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Big Brother 22 – Monday Night Updates

August 11, 2020 | 18 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s Monday night in the Big Brother house and it’s beginning to feel like normal actually seeing them outdoors. Nobody appears to be sick today which is a huge relief. Plus the pent up anxiety of being indoors is fading so now they can finally start really scheming.

There are a few alliances in the works, I covered a few with Memphis earlier today, so I won’t get into that right now, but things are about to become pretty divided over the next week so stay tuned there. That aspect should be pretty entertaining.

Before I began, Dani and Ian are having a talk about the game and it’s really fascinating. Perhaps because she’s like BB royalty and he is just a massive student of the game (and former winner with insight), I am really enjoying the conversation between the two.  In fact, I am going to re-watch it because I want to make sure I capture all the highlights:

(you can follow along around 8:00 pm)

  • This begins because they talk about Kevin/Keesha. Dani is clueing him in on the temperature of the house that it’s leaning Keesha out.
  • They feel bad because Kevin’s week consisted of slop and then maybe eviction. They don’t want anyone to have a bad memory of this.
  • Ian says he doesn’t even like playing or watching Big Brother but he’s there for money and ego. I love the honesty.
  • Ian was relieved this morning because he was guaranteed to survive the first week. He mentions how Dan saved him early and that was almost his destiny so he had this little thing to mentally prove that he could survive the first week without Dan.
  • They’re both surprised there aren’t more assholes in the house. He says the hatred started on like day 2 on his season.
  • Apparently last year during the finale, when Julie was saying ‘if you think you can play the game, sign up at’ and a contestant in the back was shaking their head NO. Don’t do it!  Ian says a coworker told him he was going to go back and watch his season and Ian told him no, don’t bother.
  • He was surprised to even hear his name speculated because he doesn’t watch or like modern Big Brother.  Relax, bro. The game is still cool.
  • They both thought Derrick and Dan to be in the house and try to run things. They expected Josh and Kaycee as well. Dani points out that Tyler was shocked Kaycee wasn’t there. Like she was supposed to be on. Sounds about right based on the leaks. (feeds cut, can’t talk about that!)
  • Feeds come back and Dani says “yea when I was in sequester it was ” and feeds cut immediately like that’s a big nope!  Come on, that’s what I want to hear!
  • Ian talks about how Dan’s fans don’t like Ian and he was worried Dan was going to try to ‘dunk on Ian’ to make his fans happy.
  • Dani points out how Dan would die if he lost to Ian twice. She then mentions Paul losing twice in the finale (not to the same person though). They talk about Paul’s game and how she actually liked his game but it was just poor jury management and that style game doesn’t really work anymore.
  • They feel it was cool to bring David back (I agree)
  • Christmas’ season was Dani’s least favorite season. Was weird seeing someone with a broken foot getting to the final 3.
  • Dani mentions how the final 2 last year, they changed the jury question to much more luck based. She feels the older questions about predicting what the jury members said was understanding the jury more and part of the game.


  • 10:00 pm – Christmas is crying a bit missing her kid
  • 11:30 pm – Houseguests packing it in for the night and I’m pretty tired myself so this update will be short minus the long Dani/Ian convo.

Check back for updates

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