ll be like Tyler and left high and dry. I know we all liked Tyler better, but he did do some questionable moves, especially with Kaitlyn, but we overlooked them bc he’s mainly just a good guy. Anyways, this seems like it will be another season where the real gamer gets second, and to me, that’s a bummer.

    • Avatar

      We can agree to disagree on Jackson but last year Tyler taking second to Kaycee was amazing. Kaycee’s game was sick she played when she needed to and was honorable to her alliance and she was able to use her social game to play the middle and glide through down to the final two chairs. I thought Kaitlyn was a horrible female player (IMO) – zero respect for her game-play. I respect strong powerful women who don’t have to get to the finals with a man taking them there on their coattails.

      • Avatar

        I definitely respect your opinion. Thanks for the response. Would you compare Holly or Nicole’s game to Kaycee’s at all? Obviously personality wise they are completely different, but just want to see if you think one of those girls winning would be like a KC beating Tyler?

      • Avatar

        Unfortunately I couldn’t put Holly and Nicole in the same boat as Kaycee as I am afraid she is a once in a decade player. Nicole is always second guessing every decision she makes and looks to other people for validation on her decisions so with Cliff gone I don’t see her being able to make the quick decisions she will need to in order to win (NOTE: I pray I am wrong) and unfortunately, Holly is either an amazing liar and EVIL genius in that she is playing Jackson and has him right where she wants him and will win in a week (NOTE: I pray am I right about this one) but the way she has portrayed herself since the beginning of the game is that she is more concerned with how she looks 24/7 then actually playing the game and will continue to be Jackson’s shadow. Which kills me for her mental wellfare. As after this game she may just fall apart and she is a human being and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I have only been watching BB for about 5 years or so and IMO, BB20 was the best season I have ever seen. So to go from that AMAZING season to this one is just an EPIC disappointment. I have been around people like Jackson my whole life and on the first episode this season I pegged him as the winner and that Christie would be the only one that would have had the cojones to take him out but that didn’t happen. She tried.

      • Avatar

        Claire, thanks for your response about Nicole and holly. And definitely going from BB20 to BB21 is a major let down. You should go back and watch some of the great seasons bc the last five (other than 20) have been pretty rough. 7, 8, 10, and 16 are great.

    • Colby

      Welcome Cback505.
      IMO, the social game is as much a part of it as the physical. Winning comps isn’t everything.
      JJ gets a big fat ‘F’ where social is concerned.
      Tyler had a great social game, so comparing him and JJ is like comparing apples to lemons.

      • Avatar

        Thanks, Colby. Agreed regarding social game. I would just say that all of the players this season were pretty bad socially other than Cliff or Nicole. But I would say cliff and Nicole’s game play wasn’t that good at all. So the question becomes: which is more important?

  21. Mel

    I saw Beths YouTube cooking channel she talked about yesterday. Shes making something with crescent rolls and naturally, has her shirt off one shoulder. Lol

  22. TamiJane Shepard

    I’m sending up the strength that Nicole requested in the early morning hours for her to win part 1 and 3 of the HoH. Would love to hear her say to Jackson get a steppin and send him to jury!

  23. Avatar

    Are the feeds down forever now for this season?

  24. danmtruth

    I think the prospect of Michie winning only brings one song to mind
    This season has nose dived like a kamikaze pilot going in for his glory
    I lust wounder why Cliff or any of the final 4 evicted dont get to spend those last few days in the jurry house The thing is Jackson probably does not know that either That works out as it will keep bugging him Some how i dont see Jackson saying anything mean about cliff in his speach It will be about him staying true to the women who has changed him and been withhim sin e the beging – never mind that whole Kat thing at the start of the game –

  25. Avatar

    My wish for the day: I hope that Nicole wins the final HOH. That is the only way that Jackson gets voted out.

    Why do I wish this?: Tommy has AFP almost wrapped, but a win like this may get Nicole some more votes, perhaps enough to tip the balance in her favor.

    I also want it to be Nicole v Holly in the jury vote. It would be awesome to see the reactions when the jury awards the win to Holly. Make no mistake about it, Holly would win easily.

    Why do I want Holly to win? This has been an absofuckinglutely horrible season, awful cast and pretty much a train wreck from day 1.

    Because of this, CBS deserves the backlash it will get when it gets a horrible champion. The entire cast were unimaginative, boring and a complete waste of time.

    Stop trying to engineer a season, fill the house with real and genuine people and the show will be as good as it ever was.

  26. Cheryl

    Not current BB21 related but Derrick from BB16 is in Dr Phil today. I just happened to be reading up here and flipping channels and caught him on Dr Phil!

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  28. Avatar

    I have decided to vote tommy for AFP..I am so tired of cliff and Nicole..I do believe they have turned into nasties..just tired of listening to them..JJ has out played them and I think deserves to win..I’m sure this post won’t make people happy..I’m sorry but it’s my option..

    • Avatar

      I liked Tommy’s personality better when he was on the bottom struggling and that’s where he left off. If he was still in the game and HOH or POV winner he might be pretty unlikeable too. I would be okay with Tommy or Nicole winning.

      • Mello_One

        Agreed Susan, when Tommy was on the bottom of the heap is when he showed the real Tommy. Someone who loved Big Brother, & all the House Guest, he became very humble. But when Tommy was in the Cool Kids Alliance, aka Hateful 8, he came off as phony, with the “I Love You so much, I Adore You, I am Obsessed with you.” Because he was protected by a large alliance & he had Christie.

        But Tommy never ever stabbed anyone in the back, & was very well liked by everyone in Jury, & would have wholeheartedly won the game, if he would have remained in the game.

  29. Avatar

    I thought from the outside Tyler had an awesome social game. But he made too many F2 deals and jury liked Kaycee more.

    Personally I think Jackson’s best move socially was identifying a woman with a subservient personality and convincing her that Jackson being the winner of BB was their end goal.

  30. Colby

    So were the feeds up at all today, or did we have a repeat of last week?
    I checked them a few times, and nothing but animals.
    If so, is JJ still fuming?

  31. Avatar

    For BB21 who would be your worst case scenario final three out of everyone this season?

  32. Mello_One

    I think Voting for Big Brother AFP starts tonight… I read on Jokers that it starts at 10:00 pm, don’t forget to vote for your Favorite Player early & often! 🙂

  33. Tam

    Can anyone give me an update on Ann? Was she able to make it out of the hospital ok? Lots of flooding around here and surrounding areas. Waiting to hear from friends from Houston. It’s a there, here and surrounding areas mess. Going to be checking in and out with y’all and hopefully keep up with the show with y’all tonight, but it’s an on and off situation at this time. Having to keep an eye out for rising waters and wait and see type of thing.

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