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Big Brother 23 – And Then There Were 6

September 9, 2021 | 99 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

And history was made!  I know this is when people get upset over the racial implications of the cookout, but whatever. That’s old news.  Just the simple fact that a 6 person alliance * formed on day 1 and made it to the final 6 without losing a single member is damn impressive.   (* – 5 members of the cookout formed on day 1 while protecting Hannah. She wasn’t officially part of the group for another two or so weeks)

Now the reality sets in for the cookout members because Julie didn’t just end the season tonight and split the prize money 6 ways. Obviously, they knew she wasn’t going to, but they’ve been playing the game 6 versus the house for around 65 days now.  That’s over.   The reboot button has been hit and all that work is now gone. Due to the unusual circumstances of an alliance actually doing what they said (making it to the final 6 and then battling it out) we’re pretty much in uncharted waters right now.

In normal seasons, even when a 6 person alliance forms, they lose people along the way so when it comes down to the final 6, there are still targets to go after.  The only time we actually see alliances ‘battle it out’ is when the remnants of an alliance fight each other at the final 3. We now have nearly 3 weeks of this new split of the house to see where things actually go – and I’m calling it now, X is scary good.

When all is said and done, I know a few of these cookout members are going to secretly wish they kept Claire in over X because he’s no longer throwing comps. It’s unlikely he’ll throw a single comp the rest of the way which means he has an excellent chance at winning every single comp he plays in moving forward. He is the full package and the house really has no clue what they just unleashed on themselves.  I think Tiffany is a very intelligent and skilled strategic thinker, but I’m looking forward to seeing X actually be able to compete these next two weeks. I have a strong feeling the final 3 will be X, Big D, and maybe Azah.

Feeds should be dropping soon to start the HoH competition, so I’ll update this when they get back!

  • 10:00 pm – Feeds return
    • Kyland won the HoH.   Interesting to see which direction he goes this week

    • He is crying because he won the HoH while Big D was close.  D tells him it’s okay, but Ky still a bit sad.
    • I think he’s extra sad because D went off to the HN room to sulk a bit so naturally Kyland feels guilty.
    • Either way, sounds like bye bye to Azah or Tiffany. That’s just a guess, I’ll learn tomorrow as he talks to more people.
    • Kyland is going to do ‘quick’ one-on-ones tonight and then more tonight. Fuck my life. lol
    • D complaining about resumes and how he can’t compete against Kyland.

    • Derek… Buddy….  If you really think you had a shot at winning this game based on your competition resume, you need to cut back on the drugs.  This is not saying you can’t win the season at all, but you were never going to win because you are some comp beast.  You need to play dead, get carried to the final 3, convince someone they have an easy shot against you so they take you to the final 2. Then blow away the jury with a speech on your social game, how the cookout was your idea, and exaggerate your strategic accomplishments. Not that he is the mastermind that Dan or Derrick is, but they didn’t dominate comps either.  You don’t need to if you have the right jury management
    • Talk has broken up and now people are around kitchen
    • Kyland heads to storage room to talk to us
    • He says he shouldn’t have won this comp and it may cost his game
    • He jokes he’d like to just put up X and Tiff and say ‘battle it out’ but he’s not going to do that
    • Kyland says ‘thank you if anyone is actually rooting for me, but based on the BB bucks maybe not’
    • Kyland wants to sit next to the strongest player in the house which he thinks is Xavier.  He worries X is going to turn on him but he hopes not.

With that, I’m out for the night.  Recap tomorrow!

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